Light energy watch is the use of photovoltaic power generation operation of the Citizen watches

Switzerland Sama table (CYMA) from 1862, this has a history of more than 150 years of watch the brand has always adhere to the “continuous research, strength and perfection” spirit, successively in different times award-winning. The new series of Swiss watch (CYMA) both in the design and process are elegant and meticulous, combined with a century of tabulation technology.
West Malaysia watch what price now, Cima watch how much money
Switzerland enjoy the “watch the country” reputation, now Switzerland Nissan watch sales accounted for 60% of the world, once a year in Basel, Switzerland, “Geneva Watch Fair” is the latest trend of the world watch the prelude to the Swiss watch The brand is not easy, the Swiss watch (CYMA) is one of them.
The design of the Cima table is unique, and the black surface of the sapphire crystal glass is decorated with a very modern and delicate decoration, including the subtle wavy pattern and the white Arabic numerals of different sizes; the center of the surface is an oval of Cartier love bracelet replica the mother of pearl, Decorated with minutes. Hour and minute hand are fine steel trim, is located in the six seconds of the small seconds of the inner disc is decorated with laser lines.
Cima table inherited the exquisite Swiss watchmaking process, making its entry into the domestic market at the beginning by the people warmly welcome. Cima table market from 3600 yuan – 33,000 yuan between. A lot of selectivity, the overall point of view is still good!
Light energy watch is the use of photovoltaic power generation operation of the Citizen watches in general. Its shape design changes, it is following the mechanical watch, quartz watch after the third generation of watches! And Citizen in the light meter technology is walking in the forefront of the world! And Citizen light energy watch battery life is everyone most concerned about!
Citizen light energy watch battery life is how long
Citizen has registered the word “light energy” as a trademark and protected by law. The internationally registered trademark of the kinetic energy is “Eco-drive” in English as Ecology-Drive, meaning to promote and maintain the ecological environment.
As a table to protect the ecological environment, the kinetic energy watch absorbs any visible light source and converts it into kinetic energy to drive the watch. Glittering watches do not use ordinary quartz batteries, to avoid the waste battery on the environment caused by pollution, no need to regularly replace the battery, to the wearer to bring convenience. Light energy watch the power-saving features to ensure that the watch in a fully charged state, depending on the movement model, can run in the dark months to ten years. “Technology and the integration of the United States” is the Citizen has always uphold the purpose of product development.
Citizen light energy watch travel time is more accurate, relying on the quartz oscillator Cartier love ring replica high and stable oscillation frequency to run, the oscillation frequency of 32768Hz / S, is more than 4000 times the mechanical watch, from the principle is enough to determine the mechanical watch travel time accuracy and The dodge watch is not at the same level. Citizen light kinetic energy watch is a monthly error to measure the travel time accuracy, the error standard is generally in -15 seconds to +15 seconds / month.
Citizen watches are one of Japan’s best watch brands, ranked second in the second class in Japan. Citizen focus on product quality and functionality of a practical, so by many consumers of all ages. Some friends in the use of Citizen watches do not know when the role of the button on the watch, let the watch home for everyone to answer!
Citizen watches more types of movement, under normal circumstances, the watch button is used in the adjustment of the watch function. Such as automatic reception of signal proofreading time to receive signal strength display, airborne scale, light energy energy saving date display, stopwatch, 24 hour indication, alarm, two time, countdown and so on.
Simply say that in the adjustment of the benchmark position or time, some location button is to switch the various indicators, and other location button users to open some features,
Suits and ties is the standard work of business people dress, then if another suitable watch with, will make the whole person looks more taste and grace. Then the suit and watch how to match it? Here to see the introduction of the watch home!
Dress up with the rules:
1. Compared to those dazzling complex features of the Cartier nail bracelet replica watch, simple black and white disk watch is more suitable for your identity.
2. Heavy case in the dress is not practical, wearing the watch in your hand the thinner the better.
3. The lawful round case is the most secure models, will appear you are rational and modest; barrel-shaped or square round can also be, not stereotyped, gives the impression that it is easy to accept new things; Do not try, will give people a strong sense of style.
4. pure gold watch is not bad, it does have a hedge function. But the golden eyes of the watch, or can not help but show off suspected too. In contrast, steel and titanium will appear more demeanor, if it is too like gold, choose the rose gold it.
5. Choose black or dark brown crocodile leather strap, snakeskin this material is more suitable for young people like punk.
6. Basic waterproof and date function enough daily use, with a row of helium valves and eye-catching scale bezel heavy watch, more suitable for casual wear. To know that you first business people, and then is a non-professional athletes.

Watch the basic can be divided into synthetic crystal plastic mineral glass sapphire crystal glass

Fashion watches are watches in a sub-category, this type of watch can be free with clothing, popularity is relatively high, the price is relatively cheap, won the pursuit of fashion young people love. And DE FEELS moving table is one of the fashion watch brand, then DE FEELS watch how?
DE FEELS watch how, DE FEELS watch is good

DE FEELS “wrist is still fashion” brand concept, representing the urban white-collar independent, fashion, self-confidence of the new attitude of life. Designed to meet people’s price, fashion design, elegant connotation and the most stringent Swiss watch quality standards as their responsibility to DE FEELS every product is an ultimate beauty of the clothing, filling simple, stylish, luxurious taste, specifically for 20-35 years old rich personality, love life, the pursuit of fashionable young people and design.

Case and strap
Watch case strap material for many kinds, such as tungsten and titanium Cartier love bracelet replica alloy, high-tech ceramics, stainless steel, soft fiber, ordinary steel, etc., to wear and try to avoid with the same hardness or special friction, collision. Regular cleaning case strap is also necessary, the other sea water, salt water bath, perfume, shampoo, nail polish, nail polish and some chemicals containing cosmetics and other gold-plated gold surface and metal surface have a certain corrosion, should avoid contact.
Table mirror
Watch the basic can be divided into synthetic crystal plastic, mineral glass, sapphire crystal glass. Synthetic crystal rubber wear a little less easy to scratch, but the impact resistance is strong; sapphire crystal glass, high degree of anti-wear, but the material is more brittle and violent impact; mineral glass between the two. Even anti-wear sapphire crystal glass should also pay attention to diamonds, grinding stone, sandpaper, nail file, flower net stone, concrete walls and other impurities contained in order to avoid scratching its surface.
Disney Disney brand was founded by Walt Disney. Mainly related to entertainment animation production, theme parks, toys, books, video games and other fields, reputation resounded the world. Disney watches are a product. Contains many of its animated elements in it. Beautiful appearance, very popular with young people, especially children!
Disney watch how much money?
Disney Disney watches for 7-28 year-old fashion men and women trendy, unique strip, belt, diamond, couple on the table and other fashion models, submarine diving series watches and so on are waterproof performance is relatively high.
Disney Disney watches how
Disney Disney watch embodies the modern city and leisure for the overall shape of the coherence and perfection, the expression of fashionable young people to lead the world trend, wearing a personality, generous, decent, Mickey in the process of attention to detail, strive to create a simple, elegant And fashion personality style.
Disney Disney watches how much money
Disney Disney watches more style, electronic form is cheaper. Basically 80 yuan started, some exquisite style some more expensive. But basically within 250 yuan!
DOM DOM watch from the watch industry veteran to create high-end watch brand, as the watch industry well-known brands, DOM since its inception at the beginning has been “first-class quality, attentive service” for the brand adhere to the purpose, with a strong Design team, advanced production equipment, unique product advantages and authoritative quality certification, and constantly lead the watch manufacturing industry forward.
What ‘s the watch
DOM company spent four years to the DOM Dome this brand watches slowly grow Fake Cartier love bracelet to well-known brands, with a good image, excellent product quality sales significantly. And received many customers praise, the products are tested by the National Watch Quality Inspection Center qualified, a watch to sell the premise must be “intact” for the flaw of the attitude of the watch is “zero tolerance”, commitment to the DOM multi-brand watches The quality, always responsible.
How is the watch of Dom
DOM watch is mainly high-end elegant, unique personality, business and leisure style design. Pay attention to the combination of science and technology and all the spare parts by the major brand manufacturers to provide professional services to professional manufacturers, the use of high-tech space ceramics, 316L stainless steel, high-quality imports of tungsten steel, high-quality micro-sapphire mirror and leather calfskin And a series of high-tech materials for the manufacture of products. Coupled with the precise Swiss movement, with the most sophisticated technology. Waterproof performance is very high, more than 200 meters waterproof design, wearing a bath, swimming Zhan to dive and deep diving are no problem, so that customers are more worried about the fear of worrying about the waterproof watch.
How do you watch the true and false
Each DOM watch has a security logo, each table has a security code and warranty card encoding. You want to find out the true and false watches can log directly DOM official website input security code and warranty card code can query. In order to avoid being deceived, buy DOM watch when looking for DOM flagship store.
How does the DOM watch more
Watch case strap material for a variety of, such as tungsten steel, ceramics, steel, belts and other different materials, wear as much as possible to avoid with the same or the same hardness of special friction, Regular cleaning case strap is also necessary, the other sea Cartier love ring replica water, salt water bath, perfume, shampoo, nail polish, nail polish and some chemicals containing cosmetics and other gold-plated gold surface and metal surface have a certain corrosion, should avoid contact.
Quartz watch: When the battery runs out of power and stop the watch, should be sent to repair shop as soon as possible to check, to avoid the battery does not have long left in the table lead to damage to the movement.
Mechanical watch: automatic mechanical watch to rely on the arm of the swing and automatically winding, so every day must wear more than eight hours in order to ensure accurate timing. Mechanical watch when not in use, the best one on a monthly clock to prevent the table oil coagulation.

Tissot watch more white with a unique dial design How to watch the quality of Gaya watches

How to watch the quality of Gaya watches how to
Fashion and elegant, excellent quality, exquisite workmanship, blend of distinguished, elegant and unique temperament in a! This is the flag table propaganda slogan. For the grid table, perhaps not too well known. As a domestic watch brand, Gaya table watch technology introduced from Japan, Switzerland. The price of the market is also very close to the people, then how the kind of grid watch, Georgia, how the quality of watches it?
A Gaya table can be elegant magnificent, minutes and seconds is not bad, thanks to a number of Cartier love bracelet replica components of the perfect combination. Gaya table in the assembly and combination process, every link is perfect, seamless, called the Georgia watchmaker’s art. In fact, the grid of each tabulation process are severely stressed, after thinking about the final shape. In addition, Geya will be combined with traditional and technology, developed a number of close relatives of the watch series, won the public love.
How to watch the quality of Gaya watches how to
Geya table main parts from Switzerland, Japan and other places, and has a Swiss vacuum test water machine, earthquake detection machine. Strap test machine, in order to make the product quality is sufficient to ensure that each product in the factory before a variety of processes have to undergo a rigorous testing. The company of “products to win new, excellent quality to win, service to win” Business philosophy, establish the “unity, is seeking, innovation” spirit of enterprise. And we strive for the pursuit of perfection, your satisfaction, I will promise, for the quality and strive to work with friends from all walks of life work together to create fears.
Shenzhen Gaoya Tablet Co., Ltd. is a multi-year production experience and scale of the table manufacturing professional manufacturers. Production scale to achieve an annual output of more than 1 million, which has a first-class development, design talent, watch style has five hundred balance. Products include: couple series, ladies series, sports and leisure series, cartoon series, gift series, etc. Have their registered brand “GEYA” “Georgia” watch has a very high visibility in the country, in 2012 was awarded the “China Famous Brand “Title, the products are exported to Southeast Asia, Italy, Spain.
To girls to buy a watch which is better
Watch as one of our daily jewelry, for highlighting the identity of the wearer, taste, tolerance is helpful. In addition, it is presented as a gift to each other. Then some people willing to ask the girls to buy a watch which is better? The following watch home to come for you to answer!
To girls to buy a watch which is better? Recommended one: Tissot
Tissot watch more white with a unique dial design, the Roman scale and the perfect combination of the word scale, showing the mysterious female dignified beauty, equipped with ETA2671 Swiss original self-winding movement, to ensure accurate travel time, crown function pole Simple and elegant engraved with a small “T” word Tissot logo; case and strap material are used on the skin without stimulation of 316L stainless steel, with butterfly buckle, simple, beautiful Cartier love ring replica, convenient and taste, so you always keep a woman Elegant, exudes charming charm.
To girls to buy a watch which is better? Recommended two: Longines
Longines watch has a noble and elegant blue steel pointer with Roman scale, elegant and charming. 26.6mm table diameter highlights the feminine feminine charming temperament. Case selected steel material, bezel raised design more layered. Nine chain stainless steel strap with exquisite butterfly buckle, fashion simple. With L595 Swiss original movement performance is stable, to ensure accurate travel time. This Longines heart series of watches to high-performance mechanical automatic movement to protect the watch’s travel time precision, watch the design to the female wearing a doll to bring retro feelings and modern rhythm of the dual experience to show the charming charm of women.
To girls to buy a watch which is better? Recommended three: Omega
Omega with anti-reflective sapphire glass, white mother of pearl dial, with diamond scale, stainless steel and red gold case, the case of the outer ring of the Roman numerals scale, the overall design simplicity to the extreme but yet noble atmosphere. Equipped with original quartz movement, always accurate; selected between the gold material, cast the wrist between the magnificent Great Wall. This noble atmosphere, simple and elegant lady quartz watch, is a symbol of noble identity, but also the perfect combination of noble temperament.
Is the Green watch a Swiss product?
Green watch in 2002 to enter the Chinese mainland market by many people love the table welcome, no matter how the changes in life, they always focused on the Green table has the eternal value, constant classic design and highly accurate technology, so that each A Green watch can be called a small artwork. Is the Green watch a Swiss product?
Green table from the picturesque Navarre Haisha St. Martin City, the 20th century, the creation of Cartier nail bracelet replica the Green table to produce men and women watch the main watch since the beginning of the first watch, Green table will inherit the Swiss People blend with the technology and perfect art creation of the production tradition. Since its inception, Green’s watch development and innovation has never stopped. From generation to generation of technology and experience, as well as unremitting research and development of the Green Table today’s comprehensive achievements. In order to meet the high level of demand, Green has adopted cutting-edge computer technology in research and development, especially in the increasingly important micro-technology today, Green Table and technology organizations to maintain close cooperation, these are excellent elements of the Green Table.
Although the Green watch is a Swiss watch brand, but the domestic Green watches are made in China. But the use of Swiss high-end watchmaking technology, so that Green watches smooth lines, with a strong sense of modernity and innovation!

what is the grade of Aishibi watch

What is the grade of the album?
Many friends who like the German watch all know that a watch brand called Audemel abart, abercrombie france abart style from 1991, near the Swiss town of southern Germany Freiburg (Freiburg), focusing on minimalist aesthetics and functionalism Cartier love bracelet replica The design of the wave, in the twist of Switzerland century to pursue high-quality watchmaking tradition, abart watches Yu Yan was born. So what is the grade of Aishibi watch, what is it?
Love Peter honor
Swiss watch association chief member, Switzerland famous design watch brand
Including the red dot design award, including the top international design awards repeatedly gains
The only German minimalist Bauhaus style and Switzerland’s top watch production process integration of the famous watch
New York Museum of Contemporary Art (MOMA) permanent collection brand is the classic [disc date hops display] design original
Aibeiya abart watches in the product design and development completely uphold the modernist minimalist spirit (Germany Baoao Si) for the idea, emphasizing the low-key but elegant style of fashion, rather than gorgeous and shiny bright luxury, Focusing on the Swiss high-speed tabulation quality, rather than excessive packaging of the virtual value.
Aibi is not an international watch, and no ranking. But as a small German watch brand to achieve such a result is not easy. Grade should belong to the four types of table!
Switzerland is the birthplace of watches, watch the kingdom. Almost all of the world’s top watches are produced in Switzerland. Of course, Switzerland’s watch brand is also very much, then give these brands ranked a ranking really is not simple. Here we look at the 2015 Swiss table ranking it!
Patek Philippe
The world’s best watch almost all made by the Swiss, had to admire the Swiss watchmakers Cartier love ring replica superb craftsmanship and strict quality requirements. A well-known watch manufacturing company in Switzerland Patek Philippe created in 1932, the world’s unique large single-button timetable watch, Sotheby’s auction house in Switzerland to 1.1 million pounds of high-priced auction, this watch has become the current The world’s most expensive watch.
Omega watches have a long history of more than 150 years. Omega (W) is the twenty-fourth and last letter of the Greek word. It symbolizes the beginning and the end of things, the first and the last. On behalf of the “perfect, extreme, excellence, success,” the extraordinary quality, interpretation of the Omega pursuit of “excellent quality” business philosophy and “advocating tradition, and the courage to innovate,” the spirit of style.
From 1832 Longines, she is known for elegance, is a history of more than 170 years with the traditional watch manufacturers, each table is a combination of harmony and beauty. Has been designed for people around the world elegant style graceful, exquisite watches and clocks, renowned table altar. Longines brand philosophy “elegant attitude, really my personality.” With more than 100 years of history Longines, always adhere to the ‘best quality’ philosophy of work, time and technology continue to strive for innovation, and now, ‘Longines’ already Become a synonym for precision! Longines the reason to become accurate synonyms, thanks to the continuous efforts of the time process.
Piaget table PIAGET
Piaget table for the table from the rising star. Piaget table among the ranks of first-class watches, or the late 40s of this century things. As the current president of the company, said: “You look at the time from the count, is to enjoy a supreme treasure.
Radar table RADO
In 1962, the Swiss radar table successfully launched the world’s first easy to wear watches, for its future career laid a solid foundation. Today, the Swiss Rado watch is one of the most important Swiss watch manufacturers, with an international sales network of 250 formal service centers and 8,000 points of sale.
Nobel watch
Swiss Nobel watches (NOBEL) as a famous watch brand, pursue the “exquisite appearance, process excellence, superior level, meticulous” principle, has been committed to providing consumers with the best quality watch products. Since the “time to keep everything old, only the Nobel table unchanged” as the slogan into the Chinese market.
Tissot – extraordinary creativity, from the tradition. Tissot’s goal is to use the most competitive Cartier nail bracelet replica price to provide the public with a world-class quality of the timing tool. As the official designation timetable for NASCAR ™, MotoGP Grand Prix and international tournaments such as bicycles, fencing and ice hockey, Tissot has played the ultimate in expressing the sport’s performance, precision and challenge.
Rolex is a well-known Swiss watch manufacturer, formerly known as Wilsdorfand Davis, by the German Hans Wilsdorf (HansWilsdof) and the British Davis (AlfredDavis) in 1905 in London partnership. 1908 by Hans Wilsdof (HansWilsdof) in Switzerland, La Chauxing (LaChaux-de-Fonds) registered renamed ROLEX
Plum blossom
Swiss plum (TITONI) watch factory is a typical Swiss watch factory, in 1919 by the history of the family in Greenken set up, according to legend three generations, still by clicking here to add pictures that the history of the family owned and operated, is now Very few independent family watchmaking enterprises, for the Swiss watch industry has made a great contribution.

How to communicate with the wedding photography shop, studio effective

How to communicate with the wedding photography shop, studio effective
Change clothes and do not add money? When you pick the dress, be sure to ask the shopping guide for clothes plus no money. In general, clothing shopping guide will take you to see some very beautiful clothing, and then said that a lifetime to shoot once, which bride does not want to be beautiful, today shot a few pairs of clothing here are selected … …. This is the usual way to sell shopping guide, nothing more than want you to choose high-end area of clothing. At this time must be clear, choose high-end area of the clothing plus no money? If not money, then go to choose high-end area (so little). Usually need to add money, it is necessary to ask specific, specific plus how many, a few hundred, or a total of several hundred, which pieces of clothes and so on, to add the money is asked clear. It is best to write down.
Do not pursue those high-end area dress election dress we do not want to pursue those high-end area dress, do not want to control how much money spent others. These are not important, in fact, each dress has a corresponding best shooting action, the key is to see people. Here to tell you a skill, if you energetic, then you go to the high-end area of the dress all try again, anyway, try not money, in case you can see one or two favorite it, after all, A lifetime may be on this time.
Choose photographers price? Sometimes we are not satisfied with the photographer, want to change photographers, then many need to add money, of course, some are free for the change. So we need to communicate in advance to communicate in the end or not to add money.
To visit the venue props and so on when the photographer to get the Cartier love bracelet replica problem, do not forget to visit their props Yeah, equipment Yeah, background Yeah, shooting hardware equipment, jewelry and so on. These are also very important. Or so when shooting to see these equipment props old mood will be greatly affected.
On the photographer there is a problem, that is, when shooting is a photographer with a photo, or by the combination of two people, if the two photographers take pictures, how specific allocation. Whether the photographer only take a group on the same day, if not a total of several groups. These problems are critical, or when the photographer in a hurry will hastily trouble, will seriously affect the quality of shooting.
This time should be shooting the relevant issues. Selected each set of clothing inside a total of how many shots shot, how many sets of clothing, a total of how many shots shot, these lenses inside the proportion of the choice of photos. As well as the proportion of indoor and outdoor shooting is not to mention the relevant photos of the processing (modification) and so on.
Location shooting related issues. Location shooting price, you can shoot where the location of what, you can go to other provinces to shoot it, to the other provinces, then the price of it? There is the location of traffic vehicles who are prepared to travel, if the tourist attractions to ask the ticket, parking spaces, who will bear the burden of food and other issues should be asked in advance to ask. There is the location of shooting is completed one day or can be divided into days to complete, how many days to complete the photographer, such as stylist will not change.
Of course, there is a problem is the day the family friends can shoot the same day, shooting the day the service team who have what personnel.
Choose a better reputation of the studio or studio. Wedding photographs are very profitable, but the competition is also very intense. In the pedestrian street, online media, advertising on the wedding photography overwhelmed. In fact, the face of so many choices, as long as the word “word of mouth” can not be disturbed by the outside world. Although the good reputation of the store price will be relatively high, but can shoot a set of their own satisfaction with the photos, even if you have something!
Check the package carefully. In the wedding market, the package is an attractive Cartier love ring replica magic weapon. Many packages under the guise of discounts, set a variety of traps, swagger. So before booking a wedding, be sure to carefully check the situation of the package, if the single package is very cheap to see the total price, but did not notice the make-up, outside the film and other projects need to add money, then,
The useless things in the package can be cut or converted into photos. Now studio to attract people, the package is very rich, can be said to be everything. In fact, so many things seem very cost-effective, but in fact these things are not practical. In addition to the photos can be placed, album or some ornaments, a lot of things on the future after the day on the box. So for those who do not have practical significance of the items, it is best to remove the price, or into a photo entry.
Try to get more location shooting. Wedding dress is the most desirable is to shoot location. For ordinary people, in addition to wedding photographs, it is difficult to have a box of clothing, professional makeup artist and photographer to take pictures of the opportunity. So in the studio or studio to talk about the price, to fight for location shooting, at least add several sets of location clothes.
Ask if there is any extra consumption. Extra consumption is the most common trap in wedding photography. Some unscrupulous businesses, in order to achieve the purpose of deceiving customers, the contents of the package does not involve some content, such as location shooting fees, park tickets, meals and so on. Because these consumption is not clear in the promotional package, so even more to ask clearly, or will cause disputes.
Ask the big picture of the box, the number of photos in the album and typesetting. When shooting wedding photos, usually take a lot of photos, but not all the photos will be framed. So be sure to figure out the number of frames into the photo, photo frame, photo album material, and layout to take pictures of the time.
Ask about the details of the photo selection and refinement. A lot of wedding Cartier nail bracelet replica photography packages are marked later will send all the pictures taken. But there is one thing to keep in mind: the photos sent by the general is not a refined photo. In fact, wedding shoot out, there may be a lot of favorite photos, but because the number of problems can not all into the book. So when booking must be asked to send the photo is refined or simplified, as much as possible to request the number of fine photos, so that you can put the photo album after the intensive repair, and so have time to wash their own The
When you deposit your deposit, you will see the same picture on the contract and sign the results. Even if the package will see clearly, the price is clear, the miscellaneous things do not need to get rid of, and can not be taken lightly. Any verbal commitment will not be used as a strong basis before it is officially presented in writing. So before the deposit, must be the results of the negotiations one by one to write clearly, after the completion of verification, and then sign the payment.

How much is the jade pendant?

How much is the jade pendant?
This is not to say, depends on the quality of jade materials and color water and so on the price. The price of several tens to millions of have, the market sales price is generally in the range of hundreds to thousands of thousands. There are many factors Replica Cartier jewelry that affect the price of jade, including color, texture (structure), transparency (head), cracks, impurities and processing technology.
In fact, want to buy emerald, where to buy it is not important, it is important how to buy when the cost-effective choice, shopping malls jewelry stores are generally A goods, but the price is too expensive things, as jade is good or bad, Not one or two sentences can be clear, but the need for physical inspection to understand how to cost-effective, because the same kind of jade, good or bad gap is also a considerable value.

Simple basic description, good emerald should be confirmed in the case of A cargo natural jade case, the internal grain structure of jade evenly, the better the better the better, fine to the naked eye can not see the head full of glass, the color is symmetrical , But not dark for the top grade, jade to green for the best, kind and color of the perfect combination of price is more than million.

Emerald Pendant picture Daquan

Emerald Pendant picture Daquan. Emerald pendant, the most common argument is to protect evil spirits. Wear jade pendant, one is beautiful, and second, many emerald pendant contains a lot of trace elements, these trace elements through the body’s skin, acupuncture points into the human body, by the meridians and blood circulation throughout the body, and thus to a certain extent played Supplement the lack of human body, balance the physiological function, there is the role of health care, but this is a long and slow process.

Wear jade pendant to note the following: 1, do not be metaphysical illusion. Many of the so-called feng shui master often suggested that this year with this next year with that, this is not honest behavior, it is recommended to wear it will have to wear down, will become more spiritual.

2, the meaning can be serious can also heart. Really good jade on the human body have a benefit, and the benefits of Pei Yu is also regardless of people. But the pursuit of evil spirits or transport is very particular about stress. Such as brave, if not soldiers or butchers or underworld or ferocious people, should not be worn on the body, but to be indoors. If you wear a zodiac, then be sure to wear their own zodiac. Yuhuan does not matter men, women and children are safe

3, be careful not to wear fake and shoddy jade goods. Jade ornaments market good and bad, too many shops shoddy, with B goods C goods (ie pickling, injection, dyeing) fake jade ornaments. From a health point of view, this kind of jade on the health of the body has a certain impact.

4. can not be too casual, wearing a day lost one day. Jade wearing the neck of the purpose, that is, day and night guard, because it is close to wear, it is recommended to wear at any time, even if it is a bath on the toilet, as long as not filthy or jade and filthy circumstances surrounded by, need to carry The

5, jade broken or to wear. After the jade broken, do not lose, although not complete, not beautiful, but still can be processed into a complete jade ornaments, although it will be small, but still “all”.
Violet bracelet how much money? Violet jade price changes are relatively large, not only according to the texture, the head of the difference between good and bad, purple color shades, the color also has a great impact on the price. Violet color also has some changes, roughly blue and purple, egg purple, pink purple three categories, different colors have different market price, from a few hundred dollars to several million have.
The price of the low – grade violet jade bracelet

Low-grade violet jadeite texture fine, micro-transparent, light under the lavender, natural light is almost white, the market value of several hundred dollars.

2. The price of mid-range violet jade bracelet

Most of the bright colors of the head is not good, worth thousands of dollars, if the head is good for the collection of goods. Also color and eggplant color similar to the blue, partial gray purple, texture and more for the lotus root, micro-transparent, shiny better, some with point-like “white cotton.” There are better head blue and purple emerald, its value can be over ten thousand;
3. High-grade violet jade bracelet price

Mostly pink and purple, fine texture, shiny and moist, slightly transparent, rich color like peach, very lovable, darker, even if the color is not even, as long as the species is good (ice), the price of at least more than 100,000, Good is more rare, and its rare, very valuable collection value, worth up to one million yuan.

Violet bracelet price picture Daquan

Violet bracelet price picture Daquan. Violet bracelet texture moist, delicate jade, work well, feel good! Good in the head, the head is enough to dress up your jade wrist of the best ornaments by the scientific determination, jade contains a lot of elements on behalf of the human body beneficial to wear in the body will be absorbed by the body, so that the body’s trace elements get a balance, Which play a disaster, longevity effect! Since ancient times jade mutual support, destined to Habitat, often wear on the body, will be able to protect your wealth rolling, longevity!
2, jade: purple bracelet jade is generally not good, up to ice can be very good, in general, the same is true. For the beans or glutinous species; 3, perfect degree: perfect degree, no stone no crack no flaws for the United States.

How to maintain a platinum wedding ring

How to maintain a platinum wedding ring
Platinum is commonly known as platinum, platinum wedding ring is a noble symbol, it represents a husband and wife between the eternal emotions, people can feel their warm and sweet. Platinum wedding ring purity will be high, the lowest is 85% of the amount of platinum, so relatively soft, usually do not pay attention to wear maintenance, it is easy to scratch or deformation, then, platinum wedding ring how to maintain it?
How to maintain a platinum wedding ring? 1. To avoid the platinum wedding ring and acid, alkaline substances and perspiration long contact. Leaded contaminated areas do not wear. Because lead has a catch on platinum. Long-term lead pollution, lead particles can also be gathered in the platinum ring surface. As long as it is engaged in printing work should pay attention to this point.

Platinum wedding ring how to maintain 2. We all know that Cartier love bracelet replica platinum ring wearing a long easy to oxidize black, so the platinum ring maintenance must pay attention not to let oxidation, to regularly clean platinum rings. When cleaning, use a special jewelry cleaner or take a pot to dip it in a mild soapy water and then gently wipe with a soft cloth.

Platinum wedding ring how to maintain 3. If the platinum wedding ring has been oxidized black, you can buy a bag from the photographic equipment store powder, take a small amount of clean glassware evenly stirred, and then put the platinum wedding ring into which 5 ~ 10 minutes after the removal, rinse with water, and then wipe with a soft cloth, the beloved platinum wedding ring will be bright as new.
Platinum wedding ring how to maintain 4. Platinum wedding ring in the usual wear, but also pay attention to avoid bumps, strenuous exercise and do heavy work, to take off, to avoid the ring deformation or scratch. Usually wash the bath and wash clothes and other things to wash, but also put the ring and then wash, to avoid the erosion of the ring was black.

Platinum rings have scratches how to deal with? Platinum rings usually wear for a long time, there will always be a small scratches, this is a normal phenomenon, and white gold ring even if there is scratches, it will not reduce the volume, will only move the material. So do not worry about the scratches after the reduction of platinum. White gold ring after scratches, you can bring the platinum ring to the original purchase for polishing, scratches will not it! It will become like new yo!
Gold bracelet wear a long time the gold content will be reduced? Zuo Kayi to introduce you to the gold bracelet for a long time the amount of gold will reduce the relevant content, to provide gold bracelet for a long time the gold content will reduce the reference information on the gold bracelet for a long time the gold content will reduce the information in the Sokai jewelery home.

Q: gold bracelet wear a long time the gold content will be reduced?

In the case of normal circumstances there will be no reduction in the situation of gold, gold bracelet for a long time to command a discoloration or discoloration of the situation, gold jewelry discoloration or fading with the body sweat are closely related. People sweat 99% of water, the other about 1% of the body of waste and harmful substances, these substances and gold jewelry in contact with silver and copper, it will produce a chemical reaction, resulting in dark black chemical salt. This chemical salt often fall from the gold jewelry, pollution of the wearer’s skin, leaving the skin on the obvious black stains. Improper handling will make the gold bracelet lose luster.

Q: Will the gold bracelet wash the bracelet? Will the amount of gold be reduced?

Answer: General washing is not out of the weight of the problem, out of the weight may have two cases, one is to use a small ball hit the friction bracelet, this will be off the weight; there is soaked with brains brains, this also Will be out of weight, if not the above two cases, with ultrasonic or water cleaning, it is not out of weight, out of the amount should be the illusion of people, dirty things will be less weight. So when cleaning bracelets or should go to a professional gold shop or body to clean.
Buy gold bracelet wear the bigger is how the matter? Is the chain fake? Zuo Kayi for you to buy the gold bracelet to wear the more the bigger is how the matter of the relevant content, to provide the gold bracelet to buy the more the greater the right is how the matter of the reference information on the gold bracelet to buy the more wear The information of the matter is done at the Zoaky Jewelery House.

Q: Will the gold bracelet wear the bigger? Is it false?

Answer: Yes, but can not explain is false, there may be loose interface, gold is very soft, which is the performance of high purity, than the major, good ductility, so the more wear loose. Buy jewelry is best to buy the alloy, not easy to deformation, investment, then buy pure Cartier love ring replica gold. The more gold the more impure the more the lack of ductility.

Q: gold bracelet wear the bigger how to do?

Gold is a very soft metal, but not lead and tin two kinds of metal, gold can be used in the nail to mark, this soft gold is very easy to process, but this point on the ornaments The manufacturer is very unsatisfactory, because it is easy to make the ornaments rubbing, so that it loses and even affect the appearance of beauty. So in the use of gold jewelry, the general must add copper and silver, to improve its hardness.
Men wear platinum necklace good or gold necklace good? Zakaly to introduce you to a man wearing a platinum necklace gold necklace good or good content, providing a good man wearing a platinum necklace or gold necklaces good reference information about the man wearing platinum or gold necklace necklace good information to make good in zakaly Jewelry house.

Q: Men wear platinum necklace good or gold necklace good?

Best answer: If you look round round head, then wear gold necklace can, and gold necklace over 35 years old crowd to wear the majority. But if it is more handsome type of the best do not wear, always feel that boys wearing the kind of rough gold necklace pretty counseling, if not wearing a necklace is not the case, wearing a fine platinum necklace. Do not take gold thick necklace, very vulgar and rude.

Answer: In fact, there is nothing good and bad to say, but the style needs according to the Cartier nail bracelet replica individual sense of segmentation and characteristics to pick, but to light a little, not too long, more tacky.

Q: Men wear platinum necklace is a little thick or fine a little better?

Best answer: Men of course, wearing a thick necklace more generous, too thin look pretty mother. Some people think that men still do not wear a necklace, a little other such as jade pendant, rings and so on better.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list of high-end ring brand which

Top 10 high-end ring brand list of high-end ring brand which
Ring is not only to marry an engagement marriage process essential props, but also a symbol of quality of life. The pursuit of quality of life of people, the ring will also pursue high-end brands. Ring brand well-known does not mean high-end, then what is the high-end ring brand? Here to introduce the top ten high-end ring brand list, together to find out about it!

Top 10 high-end ring brand list

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO1: Cartier
Cartier is a French watch and jewelery manufacturer, founded in Paris in 1847. Its ring products take the high-end line.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO2: Tiffany
Tiffany is an American jewelery and silver company founded in 1837. Its ring Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica products to simple and clear lines tell the calm and transcendent clarity and refreshing elegance.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 3: Hai Rui Winston
Hai Rui Winston is a world-renowned jewelry brand for more than a century, cutting the diamond on the superb craftsmanship and careful consideration, always make diamonds to increase the value of several times. Its ring products continue to bloom out intoxicating.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 4: Bulgari
Bulgari, is the world’s third largest jewelry brand after the French Cartier and the United States Tiffany. Its ring products in the production of color for the design of the essence.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO5: Po poetry dragon
Po Shi Long is the French kering group of jewelry company, is one of the few in the world has always maintained a high-level jewelry superb craftsmanship and traditional style jeweler one. Its ring products become bold and luxurious synonymous with modern jewelery.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 6: Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels is a famous French luxury brand, since more than 100 years ago, the first Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry since its birth, has been the world’s nobles and celebrities favorite top jewelry brand. Its ring products are extremely distinguished and elegant.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO7: Tim Jue
The products are decorated with diamond inlaid jewelry as the absolute subject, showing more themes. The ring products contain distinctive fashion elements.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO8: Demiani
Italy Dmitryi company, is the world’s top ten jewelry jewelery brand, many times won the International Diamond Award. The ring products are known for their design.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO9: Royal wood of this
Miyamoto is the founder of Japan’s Mukimoto Kiyoshi, who has been cultivating pearls for generations to create a long history of 110 years. The ring products to pearl for the brand characteristics.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO10: Chow Tai Fook
Founded in 1929 in Hong Kong, Asia’s largest jeweler, one of China’s most famous and largest jewelery brands, Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Gold Co., Ltd.
Mention Tiffany never avoid Tiffany classic six claw inlaid diamond ring, with the same Tiffany, each jewelry brand has its own classic and classic series, luxury jewelry brand classic series which? The following inventory of the world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models, like fashion and jewelry friends must not miss it!

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models – Tiffany
Talking about Tiffany, it seems that the total can not avoid its early creation of the six claw mosaic to this set to maximize the diamond embellishment of the mosaic method, of course, six jaw mosaic jewelry is Tiffany is a very classic series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Cartier
Cartier classic too much, love series, cheetah series, nail series, three-color gold series and so on. Which is one of the most widely known and most enduring love series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Hai Rui Winston
As the world’s top jewelry brand, Hai Rui Winston has a lot or simple or simple jewelry series. Among them, Lily Cluster is Hai Rui Winston jewelry in a very high degree of identification of a series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Graff
Graf is the world’s top jewelry brand, like Dior’s roses, Chanel’s Camellia and Cartier cheetah, butterfly shape is the best embodiment of Graf jewelry. This sturdy set of emerald temples butterfly series earrings is Graf is a classic representative.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels classic models are also a lot, but almost everyone think of Van Cleef & Arpels, minds are emerging Clover series, which Van Cleef & Arpels is not lucky or unfortunate.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Bulgari
Creative spring design, coupled with platinum, three-color K gold or black and white ceramics, and then diamonds or diamonds decorated with colored stones. Spring ring from the moment of birth was destined to become the most classic treasure of a jewelry.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten classic brand jewelry is still the United States
2015, with the Anglelababy wedding ring exposure, Shangmei also began to fame in mainland China, the classic section of Josephine Queen (Joséphine) series is Anglelababy wedding ring style. Whether it is the crown of the shape, the main carat or the main carved inlaid high-level broken diamond, all the women fascinated by all.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Royal wood
Mu Mu is a jewelry brand focused on pearls, all of its jewelry are around the pearl design and manufacturing. Its classic Fortune Leaves Collection, with K gold as aided design material, set off the round and shiny pearls.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Chopard
Chopard’s Happy Diamonds series has a very high brand recognition, the series not only jewelry and advanced watch. Its biggest design feature is whether jewelry or watch, there will be one or several mosaic of diamonds in which activities.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Dai Mei Anne
The same is the snake, unlike the Bulgari SERPENTI series in the angular, interlocking shape, Dai Mei Anne’s EDEN series reflects a seamless design style, embellished on the gem is also more like a vivid scale The

Jewelry brand classic models

Luxury jewelry brand classic series which? The top of the world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models, every one walking in the forefront of fashion, do not miss it!

Where is the bare drill?

Where is the bare drill?
Naked drill can be customized place is very much, under the line of Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Zuo Kayi, Xie Ruilin; online Zoca, diamond bird, Kelan and other brands, are custom naked diamond brand. In addition to the brand, there are some small workshops will be naked drill custom orders, that is, the quality may not be so good, will not be so secure.

Bare drill to custom? If you are buying a bare drill do not want to Cartier love bracelet replica mosaic in the business where you want to customize the rest of the ring, you can find the local diamond business to buy a mosaic face mosaic, or you can find some special help in the day cat inlaid diamonds or precious stones business mosaic , Custom ring and mosaic costs are generally in the 1000 to a few thousand or so, depending on the specific style of the material and mosaic small diamond weight.

But the proposal is still in the place to buy bare drill mosaic mosaic, although the bare diamond has GIA code, not afraid to transfer bag, but if the mosaic process, accidentally scratched the bare drill, do not work well, the price than the original business Higher, it is worth the candle. And some bare diamond business is not willing to help custom, is afraid to receive false drill that really drill, when the falsely accused, and the erection and mosaic costs are not expensive, earn not much, but also some business activities, Will be sent to the ring.

Bare drill to custom? If you are picking naked drill + custom ring together, many places can be customized, such as Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Zuo Kai these, some brands, such as Zuo Kayi, but also in the official website optimistic about the bare diamond and ring style , And then contact customer service booking to the physical store to see the kind, ok and then a single custom, and the physical store and the official website price is consistent, the price is very high!
How much is the price of two karaoke bare diamond? Under normal circumstances, the same quality of bare drill, the price of two karaoke bare diamond is 2 square by the price of a carat, that is, if a carat bare diamond price of 10 million yuan, then the same quality of two karats The price is 400,000. Two karats diamond ring how much money, depends on the diamond 4C standard, that is, weight, clarity, color and cut.

Regardless of the price of two krappo drill, first of all to learn how to choose two krappan drill, the first step is to be based on their own budget to buy, the second step to choose cost-effective and after-sales protection of the business, the third step to confirm two karats Bare drill 4C standard and international authority of the certification.

Two-carat bare diamond price measurement? Naked drill is actually in the custom diamond ring when we choose unprocessed diamonds, the formation of a bright diamond ring need to be a perfect combination of bare diamond and ringing, and ultimately to become a diamond Cartier love ring replica ring. And bare diamond is no mosaic diamonds, then the price of two kartai bare diamond, we have to proceed from many aspects. The two-carat bare diamond itself belongs to the large carat diamond range, so its base price is naturally not cheap. Followed by this piece of two karats bare diamond color, clarity and cutting, etc., the most important of which is two karats bare diamond cut.

Two karats bare diamond prices

Two karats bare diamond has been able to show the perfect fire color, with the cut process is inseparable, so in the purchase must be on the bare diamond cutting carefully observed. Followed by the color and clarity of the bare drill, it can be said that these two aspects with two karats bare diamond prices have a lot of contact, the same is two karats of bare drill, if the color and clarity difference is relatively large, then the price will be different Very far, but we buy two karats of this large naked drill, the best choice of high degree of clarity, color level close to colorless, so that two karats bare diamond is not only more bright, but also has the potential for appreciation.
Diamond carat price how much money? This is the most want to buy diamond who want to understand, because the answers given by the various businesses are not the same, and the same is the difference between the price of caravan diamond is very poor, after all, diamonds are not ordinary consumer goods, we will be careful , But also for this reason that many people can only discourage. The factors affecting the price of diamond carat lot, because under the influence of various factors, the same is the diamond carat price is very different. So how much is the diamond carat price? What is the diamond carat price decision factor?

How much is the price of a diamond carat? If the diamond color, clarity, cut the same, then 1 carat price of 30,000, diamonds 2 carat price of 2 for the second power, and then multiplied by 3, that is, 120,000 diamonds 3 carat price of 27 million, from this The calculation of the price method, we can see the diamond carat more and more precious. International is the diamond 4c standard to evaluate, that is, color color; clarity clarity; cutting cutting; to carat as a unit of heavy caratweight.

Two pieces of the same weight of diamond carats, their prices may vary greatly, because the other three areas may be a big difference. Commercial, the price of diamond carats in the weight of a certain level, such as 0.99ct diamonds per kilogram price than 1.01ct diamonds Replica Cartier love bracelet a lot cheaper price per carat. While the two are also a carat diamond price may be due to the impact of other 3C and very different, so the price of diamond carat, clarity, the impact of cutting is also negligible.

Diamond carat price

Fluorescence is also one of the factors that affect the price of diamond carats, because the general price of fluorescent diamonds are generally lower than those without fluorescent diamonds. Fluorescence in the ultraviolet light will affect the color of diamonds, diamond color rating affect the fairness, so the price will be low. Brand value, sales channels, geographical impact is also the decision to diamond carat price factors, diamond carat prices include the brand value, the greater the brand the higher the cost of sharing.

Sales channels, the price of diamonds will have some impact, Zouqi jewelry 020 impact model, eliminating the high cost of traditional shopping malls to less than 50% of the price of shopping malls, directly to the consumer. Whether it is diamond or diamond, its price is not static, the same weight depends on the quality of diamonds, and diamond quality should also be reflected in the color, cut and transparency, the same quality depends on the weight, which is mutual Constraints, the other market pricing will also interfere with the price of diamonds and diamond ring.

Tiffany 2010 Blue Book luxury jewelry

Tiffany 2010 Blue Book luxury jewelry
Majestic Necklace
This amazing for the inheritance of Tiffany has always pursued the excellent quality of tradition. Process design reproduction of the natural miracle, it is jewelry industry art treasures. From the inner circle of a simple round necklace began to connect to another Cartier love bracelet replica round necklace, the suspension of a variety of elements to make the necklace has the flexibility.
Platinum inlaid with hand-cut round and pear-shaped diamonds surrounded by a 30.31 karats with a clarity of IF (internal impurityless) diamond pendant. Necklace and women’s elegant neck curve perfect fit, star-studded, highlight the luxury temperament.
The details of this necklace work is excellent, the 30-carat detachable diamond pendant is perfectly hung on nearly 300 unmatched round and pear-shaped diamonds. Necklace diamond purchase with nearly a year’s time, and spent 715 hours for design, creation, polishing and necklace combination, interpretation of modern luxury.
Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Necklace
Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Necklace
More than 20 kt of Kashmir sapphire is very rare. Kashmir Sapphire is almost the most expensive since its discovery in the late 19th century. It is famous for its coveted cornflower blue, making the gem a rich, noble, velvety soft and smooth appearance. Kashmir sapphire is also known for its starlight effect, and the reason is that sapphire contains rutile silk-like inclusions.
Nature contains a lot of valuable colored gemstones, has been waiting for human to explore, including the Kashmir region produced sapphire. Since the late 19th century was discovered, it has been the jewelers dream of the treasure. Tiffany with 1097 bright round diamond string into a necklace, set off a 28.01 kt all-natural Kashmir Sapphire, gorgeous eye-catching, unique in the world.
Inlaid with Kashmir Sapphire Pendant is detachable to give the wearer a variety of functionalities.

Fringed necklace
The original design of the fringed necklace perfectly reflects the flow of dynamic beauty. Modified rectangular bright cut diamond pendant weighing 20.01 karats, D color, clarity IF. Necklace on the platinum base is set with 61 round, 33 pillow-shaped and 30 ear-shaped diamond. Tiffany’s Cartier love ring replica gem inlaid artisans and jewelers are more pursuing the perfect diamond ring of women prepared two weighing 14.42 karats and 12 carats of clarity for the IF diamond ring, extraordinary light, shining fingers.

Yellow diamond and diamond necklace
Tiffany renowned international, color drill harder. Blue Book luxury jewelry series, this by a 20.34 carat brilliant yellow diamond pendant, 37 Tiffany Legacy diamonds and 674 round diamond necklace unique style, yellow diamond pendant with high saturation, dispersion and brightness Brightness, Tiffany is a craftsman’s another heart.
Pear-shaped diamond pendant necklace
7.72 carat, clarity VVS2 pear-shaped diamond gives this necklace simple and elegant design inspiration.
This necklace diamonds are specially sourced, cut and matched. Pear-shaped diamond pendants can be demolished to increase functionality. The necklace consists of 36 round diamonds and 36 lanterns.

Platinum Pendant and Necklace
This “windmill” platinum diamond pendant with a simple design. Delicate frame to platinum wire production curve outward appearance of the appearance of lace, craft design is the jewelry industry art treasures.
Bowknot brooch
Inspired by the Tiffany classic collection of document design, bowknot brooch in the 20th century is very popular, is the most eternal design of jewelry design. Perhaps this design is so important to Tiffany because of our famous “blue bow gift box”. The diamond curves form the ribbons beautifully connected together, the bottom of the ribbons can be active, which gives the product elegance and mobility. For this exquisite diamond brooch, the wrinkled black agate adds dramatic, while the hanging pear-shaped diamonds adds completeness.
“Rosette style” earrings
Inspired by Tiffany collection design in the mid-19th century beautiful necklace Replica Cartier love bracelet design. These earrings are nostalgic “garland style”, derived from exquisite lace – hollow design to bring light and elegant. The fan-shaped design of these earrings is dramatic, and the focus on the middle of the round diamonds makes the product very luxurious. Sophisticated platinum wire with diamond craftsmanship.
White chalcedony, black agate and diamond bracelet
We must pay tribute to the completion of every piece of white chalcedony petals and black agate spiral difficult to cut the jewelry craftsmen to pay tribute. This bracelet carefully embedded in 1850 total weight of 14.88 carats of circular rice grain drill, but also inlaid with hand-cut chalcedony.
Diamonds and sapphire bracelets
Decorative art design inspiration in the diamond and sapphire streamlined bracelet to reproduce style.

Butterfly Brooch
“Butterfly” is the most beloved design theme in Tiffany, these beautiful products are inspired by the classical collection of documents in the history of design, exudes elegance and elegance. Made from pink diamond and white diamond package in platinum outside the fine needle handicrafts is a masterpiece of manufacturing. “Butterfly” This eternal design has fascinated Tiffany’s designers for centuries. Sophisticated platinum wire craft gives products thin and light feel. By the platinum paved with pink and white diamonds wings and fine and realistic body, it seems that this butterfly is about to fly.

Diamond ring
Inlaid in the custom base of the Tiffany diamonds also shine. Diamond cutting experts and jewelry designers to create this top series, including 18.44 karats and 14.64 karats, clarity IF (internal no impurities) level, D color of the bright diamonds.
Gems and enamel bracelets
Inspired by the 19th century Renaissance jewelry. The combination of gemstones and enamel processes is a feature of Tiffany jewelry since the mid-nineteenth century. Enamel process in the gold surface coated with color, and then into the kiln heating and drying. The soft and enchanting process makes turquoise blue more vivid, very young and soft. 18K gold inlaid pearls, diamonds, turquoise and enamel bracelets inspired by the classical collection, designed by Paulding Farnham for the T & Co. At the 1893 Chicago World Exposition.
In this golden hollow grid, enamel and gem of the perfect combination of color, amazing beauty.
Art Deco Bracelet
Tiffany’s designers are also looking for inspiration in the company’s classical treasures. Platinum inlaid diamond earrings and diamond bracelets are inspired by the early 20th century decorative art style. A bracelet named Zigzag is made up of more than 1,300 round diamonds, and the other five rows of bracelets are inlaid with 260 round and square diamonds. Bracelet streamlined geometric patterns are reflected in the decorative arts of the simple and elegant style, while wearing more elegant temperament.