How to communicate with the wedding photography shop, studio effective

How to communicate with the wedding photography shop, studio effective
Change clothes and do not add money? When you pick the dress, be sure to ask the shopping guide for clothes plus no money. In general, clothing shopping guide will take you to see some very beautiful clothing, and then said that a lifetime to shoot once, which bride does not want to be beautiful, today shot a few pairs of clothing here are selected … …. This is the usual way to sell shopping guide, nothing more than want you to choose high-end area of clothing. At this time must be clear, choose high-end area of the clothing plus no money? If not money, then go to choose high-end area (so little). Usually need to add money, it is necessary to ask specific, specific plus how many, a few hundred, or a total of several hundred, which pieces of clothes and so on, to add the money is asked clear. It is best to write down.
Do not pursue those high-end area dress election dress we do not want to pursue those high-end area dress, do not want to control how much money spent others. These are not important, in fact, each dress has a corresponding best shooting action, the key is to see people. Here to tell you a skill, if you energetic, then you go to the high-end area of the dress all try again, anyway, try not money, in case you can see one or two favorite it, after all, A lifetime may be on this time.
Choose photographers price? Sometimes we are not satisfied with the photographer, want to change photographers, then many need to add money, of course, some are free for the change. So we need to communicate in advance to communicate in the end or not to add money.
To visit the venue props and so on when the photographer to get the Cartier love bracelet replica problem, do not forget to visit their props Yeah, equipment Yeah, background Yeah, shooting hardware equipment, jewelry and so on. These are also very important. Or so when shooting to see these equipment props old mood will be greatly affected.
On the photographer there is a problem, that is, when shooting is a photographer with a photo, or by the combination of two people, if the two photographers take pictures, how specific allocation. Whether the photographer only take a group on the same day, if not a total of several groups. These problems are critical, or when the photographer in a hurry will hastily trouble, will seriously affect the quality of shooting.
This time should be shooting the relevant issues. Selected each set of clothing inside a total of how many shots shot, how many sets of clothing, a total of how many shots shot, these lenses inside the proportion of the choice of photos. As well as the proportion of indoor and outdoor shooting is not to mention the relevant photos of the processing (modification) and so on.
Location shooting related issues. Location shooting price, you can shoot where the location of what, you can go to other provinces to shoot it, to the other provinces, then the price of it? There is the location of traffic vehicles who are prepared to travel, if the tourist attractions to ask the ticket, parking spaces, who will bear the burden of food and other issues should be asked in advance to ask. There is the location of shooting is completed one day or can be divided into days to complete, how many days to complete the photographer, such as stylist will not change.
Of course, there is a problem is the day the family friends can shoot the same day, shooting the day the service team who have what personnel.
Choose a better reputation of the studio or studio. Wedding photographs are very profitable, but the competition is also very intense. In the pedestrian street, online media, advertising on the wedding photography overwhelmed. In fact, the face of so many choices, as long as the word “word of mouth” can not be disturbed by the outside world. Although the good reputation of the store price will be relatively high, but can shoot a set of their own satisfaction with the photos, even if you have something!
Check the package carefully. In the wedding market, the package is an attractive Cartier love ring replica magic weapon. Many packages under the guise of discounts, set a variety of traps, swagger. So before booking a wedding, be sure to carefully check the situation of the package, if the single package is very cheap to see the total price, but did not notice the make-up, outside the film and other projects need to add money, then,
The useless things in the package can be cut or converted into photos. Now studio to attract people, the package is very rich, can be said to be everything. In fact, so many things seem very cost-effective, but in fact these things are not practical. In addition to the photos can be placed, album or some ornaments, a lot of things on the future after the day on the box. So for those who do not have practical significance of the items, it is best to remove the price, or into a photo entry.
Try to get more location shooting. Wedding dress is the most desirable is to shoot location. For ordinary people, in addition to wedding photographs, it is difficult to have a box of clothing, professional makeup artist and photographer to take pictures of the opportunity. So in the studio or studio to talk about the price, to fight for location shooting, at least add several sets of location clothes.
Ask if there is any extra consumption. Extra consumption is the most common trap in wedding photography. Some unscrupulous businesses, in order to achieve the purpose of deceiving customers, the contents of the package does not involve some content, such as location shooting fees, park tickets, meals and so on. Because these consumption is not clear in the promotional package, so even more to ask clearly, or will cause disputes.
Ask the big picture of the box, the number of photos in the album and typesetting. When shooting wedding photos, usually take a lot of photos, but not all the photos will be framed. So be sure to figure out the number of frames into the photo, photo frame, photo album material, and layout to take pictures of the time.
Ask about the details of the photo selection and refinement. A lot of wedding Cartier nail bracelet replica photography packages are marked later will send all the pictures taken. But there is one thing to keep in mind: the photos sent by the general is not a refined photo. In fact, wedding shoot out, there may be a lot of favorite photos, but because the number of problems can not all into the book. So when booking must be asked to send the photo is refined or simplified, as much as possible to request the number of fine photos, so that you can put the photo album after the intensive repair, and so have time to wash their own The
When you deposit your deposit, you will see the same picture on the contract and sign the results. Even if the package will see clearly, the price is clear, the miscellaneous things do not need to get rid of, and can not be taken lightly. Any verbal commitment will not be used as a strong basis before it is officially presented in writing. So before the deposit, must be the results of the negotiations one by one to write clearly, after the completion of verification, and then sign the payment.

How much is the jade pendant?

How much is the jade pendant?
This is not to say, depends on the quality of jade materials and color water and so on the price. The price of several tens to millions of have, the market sales price is generally in the range of hundreds to thousands of thousands. There are many factors Replica Cartier jewelry that affect the price of jade, including color, texture (structure), transparency (head), cracks, impurities and processing technology.
In fact, want to buy emerald, where to buy it is not important, it is important how to buy when the cost-effective choice, shopping malls jewelry stores are generally A goods, but the price is too expensive things, as jade is good or bad, Not one or two sentences can be clear, but the need for physical inspection to understand how to cost-effective, because the same kind of jade, good or bad gap is also a considerable value.

Simple basic description, good emerald should be confirmed in the case of A cargo natural jade case, the internal grain structure of jade evenly, the better the better the better, fine to the naked eye can not see the head full of glass, the color is symmetrical , But not dark for the top grade, jade to green for the best, kind and color of the perfect combination of price is more than million.

Emerald Pendant picture Daquan

Emerald Pendant picture Daquan. Emerald pendant, the most common argument is to protect evil spirits. Wear jade pendant, one is beautiful, and second, many emerald pendant contains a lot of trace elements, these trace elements through the body’s skin, acupuncture points into the human body, by the meridians and blood circulation throughout the body, and thus to a certain extent played Supplement the lack of human body, balance the physiological function, there is the role of health care, but this is a long and slow process.

Wear jade pendant to note the following: 1, do not be metaphysical illusion. Many of the so-called feng shui master often suggested that this year with this next year with that, this is not honest behavior, it is recommended to wear it will have to wear down, will become more spiritual.

2, the meaning can be serious can also heart. Really good jade on the human body have a benefit, and the benefits of Pei Yu is also regardless of people. But the pursuit of evil spirits or transport is very particular about stress. Such as brave, if not soldiers or butchers or underworld or ferocious people, should not be worn on the body, but to be indoors. If you wear a zodiac, then be sure to wear their own zodiac. Yuhuan does not matter men, women and children are safe

3, be careful not to wear fake and shoddy jade goods. Jade ornaments market good and bad, too many shops shoddy, with B goods C goods (ie pickling, injection, dyeing) fake jade ornaments. From a health point of view, this kind of jade on the health of the body has a certain impact.

4. can not be too casual, wearing a day lost one day. Jade wearing the neck of the purpose, that is, day and night guard, because it is close to wear, it is recommended to wear at any time, even if it is a bath on the toilet, as long as not filthy or jade and filthy circumstances surrounded by, need to carry The

5, jade broken or to wear. After the jade broken, do not lose, although not complete, not beautiful, but still can be processed into a complete jade ornaments, although it will be small, but still “all”.
Violet bracelet how much money? Violet jade price changes are relatively large, not only according to the texture, the head of the difference between good and bad, purple color shades, the color also has a great impact on the price. Violet color also has some changes, roughly blue and purple, egg purple, pink purple three categories, different colors have different market price, from a few hundred dollars to several million have.
The price of the low – grade violet jade bracelet

Low-grade violet jadeite texture fine, micro-transparent, light under the lavender, natural light is almost white, the market value of several hundred dollars.

2. The price of mid-range violet jade bracelet

Most of the bright colors of the head is not good, worth thousands of dollars, if the head is good for the collection of goods. Also color and eggplant color similar to the blue, partial gray purple, texture and more for the lotus root, micro-transparent, shiny better, some with point-like “white cotton.” There are better head blue and purple emerald, its value can be over ten thousand;
3. High-grade violet jade bracelet price

Mostly pink and purple, fine texture, shiny and moist, slightly transparent, rich color like peach, very lovable, darker, even if the color is not even, as long as the species is good (ice), the price of at least more than 100,000, Good is more rare, and its rare, very valuable collection value, worth up to one million yuan.

Violet bracelet price picture Daquan

Violet bracelet price picture Daquan. Violet bracelet texture moist, delicate jade, work well, feel good! Good in the head, the head is enough to dress up your jade wrist of the best ornaments by the scientific determination, jade contains a lot of elements on behalf of the human body beneficial to wear in the body will be absorbed by the body, so that the body’s trace elements get a balance, Which play a disaster, longevity effect! Since ancient times jade mutual support, destined to Habitat, often wear on the body, will be able to protect your wealth rolling, longevity!
2, jade: purple bracelet jade is generally not good, up to ice can be very good, in general, the same is true. For the beans or glutinous species; 3, perfect degree: perfect degree, no stone no crack no flaws for the United States.

How to maintain a platinum wedding ring

How to maintain a platinum wedding ring
Platinum is commonly known as platinum, platinum wedding ring is a noble symbol, it represents a husband and wife between the eternal emotions, people can feel their warm and sweet. Platinum wedding ring purity will be high, the lowest is 85% of the amount of platinum, so relatively soft, usually do not pay attention to wear maintenance, it is easy to scratch or deformation, then, platinum wedding ring how to maintain it?
How to maintain a platinum wedding ring? 1. To avoid the platinum wedding ring and acid, alkaline substances and perspiration long contact. Leaded contaminated areas do not wear. Because lead has a catch on platinum. Long-term lead pollution, lead particles can also be gathered in the platinum ring surface. As long as it is engaged in printing work should pay attention to this point.

Platinum wedding ring how to maintain 2. We all know that Cartier love bracelet replica platinum ring wearing a long easy to oxidize black, so the platinum ring maintenance must pay attention not to let oxidation, to regularly clean platinum rings. When cleaning, use a special jewelry cleaner or take a pot to dip it in a mild soapy water and then gently wipe with a soft cloth.

Platinum wedding ring how to maintain 3. If the platinum wedding ring has been oxidized black, you can buy a bag from the photographic equipment store powder, take a small amount of clean glassware evenly stirred, and then put the platinum wedding ring into which 5 ~ 10 minutes after the removal, rinse with water, and then wipe with a soft cloth, the beloved platinum wedding ring will be bright as new.
Platinum wedding ring how to maintain 4. Platinum wedding ring in the usual wear, but also pay attention to avoid bumps, strenuous exercise and do heavy work, to take off, to avoid the ring deformation or scratch. Usually wash the bath and wash clothes and other things to wash, but also put the ring and then wash, to avoid the erosion of the ring was black.

Platinum rings have scratches how to deal with? Platinum rings usually wear for a long time, there will always be a small scratches, this is a normal phenomenon, and white gold ring even if there is scratches, it will not reduce the volume, will only move the material. So do not worry about the scratches after the reduction of platinum. White gold ring after scratches, you can bring the platinum ring to the original purchase for polishing, scratches will not it! It will become like new yo!
Gold bracelet wear a long time the gold content will be reduced? Zuo Kayi to introduce you to the gold bracelet for a long time the amount of gold will reduce the relevant content, to provide gold bracelet for a long time the gold content will reduce the reference information on the gold bracelet for a long time the gold content will reduce the information in the Sokai jewelery home.

Q: gold bracelet wear a long time the gold content will be reduced?

In the case of normal circumstances there will be no reduction in the situation of gold, gold bracelet for a long time to command a discoloration or discoloration of the situation, gold jewelry discoloration or fading with the body sweat are closely related. People sweat 99% of water, the other about 1% of the body of waste and harmful substances, these substances and gold jewelry in contact with silver and copper, it will produce a chemical reaction, resulting in dark black chemical salt. This chemical salt often fall from the gold jewelry, pollution of the wearer’s skin, leaving the skin on the obvious black stains. Improper handling will make the gold bracelet lose luster.

Q: Will the gold bracelet wash the bracelet? Will the amount of gold be reduced?

Answer: General washing is not out of the weight of the problem, out of the weight may have two cases, one is to use a small ball hit the friction bracelet, this will be off the weight; there is soaked with brains brains, this also Will be out of weight, if not the above two cases, with ultrasonic or water cleaning, it is not out of weight, out of the amount should be the illusion of people, dirty things will be less weight. So when cleaning bracelets or should go to a professional gold shop or body to clean.
Buy gold bracelet wear the bigger is how the matter? Is the chain fake? Zuo Kayi for you to buy the gold bracelet to wear the more the bigger is how the matter of the relevant content, to provide the gold bracelet to buy the more the greater the right is how the matter of the reference information on the gold bracelet to buy the more wear The information of the matter is done at the Zoaky Jewelery House.

Q: Will the gold bracelet wear the bigger? Is it false?

Answer: Yes, but can not explain is false, there may be loose interface, gold is very soft, which is the performance of high purity, than the major, good ductility, so the more wear loose. Buy jewelry is best to buy the alloy, not easy to deformation, investment, then buy pure Cartier love ring replica gold. The more gold the more impure the more the lack of ductility.

Q: gold bracelet wear the bigger how to do?

Gold is a very soft metal, but not lead and tin two kinds of metal, gold can be used in the nail to mark, this soft gold is very easy to process, but this point on the ornaments The manufacturer is very unsatisfactory, because it is easy to make the ornaments rubbing, so that it loses and even affect the appearance of beauty. So in the use of gold jewelry, the general must add copper and silver, to improve its hardness.
Men wear platinum necklace good or gold necklace good? Zakaly to introduce you to a man wearing a platinum necklace gold necklace good or good content, providing a good man wearing a platinum necklace or gold necklaces good reference information about the man wearing platinum or gold necklace necklace good information to make good in zakaly Jewelry house.

Q: Men wear platinum necklace good or gold necklace good?

Best answer: If you look round round head, then wear gold necklace can, and gold necklace over 35 years old crowd to wear the majority. But if it is more handsome type of the best do not wear, always feel that boys wearing the kind of rough gold necklace pretty counseling, if not wearing a necklace is not the case, wearing a fine platinum necklace. Do not take gold thick necklace, very vulgar and rude.

Answer: In fact, there is nothing good and bad to say, but the style needs according to the Cartier nail bracelet replica individual sense of segmentation and characteristics to pick, but to light a little, not too long, more tacky.

Q: Men wear platinum necklace is a little thick or fine a little better?

Best answer: Men of course, wearing a thick necklace more generous, too thin look pretty mother. Some people think that men still do not wear a necklace, a little other such as jade pendant, rings and so on better.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list of high-end ring brand which

Top 10 high-end ring brand list of high-end ring brand which
Ring is not only to marry an engagement marriage process essential props, but also a symbol of quality of life. The pursuit of quality of life of people, the ring will also pursue high-end brands. Ring brand well-known does not mean high-end, then what is the high-end ring brand? Here to introduce the top ten high-end ring brand list, together to find out about it!

Top 10 high-end ring brand list

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO1: Cartier
Cartier is a French watch and jewelery manufacturer, founded in Paris in 1847. Its ring products take the high-end line.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO2: Tiffany
Tiffany is an American jewelery and silver company founded in 1837. Its ring Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica products to simple and clear lines tell the calm and transcendent clarity and refreshing elegance.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 3: Hai Rui Winston
Hai Rui Winston is a world-renowned jewelry brand for more than a century, cutting the diamond on the superb craftsmanship and careful consideration, always make diamonds to increase the value of several times. Its ring products continue to bloom out intoxicating.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 4: Bulgari
Bulgari, is the world’s third largest jewelry brand after the French Cartier and the United States Tiffany. Its ring products in the production of color for the design of the essence.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO5: Po poetry dragon
Po Shi Long is the French kering group of jewelry company, is one of the few in the world has always maintained a high-level jewelry superb craftsmanship and traditional style jeweler one. Its ring products become bold and luxurious synonymous with modern jewelery.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 6: Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels is a famous French luxury brand, since more than 100 years ago, the first Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry since its birth, has been the world’s nobles and celebrities favorite top jewelry brand. Its ring products are extremely distinguished and elegant.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO7: Tim Jue
The products are decorated with diamond inlaid jewelry as the absolute subject, showing more themes. The ring products contain distinctive fashion elements.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO8: Demiani
Italy Dmitryi company, is the world’s top ten jewelry jewelery brand, many times won the International Diamond Award. The ring products are known for their design.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO9: Royal wood of this
Miyamoto is the founder of Japan’s Mukimoto Kiyoshi, who has been cultivating pearls for generations to create a long history of 110 years. The ring products to pearl for the brand characteristics.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO10: Chow Tai Fook
Founded in 1929 in Hong Kong, Asia’s largest jeweler, one of China’s most famous and largest jewelery brands, Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Gold Co., Ltd.
Mention Tiffany never avoid Tiffany classic six claw inlaid diamond ring, with the same Tiffany, each jewelry brand has its own classic and classic series, luxury jewelry brand classic series which? The following inventory of the world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models, like fashion and jewelry friends must not miss it!

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models – Tiffany
Talking about Tiffany, it seems that the total can not avoid its early creation of the six claw mosaic to this set to maximize the diamond embellishment of the mosaic method, of course, six jaw mosaic jewelry is Tiffany is a very classic series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Cartier
Cartier classic too much, love series, cheetah series, nail series, three-color gold series and so on. Which is one of the most widely known and most enduring love series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Hai Rui Winston
As the world’s top jewelry brand, Hai Rui Winston has a lot or simple or simple jewelry series. Among them, Lily Cluster is Hai Rui Winston jewelry in a very high degree of identification of a series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Graff
Graf is the world’s top jewelry brand, like Dior’s roses, Chanel’s Camellia and Cartier cheetah, butterfly shape is the best embodiment of Graf jewelry. This sturdy set of emerald temples butterfly series earrings is Graf is a classic representative.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels classic models are also a lot, but almost everyone think of Van Cleef & Arpels, minds are emerging Clover series, which Van Cleef & Arpels is not lucky or unfortunate.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Bulgari
Creative spring design, coupled with platinum, three-color K gold or black and white ceramics, and then diamonds or diamonds decorated with colored stones. Spring ring from the moment of birth was destined to become the most classic treasure of a jewelry.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten classic brand jewelry is still the United States
2015, with the Anglelababy wedding ring exposure, Shangmei also began to fame in mainland China, the classic section of Josephine Queen (Joséphine) series is Anglelababy wedding ring style. Whether it is the crown of the shape, the main carat or the main carved inlaid high-level broken diamond, all the women fascinated by all.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Royal wood
Mu Mu is a jewelry brand focused on pearls, all of its jewelry are around the pearl design and manufacturing. Its classic Fortune Leaves Collection, with K gold as aided design material, set off the round and shiny pearls.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Chopard
Chopard’s Happy Diamonds series has a very high brand recognition, the series not only jewelry and advanced watch. Its biggest design feature is whether jewelry or watch, there will be one or several mosaic of diamonds in which activities.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Dai Mei Anne
The same is the snake, unlike the Bulgari SERPENTI series in the angular, interlocking shape, Dai Mei Anne’s EDEN series reflects a seamless design style, embellished on the gem is also more like a vivid scale The

Jewelry brand classic models

Luxury jewelry brand classic series which? The top of the world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models, every one walking in the forefront of fashion, do not miss it!

Where is the bare drill?

Where is the bare drill?
Naked drill can be customized place is very much, under the line of Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Zuo Kayi, Xie Ruilin; online Zoca, diamond bird, Kelan and other brands, are custom naked diamond brand. In addition to the brand, there are some small workshops will be naked drill custom orders, that is, the quality may not be so good, will not be so secure.

Bare drill to custom? If you are buying a bare drill do not want to Cartier love bracelet replica mosaic in the business where you want to customize the rest of the ring, you can find the local diamond business to buy a mosaic face mosaic, or you can find some special help in the day cat inlaid diamonds or precious stones business mosaic , Custom ring and mosaic costs are generally in the 1000 to a few thousand or so, depending on the specific style of the material and mosaic small diamond weight.

But the proposal is still in the place to buy bare drill mosaic mosaic, although the bare diamond has GIA code, not afraid to transfer bag, but if the mosaic process, accidentally scratched the bare drill, do not work well, the price than the original business Higher, it is worth the candle. And some bare diamond business is not willing to help custom, is afraid to receive false drill that really drill, when the falsely accused, and the erection and mosaic costs are not expensive, earn not much, but also some business activities, Will be sent to the ring.

Bare drill to custom? If you are picking naked drill + custom ring together, many places can be customized, such as Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Zuo Kai these, some brands, such as Zuo Kayi, but also in the official website optimistic about the bare diamond and ring style , And then contact customer service booking to the physical store to see the kind, ok and then a single custom, and the physical store and the official website price is consistent, the price is very high!
How much is the price of two karaoke bare diamond? Under normal circumstances, the same quality of bare drill, the price of two karaoke bare diamond is 2 square by the price of a carat, that is, if a carat bare diamond price of 10 million yuan, then the same quality of two karats The price is 400,000. Two karats diamond ring how much money, depends on the diamond 4C standard, that is, weight, clarity, color and cut.

Regardless of the price of two krappo drill, first of all to learn how to choose two krappan drill, the first step is to be based on their own budget to buy, the second step to choose cost-effective and after-sales protection of the business, the third step to confirm two karats Bare drill 4C standard and international authority of the certification.

Two-carat bare diamond price measurement? Naked drill is actually in the custom diamond ring when we choose unprocessed diamonds, the formation of a bright diamond ring need to be a perfect combination of bare diamond and ringing, and ultimately to become a diamond Cartier love ring replica ring. And bare diamond is no mosaic diamonds, then the price of two kartai bare diamond, we have to proceed from many aspects. The two-carat bare diamond itself belongs to the large carat diamond range, so its base price is naturally not cheap. Followed by this piece of two karats bare diamond color, clarity and cutting, etc., the most important of which is two karats bare diamond cut.

Two karats bare diamond prices

Two karats bare diamond has been able to show the perfect fire color, with the cut process is inseparable, so in the purchase must be on the bare diamond cutting carefully observed. Followed by the color and clarity of the bare drill, it can be said that these two aspects with two karats bare diamond prices have a lot of contact, the same is two karats of bare drill, if the color and clarity difference is relatively large, then the price will be different Very far, but we buy two karats of this large naked drill, the best choice of high degree of clarity, color level close to colorless, so that two karats bare diamond is not only more bright, but also has the potential for appreciation.
Diamond carat price how much money? This is the most want to buy diamond who want to understand, because the answers given by the various businesses are not the same, and the same is the difference between the price of caravan diamond is very poor, after all, diamonds are not ordinary consumer goods, we will be careful , But also for this reason that many people can only discourage. The factors affecting the price of diamond carat lot, because under the influence of various factors, the same is the diamond carat price is very different. So how much is the diamond carat price? What is the diamond carat price decision factor?

How much is the price of a diamond carat? If the diamond color, clarity, cut the same, then 1 carat price of 30,000, diamonds 2 carat price of 2 for the second power, and then multiplied by 3, that is, 120,000 diamonds 3 carat price of 27 million, from this The calculation of the price method, we can see the diamond carat more and more precious. International is the diamond 4c standard to evaluate, that is, color color; clarity clarity; cutting cutting; to carat as a unit of heavy caratweight.

Two pieces of the same weight of diamond carats, their prices may vary greatly, because the other three areas may be a big difference. Commercial, the price of diamond carats in the weight of a certain level, such as 0.99ct diamonds per kilogram price than 1.01ct diamonds Replica Cartier love bracelet a lot cheaper price per carat. While the two are also a carat diamond price may be due to the impact of other 3C and very different, so the price of diamond carat, clarity, the impact of cutting is also negligible.

Diamond carat price

Fluorescence is also one of the factors that affect the price of diamond carats, because the general price of fluorescent diamonds are generally lower than those without fluorescent diamonds. Fluorescence in the ultraviolet light will affect the color of diamonds, diamond color rating affect the fairness, so the price will be low. Brand value, sales channels, geographical impact is also the decision to diamond carat price factors, diamond carat prices include the brand value, the greater the brand the higher the cost of sharing.

Sales channels, the price of diamonds will have some impact, Zouqi jewelry 020 impact model, eliminating the high cost of traditional shopping malls to less than 50% of the price of shopping malls, directly to the consumer. Whether it is diamond or diamond, its price is not static, the same weight depends on the quality of diamonds, and diamond quality should also be reflected in the color, cut and transparency, the same quality depends on the weight, which is mutual Constraints, the other market pricing will also interfere with the price of diamonds and diamond ring.

Tiffany 2010 Blue Book luxury jewelry

Tiffany 2010 Blue Book luxury jewelry
Majestic Necklace
This amazing for the inheritance of Tiffany has always pursued the excellent quality of tradition. Process design reproduction of the natural miracle, it is jewelry industry art treasures. From the inner circle of a simple round necklace began to connect to another Cartier love bracelet replica round necklace, the suspension of a variety of elements to make the necklace has the flexibility.
Platinum inlaid with hand-cut round and pear-shaped diamonds surrounded by a 30.31 karats with a clarity of IF (internal impurityless) diamond pendant. Necklace and women’s elegant neck curve perfect fit, star-studded, highlight the luxury temperament.
The details of this necklace work is excellent, the 30-carat detachable diamond pendant is perfectly hung on nearly 300 unmatched round and pear-shaped diamonds. Necklace diamond purchase with nearly a year’s time, and spent 715 hours for design, creation, polishing and necklace combination, interpretation of modern luxury.
Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Necklace
Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Necklace
More than 20 kt of Kashmir sapphire is very rare. Kashmir Sapphire is almost the most expensive since its discovery in the late 19th century. It is famous for its coveted cornflower blue, making the gem a rich, noble, velvety soft and smooth appearance. Kashmir sapphire is also known for its starlight effect, and the reason is that sapphire contains rutile silk-like inclusions.
Nature contains a lot of valuable colored gemstones, has been waiting for human to explore, including the Kashmir region produced sapphire. Since the late 19th century was discovered, it has been the jewelers dream of the treasure. Tiffany with 1097 bright round diamond string into a necklace, set off a 28.01 kt all-natural Kashmir Sapphire, gorgeous eye-catching, unique in the world.
Inlaid with Kashmir Sapphire Pendant is detachable to give the wearer a variety of functionalities.

Fringed necklace
The original design of the fringed necklace perfectly reflects the flow of dynamic beauty. Modified rectangular bright cut diamond pendant weighing 20.01 karats, D color, clarity IF. Necklace on the platinum base is set with 61 round, 33 pillow-shaped and 30 ear-shaped diamond. Tiffany’s Cartier love ring replica gem inlaid artisans and jewelers are more pursuing the perfect diamond ring of women prepared two weighing 14.42 karats and 12 carats of clarity for the IF diamond ring, extraordinary light, shining fingers.

Yellow diamond and diamond necklace
Tiffany renowned international, color drill harder. Blue Book luxury jewelry series, this by a 20.34 carat brilliant yellow diamond pendant, 37 Tiffany Legacy diamonds and 674 round diamond necklace unique style, yellow diamond pendant with high saturation, dispersion and brightness Brightness, Tiffany is a craftsman’s another heart.
Pear-shaped diamond pendant necklace
7.72 carat, clarity VVS2 pear-shaped diamond gives this necklace simple and elegant design inspiration.
This necklace diamonds are specially sourced, cut and matched. Pear-shaped diamond pendants can be demolished to increase functionality. The necklace consists of 36 round diamonds and 36 lanterns.

Platinum Pendant and Necklace
This “windmill” platinum diamond pendant with a simple design. Delicate frame to platinum wire production curve outward appearance of the appearance of lace, craft design is the jewelry industry art treasures.
Bowknot brooch
Inspired by the Tiffany classic collection of document design, bowknot brooch in the 20th century is very popular, is the most eternal design of jewelry design. Perhaps this design is so important to Tiffany because of our famous “blue bow gift box”. The diamond curves form the ribbons beautifully connected together, the bottom of the ribbons can be active, which gives the product elegance and mobility. For this exquisite diamond brooch, the wrinkled black agate adds dramatic, while the hanging pear-shaped diamonds adds completeness.
“Rosette style” earrings
Inspired by Tiffany collection design in the mid-19th century beautiful necklace Replica Cartier love bracelet design. These earrings are nostalgic “garland style”, derived from exquisite lace – hollow design to bring light and elegant. The fan-shaped design of these earrings is dramatic, and the focus on the middle of the round diamonds makes the product very luxurious. Sophisticated platinum wire with diamond craftsmanship.
White chalcedony, black agate and diamond bracelet
We must pay tribute to the completion of every piece of white chalcedony petals and black agate spiral difficult to cut the jewelry craftsmen to pay tribute. This bracelet carefully embedded in 1850 total weight of 14.88 carats of circular rice grain drill, but also inlaid with hand-cut chalcedony.
Diamonds and sapphire bracelets
Decorative art design inspiration in the diamond and sapphire streamlined bracelet to reproduce style.

Butterfly Brooch
“Butterfly” is the most beloved design theme in Tiffany, these beautiful products are inspired by the classical collection of documents in the history of design, exudes elegance and elegance. Made from pink diamond and white diamond package in platinum outside the fine needle handicrafts is a masterpiece of manufacturing. “Butterfly” This eternal design has fascinated Tiffany’s designers for centuries. Sophisticated platinum wire craft gives products thin and light feel. By the platinum paved with pink and white diamonds wings and fine and realistic body, it seems that this butterfly is about to fly.

Diamond ring
Inlaid in the custom base of the Tiffany diamonds also shine. Diamond cutting experts and jewelry designers to create this top series, including 18.44 karats and 14.64 karats, clarity IF (internal no impurities) level, D color of the bright diamonds.
Gems and enamel bracelets
Inspired by the 19th century Renaissance jewelry. The combination of gemstones and enamel processes is a feature of Tiffany jewelry since the mid-nineteenth century. Enamel process in the gold surface coated with color, and then into the kiln heating and drying. The soft and enchanting process makes turquoise blue more vivid, very young and soft. 18K gold inlaid pearls, diamonds, turquoise and enamel bracelets inspired by the classical collection, designed by Paulding Farnham for the T & Co. At the 1893 Chicago World Exposition.
In this golden hollow grid, enamel and gem of the perfect combination of color, amazing beauty.
Art Deco Bracelet
Tiffany’s designers are also looking for inspiration in the company’s classical treasures. Platinum inlaid diamond earrings and diamond bracelets are inspired by the early 20th century decorative art style. A bracelet named Zigzag is made up of more than 1,300 round diamonds, and the other five rows of bracelets are inlaid with 260 round and square diamonds. Bracelet streamlined geometric patterns are reflected in the decorative arts of the simple and elegant style, while wearing more elegant temperament.

Diamond million high-end personalized jewelry custom

Diamond million high-end personalized jewelry custom
The first step, selected diamonds: through the initial communication to determine the customer high-end personalized jewelry custom pendant, according to the customer positioning of this work selected two main stone weighing 5.18CT and 1.2CT round drill;
The second step, to determine the design: high-end personalized jewelry custom, jewelry designers and customers face to face communication, according to customer requirements, ideas, stories, desire jewelry design, design a number of options for customers to choose and reference, design several times To discuss changes to customer satisfaction, to determine the style drawings;
The third step, JCAD version: the following began to version, we use advanced computer version (JewelCAD), so out of the jewelry design work data PT gold and diamond accuracy is very accurate, symmetry / standard can reach 100% While providing Cartier nail bracelet replica realistic renderings to the customer to confirm;
The fourth step, spray wax inverted gold: 3D map confirmed, the direct spray wax / inverted PT gold;
Valentine ‘s Day to the Valentine’ s Day, many young consumers began to calculate the buy on the quit.

Online diamonds low price temptation

Although the diamond is a jewelry category, but because of its universal “identity card” – diamond identification certificate and the clarity of each diamond, the level of cut, consumers according to the diamond information provided by the business, the diamond can generally determine the price is reasonable.

In the Kelan diamonds, diamond birds and other sites, from a few hundred dollars to the diamond ring to hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars of bare diamond products readily available. “Online diamond purchase cheaper than the traditional counter five percent.” An online diamond sellers said that online shopping cheap to save the entry fee, rent and other expenses, and cut off the unreasonable profit margins. Low prices really attracted a lot of consumers, diamond birds, Zuo Kayi and a number of online brands quickly popular red diamond market.

In the Kelan diamond online mall, the reporter found that the market price of 9300 yuan more than the classic six claw diamond ring, the price of the site only 5 fold. However, compared to several sites on the diamond ring will find that even if the price of several diamond ring, diamond size and clarity, cut and other indicators are significantly different (see table).
Diamond size is not the only price factor

Experts remind that online shopping diamonds can not see the kind of objects, consumers in the purchase to carefully look at the indicators of diamonds and diamond identification certificate. Diamond identification certificate is like a diamond “identity card” is the basis for consumers can rely on. For more than 30 points of international diamonds, the best way to understand its details is to obtain an authoritative diamond identification certificate. In the international imitation Cartier love bracelet certificate, GIA (American Gemological Institute), IGI (International Gemological Institute), HRD (Belgian Diamond High Council) for the existence of the three authority on the market certificate.

“4C” is a measure of a diamond value and quality of the standard. “4C” is the CARAT WEIGHT, CLARITY, COLOR, CUT. Therefore, the diamond price = weight + color + clarity + cut.

Diamond clarity is divided into five major levels, from high to low followed by LC, VVS, VS, SI, P. In the colorless diamond grading, the top color is D color, followed by the order down to Z. China’s diamond cut into EX (excellent), VG (very good), G (good) three grades.
Gold, gold content of thousands of points not less than 990, playing “gold”, “GOLD990” or “G990” mark.
Thousands of gold, gold content of thousands of points is not less than 999, playing “thousands of gold”, “GOLD999” or “G999” mark.

K gold, generally refers to the gold content from 8K to 24K precious metal jewelry [1K = 4.1666 …%] marked as 24K, 18K, 9K or 750 [that is, gold content 75%, also known as 18K], 583 [ .3%, equivalent to 14K].

Gold, silver, cadmium, palladium, etc., so that jewelry presents a purple, pink, blue, green, gray and other colors, as we usually see 18K white gold, people often Will be considered a platinum, in fact, 18K white gold is 75% gold, silver 10%, zinc 10%, nickel 5% white gold, Hong Kong and Macao also known as “Dacheng K platinum”, or “33 daughter” only Because the appearance and platinum jewelry similar, people are often confused, as long as careful observation mark is not difficult to separate the two.

Platinum, platinum content of thousands of points not less than 990, playing “platinum” or “PT990” mark.

950 platinum, platinum content of thousands of points not less than 950, playing “platinum 950” or “PT950” mark.
900 platinum, platinum content of thousands of points not less than 900, hit “platinum 900” or “PT900” mark.

850 platinum, platinum content of thousands of points not less than 850, playing platinum 850 or “PT850” mark.

Platinum jewelry in the other material is mainly its same elemental palladium [Pb], such as PT900 said platinum 90%, containing 10% palladium, and so on, platinum jewelry platinum content is generally not less than 85%, silver jewelry to color Also with silver content to thousands of points that: full silver, silver content of thousands of points is not less than 990, playing “foot silver” mark or according to the actual content of the mark, 925 silver, silver content of thousands of not less than 925, hit “silver 925 “Or” S925 “mark.

Gold-plated, is the use of electrolysis principle in the silver or copper made Fake Cartier love bracelet of jewelry surface coated with a layer of very thin gold, China’s industry standard gold plating layer thickness of not less than 0.5um, even if the layer of gold plating also had more than 0.05um, gold-plated layer jewelry The ground is marked as “GP” or “KP”.

Gold, gold foil wrapped in silver, copper and other metal materials to the surface, requiring gold foil fineness of not less than 10K, the weight of not less than the total weight of materials 1/20, commonly used KF said.

Forging gold, essentially belong to the package of gold, is under high temperature and pressure conditions, the gold foil forging in the other metal jewelry rough surface. Gold foil fineness requirements greater than 10K, which forging the total amount of K gold must not be less than 5% of the finished product, its marked as “GF” or “KGF”, forged gold surface hardness, high wear resistance, easy to lose the gold texture.

Will be legendary carved into the watch among the value of Patek Philippe commitment

Will be legendary carved into the watch among the value of Patek Philippe commitment
A great legend began.


Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe is an independent business of the family business, since 1932, the company has been controlled by the Sideng family. They will be independent as a brand of a vital spirit.

Patek Philippe believes that as long as you have the spirit of independence, you can control their own destiny, adhere to their own ideas, to fulfill their own methods, the implementation of their own standards, to establish their own vision – all in the possession of an Cartier love bracelet replica infinite love watch business Of the sincere heart. Most importantly, the spirit of independence also allows them to have unrestrained freedom of innovation in any work. For example: To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the creation of Patek Philippe, Patek Philippe decided to build a work that can be recorded in the world record, is also the world’s most complex has a 33 complex functions of the masterpiece of watches and clocks. To this end, they are the strongest watch talent lineup into the Caliber 89 Observatory pocket watch research and development work, which lasted nine years before the final completion. In order to celebrate the arrival of the millennium, Patek Philippe has developed Star Caliber2000 for eight years, and this extraordinary craft has won six patents with 21 complex functions … Patek Philippe’s legend has never been able to do so, In another way to carve them into the watch, that is – Patek Philippe mark.

For more than 100 years, the Geneva mark is the highest official recognition of the quality of watchmaking and excellence. And Patek Philippe won the Geneva high-quality mark more than the number of other watchmakers, to be exact, it has long been beyond the mark on behalf of the quality standards.

March 2009, the annual Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show Patek Philippe announced: the future of the mechanical movement will be used in all the unique Patek Philippe imprint (PatekPhilippeSeal). Patek Philippe imprint, called the senior watch industry’s most unique and strict requirements of the quality mark. Patek Philippe imprint is not only applicable to the movement, it involves: case, dial, pointer, buttons, strap ear, etc., and even involving the finished product watch aesthetic and functional standards. In addition, Patek Philippe imprint is also a reliable guarantee for the accuracy of travel time – after all, Patek Philippe watch is the first time to calculate a time instrument.

At the same time, Patek Philippe’s independent spirit is also deeply branded into every watch.

Will be legendary carved into the watch among the value of Patek Philippe Cartier love ring replica commitment
Is the total price of more than 1,000 yuan Star Caliber 2000 pocket watch
Quality craftsmanship

Patek Philippe watches and clocks of the innate quality of the works benefited from a variety of factors. Whether it is stainless steel, gold, platinum and precious stones and other high-quality materials, or to a high standard of technology and quality control – all the details are perfect.

Patek Philippe created a watch work need to go through 1200 processes. It takes three to five years to build a new movement. The production process requires a 600-hour quality control test, followed by 30 days of observation and rigorous testing. Only after the completion of all the above procedures, in order to create a Patek Philippe watches and clocks.

Behind these outstanding figures is the technology and artisans of Patek Philippe. Each watch is individually assembled, polished and adjusted. Case and bracelet are hand-decorated processing. It is this perfect pursuit of perfection, to be able to rely on unparalleled level of technology for many years.

However, for Patek Philippe, this commitment is not the quality of new things, many of the old brand watches are still running, some of which have long been more than 100 years old.

Respect the tradition

Time, contains infinite power, it can be changed, or even destroyed.

170 years, not absolutely long, but never one person has seen it all the face, but the clock remembered. Not every watch can remember it, which requires top quality, and Patek Philippe can.

“This is a simple word means that the various stages of the tabulation process must be fully controlled – from design to production, from assembly and surface treatment to product distribution. Watch industry is still so self-proclaimed companies are numbered. 170 years, has always maintained a family business model of Patek Philippe is well deserved.

Some of the traditional watchmaking technology and tools, although experienced hundreds of years of technological development, but always remain the same until today can still be used every day. And Patek Philippe watch master has been committed to its own rich experience and superb technology to the next generation. Like the advertising of Patek Philippe, “Nobody can really have Patek Philippe, but only for the next generation.”

For the love of watches and clocks, is the lifeblood of Patek Philippe and the Sideng family, it is because of this love, only achievements in Geneva Vieux-Grenadiers Avenue on the 7th Patek Philippe Museum. Patek Philippe Museum exhibits about 2,000 extraordinary timepieces, antique tables, enamel portraits and other rare collection, across the European watch industry five hundred years of development. At the same time, the museum shows Patek Philippe, this as the connoisseur recognized the world’s top watchmaker, nearly 170 years of historical background. The collection of the Patek Philippe Museum consists of two complementary parts. One of the main exhibition in 1839 before the establishment of Patek Philippe, Europe (mainly in Geneva) when the device to more than 1,000 pieces of handed down for more than three hundred years of tabulation history. The other part is dedicated to the display of Patek Philippe magnificent works, the time span from the beginning of the creation of Patek Philippe until modern. The museum has thus been able to reproduce the wonderful history of Patek Philippe as one of the most innovative watchmakers – a history of innovation in technology and aesthetics.

In addition to showing the collection of rare watches, the Patek Philippe Museum is still on the first floor to rebuild a watchmaking early last century, which includes more than 400 pieces of antiques tools and machines. The museum on the fourth floor of the museum has more than 8,000 books on time. Third floor for the exhibition of 16 to 19th century Geneva and Europe’s antique collection, the second floor is between 1839 to 2000, Patek Philippe watches and clocks.

The Patek Philippe Museum invites every visitor to experience the dizzying, breathtaking history tour, from the early German drum pocket watch (about 1530) to the Queen Victoria’s exquisite watch (1851) until now The Greatest Masterpiece – Patek Philippe ‘s Famous Pocket Watch Caliber 89 (1989).

Quality service

Patek Philippe has developed strict quality standards for the entire process from the initial Replica Cartier love bracelet production stage to the final delivery delivery, which is also the first lifelong service commitment in the watchmaking industry. Patek Philippe guarantees that all watches and clocks delivered by the company since its inception in 1839 have access to its services and repairs.

Patek Philippe has always been convinced that after-sales service is an important part of the company’s business, at any time to help customers solve all kinds of problems is the brand’s greatest responsibility.

Although the works of Patek Philippe watches and clocks are timeless passages, but occasionally need a little maintenance and maintenance. Norms, excellent service is to keep the clock and watch the vitality of the essence.

Regardless of when the clockwork was born, Patek Philippe stock spare parts can meet their maintenance requirements, even if the company started the beginning of the watch is no exception. With this unique service, Patek Philippe’s works can be properly maintained, repaired and restored. If you need to re-create a part, continue to the ancient art and tools so that guests can get what they want.

Patek Philippe authorized repair service center to participate in Patek Philippe fixed training of technical experts, they are for the watchmaking workshop launched the specific functions of the watch are well aware of. Multi-level training courses for four weeks, step by step to enhance the difficulty of the course. These courses are held at the Patek Philippe Training Center.

With all this, every owner can rest assured that the use of their own Patek Philippe watch, because Patek Philippe’s attention will be through the watch throughout the life cycle.

In addition, Patek Philippe has always been committed to innovation creation, emotional transmission, precious and rare, respect for the traditional, long-lasting value, process aesthetics of the creed, the ten family value, accompanied by Patek Philippe this independent watch business, from history to the future.

I hope you bring enough money

Amsterdam – the perfect process for cutting diamonds into wealth
In Amsterdam, the humble old industrial district, with a history of up to 400 years, annual sales of more than 20 billion US dollars of super diamond cutting center.

Revealing the Dutch will cut the diamond into a perfect process of wealth
How the diamond was cut into wealth In Nieuwe Uilenburger this little feature, can not say the old and new Amsterdam neighborhood, the car then stopped. “To,” the driver said simply. He got off when I added: “I hope you bring enough money.

Visited the red light district was marijuana Xunde stumbled on this cold humor lack of response, went to a low-key but guarded the door. The staff at the other side of the glass door nodded to me, got up in a small control panel by an estimated password sequence, the outside of the glass door opened, and I move into the second glass Door, then outside the door to close again, the staff and in the control panel by a set of numbers or letters, the second door opened, I went into the real Cartier love bracelet replica room, subconsciously sigh of relief. “Welcome to Gassan Diamonds, and we’ll have someone to accompany you to our Diamond Workshop later on,” another staff member came up from the dark walkway.

Revealing the Dutch will cut the diamond into a perfect process of wealth
Five minutes later, I finally came to this diamond center of a layer inside (layers of stairs and before the inhalation of marijuana smoke makes me confused and disoriented), a look in the past, is a small room separated by frosted glass Room, accompanied by my staff took me into one, a “tonnage” considerable black lady has been sitting in the room, like a 3-carat diamond majesty.

“I will give you a brief explanation of the classification and grade of diamonds.” Large-tonnage ladies first took me through the 4C standard of diamonds, carat, color, cut and clarity, any combination of these four criteria will greatly affect The value of a diamond. “Wesselton, for example, is several levels higher than the price of the Cape Yellow Cape, but if it has only the poorest level of PIQUE 3, then the price will , A high-quality Wesselton white diamond (Top Wesselton), clarity of the perfect (Perfect) 1 carat diamond, the price will be the same size, clarity of the crystal drill (Crystal) geometric level, because there There is a probability problem – you can find 4C are perfect diamonds, not much chance.

The undoubted authority on pricing is the 400-year-old Gassan Diamonds, which is a key reason why Amsterdam hosts up to 350,000 visitors a year. And Gassan and other large diamond processing and traders together, so that the annual sales of Amsterdam to at least 20 billion US dollars in the diamond trading industry in the pie, and the bulk. “In diamonds, Antwerp, we are the sister center of the diamond trade,” said the large tonnage lady.

Revealing the Dutch will cut the diamond into a perfect process of wealth
Thanks to the Jews in the 16th century in Antwerp by the Spanish destroyed when the diamond cutting technology brought to Amsterdam. You should now guess, Gassan diamonds predecessor BOAS BROTHERS is founded by the Jewish family, they in the 19th century will be the company to build Europe’s largest diamond cutting center. Even during World War II, the Nazis had tolerated Jewish control of the industry for much of the time, thanks to the wealth of diamond cutting and subsequent transactions, and Gassan was still in the hands of the founders’ grandsons.

Until now, so that Amsterdam can be invincible in the global diamond industry chain is still cutting technology. Into the Gassan diamond processing workshop, it is easy to see those who have used since ancient times, diamond cutting technology is still affected so far, there are not those buttons everywhere high-tech machines, no computer screen, some magnifying glass and looks very heavy grinding With. You might even think that the lighting here is a bit inadequate, but cutting technicians who scrutinize their expensive work with a magnifying glass do not seem to mind. Perhaps at this time, the jump will be Max Bauer in its 1896 description of the city: a large number of up to 12,000 people employed in the industry (only cutting technician), from India hand abruptly cut the world’s diamond All of the throne to grab over, the city has up to 70 more use of steam as the power of advanced abrasive diamond cutting center. Grasping the Pricing Right by Cutting Standard

Maintaining cutting-edge technology now what is the point? Remember in 2009 when the replica Cartier love bracelet world’s two major diamond cutting trading company EDT and De Beers have introduced the “blue flame” and “eternal mark” two applications of the new cutting technology, diamond certification standards? “The cutting edge of cutting technology, the non-technical products for diamonds, the most important significance is the price changes.” EDT diamond brand from a psychic (Tesiro) insiders told me. Of course, this price change is to go up. However, EDT and De Beers are reluctant to comment on whether the price increase in the end whether the support.

“When you sell the old standard diamonds, or no longer sell the old standard of diamonds, then the market can only accept the price of a new generation of diamonds, and the new cutting standards is De Beers needs the perfect reason.” The internal The source said.

This may explain why, in the diamond industry chain has been little advantage of Amsterdam in Europe and even worldwide can survive – Britain and Australia, South Africa, Canada in the Commonwealth under the banner of sharing the diamond ore, the Russians are Holding the highest potential diamond mine, Indians and Chinese are becoming the largest diamond buyer, and the Jews, they do not even need Israel as its headquarters, because of Amsterdam. If you are curious, now the Amsterdam diamond cutting industry also employs 8,500 people, scattered in 80 processing workshops, but they are all members of the Diamond Cutting Technician Union, the union to maintain strict regulations. A C in the 4C standard is still firmly in the hands of the Dutch, and this C is one of the only two objective criteria in the 4C standard.

“So, do you want to buy a diamond ring? Gassan processing of diamonds Cartier love bracelet replica with 121 cut, is a popular commodity on the market.” Large-tonnage lady from the gods in the pull back. I looked at the hands do not know when to pick up the price of 25,000 euros of the diamond ring, trance for a while, but fortunately still react, promptly rejected. Large tonnage of women shrugged, apparently long ago I saw the miscellaneous and so on.

Today’s fashion accessories

Today’s fashion accessories and very different in previous years, not only fashionable, and the use of materials and diverse. Ornaments are different, each one makes you put it down, pick the eye, then, what kind of accessories can you set off more beautiful?

Modern women emphasize the charm of personality, all want their outstanding, different. Therefore, when many styles of accessories, so that women choose. Due to the different characteristics of jewelry decided to choose different, so it is difficult to wear the same time, wearing a collision of embarrassment.

In the spring of spring, when you wear a thick or thin K gold necklace will make you look full of vigor and vitality, but do not forget to wear wrist matching bracelet. Be bent to be a charming romantic you best to wear a necklace, jewelry store can choose hundreds of models, as far as possible according to their own preferences. A silk long-sleeved shirt coupled with a pearl necklace, so that you unique in the silk underwear shine with pearl jewelry embellishment suddenly enriched a lot. If the pursuit of individual charm, the same silk shirt with a K gold necklace, coupled with K gold earrings, make you like a confident career women.

Lively and pure girls in the Department of the neck side of the handkerchief or Fake Cartier love bracelet colored rope ornaments, spring pretty all you are caught. 
Hot summer, K gold jewelry will be pushed to the climax. The best choice for thin K gold chain, it seems like the feeling of the most vulnerable to wear in the hot days, neither feel heavy, sticky body, not to expose the outside of the neck, wrist, ankle, lack of embellishment . Note that, K gold jewelry, despite the corrosion of acid and alkali, but due to prolonged wear and tear by sweat also need to wash in the wash basin often, both to maintain long-lasting and clean luster.

Pearl jewelry and crystal jewelry is also the preferred summer. If it is sleeveless cotton shirt plus shorts do not have to wear any ornaments, because smooth and healthy skin is the best “accessories.”

Professional women usually pay attention to hair and earrings, should choose simple and clear hair style with eye-catching or small earrings.

Silver jewelry can easily become sweaty because of erosion, in the summer wear is to always clean, of course, it is best to jewelers for professional cleaning.
Diamond: colorful tell eternal

In a Zhang Yang individuality trend, diamond ornaments in the elegant seek breakthrough. Color, black diamond, yellow diamond and pink diamond by the end of all sought after, matching the gold is not just PT900, and 18K platinum, red gold, diamond necklace, bracelet more and more colorful.

Gold: wild passion

Gold is no longer tacky, as the famous designer Ms. LouloudelaFalaise said: “In the past gold is nothing more than a gold chain with the delicate ornaments of diamonds, and now, gold has been deduced from the head to toe aesthetic accessories.” Tassel, wild nets, flowers pattern necklace … … A comprehensive show this trend.

Pearl: Black is popular

The trend is black pearl body showing a charming smile. The famous movie star Bibbit, David Beckham fans are wearing Tahitian black pearl ornaments in public. When the pearls and platinum, diamonds match, it aristocratic subtle, more elegant and delicate.

Jade: Never fade in Chinese fashion

Jade jewelry is the Chinese people will never fade fashion trends. There are necklaces, bracelets, hand beads, etc., because the different carving, with different meanings. Such as carving a variety of different shapes of the Lunar New Year sheep jade brand (jade), meaning this year’s Zodiac; carved bats Cartier nail bracelet replica and peach symbol “longevity” and so on. There are a variety of dragon and phoenix card, bracelets, etc., designed for wedding and use, so that everyone can feel the Chinese folk flavor.
For wearing jewelry, the modern young people to buy jewelry is not something once and for all. Every day we are accepting new things, the idea of novelty seeking different moments in the generation. Perhaps, to buy jewelry for personal behavior, it wears the timeliness of behavior may be one to two years time or a few months. Concept of change, the idea of an instant possession of the popular jewelry in the attic. This time, we think of pearls.

Pearl has always been the people’s love and appreciation, can be compared with the most precious stones. It is a symbol of noble character, wearing pearl jewelry makes people add charm. Pearl is the first natural material used as a gemstone, the formation process for the body is full of vitality of the layers of organic matter wrapped round body, full of spirituality and vitality, for the wearer of the best pop jewelry and designer preferred materials, Perhaps my own complex love pearls often do design. Moreover, the pearl bright colors, white, pink, rose, golden yellow, brass, gun copper, silver, black, brown, purple and other, often accompanied by rosy, metallic, green, colorful Of the halo color. Bright and colorful, full of spring, just refraction of our youth and pleasant life.

Spring and summer upstart trend of popular jewelry is irresistible. Recently, the major fashion media at home and abroad have commented that “the new century is a diversified, many factors coexist in society,” the new millennium is no doubt crazy! Indeed, there are always a group of people who are good at creating dreams and romance, bustling creativity and creating a bright and future vision. With the development of science and technology, personality and technology in contrast and unity, today’s people need more personalized jewelry. This process is a number of elements, the prevalence of diversification and taste the process of coexistence, the trend Cartier nail bracelet replica also will be generated. Thus, designers of imagination and creativity is the pulse of the pulse of the times need to change, to meet the innovative ideas of consumers seeking novelty.

Pearl jewelry is the human thing is the quality of people of different cultures and people of different times linked, regardless of its price, color, material properties are people feel happy and happy. Spiritual pearl is a manifestation of vitality, cool pearl exposed in the girl’s neck, wrist, softly dripping – moist halo color and the girl’s skin with each other, complement each other!