Dermal surface of the water absorption is better and the opposite of the fake skin

Belt watches to wear beautiful fashion, loved by everyone! But some cortical strap on the market is not a real belt, how do we identify the watch strap is not leather it? Let the watch family tell you now!
Hand touch
That is, touch the leather surface by hand, if smooth, soft, plump, the feeling of flexibility is the leather; and general artificial synthetic leather hair astringent, rigid, poor flexibility.
Look at
Leather surface has a clearer pores, patterns, brown leather has more symmetrical fine Cartier love bracelet replica pores, yak skin has thick and sparse pores, goat skin with fish scales pores.
All leather has the smell of leather; and artificial leather has a strong irritant plastic smell.
4. lit.
From the leather and leather back to tear off a little fiber, lit, then issued a pungent smell, knot is the artificial leather; all hair hair smell, not hard knot is the leather.
5. Water absorption identification
Dermal surface of the water absorption is better, and the opposite of the fake skin, there is a good water resistance. You can use your fingers dipped in some water, wipe the surface of the strap to observe its water absorption, such as good water absorption, leather, poor water absorption or no water, the majority of false leather.
Tissot watch was born in 1853 in the cradle of watch manufacturing industry in Switzerland. Has more than 150 years of history! In the domestic market, Tissot watches are very popular with low-income people. But the fake who also fancy people’s hearts, so the market has a lot of counterfeit products. The following watch home to introduce you to how to identify the authenticity of Tissot watches it!
Watch movement and logo contrast. Now the brand of thousands of watches, the quality of the movement is different. Including the Swiss 2824 genuine movement, commonly known as yellow movement. Japan’s 2035 movement, fake Tipper quartz watch more use of this Cartier love ring replica movement. And fake mechanical movement is the use of Guangzhou Pearl movement and the original Japanese Shuangshi brand movement, with the Guangzhou Pearl movement is the most inferior counterfeit watches, and in the high-end movement table is more use of Japanese original double lion Brand movement. Customers in the purchase of Tissot watches must carefully look under the watch movement model and movement signs, fake watch movement from the logo on a can see fake. In addition, but also carefully observe the success of the movement, authentic original movement handwriting clear. Finally, but also listen to the movement of the movement under the sound, the original genuine movement sounds are relatively clear and crisp.
Watch the appearance and function of contrast. In addition to watch the watch movement, but also carefully observe the watch case, strap and dial and table glass. Watch the polished appearance and fineness of Tissot watch case. Look at the case of grinding the edge is smooth and meticulous, false case is mostly rough, low workmanship. Really Tissot watch watch scale is full and fake pointer scale is mostly blurred. In addition, from the side of the watch corner and other small places can also distinguish the watch is false, because the fake watch technology is very low, in the inside of the watch and dial and other meticulous places can not be completed as original authentic watch number Cartier nail bracelet replica and pattern The Finally, the true and false Tissot watch function is also very different, most of the fake Tissot watch its function is mostly furnishings, such as (such as moon phase, calendar, Tourbillon, etc.) in the fake Tissot watches do not have this feature. The pointer is also a genuine difference between genuine and fake, authentic Tissot watch the length of the pointer, thickness, shape and material have strict requirements. Senior Tissot watch using the “blue steel pointer”, the true table of the pointer is full of faint blue, this watch pointer to have a complex process to produce, and counterfeit watch blue watch can only be brush up , Because the fake watch can not do such a high craft.
Watch the table box, manual and warranty card contrast. Genuine original watches are equipped with watch box, the watch box is red, this watch the external design and packaging is very elegant. In the outside of the table box Tissot watch model production serial number. But the watch box is the watch with the instructions and warranty card. If there is no such thing is more false watch products, the following picture shows the watch box packaging.

If the benefits of wearing the principle of the second category is not available

Military watches, that is, the military standard equipment watch, watch collectors have been enthusiastic about the theme of the past few decades. One of the nations, Panerai, Patek Philippe and other international big names have become a military watch the allocation of troops. The following watch home to give you a detailed description of the military watch and how to distinguish!
Introduction and distinction of military watch!
2, the military recognized, there are bulk purchase or military since the purchase of Cartier love bracelet replica watches; 3, with military elements of the watch. If you are concerned about the collection, the first category is the best choice. If the benefits of wearing the principle of the second category is not available, the third category is purely hungry to sell dog meat join in the fun. Here have to say that advertising is doing crazy LUMINOX Rumines and TRASER and other brands.
Introduction and distinction of military watch!
The United States as the world’s number one military power, the US military fans a lot of natural. Many “beauty” watch collection enthusiasts have bought LUMINOX Rumines and TRASER so-called military watch brand. In fact, these brands are pseudo-military table, not the US military table, the US military military watch has a military standard, that is, MIL-W-46374 series military standard. This standard is accompanied by scientific and technological progress has been modified, has been modified seven times, in order to facilitate the distinction between different versions of the standard, the US military were the English alphabet “A ~ G” suffix distinction. Today’s active military watch manufacturers only US MARATHON marathon company, but also one of the NATO military timer suppliers.
Introduction and distinction of military watch!
CASIO part of the model was the second category, NATO and the US military have Fake Cartier love bracelet recognized, NSN, you can also query the military procurement contract number, such as the following models
G-Shock DW-5600C-1V, DW-5600E-1V, w / module 1545: NSN 6645-01-356-5944
G-Shock DW-6900-1V: NSN 6645-01-441-2762
G-Shock DW-9052-1V: w / module 1659: NSN 6645-01-356-5944
As for the other, such as Hamilton what, that is another nature, has done military table but the contract has long ended, is now many years without military orders, but used to make a gimmick to promote their own products only. OMEGA and ROLEX have also received orders from the military, OMEGA a titanium hippocampus reached a 4,000-foot waterproof standard, that the depth of the titanium shell submarine submarine sub-submarine almost finished , Rolex’s deep sea series known as 12800 feet, has reached the standard of deep sea creek. But this type of table can not be counted into the military table category, as to buy do not buy, it is a matter of opinion.
Introduction and distinction of military watch!
LUMINOX called the seal of the military table, the military is not required to use the anti-corrosion metal material, and the real military diving table with 316L stainless steel, this material is a lot of professional diving watch the mainstream shell material. In addition, the so-called RONDA quartz movement, although it is indeed the Swiss Ronda, but in the Ronda Thai plant production of a very low-end quartz movement, the design life is 2-3 years, and more for Disney, Swatch and Cartier love ring replica other brands of fashion table, no excuse, mainly to sell a stylish appearance and other gimmick money, profits do not talk about the resistance to harsh environments and the use of the weak ability of poor poor, so A large flicker “military” table, how to specify the use of watches to see the light to see its performance data is a joke, the general professional diving watch basic water requirements is 300 m / 1000 feet, and LUMINOX dial marked only 200 meters , The actual performance is unknown, how can a material does not meet the standard, the movement does not meet the provisions of the lack of waterproof performance watch how to become the so-called seal military table?
And that funny F-117, F-35 flight table, the US Air Force has always been the traditional tradition of mechanical movement of the flight table, it gets a quartz, without any certification gave himself a title of the flight table The Also in the dial design on the Air Force preferred multi-dial precision chronograph design, and it also a traditional dial, or diving table style, obviously no?
Finally, the most intuitive way to identify: no NSN number, no purchase contract number, how can we call the military table?

Longines L619.2 movement how? L619.2 mechanical movement okay?

Longines L619.2 movement how? L619.2 mechanical movement okay?
ETA2892A2 ETA is one of the three trump card movement (the other two are ETA2824, ETA 7750). ETA2892A2 is the vast majority of today’s high-end brands used, including IWC, OMEGA, LONGINES and so on. At the same time 2892 is all watches and clocks master # recognized as ETA one of the most sophisticated and stable models, with ring balance wheel, 21 stone, two-way automatic refining, vibration 28,800 times per hour, with “eccentric screw spinner” Easy to fine tune. Because the quality is good, as long as a little modification, you can suddenly become a well-designed movement. Slim and travel time on the accuracy of almost no opponents (and Rolex can be comparable to the 3135 movement). But the efficiency of the chain is ETA2892A2 congenital problems, lack of power storage, the need to manually make up the chain.
Longines L619.2 movement structure without any changes, Longines only on the surface of the movement parts of the polished, plus a little fish tail scales, between the gold pieces of automatic hammer to golden yellow. ETA2892A2 ETA is one of the three trump Cartier love ring replica card movement, stable quality, travel time accurate. The error can basically reach the Observatory level (-4 to +6 seconds / day). Now the magnificent Longines, law Ya, the flag and a high level of the basic models of the basic models used L619.2 movement, from another aspect of this movement also shows the quality of the.
D & G watch how? D & G table ok?
D & G brand profile
1994 launch, as Dolce & Gabbana vice line, as young people aspire to the European style of popular signs. At present, D & G’s thunder has been much more than its first-line brand. With the weird to describe the brand is not too much, known as the best fashion duo two brand designers with its alternative fashion style to conquer a large number of young people. DG watch is deeply obsessed with Sicilian classical romance, combined with thousands of styles from Italy, its incredible mix of classical and modern vivid blend together, giving a strong visual impact. Become a fashion circle to bring vibrant style and creative brand.
The brand name is taken from the names of two men DomenicoDolce and StefanoGabbana. D & G is a pair of Italian national treasure designer, but also a pair of handsome homosexuals, this is the same as the D & G, D & G, D & G, D & G, D & G, D & G, Two men to join hands to create their brand before the road of life is completely different, a child to follow his father in the small dress shop selection of fabric, tailoring and tailoring, and the other is completely with the clothing on the relationship, until they are in Milan Meet, fell in love, only contributed to the birth of D & G.
D & G watch how, User rating
Comments 1: cheaper, the price is enough in the 1000 ~ 3000 or so, personally think that more suitable for students, my more than two thousand to buy, the quality is also good, but also good-looking
Comments 2: personally think that usually do not wear the table, buy a D & G this fashion brand table is enough, if it is used to wear watches often, or to watch the brand to find it, do not run into the time to delay Things, casio mountain climbing series, Citizen, Seiko these are more than a thousand price, than those who fashion brand much more reliable
Comments three: D & G mostly fashion table, used to look very nice shirt.
Comments four: fashion table, after the start price is very fast, that is not worth the second table. Longines every year in the price increases. If you pursue fashion, then D & G. If the classic hedge, or Longines it
Comments five: fashion table ah buy play chant nothing hidden value
D & G watch price
D & G watch as a fashion watch, the price compared to other big-name Replica Cartier love bracelet watch, is lower. Generally around 1000-3000 yuan.
How is the king’s watch? Is the king table ok?
Junhuang brand profile
The Concord watch factory was founded in 1908 in Biel, Switzerland. Since its inception, its design has been renowned, and the creation of the watch both in appearance and function are very coordinated. In fact, Concord is named because of this “harmonious” coordination. Concord means “harmony, coordination”.
In 1915, Concord began to produce high-level watches and famous brands, such as Tiffany & Co. and Cartier. These watches are extremely luxurious, mostly refined from platinum, and inlaid with diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires. As a result, Concrod is known for its high quality watches and famous.
1930 and 1940s, Concord began to pursue slim and compact watches and movement. Decades of liver, with this perseverance of the creative spirit, and finally in 1979 successfully designed the world’s thinnest watch ——- Concord Delirium. This design has become the focus of global coverage.
This is the world’s first watch body thickness of less than 2 mm (only 1.98 mm) of the watch, this manufacturing process proved that C0NCORD watchmaking technology is unmatched. In just two years, the new Delirium was born again, with only 0.98 millimeters in the body, half of the original Delirium.
In 1992, Concord exhibited “Mariner V Centenario” at the European Watch & Jewelery Show, once again shocked the world. This series of a total of five watches, not only have their own characteristics, but also equipped with extremely complex mechanical movement. Shortly before the exhibition, the watch was sold for CHF 3.2 million. These unique watches are valuable, not only because of its superior materials, but also because of its sophisticated structure of the complex movement. These watches create new standards for the development of watchmaking technology.
In 1995, Concord opened the prologue for Saratoga Exor, a unique watch that combines the art of tabulation with the splendid gems. Exor has a variety of complex features to make it a high quality watch. In addition, the surface and inlaid with valuable platinum and 118 D grade clean diamonds. After the advent of Saratoga Exor, it sold for 2 million Swiss francs.
In 1996, Concord to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Saratoga, in particular the launch of Saratoga SL (Sports Luxury) series, with a modern style, interpretation of the original Saratoga design.
At the beginning of the twentieth century, Concord became the creator of the clock design. Was also the famous Concord alarm clock of the heyday, in fact, this is the first can only carry the winding trip for eight days. The travel bell was familiar with everyone in the year, and President Truman also presented the gift of the Concord alarm as the head of state of the countries attending the Posedam Peace Conference. One of the alarm clocks has become a private collection of President Truman, which is now housed in the independent library of Truman in Missouri.
At the same time, Concord’s design began to become a modern watch model. Concord creates gold and stainless steel watches to supply its vast market, including the US Army and the US Navy. Senior jewelry watch manufacturers Concord watch movements are in droves, and later became a major supplier of high-quality watch movement.
After the end of the Second World War, Concord created a new grandchild watch and a watch. Its high-quality watches to write a glorious history of the page. The 1950s, Concord estimated the style of the watch and its function will be equally important, therefore, specially designed Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica bracelet female watch, today, has become a treasure of collectors.
Has always been elegant temperament, unique taste known Concord King table, a hundred years to leave a lot of historical notes. In 1979, Concord King developed the world’s most slim watch – Delirium ultra-thin series, in the table altar shine. This year, that is, 2007, is definitely a new year for Concord King’s Table. To celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 2008 Concord brand, the new “C1” series. The launch of the “C1” series is from the “Concord 1” and “Concept 1”, the thick sapphire crystal glass interesting light and shadow changes, the original ear structure of the skin, huge thick case design is To “The Watch. Reconstructed.” Declared brand transformation. 53 pieces of detachable parts of the watch from the five elements “Modern, Know-How, Unexpected, Edgy, Daring” (modern / technology / surprise / radical / bold innovation) perfect architecture brand genes.
How the king watches, users evaluation
Comments: Concord in North America, but well-known brands, be in the higher level, his ultra-thin table and gold table more famous, female table is good, but mostly quartz.
Comments 2: This brand seems to be relatively low-key, not many people know, but the industry seems fame is not small it
Comments three: mechanical watch positioning is high, but the sale of poor. Brand is also doing well. And out of a pile of 3000 knives below the quartz watch, but also affect the brand.
Comments four: Unfortunately, the brand ah, a little chaos.
Comments five: luxury level, most of the movement is the use of real Lee when the movement, the style is relatively new .. is also good, but the price is not cheap … If I choose, I would rather choose
Comment 6: Level is not the absolute price of $ 1,000 – $ 100,000, your table is because it uses a lot of diamonds, mostly quartz watch also has a small amount of automatic movement
King watches offer
King watches the price of between 10,000 to more than 200,000. The high price of the king table is mostly because of the use of precious metals and diamonds, and therefore, the high price of the king table has a good collection value.

Lancaster LARGEM watch how much money Moschino men watch introduction

Lancaster LARGEM watch how much money
Lancaster LARGEM is the Swiss watch brand, heard of many people. The brand integration of the master list Richard Lange’s design and then fashion elements. To create a temperament, taste of the watch brand! Then Lange King LARGEM watch how much money it?
Lancaster LARGEM metaphor: English is generous, the atmosphere. The depth of the mind is broad. Chinese is bright, noble, righteous and respected.
Langjue tungsten steel series of watches, pure tungsten steel for the material carefully build. With natural diamonds with Swiss descent, highlight the classic, always performance. Using the Swiss movement, original battery, 30 meters waterproof design, accurate Cartier love bracelet replica on time. In the market, the price of Lange GARLEM table in 200 yuan – 5,000 yuan between!
Moschino Moschino men watch introduction
Moschino Moschino is named after the designer franco moschino has been the 20th anniversary of the creation of Milan’s young brand, known for the design weird. Design style noble and charming, fashion humor, playful for the main line, the main products are senior clothing, jeans, dinner equipment and clothing accessories. The brand also design and manufacture fashion watches! Here we recommend you a Moschino Moschino watch.
Moschino Moschino men watch introduction

Minimalist elegant steel men’s watches with a single tone and very shocking case, embodies the ultimate principle of fresh and elegant. Hour scale and pointer all the fine hand-polished, in every tiny details to show the artistic achievements of a work, so you see the most delicate and delicate beauty.

The dial paved the deep and elegant black, with the silver pointer and the perfect combination of hourly scale, filling the elegant fashion model, in the continued preservation of the original low-key elegant classic temperament, but also to give the wearer calm and mature atmosphere.
Nivida NIVADA watch 1926 price, Nvida NIVADA1926 watch how much money?
Nevada NIVADA is a Swiss watch, was founded by the very famous designer Mace Schneider. His family is designed for Cartier love ring replica the European royal jewelry jewelry and the like famous design home. The design of things naturally on the grade, and Nivida NIVADA watch 1926 is also more concerned about a watch. Then Nivida NIVADA watch 1926 price, Nivida NIVADA1926 watch how much money?
Nivida NIVADA watch 1926 price, Nvida NIVADA1926 watch how much money?
Nevada table also has such a story, MARCHESE SCHNEIDER is not only an outstanding master of watches and clocks, but also a peace-loving philanthropist. During the First World War, MARCHESE SCHNEIDER, while focusing on the development of the watchmaking industry, generously funded medical care and rescued people suffering from war. Many of the soldiers from the rehabilitation hospital, NIVADA as a lucky and peaceful messenger, the wife of the popular sent a NIVADA table to the husband on the battlefield, that is, on behalf of his endless thoughts, while praying her husband can return safely The Later, people have a NIVADA watch, it represents a lifetime of happiness and peace.
Nevada table because of the professional, so worthy of your possession. Because a long history so heavy, with a Nevada watch, you are equal to have the eighteenth century European royal family, aristocratic identity and status. As for the Nivida NIVADA watch 1926 price, Nivida NIVADA1926 watch how much money. Because the price is not uniform in different regions, but almost all in between 4500 yuan to 5,000 yuan!
RIENT Oriental Double Lion Watch ER27006B Introduction
RIENT (Oriental Shuang Lions) was founded in 1950, is one of Japan’s three major brand watches, Japan and the export of the first two domestic sales. Compared with the other two watches, Citizen, Seiko, the East table is Japan’s “Western” table, pay more attention to the style design to take Cartier nail bracelet replica the international route, emphasizing the traditional European style, and high quality, from different brands point of view , You can feel the Oriental table and other manufacturers of personality differences.
RIENT Oriental Double Lion Watch ER27006B Introduction
Orient Oriental Shuang Lion ER27006B men’s classic automatic mechanical watch with precision Japanese self-winding movement, solid mineral crystal table mirror, stainless steel case, case diameter 41mm, black dial with black leather strap, very mature introverted, no number Standard, 3:00 calendar display, waterproof 30 meters. The overall design simple introverted, calm atmosphere, very suitable for a mature man wearing a dress!

Suunto Tuo Tuo Tuo 3 Ambit3 sport outdoor sports watch evaluation

Suunto Tuo Tuo Tuo 3 Ambit3 sport outdoor sports watch evaluation
Running can be said to be the most hot of a movement, and more and more friends around to join the ranks of runners, while running is also a high frequency of daily training a movement. So for a GPS mobile watch for running function support can also say that this product also represents the basic performance and standards. Today we are going to introduce a Suunto Tuo Tuo Tuo 3 Ambit3 sport outdoor sports watch it!
Suunto Tuo Tuo Tuo 3 Ambit3 sport outdoor sports watch evaluation
Ambit3 running the basic continuation of the previous generation Cartier love bracelet replica Ambit2 style, the interface settings and not much change. As the Ambit series of features is too strong, so Suunto in the beginning of the motion interface set the task to the client to achieve. The Ambit3 biggest progress is through the Bluetooth wireless connection, through the mobile terminal Movescount App Ambit3 function interface can be set to achieve.
Ambit3 in the distribution of functional keys on the Ambit3 compared to the previous generation did not make any changes, press the upper right of the START key to enter the choice of the interface selection function, select the EXERCISE exercise, you can see we set on the mobile side or computer Of the various sports interface entrance. Choose to run, it entered the Ambit3 running function interface.
Suunto Tuo Tuo Tuo 3 Ambit3 sport outdoor sports watch evaluation
First Ambit3 will automatically match your heart rate, because Suunto abandoned the original ANT + and the use of a new Bluetooth wireless connection. So the previous use of ANT + standard heart rate band can not continue to use on Ambit3, but if you have before and mobile mobile app supporting the use of the Bluetooth heart rate band will be used with Ambit3. But the third-party Bluetooth heart rate, need to search twice Ambit3 to identify, it is recommended that you still try to use Suunto original matching Bluetooth heart rate zone, and the Suunto original heart rate belt also has a special functional design, we will in the future Review separately.
Suunto Tuo Tuo Tuo 3 Ambit3 sport outdoor sports watch evaluation

Heartbeat with pairing is completed, Ambit3 will be GPS positioning search stage. It can be said that Ambit3 is Xiaobian so far used GPS watches in the fastest search of a star, whether in the open ground, or around the high-rise alley, Ambit3 are able to within 10 seconds to complete the search quickly and accurately, And quickly began to work. In the past ran two kilometers of the watch is still searching for the nightmare experience in front of Ambit3 ashes.
Search star means that Ambit3 has completed all the preparation at any time, and then press the upper left of the START button, you can run and record the information. In the home page of the running interface, we set the display of the distance, speed and heart rate of the three most critical data to facilitate real-time view. Ambit3 and the previous generation can support up to 8 pages, each page 3 sports data information display, for the running exercise is enough to understand your current and throughout the running process of the body, speed, rhythm changes.
Suunto Tuo Tuo Tuo 3 Ambit3 sport outdoor sports watch evaluation
In the process of measurement, we found that Ambit3 in real-time speed monitoring Cartier love ring replica accuracy compared to the previous generation to a large extent, it may be based on the satellite data synchronization algorithm update, you can Ambit3 real-time speed data on the obvious Feel that your speed change compared to the past will change the more sensitive and immediate, in the past that the speed of the pace and the actual speed of the situation has been greatly improved. And this for the runners to better control their own speed has a great help.
Ambit3 still has a smart winding and intelligent pause these road training when the intimate common function, but in the prompt function, Ambit3 only provide a warning range of the heart rate range, if your actual heart rate beyond your default range, Ambit3 will be alerted by beeps. In addition, Ambit3 is currently unable to speed, distance or other needs of your range of indicators to remind and remind, and because Ambit3 still stubbornly did not join the vibration function, so Ambit3 tips in the training effect is also greatly reduced.
After the end of the running, Ambit3 will automatically give you the rest and rest time based on your movement, which is similar to the Garmin FR620, but both are quite different in the recovery time algorithm.
After the training is completed, Ambit3 can connect the computer through wired or wireless connection mobile terminal in two ways to cloud data synchronization. And Suunto’s powerful Movescount professional sports data background will give you every time you run the training to bring the most detailed and accurate analysis and presentation. With regard to the new Suunto Movescount data analysis and presentation capabilities, we will also provide a detailed introduction in the future.
Ambit3 Sport, although located in a full-featured outdoor GPS sports watch, but in the basic movement: running performance is still very good, in addition to the continuation of Ambit series of traditional GPS positioning accurate and rapid advantages, the new Bluetooth wireless intelligent features It is Ambit3 Sport in the use of more convenient. And it is with the excellent support for the basic movement, in order to allow the Ambit3 series in other sports areas can have more surprises.
What is Fiyta’s mechanical watch?
Shenzhen Feida (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 1987, the only one listed companies listed on the table, after years of hard temper, has grown into a Chinese watch flagship business, set watch development, design, manufacture and sales as one , With “Fiyta” famous brand and “Harmony” commercial brand, marketing network covering the whole country, and extended to foreign countries. So what about the Fiyta mechanical watch?
What is Fiyta’s mechanical watch?
Mechanical watch is good, first look at the movement. Fiyta mechanical watch movement how? Here we look at!
Fiyta manual winding multi-functional mechanical movement
Fiyta watchmaker who for the Shenzhou VII out of the task, developed the first metaphor of Fiyta mechanical movement. This mechanical movement, using a manual chain to face the restrictions of zero gravity; to achieve the AM / PM display box, easy to identify the time in the day Cartier nail bracelet replica and night chaos in time to improve the movement of the temperature difference; innovation to achieve the international The first 45 minutes.
Fiyta multi-function automatic mechanical movement
Fiyta keep making progress, developed a multi-functional automatic mechanical movement. The automatic mechanical movement for the first time in the Fiyta limit series of watches, with multi-functional timing; and after improvement, with the Chinese motorcycle team battle 2010 Dakar Rally.
Feiyaduo flywheel movement
Tourbillon is one of the world’s most complex and most contented watch craft. Fiyta independent research and development of tourbillon movement. To Fiyta Republic sixty birthday tramp as an example: the movement with a rose K gold treatment, the color is more moist. The edges of the plywood are hand-polished with an oak to a 45 ° chamfer, and the width and inclination are all from the watchmaker’s aesthetic field of view.
Fiyta mechanical watch how, User rating:
Comment one: old brand. not bad. As long as you are not deliberately damaged, with a 10 years 8 years no problem.
Comments 2: made four famous watches first (flying Yadaluo Xini by wave king) one of the world’s third largest aerospace table (Omega Fulian Fei Yada) quality assured!
Comments three: first Fiyta watch is one of the four famous brands in China, it is not known in the country that the quality can be, it is more than 5000 of the movement of Switzerland, 5000 are under the Japanese machine core. I personally, if it is to buy machinery, I certainly choose the Swiss brand.

Bamboo pendants have any meaning to wear bamboo pendants on behalf of the meaning

Bamboo pendants have any meaning to wear bamboo pendants on behalf of the meaning
Bamboo, has always been a favorite plant in China, loved by the literati, in ancient times known as the “cold three friends,” one of the sages often to the metaphor of a better character, and the gentleman than Germany in the jade, so bamboo And “King of Jade,” the combination of jade, it is cleverly fit. Bamboo festival is steadily rising, the four seasons evergreen, the traditional Chinese customs is by the name of the bamboo to bless people step by step, youth forever.
Bamboo, has always been a favorite plant in China, loved by the literati, in ancient times known as the “cold three friends,” one of the sages often to the metaphor of a better character, and the gentleman than Germany in the jade, so bamboo And “King of Jade,” the combination Cartier love bracelet replica of jade, it is cleverly fit. Bamboo festival is steadily rising, the four seasons evergreen, the traditional Chinese customs is by the name of the bamboo to bless people step by step, youth forever.
What is the meaning of bamboo pendants

Meaning one: the meaning of emerald bamboo there are many, such as the meaning of the business from Evergreen undefeated, and financial resources rolling business is booming, for the official just step by step, if the wearer for the students, is the blessing of its academic performance steadily , Hope that such as bamboo-like learning. And wear emerald bamboo festival is also a gentleman style, hope that the wearer learn bamboo straight and tough character.

The cause of thriving, keep making progress up step by step up the meaning of a symbol of good future, steadily high, pray for peace of the meaning of peace.

Meaning three: step by step high, steadily rising, wealth prosperous. Bamboo growing high law, just like life every day is better, people progress day by day.

Meaning four: bamboo branches, a section of a higher than the characteristics of a symbol of the students can learn success, steadily up.

Meaning five: since the ancient bamboo is a garden favorite plants with bamboo hi Yin, and more growth in the suburbs and rural areas, so indifferent fame and fortune, two sleeves breeze will be able to best interpret its mettle.

Meaning six: bamboo leaves of evergreen, green and always gives the passion and vitality, and then the vitality of bamboo tenacious, long growth cycle, dotted with nature, so a symbol of life vitality, longevity, and happiness truth.

Meaning seven: smooth sailing, everything goes well, you can make your life happy,

Meaning eight: the cause of flourishing, promising future Bamboo steadily rising, growing every day, with unlimited space and ability, as people’s ability can be unlimited, it can be meteoric rise, career success.

Meaning nine: long-lasting, evergreen natural also symbolizes the love of forever, youth forever beauty.
Wear bamboo pendants on behalf of the meaning

1. humble modesty: we all know that the middle of the bamboo is empty, unintentional, with the meaning of anxious if the bamboo and often grow very high, so the meaning of bamboo is often metaphor that there is a high degree of knowledge is very modest Of people.

2. elegant and refined: we all know that the ancient literati poet on the bamboo can be described as a soft spot, from their articles can be seen, Su Dongpo said, rather eat no meat can not be no bamboo, no meat makes thin, no bamboo Make people vulgar. They often use bamboo to express their own fresh and refined temperament.

3. Strong and faithful. Bamboo and plum, pine three kinds of plants are known as the cold three friends, especially in the winter when the majority of trees in the north has been withered and withered, but the beads still maintain the tall and tall body stands in the bleak wind, So the meaning of bamboo in the bamboo has a tenacious vitality of the moral. And because the bamboo, plum, pine three plants in the winter is not for the cold yield, so this winter is also commonly used Cartier love ring replica to describe the faithful friendship.

Fairy and unyielding We say that the man is rich and can not be prostitution, mighty and can not bend, I think only bamboo can fully interpret this integrity, bamboo pole straight up, stand upright, in addition to the emerald jade integrity, emerald bamboo festival upright The image of the integrity of the people on the people.

5. Bamboo reported safe and wealthy. Some friends at home like a coffee table and other places put a pot of flat bamboo or rich bamboo potted plants, it is precisely because of this reason, in the ancients see bamboo and peace close together, lush new year.

6. step by step rise. Emerald Bamboo is also known as emerald high, is the hope that people learn to work and life can be the same as bamboo, step by step, getting better and better. So jade pendant is very suitable for students to wear.

7. youth resident. Bamboo evergreen, green color and tall and straight posture, so that it is lush all year, standing not shake, so people often use bamboo to compare youth and young people.

Wear the benefits of jade

1. Chinese folk on the jade can avoid evil security refers to: According to legend, jade can send a special luster, this gloss is not easy to see during the day, the night can illuminate the square garden number of feet, this luster is the most demons and ghosts Afraid to see, so the ancient emperors always watched to show dignity and health, civilians also like to wear jade in order to peace.

2. The ancients talk about jade for the United States, gold is priceless jade priceless. Jade buried underground thousands of years of goods is hundreds of millions of years, jade contains a large number of mineral elements, so people often say that people support jade jade support people, if the body’s long-term wear jade can moist jade, jade head is the degree of refraction will be more The better, getting brighter.

3. If the person’s body is not good long-term wear jade, jade mineral elements will slowly let the body absorb the health effects, such as Ms. Dai’s bracelet usually with left hand, because the heart is good. Jade for the pillow and brain Cong, the ancient emperor would like to use jade to do pillows, longevity to the ancient Chinese emperors are long with jade pillow. And like “Compendium of Materia Medica” also has the role of jade health care.

4. Modern scientific research shows that: jade contains beneficial elements of the human body, often wear and use of jade (such as jade bracelets, necklaces, rings, jade seats, jade pillow, etc.), due to friction skin and acupuncture points, such as meridian blood There are a variety of benefits, play a disease prevention and treatment effect, it will jade as a talisman, is very useful.
Diamonds, is one of the increasingly popular favorites. Whether the couple used to express love for each other, the anniversary used to recall sweet, or white collar used to treat yourself, classic diamond pendants are the first choice for the public. Diamond pendants, like other items, are also contaminated, stained or stained with dust. Diamond pendant with a variety of solvents, powders, soaps and even the human body to produce grease meet, this will be in the diamond pendant surface film, reduce the diamond pendant luster, so the diamond pendant to be regularly maintained, save the cleanliness.
Diamond pendant style what meaning

Meaning one, [dolphin lovers] diamond pendant style, legend, as long as you sincerely pray to the dolphins, look forward to love will come true. The dolphins can protect a pair of lovers until life.

Meaning two, [time love] diamond pendant style, the time of the funnel down the fine sand, every grain is what we have met, sent to love in the flow of time, only looking forward to the years with me , Can remember our love time.

Meaning three, [love in the Paris series] diamond pendant style, Paris, the air is also full of love taste of the city. I thought that in Paris dawn, before the sunset in Paris, said I love you. Like countless classic love movies and novels from Paris to grab inspiration, Zoacai also to Paris as the background created a series of jewelry, the Paris romantic exquisite and free chic carefully presented. To Paris on behalf of the building – “Paris Tower and the Louvre glass pyramid” for the round, square bottom calm, and thus gradually tightened until the top, the building is both calm and elegant temperament showing the art of gas.

Meaning four, [elegant] diamond pendant style, elegance is a harmony, similar to the beautiful, but beautiful is the gift of heaven, and elegance is the product of art. Elegance from the cultivation of culture, but also in the cultivation of culture in the development.

Meaning five, [love] diamond pendant style, there is a carved Acacia, engraved on the back of the moon, in the countless months of hazy night interpretation. Take a look to know that the past has been carved deep, deep, beautiful, blooming out of the moment, so that life must be peerless.
Wearing diamond pendant style on behalf of the meaning

1. Heart-shaped diamond pendant is the most romantic of all shapes, therefore, wearing a heart-shaped diamond pendant woman imagination rich, believe in intuition, advocating romantic. Each of the perfect heart-shaped has a section of 101, like the Zoaci Ferris wheel Cartier nail bracelet replica diamond heart-shaped pendant, can give a sweet, feminine full impression, choose the heart-shaped pendant are mostly rich and rich feelings The romanticists of the letter.

2. Diamond is embedded in the K gold, complement each other, never separated from each other, like you and I never separated from the general, platinum diamond pendant like the ocean of the wizard, the magic of magic is the source of this series of inspiration, It uses the K gold and fine diamond mosaic, to create a unique series of pendants.

3. Water drop type diamond pendant, enhance memory, give courage and power pendant on behalf of spirituality, spirit, high level of love, can be used for admirers of a kind of affair, keepsake. Water Drops Pendant as a traditional amulet, usually can drive away evil, enhance personal luck, and can promote intelligence, calm mood, improve intuition, help think, focus attention.

Water droplets pendants dominate the right brain world, that is, intuition and subconscious, especially suitable for water droplets pendant, to promote its mental concentration, improve the vitality of thinking, people can calm in thinking, calm face the challenges of reality. Water drops diamond pendant is more stable and elegant sense of water droplets modeling no one does not like, people born hydrophilic, shiny dazzling.

Diamond pendant cleaning method

(1) first a little detergent into the bowl and warm water from the foam, and then put the diamond pendant into the bowl, with a soft brush to wipe, brush finished after the diamond pendulum out into the metal mesh or tea, Rinse with warm water, then dry with a soft cloth.

(2) in 1: 4 ratio of the detergent into cold water, the drill into the solution soak for a few minutes. Remove and wipe with a soft brush and rinse it once with a solution, then wipe it dry with a paper towel.

(3) in the half-cup family of Ammonia water, add the same capacity of water, the diamond pendant immersed in the solution gently stir, and then use the paper to dry the water.

(4) now on the market have to sell a variety of cleaners, for example, the use of ultrasonic cleaners and other special jewelry cleaner effect is also good.

Cartier group diamond ring

Cartier group diamond ring
Cartier group diamond ring is the classic style of the Cartier diamond ring, thin diamond studded with the whole diamond ring, no matter from which direction to see the past, Cartier group diamond ring All radiate strange shine. We come together to enjoy the exquisite Cartier group diamond ring picture.

Cartier group diamond ring picture

Cartier group diamond ring picture, Cartier group diamond ring A card in the Cartier ring diamond-studded Cartier diamond ring, Cartier group diamond ring Each diamond is a Cartier craftsmen carefully selected, cut, and then they are embedded in the Cartier ring, the formation of a very fine Cartier group diamond ring. Zoca take you together to see the Cartier group diamond ring exquisite pictures.
Cartier group diamond ring picture Daquan, Cartier group diamond ring with a number of small diamonds carefully crafted in the Cartier ring face, each diamond are the ultimate shine out of the diamond itself, the whole cartoon group diamond ring is super luxury Replica Cartier jewelry , Believe that any one wearing a Cartier group diamond ring are with the diamond on the ring as glorious.
Cartier male models diamond ring with the Cartier other style diamond ring design as beautiful, but the Cartier male diamond ring less some soft, and more of some rough, Cartier male diamond ring will be fashion and brand Element fusion, become the most popular men’s diamond ring. We have to enjoy the exquisite Cartier male diamond ring picture.

Cartier male models diamond ring picture

Cartier male models diamond ring picture, wearing a ring is not a female friend’s patent, many brands have launched a variety of exquisite men’s ring, Cartier also carefully designed and produced a number of male models diamond ring, Cartier male diamond ring is also the same with the Cartier other products by the world Consumers love good reviews. Zoca with everyone to take a look at Cartier male diamond ring fine picture.
Cartier men’s diamond ring picture Daquan, Cartier male diamond ring style exquisite, every card is a male diamond ring are Cartier designer to Cartier brand characteristics into the fashion elements carefully designed, and then carefully crafted by the craftsmen. Cartier male diamond ring no matter what kind of material, what style, are the classic and fashion coexistence of the goods.
Cartier diamond ring price, Cartier diamond ring how much money, we all know, Cartier is one of the world’s most famous jewelery brand, Cartier diamond ring regardless of the selection of diamonds, or in the ring style are very strict, so that Cartier diamond ring has been enduring, Then Cartier diamond ring price? Cartier diamond ring how much money?

Cartier diamond ring price

Cartier diamond ring price, Cartier is one of the world’s most famous diamond ring brand, Cartier diamond ring exquisite style, diamond cutting is perfect so much favored by consumers around the world. Many people may have thought to get married when buying a Cartier diamond ring, but do not know Cartier diamond ring price, how expensive.

To 1 carat diamond ring to say, Cartier 1 carat diamond ring price of 12 million or so, almost all jewelry brands in the 1 carat diamond ring the most expensive. Cartier diamond ring price by the Cartier brand value coupled with the price of the diamond ring plus labor costs, and finally with the store operating costs, so the Cartier diamond ring is more expensive than other brands of diamond ring.
Cartier diamond ring how much money, in fact, no matter what brand, diamond ring prices are mainly in the diamond, and diamond value and diamond 4c related, that is, diamond weight, color, clarity and cut, each c is a grade of the points , The higher the level of the higher the price of diamonds made by the diamond ring will be higher prices. Diamond 4c in the most direct impact on the price of diamond ring is the weight and cut, Cartier diamond ring price will be higher than other brands is also because the diamond 4c level is relatively high it

Cartier diamond ring also has a variety of series, love series of inlaid diamond diamonds diamond ring price of about 16,000 yuan, love series inlaid 4 diamond diamonds diamond ring price of about 40,000 yuan or so, if it is studded with love love series Cartier diamond ring price can be as high as ten million Or even hundreds of thousands. In addition to the love series, the Cartier diamond ring there are a variety of other styles, in general, 1 carat Cartier diamond ring price in 12 million or so.
Cartier rose gold bracelet picture, cartier rose gold bracelet picture and price, cartier rose gold bracelet is almost all the world’s brand rose gold bracelet in the most representative of a style, cartier rose gold bracelet most famous and most popular still love Series cartier rose gold bracelet. The cartier rose gold bracelet picture and price.

Cartier rose gold bracelet picture

Cartier rose gold bracelet picture, cartier rose gold bracelet bright color, and comes with Cartier unique brand elements, so very popular. And cartier rose gold bracelet in the consumer favorite to the number of cartier love series rose gold bracelet, cartier love series rose gold bracelet has been popular for more than 40 years, is still the pursuit of the crowd.
Cartier rose gold bracelet pictures and prices, cartier rose gold bracelet style exquisite, well-designed, exquisite workmanship, is all the jewelry brand in the most representative of a rose gold bracelet style. To Cartier love series rose gold bracelet as a reference, Zouqi jewelry network for everyone to introduce cartier rose gold bracelet pictures and prices.
Cartier bracelet size Daquan, how large size cartier bracelet for wear, cartier bracelet over the years has always been at the top of fashion, no matter how long, has always been the pursuit of fashion consumers around the world. What size is the cartier bracelet? How large size the cartier bracelet is suitable for wearing? Zokai for everyone to introduce cartier bracelet size Daquan.

Cartier bracelet size

Cartier bracelet size Daquan, cartier bracelet size a total of 6, from 16 to 21, 16 cartier bracelet size is the inner 15CM, 17 cartier bracelet size for the week 16CM, and so on. In general, the woman wrist is relatively thin, wearing 16 to 17 cartier bracelet just right, men are wearing a slightly larger size cartier bracelet from

Cartier bracelet is the famous French jewelry brand Cartier one of the most popular jewelry style, has always been able to accurately grasp the trend of Cartier, and has its own unique aesthetic taste, thus becoming the world’s big stars to attend the important occasion to attend the most cherished Watches and bracelet brands.
How large the size of the cartier bracelet for wear, to know how suitable for wearing a large size of the cartier bracelet must first know their own hand corresponding cartier bracelet size. The measurement method is as follows: first select a bracelet for their own wear, measure the bracelet circumference, and Cartier bracelet size table comparison to get their own suitable cartier bracelet size.

There is also a way to know how large cartier bracelet suitable for wearing the measurement method is to go directly to the Cartier counter try cartier bracelet, which a cartier bracelet to wear both comfortable and beautiful is the most suitable for wearing cartier bracelet size. Everyone is most suitable for cartier bracelet size may be different, personally measured the best.

Why use “carat” for gem weight units?

Calculate the weight of the unit of stone “carat” is how to use the “carat” to make the weight of the gem unit
Why use “carat” for gem weight units?

The past few years, the world with “carat”, (Carat, symbol “ct”) for the weight of the unit of gem, its origin is what? According to research, “carat” is the original word from Arabic, Refers to the growth of the Mediterranean Mediterranean sea of a corner of the fruit of the beans. Ancient people think that this fruit all the same weight. So use it to weigh the weight of the gem, so the weight of the gem will be used to express the number of carats.

Why use “carat” to make the weight of the unit of gem

In fact, the fruit of the beans is not all the same is heavy, it was collected Cartier love bracelet replica hundreds of these fruits, with electronic scales one by one called its weight, the results of 0.143-0.240 grams, showing the difference between the large. To this end, countries have set a standard weight for the carat. However, the weight of the carats specified by countries is quite inconsistent, such as India, 1 kt of 0.2073 grams; Italy 0.1972 grams; the United Kingdom 0.205 grams.
1877, Britain, France, the Netherlands and other countries agreed to 205 mg (0.205 grams) for 1 carat. By 1907, it was 200 milligrams (0.20 grams) of 1 carat, also known as “metric carat”, for ease of conversion with the metric. So, when reading gem books before 1907, pay attention to the current Krabi now common metric carat weight 5 mg (0.005 grams).
As the first diamond to be used in diamond mosaic jewelers, she always insists on selecting top diamonds. Only 2% of the world’s diamonds are able to meet her criteria, and after the second screening, only less than five A diamond can be used for it. This is Cartier, with the moment, respect for the pet and the feeling of happiness also spontaneously.
Cartier was praised as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor”, Cartier ring price is certainly a lot of money. Cartier diamond ring with 18K gold, rose gold and white gold material, as well as platinum material; the same time, Cartier diamond ring with a wide version and narrow version of two; Cartier diamond ring without drilling, with a drill, with three drill, Set with a number of drill … … so, according to different styles, different colors, whether with diamonds have different prices.

The price of Cartier’s diamond ring is mainly determined by the price of diamonds, and the price of diamonds is determined from the diamond’s “4C” standard, namely Carat, Clarity, Cut, The price of diamonds should be very transparent, but a high quality 1 carat diamond, from the original volcanic edge mining out to the bride ‘s ring finger, The price will increase several times (the smaller diamond price increases affect the cost of the wedding diamond ring higher).
To 30 points of the bare drill, for example, if the color IJ level, clarity VS level, cut well, bare diamond prices about 3500-4200 yuan drill the smaller the price per minute cheaper, the greater the price per minute ; In addition, the color and clarity if the requirements of the standard is high, the price gap between each level is also very alarming.

In the global Cartier boutique, every 10 minutes there is a couple decided to buy Cartier diamond ring and ring. Their choice is due to the emperor of the jeweler of diamond selection of excellence and the relentless pursuit of diamond mosaic. As the first diamond to be used in diamond mosaic jewelers, she always insists on selecting top diamonds. Only 2% of the world’s diamonds are able to meet her criteria, and after the second screening, only less than five A diamond can be used for it. This is Cartier, with the moment, respect for the pet and the feeling of happiness also spontaneously.
What is the price of the Cartier ring recycling?

Cartier diamond ring recovery generally divided into four kinds of goods phase,

A product, there are invoices and security cards and packaging of the new recycling price in 7 fold,

Two products: a certificate no new invoice in the 6 fold,

Three products, and occasionally have several times to wear invoices Paul card packaging are about 5 fold,

Four products: no invoice security card only product recovery price of Cartier love ring replica about 3 fold

What is the process of recovery of Cartier diamond ring?

Recycling process: 1, customers upload photos and invoices — 2, professional valuation — 3, site identification — 4, signed a recycling agreement — 5, payment

Now you know how the price of Cartier diamond ring bar, choose Cartier diamond ring must be carefully purchased, to pick their favorite and suitable for their own style. Do the budget is to buy diamond ring of major issues! Ready for a diamond ring how much money, or to have a good idea.
Mosaic is also a very important part. Mosaic will cause a lot of trouble, it may make the diamond off. Therefore, when buying a diamond ring must check whether the bracket is strong, in contact with the diamond is thick enough.

Diamond ring mosaic terms

1. Long rectangular: refers to the rectangular small diamonds, usually used to highlight the mosaic of large stones.

2. Inlaid: This mosaic diamond is completely surrounded by the precious metal edge of the frame.

3. Groove: Used in a set of small size rules of the gem. This mosaic technology with two metal grips from both sides of the gem. Used for circular, narrow rectangular and square gems. Slot like a rail, Middle folder diamond.

4. Shaped Cut: Any form other than diamonds cut diamonds. Shaped cut, including such as narrow rectangular, emerald, triangular, pear-shaped, princess-shaped, oval and drop-shaped cut type.

5. Mosaic: small diamond mosaic technology, diamonds between the mosaic is very close, so no significant metal. Pavé the surface looks all by the diamond paved.

6. single grain inlaid: single gem inlaid
Mosaic method

In the purchase of diamond jewelry, many consumers know from the 4C to measure the quality of diamonds, but in fact, a high-quality bright diamonds, must be accompanied by sophisticated mosaic technology to complement each other, showing the most dazzling diamond side, Out of the most touching emotion. Claw inlay, package set is the representative of the traditional process, after the evolution of the times, its style is stable and yet flexible changes, vitality is very strong, popular for decades is still enduring. Orbital inlay and staples are used for group embellishment or as a luxury. Card inlay is the representative of the current fashion technology, given by the designer life, change infinite, is nowadays popular new favorite.

Prong Setting

Is a metal claw (column) tightly buckle diamonds, is the most common, the most Cartier nail bracelet replica classic a mosaic method. Its greatest advantage is that metal rarely block diamonds, clearly showing the beauty of diamonds, and favorable light from different angles of the incident and reflection, so that the diamond looks bigger and more bright, so that the beating light exposed, is the most popular on the market Of the mosaic way. Claw inlay can be divided into six claw inlaid, four claw inlay, three claw inlay, nowadays wedding ring is the most popular six claw crown, which is raised by the six claws of the high holding the diamond, the light can be irradiated from the surrounding Diamonds, so that the diamond looks very crystal clear and noble, its shape resembles the crown and named. Princess drill is generally used four claw inlay Claw-mounted claws require uniform size, uniform spacing, diamond table level is not tilted.

Bezel Setting

As the name suggests is set with the metal edge surrounded by diamonds are surrounded by the mosaic method, is one of the most solid and traditional mosaic way, fully demonstrated the diamond light, glorious introverted, peace and dignified temperament. Buy package diamonds need to be carefully observed, diamond tip can not reveal the bracket, otherwise it will scratch the skin or cause damage to the diamond. If the back of the back cover, the center will have a small hole to adjust the diamond surface position. Between the edge and the diamond should be tight without gaps, even smooth, smooth and smooth.

Track Setting

Track inlay, also known as folder set, is a first in the precious metal bracket on the car out of the groove, and then the diamond into the groove.

Track Setting

Among the mosaic way. This method is often used for small groups with small diamond scores, or as a vice pair of luxury jewelry. Track set inlaid with the diamond quality requirements are very high, must ensure that the diamonds inlaid diamonds diameter, height, waist thickness is basically the same, and the princess side of the stone also requires their shape, size, thickness, such as curved track mosaic Close match. This mosaic method produced by the jewelry not only the appearance of smooth and smooth lines, simple and beautiful distribution, and make the whole jewelry is more luxurious and precious.
Diamond ring mosaic way

Pave Setting

Nail is the use of metal ductility, directly in the metal material on the edge of the mouth with a tool to cut out a few small nails, to fix the diamond to any fixed diamond metal claws, closely arranged diamonds is actually set in the metal groove Inside. This kind of inlay should be the same as the size and height of the diamond and the order of the diamond. Because there is no metal surrounded, diamonds can penetrate and reflect the more abundant light, highlighting the dazzling diamond ornaments. Nail-studded for group-style diamond ornaments and embellishment of luxury models.

Tension Setting

Card set with metal tension fixed diamond waist or waist and bottom of the part, is nowadays more trendy style. Diamonds are more exposed than claws, so it is more conducive to flashing bright stars. Nearly a year or two, the card inlay and claw inlay combination application changes out of the endless decorative landscape.

Mosaic matters

1) The claw (column) should be tightly fitted with the diamond, if left on the gap, on the one hand easy to fall off the diamond, on the other hand also make the claw (column) into a “barb”, easy to scratch when wearing skin and clothing.

2) diamond ring mosaic is flat, pick up jewelry from the side view, diamond table or waist is parallel to the horizontal plane of jewelry.

3) Is the diamond damaged by mosaic? Mosaic, may be due to excessive force will be damaged diamonds, you can use the magnifying glass to check the diamond ring mosaic of the site where there are cracks.

4, metal claw length is moderate. The claw is too long will block part of the incident diamond light, thus affecting the diamond fire color, claw claws can not grasp the diamond, easily lead to diamonds off.

5, claw (column) should be smooth to do the handle, hand touch no thorn feel, claw (column) tip looks like a bright little ball, both beautiful and can prevent claws hurt.

6, metal cladding thickness uniformity, high and low consistency, flat and smooth, no depression, no gap, close fit diamonds.

7, if the group inlaid style, it should be noted that all arranged with a diamond is neat, the table is smooth and smooth.

Gold jewelry market downturn bank gold favored

Gold jewelry market downturn bank gold favored
The recent international gold prices continued to decline, the major gold jewelry store gold jewelry also have lowered the price, coupled with some of the promotional activities, the current shopping malls on a lot of gold jewelry prices have fallen to about 300 yuan per gram, and even some First-line jewelry brands such as Zhou Dasheng, Kim Tae-fu and other gold jewelry prices are down the adjustment.

Although the price of gold jewelry counters are to a new low, but according to the sales data of the supermarkets to see the sales of gold jewelry and did not have a lot of gains, some gold jewelry sales staff said: “For gold jewelry many consumers are Replica Cartier jewelry buying Do not buy the psychological, although relatively gold jewelry prices are already very low, but in the trend of price cuts, many consumers will still wait and see attitude.

Although the current price of gold is still falling, but a lot of gold jewelry stores have no frantic buying in the first half of the atmosphere, and even many gold jewelry counter using the end of the holiday promotions, have played a “preferential bargain” advertising signs, Not many people, even if some people try to wear in front of the counter, the real purchase or a minority. Now seems to face the price of gold all the way down, the mentality of the purchase of gold is more and more calm and rational.

But in the gold jewelry market is a low case, some banks timely introduction of the physical gold product area popular, and the previous gold and silver coins, such as this year around the upcoming horse year and the design of the theme zodiac gold jewelry, Many consumers of the favor, it is understood that the construction of the Bank for the introduction of the horse in the year 20 several gold years, the specifications of several grams to several kilograms, sales are very impressive. In addition, there are some suitable for the New Year gift to friends and family “constellation baby” series is also very popular, in terms of price, because the price is more favorable, product type is also more abundant, so the banking channel to attract a lot of people.
Today’s time has come to mid-December, from the time of Christmas is getting closer. At this time, the price of gold jewelry around the continued decline in the situation. And Hong Kong’s gold jewelry prices are still very to force, the current Hong Kong’s unified price compared with the lowest price in Guangzhou, is indeed lower. However, we can not only see this point that Hong Kong’s gold jewelry prices are extremely low.

Now, Hong Kong’s gold stores have begun to implement a new way of sales, that is, a price of gold jewelry. Faced with this new way of selling, consumers must be polished eyes. According to the current data show that the current purchase of this one price of gold jewelry is the most of those young people. These jewelry are often very focused on the style, the meaning of some of the gold jewelry. These young people often like these are these. So, in the premise of love, and the simple way to pricing, these young people have chosen a price of gold jewelry, while ignoring its real price price.

Now, with the gold jewelry prices fall, a price of gold jewelry and weight of the gold jewelry between the price difference is growing, and consumers are not really silly, so obviously the account will certainly count. So, after understanding the true value of a gold jewelry jewelry, for the sale of this gold jewelry to be more cautious.

In some understanding to know, there are a lot of consumers are this price of gold jewelry questioned, they think that many of these gold jewelry are very common, do not see where the new. Moreover, this price is the gap is getting bigger and bigger. And even some consumers said that now a price of gold jewelry more and more, it should not be because the price of gold, businesses in order to avoid the risk of falling gold prices and deliberately do things right? The following are the same as the ”

In this regard, the industry said that this price of gold jewelry prices are beyond the original price of gold a lot, and therefore can not rule out the possibility of some businesses deliberately. So once again to remind consumers, in the present when the price of gold fell, or weight-based Kazakhstan U you quickly more affordable video, so pay attention to choose their own purchase of gold jewelry category it

Cartier color jewelry blooming bright light

Cartier color jewelry blooming bright light
Cartier jewelry in the design of high-level has been the use of colorful colors, make it blooming bright glory. Recently, it has launched a special theme to the color of the jewelry series, enough to meet any romantic theme of the dream. Precious stones, precious stones after uncompromising attention, into a bright boutique, set off exquisite jewelry and beautiful ladies ladies.

This series of jewelry brings together the amethyst purple, turquoise blue, coral velvet-like orange … … jewelry master talent, the emotional charm of precious stones embellished in rose gold or gold, and inlaid with diamonds. Interlocking Smart jewelry, so that wearing a free and varied manner. Long necklace, light turning ring, waterfall pouring down the earrings … … combination of wear, you can attend any luxurious grand occasion; alone to wear, its lovely pretty shape and always bring surprises.
Blue sky, blue sea, white building, clean and moist breeze gently … … the Olympic Games because of the return home and make Greece much attention. In the world of Greece’s attention, the sea is a huge topic and highlights.

In this country that breathes the ocean air, the affinity for nature has melted in the blood. The most healthy natural olive oil to support their diet system, natural linen clothing and marine style, shell texture of the various decorations are dotted with their simple and laid-back life.

Here is not the shell that we usually can easily see, to catch the ordinary shells, jewelry Fake Cartier love bracelet can be made into a beautiful pearl from the Atlantic Ocean or the deep ocean. A century ago, deep-sea pearl is a luxury aristocratic European luxury gemstones, it has the same charming pearl luster and changing colors, but has a very different from the colorful pearls texture.

White butterfly shell, butterfly shell, black butterfly shell, butterfly shellfish, abalone shell … … pearl pearl color pearl to pearls of glory, thousands of years has never been overlooked and buried, they have always been the most designers Cherished beautiful friends. Especially in the past two years, jewelry-class shellfish jewelry also began to be more and more like the handsome nature of the people of our city special love. With the advancement of the Olympic Games, the European style of marine-style jewelry is selling.
It seems that no one said wearing a jewelry is a woman’s patent, but a long time has been very low-key men’s jewelry. The standard of men’s jewelry seems to be “couple”, exaggerated point with golden thick necklace and thick bracelet … … In short is not worth mentioning, but with the major international fashion week men’s autumn and winter release, it was found that the success of jewelry To build a man has played an increasingly important role.

Recently, Paris, Milan and other world fashion center “Men’s Week” is high-profile. In the sense of men’s clothes more and more “fancy” at the same time, the top brands of male jewelry rapid development of surprising. This year, the World Gold Council in the market survey found that 27% of the gold buyers for the men, of which three percent is bought to their own wear, we can see the love of jewelry, men and women are. New York ‘s Fifth Avenue men’ s jewelry design brand JanLeslie also said: “men ‘s ornaments have signs of recovery.

Even a New York marketing expert has pointed out that many male consumers, especially young men are tired of POLO shirt and khaki pants dress style, they want to wear a more formal point, and match the taste of jewelry to set off Their elegant temperament.

Therefore, the global market this year, a variety of “male ornaments” is very eye-catching: necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, tie clips, making eager fashion men no longer facing the woman “treasure chest” drool. After the “rock style”, “straight wind”, “tough wind”, this year’s “male ornaments” to heavy metal modeling, brand accessories, beach leisure style as the main trend, emphasizing delicate feminine jewelry curve, delicate subtle Design style, coupled with a Cartier nail bracelet replica variety of colors embellishment, men’s jewelery began to generously into the people’s attention.

■ men’s models

Model 1 is male or female

Inspiration analysis: now popular Zhuangnen and spoiled, but this is a man born with weakness, so the designer through the jewelry for men to taste the taste of Jiaoqiao, under the guise of a delicate woman to the delicate bones.

The rise of this style, thanks to the popular men this year – all kinds of cardigan, deep V tops and personal sweaters, necklaces and other men in the empty neck opened up a vast space for us. In the long fine metal necklace, coupled with very large three-dimensional pendant, is the T-male models are the most IN decoration. No matter what kind of material on the style, shape is not masculine, with soft lines.

The latest release: Gucci gold chain and the combination of horns fall, Cos Juan tumeNational silver chain Shuangdao fall, Dior directly to the fine silver chain almost invisible in the man’s chest. The latest trend is the black pearl male ornaments.

Model 2 Rock Religion

Inspiration Analysis: In this era of modernism, what can be used to rock, large cross, although the “fetish” but has long lost the divinity, cool, Hyun is the love of this jewelry the real intention of young men.

The cross is the initiator of this style. This year’s Fashion Week D & G’s male model with the beads and the cross, as the fashion godfather of the first line, set off a wave of religious jewelery religious color. However, a man wearing a cross pendant is not like a woman cross pendant small and exquisite. Beijing can be seen on the market of sterling silver, crystal and other materials of different large cross pendant, engraved with ancient totem embossed bracelets, rings, earrings.

Latest release: the current popular cross-pendant also joined the hip-hop and other rock elements, YSL this year launched a black leather cross necklace will have this style, it abandoned the metal light, rugged suture some hippie flavor.

Model 3 Industrial Man

Inspired by: to increase the charm of men as their responsibility to have more of these Cartier nail bracelet replica men back to the industrial era of retro meaning.

Popular style is to follow the theme of rough wild, not for the fine candy bar shape, but to outline the shape of large and heavy show real. Thicker version of the leather rope tied to the metal ring pendant, or with numerous oval-shaped chain buckle or rivets together, the man Han Shou calmly exposed most vividly.

The latest release: the World Gold Council this year launched the Apollo piercing collar, dislocation of the circular coin gold bracelet, arch-shaped diamond ring and other new.

■ Men’s statement

You can wear jewelry but not masculine

Zhou Shuangjian model

Although men can not be like a woman wearing skirts and high heels to go shopping, but in the shape and color can be close to the girls preferences. And men have their own exclusive elegant, elegant, enchanting, sexy, there is no woman of the rough, sturdy. I think that men wearing jewelry, you can wear a bracelet, anklet, earrings, but not too ambiguous, the form can be very feminine, the style will need how many masculine atmosphere embellishment.
A fashionable man not only have to buy accessories unique vision, but also should know how to different occasions, different clothing should be with different jewelry.

Men do not wear jewelry too complicated

Chen Rong Designer

At present, many of the jewelry for men, the general popular simple, tough lines of style, too traditional or too complicated in the mainstream are not mainstream.

Gold and silver materials of men’s jewelry also has the edges and corners of the majority. Patterns to abstract geometric shapes, symbols, and animal patterns in the majority. Do not advocate wearing too complicated jewelry, too feminine but will undermine the overall effect.