The maintenance of the diamond ring

The maintenance of the diamond ring
When love is exhausted, you need to find a way to make love fresh, only with freshness, love is more sweet; when to come To the specific festivals, anniversaries, you need to prepare a gift to the beloved person a different surprise. These are some of the way to get along with love, these ways is to let love can always go on the way, love is a fragile ceramic vase, need careful maintenance, maintenance, to be able to have a beautiful luster, only maintenance , To be able to give the world not the same attraction. Love of the diamond ring, but also the need for maintenance, maintenance, and can be better guardian of love. So what is the maintenance of the diamond ring?

In the world of love

Love, and sometimes need to be in a still state, in a static state, you can feel the beauty of love. In the maintenance of the diamond ring is the same, you need to still, when you have a commitment to love the diamond ring, the heart is full of happiness, but happiness can carry, but the diamond can not carry. When you are in the bath, sleep, engage in some of the work may have damage to the diamond ring, the diamond ring to take down, put it in a safe place, so that the diamond ring can better save their own shine, from damage.

In the world of love low profile

Love is a very happy thing for everyone, when you have love, in fact, there is Cartier love bracelet replica no need to let the world know your sweet, because happiness is two people together sweet. Diamond ring is the case, wearing a diamond ring, be sure not to touch at any time, do not touch a hand to touch. Because your hands have sweat and a lot of dirt, so long-term touch your diamond ring, will make your diamond ring lost luster. So, do not always touch the diamond ring, so happy in the heart of the best.
Reflect in the world of love

Love this thing, no matter how you go to maintenance, how to operate, can not avoid some unexpected circumstances. So, you need to clear the impurities in love regularly. For the diamond ring, the long time, there will be some scratches, stains, so, for these damage, we must promptly deal with. Like scratches, you can go to a professional jewelry store to repair, for the stains, you need to regularly take the diamond ring to wash with a professional cleaning fluid, the only way to be able to keep the diamond ring clean and smooth, it will not leave too much Traces of years.

Diamond ring maintenance methods, like love maintenance, to avoid hard-edged, to regularly reflect your love. Operating love is a difficult thing, but as long as you love deep, proper way, your love will come out of a beautiful legend of love.
Two people’s life is bit by bit the accumulation of life footprint, it is love inside the long-term companions, I believe that one day the future you will always look back because they have such a past and feel happy. Diamond ring to bring the vision of the future, bring a better hope for love, but also brought the original intention of love. When a diamond ring is worn on your hand, it means that it is a promise, but also love the witness, more love is a mark for you. Now many people are willing to use a diamond ring to firmly guard the love of two people, then the diamond ring certificate is a need for us to pay attention to a place. Every time we buy diamond ring when the diamond ring certificate will be more attention.
That is your testimony of my love

All know that each ring has its own unique temperament, perhaps the exudes of the charm of a small woman, perhaps with the youth of the campus atmosphere, but no matter what kind of charm ring has its own unique certificate. Diamond ring certificate is the existence of the diamond ring, is a representative of the quality of a ring, representing a plot of feelings. When we buy the ring, we should carefully check the certificate of the diamond ring, because it is your attention, because it is your future hand in hand respect for the people. Two people accompanied by a section of the road, is lucky, but also to use a ring to witness the love of two people.

That is the future of the insistence

Although the diamond ring certificate can not represent the distance of two people love Cartier love ring replica the distance, but at least you can witness the future of every step of the road. Because the two of you wearing the ring, but it is time to tell you that it is your commitment to love each other, every time you want to give up, every sad sad cry when we must firmly tell ourselves, more Stick a little bit. If love is a momentary impulse, then accompanied by the eternal insistence, do not let your love become regret, so the future of the people more patience.
It is all the diamond ring

Diamond ring certificate is a synonym for a diamond ring, when you see a favorite diamond ring, you will want to know the most quickly it all, you will want to know it’s true and false, then the diamond ring certificate is your best select. It is the most intuitive and most detailed way to understand a diamond ring. So we have to buy diamond ring when we must take a good look at the diamond ring certificate above the information, I believe you will certainly be more like that diamond ring.

Diamond ring certificate is the future you go all the way with a mark, it is your firm belief in a standard, look at your diamond certificate, look at the love of both of you.

How to choose to marry the diamond ring to express the love of mind

How to choose to marry the diamond ring to express the love of mind
How to choose marrying diamond ring, may be every boy will marry before, will worry about things. Girls are generally considered to be more romantic, but boys, are generally considered more boring. So, the boys may not be selected girls like the ring, will worry that girls will not because of the diamond ring is not satisfied with the proposal to marry, then how to choose to marry him?
Where to buy marry ring

Buy to marry diamond ring, the first need to determine is where to choose marriage proposal diamond ring? It is recommended to the store to buy. It is estimated that many people buy the diamond ring may be the first to think of is online to buy, online purchase Cartier love bracelet replica although save time, effort, but if you buy back to marry the diamond ring is not so in line with the mind, and online pictures do not match, resulting in the ring is not so Perfect, then it may lead to marry failure. So buy marry ring, should go to the store to buy, you can choose genuine items.

Be sure to choose the right size of the diamond ring

The last step of the marriage proposal, usually, the boys to marry the diamond ring out for the girls to bring, so that this time to note that the ring size must be consistent with the girls’ fingers. In this respect, you need boys secretly. When you choose the appropriate size of the ring to marry a diamond ring for girls to wear when the girls will feel your concern for her, small details are often more moving people, her heart will be secretly happy, that you love her. In fact, girls just want a concern for his boys only. At this time, she will be very easy to promise your proposal.
Choose to replace your love ring of love

Diamond ring brand variety, its meaning is not the same. So, you need to know in advance about the original meaning of the diamond ring brand. And then choose the diamond ring when the right to choose the right ring, such as life is only one person to send a diamond ring is also a romantic love words. Sent this diamond ring, it means in the life of this diamond ring, you can only give her a person.

When you have to choose to marry him, you must express your love, then how to choose to marry a diamond ring? How to choose a perfect expression of your mind to marry him? Need to pay attention to a lot of places, after reading this article has its own sentiment it?
Platinum diamond ring has always been a popular choice for couples, has always been to its own characteristics to attract consumers, but also to consumers a lot of benefits, and even many girls in fantasy, are eager to wear platinum diamond ring As a dream. So today, to introduce Cartier love ring replica is to teach you to identify platinum diamond ring, to achieve their own diamond ring dream.
The most precious metal with diamonds

Eternal, pure, rare are the best description of platinum, in this world, its production is very limited in the world only a few countries only to appear, its natural white, in many places are different from other metals , Since it was used as a diamond ring material, consistent praise, especially platinum and diamond ring the perfect combination, it seems to a large extent to find the location of the diamond, are natural colors, all with natural temperament. So when buying platinum diamond ring, it is best to buy platinum diamond ring with diamonds, because they are like lovers, the perfect pair.

To diamond the most perfect protection of the ring

Although we are not 100% of the jewelry to understand, but on the metal hardness and process or have a certain understanding, not the hardest metal is most suitable for inlaid diamonds, diamond ring if the mosaic process is more complex, you need mature Process, so when you buy diamond ring, for the platinum diamond ring must have a certain understanding of the ring, diamond ring quit the best choice of platinum metal, so that your diamond ring in the passage of time will not be oxidized , It will not fade, but has always maintained their own qualities, so when buying diamond ring, the best is the platinum material.
Platinum ring also has its own identity card, which is the difference between platinum and other metals the most direct way, according to the relevant provisions of each platinum jewelry on the back or the circle should have pt words, and in the back marked platinum pure content , Such as Pt900 (on behalf of the amount of platinum is 900 ‰), there are some other content, the key to see consumers buy platinum is how much, recognize these small details, in order to buy Cartier nail bracelet replica high-quality diamond ring for you to be guaranteed Are you looking for it?

Platinum is called the metal on behalf of love, and platinum diamond ring is also a symbol of love, is the best witness of loyalty, love is also the best love between the oath vow.

Teach you to identify the platinum ring, to achieve their own diamond dream, at a stage of your growth, whether you will dream in the dream of his life only to send one of the diamond ring, that person is you, and that diamond ring is you Long-awaited platinum diamond ring, no matter at any time, you are like this diamond ring, and now you can finally pick their own!

Cost-effective diamond ring which brand

Cost-effective diamond ring which brand
Question: Recently I want to marry my wife, and want to buy a more cost-effective diamond ring to her, there is no more cost-effective diamond ring brand can recommend the next?

Best answer: In fact, the so-called cost-effective, is the value of value for money. Want to buy cost-effective diamond ring can not blindly to the purchase of goods, then first to understand the lower diamond brand price ranking.

The latest diamond brand cost-effective ranking:

1, diamond bird, one of the domestic diamond electrical pioneer, but also the leading Replica Cartier jewelry brand of domestic diamond business, now has dozens of experience in the country center.

2, love diamonds, the domestic focus on wedding ring custom diamond business, with a number of experience stores, because more emotional needs of consumers so more popular.

3, Davey jewelry, the real sense of the online shopping diamond ring brand, focus on the network 8 years, pure network sales platform under the wireless experience shop.

4, Zuo Kayi, the domestic diamond direct sales agencies, have their own official sales platform, offline store, but the main business sales in Taobao.

5, Kelan diamonds, the first domestic engaged in diamond electrical business of professional jewelry brand, with Tencent such a strong financial backing, the current experience shop to distribute throughout the country.

6, bloves wedding ring custom center, the domestic wedding ring diamond exclusive custom products and services to provide the jewelry brand, with several custom stores nationwide.

7, Dai Ouni, domestic use of the network for custom wedding ring brand, business model and BLOVES, as is currently a number of domestic experience shop under the line.

8, Opel, the domestic website + F2C experience shop + phone, diamond sales platform, the main line shop in Guangzhou.

9, luxury jewelry, first-class international online jewelry trading platform, dedicated to the vast number of consumers with the most perfect and most cost-effective jewelry treasures.

10, OL jewelry network to focus on diamond wholesale and jewelry retail fifteen years of experience, combined with 4R business model, quickly in the jewelry e-commerce industry come to the fore.

We all know that online shopping is cheaper than the store, diamonds is the case, diamond electrical business to see the middle of the cost of none other consumers.
Q: recently bought a Burmese jade pendant, found in the surface to see some flaws, this situation is normal? Will not buy fake, right?

Best answer: For the Burmese jade emerald flower pieces we need to pay attention to the following flaws: emerald flower pieces of the request is relatively low. If the raw material is not white cotton, crack and impurities, it is very perfect, it will not be processed into a flower. Therefore, the general emerald flower pieces of small cracks and impurities are acceptable. Even a very high-end pieces of flowers, can not completely avoid small flaws. So Myanmar jade pendant surface has a small flaw is normal.

And for jade jewelry inlaid class, such as Buddha, Guanyin, flower pieces, you have to pay attention to the back there is no death. If the back is gold or platinum sealed mosaic, the back may be more serious problems. Therefore, encountered the above situation, we must be careful when buying.
Question: I want to buy a pearl necklace, go to the mall looked under the price found different, which is why?

Best answer: This is because the price of pearls is determined by roundness, gloss, color, size and other major factors, so its price will be different.

First, roundness: pearl shape that is round beads, beads and nearly round beads. Positive round beads refers to the roundness of the best, suitable for making rings, earrings, pins, necklaces and so on.

Second, the gloss: the higher the better skin light, crystal clear the best.

Third, the color: the general white in the micro-pink for the best, very white Run of the pearl is also precious.

Fourth, the size: to the better is better Seven heavier called pearls, and eight heavy pearls called Sarah.

Five, in pairs: in many pearls, requiring color, skin light, all the same size, is a rare thing, so pairs of opponents worth high.
Question: I bought a piece of Hetian jade, it is now the appreciation of the space big?

Best answer: Hetian jade market call for cultural guidance, the current Hetian jade where the problem? We can make a comparison with the diamond. In fact, the promotion of diamond culture in the country has been a big money in the operation, you see the ads on television, say “diamond forever, a permanent”, advertising and did not play who is the manufacturers, this is the relevant institutions Behind the cultural operation. Today, the results of cultural promotion has been reflected, the new married to buy diamond ring, which is accepted the promotion of diamond culture. And Hetian jade is the East of the material, but also to become the world’s leading varieties of jade.

Which need to jump from the concept of origin, standing on the perspective of jade culture to think about the problem, the work of cultural guidance, such as Hetian market have the future. Now we understand the cultural heritage is not in place, as some of the jade carving made by the things, the spirit of the ancient jade culture from the tradition, which should cause full attention. I think the future of Hetian jade producers to do some things for the public, so that the future of young people willing to get married when the bride a suet jade bracelet, swap a jade, which is Hetian future prospects.

High-end bullish, low-end bearish Since it is a collection, I think no matter what time, have to aim at the best things. Only the best thing is the most valuable, is the market benchmark. Collectors now reflect the rare jade material is less and less, a good thing prices certainly higher rise, this is not a problem. The problem is that we talk about more market saturation, which is also placed on the desktop and nephrite is not fast moving consumer goods, will not disappear in the market, certainly have a saturated day.

If there really is one day, what is the market? I think we can still see the emerald, emerald has the world’s only supply origin of Myanmar, but the supply of jade small? Filled the streets can buy more than a dozen dollars of jade pendant, can emerald And did not lose the noble qualities, good things worth tens of millions, and was collected, reluctant to sell. Therefore, the future and Hetian jade market and jade, high-end bullish, low-grade bearish.

Two dialect of the market, high-end collection without any impact and Tian Yu’s collection is actually two groups, one is a high-end small minority collection, one is the low-end public collection, which is two people, two cases. For the high-end small minority collection, the collection of people and people have formed a special group, it is almost no external funds, markets, raw materials and so on any impact. This group for the seed material collection also has a cultural identity, not the money will be able to enter.

For example, the former paragraph has a million people who inquire about the situation and nephrite, the results looked after the seed material, feel expensive, did not buy. This is actually in the collection culture does not agree, in this circle, is the mass consumer market.

There are some lovers in this market, but it must be noted that the nature of this market is closer to the consumer sense of the market, most of the value of Hetian is not high, the future is not strong appreciation. Now, many of the consumer groups in the collectors do not understand and Hetian collection, that as long as the purchase of a piece of Hetian stay up, a few years will be able to appreciate, and if this understanding, then some wishful thinking.

No matter how good the Qinghai material and Hetian jade has a significant difference, perception can be identified, but from the ingredients on the distinction will be a problem. And the insiders are not very difficult thing, this market is still optimistic.

Stephen Webster brand interpretation leading jewelry fashion

Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) brand interpretation leading jewelry fashion
Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) is the British jewelry designer Stephen Webster’s personal brand of the same name. Stephen Webster’s jewelry combines Gothic, rock, religion, animal and other elements. Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) jewelry brand interpretation leading jewelry fashion.
brand introduction:

Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) is the British jewelry designer Cartier love bracelet replica Stephen Webster’s personal brand of the same name. Stephen Webster’s jewelry combines Gothic, rock, religion, animal and other elements. From the description of vampire bats, butterflies and other night creatures, with a strong vampire culture “Fly by Night” series, to “seven sins” as the inspiration of the seven gem ring, Stephen Webster with gorgeous precious stones, fine Strange shape and dark and treacherous temperament, depicting an alternative, mysterious, with a strong artistic and cultural background of the jewelry world. In addition to the precious high-level jewelry, Stephen Webster also has a price of 150 pounds to 1500 pounds of more affordable silver series.

Stephen Webster Jewelery has seven stores in London, Beverly Hills, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Vienna and Marbella, Spain. The reason why there are a number of stores in Russia, because the designer Stephen Webster’s wife Anastasia is a Russian, Anastasia not only Stephen Webster’s jewelry works introduced to the Russian high society and fashion, Also helped Stephen Webster met with Madonna’s stylist Trish Summerville, and later, when Madonna married Guy Ritchie, he invited Stephen Webster to design a wedding ring for himself.
Stephen Webster Jewelery Interpretation One

British jewelry designer Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster), if the style Diablo, secret and gorgeous, I look like a super-type rock star designer left you the impression, then you Will remember his most representative works – “seven sins” as the theme of the seven jewelry ring. Following this group of works, Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) recently launched the same theme pendant.

“Seven sins” include “arrogance, jealousy, rage, laziness, lustiness, greed, bulimia and lust”, Stephen Webster still uses Cartier love ring replica seven different pendants to correspond to each of the concepts, inlaid ruby peacocks Tail feather pendant symbol of “arrogant”, inlaid with black crystal eye-shaped pendant symbol of “jealousy” … … seven although the theme is special, but it looks quite gorgeous pendant, whether the original “seven sins” theme ring The same, make you feel bright

Designer Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) Introduction:

Designer Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) was born in 1960, from the United Kingdom Gravesend an ordinary family, the father is a draft, the mother is a cake teacher. In the local secondary school, the young rebellious Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) is not a good student, 16 years old, he entered the Medway College study jewelry design, after graduation in the jewelry designer John Donald hands internship two Year, and then began to pursue their own business independently. “When my internship expires, I want to be the best jeweler and craftsman, and I can make very beautiful works,” says Stephen Webster, recalling the start of his business. But then I did not have a customer, so for a long time, I can only work for others, do only sell 10 pounds of gadgets. Until one day, I met a Canadian, he said every year to pay me £ 300, let me in his hands to do a “all-around jeweler”, I did not know what this career, but I followed him to Canada. He let me come into contact with a variety of real gems, he is a like Indiana Jones’ s explorer, looking for precious gems in Brazil, Africa and other places, he found many gems, such as tanzanite and tourmaline, almost never heard of me at the time!

“This experience has become an important turning point for Stephen Webster’s way to be a great jeweler,” says Stephen Webster. “Those gems are very precious and they are impressive and financially outstanding. Can not be willing to use them to do those ordinary jewelry, can only be processed into the most beautiful works from then on, I really understand the various gems, and from the heart to love them. It ‘s impossible to get what you can do for people who are excited and screaming, and if I’ve been doing the ordinary rings for the sake of making a living.
Designer Stephen Webster

By the late ’80s and early 1990s, Stephen Webster, who had little success, returned to England with his work, but his style of alternative and unique works was questioned and given him at the crucial moment The most important affirmation and support, not the new Cartier nail bracelet replica generation, but was founded in 1735, much favored by the British royal world’s oldest jewelry brand – Garard jewelry (Garrard), Garard jewelry (Garrard) jewelry on the Stephen Webster’s work was very interesting, and in 1996 he helped him hold a personal jewelery exhibition.

Later, after a series of mergers and acquisitions in Garrard, Stephen Webster, in December 2008, replaced the rock star Mick Jagger’s (Mick Jagger) Daughter Jade Jagger, became creative director of Garrard’s (Garrard).

Stephen Webster’s jewels blend Gothic, rock, religious elements and inspiration from nature, darkness, mystery, and gorgeous style that attracts jewelry that loves alternative styles, and if you See the designer Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) slightly disheveled black curls, tough in a little decadent temperament, will feel that he may be a rock star! Stephen Webster’s teenage years are indeed inextricably linked to rock and roll, and at the age of 16 he began to study the design of jewels, it was the heyday of gorgeous rock, Bryan Ferry, David Bowie, Marc Bolan’s music has deeply influenced Stephen Webster, who has also studied the guitar for two years, but eventually found his musical talent is not good enough. Although not a rock star, but Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) and Cressi Hyde (Chrissie Hynde), Robert Cray and other musicians are friends for many years.

Diamond Ring Customized Price

Diamond Ring Customized Price
Because people are witnessed as a marriage, naturally there is the more profound the unique meaning of the better. Many well-known brand diamond ring custom will give each diamond ring different meaning, and some diamond ring brand also intimate interaction with customers to customer experience as a prototype to design a diamond ring, so that the diamond ring has a more unique meaning, right I am more meaningful. So familiar with the diamond friends know that simply want to know the diamond ring custom price is unable to give an accurate answer, because the diamond ring custom price is not determined by the one or paragraph, but by the diamond itself, the quality of 4C to measure the following small I would like to introduce several models of Zoacai diamond ring custom price:
(1), the main diamond weight (ct): 0.40, the main diamond color (color): FG, the main color of the diamond (Clarity): SI, the main thread cut (cut): VG, on behalf of our search for the most beautiful words to describe the inside of love, we look for the most precious things to match the love of the aura, we use diamonds to describe love The eternal, flower-like K gold claw inlaid diamonds, the classic four-jaw set to be innovative, the same is the promise of love.
(1), the main drill weight (ct): 0.50, the main drill color (color): H, the main drill net (0), the main diamond color (white) (Clarity): VS2, the main drill cut (cut): VG, secondary drill total weight (ct): about 0.25 kt, certificate: GIC identification certificate, left and right symmetrical design, as the makeup show you cover your eyes Magic mask, and you like the autumn pupil-like clear bright eyes, stars Luo Bu’s auxiliary drill, highlighting your angel-like pure heart, at the moment magic and pure dance, love infinite.
(1), the main drill weight (ct): 1.00, the main drill color (color): FG, the main drill clarity, the main diamond color (white) (Clarity): VS, main thread cut (cut): VG, secondary drill total weight (ct): about 0.01 kt, certificate: GIC certificate, this gorgeous diamond ring custom, simple and popular, it shows The most dazzling light of the diamond, which is a beautiful woman is worthy of worship of the ring. The most classic diamond-like pattern is a solid diamond with a claw, so that diamonds at any angle are the best luster, simple and classic. Beauty, such as water, stars clear, willing to diamonds bright shine life love.
Custom ring lettering is the choice of most people, custom ring, has also become a fashion trend in recent years, but because the girls hand fine, the ring is generally smaller, laser lettering, in order to keep the ring letter after the beautiful, There is a limit.
For example, in the Zoakai, custom ring lettering only engraved words: engraved 3-4, only engraved words: 5-6, only engraved words: 5-6, you can carved heart or “&” Word, font is Arial. Lettering, the general are free lettering, but engraved the word, to erase the re-engraved, it will charge 50 yuan or so rub the cost of printing.

Customized ring lettering can be engraved a lot of content, such as “sea LOVE Li” “sea (heart) Li”, “Forever love.”, “Alice life”, or engraved with their loved ones birthday, or carved hands And grow old together. (Men and women ring each engraved half) and so on and so on, so that your ring more meaningful, more sense of belonging!

Custom ring lettering is mainly a special date, intimacy name and love declaration. Special Cartier love ring replica date can be birthday, acquaintance, date of marriage or more commemorative day, as long as the couple ring to see this row of numbers, will think of the scene was happy. Intimacy name is to call each other’s nickname, so that the other side to accompany all around, feel each other’s heartbeat and breathing.

Custom ring bearing a lifetime commitment, is the eternal love of the logo, you will never go to damage it. Custom ring lettering, is the number of grooms and brides in their own spouses to pick the right wedding ring, the ring above the touching touching the phrase, the date of the wedding or the name of the lover, to highlight the ring is different, let Lover feels more meaningful and more touching.

The above is the Zuo Kay Xiaobian for everyone to bring the “custom ring lettering” related content, we hope to help. Click on the collection, Xiaobian you enter the jewelry knowledge of the ocean!
What is the stress on the ring? Wearing a ring is also pay attention to the different ways to wear, show the meaning is not the same, if accidentally wearing the wrong fingers, it may cause a variety of misunderstanding, accidentally may also be laughing generous. So, what are the different fingers wearing a ring?

1, thumb: Do not put your ring on the left and right hand on the thumb, because in the international standard, it means you are a misbehavior. In other words, put the ring there, you are clear to tell people, you are not good people.
2, the left hand little finger: on behalf of life is not married or not married, but also want to get married or a friend to remember that do not wear the wrong, so as not to miss your people misunderstanding, affecting the peach blossom, careful no one dare to pursue you!

3, left hand ring finger: on behalf of married, to see clearly Oh! Can not be married to wear on this finger, so as not to chat with colleagues, ask you how long to get married, you also look inexplicable said: I have not married it … … this embarrassing.

4, left middle finger: on behalf of engagement, because we are not very popular engagement in China, it can also represent love, wear on this finger, is the representative of the refusal to pursue the meaning, or single parents have to pay attention, do not wear the wrong But also innocently do not know what reason.

5, left index finger: on behalf of the present single, is to let people chase the mark Oh, like Cartier love bracelet replica a friend can wear this finger! Married or engaged or love in the pro can not wear the wrong, so as not to attract rotten peach.

Wear ring what psychological meaning

What is the psychological meaning of wearing a ring? The ring is worn on different fingers and can reflect the psychological meaning associated with the wearer’s character. Because each person’s preferences are different, even if the ring has a lot of stress, there are many different meanings, but also a lot of people do not care, just their own preferences to wear a ring, want to wear which finger on which fingers, What is the psychological meaning of the ring on different fingers?

1, hi on the index finger on the people, the character is more extreme stubborn.

2, hi wearing the right middle finger. Advocating the doctrine of the concept of life, treat people unbiased.

3, hi in the left middle finger, very responsible, very much attention to the family, the family is very good.

4, hi wearing a small finger, a sense of inferiority, or too arrogant, or too conceited.

5, like to wear in the ring finger, life is no ambition, life or work are very easygoing, regardless of gains and losses.
In the ancient Greek legend, Zeus with a beautiful ring to win the beautiful princess Europa love, the couple will ring sets in the other’s ring finger, because they believe there is a blood through the heart. There are ten million kinds of faiths, only the couple can really live forever – it is love can not understand the password, to love the temperature, to add points to the feelings, to bathe in love lovers a warmth of the expectations. So, the meaning of the couple ring is the heart of commitment! No matter how the years change, we are standing together, never betray!
In the tens of millions of people met the people met, among the millions of years in the infinite day of the wild, no early step, no late step, happened to catch up, happened to meet, that nothing else to say, only Have a soft question, “Hey, are you here too?” What is the implied meaning of the couple on the ring? Each pair of lovers is a promise, a letter of credit, a memorial. Every woman needs a diamond ring, because the woman needs someone to know her precious, the couple is the best friend of a woman, the eternal promise, it is a man love the woman totem.

The world will always have that person in the right time, we have to do is in the Replica Cartier jewelry face of TA before, to become better, more gentle, but also know how to cherish, to the future TA the best gift is a Feel good for yourself. Couples can ring at any time to carry, see it think of TA. On behalf of your love for her forever guarding her, will not change with the passage of time, like a diamond ring on the same eternal, loyalty.
The meaning of wearing a couple on behalf of the ring

What does it mean to wear a couple? We all know that in our daily life, the male left female right, as if conventionally permeated to all aspects of our social life. On the public toilet, male left female right; wear wedding ring, male left female right; In addition, as well as married jade photos, couples to attend some etiquette occasions, etc., men often on the left, women are often on the right. Why do you want to be right when you wear a ring? Left hand ring finger has a blood through the heart, the couple will wear the ring on the other side of the ring finger, on behalf of the heart of commitment, on the ring on the ring finger on the two said the heart. According to the traditional meaning of the West to wear his right hand with a nuns of the heart, the female repair, the right hand is generally our hand, more work every day, and wear the right hand can reduce the corresponding ring wear, but also more convenient for us to work The
What is the taboo for wearing a couple? The most taboo is the “hit ring”, hit the ring when you (he) wearing a couple on the ring with other people, when your heart I do not know how bad, so when we buy a purchase ring, It is best to customize, custom belong to our own only, custom belongs to our own, custom test our sweet love. In the love of the festival, you have to accompany, to the ring as evidence, so that couples will love in the end.

Debeers diamond ring price

Debeers diamond ring price
Debeers founded by Cecil Rhodes in 1888 and now headquartered in Luxembourg, specializing in diamond ore mining, trade, industrial diamond production and processing, etc. The famous diamond consulting center DTC is responsible for diamond sorting, pricing and sales trade The amount of calculation, accounting for about 40% of the world’s diamond trade. Diamond released from the light, so that we are obsessed with, that noble Cartier love bracelet replica temperament, let us reluctantly. In 2001, debeers and the French luxury goods company set up a joint venture debeers diamond jewelry company, mainly selling diamond jewelry, then debeers diamond ring how the price?

How is the price of the deager Debeers Group to one-stop service to dominate the world nearly 40% of the diamond mining and trade, in marketing, the most familiar is the phrase “diamond forever, a permanent”, the diamond as a love and commitment Symbol, greatly enhance the consumer demand for diamonds. In addition, there are “right hand ring”, said the symbol of the independence of women. Choose the finest diamonds, elegant and noble design, debeers diamond ring into the diamond life into the light.

How much is the price of debeers? Debeers is a relatively well-known jewelery brand, debeers diamond ring how much because of the difference between the quality of the diamond 4C will have a relatively large difference, debeers1 carat diamond ring VVS, the color in the DF level of the diamond ring to the price of about ten million, although the wedding diamond ring of course Is the bigger the better, but as a working class of new people, if you feel the pressure or you can choose a smaller diamond diamond ring, as long as the sincerity with the sincerity declaration of export, even if the diamond ring is not so high, suitors of the mind, has Is priceless.

Debeers diamond ring price is not expensive? Debeers diamond ring price is more expensive, after all, debeers Group accounted for nearly 40% of the world’s diamond mining and trade, debeers diamond jewelry Bridal series, through the beautiful design to express the eternal love, praise life love, which is more expensive Of a series, debeers diamond ring price is a large part of the brand value-added, but its as a luxury company in France, the diamond ring is also expensive to understand your price.

40 cents how much money? 40 points diamonds prices ranging from 4 to more than fifteen, different colors, clarity, cut, fluorescent, shape diamonds, the price varies, of course, also have the same price of 40 cents, such a diamond, Or diamond 4C, or have a better level Cartier love ring replica than the other diamond and bad level, and the selection of diamonds, that is, from these bare drill, according to the choice of heart and choose.

40 cents how much money? Do not have to worry about 40 points is not enough a carat is no face, in fact, if the election was a luxury diamond style, 40 points inlaid in the above, in the visual can also be large enough, or even a carat effect can also be reflected, and in the meaning , 40 points Diamond custom diamond ring is the meaning of death must love, romantic and affectionate, so loved by consumers.

40 cents how much money? 40 points Diamond prices from 4 to 10 million, what price are, very suitable for limited budget, do not want to buy too young young couples, 40 points diamonds can take care of just out of society not long, want to give love One of her promised young guys. Moreover, 40 points diamonds, mosaic in the luxury diamond on the ring, only very obvious drill, very luxurious atmosphere, that will not be small, the face will have a child!

40 cents how much money? 40 cents the price of the diamond is mainly determined by the 4C, 4C on the impact of the price of diamonds are such: carats accounted for 30% -50%, cut 20% -35%, 15% -20% color, % -30%, these data also shows how much money 40 cents with diamond quality is closely related to the higher level of diamonds, the higher the price is inevitable.

40 cents how much money? 40 points Diamond prices are generally more Replica Cartier love bracelet transparent, because with the diamond business continues to increase and the continuous development of the network, diamond prices more and more transparent, the basic online shopping every diamond business will have a bare diamond, The bare diamond store is the most visited page by the customer. We buy 40 points diamonds, certainly the first is more than the price, the Internet can search the diamond bare diamond library for comparison, according to their own preferences, choose a different brand, different grades, select the favorite one to buy.

Talking about Pearl Necklace

Talking about Pearl Necklace
Pearl is one of the most beautiful jewelry, as the most wild one of the jewelry, any occasion pearls can make you shine the audience, so only the pearl is every woman in the clothes window indispensable jewelry, like France Mrs. Antonio de Ario had said in the book “Elegance”: “Every woman should have a string of pearl necklaces.”

As a woman to admire the neck of the United States decorated, pearl necklace is made of pearl jewelry, the pearl after drilling with a string of strings together, wearing in the items between.

Pearl necklace is divided into several styles: single-layer beaded, pendant, multi-layer long section, multi-layer necklace, double pearl chain, long sweater chain and so on.

As the most everyday most wild jewelry, will often Cartier love bracelet replica wear. Pearls are organic gemstones, low hardness, very fragile, need to be carefully maintained.

Wear the time to remember not to touch the cosmetics, perfume and so on. Summer sweat to keep the pearl surface dry, otherwise the sweat of the material will erode pearls.

Do not wear the pearl necklace when sleeping, one is easy to accidentally pull off, the second is easy to oppression of the skin particles of pearls, affecting blood circulation, adverse health.

Do not wear when wiping with a flannel, separate into the jewelry box, to avoid damage caused by collision with other jewelry.
As the jewelry industry million fans, pearls are the most able to reflect the dignified and elegant woman a gem, and even the beauty of women are perennial pearl jewelry, but pearl jewelry on the market good and bad, to Amoy to good pearls, must Pearls have a certain understanding.

1, famous pearl

Akoya pearls – Akoya pearls, Akoya pearls are generally smoother, smoother, rounder, brighter, mostly rounded or rounded, ideal for beaded necklaces and bracelets.

South Pearl – the “South Sea Pearl”. Produced in the South Pacific, the three major producing areas are the waters of the northwest of Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines. Because Australia is rich, it is generally known as Australia’s Southeast Asian pearl. South Sea beads of the mother is white butterfly shellfish, the largest individual, the general diameter of the South Pearl is 10-15MM, the largest can be seen in the 18MM, the history of the largest South Sea beads diameter is 21MM.

Tahitian Pearl – (Tahitian, also known as Tahitian Black Pearl) produced in the South Pacific French Polynesian Islands coral atoll. Mother of pearl is a black butterfly shell that secures black pearl.

2, the greater the more valuable

Ancient China has “seven points beads, eight sub-treasure,” said the pearl Cartier love ring replica to eight weight (according to the size of about 9 mm diameter round pearl) is the “treasure”. We can see the size of the pearl and the value of the relationship is extremely close, the more expensive the more expensive. The greater the shellfish, the greater the pear that can be produced, so the pearls are more pearls in the sea.

Akoya pearls by size is divided into: big beads, beads, beads, very small.
Min: 5mm or less
Beads: 5mm ~ 6mm
In the beads: 6mm ~ 8mm
Big beads: 8mm or more

Black pearl size is generally between 9mm and 10mm, about 6% of the black pearl diameter of not more than 11mm. So people usually more than 11mm black pearl as treasures.

3, very beautiful to round

The shape of pearls is very important. Usually, the more round the pearl is the treasures. The pursuit of round pearls does not mean that other shapes do not have their own unique charm and value. For example, Baroque pearls are popular because of their unique shape and size and casual features. Today ‘s auction, often there will be some special pearl prices higher than the spherical beads of the situation. South ocean beads of different shapes, including round, semi-circular, round, oval, barroque, water droplets and other shapes, each one is unique. So in the purchase and collection of time, according to personal preferences to choose.

4, luster to the

Pearl’s bead quality includes flaws and finish. Pearls are the defects that lead to the surface of the pearl is not smooth, unsightly internal and external defects. PS: from the physical structure is concerned, the shape of pearls is formed by the calcium carbonate crystals and shell Replica Cartier love bracelet kerosene plot on the surface of the pearl. In the ideal state, the surface should be smooth and clean, but in fact due to the complexity of the external environment and mussels (shellfish) the health of different degrees, so that the surface of the pearls tend to deviate from the ideal state, there are many flaws, Bumps, spots, bubble lines, cracks, pits, black spots, gaps, tips and so on.

Nanyang pearls and Akoya seawater pearls are relatively shallow (from white to gold), unlike Tahitian pearls’ background (black), so it seems that the luster of Tahitian pearls is better than Nanyang Pearls and Akoya pearls are stronger, this is normal.

Diamond jewelry casting process mosaic

Diamond jewelry casting process mosaic
Casting is the most popular precious metal jewelry processing mosaic method. After getting the designer design and design, this method of processing steps are as follows:
(1) from the version: the use of hand-made method to create a jewelry pattern, and in its proper location to ensure that the casting to ensure that the metal liquid to guide the smooth filling of the water rod, as a casting version. In some cases, but also the use of relief techniques directly carved wax method to create jewelry prototype, known as the wax version.
(2) pressure gel, injection wax: plastic raw rubber sheet with the Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry pattern in which the film will be inserted into a pre-selected aluminum frame, and to suppress the sample to fill the film, the use of hot press (150 ℃ ±) in the rubber to suppress 30-60 minutes, and then with a scalpel, according to certain technical rules will be cut film, remove the jewelry pattern made of the so-called plastic mold. The molten paraffin was injected into the mold in a casting machine (70-90 ° C, 1-1.2 × 105 Pa) by means of a vacuum pump, and the wax was carefully removed from the mold after cooling and hardening.
Will remove the wax on the wax, and according to customer requirements to modify the mouth, the species in a prepared wax rod, from a direction followed by a number of jewelry wax mold, constitute a wax tree. The smaller species in the top of the tree, and the more coarse on the bottom of the tree, the kind of angle should be around 45 ° to ensure that liquid metal can be successfully poured into all parts.
(3) casting: the first wax tree weighing, fixed in the casting cage, according to the ratio of 1:40 to gypsum powder and water mixed evenly, on the vacuum machine vacuum about 90 seconds, Cast the cage, and then vacuum about 90 seconds after carefully removed. Gypsum can be solidified by about 2 hours, and then after 1-2 hours of steaming wax, you can put the casting cage into the oven for gypsum baking, and after about 6 hours of gradual warming process to complete the gypsum baking, Made of gypsum mold.
The next step will be metal and fill the mouth in the melting furnace heating, when the alloy is completely melted and stir well, the cast water into the vacuum machine or centrifugal casting machine gypsum, after cooling made of rough jewelry.
(4) mold, fried gold: mold is the jewelry rough into the carefully repair the process; and fried gold is the mold after the metal jewelry decontamination process. Two processes are essential for processing diamond jewelry.
(5) Inlay and post-processing: After frying gold, through the same craft with the hand-made stone, polishing, cleaning, typing India, as well as gold, sandblasting and other artistic treatment, you can complete the whole process of jewelry processing The
It is worth noting that, in the increasingly popular jewelery today, the role of jewelry design is growing, jewelry has become a very seasonal commodity, in front of the style and value, people would rather buy a new high-priced fashion jewelry But also do not want to buy low-priced style outdated products, therefore, style design is often decided to a country, a region or a business jewelry business success or not the key, the jewelry mosaic process of the various projects, the most important and most Difficult is the style of design and processing
2010 Hong Kong Sotheby’s autumn just finished, expensive watch auction total turnover of up to 55.7 million Hong Kong dollars, refresh the annual Sotheby’s permanent luxury watch auction total turnover record. Hong Kong Christie’s will also be held in December autumn “fine watch” auction, and said that the autumn auction will present a series of extremely rare and highly valuable collection of exquisite watch, hanging table and clock. Industry insiders said that watches in the Asian market share rising, the size of its auction is also growing, the autumn auction in the list is bound to be amazing performance, for the auction results worth looking forward to.
Hundreds of watches come out of the city

Autumn auction soon, the major auction company’s auction debut. Careful Cartier love ring replica observation is not difficult to see, “watch” to become the major auction company’s promotional highlights, the first time in the form of special appearance big shot, really earn enough for its eye.

China Guardian for the first time launched a watch auction special, including Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Cartier and Rolex and other collection-level watch more than 110 pieces will be unveiled. Which is no shortage of fine show: Model 5102PR a Patek Philippe classic for the first time in the Asian auction market, the current auction price of 1.6 million -2.2 million yuan.

Beijing Poly in the introduction of the new category is also no less, for red wine, purple sand and other new categories in the past spring shoots are involved, and the results are significant.

The major auction companies together to focus on the watch, not by chance. Hong Kong Sotheby’s and Christie’s have been the benchmark for the mainland auction market. It is understood that in the just-ending Hong Kong Sotheby’s autumn auction, the luxury watch auction total turnover of up to 55.7 million Hong Kong dollars, refresh the annual Sotheby’s permanent luxury watch auction total turnover record, a series of watches are successful The Hong Kong Christie’s will also be held in December autumn “fine watch” auction, and said that the autumn auction will present a series of extremely rare and highly valuable collection of exquisite watch, hanging table and clock.

Collectors said that Hong Kong Christie’s and Sotheby’s in recent years the name of the auction results have been good, “white gloves” auction also occurred. Watches in the Asian market share rising, further shows that the Chinese watch market is growing, the size of its auction is also growing. So the territory of the major auction companies will be introduced as a category to be cultured. Many watch special table can make “table crazy” feast for the eyes.

Top watches become the focus of the film

According to the author to understand, there are records of the earlier record of the auction is the 1988 New York Sotheby’s organized by an antique watch special auction, the auction is full of American modern artist Andy Huahu remnants of more than 200 watches, Which Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex, Omega and other watches transaction price higher than the valuation of two or three times. In the same period, also has a collection of appreciation of the list of numbers: a 50s of last century Patek Philippe calendar table, the early 80s of last century priced at 10,000 US dollars in 1989, breaking the $ 100,000 mark.

Over the past 20 years, watch collection gradually hot, the major auction companies Replica Cartier love bracelet launched the watch frequently high turnover. International famous watch auction expert Aurel Bacs has said that the current global watch auction market is roughly Europe, Asia, the United States one-third of the world. Asia’s auction market is growing very fast, with the current Asian economic growth rate and China’s development prospects, the Asian auction market is likely to exceed Europe and the United States, a global auction leader.

Throughout the auction in recent years on the watch, are Vacheron Constantin, Lange, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Breguet, nations, Rolex and other world-class watches. Watches and clocks of the collection and auction in Europe, North America and Southeast Asia has a long history. In contrast, in mainland China is still a rookie. Top classic watches and clocks not only has a precise timing function, the interpretation of time, the inheritance of technology, with its innate elegance and elegance into one, to achieve the perfect unity of external and connotation. Which is ultimately destined to the world as a high-end art investment goods appreciation and appreciation of the recognition and respected.

Exquisite craft explain the birth of jewelry secret

Exquisite craft, explain the birth of jewelry secret
Luxury art is exquisite
Cartier senior jewelry was born secret
In Paris, peace on the 13th Street, this 100 years has never been relocated in the ancient shops of Cartier, along the staircase with deep red carpet stairs and up, came to the century-old “loft”, that is, Cartier senior The location of the jewelry Cartier love bracelet replica workshop. All the bright, unique Cartier jewelry are born here. Here represents the most sophisticated production technology in France and even the world, its thunderbolt’s reputation is infinite yearning. In the era of the pipeline around the world, this jewelry workshop is precious.
In the workshop, the jeweler, mosaic division, polisher, watchmaker, casting division together. In Paris, there is no jewelry studio like Cartier, to bring together all kinds of craftsmen in the same time and space work, this feature is sufficient to enhance the production speed, but also to maintain the highest trade secrets. And Cartier, in order to adhere to its consistent quality, all designers are graduated from the French art school, and most craftsmen have more than 20 years of work experience. In this way, every piece of Cartier fine jewelry, are like magnificent art treasures, their birth condensed wisdom, time, passion and monographs, from design to the final completion of the entire team to spend months or even years Effort. Every step must strive to perfect, which is excellent and excellent different.
Cartier senior jewelry birth process:
In order to truly reflect the details of jewelry modeling, designers will first use green wax carving each part of the model.

The first step, screening gems
For the Cartier to buy diamonds and precious stones jewelry raw materials buyers have a wealth of experience. Cartier selected diamonds, must be more than 400 diamonds from the selection of the most glamorous and moving, consistent color, the highest quality to use.
The jewelry outline depicts all the details of the color, texture and density of the gem.

The second step, design drawings
When the Cartier designer to get a special selection of rare and high quality gems, the first for the gem of its own characteristics, such as shape, size, luminosity and so on in the drawings to draw a variety of design prototype. In these design effects on the color map, will be marked in detail the color and size, but also after a number of peer review, discussion and modification.
Skilled mosaic experts use the exclusive skills of the gem to be fixed on the jewelry, from wax to metal conversion.

The third step, carved wax mold
In order to reflect the details of the shape as much as possible, the design sketch to soft wax or hard wax carved molding, can be specific to the volume. And then the model to dig out the required holes in the gem mosaic, and then test the shape of the gem to Cartier love ring replica display, get the best mosaic position, while the model color to feel the gems arranged in the sense of color. Gemstones are subject to the perfect cutting, after the combination of camera, calculate the weight of gemstones, cutting, taking pictures, and then making metal models to be melted, the calculation of metal weight and other responsible procedures. To complete this step, be considered the completion of the calculation steps, and to be reviewed by the chief designer, the final decision of the final style.
Through the hinge, hand slowly mosaic, the whole jewelry will be presented completely

The fourth step, diamond cutting and gem carving
Jade is not cut, not a device, no processing of diamonds and precious stones as dull, only trained master accurate design, talented carving, in order to open the veil of diamonds and precious stones. Experienced Cartier jewelers will find the best cutting point by cutting the refractive index and the color rate to ensure that the most perfect light is emitted.
Through the hinge, hand slowly mosaic, the whole jewelry will be presented completely

The fifth step, metal casting
The fineness of the silver material to set the embryo, contribute to the gem mosaic and mosaic caliber measurement. And then the actual completion of the metal to sit the carving, carved out inlaid holes. If the production of more complex design, the designer first try to make an important part of which to test the touch and fluency. Coupled with the wax gem mold, in the design of the mosaic position on the test, observe the color of the match.

The sixth step, hand mosaic
The mosaic method will vary according to the different gems, including pods, claws, pavé or embedded mosaics. Regardless of large if the egg or small as rice, are handmade mosaic to complete, so this is a very time-consuming process, the test of the jeweler’s Replica Cartier love bracelet eyesight, hand and ability to hold, because these precious stones, once the force is not appropriate, it may Damaged during the mosaic process.
Gem mosaic, the test of the craftsman’s hand and eyesight

Seventh, jewelry fixed
Jewelers through the fixed or hinged, the jewelry part of the combination, so that the perfect dynamic jewelry vividly. In addition to the specific form, unique designers will also decorate a variety of precious stones to different jewelry, so that these jewelry more perfect.
Gem mosaic, the test of the craftsman’s hand and eyesight

Part VIII, polished and polished
Not only need to polished in the jewelry surface and electroplating rhodium. In the details of the treatment, will be with the cotton thread with a special polishing agent, in the gem before and after the mosaic polishing process, in particular, focus on the sand hole in order to make the gem after the mosaic of the best luster and brightness. Finally, in the perfect finished with plated rhodium to prevent oxidation, so that jewelry forever Guanghua.
Shaped jewelry exquisite
Step 9, mark and mark the carved
Finally, every piece of Cartier jewelry will be carved on the Cartier mark and number, marking this unique jewelry, high respect for the identity.
Jewelry designers will be accompanied by every step of the gemstone production. They work closely with the technical staff to assess the quality of the work, the finished product of every detail and the overall sense of strict checks. Each of the works, are embodied in the jewelry craftsmen, gem mosaics, mold division polished division of the joint efforts and effort. Cartier jewelry, from the initial design to the final product, every detail reflects the international top brands to pursue the perfect spirit, is 160 years of countless experts wisdom and technology crystallization.

Is a watch or a work of art?

Artistic Feelings – 2013Baselworld Trend Interpretation
Is a watch or a work of art?

2012 in Geneva for Christie’s autumn, an enamel pocket watch attracted the attention of the audience. This enamel of WILLIAM ILBERY pocket watch is made from the hand of Jean-Francois-Victor Dupont, made in 1815, which is the period when the Cartier love bracelet replica decorative arts of the watchmaking industry prevails, and the enamel film is of great value. When such exquisite art is reproduced in the world, art decorative dial is no longer popular, but collectors are lamented the technology, this auction eventually to 651,000 Swiss francs price, is its valuation six times.
With the improvement of the aesthetic of the manufacturing of the watch, traditional techniques such as enamel (which has actually disappeared for 15 years) have returned. “Today ‘s luxury consumers are very complex, they are looking for unique things.” Faberge’ s business and creative director Katharina Flohr said, “enamel making process is unique, which makes each dial is different.

More and more watches, especially women’s watches, began to become a creative medium, watch from a simple technical equipment gradually become an independent artistic creation. Many companies now have jewelry mosaics, sculptors, micro-division division, feather mosaic division and enamel craftsman as part of the production process. Well-known brands such as Chanel and Chopin, their watch in the art of decorative dial is indispensable.
Professional watchmaking company DeLaneau (emperor table) will be made as a ladies watch fashion as beautiful, the secret of the brand is the three women enamel teacher hand-made enamel dial. “In the past 30 years, watch production has become a technology,” said Brigitte Morina, marketing and creative director. “Unlike Art Deco’s performance, in the 1930s and fifties, women’s watches rarely use colors and ornaments , Which led to the disappearance of the traditional craft, but now there are changes, tabulation companies began to meet the decorative needs of the watch is more like an art product.

Patek Philippe in the Swiss luxury watch industry has played the role of ruler nearly 170 years, enamel watch is the basic part of its history. Their enamel division will be rare traditional heritage so far, the main production pocket watch and limited edition watch. The use of micro-painted and Cloisonne watch takes 15 days to complete.
Po Shi Long, Hai Rui Winston, Hermes and Faberge and other brands have been used in the dial art decoration to the new. Faberge’s Anastasia watch dial with colored enamel hand-painted twisted pattern, the outer ring decorated with precious stones. Chanel also enamel painting applied to the limited edition watch on the dial. And the “big fire enamel” is known as Jacques De Luo, also published in October last year, the report of the three birds on the table, the two tents Cartier love ring replica on the dial above the nest, by the brand master and sculptor handmade, birds The feathers and waterfalls are lifelike.
Snake watch swept

In the art of decoration, snake-shaped watch this year is also particularly popular.

With the arrival of the Chinese snake year, the snake became the new darling of the dial, or the use of meandering shape studded with diamonds, or colorful enamel painted. Not surprisingly, the impact of Chinese tastes on the watch industry is growing, the latest data show that China consumed more than 30% of the senior watch.
The snake shape used in the dial has a variety of methods, and Po Shi Long is a expert. Through the cooperation with the COLLABORATIONS series with the GP, the brand released the three gold bridge Tourbillon snake-shaped jewelry watch, a jewelry decorated snake entrenched in the watch front and wrapped around the wrist, diamonds with rose-type cut, long diamonds and round Drill a total of 36.37 carats. Poisson has recently emphasized the theme of the snake, in last year’s Paris Biennale (Biennale des Antiquaires) released on a snake-shaped necklace (Opalescent Serpent necklace) with diamonds, opals and crystal.
Snakes and jewels are not just the theme of the poem. Bulgari’s snake-like watch has a long history, since the beginning of the last century, the brand has wrapped around the arm of the snake-shaped watch, the new snake series (Serpenti Collection) watch also decorated with rich gem. Chopard table launched a limited edition L.U.C. XP Urushi snake watch, rose gold material case, dial with Japan’s long history of painting art, the internal selection of L.U.C. ultra-thin Caliber 96.17-L automatic movement. Some other brands, although not with the snake dial, but the snake elements are flexible to other aspects, such as Swatch launched The Legend of White Snake, watch Cartier nail bracelet replica clock and minute hand are used snake-shaped meandering pointer.

If the Chinese people think that the snake is auspicious this year, then the Swiss watch industry is also very willing to launch such goods Chinese zodiac concept mashup watch is a win-win, the snake itself is a symbol of prosperity.