How to communicate with the wedding photography shop, studio effective

How to communicate with the wedding photography shop, studio effective
Change clothes and do not add money? When you pick the dress, be sure to ask the shopping guide for clothes plus no money. In general, clothing shopping guide will take you to see some very beautiful clothing, and then said that a lifetime to shoot once, which bride does not want to be beautiful, today shot a few pairs of clothing here are selected … …. This is the usual way to sell shopping guide, nothing more than want you to choose high-end area of clothing. At this time must be clear, choose high-end area of the clothing plus no money? If not money, then go to choose high-end area (so little). Usually need to add money, it is necessary to ask specific, specific plus how many, a few hundred, or a total of several hundred, which pieces of clothes and so on, to add the money is asked clear. It is best to write down.
Do not pursue those high-end area dress election dress we do not want to pursue those high-end area dress, do not want to control how much money spent others. These are not important, in fact, each dress has a corresponding best shooting action, the key is to see people. Here to tell you a skill, if you energetic, then you go to the high-end area of the dress all try again, anyway, try not money, in case you can see one or two favorite it, after all, A lifetime may be on this time.
Choose photographers price? Sometimes we are not satisfied with the photographer, want to change photographers, then many need to add money, of course, some are free for the change. So we need to communicate in advance to communicate in the end or not to add money.
To visit the venue props and so on when the photographer to get the Cartier love bracelet replica problem, do not forget to visit their props Yeah, equipment Yeah, background Yeah, shooting hardware equipment, jewelry and so on. These are also very important. Or so when shooting to see these equipment props old mood will be greatly affected.
On the photographer there is a problem, that is, when shooting is a photographer with a photo, or by the combination of two people, if the two photographers take pictures, how specific allocation. Whether the photographer only take a group on the same day, if not a total of several groups. These problems are critical, or when the photographer in a hurry will hastily trouble, will seriously affect the quality of shooting.
This time should be shooting the relevant issues. Selected each set of clothing inside a total of how many shots shot, how many sets of clothing, a total of how many shots shot, these lenses inside the proportion of the choice of photos. As well as the proportion of indoor and outdoor shooting is not to mention the relevant photos of the processing (modification) and so on.
Location shooting related issues. Location shooting price, you can shoot where the location of what, you can go to other provinces to shoot it, to the other provinces, then the price of it? There is the location of traffic vehicles who are prepared to travel, if the tourist attractions to ask the ticket, parking spaces, who will bear the burden of food and other issues should be asked in advance to ask. There is the location of shooting is completed one day or can be divided into days to complete, how many days to complete the photographer, such as stylist will not change.
Of course, there is a problem is the day the family friends can shoot the same day, shooting the day the service team who have what personnel.
Choose a better reputation of the studio or studio. Wedding photographs are very profitable, but the competition is also very intense. In the pedestrian street, online media, advertising on the wedding photography overwhelmed. In fact, the face of so many choices, as long as the word “word of mouth” can not be disturbed by the outside world. Although the good reputation of the store price will be relatively high, but can shoot a set of their own satisfaction with the photos, even if you have something!
Check the package carefully. In the wedding market, the package is an attractive Cartier love ring replica magic weapon. Many packages under the guise of discounts, set a variety of traps, swagger. So before booking a wedding, be sure to carefully check the situation of the package, if the single package is very cheap to see the total price, but did not notice the make-up, outside the film and other projects need to add money, then,
The useless things in the package can be cut or converted into photos. Now studio to attract people, the package is very rich, can be said to be everything. In fact, so many things seem very cost-effective, but in fact these things are not practical. In addition to the photos can be placed, album or some ornaments, a lot of things on the future after the day on the box. So for those who do not have practical significance of the items, it is best to remove the price, or into a photo entry.
Try to get more location shooting. Wedding dress is the most desirable is to shoot location. For ordinary people, in addition to wedding photographs, it is difficult to have a box of clothing, professional makeup artist and photographer to take pictures of the opportunity. So in the studio or studio to talk about the price, to fight for location shooting, at least add several sets of location clothes.
Ask if there is any extra consumption. Extra consumption is the most common trap in wedding photography. Some unscrupulous businesses, in order to achieve the purpose of deceiving customers, the contents of the package does not involve some content, such as location shooting fees, park tickets, meals and so on. Because these consumption is not clear in the promotional package, so even more to ask clearly, or will cause disputes.
Ask the big picture of the box, the number of photos in the album and typesetting. When shooting wedding photos, usually take a lot of photos, but not all the photos will be framed. So be sure to figure out the number of frames into the photo, photo frame, photo album material, and layout to take pictures of the time.
Ask about the details of the photo selection and refinement. A lot of wedding Cartier nail bracelet replica photography packages are marked later will send all the pictures taken. But there is one thing to keep in mind: the photos sent by the general is not a refined photo. In fact, wedding shoot out, there may be a lot of favorite photos, but because the number of problems can not all into the book. So when booking must be asked to send the photo is refined or simplified, as much as possible to request the number of fine photos, so that you can put the photo album after the intensive repair, and so have time to wash their own The
When you deposit your deposit, you will see the same picture on the contract and sign the results. Even if the package will see clearly, the price is clear, the miscellaneous things do not need to get rid of, and can not be taken lightly. Any verbal commitment will not be used as a strong basis before it is officially presented in writing. So before the deposit, must be the results of the negotiations one by one to write clearly, after the completion of verification, and then sign the payment.

Analyze how different ladies’ rings are worn

Analyze how different ladies’ rings are worn
Most people may have to understand the ring, but the law of the ring but the understanding of the minimal, especially the woman’s ring, then how to wear women’s ring it? What is the difference between the different wear and the meaning of it? So as a woman not only to buy the ring to learn how to wear a ring, which is a compulsory course for the ladies.

The meaning of the middle finger

Each person’s five fingers can wear a ring, so the five different fingers to wear the ring on behalf of the meaning is different, most people may know that the middle finger wearing a ring of the meaning of a woman middle finger wearing a ring in general Are said to be married women, and the middle finger of course is also their own husband to their wedding gifts, if you see a woman’s middle finger has been wearing a ring, then even a man in love Cartier love bracelet replica she can not provoke, because the woman has marriage.

The meaning of the ring finger

Now, whether it is a twentie girl or a lot of relatively small age students like to wear a ring, may be its price and style is different, wearing different fingers, for example, some little girls will wear the ring on the little finger, that is, Five fingers at the end of the one, and this method is generally a symbol of friendship, and wear a small finger on the ring are generally their own relatively small partners to give their own, some extraordinary significance , Wearing a ring in the ring finger are generally twenties girl engagement when the man to the woman wearing a ring, which is also considered a token of faith because of such a ring, the woman was given to the man, so ring finger to bring the ring is engagement The meaning of.

The meaning of the little finger wear method

Girls are some paranoid like jewelry, the ring is no exception, for those colorful ring is put it down, but, just some girls do not like the colorful, strange strange ring, but prefer to buy some simple style Tail ring, tail ring are usually silver, silver is the best blessing, and the tail ring is generally given to their good friends, the secret to the best friend of the best wishes, but also represents the most sincere The friendship.

With the rapid development of society, we not only need to earn money to buy the ring, but also need to understand how to wear a woman’s ring, how to wear a woman’s ring is not just a common sense is a ritual, but also reflects a woman Of the temperament of how, for this common sense of the problem is worthy of a large number of our promotion, making the woman how to wear the ring to promote the issue, so that the public to understand how the ring wearing a more identity.
Sometimes we must go to pursue what is wrong or wrong, sometimes correct or incorrect, nice or not good and not so important, the most important thing is the attitude of this matter. For men and women ring wear and meaning we do not say yes or wrong, but we have to be implied in the meaning of them.

The respect of ancient men and women

We think of the law of men and women and the meaning of the first thought is not what the law and meaning and more is why it is divided into men and women, why not together? How big is the difference between a ring? In fact, there is still a lot of culture, our belt is a very strict level of society, women can not go out to do business, in fact, when the East and the West are almost, only in a certain period of time the Eastern society of feudal Time will be much longer than the Western feudal time. Not to say that our society can not give women freedom but in that mainly by physical life of society, women can only be a weak. So men and women have a Cartier love ring replica different way to wear a ring.

Men and women ring wearing a law

Speaking of men and women wearing a ring we can not just say a way to wear, and we have ten fingers, of which our thumb is generally not wearing a ring, we generally see are pull, that pull is A symbol of right, and now pull more like a riffry rogue symbol; and our index finger will wear a ring, on behalf of no lovers, want to love; and the middle finger is when we marry the time to wear in that finger; ring finger is The meaning of marriage, while the little finger on behalf of the widowhood or life is not married. Sometimes we have to look at the girlfriend when we have to look at the man’s fingers wearing no wearing a ring, in fact, this is the object we choose to get married when the very effective, but we can not say that as long as you see the wear The ring must be want to get married, because sometimes our eyes will deceive us, the ring will deceive us, so we choose the object of love when you want to personally ask clearly?

The difference between men and women wearing law

We said that the difference between male and female men and women wearing a ring is generally said that for the wedding ring, we generally wear a wedding ring has a domestic and foreign differences. China is generally male left female right, and foreign countries are also worn on the left hand, China is more emphasis on the relationship between dignity and humility, and foreign emphasis on equality in the modern.

There are a lot of wornness and meaning in the men’s and women’s rings, but is it not a historical basis for one of us? Of course not, a ring can also make us tempted.

Office workers to buy diamond earrings how much money appropriate

Office workers to buy diamond earrings how much money appropriate
Most of the girls on the diamond kind of innate love, whether it is diamond necklace or diamond earrings, but how to choose diamond earrings, diamond earrings generally how much money?

Work diamonds earrings do not have to buy too much, because often hand in the work of contact things something will affect the brightness of the diamond or wear and the like. Recommended to work can buy 30 points or less drill or more diamond ring. Married, then you can buy a large point of drilling, round drill more wild, you can with any clothes out of different occasions.
Plan the diamond ring budget. The first thing to do, according to their own economic capacity, decided to spend much money to buy diamond earrings, and plan a good budget. If you plan to buy diamond ring and wedding ring to buy, then the budget will be higher. You must have heard that the diamond ring budget is 1-2 months salary argument, this is not practical, especially in the current environment. It is best to raise the budget slightly Cartier love bracelet replica so that you have more room to choose from.

Buy things to shop around, buy expensive items even more so. The same thing in different shopping malls, the price difference will be great. Some shopping malls in order to attract customers, discount efforts are great. Moreover, the different brands within the counter of the counter, you can also fold on the fold, or VIP discount card. The whole count down, but also save a lot. But the price is low, you get the service may be reduced.
Some people wear earrings, ear trembling itching, pain and mild redness, taking anti-allergic drugs and 70% alcohol wet effect, the second day the symptoms improved significantly, the third day healed. What is the reason for this? The original is wearing a nickel-containing metal earrings caused by contact dermatitis caused.

Metal nickel is the most common allergen that causes contact dermatitis, especially for women, which is more likely to cause contact dermatitis, which may be related to female skin delicate. Jewelry and skin friction to break, bacterial infection, can increase the pinch release and absorption, more prone to allergic dermatitis. At the same time, may also induce and add other allergic skin diseases.

In order to prevent the occurrence of allergic skin diseases, allergic diseases of women, should avoid wearing nickel jewelry, or in the skin coated with Yan Song, so that the friction parts can be lubricated, but also to prevent bacterial infection. If allergic dermatitis has occurred, it can take prednisone 5 mg three times a day. Before going to bed plus 4 grams of chlorpheniramine, with 70% of the case of wetting, each l0 bell, usually two to three days will be able to recover.
Allergies, some skin is really very sensitive, slightly some chemical substances do not meet, but some people sometimes allergies, and sometimes there is no such phenomenon, mostly in the time of wearing is not caused by the incorrect.

Replace the original alloy ornaments with 925 silver ear hooks. This will not affect the overall appearance, but also can effectively prevent allergies

Replace ear hook with ear clip. Ear clip is divided into ordinary triangular ear clip, spiral adjustable ear clip and hidden ear clip three categories. The first kind of cheap, but a long time may be pain (of course, you can use the anti-relieve pain to reduce the pain Oh). The latter two prices slightly higher, especially the hidden ear clip. But the pain is less.
Earrings, also known as earrings, as wearing jewelry in the ears, from ancient times have been a lot of women and even men like. In ancient times, earrings, also known as Er, 珰. Can be made of metal, plastic, glass, precious stones and other materials. Some are ring-shaped, some are hanging type, some are granular. The weight and size of the earrings are limited by the human body’s ability to bear, and some people who are accustomed to wearing earrings will be stretched for a long time.

New ear piercing hole who choose earrings method. Just through the ear hole, due to damage to the skin vulnerable to infection inflammation. At this point in addition to insist on cleaning sooner or later every morning, should be selected to wear pure gold or silver button earrings, the reason is: the new thorn ear hole redness or swelling of the water overflow, earrings can cover the new surface, The Button earrings light, fixed will not be due to swing to stimulate the wound, conducive to the wound recovery, remember not to wear gold earrings, because of its weight. With the activities of the human body kept shaking, so that damage is not easy to recover. It should also be noted that before wearing the earrings, you must use medical alcohol cleaning erase ear ear. So as not to bring bacteria into the ear hole caused by infection.
Daily earrings are worn and healthy. Many women to wear large earrings for the United States, proud, but I do not know a little improper will bring people to worry and discomfort. Such as gold earrings should be thin ring. The weight is small as well. Due to the proportion of Cartier love ring replica gold, made of large ring earrings hanging in the earlobe, will make the local load is too large, so that the ear deformation or abrasion of the skin, causing local inflammation. This not only lost the jewelry to wear the good intentions, but to the human body caused harm, affecting the instrument beautiful. Such as tin or other metal earrings, to wear or not wear as little as possible, such as need to wear should pay attention to wear time is not too long. Because other metals contain lead and other harmful substances, often with the human skin contact, prone to allergies, itching, burning and other adverse reactions.
Earrings The shape of the earrings is basically a pair of rings, the size of the ring, the width and the variety of flowers and flowers. Earrings most of the simple use of gold, in the past with 24K gold, consumers gradually experience the 24K gold too soft easily deformed, so the market there are many 18K gold earrings for sale. In foreign countries, earrings are all made of 14K gold, and even useful 9K gold maker.

Earrings are rarely set with precious stones. Inlaid earrings are very wide, usually inlaid with multiple pieces of different colors of small stones, the price is much more expensive than gold earrings.
Earrings earrings are close to the earrings in the jewelry, simply made of gold earrings less beautiful, so rare, the most species is set in a variety of precious stones, jade or pearl earrings. As the earrings are a pair, so the requirements of the set of precious stones (or emerald, pearls) two colors, like the size of the shape, otherwise it will inevitably affect the appearance. High-grade gem to meet the above requirements more difficult, it is often used smaller grain gem; only low-grade gem inlaid earrings, only commonly used large grain gem, and only so, the price can meet the requirements of the average consumer.

In the selection of earrings, the two gems inlaid with the “uniformity” do not have to ask too much, as long as the ears on both sides can not see the obvious difference can be.

Earrings earrings are hanging in the earrings under the earrings, it will shake with the activities of people, do not have a decorative flavor. Earrings and earrings are similar, rarely used in the manufacture of gold, the market is mainly sold inlaid with a variety of precious stones, jade or pearls, and even emerald carved pieces, or large pearls (mostly pear) , Hanging in the earrings on the composition of earrings.

There are a small amount of earrings below the hanging part of the production can be replaced in the form of people can purchase a few pairs of hanging parts, such as inlaid red gem, jade, pearl, so that with the clothing and the environment is different.
The price of earrings is generally more expensive than earrings and earrings. Especially when the hanging part of a large set of precious jewelry, the price is more amazing. For example, on May 10, 1995, at the auction of Beijing China Guardian Auction Company, a diamond-studded earrings with high-quality emerald pieces were sold with an auction price of up to RMB 400,000.

Craft earrings This is the kind of shape huge, simple and neat lines, modeling exaggerated earrings. They are made of cheap raw materials, such as imitation gold, aluminum, and even made of plastic, but the process is more beautiful. Its price is lower than the gold earrings, but it is not cheap.

This type of craft earrings is not suitable for everyday wear, mainly for actors during Cartier nail bracelet replica the show, or young people meet a short time to wear. Older women who wear for long periods of time seem to be insignificant.

Complete sets of jewelry refers to the ring, necklaces (including pendants) and earrings three sets of jewelry, or add a bracelet four sets. This set of jewelry, such as pure gold production, there must be a unified style and design style, that is, each piece of jewelry patterns and shapes are the same. If the set of jewelry is inlaid jewelry, the use of jewelry must be basically the same color, the size of the appropriate ring is generally larger stones, earrings smaller (but in pairs), bracelet inlaid at least five or more precious stones. Complete sets of mosaic jewelry requirements are even more difficult, if it is high-grade gem, the conditions can be slightly relaxed.

Stephen Webster brand interpretation leading jewelry fashion

Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) brand interpretation leading jewelry fashion
Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) is the British jewelry designer Stephen Webster’s personal brand of the same name. Stephen Webster’s jewelry combines Gothic, rock, religion, animal and other elements. Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) jewelry brand interpretation leading jewelry fashion.
brand introduction:

Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) is the British jewelry designer Cartier love bracelet replica Stephen Webster’s personal brand of the same name. Stephen Webster’s jewelry combines Gothic, rock, religion, animal and other elements. From the description of vampire bats, butterflies and other night creatures, with a strong vampire culture “Fly by Night” series, to “seven sins” as the inspiration of the seven gem ring, Stephen Webster with gorgeous precious stones, fine Strange shape and dark and treacherous temperament, depicting an alternative, mysterious, with a strong artistic and cultural background of the jewelry world. In addition to the precious high-level jewelry, Stephen Webster also has a price of 150 pounds to 1500 pounds of more affordable silver series.

Stephen Webster Jewelery has seven stores in London, Beverly Hills, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Vienna and Marbella, Spain. The reason why there are a number of stores in Russia, because the designer Stephen Webster’s wife Anastasia is a Russian, Anastasia not only Stephen Webster’s jewelry works introduced to the Russian high society and fashion, Also helped Stephen Webster met with Madonna’s stylist Trish Summerville, and later, when Madonna married Guy Ritchie, he invited Stephen Webster to design a wedding ring for himself.
Stephen Webster Jewelery Interpretation One

British jewelry designer Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster), if the style Diablo, secret and gorgeous, I look like a super-type rock star designer left you the impression, then you Will remember his most representative works – “seven sins” as the theme of the seven jewelry ring. Following this group of works, Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) recently launched the same theme pendant.

“Seven sins” include “arrogance, jealousy, rage, laziness, lustiness, greed, bulimia and lust”, Stephen Webster still uses Cartier love ring replica seven different pendants to correspond to each of the concepts, inlaid ruby peacocks Tail feather pendant symbol of “arrogant”, inlaid with black crystal eye-shaped pendant symbol of “jealousy” … … seven although the theme is special, but it looks quite gorgeous pendant, whether the original “seven sins” theme ring The same, make you feel bright

Designer Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) Introduction:

Designer Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) was born in 1960, from the United Kingdom Gravesend an ordinary family, the father is a draft, the mother is a cake teacher. In the local secondary school, the young rebellious Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) is not a good student, 16 years old, he entered the Medway College study jewelry design, after graduation in the jewelry designer John Donald hands internship two Year, and then began to pursue their own business independently. “When my internship expires, I want to be the best jeweler and craftsman, and I can make very beautiful works,” says Stephen Webster, recalling the start of his business. But then I did not have a customer, so for a long time, I can only work for others, do only sell 10 pounds of gadgets. Until one day, I met a Canadian, he said every year to pay me £ 300, let me in his hands to do a “all-around jeweler”, I did not know what this career, but I followed him to Canada. He let me come into contact with a variety of real gems, he is a like Indiana Jones’ s explorer, looking for precious gems in Brazil, Africa and other places, he found many gems, such as tanzanite and tourmaline, almost never heard of me at the time!

“This experience has become an important turning point for Stephen Webster’s way to be a great jeweler,” says Stephen Webster. “Those gems are very precious and they are impressive and financially outstanding. Can not be willing to use them to do those ordinary jewelry, can only be processed into the most beautiful works from then on, I really understand the various gems, and from the heart to love them. It ‘s impossible to get what you can do for people who are excited and screaming, and if I’ve been doing the ordinary rings for the sake of making a living.
Designer Stephen Webster

By the late ’80s and early 1990s, Stephen Webster, who had little success, returned to England with his work, but his style of alternative and unique works was questioned and given him at the crucial moment The most important affirmation and support, not the new Cartier nail bracelet replica generation, but was founded in 1735, much favored by the British royal world’s oldest jewelry brand – Garard jewelry (Garrard), Garard jewelry (Garrard) jewelry on the Stephen Webster’s work was very interesting, and in 1996 he helped him hold a personal jewelery exhibition.

Later, after a series of mergers and acquisitions in Garrard, Stephen Webster, in December 2008, replaced the rock star Mick Jagger’s (Mick Jagger) Daughter Jade Jagger, became creative director of Garrard’s (Garrard).

Stephen Webster’s jewels blend Gothic, rock, religious elements and inspiration from nature, darkness, mystery, and gorgeous style that attracts jewelry that loves alternative styles, and if you See the designer Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) slightly disheveled black curls, tough in a little decadent temperament, will feel that he may be a rock star! Stephen Webster’s teenage years are indeed inextricably linked to rock and roll, and at the age of 16 he began to study the design of jewels, it was the heyday of gorgeous rock, Bryan Ferry, David Bowie, Marc Bolan’s music has deeply influenced Stephen Webster, who has also studied the guitar for two years, but eventually found his musical talent is not good enough. Although not a rock star, but Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) and Cressi Hyde (Chrissie Hynde), Robert Cray and other musicians are friends for many years.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list of high-end ring brand which

Top 10 high-end ring brand list of high-end ring brand which
Ring is not only to marry an engagement marriage process essential props, but also a symbol of quality of life. The pursuit of quality of life of people, the ring will also pursue high-end brands. Ring brand well-known does not mean high-end, then what is the high-end ring brand? Here to introduce the top ten high-end ring brand list, together to find out about it!

Top 10 high-end ring brand list

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO1: Cartier
Cartier is a French watch and jewelery manufacturer, founded in Paris in 1847. Its ring products take the high-end line.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO2: Tiffany
Tiffany is an American jewelery and silver company founded in 1837. Its ring Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica products to simple and clear lines tell the calm and transcendent clarity and refreshing elegance.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 3: Hai Rui Winston
Hai Rui Winston is a world-renowned jewelry brand for more than a century, cutting the diamond on the superb craftsmanship and careful consideration, always make diamonds to increase the value of several times. Its ring products continue to bloom out intoxicating.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 4: Bulgari
Bulgari, is the world’s third largest jewelry brand after the French Cartier and the United States Tiffany. Its ring products in the production of color for the design of the essence.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO5: Po poetry dragon
Po Shi Long is the French kering group of jewelry company, is one of the few in the world has always maintained a high-level jewelry superb craftsmanship and traditional style jeweler one. Its ring products become bold and luxurious synonymous with modern jewelery.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 6: Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels is a famous French luxury brand, since more than 100 years ago, the first Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry since its birth, has been the world’s nobles and celebrities favorite top jewelry brand. Its ring products are extremely distinguished and elegant.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO7: Tim Jue
The products are decorated with diamond inlaid jewelry as the absolute subject, showing more themes. The ring products contain distinctive fashion elements.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO8: Demiani
Italy Dmitryi company, is the world’s top ten jewelry jewelery brand, many times won the International Diamond Award. The ring products are known for their design.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO9: Royal wood of this
Miyamoto is the founder of Japan’s Mukimoto Kiyoshi, who has been cultivating pearls for generations to create a long history of 110 years. The ring products to pearl for the brand characteristics.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO10: Chow Tai Fook
Founded in 1929 in Hong Kong, Asia’s largest jeweler, one of China’s most famous and largest jewelery brands, Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Gold Co., Ltd.
Mention Tiffany never avoid Tiffany classic six claw inlaid diamond ring, with the same Tiffany, each jewelry brand has its own classic and classic series, luxury jewelry brand classic series which? The following inventory of the world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models, like fashion and jewelry friends must not miss it!

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models – Tiffany
Talking about Tiffany, it seems that the total can not avoid its early creation of the six claw mosaic to this set to maximize the diamond embellishment of the mosaic method, of course, six jaw mosaic jewelry is Tiffany is a very classic series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Cartier
Cartier classic too much, love series, cheetah series, nail series, three-color gold series and so on. Which is one of the most widely known and most enduring love series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Hai Rui Winston
As the world’s top jewelry brand, Hai Rui Winston has a lot or simple or simple jewelry series. Among them, Lily Cluster is Hai Rui Winston jewelry in a very high degree of identification of a series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Graff
Graf is the world’s top jewelry brand, like Dior’s roses, Chanel’s Camellia and Cartier cheetah, butterfly shape is the best embodiment of Graf jewelry. This sturdy set of emerald temples butterfly series earrings is Graf is a classic representative.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels classic models are also a lot, but almost everyone think of Van Cleef & Arpels, minds are emerging Clover series, which Van Cleef & Arpels is not lucky or unfortunate.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Bulgari
Creative spring design, coupled with platinum, three-color K gold or black and white ceramics, and then diamonds or diamonds decorated with colored stones. Spring ring from the moment of birth was destined to become the most classic treasure of a jewelry.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten classic brand jewelry is still the United States
2015, with the Anglelababy wedding ring exposure, Shangmei also began to fame in mainland China, the classic section of Josephine Queen (Joséphine) series is Anglelababy wedding ring style. Whether it is the crown of the shape, the main carat or the main carved inlaid high-level broken diamond, all the women fascinated by all.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Royal wood
Mu Mu is a jewelry brand focused on pearls, all of its jewelry are around the pearl design and manufacturing. Its classic Fortune Leaves Collection, with K gold as aided design material, set off the round and shiny pearls.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Chopard
Chopard’s Happy Diamonds series has a very high brand recognition, the series not only jewelry and advanced watch. Its biggest design feature is whether jewelry or watch, there will be one or several mosaic of diamonds in which activities.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Dai Mei Anne
The same is the snake, unlike the Bulgari SERPENTI series in the angular, interlocking shape, Dai Mei Anne’s EDEN series reflects a seamless design style, embellished on the gem is also more like a vivid scale The

Jewelry brand classic models

Luxury jewelry brand classic series which? The top of the world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models, every one walking in the forefront of fashion, do not miss it!

How to wear a dream?

How to wear a dream?
Dai Mengde as one of China’s well-known jewelry brand, wearing a dream in the course of 15 years of development, has been committed to using the best diamonds to design the most artistic characteristics of jewelry, in order to achieve people’s good dreams. Wearing a jewelry store to sell jewelry, spread jewelry culture, guide people to “beauty” comprehend, looking for “not the most expensive, but the most touched themselves, and their most appropriate jewelry” for the idea of the spread of human truth. So, how about wearing a diamond?

1, wearing a dream diamond is the quality of Chinese jewelry brand, and its jewelry jade all by the China Gem Association to provide quality certification certificate, all of its pure platinum by the National Nonferrous Metals Institute and the National Center for Cartier love bracelet replica Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quality Inspection Quality Certification , Is one of the famous Chinese jewelry brand, it is the quality of the diamond can be guaranteed.

2, wearing a dream for diamond after-sales service is particularly valued, the sale of goods customers return, repair, change the ring and other requirements will be given to customers under the provisions of the greatest satisfaction, and asked the Purchasing Guide to do a detailed record. Wearing a dream diamond whether it is quality or after-sales service is very good, at least in the country be pretty good.

3, the diamond is regardless of the brand, from the 4C side, one can not be less, each have a link, so there is no good that is not good, can only say how the diamond cut, the color is good, How, how much weight, etc., if you want to buy, you can go to the first to understand the next, and then compare the quality of other home prices.

Dai Meng was a good diamond

Do you have a good diamond? Diamond is not about the brand, to be specific to a specific diamond up, the specific parameters see certificate. Brand, you can give you some protection. Dai Meng is a well-known brand diamond ring, although the market share is not high, but also a certain position. Diamonds are the same, are basically purchased from Belgium, but different brands will have some differences, if you want to cost a little, in fact, do not have too much attention to the brand.

Do you have a good diamond? Wearing a dream diamond is good, that is, no shop, only in the store or shopping malls sales, the price will be higher, but aftermarket maintenance is quite convenient. Now buy diamond ring more popular online bare diamond custom, such as Zoacai, and the price will be more appropriate to fit the actual price of diamonds, a carat diamond ring price of 40,000 or so, and in some of the traditional brand jewelry store, the price went to 10 Million or so, choose that cost-effective, this is self-evident.
How did the color diamond form? The diamond is a kind of diamond. Often, diamonds are transparent, while diamonds are diamonds other than transparency. The world has colored diamonds, are called color diamond color, more common are golden yellow, brown, green, purple, orange, pink, red, blue, which, pink diamond, red diamond, blue diamond is more Rare, often can not be met, such as the blue Hop diamond, called rare treasures, valuable. So, how is the formation of color diamond it?
Each color diamond

1, the formation of yellow diamond diamond: yellow diamond was yellow or dark yellow, is the diamond in the formation process, when the nitrogen atoms to replace part of the diamond crystal carbon atoms, began to absorb blue, purple light, which showed a yellow, Light yellow, golden yellow, wine yellow or amber, is the most common color in the color diamond, the most precious to the golden rare.
Yellow diamond

2, the formation of brown diamond diamonds: brown diamonds are plastic Cartier love ring replica deformation, carbon dislocation or internal lattice deformation and the formation of brown diamonds.

3, the formation of blue diamond diamond, blue diamond is caused by the B atoms, the outer layer of three valence electrons, when the covalent carbon atoms with the formation of a hole, and by the adjacent carbon atoms of electrons Filling, electron absorption of long waves (red), residual color was blue, so the formation of the blue diamond.

4, the formation of diamond diamonds and diamond drill: diamond in the formation process, the lattice structure twisted, leaving the diamond red or pink. Among them, the red diamond to the rich and the blood of the “blood drill” for the rare treasures.

5, the formation of green diamond diamond: by the natural radiation damage center color, was light green, bright green, usually natural diamonds are very thin green skin.

6, the formation of the black diamond drill: by a large number of dark opaque inclusions – microcrystalline, iron, mineral or molecular grade graphite due to diamonds.

What is the reason for the formation of the diamond

What is the reason for the formation of the diamond? The beauty of colored diamonds comes from the unique and rare colors, the color of the diamonds and the richness of the color of the color determines the value of the colored diamonds. The more the color of the colored diamonds is, the higher the color grade is, the higher the color, The higher the saturation, the higher the value. Clarity and cutting, weight and other factors to evaluate the diamond is not the first factor to consider the list.
Each color diamond

One of the main causes of color diamond is the color of the particles in the colorless Cartier nail bracelet replica diamonds, and the different colors produce different colors, so the more rare the color and the higher the value. The second reason for the formation of the diamond is the formation of diamonds in the long process of containing other trace elements lead to different colors, or diamond crystal structure changes caused by white light is absorbed to form color diamonds. These two statements are determined by most of the experts, of course, some experts after the study, or uncertain reasons.

How to buy naked drill

How to buy naked drill
Buy bare drill, to Zuo Kay official website bare diamond library! Zuo Kay official website bare diamond library, every day 10 million different 4C naked drill synchronization update, real-time understanding of the latest international bare diamond prices. To the most affordable price to buy special bare diamond, on the Zuo Kay bare drilling network, Bibi know! Buy bare drill in addition to the official website in the purchase of Zoukai, you can also go to the major flagship store Zuo Kayi, Zuo Kay in the country more than 100 physical store to buy, buy a lot of channels!
Of course, most of the other jewelry brands can also be purchased in many channels. And some brands only online flagship store, the official website, and no physical store; also some brands focus on the development of the store, the line does not pay much Cartier love bracelet replica attention to the line on the very few models, no bare diamond sale, such as Chow Sang Sang, Chow Tai Fook and other brands That is the case, these brands want to buy bare drill, can only go to the mall to buy.

How to buy bare drill? In the purchase of bare drill before the need to understand their own diamond 4C and fluorescence, if it is to buy bare drill made into a diamond ring, but also to understand the knowledge of the material ring, to avoid the level of what do not know the bare drill, do not know what Material is better, more suitable for their favorite style. Of course, this can also be directly consult Sokai official website customer service, customer service will be patient to answer.
How to buy bare drill? If only to buy bare diamond collection, but also relatively simple, in the fancy a bare drill, and then to its 4C, a number of brand parity, than the quality, than after the sale, than the protection, than the service, than the certificate, etc. Choose the most cost-effective bare drill, and then you can buy an order. Buy bare drill alone, are generally bought to buy, or buy first to see, fit and then mosaic, inappropriate return is also simple, or bought first placed, and then mosaic and so on.

Buy bare drill if it is used to collect, you need to buy a valuable value of the bare diamond. The weight of at least 1 carat, color F color or more, clarity VS1 or more, cut 3EX, fluorescence weak fluorescence or more, only more collection value, of course, the higher Cartier love ring replica the level, the heavier weight of the bare drill, collection The value will be higher. If only wear, then 30 to 50 points of the bare diamond is a good choice, there is a certain value-added capacity.
Men’s ring gradually developed from the wedding logo as a popular element, men’s ring style is also more and more rich, men’s ring style is very atmospheric, fashion, is set off the most suitable for men’s charm accessories, with the men’s ring more and more Welcome, the major jewelry brand scrambling to design the introduction of new men’s ring, each paragraph are the ultimate luxury, domineering, so that all types of men love it!

Men’s ring style to relatively simple, more concise, generous-based. Men choose the ring style is more rational choice, simple and practical style should also consider the price of affordable type. Do not buy too novel and strange shape, and their own image to complement each other, to match some. Men’s ring style should be thick and not fine, rough some, in order to come up with manhood! Ring ring is too small, then people will feel more feminine, more suitable for some Sentimental young man.

If it is a diamond men’s ring, the best choice is to choose 18K gold to set the diamond, more solid and stable, and 18K gold hard material is more able to show the fortitude of men. Men wear a ring after the expression of the identity of the outside world do that, if it is a wedding ring, then the ring, but also a responsibility of a constraint and full of love!

Men’s ring style to gold models up, followed by platinum and 18K gold style. Middle-aged men, generally like are rough, the atmosphere can show the temperament of the fashionable gold ring style; and gentle young men, is like simple, low-key, fashion generous Replica Cartier love bracelet diamond ring style; Sentimental boys, then Is like more fashionable 18K gold or platinum gold style, highlight the personality. Inlaid diamonds, then, is also relatively small diamonds.

In the selection of men’s ring style, or according to personal preferences and feel to wear to meet their temperament style is better. Men’s ring wear on the index finger, said he had the desire to marry, hoping to find the other half as soon as possible. Wearing in the middle finger, are generally represented in love.

Wearing a ring on the ring finger, mainly to be able to improve their own luck, but also that has entered the marriage or is engaged in the state of engagement. Tail refers to wearing a ring, then that single. And the thumb, it is the meaning of dignitaries, wearing a thumb in the men’s ring style, are generally generous jade pull refers to.

Diamond Wedding Ring Price Influencing Factors

Diamond wedding ring price factors affect the most expensive wedding ring how much money
Ring is an indispensable jewelry in a wedding, some people will choose the Golden Ring, some people will choose diamond ring. Nowadays diamond ring has become a popular trend, is the pursuit of fashion trend of young people choice. We know the diamond ring, its price composition, mainly to see it 4C, and this 4C is just from the diamond itself, are the color, grams, clarity, cut, but a diamond ring may also need Taking into account the brand, style, design and other aspects. So, what is the diamond wedding ring price factors? How much is the most expensive wedding ring?

Diamond Wedding Ring Price Influencing Factors

1, wedding rings on the diamond

Diamond is the most important part of the wedding ring price, the quality Cartier love bracelet replica and grade of diamonds are the bulk of the diamond ring, and the price of diamonds is based on the diamond 4C standard to determine, that we often say the color of the diamond, Degree and carat Diamond 4C level will affect the price of diamonds, the world every week there will be a new diamond quotation out, above the price range on the diamond price, we can make a general price based on the price of the diamond Estimate.

2, wedding ring on the ring

The price of the PT950 and PT900 is almost the same, but the 950 is softer. Of course, G750’s ring is also a very good choice. PT950 price of about 500 yuan per gram, G750 per gram about 370 yuan, wedding diamond ring care in general 2-3 grams. But the daily price of gold are not the same, when the purchase to the day of the price of gold prevail. Of course, the impact of wedding ring price factors are external factors, such as processing fees, business brand.

3, diamond ring of labor costs

Labor costs are personalized custom processing costs, for example, in the diamond ring engraved with each other’s names, vows or other text pictures and so on. However, the current labor costs are very expensive, each business diamond fee is not the same, this will look at the specific situation, and some businesses to customize the personality or free of charge.

4, diamond ring to buy places

In addition, also need to pay attention to the price of wedding rings are also affected by the purchase site, in general, in the mall to buy the price will be more expensive, and now popular with online shopping, we can consider online shopping wedding ring, so save the middle of the store Links, the ring is more affordable, but need to pay attention to is to ensure the quality of the ring we better choose a physical store brand, so that they can in the store at the same time, once the ring problems can be better resolved After sale this one is more secure.

The most expensive wedding ring how much money

1. The world’s most expensive wedding ring is Asscher cut “Krupp” diamond Cartier love ring replica ring, 33.19 karats full of white “Krupp” diamond (The Krupp Diamond), is Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring, worth $ 8.8 million. The gem is a chemical diamond. December 2011, was auctioned by an Asian collectors who declined to be named.

2. Asscher, this beautiful and unique diamond cut is almost the same as the emerald, the difference is that Asch is a square. This Asch diamond also has a pavilion like a grandmother diamonds cut into a rectangular facet, and because of its unique cut, the inclusions inside the diamond become more conspicuous.

3. Therefore, the choice of the shape of diamonds should try to choose a higher level of clarity, if you choose a lower level of clarity, such as SI level, you must pay attention to the description of the diamond on the certificate is what type and location. In the choice of color, when the color level is generally considered, such as J-shaped shaped diamonds, the price will be more affordable, but in the corner of the local color may be more obvious.

4. We all know that Beyonce has a very bright diamond ring, this diamond ring worth 5 million US dollars, is the United States hip hop singer Jay-Z to her wedding ring. It features an octagonal cut with 18 carats of diamonds on top of the platinum base.

For ordinary people, expensive, as long as beyond their own economic capacity is a kind of expensive, expensive is a borderless word. Diamond ring is a man to give women the most sincere commitment, but also the eternal promise, so in the diamond ring, there is always a kind of material known as “priceless”, is any price can not match.

Zuo Kayi diamond ring affect the value

In today’s society, the brand is a factor that has to be mentioned, and the added Replica Cartier love bracelet value of the brand will have a big impact on its price and is one of the decisive factors. The gap between the different brands is very large, there are many times even more than the value of the diamond ring itself, take the “jewelry emperor,” said Cartier and “my diamond my story” Zuo Kay to compare it, in the same The quality of diamonds and ringing material in the case of their value even a million gap, Cartier brought a luxury, Zoca to bring to everyone, I believe must be simple and ordinary happiness. And these big brands have been sold for the diamond ring has given too high value-added, so it’s promotion space is not big.

Do not be peculiar to the golden pendulum

Do not be peculiar to the golden pendulum
Women love jewelry, love also love to buy, not all they have each of the jewelry will make the best use, some may be different from the current stage of temperament, and some may not find a more perfect match, so even if not wear still Can not stop their love for them.

This Chow Tai Fook pendant with 3D styling, the front is the pattern of window grill, matte texture makes it look more fresh, the opposite like a lotus, hollow shape makes it look more three-dimensional, very chic pendant, generous through With delicate, both sides can wear, beautiful and practical.

Pendant is her previous year received, looked very pretty, but that Chow Tai Fook with the black rope is so crude, so the basic idle, and recently she decorated with gold beads a bit, I feel pretty good, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like The
Girls in the marriage when parents will prepare some dowry for them, in the traditional Cartier love bracelet replica Chinese culture, these dowry mainly gold ornaments, expressed the parents of a blessing of their children, this is one of her dowry when married, Very delicate necklace, simple elements to create a kind of atmospheric temperament.

This necklace with cross for the design elements, horizontal four small cross and vertical five small cross with a small ring connected to form a hollow rectangle, the next and then four chains fell on the cross, forming a tassel feeling, steady A bit of elegant feeling, suitable for capable, there are gas field of women.
Beautiful necklace, has always been her heart treasure, not only because the parents of the mind, but also because really like, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Jewelry can be said to be one of the closest friends of a woman, they are ready to undertake a blind date with a woman, for women, each jewelry is a woman’s unique happiness, they carry a woman on all the beautiful sustenance.
This “fruit” pendant with thousands of gold and red glass to build, hollow thousands of gold wrapped bright red glass to the image of the design to restore the full fruit, tender and beautiful form, the middle with a fine small butterfly link to form a Y shape, as if it does not know at the moment to pick that one we go
This is one of her favorite pendants, simple design, refreshing without losing the atmosphere, neither too dazzling nor will you let you drown in the crowd, very fresh pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
For the swing we are no stranger, in that no too much toy age, swing carrying most of our childhood happiness, like swaying in the swing, listen to the leaves we play music, feel the breeze touch, when the swing quickly drift, Feeling that they have become a little angel with wings.

This piece of child swing to swing for the design of the prototype, a man and a woman two lovely little doll hugged sitting on the swing, the interpretation of the two little guess the mood, exquisite workmanship to the joy of people on the swing, to meet the feelings of words, To create a happy atmosphere, expressed the vision of a better life and longing.
Very cute gold, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Ever since she loves fairy tale, she has an inexplicable affection for the swans, like their Cartier love ring replica noble, holy image, hoping that one day he can show his beauty like a white swan, so things about the swans can always cause her attention, jewelry Of course, no exception, although there have been a lot of swan shape, she still did not hesitate to bring it home.

The swan bracelet is a beautiful swan for the design inspiration, the swan’s head and body were used smooth and matte texture, the formation of a strong visual effect, two swans cross neck shape so that they see Up like a pair of intimate lovers, as if at the moment is to tell each other with each other’s Acacia feelings.

She likes it a little bit of frosted feeling, at first glance it was it elegant style to attract, beautiful bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Every woman will have more or less jewelry, of which there are certainly some of them are particularly beloved, they are in them, or because of temperament congenial, similar personality or have a special feeling, it may be with the heart of a A sweet story about, because of the deep, so preference.

This old Fengxiang home side bracelet without any complicated and complicated design, simple modeling has become generous, delicate, no bracelet tough, it will not feel too weak, futher on the wrist just right, quiet temperament gives a steady feeling The
Compared to the characteristics of the bracelet easy to deformation, she likes bracelet, which is her favorite for a long time a bracelet, it was only for its own, simple style neat, much like her character, so she also Especially like, here recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like, but also congratulations to her.
Marriage is the most important thing in the life of a girl, so the symbol of love for the sake of a woman, like roses as indispensable, it does not need to be too expensive, do not need too much, but no matter what must have a , It seems that only this can be tied to their lifetime love.
This is what she had just bought a wedding ring, flower shape diamond ring, distributed this kind of charming style, and the woman’s bones of the tenderness complement each other in the night under the dim light like a bright pearl, though not, but witness them Precious love, brilliant fire seems to be to celebrate them born.

Is a woman’s diamond ring, a little shine, but not publicity, as she dream of love, by a point too much by a little too much, just right, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Even if the snow is graceful floats, can not cover her tenderness and charm, cold also can not cover her existence, strong and eternal symbol of pure love, no woman refused her shining light, she is diamonds.

In fact, she has always been like gold, this did not think now to buy diamond ring, because Replica Cartier love bracelet not ready to become so fast wife, the power of love is great, so there is it, simple models, no any decoration, In fact, also know that no shape can be compared to a round diamond light, but after all, is the choice of most people, because you want a special to commemorate their love, it determines the heart shape.

Very beautiful heart-shaped diamond ring, although not big but carrying their love, I wish them have been so happy to go.

Will be legendary carved into the watch among the value of Patek Philippe commitment

Will be legendary carved into the watch among the value of Patek Philippe commitment
A great legend began.


Founded in 1839, Patek Philippe is an independent business of the family business, since 1932, the company has been controlled by the Sideng family. They will be independent as a brand of a vital spirit.

Patek Philippe believes that as long as you have the spirit of independence, you can control their own destiny, adhere to their own ideas, to fulfill their own methods, the implementation of their own standards, to establish their own vision – all in the possession of an Cartier love bracelet replica infinite love watch business Of the sincere heart. Most importantly, the spirit of independence also allows them to have unrestrained freedom of innovation in any work. For example: To commemorate the 150th anniversary of the creation of Patek Philippe, Patek Philippe decided to build a work that can be recorded in the world record, is also the world’s most complex has a 33 complex functions of the masterpiece of watches and clocks. To this end, they are the strongest watch talent lineup into the Caliber 89 Observatory pocket watch research and development work, which lasted nine years before the final completion. In order to celebrate the arrival of the millennium, Patek Philippe has developed Star Caliber2000 for eight years, and this extraordinary craft has won six patents with 21 complex functions … Patek Philippe’s legend has never been able to do so, In another way to carve them into the watch, that is – Patek Philippe mark.

For more than 100 years, the Geneva mark is the highest official recognition of the quality of watchmaking and excellence. And Patek Philippe won the Geneva high-quality mark more than the number of other watchmakers, to be exact, it has long been beyond the mark on behalf of the quality standards.

March 2009, the annual Basel International Watch and Jewelery Show Patek Philippe announced: the future of the mechanical movement will be used in all the unique Patek Philippe imprint (PatekPhilippeSeal). Patek Philippe imprint, called the senior watch industry’s most unique and strict requirements of the quality mark. Patek Philippe imprint is not only applicable to the movement, it involves: case, dial, pointer, buttons, strap ear, etc., and even involving the finished product watch aesthetic and functional standards. In addition, Patek Philippe imprint is also a reliable guarantee for the accuracy of travel time – after all, Patek Philippe watch is the first time to calculate a time instrument.

At the same time, Patek Philippe’s independent spirit is also deeply branded into every watch.

Will be legendary carved into the watch among the value of Patek Philippe Cartier love ring replica commitment
Is the total price of more than 1,000 yuan Star Caliber 2000 pocket watch
Quality craftsmanship

Patek Philippe watches and clocks of the innate quality of the works benefited from a variety of factors. Whether it is stainless steel, gold, platinum and precious stones and other high-quality materials, or to a high standard of technology and quality control – all the details are perfect.

Patek Philippe created a watch work need to go through 1200 processes. It takes three to five years to build a new movement. The production process requires a 600-hour quality control test, followed by 30 days of observation and rigorous testing. Only after the completion of all the above procedures, in order to create a Patek Philippe watches and clocks.

Behind these outstanding figures is the technology and artisans of Patek Philippe. Each watch is individually assembled, polished and adjusted. Case and bracelet are hand-decorated processing. It is this perfect pursuit of perfection, to be able to rely on unparalleled level of technology for many years.

However, for Patek Philippe, this commitment is not the quality of new things, many of the old brand watches are still running, some of which have long been more than 100 years old.

Respect the tradition

Time, contains infinite power, it can be changed, or even destroyed.

170 years, not absolutely long, but never one person has seen it all the face, but the clock remembered. Not every watch can remember it, which requires top quality, and Patek Philippe can.

“This is a simple word means that the various stages of the tabulation process must be fully controlled – from design to production, from assembly and surface treatment to product distribution. Watch industry is still so self-proclaimed companies are numbered. 170 years, has always maintained a family business model of Patek Philippe is well deserved.

Some of the traditional watchmaking technology and tools, although experienced hundreds of years of technological development, but always remain the same until today can still be used every day. And Patek Philippe watch master has been committed to its own rich experience and superb technology to the next generation. Like the advertising of Patek Philippe, “Nobody can really have Patek Philippe, but only for the next generation.”

For the love of watches and clocks, is the lifeblood of Patek Philippe and the Sideng family, it is because of this love, only achievements in Geneva Vieux-Grenadiers Avenue on the 7th Patek Philippe Museum. Patek Philippe Museum exhibits about 2,000 extraordinary timepieces, antique tables, enamel portraits and other rare collection, across the European watch industry five hundred years of development. At the same time, the museum shows Patek Philippe, this as the connoisseur recognized the world’s top watchmaker, nearly 170 years of historical background. The collection of the Patek Philippe Museum consists of two complementary parts. One of the main exhibition in 1839 before the establishment of Patek Philippe, Europe (mainly in Geneva) when the device to more than 1,000 pieces of handed down for more than three hundred years of tabulation history. The other part is dedicated to the display of Patek Philippe magnificent works, the time span from the beginning of the creation of Patek Philippe until modern. The museum has thus been able to reproduce the wonderful history of Patek Philippe as one of the most innovative watchmakers – a history of innovation in technology and aesthetics.

In addition to showing the collection of rare watches, the Patek Philippe Museum is still on the first floor to rebuild a watchmaking early last century, which includes more than 400 pieces of antiques tools and machines. The museum on the fourth floor of the museum has more than 8,000 books on time. Third floor for the exhibition of 16 to 19th century Geneva and Europe’s antique collection, the second floor is between 1839 to 2000, Patek Philippe watches and clocks.

The Patek Philippe Museum invites every visitor to experience the dizzying, breathtaking history tour, from the early German drum pocket watch (about 1530) to the Queen Victoria’s exquisite watch (1851) until now The Greatest Masterpiece – Patek Philippe ‘s Famous Pocket Watch Caliber 89 (1989).

Quality service

Patek Philippe has developed strict quality standards for the entire process from the initial Replica Cartier love bracelet production stage to the final delivery delivery, which is also the first lifelong service commitment in the watchmaking industry. Patek Philippe guarantees that all watches and clocks delivered by the company since its inception in 1839 have access to its services and repairs.

Patek Philippe has always been convinced that after-sales service is an important part of the company’s business, at any time to help customers solve all kinds of problems is the brand’s greatest responsibility.

Although the works of Patek Philippe watches and clocks are timeless passages, but occasionally need a little maintenance and maintenance. Norms, excellent service is to keep the clock and watch the vitality of the essence.

Regardless of when the clockwork was born, Patek Philippe stock spare parts can meet their maintenance requirements, even if the company started the beginning of the watch is no exception. With this unique service, Patek Philippe’s works can be properly maintained, repaired and restored. If you need to re-create a part, continue to the ancient art and tools so that guests can get what they want.

Patek Philippe authorized repair service center to participate in Patek Philippe fixed training of technical experts, they are for the watchmaking workshop launched the specific functions of the watch are well aware of. Multi-level training courses for four weeks, step by step to enhance the difficulty of the course. These courses are held at the Patek Philippe Training Center.

With all this, every owner can rest assured that the use of their own Patek Philippe watch, because Patek Philippe’s attention will be through the watch throughout the life cycle.

In addition, Patek Philippe has always been committed to innovation creation, emotional transmission, precious and rare, respect for the traditional, long-lasting value, process aesthetics of the creed, the ten family value, accompanied by Patek Philippe this independent watch business, from history to the future.