Analyze how different ladies’ rings are worn

Analyze how different ladies’ rings are worn
Most people may have to understand the ring, but the law of the ring but the understanding of the minimal, especially the woman’s ring, then how to wear women’s ring it? What is the difference between the different wear and the meaning of it? So as a woman not only to buy the ring to learn how to wear a ring, which is a compulsory course for the ladies.

The meaning of the middle finger

Each person’s five fingers can wear a ring, so the five different fingers to wear the ring on behalf of the meaning is different, most people may know that the middle finger wearing a ring of the meaning of a woman middle finger wearing a ring in general Are said to be married women, and the middle finger of course is also their own husband to their wedding gifts, if you see a woman’s middle finger has been wearing a ring, then even a man in love Cartier love bracelet replica she can not provoke, because the woman has marriage.

The meaning of the ring finger

Now, whether it is a twentie girl or a lot of relatively small age students like to wear a ring, may be its price and style is different, wearing different fingers, for example, some little girls will wear the ring on the little finger, that is, Five fingers at the end of the one, and this method is generally a symbol of friendship, and wear a small finger on the ring are generally their own relatively small partners to give their own, some extraordinary significance , Wearing a ring in the ring finger are generally twenties girl engagement when the man to the woman wearing a ring, which is also considered a token of faith because of such a ring, the woman was given to the man, so ring finger to bring the ring is engagement The meaning of.

The meaning of the little finger wear method

Girls are some paranoid like jewelry, the ring is no exception, for those colorful ring is put it down, but, just some girls do not like the colorful, strange strange ring, but prefer to buy some simple style Tail ring, tail ring are usually silver, silver is the best blessing, and the tail ring is generally given to their good friends, the secret to the best friend of the best wishes, but also represents the most sincere The friendship.

With the rapid development of society, we not only need to earn money to buy the ring, but also need to understand how to wear a woman’s ring, how to wear a woman’s ring is not just a common sense is a ritual, but also reflects a woman Of the temperament of how, for this common sense of the problem is worthy of a large number of our promotion, making the woman how to wear the ring to promote the issue, so that the public to understand how the ring wearing a more identity.
Sometimes we must go to pursue what is wrong or wrong, sometimes correct or incorrect, nice or not good and not so important, the most important thing is the attitude of this matter. For men and women ring wear and meaning we do not say yes or wrong, but we have to be implied in the meaning of them.

The respect of ancient men and women

We think of the law of men and women and the meaning of the first thought is not what the law and meaning and more is why it is divided into men and women, why not together? How big is the difference between a ring? In fact, there is still a lot of culture, our belt is a very strict level of society, women can not go out to do business, in fact, when the East and the West are almost, only in a certain period of time the Eastern society of feudal Time will be much longer than the Western feudal time. Not to say that our society can not give women freedom but in that mainly by physical life of society, women can only be a weak. So men and women have a Cartier love ring replica different way to wear a ring.

Men and women ring wearing a law

Speaking of men and women wearing a ring we can not just say a way to wear, and we have ten fingers, of which our thumb is generally not wearing a ring, we generally see are pull, that pull is A symbol of right, and now pull more like a riffry rogue symbol; and our index finger will wear a ring, on behalf of no lovers, want to love; and the middle finger is when we marry the time to wear in that finger; ring finger is The meaning of marriage, while the little finger on behalf of the widowhood or life is not married. Sometimes we have to look at the girlfriend when we have to look at the man’s fingers wearing no wearing a ring, in fact, this is the object we choose to get married when the very effective, but we can not say that as long as you see the wear The ring must be want to get married, because sometimes our eyes will deceive us, the ring will deceive us, so we choose the object of love when you want to personally ask clearly?

The difference between men and women wearing law

We said that the difference between male and female men and women wearing a ring is generally said that for the wedding ring, we generally wear a wedding ring has a domestic and foreign differences. China is generally male left female right, and foreign countries are also worn on the left hand, China is more emphasis on the relationship between dignity and humility, and foreign emphasis on equality in the modern.

There are a lot of wornness and meaning in the men’s and women’s rings, but is it not a historical basis for one of us? Of course not, a ring can also make us tempted.

How much is the jade pendant?

How much is the jade pendant?
This is not to say, depends on the quality of jade materials and color water and so on the price. The price of several tens to millions of have, the market sales price is generally in the range of hundreds to thousands of thousands. There are many factors Replica Cartier jewelry that affect the price of jade, including color, texture (structure), transparency (head), cracks, impurities and processing technology.
In fact, want to buy emerald, where to buy it is not important, it is important how to buy when the cost-effective choice, shopping malls jewelry stores are generally A goods, but the price is too expensive things, as jade is good or bad, Not one or two sentences can be clear, but the need for physical inspection to understand how to cost-effective, because the same kind of jade, good or bad gap is also a considerable value.

Simple basic description, good emerald should be confirmed in the case of A cargo natural jade case, the internal grain structure of jade evenly, the better the better the better, fine to the naked eye can not see the head full of glass, the color is symmetrical , But not dark for the top grade, jade to green for the best, kind and color of the perfect combination of price is more than million.

Emerald Pendant picture Daquan

Emerald Pendant picture Daquan. Emerald pendant, the most common argument is to protect evil spirits. Wear jade pendant, one is beautiful, and second, many emerald pendant contains a lot of trace elements, these trace elements through the body’s skin, acupuncture points into the human body, by the meridians and blood circulation throughout the body, and thus to a certain extent played Supplement the lack of human body, balance the physiological function, there is the role of health care, but this is a long and slow process.

Wear jade pendant to note the following: 1, do not be metaphysical illusion. Many of the so-called feng shui master often suggested that this year with this next year with that, this is not honest behavior, it is recommended to wear it will have to wear down, will become more spiritual.

2, the meaning can be serious can also heart. Really good jade on the human body have a benefit, and the benefits of Pei Yu is also regardless of people. But the pursuit of evil spirits or transport is very particular about stress. Such as brave, if not soldiers or butchers or underworld or ferocious people, should not be worn on the body, but to be indoors. If you wear a zodiac, then be sure to wear their own zodiac. Yuhuan does not matter men, women and children are safe

3, be careful not to wear fake and shoddy jade goods. Jade ornaments market good and bad, too many shops shoddy, with B goods C goods (ie pickling, injection, dyeing) fake jade ornaments. From a health point of view, this kind of jade on the health of the body has a certain impact.

4. can not be too casual, wearing a day lost one day. Jade wearing the neck of the purpose, that is, day and night guard, because it is close to wear, it is recommended to wear at any time, even if it is a bath on the toilet, as long as not filthy or jade and filthy circumstances surrounded by, need to carry The

5, jade broken or to wear. After the jade broken, do not lose, although not complete, not beautiful, but still can be processed into a complete jade ornaments, although it will be small, but still “all”.
Violet bracelet how much money? Violet jade price changes are relatively large, not only according to the texture, the head of the difference between good and bad, purple color shades, the color also has a great impact on the price. Violet color also has some changes, roughly blue and purple, egg purple, pink purple three categories, different colors have different market price, from a few hundred dollars to several million have.
The price of the low – grade violet jade bracelet

Low-grade violet jadeite texture fine, micro-transparent, light under the lavender, natural light is almost white, the market value of several hundred dollars.

2. The price of mid-range violet jade bracelet

Most of the bright colors of the head is not good, worth thousands of dollars, if the head is good for the collection of goods. Also color and eggplant color similar to the blue, partial gray purple, texture and more for the lotus root, micro-transparent, shiny better, some with point-like “white cotton.” There are better head blue and purple emerald, its value can be over ten thousand;
3. High-grade violet jade bracelet price

Mostly pink and purple, fine texture, shiny and moist, slightly transparent, rich color like peach, very lovable, darker, even if the color is not even, as long as the species is good (ice), the price of at least more than 100,000, Good is more rare, and its rare, very valuable collection value, worth up to one million yuan.

Violet bracelet price picture Daquan

Violet bracelet price picture Daquan. Violet bracelet texture moist, delicate jade, work well, feel good! Good in the head, the head is enough to dress up your jade wrist of the best ornaments by the scientific determination, jade contains a lot of elements on behalf of the human body beneficial to wear in the body will be absorbed by the body, so that the body’s trace elements get a balance, Which play a disaster, longevity effect! Since ancient times jade mutual support, destined to Habitat, often wear on the body, will be able to protect your wealth rolling, longevity!
2, jade: purple bracelet jade is generally not good, up to ice can be very good, in general, the same is true. For the beans or glutinous species; 3, perfect degree: perfect degree, no stone no crack no flaws for the United States.

Bamboo pendants have any meaning to wear bamboo pendants on behalf of the meaning

Bamboo pendants have any meaning to wear bamboo pendants on behalf of the meaning
Bamboo, has always been a favorite plant in China, loved by the literati, in ancient times known as the “cold three friends,” one of the sages often to the metaphor of a better character, and the gentleman than Germany in the jade, so bamboo And “King of Jade,” the combination of jade, it is cleverly fit. Bamboo festival is steadily rising, the four seasons evergreen, the traditional Chinese customs is by the name of the bamboo to bless people step by step, youth forever.
Bamboo, has always been a favorite plant in China, loved by the literati, in ancient times known as the “cold three friends,” one of the sages often to the metaphor of a better character, and the gentleman than Germany in the jade, so bamboo And “King of Jade,” the combination Cartier love bracelet replica of jade, it is cleverly fit. Bamboo festival is steadily rising, the four seasons evergreen, the traditional Chinese customs is by the name of the bamboo to bless people step by step, youth forever.
What is the meaning of bamboo pendants

Meaning one: the meaning of emerald bamboo there are many, such as the meaning of the business from Evergreen undefeated, and financial resources rolling business is booming, for the official just step by step, if the wearer for the students, is the blessing of its academic performance steadily , Hope that such as bamboo-like learning. And wear emerald bamboo festival is also a gentleman style, hope that the wearer learn bamboo straight and tough character.

The cause of thriving, keep making progress up step by step up the meaning of a symbol of good future, steadily high, pray for peace of the meaning of peace.

Meaning three: step by step high, steadily rising, wealth prosperous. Bamboo growing high law, just like life every day is better, people progress day by day.

Meaning four: bamboo branches, a section of a higher than the characteristics of a symbol of the students can learn success, steadily up.

Meaning five: since the ancient bamboo is a garden favorite plants with bamboo hi Yin, and more growth in the suburbs and rural areas, so indifferent fame and fortune, two sleeves breeze will be able to best interpret its mettle.

Meaning six: bamboo leaves of evergreen, green and always gives the passion and vitality, and then the vitality of bamboo tenacious, long growth cycle, dotted with nature, so a symbol of life vitality, longevity, and happiness truth.

Meaning seven: smooth sailing, everything goes well, you can make your life happy,

Meaning eight: the cause of flourishing, promising future Bamboo steadily rising, growing every day, with unlimited space and ability, as people’s ability can be unlimited, it can be meteoric rise, career success.

Meaning nine: long-lasting, evergreen natural also symbolizes the love of forever, youth forever beauty.
Wear bamboo pendants on behalf of the meaning

1. humble modesty: we all know that the middle of the bamboo is empty, unintentional, with the meaning of anxious if the bamboo and often grow very high, so the meaning of bamboo is often metaphor that there is a high degree of knowledge is very modest Of people.

2. elegant and refined: we all know that the ancient literati poet on the bamboo can be described as a soft spot, from their articles can be seen, Su Dongpo said, rather eat no meat can not be no bamboo, no meat makes thin, no bamboo Make people vulgar. They often use bamboo to express their own fresh and refined temperament.

3. Strong and faithful. Bamboo and plum, pine three kinds of plants are known as the cold three friends, especially in the winter when the majority of trees in the north has been withered and withered, but the beads still maintain the tall and tall body stands in the bleak wind, So the meaning of bamboo in the bamboo has a tenacious vitality of the moral. And because the bamboo, plum, pine three plants in the winter is not for the cold yield, so this winter is also commonly used Cartier love ring replica to describe the faithful friendship.

Fairy and unyielding We say that the man is rich and can not be prostitution, mighty and can not bend, I think only bamboo can fully interpret this integrity, bamboo pole straight up, stand upright, in addition to the emerald jade integrity, emerald bamboo festival upright The image of the integrity of the people on the people.

5. Bamboo reported safe and wealthy. Some friends at home like a coffee table and other places put a pot of flat bamboo or rich bamboo potted plants, it is precisely because of this reason, in the ancients see bamboo and peace close together, lush new year.

6. step by step rise. Emerald Bamboo is also known as emerald high, is the hope that people learn to work and life can be the same as bamboo, step by step, getting better and better. So jade pendant is very suitable for students to wear.

7. youth resident. Bamboo evergreen, green color and tall and straight posture, so that it is lush all year, standing not shake, so people often use bamboo to compare youth and young people.

Wear the benefits of jade

1. Chinese folk on the jade can avoid evil security refers to: According to legend, jade can send a special luster, this gloss is not easy to see during the day, the night can illuminate the square garden number of feet, this luster is the most demons and ghosts Afraid to see, so the ancient emperors always watched to show dignity and health, civilians also like to wear jade in order to peace.

2. The ancients talk about jade for the United States, gold is priceless jade priceless. Jade buried underground thousands of years of goods is hundreds of millions of years, jade contains a large number of mineral elements, so people often say that people support jade jade support people, if the body’s long-term wear jade can moist jade, jade head is the degree of refraction will be more The better, getting brighter.

3. If the person’s body is not good long-term wear jade, jade mineral elements will slowly let the body absorb the health effects, such as Ms. Dai’s bracelet usually with left hand, because the heart is good. Jade for the pillow and brain Cong, the ancient emperor would like to use jade to do pillows, longevity to the ancient Chinese emperors are long with jade pillow. And like “Compendium of Materia Medica” also has the role of jade health care.

4. Modern scientific research shows that: jade contains beneficial elements of the human body, often wear and use of jade (such as jade bracelets, necklaces, rings, jade seats, jade pillow, etc.), due to friction skin and acupuncture points, such as meridian blood There are a variety of benefits, play a disease prevention and treatment effect, it will jade as a talisman, is very useful.
Diamonds, is one of the increasingly popular favorites. Whether the couple used to express love for each other, the anniversary used to recall sweet, or white collar used to treat yourself, classic diamond pendants are the first choice for the public. Diamond pendants, like other items, are also contaminated, stained or stained with dust. Diamond pendant with a variety of solvents, powders, soaps and even the human body to produce grease meet, this will be in the diamond pendant surface film, reduce the diamond pendant luster, so the diamond pendant to be regularly maintained, save the cleanliness.
Diamond pendant style what meaning

Meaning one, [dolphin lovers] diamond pendant style, legend, as long as you sincerely pray to the dolphins, look forward to love will come true. The dolphins can protect a pair of lovers until life.

Meaning two, [time love] diamond pendant style, the time of the funnel down the fine sand, every grain is what we have met, sent to love in the flow of time, only looking forward to the years with me , Can remember our love time.

Meaning three, [love in the Paris series] diamond pendant style, Paris, the air is also full of love taste of the city. I thought that in Paris dawn, before the sunset in Paris, said I love you. Like countless classic love movies and novels from Paris to grab inspiration, Zoacai also to Paris as the background created a series of jewelry, the Paris romantic exquisite and free chic carefully presented. To Paris on behalf of the building – “Paris Tower and the Louvre glass pyramid” for the round, square bottom calm, and thus gradually tightened until the top, the building is both calm and elegant temperament showing the art of gas.

Meaning four, [elegant] diamond pendant style, elegance is a harmony, similar to the beautiful, but beautiful is the gift of heaven, and elegance is the product of art. Elegance from the cultivation of culture, but also in the cultivation of culture in the development.

Meaning five, [love] diamond pendant style, there is a carved Acacia, engraved on the back of the moon, in the countless months of hazy night interpretation. Take a look to know that the past has been carved deep, deep, beautiful, blooming out of the moment, so that life must be peerless.
Wearing diamond pendant style on behalf of the meaning

1. Heart-shaped diamond pendant is the most romantic of all shapes, therefore, wearing a heart-shaped diamond pendant woman imagination rich, believe in intuition, advocating romantic. Each of the perfect heart-shaped has a section of 101, like the Zoaci Ferris wheel Cartier nail bracelet replica diamond heart-shaped pendant, can give a sweet, feminine full impression, choose the heart-shaped pendant are mostly rich and rich feelings The romanticists of the letter.

2. Diamond is embedded in the K gold, complement each other, never separated from each other, like you and I never separated from the general, platinum diamond pendant like the ocean of the wizard, the magic of magic is the source of this series of inspiration, It uses the K gold and fine diamond mosaic, to create a unique series of pendants.

3. Water drop type diamond pendant, enhance memory, give courage and power pendant on behalf of spirituality, spirit, high level of love, can be used for admirers of a kind of affair, keepsake. Water Drops Pendant as a traditional amulet, usually can drive away evil, enhance personal luck, and can promote intelligence, calm mood, improve intuition, help think, focus attention.

Water droplets pendants dominate the right brain world, that is, intuition and subconscious, especially suitable for water droplets pendant, to promote its mental concentration, improve the vitality of thinking, people can calm in thinking, calm face the challenges of reality. Water drops diamond pendant is more stable and elegant sense of water droplets modeling no one does not like, people born hydrophilic, shiny dazzling.

Diamond pendant cleaning method

(1) first a little detergent into the bowl and warm water from the foam, and then put the diamond pendant into the bowl, with a soft brush to wipe, brush finished after the diamond pendulum out into the metal mesh or tea, Rinse with warm water, then dry with a soft cloth.

(2) in 1: 4 ratio of the detergent into cold water, the drill into the solution soak for a few minutes. Remove and wipe with a soft brush and rinse it once with a solution, then wipe it dry with a paper towel.

(3) in the half-cup family of Ammonia water, add the same capacity of water, the diamond pendant immersed in the solution gently stir, and then use the paper to dry the water.

(4) now on the market have to sell a variety of cleaners, for example, the use of ultrasonic cleaners and other special jewelry cleaner effect is also good.

Office workers to buy diamond earrings how much money appropriate

Office workers to buy diamond earrings how much money appropriate
Most of the girls on the diamond kind of innate love, whether it is diamond necklace or diamond earrings, but how to choose diamond earrings, diamond earrings generally how much money?

Work diamonds earrings do not have to buy too much, because often hand in the work of contact things something will affect the brightness of the diamond or wear and the like. Recommended to work can buy 30 points or less drill or more diamond ring. Married, then you can buy a large point of drilling, round drill more wild, you can with any clothes out of different occasions.
Plan the diamond ring budget. The first thing to do, according to their own economic capacity, decided to spend much money to buy diamond earrings, and plan a good budget. If you plan to buy diamond ring and wedding ring to buy, then the budget will be higher. You must have heard that the diamond ring budget is 1-2 months salary argument, this is not practical, especially in the current environment. It is best to raise the budget slightly Cartier love bracelet replica so that you have more room to choose from.

Buy things to shop around, buy expensive items even more so. The same thing in different shopping malls, the price difference will be great. Some shopping malls in order to attract customers, discount efforts are great. Moreover, the different brands within the counter of the counter, you can also fold on the fold, or VIP discount card. The whole count down, but also save a lot. But the price is low, you get the service may be reduced.
Some people wear earrings, ear trembling itching, pain and mild redness, taking anti-allergic drugs and 70% alcohol wet effect, the second day the symptoms improved significantly, the third day healed. What is the reason for this? The original is wearing a nickel-containing metal earrings caused by contact dermatitis caused.

Metal nickel is the most common allergen that causes contact dermatitis, especially for women, which is more likely to cause contact dermatitis, which may be related to female skin delicate. Jewelry and skin friction to break, bacterial infection, can increase the pinch release and absorption, more prone to allergic dermatitis. At the same time, may also induce and add other allergic skin diseases.

In order to prevent the occurrence of allergic skin diseases, allergic diseases of women, should avoid wearing nickel jewelry, or in the skin coated with Yan Song, so that the friction parts can be lubricated, but also to prevent bacterial infection. If allergic dermatitis has occurred, it can take prednisone 5 mg three times a day. Before going to bed plus 4 grams of chlorpheniramine, with 70% of the case of wetting, each l0 bell, usually two to three days will be able to recover.
Allergies, some skin is really very sensitive, slightly some chemical substances do not meet, but some people sometimes allergies, and sometimes there is no such phenomenon, mostly in the time of wearing is not caused by the incorrect.

Replace the original alloy ornaments with 925 silver ear hooks. This will not affect the overall appearance, but also can effectively prevent allergies

Replace ear hook with ear clip. Ear clip is divided into ordinary triangular ear clip, spiral adjustable ear clip and hidden ear clip three categories. The first kind of cheap, but a long time may be pain (of course, you can use the anti-relieve pain to reduce the pain Oh). The latter two prices slightly higher, especially the hidden ear clip. But the pain is less.
Earrings, also known as earrings, as wearing jewelry in the ears, from ancient times have been a lot of women and even men like. In ancient times, earrings, also known as Er, 珰. Can be made of metal, plastic, glass, precious stones and other materials. Some are ring-shaped, some are hanging type, some are granular. The weight and size of the earrings are limited by the human body’s ability to bear, and some people who are accustomed to wearing earrings will be stretched for a long time.

New ear piercing hole who choose earrings method. Just through the ear hole, due to damage to the skin vulnerable to infection inflammation. At this point in addition to insist on cleaning sooner or later every morning, should be selected to wear pure gold or silver button earrings, the reason is: the new thorn ear hole redness or swelling of the water overflow, earrings can cover the new surface, The Button earrings light, fixed will not be due to swing to stimulate the wound, conducive to the wound recovery, remember not to wear gold earrings, because of its weight. With the activities of the human body kept shaking, so that damage is not easy to recover. It should also be noted that before wearing the earrings, you must use medical alcohol cleaning erase ear ear. So as not to bring bacteria into the ear hole caused by infection.
Daily earrings are worn and healthy. Many women to wear large earrings for the United States, proud, but I do not know a little improper will bring people to worry and discomfort. Such as gold earrings should be thin ring. The weight is small as well. Due to the proportion of Cartier love ring replica gold, made of large ring earrings hanging in the earlobe, will make the local load is too large, so that the ear deformation or abrasion of the skin, causing local inflammation. This not only lost the jewelry to wear the good intentions, but to the human body caused harm, affecting the instrument beautiful. Such as tin or other metal earrings, to wear or not wear as little as possible, such as need to wear should pay attention to wear time is not too long. Because other metals contain lead and other harmful substances, often with the human skin contact, prone to allergies, itching, burning and other adverse reactions.
Earrings The shape of the earrings is basically a pair of rings, the size of the ring, the width and the variety of flowers and flowers. Earrings most of the simple use of gold, in the past with 24K gold, consumers gradually experience the 24K gold too soft easily deformed, so the market there are many 18K gold earrings for sale. In foreign countries, earrings are all made of 14K gold, and even useful 9K gold maker.

Earrings are rarely set with precious stones. Inlaid earrings are very wide, usually inlaid with multiple pieces of different colors of small stones, the price is much more expensive than gold earrings.
Earrings earrings are close to the earrings in the jewelry, simply made of gold earrings less beautiful, so rare, the most species is set in a variety of precious stones, jade or pearl earrings. As the earrings are a pair, so the requirements of the set of precious stones (or emerald, pearls) two colors, like the size of the shape, otherwise it will inevitably affect the appearance. High-grade gem to meet the above requirements more difficult, it is often used smaller grain gem; only low-grade gem inlaid earrings, only commonly used large grain gem, and only so, the price can meet the requirements of the average consumer.

In the selection of earrings, the two gems inlaid with the “uniformity” do not have to ask too much, as long as the ears on both sides can not see the obvious difference can be.

Earrings earrings are hanging in the earrings under the earrings, it will shake with the activities of people, do not have a decorative flavor. Earrings and earrings are similar, rarely used in the manufacture of gold, the market is mainly sold inlaid with a variety of precious stones, jade or pearls, and even emerald carved pieces, or large pearls (mostly pear) , Hanging in the earrings on the composition of earrings.

There are a small amount of earrings below the hanging part of the production can be replaced in the form of people can purchase a few pairs of hanging parts, such as inlaid red gem, jade, pearl, so that with the clothing and the environment is different.
The price of earrings is generally more expensive than earrings and earrings. Especially when the hanging part of a large set of precious jewelry, the price is more amazing. For example, on May 10, 1995, at the auction of Beijing China Guardian Auction Company, a diamond-studded earrings with high-quality emerald pieces were sold with an auction price of up to RMB 400,000.

Craft earrings This is the kind of shape huge, simple and neat lines, modeling exaggerated earrings. They are made of cheap raw materials, such as imitation gold, aluminum, and even made of plastic, but the process is more beautiful. Its price is lower than the gold earrings, but it is not cheap.

This type of craft earrings is not suitable for everyday wear, mainly for actors during Cartier nail bracelet replica the show, or young people meet a short time to wear. Older women who wear for long periods of time seem to be insignificant.

Complete sets of jewelry refers to the ring, necklaces (including pendants) and earrings three sets of jewelry, or add a bracelet four sets. This set of jewelry, such as pure gold production, there must be a unified style and design style, that is, each piece of jewelry patterns and shapes are the same. If the set of jewelry is inlaid jewelry, the use of jewelry must be basically the same color, the size of the appropriate ring is generally larger stones, earrings smaller (but in pairs), bracelet inlaid at least five or more precious stones. Complete sets of mosaic jewelry requirements are even more difficult, if it is high-grade gem, the conditions can be slightly relaxed.

What should the wedding ring wear?

What should the wedding ring wear?
Love is beautiful and romantic, the couple in love always kind of desperate for the madness of love, therefore, love can be said to be a very subjective behavior. But when love sublimation to the level of marriage, it must be treated objectively. Wedding ring is accompanied by a constant marriage, witness the only love of marriage keepsake, such a feature reminiscent of marriage and love of the faithful, permanent and pure. So, what should the wedding ring wear? How should a wedding ring wear?
What should the wedding ring wear?

For the upcoming marriage of young men and women in the wedding ring after buying this may be on this will be at a loss, heard how the wedding ring is wearing a stress, but can not remember, for fear of wearing a wrong joke. Zuoqi Yi jewelry to tell you how to wear a wedding ring, wedding rings are worn on the left hand ring finger, because it is leading to the heart of the people, a symbol of love and mind connected.

According to the custom of our country, the engagement ring is Cartier love bracelet replica usually worn in the middle finger of the left hand, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand of the ring finger; according to the popular ring wearing law and meaning of the argument, if unmarried girl, should not wear the right hand middle finger or ring finger, otherwise , Will make many seekers discouraged. According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, it is associated with the heart.

Wedding rings are usually diamond rings to symbolize both sides of the pure and eternal love, usually wearing a ring finger on the left hand. After the wedding ceremony on the exchange of wedding rings, it will be witnessed as both love and save life, and even as a symbol of family heritage from generation to generation. But no matter how rich the life of marriage, it will not be changed, will be understood as loyalty to love and husband’s trust and support.
How should a wedding ring wear?

Wedding ring is a symbol of marriage, wedding ceremony by the exchange of wedding rings to complete the ceremony, wedding rings worn on the ring finger is the most appropriate expression of the state of marriage, left hand ring finger blood through the heart, is the most sensitive place sensation, So now the international wedding ring wearing a position in the left hand ring finger, but also regardless of male left female right. Some engagement rings and wedding rings can be set, of course, should also be worn on the left hand ring finger, but the bride wearing a wedding ring at the same time also set to put on the wedding ring, two rings at the same time in a finger, As if to tell the couple from the engagement to the romantic journey of marriage.

Many new people will be ready before marriage in the wedding ring, where you need to remind prospective new people about, although we would like to feel the feeling of wearing a wedding ring, but we need to pay attention to the elders in front of the ring should pay attention to wear, In general, wedding rings should not wear long before the wedding, it should be a new exchange of the ring after the re-wear, so as to be able to better meet the commitment of marriage.

What are the reasons for wearing ring finger on ring finger?

According to customs and personal habits of different wedding rings may also be different. This romantic origin originated in 1477, when the Austrian Prince Maximilian to the French town of Mary, Mary, presented a diamond ring as a wedding gift. Left hand ring finger wearing a wedding ring custom originated in ancient Egypt, they believe that “love pulse” is through the left hand ring finger and heart connected, so that the warmth of love can be directly from the fingertips into the heart.
Wedding rings originated in ancient Egypt, at the time of engagement and wedding rings are part of the contract marriage, wedding rings are usually worn on the bride’s ring finger, said his wife’s loyalty and obedience to her husband. Today, the community popular in the wedding exchange ring, wearing a right hand ring finger before marriage, wearing a left hand ring finger, meaning left hand with heart, you can heart to heart, following the following you introduce the wedding ring how much money? What does the wedding ring mean?
1, in general, in the wedding ring on the budget to two to three months salary is appropriate, of course, we can according to their own economic capacity to make a budget, the economy can be appropriate to increase the budget, the economy can be appropriate Reduce budget. Wedding ring a pair of price calculation method is generally ring price = bare diamond + ring + processing fees, we understand these three factors can be able to get a price. The main factor in the price of the ring is the material of the diamond and the ring, and we all know that the price of the diamond is mainly influenced by the diamond 4C.

2, the price of a pair of wedding rings, usually from the material to the approximate price of the ring, different materials, the market price is not the same. General men’s rings will be designed to be more generous, and the ladies’ ring will tend to be soft and elegant. Wedding ring Cartier love ring replica on how much money? Ordinary gold a pair of prices in the 3000-5000 yuan, if it is diamond-studded wedding ring, the price will be more expensive, wedding ring prices in between 1-2 million.

3, wedding ring on how much money to be based on different materials to set, then what are the material of the ring? Are the gold ring, platinum ring is the k gold ring, platinum ring price is three kinds of material The most expensive, gold on the ring K gold to quit some cheaper. There are diamonds on the ring of the price will naturally be much more expensive, then it is another matter. Thousands of dollars in the wedding ring in the price of ordinary people are able to readily accepted. Wedding rings in the knot is married after the need to wear, so the design is best is a little simple, so wear will be more comfortable, and not easy to wear.
What does the wedding ring mean?

Wedding rings are round, on behalf of the eternal, it does not start, no end; love to rare, hurt with tears as evidence that the ring originated in the ancient Chinese court, women wearing a ring is used to note, “Forbidden”, “stop” sign. At that time the emperor had three mansions, six homes, seventy-two concubines, in the harem by the emperor saw the eunuch to write down the date she accompanied the king, and in her right hand wearing a silver ring as a mark. When the concubine pregnancy, told the eunuch, gave a gold ring to wear on the left hand to show the ring body.

Another argument is that the concubines in the court every month to avoid the king “Yu Xing” when a special sign, so called “ring”. Later the ring becomes a token of marriage. After the 14th century, the European women wearing a ring in general, wearing on which fingers, but also gradually become a convention. Wedding ring means more is to express the love of the other half of the sincere feelings, as a lifetime only to send one of the Zoakai wedding ring expression of life only love one person’s feelings, while the current ring is more of a Romantic eternal symbol.

In ancient times, the ring was not used as an ornament at the outset, but a concubine in the court to avoid the king’s “lucky” every month, so called “ring”. In today, the ring has not only beautify the life of the decorations, but also became a token of love. Because in the people’s ring finger, there is a blood vessel is connected with the heart, for the stay together for life lovers, the wedding ring to the ring finger on behalf of their heart and mind, heart interlinked.

What does the wedding ring mean?

1, generally for this, the man will be less concerned about, but when your wife found Cartier nail bracelet replica that your ring is gone, you will ask where the ring lost, and that your ring is lost is impure purpose.

2, if the couple had just some problems, with a small crack, then the ring lost, may be completely broken feelings of the fuse, will be the other side that you are interested in it.

3, if it is love cranky woman, then the ring lost, she will think you did not pay attention to her.

Men wear what hands are good

Men wear what hands are good

Have you ever found that men are getting more and more in recent years? Social development is too fast, men pressure, need some faith is normal. So what is the man wearing a hand? What is the suit for men? Here are some of the most suitable for men to wear Cartier love bracelet replica hand string, we can refer to!
Men wear what hands are good – obsidian
Obsidian is known as the black King of warriors, very evil evil evil effect, natural obsidian strong energy staunch, can avoid evil, town house, can eliminate the disease gas, turbidity, mold gas, bring people healthy, happy, normal life , So obsidian can strongly resolve the negative energy, enhance the new energy, enhance vitality.

Men wear what hands are good – Feng Yan Bodhi
Eichhornia Bodhi is a kind of Bodhi, each of the beads have an eye above, the shape of Fengyan, hence the name “Fengyan Bodhi.” In the Buddhist painting, sculpture, embroidery, are to Phoenix (Phoenix for the male, Phoenix for the female) for the pattern, auspicious auspicious. Fungus Bodhi has a simple and exquisite tan, each of the above has a beautiful and elegant eyes. So that every annoying into the wisdom of the gas, and bring deeper thought and consciousness.

Men wear what hands are good – tiger eyes stone
Tiger Eye can give the wearer a very positive energy, natural tiger eye stone is a cat’s effect with the gem, flashing tiger eyes showing the wealth of luster, Lucky evil spirits. When you encounter problems and fled all kinds of unbearable time, when you are embarrassed when the idea, when you give up halfway, its positive energy will help you solve all the difficulties.

Men wear what hands are good – green ghosts
Green ghost, also known as green phantom crystal, is also a symbol of wealth crystal, green ghost crystal has the ability to attract wealth, so it can become a businessman’s pet, will help improve thinking, open mind, with Lucky and highly cohesive wealth, Is a wealth, is on behalf of hard work and accumulated wealth. Green ghost crystal on the immune system, heart, lung, thymus, lymph gland, heart disease, high blood pressure, dyspnea have adjuvant therapy. You can also smooth insomnia, anger, irritability, delusions, tension and other emotions.

Men wear what hands are good – yellow crystal
Yellow is a symbol of wealth, yellow crystal warm yellow, always bring harmony and tranquility, natural yellow crystal can send yellow cosmic energy, known as the wealth of stone. Huang Jingjing intellectual body, the main partial wealth, can bring unexpected wealth, can enhance personal self-confidence, but also help calm mood, teach people step by step the actual practice.

Men wear what hands are good – pear
Hainan pear as the most expensive wood species, in addition to the value of investment and appreciation, but also has a unique medicinal value, “Compendium of Materia Medica”, “Hainan Materia Medica”, “classification of Materia Medica” are recorded as incense, with Such as high blood pressure, high blood lipids and hyperglycemia and other three high disease and skin allergy patients is an immediate effect of the disease, the treatment of vomiting, heart and stomach pain, And health is the basis of all the flow.

Men wear what hands are good – King Kong Bodhi
King Kong Bodhi According to the Buddhist books introduced for the King Kong Cartier love ring replica tree knot son, also said to be the son of the knot tree, very expensive, King Kong Bodhi child produced in India Shakya Buddha into the area. This area has a tree grow out of the seed is particularly large, very tough, Shakya Buddha was called his disciples to wear up to read the Buddha, read the law, monk, so it was named “King Kong Bodhi child.” King Kong Bodhi, King Kong in the meaning of Buddhism is extremely hard, all-conquering meaning, a symbol of men smooth sailing, overcoming all obstacles, smooth sailing.
What kind of good bodhi hand string
We often hear Xingyue Bodhi, Xifeng Bodhi, King Kong Bodhi, then what kind of Bodhi hand string? What kind of good is it? The following inventory of the most popular Bodhi hand string type list, we can understand!
Bodhi hand string which is good – Xingyue Bodhi
Xingyue Bodhi ranked first, I believe we can understand. After all, is the highest yield on the market Bodhi, in particular, both both shape and plasticity. Plate out good-looking, with the good-looking. Although it is Bodhi child, but more people are like Nestus Bodhi as a fashion item to wear.

Bodhi hand string which is good – King Kong Bodhi
Why King Kong Bodhi row second and not the first, because it is expensive. Whether it is big King Kong or small King Kong, dragon or frog frog back, now King Kong Bodhi price has been up, straight to Xiaobian can not afford to play, but even so, the purchase of people still rush. After all play really beautiful after playing out.

Bodhi hand string which is good – Fengyan Bodhi
Eichhornia Bodhi is native to India, Nepal and other South Asian countries in the tropics. In recent years due to the domestic literary enthusiasts sought after in China’s Yunnan, Sichuan area has also been transplanted. Both natural seeds, of course, will be born in different sizes, different products, so it began to be artificially divided into 369, etc., formed a price on the world of difference.

What kind of bodhisattva hand – Bodhi root
First for the Bodhi root is a name, this is really not new things, many years ago there is Bodhi root. It is said that the earliest Bodhi roots can be traced back to Japan, that the Japanese called the crown. In any case, Bodhi is a real fire in the last year, many friends of the play circle began to fight to buy.

Bodhi hand string which is good – longan Bodhi
Longan Bodhi color is brown yellow, oval shape, because it has a grain on each of the triangular squinting spots like longan, so people called the longan Bodhi. Longan Bodhi in the text play the price is also mixed, especially in India Longan Bodhi price is high. Therefore, many people now appreciate this Bodhi.

Bodhi hand string which is good – five line Bodhi
The five-line Bodhi row in such a front, may be a lot of people feel Cartier nail bracelet replica inappropriate, but the fact is indeed the case. Although a few years ago the five-line Bodhi because of a variety of news made a very embarrassing, but it is still one of the hottest circle of the most popular species. Made five-line Bodhi color was light yellow, the distribution of five very shallow black lines, of which the most expensive is the Imperial Palace five Bodhi.

Bodhi hand string which is good – Lotus Bodhi
According to records produced in Nepal near, but in the growth process, because the sun exposure, water distribution causes the tree with the pile type is divided into two kinds, lotus Bodhi bone hard, beautiful lines, shape, such as lotus, was named Lotus Bodhi The Lotus Bodhi had high prices, but then it is mixed, and now gradually down the Bodhi king of the altar.

Bodhi hand string which is good – Kirin eye Bodhi
Kirin eyes Bodhi, the shape of special, each grain has a square eye, the whole Bodhi child was oblong, such as bulging persimmon, with the middle of the square eye, as a coin. Kirin eye Bodhi child is also divided into the eyes of the unicorn eye and the wrong eye unicorn eye, the eye is polished after the brown part of the whole center of the beads, wrong eyes partial, even partial to the side of the texture are very possible.

What kind of good is the Bodhisattva?
Mani Bodhi is a nut fruit, mainly produced in India, Nepal and other regions, are more common and ordinary kind of Bodhi child. Mani Zi Bodhi shape is more regular oval, Mani Zi Bodhi color is tan, the texture is very hard, the surface was ditch-like, not very smooth, processed into beads need to be polished.

Bodhi hand string which is good – thousand eyes Bodhi
Thousands of eyes Bodhi, because the surface has a lot of natural spots, as if there are many eyes named After a long period of holding, the color of the Bodhi Bodhi child from shallow to deep, or brown, brown, red, the surface will be more and more shiny, so that holders of people put it down, which is why it is popular one.

What kind of good is it? Above the inventory of the Bodhi hand string type list, we hope to help!

How to wear a dream?

How to wear a dream?
Dai Mengde as one of China’s well-known jewelry brand, wearing a dream in the course of 15 years of development, has been committed to using the best diamonds to design the most artistic characteristics of jewelry, in order to achieve people’s good dreams. Wearing a jewelry store to sell jewelry, spread jewelry culture, guide people to “beauty” comprehend, looking for “not the most expensive, but the most touched themselves, and their most appropriate jewelry” for the idea of the spread of human truth. So, how about wearing a diamond?

1, wearing a dream diamond is the quality of Chinese jewelry brand, and its jewelry jade all by the China Gem Association to provide quality certification certificate, all of its pure platinum by the National Nonferrous Metals Institute and the National Center for Cartier love bracelet replica Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quality Inspection Quality Certification , Is one of the famous Chinese jewelry brand, it is the quality of the diamond can be guaranteed.

2, wearing a dream for diamond after-sales service is particularly valued, the sale of goods customers return, repair, change the ring and other requirements will be given to customers under the provisions of the greatest satisfaction, and asked the Purchasing Guide to do a detailed record. Wearing a dream diamond whether it is quality or after-sales service is very good, at least in the country be pretty good.

3, the diamond is regardless of the brand, from the 4C side, one can not be less, each have a link, so there is no good that is not good, can only say how the diamond cut, the color is good, How, how much weight, etc., if you want to buy, you can go to the first to understand the next, and then compare the quality of other home prices.

Dai Meng was a good diamond

Do you have a good diamond? Diamond is not about the brand, to be specific to a specific diamond up, the specific parameters see certificate. Brand, you can give you some protection. Dai Meng is a well-known brand diamond ring, although the market share is not high, but also a certain position. Diamonds are the same, are basically purchased from Belgium, but different brands will have some differences, if you want to cost a little, in fact, do not have too much attention to the brand.

Do you have a good diamond? Wearing a dream diamond is good, that is, no shop, only in the store or shopping malls sales, the price will be higher, but aftermarket maintenance is quite convenient. Now buy diamond ring more popular online bare diamond custom, such as Zoacai, and the price will be more appropriate to fit the actual price of diamonds, a carat diamond ring price of 40,000 or so, and in some of the traditional brand jewelry store, the price went to 10 Million or so, choose that cost-effective, this is self-evident.
How did the color diamond form? The diamond is a kind of diamond. Often, diamonds are transparent, while diamonds are diamonds other than transparency. The world has colored diamonds, are called color diamond color, more common are golden yellow, brown, green, purple, orange, pink, red, blue, which, pink diamond, red diamond, blue diamond is more Rare, often can not be met, such as the blue Hop diamond, called rare treasures, valuable. So, how is the formation of color diamond it?
Each color diamond

1, the formation of yellow diamond diamond: yellow diamond was yellow or dark yellow, is the diamond in the formation process, when the nitrogen atoms to replace part of the diamond crystal carbon atoms, began to absorb blue, purple light, which showed a yellow, Light yellow, golden yellow, wine yellow or amber, is the most common color in the color diamond, the most precious to the golden rare.
Yellow diamond

2, the formation of brown diamond diamonds: brown diamonds are plastic Cartier love ring replica deformation, carbon dislocation or internal lattice deformation and the formation of brown diamonds.

3, the formation of blue diamond diamond, blue diamond is caused by the B atoms, the outer layer of three valence electrons, when the covalent carbon atoms with the formation of a hole, and by the adjacent carbon atoms of electrons Filling, electron absorption of long waves (red), residual color was blue, so the formation of the blue diamond.

4, the formation of diamond diamonds and diamond drill: diamond in the formation process, the lattice structure twisted, leaving the diamond red or pink. Among them, the red diamond to the rich and the blood of the “blood drill” for the rare treasures.

5, the formation of green diamond diamond: by the natural radiation damage center color, was light green, bright green, usually natural diamonds are very thin green skin.

6, the formation of the black diamond drill: by a large number of dark opaque inclusions – microcrystalline, iron, mineral or molecular grade graphite due to diamonds.

What is the reason for the formation of the diamond

What is the reason for the formation of the diamond? The beauty of colored diamonds comes from the unique and rare colors, the color of the diamonds and the richness of the color of the color determines the value of the colored diamonds. The more the color of the colored diamonds is, the higher the color grade is, the higher the color, The higher the saturation, the higher the value. Clarity and cutting, weight and other factors to evaluate the diamond is not the first factor to consider the list.
Each color diamond

One of the main causes of color diamond is the color of the particles in the colorless Cartier nail bracelet replica diamonds, and the different colors produce different colors, so the more rare the color and the higher the value. The second reason for the formation of the diamond is the formation of diamonds in the long process of containing other trace elements lead to different colors, or diamond crystal structure changes caused by white light is absorbed to form color diamonds. These two statements are determined by most of the experts, of course, some experts after the study, or uncertain reasons.

Where is the bare drill?

Where is the bare drill?
Naked drill can be customized place is very much, under the line of Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Zuo Kayi, Xie Ruilin; online Zoca, diamond bird, Kelan and other brands, are custom naked diamond brand. In addition to the brand, there are some small workshops will be naked drill custom orders, that is, the quality may not be so good, will not be so secure.

Bare drill to custom? If you are buying a bare drill do not want to Cartier love bracelet replica mosaic in the business where you want to customize the rest of the ring, you can find the local diamond business to buy a mosaic face mosaic, or you can find some special help in the day cat inlaid diamonds or precious stones business mosaic , Custom ring and mosaic costs are generally in the 1000 to a few thousand or so, depending on the specific style of the material and mosaic small diamond weight.

But the proposal is still in the place to buy bare drill mosaic mosaic, although the bare diamond has GIA code, not afraid to transfer bag, but if the mosaic process, accidentally scratched the bare drill, do not work well, the price than the original business Higher, it is worth the candle. And some bare diamond business is not willing to help custom, is afraid to receive false drill that really drill, when the falsely accused, and the erection and mosaic costs are not expensive, earn not much, but also some business activities, Will be sent to the ring.

Bare drill to custom? If you are picking naked drill + custom ring together, many places can be customized, such as Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Zuo Kai these, some brands, such as Zuo Kayi, but also in the official website optimistic about the bare diamond and ring style , And then contact customer service booking to the physical store to see the kind, ok and then a single custom, and the physical store and the official website price is consistent, the price is very high!
How much is the price of two karaoke bare diamond? Under normal circumstances, the same quality of bare drill, the price of two karaoke bare diamond is 2 square by the price of a carat, that is, if a carat bare diamond price of 10 million yuan, then the same quality of two karats The price is 400,000. Two karats diamond ring how much money, depends on the diamond 4C standard, that is, weight, clarity, color and cut.

Regardless of the price of two krappo drill, first of all to learn how to choose two krappan drill, the first step is to be based on their own budget to buy, the second step to choose cost-effective and after-sales protection of the business, the third step to confirm two karats Bare drill 4C standard and international authority of the certification.

Two-carat bare diamond price measurement? Naked drill is actually in the custom diamond ring when we choose unprocessed diamonds, the formation of a bright diamond ring need to be a perfect combination of bare diamond and ringing, and ultimately to become a diamond Cartier love ring replica ring. And bare diamond is no mosaic diamonds, then the price of two kartai bare diamond, we have to proceed from many aspects. The two-carat bare diamond itself belongs to the large carat diamond range, so its base price is naturally not cheap. Followed by this piece of two karats bare diamond color, clarity and cutting, etc., the most important of which is two karats bare diamond cut.

Two karats bare diamond prices

Two karats bare diamond has been able to show the perfect fire color, with the cut process is inseparable, so in the purchase must be on the bare diamond cutting carefully observed. Followed by the color and clarity of the bare drill, it can be said that these two aspects with two karats bare diamond prices have a lot of contact, the same is two karats of bare drill, if the color and clarity difference is relatively large, then the price will be different Very far, but we buy two karats of this large naked drill, the best choice of high degree of clarity, color level close to colorless, so that two karats bare diamond is not only more bright, but also has the potential for appreciation.
Diamond carat price how much money? This is the most want to buy diamond who want to understand, because the answers given by the various businesses are not the same, and the same is the difference between the price of caravan diamond is very poor, after all, diamonds are not ordinary consumer goods, we will be careful , But also for this reason that many people can only discourage. The factors affecting the price of diamond carat lot, because under the influence of various factors, the same is the diamond carat price is very different. So how much is the diamond carat price? What is the diamond carat price decision factor?

How much is the price of a diamond carat? If the diamond color, clarity, cut the same, then 1 carat price of 30,000, diamonds 2 carat price of 2 for the second power, and then multiplied by 3, that is, 120,000 diamonds 3 carat price of 27 million, from this The calculation of the price method, we can see the diamond carat more and more precious. International is the diamond 4c standard to evaluate, that is, color color; clarity clarity; cutting cutting; to carat as a unit of heavy caratweight.

Two pieces of the same weight of diamond carats, their prices may vary greatly, because the other three areas may be a big difference. Commercial, the price of diamond carats in the weight of a certain level, such as 0.99ct diamonds per kilogram price than 1.01ct diamonds Replica Cartier love bracelet a lot cheaper price per carat. While the two are also a carat diamond price may be due to the impact of other 3C and very different, so the price of diamond carat, clarity, the impact of cutting is also negligible.

Diamond carat price

Fluorescence is also one of the factors that affect the price of diamond carats, because the general price of fluorescent diamonds are generally lower than those without fluorescent diamonds. Fluorescence in the ultraviolet light will affect the color of diamonds, diamond color rating affect the fairness, so the price will be low. Brand value, sales channels, geographical impact is also the decision to diamond carat price factors, diamond carat prices include the brand value, the greater the brand the higher the cost of sharing.

Sales channels, the price of diamonds will have some impact, Zouqi jewelry 020 impact model, eliminating the high cost of traditional shopping malls to less than 50% of the price of shopping malls, directly to the consumer. Whether it is diamond or diamond, its price is not static, the same weight depends on the quality of diamonds, and diamond quality should also be reflected in the color, cut and transparency, the same quality depends on the weight, which is mutual Constraints, the other market pricing will also interfere with the price of diamonds and diamond ring.

the Roman table Galaxy series brilliant listing

Wrist bright stars, the Roman table Galaxy series brilliant listing
In 1888, a number destined to be written in the history of the development of watches and clocks; in 1888, a subtle watch the legendary bright start; 1888, so that the classic precipitation in the time of precipitation! In this year, Swiss watchmaker Fritz Meyer, who works Cartier love bracelet replica on the watchmaking craft, has a studio for the production of clocks and gears. At this point, “Swiss Roma” the world-renowned watch brand was born. For more than a century, the Swiss Rome table with exquisite watchmaking process and fashion simple, classic atmosphere of the design style of the world famous in the history of the river to write a section of another legend.
The recent Roman table launched a glorious glory – Galaxy series. In the English explanation, Galaxy means the bright galaxy, especially the special good things or a group of dazzling people. Switzerland, the reason why the use of the Roman table “Galaxy” named new watches, intended to broaden the universe and broad spirit into the watch production philosophy.

Design, Galaxy series by the Swiss Rome watch designed by the designer carefully, watch the design along the Swiss Rome table has always been simple atmosphere design style at the same time, to absorb the current international fashion industry’s latest popular elements, and into the ” Galaxy “wide and profound characteristics. The whole table to return to nature of the elegant temperament of the Galaxy bright light show most vividly, so that the wearer can wear at the same time, but also a profound understanding of the wrist from the wonders of the mysterious Huacai brought the ultimate charm.
Quality, the Galaxy series from Switzerland authentic ultra-thin high-quality quartz movement, 6 o’clock small seconds of the design is not only just the right of the night sky scene interpretation of the most incisive, leaving the wearer feel the charm of the stars At the same time accurate grasp every second business opportunities. Wearing sapphire mirror reflects the faint blue light, just like the Galaxy’s bright Huaguai worn in the wrist. Dial engraved “ROAMER” brand name, the bottom of the corresponding “Galaxy”, coupled with smooth lines of the willow-shaped pointer, reminding us of the bright stars blowing a ray of fresh, look fresh and neat, fashion simple. All solid stainless steel case showing a low-key luxury, calm yet fashionable at the same time, but also highlights the whole table of the distinguished quality and the identity of the wearer.

Swiss Roman watch, one of the world’s oldest watch brands. After more than a century of temper, still dedicated to focus on the top luxury watch creation. Now, the launch of the Galaxy series is the Swiss Roman watch top handmade craftsman stunning painstakingly produced, he not only let the art in the square between the dial on the walk, but also the bright galaxy Huacai into the wrist, to describe the new Luxury legend. Whether it is back to nature design concept, or exquisite watchmaking process, without exception, the essence of time will be included in the standard between the quenching. Swiss Rome Galaxy series, so that you feel the luxury from the wrist between the bright, to create a perfect match for your perfect aura.
Patek Philippe Calatrava series

The Calatrava series is named after the Calatrava Cross (Calatrava Cross), a symbol Cartier love ring replica of Patek Philippe. The first Calatrava appeared in 1932. In the past 70 years, Patek Philippe designers have been on the series to expand, to add more excellent design and functionality. It is still the most popular series of Patek Philippe, the development so far, has created at least 24 different models.

Breakdown of the most want to have the Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) watch
As the brand’s most famous series, Calatrava will dial the round and watch the classic beauty of the perfect blend together.

At the beginning of the Patek Philippe Calatrava, follow the German Bauhaus architectural and artistic school creative concept form should meet the functional requirements. Today, designers still use the Bauhaus theory in Calatrava’s design and development. The Calatrava series reflects the idea that the primary responsibility for a chronograph is to record the time in the most accurate way. The Bauhaus School has always abandoned too much and unnecessary decorative details, so the Calatrava series will never let any design too much to attract the attention of the wearer’s visual focus will always be on the record of time. The first package of the style of the emergence of Calatrava style, after the creation of each of the same series of watch design.
Speaking of the Gondolo series of stories, but also dates back to 1900-1928 period. At that time, Patek Philippe was working with Gondolo and Labouriau jewelry stores in Rio de Janeiro. As one of the fruits of cooperation, Chronometro Gondolo pocket watch came into being, its excellent quality and travel time precision machinery, quickly won the watch collectors sought after.

in 1910, Patek Philippe introduced a watch style for Gondolo. Gondolo dial shape, barrel type, square, rectangular, and even polygons, design inspiration from other global watch company designer masterpiece. For this initiative, the Brazilian shareholders are very satisfied, so that they since then, directly “Patek” as a “watch” synonyms.

Golden Ellipse series

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse series, to achieve the watch shape and elegant fashion perfect unity. The oval of the dial, which means the classic integration of the circle and the rectangle. In 1968, Patek Philippe’s first Golden Ellipse came on stage. At that time, Patek Philippe watch Replica Cartier love bracelet and all contemporary watches are not the same. This Golden Ellipse win, not just a temporary popular boom; it is the perfect proportion of gold division, so that it will always stay in the world watch the history of the classic list.
Golden Ellipse oval, is based on the ancient Greek mathematician golden division of the classic theory designed, this classic ratio has long been a number of achievements in architectural design and art masterpiece. This watch is both bold and elegant, and compatible with the elegant and peaceful. Its iconic design has long been recognized as the pioneer of the world, until today, it is still the world’s highest recognition of one of the watch style.

Today, Patek Philippe designers continue to introduce new models for the Golden Ellipse series, even in which to join the jewelry design. No matter how the transformation, which the essence of the design will always come to the fore. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the perfect combination of classic aesthetics and precise timing. Golden Ellipse travel time precision, and even expand the tradition of a hundred years with the Geneva watchmaking process.

Today’s fashion accessories

Today’s fashion accessories and very different in previous years, not only fashionable, and the use of materials and diverse. Ornaments are different, each one makes you put it down, pick the eye, then, what kind of accessories can you set off more beautiful?

Modern women emphasize the charm of personality, all want their outstanding, different. Therefore, when many styles of accessories, so that women choose. Due to the different characteristics of jewelry decided to choose different, so it is difficult to wear the same time, wearing a collision of embarrassment.

In the spring of spring, when you wear a thick or thin K gold necklace will make you look full of vigor and vitality, but do not forget to wear wrist matching bracelet. Be bent to be a charming romantic you best to wear a necklace, jewelry store can choose hundreds of models, as far as possible according to their own preferences. A silk long-sleeved shirt coupled with a pearl necklace, so that you unique in the silk underwear shine with pearl jewelry embellishment suddenly enriched a lot. If the pursuit of individual charm, the same silk shirt with a K gold necklace, coupled with K gold earrings, make you like a confident career women.

Lively and pure girls in the Department of the neck side of the handkerchief or Fake Cartier love bracelet colored rope ornaments, spring pretty all you are caught. 
Hot summer, K gold jewelry will be pushed to the climax. The best choice for thin K gold chain, it seems like the feeling of the most vulnerable to wear in the hot days, neither feel heavy, sticky body, not to expose the outside of the neck, wrist, ankle, lack of embellishment . Note that, K gold jewelry, despite the corrosion of acid and alkali, but due to prolonged wear and tear by sweat also need to wash in the wash basin often, both to maintain long-lasting and clean luster.

Pearl jewelry and crystal jewelry is also the preferred summer. If it is sleeveless cotton shirt plus shorts do not have to wear any ornaments, because smooth and healthy skin is the best “accessories.”

Professional women usually pay attention to hair and earrings, should choose simple and clear hair style with eye-catching or small earrings.

Silver jewelry can easily become sweaty because of erosion, in the summer wear is to always clean, of course, it is best to jewelers for professional cleaning.
Diamond: colorful tell eternal

In a Zhang Yang individuality trend, diamond ornaments in the elegant seek breakthrough. Color, black diamond, yellow diamond and pink diamond by the end of all sought after, matching the gold is not just PT900, and 18K platinum, red gold, diamond necklace, bracelet more and more colorful.

Gold: wild passion

Gold is no longer tacky, as the famous designer Ms. LouloudelaFalaise said: “In the past gold is nothing more than a gold chain with the delicate ornaments of diamonds, and now, gold has been deduced from the head to toe aesthetic accessories.” Tassel, wild nets, flowers pattern necklace … … A comprehensive show this trend.

Pearl: Black is popular

The trend is black pearl body showing a charming smile. The famous movie star Bibbit, David Beckham fans are wearing Tahitian black pearl ornaments in public. When the pearls and platinum, diamonds match, it aristocratic subtle, more elegant and delicate.

Jade: Never fade in Chinese fashion

Jade jewelry is the Chinese people will never fade fashion trends. There are necklaces, bracelets, hand beads, etc., because the different carving, with different meanings. Such as carving a variety of different shapes of the Lunar New Year sheep jade brand (jade), meaning this year’s Zodiac; carved bats Cartier nail bracelet replica and peach symbol “longevity” and so on. There are a variety of dragon and phoenix card, bracelets, etc., designed for wedding and use, so that everyone can feel the Chinese folk flavor.
For wearing jewelry, the modern young people to buy jewelry is not something once and for all. Every day we are accepting new things, the idea of novelty seeking different moments in the generation. Perhaps, to buy jewelry for personal behavior, it wears the timeliness of behavior may be one to two years time or a few months. Concept of change, the idea of an instant possession of the popular jewelry in the attic. This time, we think of pearls.

Pearl has always been the people’s love and appreciation, can be compared with the most precious stones. It is a symbol of noble character, wearing pearl jewelry makes people add charm. Pearl is the first natural material used as a gemstone, the formation process for the body is full of vitality of the layers of organic matter wrapped round body, full of spirituality and vitality, for the wearer of the best pop jewelry and designer preferred materials, Perhaps my own complex love pearls often do design. Moreover, the pearl bright colors, white, pink, rose, golden yellow, brass, gun copper, silver, black, brown, purple and other, often accompanied by rosy, metallic, green, colorful Of the halo color. Bright and colorful, full of spring, just refraction of our youth and pleasant life.

Spring and summer upstart trend of popular jewelry is irresistible. Recently, the major fashion media at home and abroad have commented that “the new century is a diversified, many factors coexist in society,” the new millennium is no doubt crazy! Indeed, there are always a group of people who are good at creating dreams and romance, bustling creativity and creating a bright and future vision. With the development of science and technology, personality and technology in contrast and unity, today’s people need more personalized jewelry. This process is a number of elements, the prevalence of diversification and taste the process of coexistence, the trend Cartier nail bracelet replica also will be generated. Thus, designers of imagination and creativity is the pulse of the pulse of the times need to change, to meet the innovative ideas of consumers seeking novelty.

Pearl jewelry is the human thing is the quality of people of different cultures and people of different times linked, regardless of its price, color, material properties are people feel happy and happy. Spiritual pearl is a manifestation of vitality, cool pearl exposed in the girl’s neck, wrist, softly dripping – moist halo color and the girl’s skin with each other, complement each other!