Watch and our daily life can be divided the right to wear can wear the temperament

Watch and our daily life can be divided, the right to wear can wear the temperament “extra points”! Today, watch the watch home to tell you that the tight wear tightly fit the watch!
Straps like hand, clothes to people, to wear comfortable, is the first choice, therefore, regulation, there is a great effect, and he played a very big role on the watch. Watch tight, not just look at the size of the wrist, have to look at the watch their own feelings, therefore, the watch will depend on a lot of loosening of the factors, sometimes, even watch the width of the watch can see a person’s personality traits.
Watches should wear wrist joints, so should be the comfort of this position as the adjustment of the tightness of the reference, the best state, wearing comfort in this position, even if wearing a long time will not appear uncomfortable hand feeling. According to your description in , personal advice as long as you can insert a finger like.
Watch loose, of course, can not be too loose, as long as the right on the line, the width of the fit, not too narrow Narrow the strap will be around the move, easy to compress the strap bolt and make it fall, resulting in the loss of watches, but also beautiful.
France is a country to buy luxury jewelry most often go to a country. Like LV bags such luxury jewelry is usually cheaper than the domestic lot. Will the watch be cheap in France?
In France to buy a cheap watch, the French table to buy how much cheaper
In fact, in France to buy watches, the general name of the brand is not very cheap, but because of tariff issues, the country should be slightly cheaper than the amount of concessions almost 20%. However, in Hong Kong, the amount of concessions is about 20%. Coupled with travel expenses, it is clear that specifically to buy a table to go to France is not worth it!
If you have to buy a watch in France, at the time of purchase, please carefully check the table with a watch information card (commonly known as “birth paper”), that card positive order marked with sales area number, watch number and other information, and The opposite is printed with the name of the agent. After buying the watch, the agent will cover the card sales information for maintenance and certification to use. Each genuine licensed watch has a unique Replica Cartier jewelry number in the world, this number can be in the “birth paper” and the side of the dial can be found, and the two numbers are the same. If the information is complete this watch should be genuine agent products.
When referring to Switzerland, people will first think of Swiss watches. Swiss watch with its superb movement manufacturing process world famous. But some friends will think that in Switzerland to buy watches prices will be lower than the domestic Is that really the case?
In Switzerland to buy a cheap watch, the price of the watch in Switzerland is how much
In Switzerland to buy the table, the price is not only about 8% of the domestic, if Amoy to antique watches, but also lower than the market price to buy more, but the tax rebate is not a small “welfare”, every visitor to To ensure that after the purchase of the table, received a good shop to provide the tax rebate, at the airport for tax rebates, so that the table is considered the best benefits on the best policy!
To the Swiss to buy the table to calculate the economic accounts, unacceptable is the most practical. In fact, simply have to look at what brand of the table, and some brand table to Hong Kong and the Far East as the main market in Switzerland, the pricing will be lower. And Hong Kong, China to their own bargain is different, in the Swiss to buy the table are clearly price. Although the purchase of the table in Switzerland is not necessarily more than Hong Kong, but certainly lower than the domestic. Try not to go to Bucher such a large chain, you can find the local agent. Because of the competition, the general discount to a lot more.
Switzerland to buy the table has several major advantages: First of all, Switzerland no fake table in , table shop to ensure that the sale of the table are only out of the way “SWISSMADE”; second, brand, style everything is complete, do not worry about Amoy not you Want to; again, foreign tourists if the purchase of watches in Switzerland more than 1200 Swiss francs, exit with an invoice in the customs get 7% of the tax rebate.
However, it should be noted that the Swiss table shop every day will be closed soon, but all the shop shop window is never below the gate. Whether it is more expensive table will be 24 hours placed in the window, with the window lights, the brand and the price is clearly visible. In short, as long as there is a favorite do not miss.

How to communicate with the wedding photography shop, studio effective

How to communicate with the wedding photography shop, studio effective
Change clothes and do not add money? When you pick the dress, be sure to ask the shopping guide for clothes plus no money. In general, clothing shopping guide will take you to see some very beautiful clothing, and then said that a lifetime to shoot once, which bride does not want to be beautiful, today shot a few pairs of clothing here are selected … …. This is the usual way to sell shopping guide, nothing more than want you to choose high-end area of clothing. At this time must be clear, choose high-end area of the clothing plus no money? If not money, then go to choose high-end area (so little). Usually need to add money, it is necessary to ask specific, specific plus how many, a few hundred, or a total of several hundred, which pieces of clothes and so on, to add the money is asked clear. It is best to write down.
Do not pursue those high-end area dress election dress we do not want to pursue those high-end area dress, do not want to control how much money spent others. These are not important, in fact, each dress has a corresponding best shooting action, the key is to see people. Here to tell you a skill, if you energetic, then you go to the high-end area of the dress all try again, anyway, try not money, in case you can see one or two favorite it, after all, A lifetime may be on this time.
Choose photographers price? Sometimes we are not satisfied with the photographer, want to change photographers, then many need to add money, of course, some are free for the change. So we need to communicate in advance to communicate in the end or not to add money.
To visit the venue props and so on when the photographer to get the Cartier love bracelet replica problem, do not forget to visit their props Yeah, equipment Yeah, background Yeah, shooting hardware equipment, jewelry and so on. These are also very important. Or so when shooting to see these equipment props old mood will be greatly affected.
On the photographer there is a problem, that is, when shooting is a photographer with a photo, or by the combination of two people, if the two photographers take pictures, how specific allocation. Whether the photographer only take a group on the same day, if not a total of several groups. These problems are critical, or when the photographer in a hurry will hastily trouble, will seriously affect the quality of shooting.
This time should be shooting the relevant issues. Selected each set of clothing inside a total of how many shots shot, how many sets of clothing, a total of how many shots shot, these lenses inside the proportion of the choice of photos. As well as the proportion of indoor and outdoor shooting is not to mention the relevant photos of the processing (modification) and so on.
Location shooting related issues. Location shooting price, you can shoot where the location of what, you can go to other provinces to shoot it, to the other provinces, then the price of it? There is the location of traffic vehicles who are prepared to travel, if the tourist attractions to ask the ticket, parking spaces, who will bear the burden of food and other issues should be asked in advance to ask. There is the location of shooting is completed one day or can be divided into days to complete, how many days to complete the photographer, such as stylist will not change.
Of course, there is a problem is the day the family friends can shoot the same day, shooting the day the service team who have what personnel.
Choose a better reputation of the studio or studio. Wedding photographs are very profitable, but the competition is also very intense. In the pedestrian street, online media, advertising on the wedding photography overwhelmed. In fact, the face of so many choices, as long as the word “word of mouth” can not be disturbed by the outside world. Although the good reputation of the store price will be relatively high, but can shoot a set of their own satisfaction with the photos, even if you have something!
Check the package carefully. In the wedding market, the package is an attractive Cartier love ring replica magic weapon. Many packages under the guise of discounts, set a variety of traps, swagger. So before booking a wedding, be sure to carefully check the situation of the package, if the single package is very cheap to see the total price, but did not notice the make-up, outside the film and other projects need to add money, then,
The useless things in the package can be cut or converted into photos. Now studio to attract people, the package is very rich, can be said to be everything. In fact, so many things seem very cost-effective, but in fact these things are not practical. In addition to the photos can be placed, album or some ornaments, a lot of things on the future after the day on the box. So for those who do not have practical significance of the items, it is best to remove the price, or into a photo entry.
Try to get more location shooting. Wedding dress is the most desirable is to shoot location. For ordinary people, in addition to wedding photographs, it is difficult to have a box of clothing, professional makeup artist and photographer to take pictures of the opportunity. So in the studio or studio to talk about the price, to fight for location shooting, at least add several sets of location clothes.
Ask if there is any extra consumption. Extra consumption is the most common trap in wedding photography. Some unscrupulous businesses, in order to achieve the purpose of deceiving customers, the contents of the package does not involve some content, such as location shooting fees, park tickets, meals and so on. Because these consumption is not clear in the promotional package, so even more to ask clearly, or will cause disputes.
Ask the big picture of the box, the number of photos in the album and typesetting. When shooting wedding photos, usually take a lot of photos, but not all the photos will be framed. So be sure to figure out the number of frames into the photo, photo frame, photo album material, and layout to take pictures of the time.
Ask about the details of the photo selection and refinement. A lot of wedding Cartier nail bracelet replica photography packages are marked later will send all the pictures taken. But there is one thing to keep in mind: the photos sent by the general is not a refined photo. In fact, wedding shoot out, there may be a lot of favorite photos, but because the number of problems can not all into the book. So when booking must be asked to send the photo is refined or simplified, as much as possible to request the number of fine photos, so that you can put the photo album after the intensive repair, and so have time to wash their own The
When you deposit your deposit, you will see the same picture on the contract and sign the results. Even if the package will see clearly, the price is clear, the miscellaneous things do not need to get rid of, and can not be taken lightly. Any verbal commitment will not be used as a strong basis before it is officially presented in writing. So before the deposit, must be the results of the negotiations one by one to write clearly, after the completion of verification, and then sign the payment.

The maintenance of the diamond ring

The maintenance of the diamond ring
When love is exhausted, you need to find a way to make love fresh, only with freshness, love is more sweet; when to come To the specific festivals, anniversaries, you need to prepare a gift to the beloved person a different surprise. These are some of the way to get along with love, these ways is to let love can always go on the way, love is a fragile ceramic vase, need careful maintenance, maintenance, to be able to have a beautiful luster, only maintenance , To be able to give the world not the same attraction. Love of the diamond ring, but also the need for maintenance, maintenance, and can be better guardian of love. So what is the maintenance of the diamond ring?

In the world of love

Love, and sometimes need to be in a still state, in a static state, you can feel the beauty of love. In the maintenance of the diamond ring is the same, you need to still, when you have a commitment to love the diamond ring, the heart is full of happiness, but happiness can carry, but the diamond can not carry. When you are in the bath, sleep, engage in some of the work may have damage to the diamond ring, the diamond ring to take down, put it in a safe place, so that the diamond ring can better save their own shine, from damage.

In the world of love low profile

Love is a very happy thing for everyone, when you have love, in fact, there is Cartier love bracelet replica no need to let the world know your sweet, because happiness is two people together sweet. Diamond ring is the case, wearing a diamond ring, be sure not to touch at any time, do not touch a hand to touch. Because your hands have sweat and a lot of dirt, so long-term touch your diamond ring, will make your diamond ring lost luster. So, do not always touch the diamond ring, so happy in the heart of the best.
Reflect in the world of love

Love this thing, no matter how you go to maintenance, how to operate, can not avoid some unexpected circumstances. So, you need to clear the impurities in love regularly. For the diamond ring, the long time, there will be some scratches, stains, so, for these damage, we must promptly deal with. Like scratches, you can go to a professional jewelry store to repair, for the stains, you need to regularly take the diamond ring to wash with a professional cleaning fluid, the only way to be able to keep the diamond ring clean and smooth, it will not leave too much Traces of years.

Diamond ring maintenance methods, like love maintenance, to avoid hard-edged, to regularly reflect your love. Operating love is a difficult thing, but as long as you love deep, proper way, your love will come out of a beautiful legend of love.
Two people’s life is bit by bit the accumulation of life footprint, it is love inside the long-term companions, I believe that one day the future you will always look back because they have such a past and feel happy. Diamond ring to bring the vision of the future, bring a better hope for love, but also brought the original intention of love. When a diamond ring is worn on your hand, it means that it is a promise, but also love the witness, more love is a mark for you. Now many people are willing to use a diamond ring to firmly guard the love of two people, then the diamond ring certificate is a need for us to pay attention to a place. Every time we buy diamond ring when the diamond ring certificate will be more attention.
That is your testimony of my love

All know that each ring has its own unique temperament, perhaps the exudes of the charm of a small woman, perhaps with the youth of the campus atmosphere, but no matter what kind of charm ring has its own unique certificate. Diamond ring certificate is the existence of the diamond ring, is a representative of the quality of a ring, representing a plot of feelings. When we buy the ring, we should carefully check the certificate of the diamond ring, because it is your attention, because it is your future hand in hand respect for the people. Two people accompanied by a section of the road, is lucky, but also to use a ring to witness the love of two people.

That is the future of the insistence

Although the diamond ring certificate can not represent the distance of two people love Cartier love ring replica the distance, but at least you can witness the future of every step of the road. Because the two of you wearing the ring, but it is time to tell you that it is your commitment to love each other, every time you want to give up, every sad sad cry when we must firmly tell ourselves, more Stick a little bit. If love is a momentary impulse, then accompanied by the eternal insistence, do not let your love become regret, so the future of the people more patience.
It is all the diamond ring

Diamond ring certificate is a synonym for a diamond ring, when you see a favorite diamond ring, you will want to know the most quickly it all, you will want to know it’s true and false, then the diamond ring certificate is your best select. It is the most intuitive and most detailed way to understand a diamond ring. So we have to buy diamond ring when we must take a good look at the diamond ring certificate above the information, I believe you will certainly be more like that diamond ring.

Diamond ring certificate is the future you go all the way with a mark, it is your firm belief in a standard, look at your diamond certificate, look at the love of both of you.

working in foreign companies

Shanghai, feel the brand charm
These days, the night will come Binjiang Avenue will be staged such a scene: tens of meters, the first Shanghai Fashion Week to build a white canopy music hustle and bustle; entrance, just the end of the day labor workers are curious to see big Canopy inside the figure. Perhaps the “brand” is a strange word for them, but, admittedly, in this city, the charm of the brand has been overwhelming.

Brand, change of life

Even if only one day to go to Hong Kong business trip, but also have to join in a fancy to buy a Cartier love bracelet replica fancy for a long time “23 District” T-shirt; even wearing high heels, visiting Isetan brand sale will be good when the foot power is amazing. 30-year-old Miss Ma and many peers, the mind of the “brand” concept began in the early 90s of last century. For an es-prit jacket or a lace embroidered underwear, advance overdraft next month’s salary, 10 years ago, the behavior now want to come still some crazy.

In 1994, Miss Ma has the first truly world-class “brand name” – more than 2000 yuan Buberry cashmere scarf. Soft touch and classic colors as if she touched the pulse of fashion. Just regret, not to buy Shanghai.

Today, working in foreign companies Miss Ma has been fully capable of their own wardrobe into a world brand showroom. She is to create a “dislocation with the law,” to a number of shops to collect the “MUJI” with a stern dress, with the work to enhance the mood of the index change.

From blind to crazy, and then to their own claims, Miss Ma’s purchase clothing should be engraved in the Shanghai apparel consumer market growth and growth of the track. Some people say that clothing is a sign of the city, this statement is true. After all, in a mature consumer market, clothing sales to account for a large-scale sales of nearly 60% of sales. The brand consumption as the protection of customer loyalty, can not fail to become the only way for urban development. In the Greater Shanghai Times Square, has brought together more than 100 brand stores, shopping malls every month there will be a new brand settled, according to market response to make adjustments. Miss Hou Wei, who is responsible for the promotion, is a Hong Kong native born in Shanghai. She feels like Shanghai in the 90s of last century, Hong Kong can not wait to fly forward – “Although the brand awareness and acceptance of Shanghai, Feeling and Hong Kong is still a little gap, but Shanghai accumulated more than half a century ago, the cultural heritage of Hong Kong clothing is impossible.

Christian Dior has led the haute couture industry, rendering the romantic elegance of Paris; London School of Design talented young talent in London in the traditional sky to open the window of freedom; Armani with fantasy design and orderly operation highlights the Milan gorgeous Luxury; the temperament of the artist in the Fifth Avenue of wanton “graffiti” to improve the name of the New York Fashion Furnace; Miyake, Yohji Yamamoto, the income of Europe unreservedly dedication, shortening the rise of Tokyo time … … Today , Turn to Shanghai. Since already have the courage to absorb, Shanghai can also have the enthusiasm to release, with clothing to create the city’s character?

Brand passion I to deduce

Even holding VIP tickets, can only watch the top brand of clothing in front of flash Cartier love ring replica through. Only they can temporarily become temporary owners of these expensive fashion!

Taking advantage of rehearsal gap, the reporter came to the background of the fashion show. As the director of six fashion shows, Liu Jiahui from Hong Kong is working with all aspects of the staff for the final coordination. Casually ask him with a set of their own eyes in the fashion attire, the reporter really jumped his thinking shocked – CHANEL women’s jacket coupled with Giordano’s T-shirt, put Xiangyang Road fat leg pants, to find a pair of not Know where “Amoy” to the shoes, and then destroyed a CD packet … … However, perhaps because he is the official fashion “enthusiast”, he can in three months of wantonly through the show field to brand desire and personal style Got seamless. FERRAGAMO advocating simple, with white and gray reflective material reflects its modern; LANVIN preferences neoclassicism, but do not exclude modern elements, black cloth and red background is the most powerful classic to achieve; PAUL & SHARK push marine style VIVI-ENNEWESTWOOD this time to bring the style biased in favor of simple, just the backdrop of the gold logo on the wall is sufficient to increase the queen of the queen of the United States and the United States, VIVIENNE TAM and AIGNER are also simple lovers, white again debut.

For the models coming to the show, the work can look to the beautiful Bund so excited about them. Laughing Eunis from Hong Kong, talking about the Shanghai girls better skin and full of self-style dress with, and talked about London’s dazzling array of clothing stores as spirited; long black hair Serene is a Singaporean, and 17-year-old Spanish girl Fiona hit it off, each other praise each other’s clothes on the ribbon and bead, for the details of the beautiful excitement. Came to power, interpretation of the master’s talent; life, girls wearing flat shoes to take their own personality.

Beauty, No Borders – Behind the scenes of six international brands

Lanvin (Langfan): mother love to stay for 100 years

It has been said that Lanvin is the fashion industry, “the pearl of the crown,” this evaluation tells the brand across the more than a century in the French fashion industry a decisive position. In 1885, founder Jeanne Lanvin opened his first studio in Paris. With his extraordinary artistic talent and exquisite workmanship, Langfan’s name swiftly swept Paris through her designs. After a lapse of a hundred years, the kind with the wife of the beloved daughter of the same name of the sun flower decoration and “mother and son” is still the classic pattern of the most distinctive store signs. It contains the beginning of the wave where the fortune is designed for her daughter’s children. With her daughter grew up, wave where they began to design and sewing young girls and young women, and then expand the business areas. This from the love of life and children eventually led to the formation of waves where the soft style. She insisted to have their own dye, love fresh, pure color, such as pink color system, cherry red, Begonia green, cornflower blue, etc., but also inspired from the oil painting, mining the classic “Lanfan Lan” ), A unique brand of color. The twenties of the last century where the rapid expansion of business, in addition to women’s, children’s wear, women’s hats, there are perfume, men and other products. In 1927 the advent of the “Arpege” perfume to the unique flavor in Paris a sensation. Stylish elegance, first-class materials and workmanship make her men’s custom service is still attracting gentlemen from around the world. US President Bill Clinton, British Prime Minister John Major, French President Mitterrand, French actress Alain Delon and others are Lanvin men’s seat guests.

SalvatoreFerragamo (Ferragamo): from head to toe by fashion

Some people say that everyone should have a pair of shoes fit, it will take you to a happy place. Salvatore Ferragamo (SalvatoreFerragamo) started from the beginning of the shoe. As a genius shoe maker, when he was nine years old for his sister’s first date made his first pair of shoes, thirteen years old, got his wish to have their own workshops, began to create his first step in fashion kingdom. In 1914, the 16-year-old Ferragamo far to the United States, by the then film and big star Replica Cartier love bracelet shoes soon fame. Sophia Loren, Audrey Hepburn, Eva Veron and Marilyn Monroe, and so on the design of the shoes are showing a soft spot for elegant and elegant style. Ferragamo’s designs are world-renowned for their comfort and creativity. Metal wire, wood, blankets, synthetic resin similar to the glass, the typical Florence wine coconut fiber … … the new shoe materials in his hands have been continuously developed. But no matter how endless his design ideas, he has always believed that the style should be both practical and practical. 1947 Ferragamo to more transparent nylon line stealth sandals design won the fashion industry Oscar Gold Award – NeimanMarcu-sAward, became the first award-winning shoe division.

VivienneTam (Vivian Tan): Chinese and Western wall to win reputation

Vivian Tan’s design is probably the biggest fashion brand in Saturday’s most likely to make the Chinese audience intimacy. Because the brand of costume design, has always been the main theme of Chinese culture, taken from the traditional Chinese pattern, and then blend the Western countries experience, set the essence of both in one. Its brand founder – Hong Kong designer Tam Yan-yu is with the combination of traditional Oriental elements and Western fashion image of this innovative idea in the fashion industry has been popular. Growing in Hong Kong and accepting the background of fashion design training makes Tam Yan-yu’s works very oriental, while the use of high-tech materials and modern Western simple lines of strong design has also been unanimously praised the industry. Since 1981, the first time since the launch of fashion series, Tan Yan Yu by virtue of its unique style to the fashion industry attention. At the beginning of the eighties she moved to London, New York, in the local challenge and vitality of the fashion industry development. In 1990, she began to design its English name VivienneTam named after the series of fashion, and gradually developed into innovative design ideas highly sought after fashion brand. Vivien-neTam design adhering to the characteristics of harmony and personality. As Tan Yanyu said, I hope everyone can put on my design of clothing, they will not only be limited by time and space, but also to express their own style.

AIGNER (Aigner): Lucky Horseshoe into the world

Aigner from Germany AIGNER brand with its unique red “A” horseshoe logo is widely known. Hungarian youth Aigner later in the horseshoe by adding a bar, on behalf of his first name of the family name A, also symbolizes the meaning of the meaning of luck never lost.

History seems to acquiesce to this good wishes, horseshoe trademark since the 1950s since the founding of the 20th century, has grown into a world-renowned brand logo. In 1965 the German businessman HeinerH.Rankl spotted its potential and made the trademark in Italy, including the production of handbags, belts, shoes and a series of leather products, 70 years will expand the field of business to men and women clothing and watches, ties, scarves, umbrellas, Cosmetics, perfume, lighters and other accessories products, in 1987 launched a series of glasses, the product range can be described as flowers in full bloom.

As Germany’s national character, AIGNER the German brand adhere to the “fine quality” and “integrity” of the two principles, emphasizing between clothing and accessories can be practical with each other. All AIGNER products can be divided into business and tourism and leisure most of the two, exquisite workmanship and rigorous use of materials, as the brand gives the impression – elegant, simple, in the pursuit of fashion and sophisticated customer base to win a consistent Word of mouth.

VivienneWestwood (Vivienne Westwood): England rose to open the wonderful work

Vivian Westwood Lady Corset, Corset and Scottish Short Skirt? Underwear Waichuan, frame skirt, pirate clothing? Yes, this is the “punk godmother” rebellious creation. Dazzling hair color, warm smile, even behind the scenes, Vivienne Westwood strong personal color is enough to burn the eyes of fashion! Perhaps the meaning of “punk” can not say a few words, then let the “godmother” in their own garden to grow the most enchanting of the British roses, the branches out of the secular barriers, free blooming eye-catching wonderful work. In 1970, she borrowed £ 100 from her mother and opened a partnership with McClellan at 430 King’s Road in London. Her frenetic thoughts were immediately reflected in the constantly changing name of the store – in 1971, the store name is “Let it swing it!” In 1972 changed to “Come. Come too fast to live”, and then changed to “Young dead”, 1974 Year to “sexy”, began to “punk” rubber and a variety of raw materials management clothing, in 1977 and changed to “rebels”, pulled out the banner of rebellion. Although she is deviant, but her inspiration is often from history and art, her clothing is sexy and modern, she torn legs, cut short sleeves, she deliberately pieced together discord, it turns out that her perverse is not all rude , At least, she blew the fashion industry was breathtaking air. Today, tired of the Vivienne Westwood began to devote themselves to return to folk, however, Queen Elizabeth II awarded the 1992 O.B.E medal is still bright and moving.

PAUL & SHARK PAUL & SHARK: free shark cited wave

Its brand stores all over the world, in Milan, Paris, New York and other cities in the central area can be found PAUL & SHARK words. For the Italian leisure brand PAUL & SHARK (Paul and Shark), born in 1921, people can see their unique design style from their ubiquitous shark logo. Blue sea in the meantime, the golden PAUL & SHARK words like a rainbow across the sky, the whole picture as the brand has always respected the design style, embodies the freedom, elegance without losing the pioneering. At the beginning of the birth, PAUL & SHARK production company is located in the outskirts of Milan, a village in a knitting factory, adhere to the selection of high-quality materials and simple and comfortable style gradually open the market for it. In 1977, PAUL & SHARK began to get involved in the field of ladies ‘and students’ casual wear, and won wide acclaim and became the world famous casual wear brand by adapting to many kinds of different occasions and unique design tastes. Nowadays, under the leadership of Andrea Dini, PAUL & SHARK combines its design with life and art, focusing on the elegance of style and high-tech comfort.

Colorful Colorful Jing Fang Yan, Chinese and foreign models interpretation of the multinational charm of the brand

DTC tears heart light up Valentine’s Day

Tears of the gods – DTC tears heart light up Valentine’s Day
This day, the gods of tears into a diamond, the original love, long ago God. Did you know that in the beginning of time, the world a barren, a diamond has been for this relationship and fall into the center of the earth, blessing stroked the face of Eros, the arc is destined to encounter this life, somewhere In the love of God.
Some love, already destined to millions of years, the ancient land and the vast sky, quietly wrapped God’s tears, condensed into this one unique. Is the blessing of happiness is also an instant perception, that bright section, reflecting the brilliant smile, this life is destined to bloom for you only one person.

In 2006, the Valentine’s Day, the romantic on schedule, the international diamond authority DTC capture “she” received the diamond in the moment, the eyes of endless surprises and happiness of the illusion of bright tears, with love in the name of the diamond Cartier love bracelet replica will instantly solidified into forever. DTC this season, in particular the “tear of the heart drill,” the unique concept of a perfect interpretation of the mythical implication of endless love diamond, the love of the season, so you see in the eyes of her diamond has been long-favorite happiness.

The world believes that every feeling has long been doomed, and DTC believe that the diamond is the only testimony of God. At the beginning of time, Eros for every marriage falling a crystal tears, from heaven to the heart of the earth, condensation of blessing and prayer, through hundreds of millions of years of staggered, in this special day to find her true home , Into her tears of joy that tears in the eyes of crystal.

Greek legend, the diamond is the gods of tears, formed in 3.3 billion years ago, beyond the time and the power of nature, has experienced an unimaginable journey, came to us, never bleak eternal firm light, witness each A love of love with tears to bless. Nothing more than diamonds can show the characteristics of true love: tough dazzling, through time and space conversion is still timeless, and most importantly, it is a symbol of everlasting eternity, 3.3 billion years before the end of the earth to love has been born . What can be more than in the celebration of love this day, eternal light with diamonds to light her smile more beautiful, brave love it, in the name of diamonds, this love is blessed by the fate of God. February 14, Eros tears fall to earth, shining destined to billions of years of happiness.

When love is doomed, there is a diamond for you. She is currently known to mankind the hardest natural material, than the Earth’s hardness second only to her minerals 58 times harder. “Diamond” is derived from the Greek word “adamas”, meaning can not be conquered, as human love.

We use diamonds to show the love of firmness, we use diamonds to prove the vows of life, from romance to faithfulness, diamonds cover all the beautiful language of love, that tenacious and brilliant light, shining silent somewhere, hundreds of millions Year to date, endless.

Greeks believe that diamonds are the gods of tears, each section of love have been doomed to God, God’s tears that gather together blessing and blessing, experienced billions of years of experience, to reach the hands of the master, and finally witness the prophecy replica Cartier love bracelet come true, the eternal happiness .

Not only is the myth, every diamond, are difficult to come across the hands of the master, that bright light shining in the fate and providence. The youngest diamonds, 900 million years old, are formed in the depths of the high-temperature and high-pressure earths until powerful forces send them to the surface along with volcanic lava, which is fraught with danger, May also become carbon dioxide gas, or by water erosion, was buried in the sediment, waiting for the discovery of mankind that day. A diamond drill, through the crossed, open, polished and cut, the natural bright light to break out of the cocoon for the lovers to witness the eternal, staring at that one experienced untold hardships before mapping a smile smile diamond, you Will understand that this is love, turbulence and tempered, time and space changes naturally, can not erase the bright and tenacious flashing love, even if the dark world, that little diamond light, enough light to hope, to guide the direction of love.

The diamonds that belong to you are unique because your love is a unique diamond that has just been mined and cut into as many as 16,000 pieces by cut, clarity, and color before being cut and polished. Diamond’s 4C The standard (color, weight, cut and clarity) determines that there are no two identical diamonds in the world, just like love.

Who says the happy people are the same? Each section of love, from the origin to the hand, then forever, are unique, only to bright diamonds can only echo your gratitude for happiness. It is believed that diamonds are spiritual gems, to echo the owner’s unique temperament, shining master’s true glory. Every woman wants to be special, especially in the eyes of her love, she deserves the best. Praise her unique diamonds, shining tacit light, quiet and brilliant, it is the heart of Cartier love bracelet replica the proud, is your unique mark, engraved on each other, such as diamond shine, eternal immortal.

February 14, the West’s romantic Valentine’s Day, every corner of the earth in the promotion of love, at the same time, shining different touching moments. With diamonds to tell her that she is special, is unique in this world belongs to your happiness, she deserves this one destined to come to her hands of diamonds, that brilliant light, is your silent agreement, the witness of heaven, you love each other , Never betray, even if the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of the general experience, such as diamonds, still tenacity shining love light, this diamond is the love of God with tears condensation blessing, is looking forward to billions of years of agreement, because you and complete.

In fashion at the same time

Jewelry worn aesthetic
Wearing jewelry is a university asked, wearing appropriate, like make the finishing point. How to play this inner charm jewelry and function? First of all should know what occasion what to wear jewelry, what occasions to wear jewelry. In our past, people think that only formal and solemnity of the occasion to wear jewelry and other occasions is not suitable to wear jewelry, in fact this is a kind of understanding deviation, as long as wearing appropriate, any occasion all can wear Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry. So that everyone had a deeper understanding of clothing, know there is a suit, casual wear, dress, casual wear, and so on of the difference, and know the different occasions wear different clothes, and on jewelry to wear, is the lack of knowledge, picked up a piece of jewelry to wear is no longer, what is it.
That should be paid attention to several major occasion wear jewelry items:
For professional women, clothing accessories limited is more, in addition to abide by certain principles, in fact, oneself take a state of mind, clever choose suitable for their own temperament and style jewelry, shaping their own unique taste, is that you find the confidence and the key to success.
In order to break through the professional attire color simple, can be in the hair and chest, and necklace to match some color vivid colored gemstones, in serious business attire, the transmission to the female’s vitality and beauty. These colored gems of choice, it is important to note that the gem grade, gem gorgeous color must be pure, gem against fire is close friends certainly, gem must have reiki.
In fashion at the same time, on the basis of jewelry, clever collocation can subtly change business attire appearance effect, the two most important jewelry is here, the necklace and the brooch. Don’t on the edge of the suit collar, brooch, on the design of a curve can make suit grave to add a few silk of active movement; The length of the necklace, qualitative material, colour, and the different design style, clever collocation, can also increase the movement and rhythm beauty kit.
Special professional and special occasions, it is best to wear suits your career personality and your taste of personalized jewelry, should give full play to the passions of jewelry culture connotation, make it become a kind of symbol of body language, it is best to wear professional design and production of unique jewelry products. The most fully reflect their own unique taste and personality.
At ordinary times, tourism and leisure, household also should pay attention to the form of jewelry to wear and the collocation with garment, generally in this informal occasion, wearing a colored gems and semi-precious stones jewelry design, the collocation with casual clothes replica Cartier love bracelet complement each other, insipid in give a different taste.
Visiting family members, it is you the best opportunity to fully display their wear personality and taste, had to wear the right colored gemstone jewelry, will give this special spring of the millennium, add a little color, at the same time will give your family and friends a warm and relaxed feeling. Formal occasions, such as the celebration dinner party should wear a rare gem set decoration, the design of more than two pieces of jewellery, we should pay attention to collocation and the jewelry designer to help you solve this problem, design a suit of jewelry.
Common suit are; Two dresses, three dresses, four dresses, five pieces of suits.
2 piece (necklace + ring), + earrings (ring), (necklaces and earrings), (earrings + pin), (bracelet and earrings)
Three-piece suit is acted the role of; + necklace, earrings (ring), + necklace, brooch, ring)
4 times act the role ofing + necklace + earrings, brooches: (ring), + necklace, earrings and bracelet (ring)
Five dresses (ring + necklace + earrings, brooches, bracelets), (ring, necklace, earrings and bracelets and tire)
You should be careful to suit to wear, wear not appropriate, will comedy tends. In general, for everyone, it is indispensable, formal occasions, in principle is the requirement of wearing a suit or close to suit high-end jewelry. Suit on the material, style, technology has certain requirements, demands consistency. Two times, has a wide range of application, usually is more casually, can match any clothes in any occasion, but for jewelry materials, molding, work, and the environment, dress to match.
Four-piece set, five ACTS the role of wear must be careful, only can wear more formal Cartier love bracelet replica and solemn occasions, inappropriate environment will be affected, too, have a negative effect. Suite due to the increased number, the increase of the weight of the color, the influence on colour and modelling with clothing design will be relatively large. Therefore, it is important to note that collocation, and the coordination with wearing environment.
Jade suit, for example, it is best to formal occasions to wear at night, emerald green under the lights, thrive is showily, but in the sun, covered in green, is too dazzling. Platinum sapphire set of ACTS the role of in such a situation would be more appropriate, can be composed.
Ruby and diamond adorn under the lights will have a good result, pearl set has a strong adaptability, on most occasions, all won’t appear dazzling, Britain’s princess Diana, there are a lot of pearl set, she often wear pearl set to attend various occasions, always appears elegant and showily. So I recommend, should have a pearl set, ready for use, it is the collocation with garment also is not very demanding.

The basic knowledge of common gold and silver jewelry and gemstone

The basic knowledge of common gold and silver jewelry and gemstone
Every open (the abbreviation of English carat, German karat, often writing “k”) gold content is 4.166%, 18 k = 18 * 4.166% = 74.998%, 24 k = 24 * 4.166% = 4.166% to 99.984%, 24 k gold containing 91 22 k. Contains 7%, 18 k, 75. Contains 1%, 14 k 58. Containing 50% 5%, 12 k.
The current market sales of gold jewelry, divided into pure gold and K gold jewellery, according to the national standard of GB11887, common several kinds of gold jewelry content is:
  24 k, I see the market at present with 24 k gold decoration, according to the national standard, the theoretical value should be one hundred percent, 24 k gold content of gold barefoot, so strictly speaking, 24 k doesn’t exist, the sales data with 24 k gold is not correct, do not accord with the national standard.
  jewellery – content is 99.9%, commonly known as the three 9.
  jewellery – content is 99.0%, above, commonly known as two 9.
  18 K – content is 75.0%, there are many types of K gold color, usually imitation cartier love bracelet with yellow, red, white. K gold with white, is, in fact, gold and nickel, zinc, copper and other elements of the alloy. It is not as white gold jewellery. Platinum is refers to the precious metal platinum (Pt)
How to distinguish true and false, and quality when buying jewelry?
A, check mark
  the standard provisions of the state, precious metal jewelry should be playing with origin, manufacturers, material and content mark, no mark for the unqualified products. Quality problems such as quality inspection institutions to give test judgment according to mark. Consumers want to buy you need according to mark the brand and different gold content of gold ornaments.
Second, the sensory test:
  1, see color: pure is a deep yellow, K gold have yellow, red, white color, and imitation gold for copper alloy products, shallow color.
  2, ok weight: gold weight is 19.3 g/cm3 and much higher than the proportion of imitation gold products, such as pure gold ring for 5 grams left and right sides, and the same size of imitation gold products generally less than 3 g.
  3, hardness test: soft, of pure gold with a pin to scratch, with teeth teeth marks.
Three, such as the need to accurately know the content of the precious metal jewelry, or appear the quality dispute, should be to jewelry quality inspection agencies, adopt the method of physical or chemical analysis for identification. Still need to check carefully when buying jewelry gem-set, welding strong do you have any fault, burr, trachoma, etc.
Maintenance of jewelry, gold jewelry when wearing and storage, should be avoided Cartier love bracelet replica and contains the elements such as lead, mercury (mercury) items contact, otherwise it will make jewelry surface discoloration. Should be jewelry when working, taking a bath, get off, to prevent wear or knock against, more do not force pulling to avoid deformation or fracture.
Jewelry to wear after a period of time, there may be dirt, dark color, can use detergent such as soaking, with a soft brush gently scrub, rinse, wear after dry.
Platinum (white gold) jewelry basic knowledge
  platinum also called platinum, chemical symbol for Pt, for silver precious metal, hardness is slightly higher than gold, density of 21.45 g/cm3 (20. C), melting point 1768. C, it has many good qualities, such as corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and the beautiful color, etc, because of platinum has these characteristics, or to separate into modelling elegant, posture hale platinum jewelry, can also be used for making beaded jewelry, especially in the platinum inlaid on the tap the beauty of the color of fire, motorcycling, bring out the best in each other, is the most popular jewelry.
The types of platinum jewelry (market)
  PT990 jewelry, also known as platinum jewelry, not less than nine hundred and ninety over one thousand of the platinum content.
  PT900 jewelry, not less than nine hundred over one thousand of the platinum content.
  PT850 jewelry, not less than eight hundred and fifty over one thousand of the platinum content.
Platinum jewelry marks:
  material and content mark, such as: PT900, said platinum replica Cartier love bracelet content not less than nine hundred over one thousand.
  manufacturer’s mark: such as: Beijing E, said a manufacturer production.
  diamond weight: such as: D0.26, said 0.26 -carat diamond inlays.
  should pay special attention to mark when consumer is buying jewelry, platinum jewelry (platinum) with white distinguish K gold jewelry, 18 K white gold seal for 18 K, platinum (platinum) for Pt.
Basic knowledge of silver jewelry
  is for silver, and the chemical symbol for Ag, for silver precious metal, hardness is low, 10.5% / cm3 density, melting point 960. C, has the very good electrical conductivity, ductility and thermal conductivity, in addition to the electronic, medical, photographic industry use, also to make money, jewelry, household utensils, etc.
Silver jewellery classification (market)
  S990 fine silver jewelry its silver content not less than nine hundred and ninety over one thousand.
  S925 silver jewellery its silver content not less than nine hundred and twenty-five over one thousand.
The stamp of the silver jewelry:
  material and content, such as: S925, said the amount of silver jewelry Cartier love bracelet replica not less than nine hundred and twenty-five over one thousand.
  manufacturer mark A, such as: Beijing said A manufacturer production.
Basic knowledge of jade jewelry
  at present, the common on the market of high-end jewelry with diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, high quality cultured pearls, mid-range gems are garnet, amethyst, gold, topaz stone, etc. In the past two years, coral, malachite, turquoise, dongling, stone, jade ornaments also begins popularity.
  gems of true and false recognition has been the concern of the consumers. To buy gemstone jewelry, to regular jewelry shop to buy jewelry shops or shopping malls, the quality is guaranteed. If appear quality problem or question, can consult experts or to identify relevant quality inspection institutions.
What kind of stone is precious?
For this problem, cannot treat as the same, but according to the value of the natural stone and scarcity, international jewelry industry recognized precious gem varieties have diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, chrysoberyl, for the east, the jade is also included. But, what kind of gem is the most precious? It is according to specific situation. The value of the gem, depending on the degree of quality and rare gem itself. Every kinds of precious stones, is relatively rare precious Fake Cartier love bracelet stones. For the vast number of consumers, according to their own preferences, purchasing power of choose and buy.
  with the popularity of diamonds, people care about the diamond, are not confined to the true and false identification, but the quality of the diamond grading. Normally with 4 c on international principles, namely:
  carat weight: 1 carat is equal to 200 mg.
  clarity: divided into the FL, the IF, VVS, VS, SI, I six grades, market SI – VVS level.
  color: D, E, F, LLN and   cutters: divided into good, good, general.
  understanding of diamond grading knowledge, help to purchase price, the quality is quite reasonable diamond.
Colored gemstones, such as smoky, sapphire, quality depends on its color, transparency, flaws, cutting and several factors. Clean gemstone jewelry, generally take a bowl of warm water, add a small amount of cleanser, with small hair brush gently touch water scrubbing, and then rinse, reoccupy cloth blot moisture, dry soft silk cloth. Deposit gemstone jewelry, pay attention to don’t put all the jewellery is placed in a box at the same time, because of the jewelry inlaid jewelry will mutual friction, the gem is damaged and lose its luster.

Buy jewelry and jade article should “four note”

Buy jewelry and jade article should “four note”
Year set, jewelry jade gold jewelry consumption has soared, but these expensive commodity is difficult to identify the authenticity of consumers to buy the real ones, shoddy goods. The choose and buy jewelry jade gold jewelry should be paid attention to:
First, before the choose and buy should first understand some common sense, jewelry and jade article commodity to master some simple recognition techniques, conditional can ask professionals choose and buy together.
Second, pay attention to check the goods producer name and address, logo, origin, trademark, name, etc., don’t be fooled by sales promotion personnel exaggerated oral propaganda.
And third, not blind impulse, covet is cheap, try to choose jewelry Cartier love ring replica counters in shopping mall and regular stores to buy.
Fourth, pay attention to see if any statutory piece goods appraisal certificate issued by the authority of to stores for shopping vouchers at the same time, to be marked on the certificate details of purchased accessories including texture, variety, colour, etc., for after-sales service and the rights of use.
As the New Year and the tourist season approaching, gold, jade ornaments and other consumption began to heat up, but after buying a jade butch, there’s plenty skeptical citizens.
“Recently there are often people with gold and jade to our testing center identification. Although has certain professional identification of gold and jade, but there are some tips when the choose and buy.” Ningbo city, zhejiang province product quality supervision and inspection institute gold jewelry inspection center experts said.
In recent years, the citizens of ningbo gold, jade, makes the increasing volume of these accessories according to the three main source points. From domestic shopping malls to buy gold ornaments, basically the goods quality is reliable, but may be due to the reasons such as consumer wearing inappropriate fracture, become angry. According to IDA, director of the center for detection of gold and jewelry, gold mercury will turn white, and some skin care products containing mercury, after contact with the gold chain necklace becomes angry, this is a normal phenomenon, some consumers were due to suspected gold necklace quality problems. The second category is the travel to buy jade products, this kind of product problems, basic for overseas purchase of jade “, as genuine, but quality grades may not meet the prices shown in standard, and domestic travel to buy jade, fake goods are found in testing. The third kind is the online purchase of gold and jade. Citizens from inspection, about half is fake products online purchase, gold class is relatively stable product quality, fake jade products.
Gold jewelry inspection center of senior engineer wang chao said that gold jewelry detection, in addition to the necessary equipment, testing methods and personnel quality is very important.
When the choose and buy gold jewelry often unprepared testing conditions, therefore, wang chao Cartier love ring replica warns a citizen when the choose and buy to grasp five footwork. The first step to check the goods identification, note the name on the label is clear; Precious metals commodities to see mark, mark should include the manufacturer code, name, material and information such as the purity. The second step is to view the product certification, the consumer to confirm whether has CMA, CAL, CNAS logo on certification, has CMA, CAL, CNAS qualification jewelry, precious metals testing institutions issued by the certificate is valid. Consumers should pay attention to check the inspection certificate (identification certificates or test reports, etc.) the contents of the tag identification content is consistent with the product. The third step, before the payment required stores to on-site weighing goods, and pay attention to labels, commodity labeling check the weight of the conformity certificate. The fourth step, consumer should ask the shop for goods wear using written warning message. Fifth, the consumer should ask for bill after payment. Pay attention to check whether what product name on the invoice, the name is consistent with the label.
Jewelry jade investment in domestic heating up in recent years, not only jade, hetian jade jade with Chinese traditional culture value, such as diamonds, red sapphire, and emerald gem also get more and more investors. But experts introduced: in addition to diamond, all coloured gems in the natural stone called colored stones. According to the value to distinguish, ruby, sapphire, emerald, cat’s eye belongs to high-grade color treasure, tourmaline, Tanzania Cartier love ring replica stone belongs to the mid-range color treasure, such as crystal, blue topaz, peridot, belongs to the low color treasure, if investment, should be given priority to with high-grade color treasure.
In all kinds of gem, ruby is the most precious, was praised as “the king of the gem”, in the identification of gem quality, transparency is an important index, transparency refers to the degree, ruby allows visible light through the color gem is directly related to the color. In addition, the article jewelry experts also special remind, because there are many different kinds of colored gems, price six to one, and it is difficult to distinguish, when accordingly consumer is bought, must look for the certificate of authority.
Year, and the traditional gift season, many people will choose to use jewelry to express this a sincere friendship, the eternal precious platinum jewelry is one of the most popular choice in recent years. Because many white jewelry on the market, however, many consumers in choosing often occur due to a lack of understanding of the basic of platinum, and could not buy the real platinum jewelry. To this end, we invited jewelry expert for your action, simple two step teach you easily out of the erroneous zone, to buy the real platinum jewelry.
Q: is all white jewelry is a platinum jewelry?
Expert action: no, at present the most common type of white metal jewelry market is K platinum and white gold. Because the color close, consumers often confuse the two. In fact, they are completely different white metal. Platinum production scarce, known as the king of the precious metals, the pure white colour and lustre is natural, enduring, and have other metal incomparable range of motion. K gold and white ingredient is gold, because after joining other Cartier nail bracelet replica metals present a white, its essence is a combination of 75% 25% gold and other metals, long-term wear yellowing phenomenon will appear. Therefore, not all white jewelry is a platinum jewelry, not light from appearance to determine whether to buy the real platinum jewelry.
Q: how to buy real platinum?
Experts action: to distinguish between platinum and other white metal is one of the most simple method directly, is looking for jewellery in platinum proprietary marks – Pt. Because according to the regulation, each must be inscribed on the back of platinum jewelry platinum proprietary marks: platinum (platinum and platinum) or Pt, and after the sign said with a platinum (platinum content) QianFenShu purity, such as platinum (platinum and platinum) 950, Pt950, Pt990 (platinum), Pt999 (thousand foot platinum). This is like platinum id, bring platinum quality guarantee. Therefore, find a Pt logo, can buy the real platinum jewelry.

Brunello Cucinelli 2016 spring summber men’s clothing series

Brunello Cucinelli 2016 spring summber men’s clothing series
Beyond daily leisure and elegant dress the boundaries of polarization, declared “dressed” in the style of triumphant return, Brunello Cucinelli SS 14 men’s clothing series inspired by Teddy Boy (from the nickname of queen Victoria, son of prince Edward Teddy, this nickname first appeared in 1953 newspapers); In the ’50 s rise in the suburban areas of the British youth Is sports, combined with Edward vii men’s manner and elegant, and is put into the saville Fake Cartier love bracelet tailor street revival wind Still, also represents the pursuit after world war ii class equality of social vitality.
Brookings nai, cookie in (Brunello Cucinelli) collection contains the mood: daily luxury dressed the game rules, make leisure and modern can perfect into the details of the classic suits, become a style to choose.
Attune slants dark appearance, from red to bordeaux to violet, and mulberries, sage, love, shenmu, boxwood, royal blue and navy blue, indigo, various series tonal, the color overlapping split into exquisite cut out the details.
Coat: this is the season of prince accessories, is suitable for daily wear, can also be used for formal occasions; For wool light (from 150 g of wool and silk fabrics to 240 grams of pure wool fabric weight), sometimes also can be used when the coat, deserve to go up even tie and accessories, or trendy fashion. Revisit the classic fabrics style lines to select and modern style: prince, will plover frames, herringbone, madras, such as grain, grain and big squares with ingenious fusion, from several meters from a distance, but all into the single color.
Vest: this is the season of new products, through the redesign of modern style, has the Cartier nail bracelet replica characteristics of cultivate one’s morality and short, casual pants and work pants, to wear outside the denim shirt or cotton t-shirts. It become daily elegant explanation, detail is various, from the inside of the buttons to the lining, and pocket, reminiscent of the fifties the gentleman in the waistcoat pocket placement comb, pocket watch and even dagger.
Trousers with a narrow leg is shorter and the characteristics of flanging bottom; Difference is the color is various, casual pants for garment dyeing, take Chen Jiugan, and dress pants is spinning dyeing and weaving. All kinds of blue jeans, there is no doubt that belongs to a bright spring and summer.
Modern fashion suits fit of cultivate one’s morality, through different parts collocation, can reduce the polarization suits – leisure, all kinds of dark grain and fabric suit plays an important role in the spring and summer series.
Jacket design also plenty with garment after washing the slightly Chen Jiugan light leather jacket, a jacket technology fabrics, also has a very soft 100% silk jacket. The Sahara jacket and ski-wear, has the precious value. Short jacket and rock and roll style. Sweater is the soul of all the season series, all kinds of singlet and sometimes can be instead of the jacket cardigan have particular style. Design decorative pattern is not much, highlighting is medium – dark series monochrome, materials Cartier love ring replica have a cashmere – silk blended yarn and cotton.
Wear shoes on feet, have a good English more structure: select the use of leather and ultralight sole, classic style has become the modern and fashionable, trendy design to make it adapt to various occasions, collocation suits and outdoor leisure wear.
Spring and summer series include accessories, they are more in men’s clothing ornament and highlight the function of the selected style: there are all kinds of hand bag, ties, belts, bags and small leather goods.
New Monili limited-edition sneakers, as a new “wave energy movement daily grace, by its unique trademark details showed Brunello Cucinelli vitality women style.
The new sneakers is a special evolution luxury street fashion. Advanced materials by the exquisite handcraft and the baptism of modern technology to sublimate. From September 1, you can in the global brand stores of choose and buy to this limited edition shoes.
As Brunello Cucinelli women’s clothing series of precious exclusive details, each shining metal is manually set your buckle. This is a new kind of proprietary Mosaic technology, metal with reference to the edge of the cortex naked cut way, makes the decorations will more strong and replica Cartier love bracelet permanent.
This kind of shoes is unique, the contemporary craft technology and modern delicate objects perfect fusion.
Shiny metal decoration with the upper fine contrast: suede present dumb light effect, sheep skin and wool printing, as well as waterproof flannel, embodies the color contrast of the season, with two different types of laminated structure emphasizes the texture.
For this special custom Brunello Cucinelli sole design well packaged: three different density of material use, mixed grinding by hand, to ensure the lightweight and comfortable shoes.

Brunello Cucinelli 2016 autumn winter

Brunello Cucinelli 2016 autumn winter: top luxury temptation of cashmere
Cashmere is so charming, because it has been a legend. (unconfirmed) is said to be in era of Julius Caesar, the Roman nobles are wearing soft shawls, their design is the result of Indian Kashmir. Rumors that the time of the goods (mainly pearl) in the clothes are imported Cartier nail bracelet replica from India, because in the first century BC, between a century after the AD and luxury goods, even the army of Julius Caesar, each soldier with a shawl.
When it comes to the origin of cashmere, had to speak, in ancient times, in addition to the goat hair, there is another kind of clothes, or, more should say it’s a simple but important fabrics. It is made up of wool, silk and cotton, and widely used. Fabric thick and solid, when it is flat out on the floor, can be used as a carpet to keep warm and protect the foot from land uneven harm. If put in the body, it is like a piece of clothing. Hang on the wall, it was a very decorative tapestries, moistureproof.
The recorded time, in ancient times, cashmere has been in the west is famous all over the world. Officially formed in cashmere ago, however, as time goes by, until the 18th century, the rise of Indian tycoon), and silk, linen, cotton, and wool textile market important product materials together firmly occupy the market and occupy at least after 50 years of the 19th century. At the same time, the price of some shawls freight is more expensive than the carriage.
Cashmere producing area include Afghanistan, India, China and Mongolia, where the produce is valuable Hircus goat “gold wool”. As early as the 17th century, useful “golden fleece made of pure manual” cloak and scarves. In the 18th century, the east India trading Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica company will be the first batch of scarves brought back to England, has been popular. Then, and made a batch of sell to France, then spread to the whole Western Europe continent. Cashmere comes from these amazing animals skin fluff. In order to survive in such a harsh environment, sometimes in front of the cold when it’s minus thirty degrees, or in front of the hot hot summer, these animals under their thick sebaceous spontaneously formed a very good soft leather fibre, thousands gathered in a small area.
Basically, it is just like two layer. On the surface of we can see the touch, it is a long, thick layer of fur. Under the fur, is our so-called undercoat, can make us feel a kind of extreme intangible soft. This kind of comfortable clothing made of wool, conquered the 19th century the most sophisticated women noble, and in the near future in the whole continent. The beauty of this material, compared with 24 mm of superfine merino wool fiber, it is endowed with an average of 15 mm attractive touch. It also has a recently discovered quality: in the filling of hollow structure, it is like made of synthetic fiber, laboratory without sacrificing comfort under the premise of increased permeability.
Brunello Cucinelli wool, compared with other brands, and the only difference lies in the quality and the characteristics of natural fiber. From the human point of view, the point many natural degrees are from the grooming process. Every spring, beautiful, shepherd combed wool, in a gentle way to remove the fiber, the sheep do not cause any damage. Every year, every goat body can take to about 250 grams of subcutaneous fibrous, this also is the reason why cashmere so precious. The difficulties encountered in the search for wool and checking of but also increase the value of the cashmere. The shepherd can only a short period of time of day to shepherd, combed wool, the rest of the time he can cultivate or buying and selling goods.
A timeless blue sky is supreme faith of Mongol minority, genghis khan is no exception. Natural imitation cartier love bracelet dominated the land and this group of people. In fact, a typical Mongolian tent, also called yurts, is face to face with the sky, and sky. A timeless blue sky, it is pure natural advantages has become the most important factor in Mongolia cosmology. Its vision is so vast that curve in mental and physical performance, has become a main element. The sky is a face, the moon and the sun is its eyes, it cycles, with respect to all living soul. Mr Brunello Cucinelli and his long-term partner of Mr Cariaggi, every year go to Mongolia and China, just to choose the best quality cashmere. Wool is in solo Mayo factory processing, skilled master craftsmen made from durable clothing, cashmere.
Dynamic Brunello Cucinelli spring/summer 2016 women’s clothing series
Brunello Cucinelli 2016 spring summer series, through the combination of fabrics and high-tech, accurately reflect the style of luxury and leisure. Handmade art expression is more and more rely on the innovation of science and technology: this is a combination of modern technology with traditional luxury, is the charm women meet with dynamic leisure world.
Fashion geometric shape, box, T, square, trapezoid, until the kimono: the transition from east to west, make daily clothing packed full of multicultural overlapping and mutual dye. Jacket can match short pants type such as boots pants, locomotive or leisure trousers or jogging pants, jeans or slacks and male style boy. Skirt also have different styles: there are double silk fluid pencil skirt and high waist skirt, there’s a very light silk yarn dress, and trapezoidal skirt, all is the result of Cartier love bracelet replica combining technology and fabrics.
Important color make this series dynamic game, design effect is the alternating black and light color, with a strong but not harsh color piece: Yan fat color, color and pink grapefruit ginger color, or navy blue, royal blue and space blue, with gray, khaki, camouflage and biscuits hue complements, driving out all kinds of graphics.
The involvement of science and technology, for the traditional manual art brings a new rhythm: noble fabric Such as thin wool, silk, cloth, silk and organza voile, transparent and precious materials through high-tech processing, presents the new design and plane and solid geometry of becoming a series of new subjects.
So knitting clothing into relief, through the complexity of printing and dyeing technology, form the flowers design of protruding; While combining technology with extremely special embroidery filling type, drawing on the knitting coat and trousers pattern, flowers and geometric shapes.
Metal decoration to make leather shoes and handbags series. Style shoes or high heels, sandals, sports shoes, men, often have the ornament of gold or silver metal wire. Daily makeup bag, bag or later add new wind colour for this spring and summer series.
The idea originated in sports leisure world, gradually close to the field of high fashion, so the natural silk to replace the artificial fiber, color contrast form constitutes the designs, leisure dress becomes a dynamic fashion.