Male watch what brand is good? Male watch how to choose

Male watch what brand is good? Male watch how to choose
Every man should have three treasures, namely wallet, belt and watch. While the watch is the only often exposed outside the jewelry. So our meaning is more important. A pair of watches for their own not only can highlight the temperament and taste of wearing, but also to give people the impression of strict punctuality! So what is the male watch brand? The following watch home to tell you it!
Male watch brand which
Men’s watch brand, for different identity of the men designed a different Cartier love ring replica style and price of men’s watches. Many men in the purchase of watches will refer to the men’s watch list 10 strong and so on, but these watches are mainly for the top people, the price is very expensive, not suitable for the vast majority of men. Here Xiaobian for different groups, on the men’s watch list 10 and other content to summarize, to tell you about men’s watch brand:
Special watch, a class table: the production process is complex, polished, suitable for high-paying class identity of men, these men’s watch brand is mainly men’s watch list top 10 watches, such as: Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Earl, plot Home, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex and other men’s watch brand.
Two types of tables, three types of tables: more use ETA core, quality assurance. The men’s watch brand mainly Breitling, Mingshi, Amy, Porsche, Dili, Longines, Tissot and so on.
Four types of tables, five categories: mainly in Europe and Europe to buy old products in Europe and America watches or only for the Asian market Seiko men’s watch brand. Its men’s watch brands are: Rome, according to wave, hundreds of waves, Casio, Rostock, Ai Qihua, Omma and so on.
Men’s watch brand, while the men’s watch list more than 10 for those who are successful, for the general crowd no need to choose the top 10 men’s watch brand.
Often people watch the mood to determine the timing of the watch, which is no scientific basis, the quality of the watch is mainly determined by the actual travel time to the accuracy. Here to give you a few men’s watch to buy tips:
How to choose male form
First, consider the good to buy men’s watch types: machinery, electronics, quartz. Mechanical watch life is longer, the technology is mature, but there will be errors, the error of the day is generally 5 to 15 seconds; electronic watch powerful, more timely, but a year or two need to replace the battery; quartz watch time is accurate, Thin, movement of the life is generally 5 to 10 years.
Second, the material of the watch. Metal, stainless steel, titanium, rubber, ceramics, etc., pure gold price is very expensive; gold easy to wear; stainless steel, titanium, alloy price is moderate; rubber prices affordable shape; ceramic affordable Beautiful style.
Third, the sensitivity of the watch: the main attention to the flexibility of the swing pendulum automatically. Will not be on the clockwork to stop moving the watch gently shaking, pay attention to the second hand walking situation, if the second hand quickly stopped walking, indicating high sensitivity.
Men’s watch purchase skills are: pay attention to the watch after-sales service, pay attention to the appearance of the watch, watch the starting performance, dial dial, watch travel time accuracy.
A comparison of Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin
“No one can have Patek Philippe, but only for the next generation to keep it.” – PatekPhilippe’s classic advertising language to pass “handed down” and “inherited” ideas. Patek Philippe is currently the world’s only manufacturer of hand-refined watches and clocks, but also the only Cartier nail bracelet replica Geneva can now complete the entire watchmaking process watch manufacturers.
A comparison of Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin
Calatrava cross is a sign of Patek Philippe, but rarely printed on the dial – Patek Philippe’s advocate as a low-key performance.
There are two kinds of statements about the source and the meaning of this cross.
The first argument: by the knights of the sword and the priest of the cross combination, also known as “Calderrava (Calatrava, also translated Calatrava) cross”. Its origin is: in 1185, the Spanish city of Caledrava (Calatrava) by the Moorish aggression, brave priest Raymond and knight Dío Velas Case led the people to die of the war, the final moles Drive away. Pastor (cross) and knight (sword), together will become a symbol of solemn and brave. This symbol represents the spirit of Patek Philippe’s two founders, Anthony Baida, and Jane Philip. The factory standard from 1857 began to use.
The second argument: the Calatrava cross was originally used in 1158 years to resist the Spanish Muslims and the representatives of the warriors used by the warriors, they left the remains of the remains of the Calatrava Fort, and the warrior logo was adopted by a Geneva watchmaker Ancient warrior spirit symbol – four ends are decorated with abstract French royal lilies, now represents the world’s most sophisticated watches.
The first thing in the day is more common than the second argument. According to the study of the history of Spain, both statements contain some mistakes.
At that time the North African Empire (Mohawad empire) played the role of domination and aggression, the African army again and again into the split of Castile and Leon, the Christian career in a dim. In 1158, the city of Calatrava suffered a siege, the situation is critical, the Navaer’s Sinto monks funded, the debris monks armed up to fight, thus establishing the first Spanish religious knights. This event is the most historic event in the city of Calle Dora. The Moorish in the first argument is a proper noun, and the narrower Moorish refers to the inhabitants of the North African inhabitants, but they have traditionally been accustomed to the murals of medieval Spain and the Muslims of the West and North Africa.
Thus, it can be said that the two statements refer to the same event that the Muslims (Moors) of the Muhawad Empire in the year 1158 invaded the city of Calle Lola, when the Christians were organized into religious warriors against the invaders fighting. At the same time can be Replica Cartier jewelry deduced that the priest (cross) and knight (sword) combined with the statement more logical.
Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1755, the world’s oldest watch factory, is also one of the world’s most famous watch factory. Vacheron Constantin passed the traditional Swiss watch essence, not interrupted, but also innovative many tabulation technology, the watch industry has a great contribution.
A comparison of Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin
Vacheron Constantin has 231 years of history, is the world’s oldest and most long-term brand-name watches, only a year more than 20,000 production, the dial on the Swiss emblem as a cross mark, is the taste, status and wealth symbol The
1755 founder Jean-Marc Vacheron and later joined the member Francois Constantin, with his predecessors Zhuo see and the ultimate tabulation process, and finally in the humanities, talented watches Wang Guo – Switzerland, the initiative to take the lead in the establishment of a focus on humanistic spirit And the historical heritage of the famous Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin. After 243 years of time wash, and now, Vacheron Constantin seems to be “time” synonyms, but also love the eyes of the eyes of the irreplaceable wrist art.
Has a long history of Vacheron Constantin, has many years of tabulation experience, there are many Vistine classic. However, the “minimum batch, the best quality, the highest selling price” has been Vacheron Constantin’s business strategy. Today, Vacheron Constantin’s annual production in Geneva is only 6000 tables. Since 1840, each watch production drawings, records, sales date and movement case number and other information, are intact to keep in the company’s file cabinet. They will be superior technology, rigorous testing, superb craftsmanship and perfect shape together to create a noble and elegant, it is amazing, very valuable collection of rare classic. In the long tabulation years, enduring to become a symbol of elegance.
Maltese iron cross first came from the Crusades, then the situation needs to set up the Maltese country, its logo for the “Maltese iron cross”, showing the power of the Eastern Expeditionary Christ, its territory is probably in Greece now. Later, with the end of the Crusades, the Maltese country gradually declined, and now has become an organization, but still recognized by the international community, to enjoy quasi-state treatment, the organization territory is now Rome, Italy.
In 1880, Vacheron Constantin made Maltese iron cross trademark, in the future the trademark has become the representation of Vacheron Constantin.
“Maltese iron cross” for the Vacheron Constantin’s mark, was originally used to adjust the clockwork watch the spring of precision gears. Only with its symbol of superior skills and manual watchmaking tradition. List of Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin
Which can be seen Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin two top watch brands, they have in common is that they are out of the table are handmade watchmaking, and every year is a limited amount of provisions, absolutely no more, which guarantees Quality and value of the table. Their ideas are handed down and inherited, with these two tables is a symbol of wealth and wealth, and on the two ratings table logo also has the same purpose, they are using the cross as a basic form , There is a history of the story, Patek Philippe logo is the use of four priests and the composition of the sword, Vacheron Constantin’s logo is used in four simple gear form, two kinds of logo are used in a very simple form, at a glance.

Choose to marry ring, harvest perfect love

Choose to marry ring, harvest perfect love
What does the marriage ring mean, the woman has the most say. Maybe men will not understand why the marriage proposal when the marriage proposal will make a woman feel no sincerity. In fact, for women, a wedding ring means that two people happy agreement, placed at the fingertips, often watching, will feel each other’s own mind.
Marriage ring selected on the election of the Heart, in order to marry the time to make the beloved people difficult to refuse. So how do you choose the wedding ring?

First, choose the wedding ring for your own budget. As mentioned above, the woman is only a marriage ring as a manifestation of a man’s sincerity of a carrier, as long as full of mind and affection, do not care about its surface price, if a woman only fancy marriage ring listing price, then the man will be able to see A person’s values. Buy the price of the wedding ring, the man mind to be clear that can not afford to pay a large amount of debt to buy expensive wedding rings, because no really want to live together with the lovers will be willing to buy too expensive ring and economic distress, as long as two Individuals considerate and care for each other, mutual understanding and care, for the sake of each other, it will be the happiest pair.
Second, the choice of regular high-quality diamonds. The core of the marriage Replica Cartier jewelry diamond ring is diamond, and judge whether a diamond quality, depending on the multiple factors: the size of the diamond, clarity, color and cut, etc., is the so-called diamond 4C standard. This is the characteristic of each diamond. Many people misunderstand the diamond is the bigger the better, it is not. Diamond 4C every standard will affect the price of diamonds, of course, the higher the level of diamonds, the more expensive the price.
Again, choose his girlfriend favorite ring style. Different personality and aesthetic girls for the wedding ring preferences are different, which test the choice of boys, how can the girlfriend in the marrying time to move it? One can be based on his girlfriend’s temperament or occasional exploration of the tone, choose the most close to her preferred wedding ring. The second is to choose a special meaning of the ring style, such as “in my name, crown your fingers, accompanied by life, I follow the” marriage proposal, it is the man’s real name engraved on the ring, and can be designed on the site Exclusive love space for lovers.
Finally, the man must know the finger scale of the lover. It is not difficult to understand if in such a romantic moment, the ring put on a woman when the hands are very inappropriate, it would not be laughing generous. Buy the ring is the time to fit the finger scale, because the finger thickness is different, which requires men to think of ways to secretly write down the finger size of love, such as her girlfriend to help measure, or send a Girlfriend finger photos to the jewelry service staff, so that they help estimate the basis of professional experience. So as to prevent the money after buying a ring, but wearing a girlfriend is not suitable for the embarrassment of the hands.

Election to the wedding ring, in order to harvest the perfect love, a pair of people in love when marrying the joy and joy, is the most cherished moment.
Do you need a ring? Of course, there is no clear rules must buy a diamond ring to the girlfriend to marry him, but the vast majority of men will still buy a diamond ring to the beloved girl to marry, marry if there is no diamond ring, how to express your sincerity to girls?
Marriage robe is the purchase of men, give the girls, be regarded as the witness of both sides love. In many cases, the bigger marriage diamond ring is like a better choice, say that the diamond is a girl’s good friend, no girls do not like the greater marriage ring, but the domestic girls are mostly small, too much Marry a diamond ring, but there will be a sense of abrupt, in fact, spend more time to choose a fit with the temperament of the temperament style of the wedding ring than to emphasize the diamond size is more real.
Must you buy a ring? Diamond ring price is expensive, courtship ring money, depending on the diamond ring brand, the size of the diamond material, have to depend on the man’s economic foundation, in order to marry diamond ring all the accumulation of flowers, complete unnecessary, Of the diamond ring, or want some common way to marry him, to be improved in the future for the wife to make up for the diamond ring. Of course, the premise is to know your girlfriend practice.

Marriage must have a diamond ring? This must have to see his girlfriend then do not accept, after all, marriage is a lifetime thing, if the girls are still hesitant, hesitated, then it is likely to marry not win, to give her more time to think, or in the usual intentionally and unintentionally explore the tone. You can choose Levi’s marriage ring, every man needs real-name system can be customized, presumably will not have any girls will refuse such a sincere proposal.
Do you want to buy a diamond ring? Marry the diamond ring is the man to the woman a great commitment to the girls wearing a ring that moment, to the world to declare that she is your people, and years of search finally have a vesting. Send the diamond ring before and again to confirm that they will not live up to her mind, otherwise this diamond ring will be meaningless.

Is it necessary to prepare for a wedding ring? Now you must understand it, do not buy to think about their own economic ability, the relationship between the two sides, think about it, your princess will give her life for you, a small diamond ring and what is it, with a diamond ring to She made a romantic romance!

Analyze how different ladies’ rings are worn

Analyze how different ladies’ rings are worn
Most people may have to understand the ring, but the law of the ring but the understanding of the minimal, especially the woman’s ring, then how to wear women’s ring it? What is the difference between the different wear and the meaning of it? So as a woman not only to buy the ring to learn how to wear a ring, which is a compulsory course for the ladies.

The meaning of the middle finger

Each person’s five fingers can wear a ring, so the five different fingers to wear the ring on behalf of the meaning is different, most people may know that the middle finger wearing a ring of the meaning of a woman middle finger wearing a ring in general Are said to be married women, and the middle finger of course is also their own husband to their wedding gifts, if you see a woman’s middle finger has been wearing a ring, then even a man in love Cartier love bracelet replica she can not provoke, because the woman has marriage.

The meaning of the ring finger

Now, whether it is a twentie girl or a lot of relatively small age students like to wear a ring, may be its price and style is different, wearing different fingers, for example, some little girls will wear the ring on the little finger, that is, Five fingers at the end of the one, and this method is generally a symbol of friendship, and wear a small finger on the ring are generally their own relatively small partners to give their own, some extraordinary significance , Wearing a ring in the ring finger are generally twenties girl engagement when the man to the woman wearing a ring, which is also considered a token of faith because of such a ring, the woman was given to the man, so ring finger to bring the ring is engagement The meaning of.

The meaning of the little finger wear method

Girls are some paranoid like jewelry, the ring is no exception, for those colorful ring is put it down, but, just some girls do not like the colorful, strange strange ring, but prefer to buy some simple style Tail ring, tail ring are usually silver, silver is the best blessing, and the tail ring is generally given to their good friends, the secret to the best friend of the best wishes, but also represents the most sincere The friendship.

With the rapid development of society, we not only need to earn money to buy the ring, but also need to understand how to wear a woman’s ring, how to wear a woman’s ring is not just a common sense is a ritual, but also reflects a woman Of the temperament of how, for this common sense of the problem is worthy of a large number of our promotion, making the woman how to wear the ring to promote the issue, so that the public to understand how the ring wearing a more identity.
Sometimes we must go to pursue what is wrong or wrong, sometimes correct or incorrect, nice or not good and not so important, the most important thing is the attitude of this matter. For men and women ring wear and meaning we do not say yes or wrong, but we have to be implied in the meaning of them.

The respect of ancient men and women

We think of the law of men and women and the meaning of the first thought is not what the law and meaning and more is why it is divided into men and women, why not together? How big is the difference between a ring? In fact, there is still a lot of culture, our belt is a very strict level of society, women can not go out to do business, in fact, when the East and the West are almost, only in a certain period of time the Eastern society of feudal Time will be much longer than the Western feudal time. Not to say that our society can not give women freedom but in that mainly by physical life of society, women can only be a weak. So men and women have a Cartier love ring replica different way to wear a ring.

Men and women ring wearing a law

Speaking of men and women wearing a ring we can not just say a way to wear, and we have ten fingers, of which our thumb is generally not wearing a ring, we generally see are pull, that pull is A symbol of right, and now pull more like a riffry rogue symbol; and our index finger will wear a ring, on behalf of no lovers, want to love; and the middle finger is when we marry the time to wear in that finger; ring finger is The meaning of marriage, while the little finger on behalf of the widowhood or life is not married. Sometimes we have to look at the girlfriend when we have to look at the man’s fingers wearing no wearing a ring, in fact, this is the object we choose to get married when the very effective, but we can not say that as long as you see the wear The ring must be want to get married, because sometimes our eyes will deceive us, the ring will deceive us, so we choose the object of love when you want to personally ask clearly?

The difference between men and women wearing law

We said that the difference between male and female men and women wearing a ring is generally said that for the wedding ring, we generally wear a wedding ring has a domestic and foreign differences. China is generally male left female right, and foreign countries are also worn on the left hand, China is more emphasis on the relationship between dignity and humility, and foreign emphasis on equality in the modern.

There are a lot of wornness and meaning in the men’s and women’s rings, but is it not a historical basis for one of us? Of course not, a ring can also make us tempted.

Cost-effective diamond ring which brand

Cost-effective diamond ring which brand
Question: Recently I want to marry my wife, and want to buy a more cost-effective diamond ring to her, there is no more cost-effective diamond ring brand can recommend the next?

Best answer: In fact, the so-called cost-effective, is the value of value for money. Want to buy cost-effective diamond ring can not blindly to the purchase of goods, then first to understand the lower diamond brand price ranking.

The latest diamond brand cost-effective ranking:

1, diamond bird, one of the domestic diamond electrical pioneer, but also the leading Replica Cartier jewelry brand of domestic diamond business, now has dozens of experience in the country center.

2, love diamonds, the domestic focus on wedding ring custom diamond business, with a number of experience stores, because more emotional needs of consumers so more popular.

3, Davey jewelry, the real sense of the online shopping diamond ring brand, focus on the network 8 years, pure network sales platform under the wireless experience shop.

4, Zuo Kayi, the domestic diamond direct sales agencies, have their own official sales platform, offline store, but the main business sales in Taobao.

5, Kelan diamonds, the first domestic engaged in diamond electrical business of professional jewelry brand, with Tencent such a strong financial backing, the current experience shop to distribute throughout the country.

6, bloves wedding ring custom center, the domestic wedding ring diamond exclusive custom products and services to provide the jewelry brand, with several custom stores nationwide.

7, Dai Ouni, domestic use of the network for custom wedding ring brand, business model and BLOVES, as is currently a number of domestic experience shop under the line.

8, Opel, the domestic website + F2C experience shop + phone, diamond sales platform, the main line shop in Guangzhou.

9, luxury jewelry, first-class international online jewelry trading platform, dedicated to the vast number of consumers with the most perfect and most cost-effective jewelry treasures.

10, OL jewelry network to focus on diamond wholesale and jewelry retail fifteen years of experience, combined with 4R business model, quickly in the jewelry e-commerce industry come to the fore.

We all know that online shopping is cheaper than the store, diamonds is the case, diamond electrical business to see the middle of the cost of none other consumers.
Q: recently bought a Burmese jade pendant, found in the surface to see some flaws, this situation is normal? Will not buy fake, right?

Best answer: For the Burmese jade emerald flower pieces we need to pay attention to the following flaws: emerald flower pieces of the request is relatively low. If the raw material is not white cotton, crack and impurities, it is very perfect, it will not be processed into a flower. Therefore, the general emerald flower pieces of small cracks and impurities are acceptable. Even a very high-end pieces of flowers, can not completely avoid small flaws. So Myanmar jade pendant surface has a small flaw is normal.

And for jade jewelry inlaid class, such as Buddha, Guanyin, flower pieces, you have to pay attention to the back there is no death. If the back is gold or platinum sealed mosaic, the back may be more serious problems. Therefore, encountered the above situation, we must be careful when buying.
Question: I want to buy a pearl necklace, go to the mall looked under the price found different, which is why?

Best answer: This is because the price of pearls is determined by roundness, gloss, color, size and other major factors, so its price will be different.

First, roundness: pearl shape that is round beads, beads and nearly round beads. Positive round beads refers to the roundness of the best, suitable for making rings, earrings, pins, necklaces and so on.

Second, the gloss: the higher the better skin light, crystal clear the best.

Third, the color: the general white in the micro-pink for the best, very white Run of the pearl is also precious.

Fourth, the size: to the better is better Seven heavier called pearls, and eight heavy pearls called Sarah.

Five, in pairs: in many pearls, requiring color, skin light, all the same size, is a rare thing, so pairs of opponents worth high.
Question: I bought a piece of Hetian jade, it is now the appreciation of the space big?

Best answer: Hetian jade market call for cultural guidance, the current Hetian jade where the problem? We can make a comparison with the diamond. In fact, the promotion of diamond culture in the country has been a big money in the operation, you see the ads on television, say “diamond forever, a permanent”, advertising and did not play who is the manufacturers, this is the relevant institutions Behind the cultural operation. Today, the results of cultural promotion has been reflected, the new married to buy diamond ring, which is accepted the promotion of diamond culture. And Hetian jade is the East of the material, but also to become the world’s leading varieties of jade.

Which need to jump from the concept of origin, standing on the perspective of jade culture to think about the problem, the work of cultural guidance, such as Hetian market have the future. Now we understand the cultural heritage is not in place, as some of the jade carving made by the things, the spirit of the ancient jade culture from the tradition, which should cause full attention. I think the future of Hetian jade producers to do some things for the public, so that the future of young people willing to get married when the bride a suet jade bracelet, swap a jade, which is Hetian future prospects.

High-end bullish, low-end bearish Since it is a collection, I think no matter what time, have to aim at the best things. Only the best thing is the most valuable, is the market benchmark. Collectors now reflect the rare jade material is less and less, a good thing prices certainly higher rise, this is not a problem. The problem is that we talk about more market saturation, which is also placed on the desktop and nephrite is not fast moving consumer goods, will not disappear in the market, certainly have a saturated day.

If there really is one day, what is the market? I think we can still see the emerald, emerald has the world’s only supply origin of Myanmar, but the supply of jade small? Filled the streets can buy more than a dozen dollars of jade pendant, can emerald And did not lose the noble qualities, good things worth tens of millions, and was collected, reluctant to sell. Therefore, the future and Hetian jade market and jade, high-end bullish, low-grade bearish.

Two dialect of the market, high-end collection without any impact and Tian Yu’s collection is actually two groups, one is a high-end small minority collection, one is the low-end public collection, which is two people, two cases. For the high-end small minority collection, the collection of people and people have formed a special group, it is almost no external funds, markets, raw materials and so on any impact. This group for the seed material collection also has a cultural identity, not the money will be able to enter.

For example, the former paragraph has a million people who inquire about the situation and nephrite, the results looked after the seed material, feel expensive, did not buy. This is actually in the collection culture does not agree, in this circle, is the mass consumer market.

There are some lovers in this market, but it must be noted that the nature of this market is closer to the consumer sense of the market, most of the value of Hetian is not high, the future is not strong appreciation. Now, many of the consumer groups in the collectors do not understand and Hetian collection, that as long as the purchase of a piece of Hetian stay up, a few years will be able to appreciate, and if this understanding, then some wishful thinking.

No matter how good the Qinghai material and Hetian jade has a significant difference, perception can be identified, but from the ingredients on the distinction will be a problem. And the insiders are not very difficult thing, this market is still optimistic.

A carat diamond ring color level is H, that naked eye to see the color of the diamond is yellow?

A carat diamond ring color level is H, that naked eye to see the color of the diamond is yellow?
A carat diamond ring color level is H, that naked eye to see the color of the diamond is yellow? Zoca for your detailed answer to a carat diamond ring color level is H, that naked eye to see the color of the diamond is yellow related content, to help you quickly understand the color level with a carat diamond ring is H, that naked eye to see the color of the diamond is Yellow related information. More than a carat diamond ring color level is H, that naked eye to see the color of the diamond is yellow? Information in the Zoakai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: Today to the diamond shop fancy a 1 carat diamond ring, the certificate to write its color level is H, H what color ah? Is it yellow? I look like yellow, that this diamond is worth buying it?

Best answer: No. Diamond color grade H in the international diamond 4C Cartier love bracelet replica evaluation criteria are “near colorless”, is biased towards high quality white, but if the H-color diamonds and H color above the color level of diamonds to compare it will be partial Yellow some. Single H-color diamond, it is usually the preferred choice of color, color is almost colorless, cost-effective and good, so it is worth buying.

Other answers: because you as ordinary diamond consumers, non-professionals, so you may be affected by the environment, the impact of mosaic style, may feel partial yellow, but in fact the diamond color level H color is almost colorless, Belong to white tone, there is no yellow hue.
G-color diamond ring and H-color diamond ring which is better. Zoca for your detailed answer to the G-color diamond ring and H-color diamond ring which is better related to the content, to help you quickly understand the G-color diamond ring and H-color diamond which is a good relative information. More G-color diamond ring and H-color diamond ring which is better information to do in the Zoakai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: Today and her husband to buy diamond ring fancy two, one is H color diamond ring, a color is G color, what is the difference between the two ah? What is good for that?

Best answer: G color and H color are diamond color level in the cost-effective color, look at the color to choose, G color than H color to be better. But choose a diamond ring can not only from the diamond color point of view, but also look at the clarity of the diamond, weight, cut, these four dimensions are diamond 4C evaluation criteria. Of course, in addition to these, but also depends on the style of diamond ring, diamond ring fitness, your degree of love and so on other external factors, and finally together, I believe you will choose a suitable for their own diamond ring.
What is the meaning of the Czech drilling and the Austrian diamond?
What is the meaning of the Czech drilling and the Austrian diamond? Zoca for your detailed answer to the Czech drilling and Austrian drilling are what the meaning of the relevant content, to help you quickly understand the Czech drilling and Austrian drilling, respectively, what is the meaning of the relevant information. More Czech drilling and Austrian drilling are what the meaning of information in the Zoakai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: What is the meaning of Czech drilling and drilling? Is the same kind of diamonds?

Best answer: Czech drilling and drilling are a kind of diamond. The main component of the diamond is the crystal glass, refers to the artificial crystal glass cut into diamond ornaments get a jewelry accessories, this material because of more affordable, while the visual effect of diamond dazzling feeling, it is very popular , Mostly used in mid-range jewelry design.

The current global artificial crystal glass manufacturing, located in the Rhine on both sides of the north and south, also known as Rhine. So produced in the north shore is called the Austrian drill, is the Austrian drilling, perennial absorption of adequate sunshine, customs point is very good. While the south bank is called the Czech diamond, because the absorption of the sun is not very adequate, so the gloss is not as good as Austrian drilling. In addition to Austrian drilling and Czech drilling, there are drilling in the Middle East, domestic diamond, acrylic drilling and other stones.

Austria’s most famous artificial crystal manufacturer is Swarovski’s company, its production of drilling is also often called Swarovski Drill (SWAROVSKI) or Swarovski drilling, so the general Austrian diamond refers to the Swarovski’s drilling. Now many of the world’s many top jewelry, clothing are used to Swarovski drilling, so in our lives often see Austrian drilling, because the cost of clothing can not be too high, and the material is more affordable diamond, but also in Cartier love ring replica the Visual effects on the diamond’s gorgeous eye-catching feeling, so commonly used in some mid-range clothing design.
A simple way to identify good or bad diamonds. Zoca for your detailed answer to the identification of good or bad diamond related content, to help you quickly understand the identification of good or bad diamond with the relevant information. More information on the identification of good and bad diamonds in the Zoacai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: I want to buy a diamond ring, but I am not a diamond lovers, usually do not know how to understand the diamond knowledge, then how to buy when the diamond is good or bad?

Best answer: first of all to buy a good diamond, then we must buy from the formal channels, not because the set price is affordable or other factors through other channels to buy, to avoid buying bad or other problems.

There is also a problem in the purchase often doubts: how to buy a good diamond. For diamond lovers, this is no problem, but for ordinary consumers, this is not a simple question, there is a simple way is to see the diamond identification certificate. All diamonds all have their own certificates, and all of the information on it is evaluated on the basis of the International Diamond 4C standard. 4C refers to the weight of the diamond, color, clarity and cut. Weight that the size of the diamond, the general “carat” or “sub” as a unit, 1 carat = 100 points. Clarity refers to the number of flaws in the diamond, the level of the defect is high, you can reflect the dazzling light. But if the diamond flaws, it may cause the diamond surface is very dim. Color refers to the diamond colorless – light yellow, color grade by the D-Z, the top color that is colorless is D, the general recommendation to buy H level or more. This information will be displayed on the certificate, so we just look at the certificate can be the most direct identification of this diamond is good.

Answer: You can teach some simple diamonds identification method: in the purchase can be to the store with a 10-20 times magnifying glass for assistance, to be a simple observation.

1, to observe the waist of the diamond, if the sand-like waist is most suitable for this method, because the diamond because of any harder than the imitation, so do not like a triclas like a strip of fine lines, diamond waist is a granular appearance The

2, diamonds than to imitate the goods hard, take imitation of the facet ridge line is often more than the feeling of diamonds, and diamond facet ridge must be sharp.

3, based on the diamond than the imitation of hard, take imitation of the facet ridge often wear situation.

4, if the diamond appears collapse and collapse, the appearance is usually all ladder-like, and cuddle will be different from the curved or shell-like
18k rose gold ring what it means. Zoca for your detailed answer 18k rose gold ring is what the meaning of the relevant content, to help you quickly understand the 18k rose gold ring is what the meaning of the relevant information. More 18k Rose Gold Ring is what the meaning Cartier nail bracelet replica of information at the Zoacai Jewelery House.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: What does the 18k rose gold ring mean?

Best answer: 18k gold refers to the gold content of 75% alloy, and AU (gold) 750 is a meaning. Gold open (K) is the gold content of the unit, K gold is calculated by the pure gold is divided into 24, 24k gold that is gold, 18k gold that gold content of 18/24 alloy, the remaining 25% for other precious metals, Including platinum, nickel, silver, palladium and so on. The most common k gold are: 24K, 18K, 14K, 8K and so on.

Rose gold is the color of gold. K gold can be made into different colors, in addition to rose gold, there are white, yellow, rose red, respectively, called: 18K white gold, 18K gold, 18K rose gold.

Because 18K gold is lower cost, so often made of simple gold to wear.

Diamond Ring Customized Price

Diamond Ring Customized Price
Because people are witnessed as a marriage, naturally there is the more profound the unique meaning of the better. Many well-known brand diamond ring custom will give each diamond ring different meaning, and some diamond ring brand also intimate interaction with customers to customer experience as a prototype to design a diamond ring, so that the diamond ring has a more unique meaning, right I am more meaningful. So familiar with the diamond friends know that simply want to know the diamond ring custom price is unable to give an accurate answer, because the diamond ring custom price is not determined by the one or paragraph, but by the diamond itself, the quality of 4C to measure the following small I would like to introduce several models of Zoacai diamond ring custom price:
(1), the main diamond weight (ct): 0.40, the main diamond color (color): FG, the main color of the diamond (Clarity): SI, the main thread cut (cut): VG, on behalf of our search for the most beautiful words to describe the inside of love, we look for the most precious things to match the love of the aura, we use diamonds to describe love The eternal, flower-like K gold claw inlaid diamonds, the classic four-jaw set to be innovative, the same is the promise of love.
(1), the main drill weight (ct): 0.50, the main drill color (color): H, the main drill net (0), the main diamond color (white) (Clarity): VS2, the main drill cut (cut): VG, secondary drill total weight (ct): about 0.25 kt, certificate: GIC identification certificate, left and right symmetrical design, as the makeup show you cover your eyes Magic mask, and you like the autumn pupil-like clear bright eyes, stars Luo Bu’s auxiliary drill, highlighting your angel-like pure heart, at the moment magic and pure dance, love infinite.
(1), the main drill weight (ct): 1.00, the main drill color (color): FG, the main drill clarity, the main diamond color (white) (Clarity): VS, main thread cut (cut): VG, secondary drill total weight (ct): about 0.01 kt, certificate: GIC certificate, this gorgeous diamond ring custom, simple and popular, it shows The most dazzling light of the diamond, which is a beautiful woman is worthy of worship of the ring. The most classic diamond-like pattern is a solid diamond with a claw, so that diamonds at any angle are the best luster, simple and classic. Beauty, such as water, stars clear, willing to diamonds bright shine life love.
Custom ring lettering is the choice of most people, custom ring, has also become a fashion trend in recent years, but because the girls hand fine, the ring is generally smaller, laser lettering, in order to keep the ring letter after the beautiful, There is a limit.
For example, in the Zoakai, custom ring lettering only engraved words: engraved 3-4, only engraved words: 5-6, only engraved words: 5-6, you can carved heart or “&” Word, font is Arial. Lettering, the general are free lettering, but engraved the word, to erase the re-engraved, it will charge 50 yuan or so rub the cost of printing.

Customized ring lettering can be engraved a lot of content, such as “sea LOVE Li” “sea (heart) Li”, “Forever love.”, “Alice life”, or engraved with their loved ones birthday, or carved hands And grow old together. (Men and women ring each engraved half) and so on and so on, so that your ring more meaningful, more sense of belonging!

Custom ring lettering is mainly a special date, intimacy name and love declaration. Special Cartier love ring replica date can be birthday, acquaintance, date of marriage or more commemorative day, as long as the couple ring to see this row of numbers, will think of the scene was happy. Intimacy name is to call each other’s nickname, so that the other side to accompany all around, feel each other’s heartbeat and breathing.

Custom ring bearing a lifetime commitment, is the eternal love of the logo, you will never go to damage it. Custom ring lettering, is the number of grooms and brides in their own spouses to pick the right wedding ring, the ring above the touching touching the phrase, the date of the wedding or the name of the lover, to highlight the ring is different, let Lover feels more meaningful and more touching.

The above is the Zuo Kay Xiaobian for everyone to bring the “custom ring lettering” related content, we hope to help. Click on the collection, Xiaobian you enter the jewelry knowledge of the ocean!
What is the stress on the ring? Wearing a ring is also pay attention to the different ways to wear, show the meaning is not the same, if accidentally wearing the wrong fingers, it may cause a variety of misunderstanding, accidentally may also be laughing generous. So, what are the different fingers wearing a ring?

1, thumb: Do not put your ring on the left and right hand on the thumb, because in the international standard, it means you are a misbehavior. In other words, put the ring there, you are clear to tell people, you are not good people.
2, the left hand little finger: on behalf of life is not married or not married, but also want to get married or a friend to remember that do not wear the wrong, so as not to miss your people misunderstanding, affecting the peach blossom, careful no one dare to pursue you!

3, left hand ring finger: on behalf of married, to see clearly Oh! Can not be married to wear on this finger, so as not to chat with colleagues, ask you how long to get married, you also look inexplicable said: I have not married it … … this embarrassing.

4, left middle finger: on behalf of engagement, because we are not very popular engagement in China, it can also represent love, wear on this finger, is the representative of the refusal to pursue the meaning, or single parents have to pay attention, do not wear the wrong But also innocently do not know what reason.

5, left index finger: on behalf of the present single, is to let people chase the mark Oh, like Cartier love bracelet replica a friend can wear this finger! Married or engaged or love in the pro can not wear the wrong, so as not to attract rotten peach.

Wear ring what psychological meaning

What is the psychological meaning of wearing a ring? The ring is worn on different fingers and can reflect the psychological meaning associated with the wearer’s character. Because each person’s preferences are different, even if the ring has a lot of stress, there are many different meanings, but also a lot of people do not care, just their own preferences to wear a ring, want to wear which finger on which fingers, What is the psychological meaning of the ring on different fingers?

1, hi on the index finger on the people, the character is more extreme stubborn.

2, hi wearing the right middle finger. Advocating the doctrine of the concept of life, treat people unbiased.

3, hi in the left middle finger, very responsible, very much attention to the family, the family is very good.

4, hi wearing a small finger, a sense of inferiority, or too arrogant, or too conceited.

5, like to wear in the ring finger, life is no ambition, life or work are very easygoing, regardless of gains and losses.
In the ancient Greek legend, Zeus with a beautiful ring to win the beautiful princess Europa love, the couple will ring sets in the other’s ring finger, because they believe there is a blood through the heart. There are ten million kinds of faiths, only the couple can really live forever – it is love can not understand the password, to love the temperature, to add points to the feelings, to bathe in love lovers a warmth of the expectations. So, the meaning of the couple ring is the heart of commitment! No matter how the years change, we are standing together, never betray!
In the tens of millions of people met the people met, among the millions of years in the infinite day of the wild, no early step, no late step, happened to catch up, happened to meet, that nothing else to say, only Have a soft question, “Hey, are you here too?” What is the implied meaning of the couple on the ring? Each pair of lovers is a promise, a letter of credit, a memorial. Every woman needs a diamond ring, because the woman needs someone to know her precious, the couple is the best friend of a woman, the eternal promise, it is a man love the woman totem.

The world will always have that person in the right time, we have to do is in the Replica Cartier jewelry face of TA before, to become better, more gentle, but also know how to cherish, to the future TA the best gift is a Feel good for yourself. Couples can ring at any time to carry, see it think of TA. On behalf of your love for her forever guarding her, will not change with the passage of time, like a diamond ring on the same eternal, loyalty.
The meaning of wearing a couple on behalf of the ring

What does it mean to wear a couple? We all know that in our daily life, the male left female right, as if conventionally permeated to all aspects of our social life. On the public toilet, male left female right; wear wedding ring, male left female right; In addition, as well as married jade photos, couples to attend some etiquette occasions, etc., men often on the left, women are often on the right. Why do you want to be right when you wear a ring? Left hand ring finger has a blood through the heart, the couple will wear the ring on the other side of the ring finger, on behalf of the heart of commitment, on the ring on the ring finger on the two said the heart. According to the traditional meaning of the West to wear his right hand with a nuns of the heart, the female repair, the right hand is generally our hand, more work every day, and wear the right hand can reduce the corresponding ring wear, but also more convenient for us to work The
What is the taboo for wearing a couple? The most taboo is the “hit ring”, hit the ring when you (he) wearing a couple on the ring with other people, when your heart I do not know how bad, so when we buy a purchase ring, It is best to customize, custom belong to our own only, custom belongs to our own, custom test our sweet love. In the love of the festival, you have to accompany, to the ring as evidence, so that couples will love in the end.

Men wear what hands are good

Men wear what hands are good

Have you ever found that men are getting more and more in recent years? Social development is too fast, men pressure, need some faith is normal. So what is the man wearing a hand? What is the suit for men? Here are some of the most suitable for men to wear Cartier love bracelet replica hand string, we can refer to!
Men wear what hands are good – obsidian
Obsidian is known as the black King of warriors, very evil evil evil effect, natural obsidian strong energy staunch, can avoid evil, town house, can eliminate the disease gas, turbidity, mold gas, bring people healthy, happy, normal life , So obsidian can strongly resolve the negative energy, enhance the new energy, enhance vitality.

Men wear what hands are good – Feng Yan Bodhi
Eichhornia Bodhi is a kind of Bodhi, each of the beads have an eye above, the shape of Fengyan, hence the name “Fengyan Bodhi.” In the Buddhist painting, sculpture, embroidery, are to Phoenix (Phoenix for the male, Phoenix for the female) for the pattern, auspicious auspicious. Fungus Bodhi has a simple and exquisite tan, each of the above has a beautiful and elegant eyes. So that every annoying into the wisdom of the gas, and bring deeper thought and consciousness.

Men wear what hands are good – tiger eyes stone
Tiger Eye can give the wearer a very positive energy, natural tiger eye stone is a cat’s effect with the gem, flashing tiger eyes showing the wealth of luster, Lucky evil spirits. When you encounter problems and fled all kinds of unbearable time, when you are embarrassed when the idea, when you give up halfway, its positive energy will help you solve all the difficulties.

Men wear what hands are good – green ghosts
Green ghost, also known as green phantom crystal, is also a symbol of wealth crystal, green ghost crystal has the ability to attract wealth, so it can become a businessman’s pet, will help improve thinking, open mind, with Lucky and highly cohesive wealth, Is a wealth, is on behalf of hard work and accumulated wealth. Green ghost crystal on the immune system, heart, lung, thymus, lymph gland, heart disease, high blood pressure, dyspnea have adjuvant therapy. You can also smooth insomnia, anger, irritability, delusions, tension and other emotions.

Men wear what hands are good – yellow crystal
Yellow is a symbol of wealth, yellow crystal warm yellow, always bring harmony and tranquility, natural yellow crystal can send yellow cosmic energy, known as the wealth of stone. Huang Jingjing intellectual body, the main partial wealth, can bring unexpected wealth, can enhance personal self-confidence, but also help calm mood, teach people step by step the actual practice.

Men wear what hands are good – pear
Hainan pear as the most expensive wood species, in addition to the value of investment and appreciation, but also has a unique medicinal value, “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Hainan Materia Medica”, “classification of Materia Medica” are recorded as incense, with Such as high blood pressure, high blood lipids and hyperglycemia and other three high disease and skin allergy patients is an immediate effect of the disease, the treatment of vomiting, heart and stomach pain, And health is the basis of all the flow.

Men wear what hands are good – King Kong Bodhi
King Kong Bodhi According to the Buddhist books introduced for the King Kong Cartier love ring replica tree knot son, also said to be the son of the knot tree, very expensive, King Kong Bodhi child produced in India Shakya Buddha into the area. This area has a tree grow out of the seed is particularly large, very tough, Shakya Buddha was called his disciples to wear up to read the Buddha, read the law, monk, so it was named “King Kong Bodhi child.” King Kong Bodhi, King Kong in the meaning of Buddhism is extremely hard, all-conquering meaning, a symbol of men smooth sailing, overcoming all obstacles, smooth sailing.
What kind of good bodhi hand string
We often hear Xingyue Bodhi, Xifeng Bodhi, King Kong Bodhi, then what kind of Bodhi hand string? What kind of good is it? The following inventory of the most popular Bodhi hand string type list, we can understand!
Bodhi hand string which is good – Xingyue Bodhi
Xingyue Bodhi ranked first, I believe we can understand. After all, is the highest yield on the market Bodhi, in particular, both both shape and plasticity. Plate out good-looking, with the good-looking. Although it is Bodhi child, but more people are like Nestus Bodhi as a fashion item to wear.

Bodhi hand string which is good – King Kong Bodhi
Why King Kong Bodhi row second and not the first, because it is expensive. Whether it is big King Kong or small King Kong, dragon or frog frog back, now King Kong Bodhi price has been up, straight to Xiaobian can not afford to play, but even so, the purchase of people still rush. After all play really beautiful after playing out.

Bodhi hand string which is good – Fengyan Bodhi
Eichhornia Bodhi is native to India, Nepal and other South Asian countries in the tropics. In recent years due to the domestic literary enthusiasts sought after in China’s Yunnan, Sichuan area has also been transplanted. Both natural seeds, of course, will be born in different sizes, different products, so it began to be artificially divided into 369, etc., formed a price on the world of difference.

What kind of bodhisattva hand – Bodhi root
First for the Bodhi root is a name, this is really not new things, many years ago there is Bodhi root. It is said that the earliest Bodhi roots can be traced back to Japan, that the Japanese called the crown. In any case, Bodhi is a real fire in the last year, many friends of the play circle began to fight to buy.

Bodhi hand string which is good – longan Bodhi
Longan Bodhi color is brown yellow, oval shape, because it has a grain on each of the triangular squinting spots like longan, so people called the longan Bodhi. Longan Bodhi in the text play the price is also mixed, especially in India Longan Bodhi price is high. Therefore, many people now appreciate this Bodhi.

Bodhi hand string which is good – five line Bodhi
The five-line Bodhi row in such a front, may be a lot of people feel Cartier nail bracelet replica inappropriate, but the fact is indeed the case. Although a few years ago the five-line Bodhi because of a variety of news made a very embarrassing, but it is still one of the hottest circle of the most popular species. Made five-line Bodhi color was light yellow, the distribution of five very shallow black lines, of which the most expensive is the Imperial Palace five Bodhi.

Bodhi hand string which is good – Lotus Bodhi
According to records produced in Nepal near, but in the growth process, because the sun exposure, water distribution causes the tree with the pile type is divided into two kinds, lotus Bodhi bone hard, beautiful lines, shape, such as lotus, was named Lotus Bodhi The Lotus Bodhi had high prices, but then it is mixed, and now gradually down the Bodhi king of the altar.

Bodhi hand string which is good – Kirin eye Bodhi
Kirin eyes Bodhi, the shape of special, each grain has a square eye, the whole Bodhi child was oblong, such as bulging persimmon, with the middle of the square eye, as a coin. Kirin eye Bodhi child is also divided into the eyes of the unicorn eye and the wrong eye unicorn eye, the eye is polished after the brown part of the whole center of the beads, wrong eyes partial, even partial to the side of the texture are very possible.

What kind of good is the Bodhisattva?
Mani Bodhi is a nut fruit, mainly produced in India, Nepal and other regions, are more common and ordinary kind of Bodhi child. Mani Zi Bodhi shape is more regular oval, Mani Zi Bodhi color is tan, the texture is very hard, the surface was ditch-like, not very smooth, processed into beads need to be polished.

Bodhi hand string which is good – thousand eyes Bodhi
Thousands of eyes Bodhi, because the surface has a lot of natural spots, as if there are many eyes named After a long period of holding, the color of the Bodhi Bodhi child from shallow to deep, or brown, brown, red, the surface will be more and more shiny, so that holders of people put it down, which is why it is popular one.

What kind of good is it? Above the inventory of the Bodhi hand string type list, we hope to help!

Top 10 high-end ring brand list of high-end ring brand which

Top 10 high-end ring brand list of high-end ring brand which
Ring is not only to marry an engagement marriage process essential props, but also a symbol of quality of life. The pursuit of quality of life of people, the ring will also pursue high-end brands. Ring brand well-known does not mean high-end, then what is the high-end ring brand? Here to introduce the top ten high-end ring brand list, together to find out about it!

Top 10 high-end ring brand list

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO1: Cartier
Cartier is a French watch and jewelery manufacturer, founded in Paris in 1847. Its ring products take the high-end line.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO2: Tiffany
Tiffany is an American jewelery and silver company founded in 1837. Its ring Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica products to simple and clear lines tell the calm and transcendent clarity and refreshing elegance.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 3: Hai Rui Winston
Hai Rui Winston is a world-renowned jewelry brand for more than a century, cutting the diamond on the superb craftsmanship and careful consideration, always make diamonds to increase the value of several times. Its ring products continue to bloom out intoxicating.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 4: Bulgari
Bulgari, is the world’s third largest jewelry brand after the French Cartier and the United States Tiffany. Its ring products in the production of color for the design of the essence.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO5: Po poetry dragon
Po Shi Long is the French kering group of jewelry company, is one of the few in the world has always maintained a high-level jewelry superb craftsmanship and traditional style jeweler one. Its ring products become bold and luxurious synonymous with modern jewelery.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 6: Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels is a famous French luxury brand, since more than 100 years ago, the first Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry since its birth, has been the world’s nobles and celebrities favorite top jewelry brand. Its ring products are extremely distinguished and elegant.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO7: Tim Jue
The products are decorated with diamond inlaid jewelry as the absolute subject, showing more themes. The ring products contain distinctive fashion elements.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO8: Demiani
Italy Dmitryi company, is the world’s top ten jewelry jewelery brand, many times won the International Diamond Award. The ring products are known for their design.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO9: Royal wood of this
Miyamoto is the founder of Japan’s Mukimoto Kiyoshi, who has been cultivating pearls for generations to create a long history of 110 years. The ring products to pearl for the brand characteristics.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO10: Chow Tai Fook
Founded in 1929 in Hong Kong, Asia’s largest jeweler, one of China’s most famous and largest jewelery brands, Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Gold Co., Ltd.
Mention Tiffany never avoid Tiffany classic six claw inlaid diamond ring, with the same Tiffany, each jewelry brand has its own classic and classic series, luxury jewelry brand classic series which? The following inventory of the world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models, like fashion and jewelry friends must not miss it!

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models – Tiffany
Talking about Tiffany, it seems that the total can not avoid its early creation of the six claw mosaic to this set to maximize the diamond embellishment of the mosaic method, of course, six jaw mosaic jewelry is Tiffany is a very classic series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Cartier
Cartier classic too much, love series, cheetah series, nail series, three-color gold series and so on. Which is one of the most widely known and most enduring love series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Hai Rui Winston
As the world’s top jewelry brand, Hai Rui Winston has a lot or simple or simple jewelry series. Among them, Lily Cluster is Hai Rui Winston jewelry in a very high degree of identification of a series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Graff
Graf is the world’s top jewelry brand, like Dior’s roses, Chanel’s Camellia and Cartier cheetah, butterfly shape is the best embodiment of Graf jewelry. This sturdy set of emerald temples butterfly series earrings is Graf is a classic representative.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels classic models are also a lot, but almost everyone think of Van Cleef & Arpels, minds are emerging Clover series, which Van Cleef & Arpels is not lucky or unfortunate.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Bulgari
Creative spring design, coupled with platinum, three-color K gold or black and white ceramics, and then diamonds or diamonds decorated with colored stones. Spring ring from the moment of birth was destined to become the most classic treasure of a jewelry.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten classic brand jewelry is still the United States
2015, with the Anglelababy wedding ring exposure, Shangmei also began to fame in mainland China, the classic section of Josephine Queen (Joséphine) series is Anglelababy wedding ring style. Whether it is the crown of the shape, the main carat or the main carved inlaid high-level broken diamond, all the women fascinated by all.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Royal wood
Mu Mu is a jewelry brand focused on pearls, all of its jewelry are around the pearl design and manufacturing. Its classic Fortune Leaves Collection, with K gold as aided design material, set off the round and shiny pearls.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Chopard
Chopard’s Happy Diamonds series has a very high brand recognition, the series not only jewelry and advanced watch. Its biggest design feature is whether jewelry or watch, there will be one or several mosaic of diamonds in which activities.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Dai Mei Anne
The same is the snake, unlike the Bulgari SERPENTI series in the angular, interlocking shape, Dai Mei Anne’s EDEN series reflects a seamless design style, embellished on the gem is also more like a vivid scale The

Jewelry brand classic models

Luxury jewelry brand classic series which? The top of the world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models, every one walking in the forefront of fashion, do not miss it!

Tree jade bracelet price

Tree jade bracelet price
Tree jade bracelet prices generally in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or so, depending on the specific jade tree bracelet phase, weight, material, water, color and so on. Tree of jade is jadeized silicified wood. It belongs to silicified wood, and because of Cartier love bracelet replica its crystal clear appearance and different from ordinary silicified wood. So, what factors are the factors that affect the price of tree jade bracelets?
1, the color of tree jade bracelet. Tree in the jade bracelet with chicken blood red, ink blue, green, golden the highest price, in these colors, the more pure color, the more bright, the more distribution, the higher the price; and the color is yellow, Solid color, black, floated price for medium price, other non-bright color lowest price.

2, tree jade bracelet of the water. Tree jade bracelet kind of water for the ice species, the highest price, other translucent, such as dry material, the price of brittle material, and water Chong material of the water, the lowest price.

3, tree jade bracelet shape performance. If the tree jade bracelet has insects, tree vine, tree section, tree knot, crystal or ring performance, the higher the quality, the higher the price.

How much money the tree jade bracelet

How much is the tree jade bracelet? Tree jade bracelet generally more than a hundred to more than a thousand or so. The tree-shaped jade bracelet is made of a piece of jade made of trees, which retains all the features of the trees. It gives the bark, tree branches, tree branches, tree knots, and wood fibers to the people. There is shape. This kind of nature reveals the simple, heavy, vicissitudes of the shape is not ordinary jade bracelet, through the jade bracelet to show us often only smooth, crystal appearance. The following is a small series of part of the tree jade bracelet prices for your reference:

1, water jade ice soul natural tree of jade bracelet tree fossil wood fossil woody jade bracelet silicified jade wood 691.00 yuan

2, tree jade bracelet authentic tree fossil bracelet wood fossil silicified wood wood jade 467.00 yuan

3, [Hill hi Qi Gallery] Starry Night Language | Myanmar tree jade bracelet wholesale | 59 | ring clear 500.00 yuan

4, “Burmese tree jade bracelet wholesale” Myanmar tree of jade tree fossil silicified wooden bracelet 350.00 yuan

5, fine western Liaoning Chaoyang fine polished tree of jade wood jade bracelet bracelet jewelry jewelry gifts toe collection 980.00 yuan
What is the price of silver bracelet? Wanzhuang silver bracelet prices generally more than one hundred to four hundred or so, depending on the technology, brand, style, work and so on. Silver silver content is 99.9%, that is, thousands of silver, silver silver content is 99.99%, the national standard of the symbol. The national standard is thousands of silver, full of silver is a business of a marketing method, may really be able to reach the silver content is 99.99%, it may just take a million silver to do a gimmick, the actual only thousands of silver or 925 silver, need to buy Friends can be identified after the identification of institutional identification. So, what is the price factor that affects the silver bracelet?
What is the price of silver bracelet? Wanzhuang silver bracelet prices generally Cartier love ring replica more than one hundred to four hundred or so, depending on the technology, brand, style, work and so on. Silver silver content is 99.9%, that is, thousands of silver, silver silver content is 99.99%, the national standard of the symbol. The national standard is thousands of silver, full of silver is a business of a marketing method, may really be able to reach the silver content is 99.99%, it may just take a million silver to do a gimmick, the actual only thousands of silver or 925 silver, need to buy Friends can be identified after the identification of institutional identification. So, what is the price factor that affects the silver bracelet?
Brand The market selling million silver bracelet brand is very much, such as love blessing, seven jubilous clouds, years of stamps, Korean photographers, etc., there are some not registered brand of the shop, which has a registered brand of silver bracelet The price is higher, the same weight of the price is about one hundred yuan higher. Because there are registered brands, visibility and value will be higher, after-sales service is also better, the price is naturally higher.

Weight Wanzhuang silver bracelet style is very much, each style of the thickness, width, will be slightly different, and there is a hollow or hollow process, and some are solid, which, the more heavy style of silver bracelet price , Such as some 16 grams is about one hundred and fifty, and some 50 grams or so, the price will be about 500 yuan a price.

3. Style design and technology. Not all of the full range of silver bracelet styles are very beautiful, but also depends on each brand style design is good-looking novel, work is rough scratch or flawless and so on. Style design more beautiful, the more complex the process, the better the workmanship silver bracelet price is naturally higher.

Million silver bracelet how much money

How much money is the silver bracelet? Million silver bracelet prices generally more than 200 yuan in the more cheap in the 100 yuan or so, the price is higher, there are about six hundred dollars, depending on the style of the complexity of the process and the weight of the bracelet. Million silver bracelet purity is very high, very soft, wear care should pay attention to maintenance, to avoid bumps. The following is part of the small series of silver bracelet price, for your reference:

1. Star Shun Qi silver silver bracelet s999 sterling silver pants silver female special open carp bracelet fashion silver bracelet 65 g 643.00 yuan

2. Gui Gui silverware 9999 million foot silver bracelet female engraving scrubs sterling silver bracelet hand ring brace silver jewelry to send my mother 47 g 478.00 yuan

3. Seven Jubilee Peacock silver bracelet 9999 sterling silver opening 999 silver bracelet simple silver jewelry to send her mother 29 grams 279.00 yuan

4.Menbbro / pulse 9999 million silver silver silver bracelet female fashion opening birthday gift to send his girlfriend 19 grams 219.00 yuan

5. love blessing 9999 million silver push silver jewelry bracelet classic silver jewelry to send the old man to send her mother silver bracelet 16 grams 144.00 yuan
What is the price of silver silver bracelet? Tibetan silver bracelet prices generally in the 20 to 100 yuan or so, depending on the specific silver or mosaic jade or precious stones, possession of silver bracelet weight, style design. The traditional Tibetan silver bracelet generally refers to sterling silver bracelet, but with the changes of the times, and the high cost of silver, Tibetan silver bracelets are gradually replaced by other alloy ingredients, possession of silver bracelet some of the surface to do the old black, more Retro style.
Because the process of the problem, the silver medal bracelet each style in the middle of the depth may be different, and some will be darker, and some colors are light, possession of silver bracelets generally prefer and mixed with pine stone products, so the overall color to see Up is more vivid, unlike Miao silver so dull, so possession of silver is also more and more people love and welcome, ethnic jewelry also occupy a place in the market. So, what are the factors that affect the price of Tibetan silver bracelets?

1. Tibetan silver bracelet inlaid jade value. Tibetan silver bracelet is usually inlaid with turquoise or imitation pearls, agate, crystal or precious some of the Furong Shi, Topaz and so on. The general value of lower turquoise or imitation pearls, agate, crystal and other jade inlaid into Cartier nail bracelet replica the Tibetan silver bracelet prices generally in more than ten twenty yuan, and inlaid with Furong stone, care and other precious stones, the price will be higher Many, generally more than one hundred to two hundred or so, depending on the size of the inlaid gem.

2. Tibetan silver bracelet weight. Tibetan silver bracelet will have a relatively small hollow or fine circle models, there are relatively heavy and thick texture of the style, generally the same style, the more expensive the more expensive.

3, Tibetan silver bracelet style design process. Tibetan silver bracelet fashion generous look good, exquisite craft style, there are styles in general, rough technology style, the price is naturally the better the craft, the higher the price.

Tibetan silver bracelet how much money

What is the silver medal bracelet? Tibetan silver bracelet prices generally more than ten dollars to one or two hundred dollars, are relatively low prices of jewelry. Mention Tibetan silver bracelet, many people think that is from Tibet, which is really “possession of silver” this call was misleading. In fact, the possession of silver refers to the purity of silver is not high. Tibetan silver mixed with other metals, hardness is relatively high, you can carve in the complex pattern above. The following is a small series finishing part of the Tibetan silver bracelet price for your reference:

1, the national wind jewelry stretch rope bracelet possession of silver Tibetan ornaments wide court palace ancient silver carved flowers turquoise bracelet jewelry 18.90 yuan

2, Yunnan ethnic wind jewelry wholesale Miao silver bracelet evil spirits handmade female six words moxa Tibetan silver bracelet 22.00 yuan

3, genuine Tibetan silver bracelet sterling silver bracelet silver bracelet peony bracelet full silver jewelry to send girlfriend silver jewelry 925 42.00 yuan

4, national jewelry | Tibetan silver Miao silver | retro female models | original single hot | diy handmade | original bracelet 8.90 yuan

5, Yushi Park – natural pink crystal bracelet female fox fur stone bracelet silver silver rose gold to send his girlfriend birthday 179.00 yuan

Diamond ring brand list of the top ten diamond ring brand list

Diamond ring brand list of the top ten diamond ring brand list
Top 1: Cartier (Paris, France, 1847)
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Cartier by the British King Edward VII as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor,” the famous brand, in more than 150 years, created a lot of dazzling wonderful works. These works, not only the creation of fine jewelry watch, but also in the art also has a high value, it is worth to appreciate interesting, often also belong to celebrity, and was cast a layer of legend. From the huge necklace ordered by the Indian princes, to the Duchess of Windsor with the line of the tiger-shaped glasses, as well as the big literati Corker full of symbols of the French Academy Saber, Cartier tells a legendary story again.

Top 2: Tiffany & Co (1837 New York, USA)
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On September 18, 1837, Charles Tiffany and John B. Young imitation Cartier love bracelet loaned $ 1,000 as capital, a new stationery and daily boutique called “Tiffany & Young” was opened at 259 Broadway, New York City. , The opening day of the turnover of only $ 4.98; to Tiffany died in 1902 when the property left over $ 35 million. No wealth is from heaven, from a small stationery boutique to today’s world’s largest jewelry company, one of the “classic” has become synonymous with Tiffany, because there are too many people to wear Tiffany jewelry proud , It is with the history of common deposition and development so far.
Top 3: Bvlgari (in 1884 in Italy)

Bulgari is the world’s third largest jewelry brand after the French cardia and the United States Tiffany. The brand originated in Greece, the founder of Sodilio Bugali is a Greek silhouettes of the Iraqi Pruce region. In 1879, Sautilio moved to Naples, Italy, and in 1884 he opened a silver shop in Rome, specializing in the sale of exquisite silver sculptures. Bulgari jewelry production in the color of the design for the essence of originality with a variety of different colors of gems with a combination, and then use the base of different materials to highlight the gem of the dazzling color.
Top 4: Van Cleef & Arpels (Paris, France, 1906)
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Van Cleef & Arpels since its birth date has been the world’s nobility and celebrity Ascot is particularly favorite top jewelry brand. The beginning of the jewelry, it implies a beautiful love honey. At the end of the 19th century, Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef, two jewelers from the Netherlands. After marriage, they created a pair of surnames as the name of the jewelry store jewelry business. In 1906, the first Van Cleef & Arpels (Van Cleef & Arpels) boutiques at the time the most international celebrities indulge in Paris Fontaine Square debut, stretching a century of jewelry legend from the opening.
A carat is 0.2 grams. Can also be called 100 points. So 30 points is 0.06 grams.

30 points diamond ring size, 30 points diamond ring in the country is more popular diamond size, because the size has been able to fire color, affordable, most can accept, but in the end 30 points of the diamond ring how much?

The weight of the diamond is expressed in karaoke, 1 carat = 0.2 g = 100 points, so the weight of 30 points is 0.3 carats, that is 0.06 grams, so you can imagine its weight. In front of us we introduced a carat diamond how much? We use a small soybeans it metaphor, but 30 points of the diamond ring, we can only use the exact value to illustrate, 30 diamonds diameter is 4.20 mm, the thickness is 2.50 mm. 1 carat diameter is 6.50 mm, the thickness is 3.90 mm, so it does not seem to be more than half of a carat more, their price is not a simple multiple relationship.In addition, some 30 points diamond looks relatively large, It is because the cut is Replica Cartier jewelry different.It is not the same diameter, but often such a diamond because the cut is too shallow reasons, not worthy of our selection. It can not show a good fire color.
How to buy 30 points diamond ring, you need to see our own needs. If you want is the cost of diamond ring, then the online shopping diamond ring is more appropriate, or direct customization. The benefits of customization is not only cost-effective, but also allows us to design their own diamond ring style, personally experience the diamond ring production. If you need is high quality to enjoy, that high-profile brand is relatively appropriate price, but the price is much lower.
Mention the diamond ring, maybe we will think of carat drill, but when the real purchase may we will only hastily choose 30 points diamond ring, although 30 cents diamond ring is relatively small, but 30 points diamond ring price can not be ignored, in the final 30 points diamond ring Price is the most concerned about the issue of consumers. 30 points diamond ring price = 30 points diamond price + care price + processing fee + brand fee + other.

30 points diamond ring in the wedding ring price is relatively low, although 30 points diamond ring low price, but in the purchase process need to pay attention to a few questions, for example, in the purchase of diamond ring before the budget, diamond ring brand , The style of the diamond ring and the location of the purchase of diamond ring, these problems, you must consider the problem in advance.
30 points diamond ring price is a lot of consumers want to know, because 30 points diamond ring relative to both drilling, the price is relatively cheap, more suitable for the average consumer. How much is the 30-point diamond ring? How can we buy 30 points diamond ring? Want to know the price of 30 cents diamond ring, you must first understand the composition of the diamond ring price.

No matter how big the diamond ring, they are composed of diamonds and mausoleum, so their prices are largely subject to both constraints. Of course, the price of each commodity is also affected by the business brand and the impact of operating mode, in the analysis of 30 points when the price of diamond ring, but also need to take into account the brand and other factors.