Choose to marry ring, harvest perfect love

Choose to marry ring, harvest perfect love
What does the marriage ring mean, the woman has the most say. Maybe men will not understand why the marriage proposal when the marriage proposal will make a woman feel no sincerity. In fact, for women, a wedding ring means that two people happy agreement, placed at the fingertips, often watching, will feel each other’s own mind.
Marriage ring selected on the election of the Heart, in order to marry the time to make the beloved people difficult to refuse. So how do you choose the wedding ring?

First, choose the wedding ring for your own budget. As mentioned above, the woman is only a marriage ring as a manifestation of a man’s sincerity of a carrier, as long as full of mind and affection, do not care about its surface price, if a woman only fancy marriage ring listing price, then the man will be able to see A person’s values. Buy the price of the wedding ring, the man mind to be clear that can not afford to pay a large amount of debt to buy expensive wedding rings, because no really want to live together with the lovers will be willing to buy too expensive ring and economic distress, as long as two Individuals considerate and care for each other, mutual understanding and care, for the sake of each other, it will be the happiest pair.
Second, the choice of regular high-quality diamonds. The core of the marriage Replica Cartier jewelry diamond ring is diamond, and judge whether a diamond quality, depending on the multiple factors: the size of the diamond, clarity, color and cut, etc., is the so-called diamond 4C standard. This is the characteristic of each diamond. Many people misunderstand the diamond is the bigger the better, it is not. Diamond 4C every standard will affect the price of diamonds, of course, the higher the level of diamonds, the more expensive the price.
Again, choose his girlfriend favorite ring style. Different personality and aesthetic girls for the wedding ring preferences are different, which test the choice of boys, how can the girlfriend in the marrying time to move it? One can be based on his girlfriend’s temperament or occasional exploration of the tone, choose the most close to her preferred wedding ring. The second is to choose a special meaning of the ring style, such as “in my name, crown your fingers, accompanied by life, I follow the” marriage proposal, it is the man’s real name engraved on the ring, and can be designed on the site Exclusive love space for lovers.
Finally, the man must know the finger scale of the lover. It is not difficult to understand if in such a romantic moment, the ring put on a woman when the hands are very inappropriate, it would not be laughing generous. Buy the ring is the time to fit the finger scale, because the finger thickness is different, which requires men to think of ways to secretly write down the finger size of love, such as her girlfriend to help measure, or send a Girlfriend finger photos to the jewelry service staff, so that they help estimate the basis of professional experience. So as to prevent the money after buying a ring, but wearing a girlfriend is not suitable for the embarrassment of the hands.

Election to the wedding ring, in order to harvest the perfect love, a pair of people in love when marrying the joy and joy, is the most cherished moment.
Do you need a ring? Of course, there is no clear rules must buy a diamond ring to the girlfriend to marry him, but the vast majority of men will still buy a diamond ring to the beloved girl to marry, marry if there is no diamond ring, how to express your sincerity to girls?
Marriage robe is the purchase of men, give the girls, be regarded as the witness of both sides love. In many cases, the bigger marriage diamond ring is like a better choice, say that the diamond is a girl’s good friend, no girls do not like the greater marriage ring, but the domestic girls are mostly small, too much Marry a diamond ring, but there will be a sense of abrupt, in fact, spend more time to choose a fit with the temperament of the temperament style of the wedding ring than to emphasize the diamond size is more real.
Must you buy a ring? Diamond ring price is expensive, courtship ring money, depending on the diamond ring brand, the size of the diamond material, have to depend on the man’s economic foundation, in order to marry diamond ring all the accumulation of flowers, complete unnecessary, Of the diamond ring, or want some common way to marry him, to be improved in the future for the wife to make up for the diamond ring. Of course, the premise is to know your girlfriend practice.

Marriage must have a diamond ring? This must have to see his girlfriend then do not accept, after all, marriage is a lifetime thing, if the girls are still hesitant, hesitated, then it is likely to marry not win, to give her more time to think, or in the usual intentionally and unintentionally explore the tone. You can choose Levi’s marriage ring, every man needs real-name system can be customized, presumably will not have any girls will refuse such a sincere proposal.
Do you want to buy a diamond ring? Marry the diamond ring is the man to the woman a great commitment to the girls wearing a ring that moment, to the world to declare that she is your people, and years of search finally have a vesting. Send the diamond ring before and again to confirm that they will not live up to her mind, otherwise this diamond ring will be meaningless.

Is it necessary to prepare for a wedding ring? Now you must understand it, do not buy to think about their own economic ability, the relationship between the two sides, think about it, your princess will give her life for you, a small diamond ring and what is it, with a diamond ring to She made a romantic romance!

How much is the jade pendant?

How much is the jade pendant?
This is not to say, depends on the quality of jade materials and color water and so on the price. The price of several tens to millions of have, the market sales price is generally in the range of hundreds to thousands of thousands. There are many factors Replica Cartier jewelry that affect the price of jade, including color, texture (structure), transparency (head), cracks, impurities and processing technology.
In fact, want to buy emerald, where to buy it is not important, it is important how to buy when the cost-effective choice, shopping malls jewelry stores are generally A goods, but the price is too expensive things, as jade is good or bad, Not one or two sentences can be clear, but the need for physical inspection to understand how to cost-effective, because the same kind of jade, good or bad gap is also a considerable value.

Simple basic description, good emerald should be confirmed in the case of A cargo natural jade case, the internal grain structure of jade evenly, the better the better the better, fine to the naked eye can not see the head full of glass, the color is symmetrical , But not dark for the top grade, jade to green for the best, kind and color of the perfect combination of price is more than million.

Emerald Pendant picture Daquan

Emerald Pendant picture Daquan. Emerald pendant, the most common argument is to protect evil spirits. Wear jade pendant, one is beautiful, and second, many emerald pendant contains a lot of trace elements, these trace elements through the body’s skin, acupuncture points into the human body, by the meridians and blood circulation throughout the body, and thus to a certain extent played Supplement the lack of human body, balance the physiological function, there is the role of health care, but this is a long and slow process.

Wear jade pendant to note the following: 1, do not be metaphysical illusion. Many of the so-called feng shui master often suggested that this year with this next year with that, this is not honest behavior, it is recommended to wear it will have to wear down, will become more spiritual.

2, the meaning can be serious can also heart. Really good jade on the human body have a benefit, and the benefits of Pei Yu is also regardless of people. But the pursuit of evil spirits or transport is very particular about stress. Such as brave, if not soldiers or butchers or underworld or ferocious people, should not be worn on the body, but to be indoors. If you wear a zodiac, then be sure to wear their own zodiac. Yuhuan does not matter men, women and children are safe

3, be careful not to wear fake and shoddy jade goods. Jade ornaments market good and bad, too many shops shoddy, with B goods C goods (ie pickling, injection, dyeing) fake jade ornaments. From a health point of view, this kind of jade on the health of the body has a certain impact.

4. can not be too casual, wearing a day lost one day. Jade wearing the neck of the purpose, that is, day and night guard, because it is close to wear, it is recommended to wear at any time, even if it is a bath on the toilet, as long as not filthy or jade and filthy circumstances surrounded by, need to carry The

5, jade broken or to wear. After the jade broken, do not lose, although not complete, not beautiful, but still can be processed into a complete jade ornaments, although it will be small, but still “all”.
Violet bracelet how much money? Violet jade price changes are relatively large, not only according to the texture, the head of the difference between good and bad, purple color shades, the color also has a great impact on the price. Violet color also has some changes, roughly blue and purple, egg purple, pink purple three categories, different colors have different market price, from a few hundred dollars to several million have.
The price of the low – grade violet jade bracelet

Low-grade violet jadeite texture fine, micro-transparent, light under the lavender, natural light is almost white, the market value of several hundred dollars.

2. The price of mid-range violet jade bracelet

Most of the bright colors of the head is not good, worth thousands of dollars, if the head is good for the collection of goods. Also color and eggplant color similar to the blue, partial gray purple, texture and more for the lotus root, micro-transparent, shiny better, some with point-like “white cotton.” There are better head blue and purple emerald, its value can be over ten thousand;
3. High-grade violet jade bracelet price

Mostly pink and purple, fine texture, shiny and moist, slightly transparent, rich color like peach, very lovable, darker, even if the color is not even, as long as the species is good (ice), the price of at least more than 100,000, Good is more rare, and its rare, very valuable collection value, worth up to one million yuan.

Violet bracelet price picture Daquan

Violet bracelet price picture Daquan. Violet bracelet texture moist, delicate jade, work well, feel good! Good in the head, the head is enough to dress up your jade wrist of the best ornaments by the scientific determination, jade contains a lot of elements on behalf of the human body beneficial to wear in the body will be absorbed by the body, so that the body’s trace elements get a balance, Which play a disaster, longevity effect! Since ancient times jade mutual support, destined to Habitat, often wear on the body, will be able to protect your wealth rolling, longevity!
2, jade: purple bracelet jade is generally not good, up to ice can be very good, in general, the same is true. For the beans or glutinous species; 3, perfect degree: perfect degree, no stone no crack no flaws for the United States.

Bamboo pendants have any meaning to wear bamboo pendants on behalf of the meaning

Bamboo pendants have any meaning to wear bamboo pendants on behalf of the meaning
Bamboo, has always been a favorite plant in China, loved by the literati, in ancient times known as the “cold three friends,” one of the sages often to the metaphor of a better character, and the gentleman than Germany in the jade, so bamboo And “King of Jade,” the combination of jade, it is cleverly fit. Bamboo festival is steadily rising, the four seasons evergreen, the traditional Chinese customs is by the name of the bamboo to bless people step by step, youth forever.
Bamboo, has always been a favorite plant in China, loved by the literati, in ancient times known as the “cold three friends,” one of the sages often to the metaphor of a better character, and the gentleman than Germany in the jade, so bamboo And “King of Jade,” the combination Cartier love bracelet replica of jade, it is cleverly fit. Bamboo festival is steadily rising, the four seasons evergreen, the traditional Chinese customs is by the name of the bamboo to bless people step by step, youth forever.
What is the meaning of bamboo pendants

Meaning one: the meaning of emerald bamboo there are many, such as the meaning of the business from Evergreen undefeated, and financial resources rolling business is booming, for the official just step by step, if the wearer for the students, is the blessing of its academic performance steadily , Hope that such as bamboo-like learning. And wear emerald bamboo festival is also a gentleman style, hope that the wearer learn bamboo straight and tough character.

The cause of thriving, keep making progress up step by step up the meaning of a symbol of good future, steadily high, pray for peace of the meaning of peace.

Meaning three: step by step high, steadily rising, wealth prosperous. Bamboo growing high law, just like life every day is better, people progress day by day.

Meaning four: bamboo branches, a section of a higher than the characteristics of a symbol of the students can learn success, steadily up.

Meaning five: since the ancient bamboo is a garden favorite plants with bamboo hi Yin, and more growth in the suburbs and rural areas, so indifferent fame and fortune, two sleeves breeze will be able to best interpret its mettle.

Meaning six: bamboo leaves of evergreen, green and always gives the passion and vitality, and then the vitality of bamboo tenacious, long growth cycle, dotted with nature, so a symbol of life vitality, longevity, and happiness truth.

Meaning seven: smooth sailing, everything goes well, you can make your life happy,

Meaning eight: the cause of flourishing, promising future Bamboo steadily rising, growing every day, with unlimited space and ability, as people’s ability can be unlimited, it can be meteoric rise, career success.

Meaning nine: long-lasting, evergreen natural also symbolizes the love of forever, youth forever beauty.
Wear bamboo pendants on behalf of the meaning

1. humble modesty: we all know that the middle of the bamboo is empty, unintentional, with the meaning of anxious if the bamboo and often grow very high, so the meaning of bamboo is often metaphor that there is a high degree of knowledge is very modest Of people.

2. elegant and refined: we all know that the ancient literati poet on the bamboo can be described as a soft spot, from their articles can be seen, Su Dongpo said, rather eat no meat can not be no bamboo, no meat makes thin, no bamboo Make people vulgar. They often use bamboo to express their own fresh and refined temperament.

3. Strong and faithful. Bamboo and plum, pine three kinds of plants are known as the cold three friends, especially in the winter when the majority of trees in the north has been withered and withered, but the beads still maintain the tall and tall body stands in the bleak wind, So the meaning of bamboo in the bamboo has a tenacious vitality of the moral. And because the bamboo, plum, pine three plants in the winter is not for the cold yield, so this winter is also commonly used Cartier love ring replica to describe the faithful friendship.

Fairy and unyielding We say that the man is rich and can not be prostitution, mighty and can not bend, I think only bamboo can fully interpret this integrity, bamboo pole straight up, stand upright, in addition to the emerald jade integrity, emerald bamboo festival upright The image of the integrity of the people on the people.

5. Bamboo reported safe and wealthy. Some friends at home like a coffee table and other places put a pot of flat bamboo or rich bamboo potted plants, it is precisely because of this reason, in the ancients see bamboo and peace close together, lush new year.

6. step by step rise. Emerald Bamboo is also known as emerald high, is the hope that people learn to work and life can be the same as bamboo, step by step, getting better and better. So jade pendant is very suitable for students to wear.

7. youth resident. Bamboo evergreen, green color and tall and straight posture, so that it is lush all year, standing not shake, so people often use bamboo to compare youth and young people.

Wear the benefits of jade

1. Chinese folk on the jade can avoid evil security refers to: According to legend, jade can send a special luster, this gloss is not easy to see during the day, the night can illuminate the square garden number of feet, this luster is the most demons and ghosts Afraid to see, so the ancient emperors always watched to show dignity and health, civilians also like to wear jade in order to peace.

2. The ancients talk about jade for the United States, gold is priceless jade priceless. Jade buried underground thousands of years of goods is hundreds of millions of years, jade contains a large number of mineral elements, so people often say that people support jade jade support people, if the body’s long-term wear jade can moist jade, jade head is the degree of refraction will be more The better, getting brighter.

3. If the person’s body is not good long-term wear jade, jade mineral elements will slowly let the body absorb the health effects, such as Ms. Dai’s bracelet usually with left hand, because the heart is good. Jade for the pillow and brain Cong, the ancient emperor would like to use jade to do pillows, longevity to the ancient Chinese emperors are long with jade pillow. And like “Compendium of Materia Medica” also has the role of jade health care.

4. Modern scientific research shows that: jade contains beneficial elements of the human body, often wear and use of jade (such as jade bracelets, necklaces, rings, jade seats, jade pillow, etc.), due to friction skin and acupuncture points, such as meridian blood There are a variety of benefits, play a disease prevention and treatment effect, it will jade as a talisman, is very useful.
Diamonds, is one of the increasingly popular favorites. Whether the couple used to express love for each other, the anniversary used to recall sweet, or white collar used to treat yourself, classic diamond pendants are the first choice for the public. Diamond pendants, like other items, are also contaminated, stained or stained with dust. Diamond pendant with a variety of solvents, powders, soaps and even the human body to produce grease meet, this will be in the diamond pendant surface film, reduce the diamond pendant luster, so the diamond pendant to be regularly maintained, save the cleanliness.
Diamond pendant style what meaning

Meaning one, [dolphin lovers] diamond pendant style, legend, as long as you sincerely pray to the dolphins, look forward to love will come true. The dolphins can protect a pair of lovers until life.

Meaning two, [time love] diamond pendant style, the time of the funnel down the fine sand, every grain is what we have met, sent to love in the flow of time, only looking forward to the years with me , Can remember our love time.

Meaning three, [love in the Paris series] diamond pendant style, Paris, the air is also full of love taste of the city. I thought that in Paris dawn, before the sunset in Paris, said I love you. Like countless classic love movies and novels from Paris to grab inspiration, Zoacai also to Paris as the background created a series of jewelry, the Paris romantic exquisite and free chic carefully presented. To Paris on behalf of the building – “Paris Tower and the Louvre glass pyramid” for the round, square bottom calm, and thus gradually tightened until the top, the building is both calm and elegant temperament showing the art of gas.

Meaning four, [elegant] diamond pendant style, elegance is a harmony, similar to the beautiful, but beautiful is the gift of heaven, and elegance is the product of art. Elegance from the cultivation of culture, but also in the cultivation of culture in the development.

Meaning five, [love] diamond pendant style, there is a carved Acacia, engraved on the back of the moon, in the countless months of hazy night interpretation. Take a look to know that the past has been carved deep, deep, beautiful, blooming out of the moment, so that life must be peerless.
Wearing diamond pendant style on behalf of the meaning

1. Heart-shaped diamond pendant is the most romantic of all shapes, therefore, wearing a heart-shaped diamond pendant woman imagination rich, believe in intuition, advocating romantic. Each of the perfect heart-shaped has a section of 101, like the Zoaci Ferris wheel Cartier nail bracelet replica diamond heart-shaped pendant, can give a sweet, feminine full impression, choose the heart-shaped pendant are mostly rich and rich feelings The romanticists of the letter.

2. Diamond is embedded in the K gold, complement each other, never separated from each other, like you and I never separated from the general, platinum diamond pendant like the ocean of the wizard, the magic of magic is the source of this series of inspiration, It uses the K gold and fine diamond mosaic, to create a unique series of pendants.

3. Water drop type diamond pendant, enhance memory, give courage and power pendant on behalf of spirituality, spirit, high level of love, can be used for admirers of a kind of affair, keepsake. Water Drops Pendant as a traditional amulet, usually can drive away evil, enhance personal luck, and can promote intelligence, calm mood, improve intuition, help think, focus attention.

Water droplets pendants dominate the right brain world, that is, intuition and subconscious, especially suitable for water droplets pendant, to promote its mental concentration, improve the vitality of thinking, people can calm in thinking, calm face the challenges of reality. Water drops diamond pendant is more stable and elegant sense of water droplets modeling no one does not like, people born hydrophilic, shiny dazzling.

Diamond pendant cleaning method

(1) first a little detergent into the bowl and warm water from the foam, and then put the diamond pendant into the bowl, with a soft brush to wipe, brush finished after the diamond pendulum out into the metal mesh or tea, Rinse with warm water, then dry with a soft cloth.

(2) in 1: 4 ratio of the detergent into cold water, the drill into the solution soak for a few minutes. Remove and wipe with a soft brush and rinse it once with a solution, then wipe it dry with a paper towel.

(3) in the half-cup family of Ammonia water, add the same capacity of water, the diamond pendant immersed in the solution gently stir, and then use the paper to dry the water.

(4) now on the market have to sell a variety of cleaners, for example, the use of ultrasonic cleaners and other special jewelry cleaner effect is also good.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list of high-end ring brand which

Top 10 high-end ring brand list of high-end ring brand which
Ring is not only to marry an engagement marriage process essential props, but also a symbol of quality of life. The pursuit of quality of life of people, the ring will also pursue high-end brands. Ring brand well-known does not mean high-end, then what is the high-end ring brand? Here to introduce the top ten high-end ring brand list, together to find out about it!

Top 10 high-end ring brand list

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO1: Cartier
Cartier is a French watch and jewelery manufacturer, founded in Paris in 1847. Its ring products take the high-end line.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO2: Tiffany
Tiffany is an American jewelery and silver company founded in 1837. Its ring Amulette de Cartier Ring Replica products to simple and clear lines tell the calm and transcendent clarity and refreshing elegance.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 3: Hai Rui Winston
Hai Rui Winston is a world-renowned jewelry brand for more than a century, cutting the diamond on the superb craftsmanship and careful consideration, always make diamonds to increase the value of several times. Its ring products continue to bloom out intoxicating.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 4: Bulgari
Bulgari, is the world’s third largest jewelry brand after the French Cartier and the United States Tiffany. Its ring products in the production of color for the design of the essence.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO5: Po poetry dragon
Po Shi Long is the French kering group of jewelry company, is one of the few in the world has always maintained a high-level jewelry superb craftsmanship and traditional style jeweler one. Its ring products become bold and luxurious synonymous with modern jewelery.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list No. 6: Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels is a famous French luxury brand, since more than 100 years ago, the first Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry since its birth, has been the world’s nobles and celebrities favorite top jewelry brand. Its ring products are extremely distinguished and elegant.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO7: Tim Jue
The products are decorated with diamond inlaid jewelry as the absolute subject, showing more themes. The ring products contain distinctive fashion elements.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO8: Demiani
Italy Dmitryi company, is the world’s top ten jewelry jewelery brand, many times won the International Diamond Award. The ring products are known for their design.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO9: Royal wood of this
Miyamoto is the founder of Japan’s Mukimoto Kiyoshi, who has been cultivating pearls for generations to create a long history of 110 years. The ring products to pearl for the brand characteristics.

Top 10 high-end ring brand list NO10: Chow Tai Fook
Founded in 1929 in Hong Kong, Asia’s largest jeweler, one of China’s most famous and largest jewelery brands, Chow Tai Fook Jewelery Gold Co., Ltd.
Mention Tiffany never avoid Tiffany classic six claw inlaid diamond ring, with the same Tiffany, each jewelry brand has its own classic and classic series, luxury jewelry brand classic series which? The following inventory of the world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models, like fashion and jewelry friends must not miss it!

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models – Tiffany
Talking about Tiffany, it seems that the total can not avoid its early creation of the six claw mosaic to this set to maximize the diamond embellishment of the mosaic method, of course, six jaw mosaic jewelry is Tiffany is a very classic series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Cartier
Cartier classic too much, love series, cheetah series, nail series, three-color gold series and so on. Which is one of the most widely known and most enduring love series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Hai Rui Winston
As the world’s top jewelry brand, Hai Rui Winston has a lot or simple or simple jewelry series. Among them, Lily Cluster is Hai Rui Winston jewelry in a very high degree of identification of a series.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Graff
Graf is the world’s top jewelry brand, like Dior’s roses, Chanel’s Camellia and Cartier cheetah, butterfly shape is the best embodiment of Graf jewelry. This sturdy set of emerald temples butterfly series earrings is Graf is a classic representative.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Van Cleef & Arpels
Van Cleef & Arpels classic models are also a lot, but almost everyone think of Van Cleef & Arpels, minds are emerging Clover series, which Van Cleef & Arpels is not lucky or unfortunate.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Bulgari
Creative spring design, coupled with platinum, three-color K gold or black and white ceramics, and then diamonds or diamonds decorated with colored stones. Spring ring from the moment of birth was destined to become the most classic treasure of a jewelry.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten classic brand jewelry is still the United States
2015, with the Anglelababy wedding ring exposure, Shangmei also began to fame in mainland China, the classic section of Josephine Queen (Joséphine) series is Anglelababy wedding ring style. Whether it is the crown of the shape, the main carat or the main carved inlaid high-level broken diamond, all the women fascinated by all.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Royal wood
Mu Mu is a jewelry brand focused on pearls, all of its jewelry are around the pearl design and manufacturing. Its classic Fortune Leaves Collection, with K gold as aided design material, set off the round and shiny pearls.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Chopard
Chopard’s Happy Diamonds series has a very high brand recognition, the series not only jewelry and advanced watch. Its biggest design feature is whether jewelry or watch, there will be one or several mosaic of diamonds in which activities.

Jewelry brand classic models

The world’s top ten jewelry brand classic Dai Mei Anne
The same is the snake, unlike the Bulgari SERPENTI series in the angular, interlocking shape, Dai Mei Anne’s EDEN series reflects a seamless design style, embellished on the gem is also more like a vivid scale The

Jewelry brand classic models

Luxury jewelry brand classic series which? The top of the world’s top ten jewelry brand classic models, every one walking in the forefront of fashion, do not miss it!

What is the ultrasonic cleaning of diamonds that will cause harm to diamonds?

What is the ultrasonic cleaning of diamonds that will cause harm to diamonds?
We will usually hear the industry experts say that our diamond cleaning method is to use ultrasonic cleaning, absolutely safe and reliable, please rest assured. In fact, we really will be assured? How is the ultrasonic cleaning, in the end will not cause harm to the diamond?
Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid, the role of acceleration and straight into the role of liquid and dirt directly and indirectly, the role of the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified, stripped to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The current use Cartier love bracelet replica of ultrasonic cleaning machines, cavitation and straight into the role of the application of more.

Damage to diamonds
In fact, under normal circumstances the ultrasound will not affect the plating, because the principle of ultrasonic cleaning is to first use detergent to wash the items to be washed, and other cleaning agents immersed in dirt and cleaning items, and then ultrasonic cleaner to make the cleaning agent So that the dirt from the cleaning things off. If it is high-quality plating, cleaning agent is impossible to enter between the plating layer and diamonds, and therefore will not cause the coating off.

And the plating before the general removal of the diamond, and then the ultrasonic wash the care (because the plating before the ring can not have dust, and the main function of the ultrasound is to dust, not on the diamond or metal damage) can be plated, And then you can set the diamond can be. It is recommended to take professional platinum processing shop to 18k ring care into platinum, finish will remain permanent.

Of course, there are ultrasonic cleaning device power problem, and then high-quality plating is also very difficult to avoid flaws, ultra-high power cleaner may also cause adverse effects on diamond plating.
Cutting is a diamond “four C” in a factor that cut. Diamond cutting grades are divided into:

Ideal cut: on behalf of only 3% of the first-class high-quality diamonds to achieve the standard. This cut makes the diamond almost reflect all the light into the diamond. An elegant and outstanding cut.

Very good cut: on behalf of about 15% of the diamond cut. Can make the diamond reflected and the standard level cut light, but the price is slightly lower.

Good cut: on behalf of about 25% of the diamond cut. The diamonds reflect most of the light into the drill to make the interior light. Cheaper than the VG level.

General cut: on behalf of the roughness of 35% of the diamond cut, is still high-quality diamonds, but the general cut the diamond processing of light less than G-level cut.

Dismantling: This includes all diamonds that do not meet the general cut standard, and these diamonds are either deep and narrow, shallow and easy to allow light to escape from the sides or the bottom. Diamonds. The following are the same as the ”

Cut the fire to determine the color

Diamonds cut ratio, especially diamond pavilion depth ratio and table width Cartier love ring replica ratio, determines the diamond reflection and refraction of the light intensity, which determines the diamond fire color.

Diameter: through the width of a circle of diamonds.

Countertop: refers to the largest plane in the N plane of the diamond.

To extend from the waist to the top of the plane.

Waist: the narrowest part of the diamonds.

Pavilion: the bottom of the diamond, from the waist to the bottom of the polygon gem.

Depth: from the bottom of the gem to the height of the table.

The Effect of Diamond Cutting on Diamond Value
Diamond cut is extremely important, directly affect the value of diamonds. Only the standard cutting essentials, to show its bright light, to achieve the clarity and color of the perfect combination. The cut diamond is usually a sphere or a cone. There are many shapes, squares, rectangles, hexagonal, round and oval, but the most popular hexagon, which is the most popular, can show the diamonds better.

Cutting is one of the only compensation factors. A skilled diamond cutter can make a good diamond and shiny eye-catching, he can make the internal light of the maximum water to reflect the roughness of the diamond to the appearance of the diamond. The cutting division should cut it as if it were in a mirror-like symmetry.

A clever diamond should be rounded, and there are 58 clear cutting edge, it can be the largest water Zhaopu shot light. Cutting bad diamonds may be cut too deep or too shallow by keeping its maximum weight, so there is no way to make it brilliant. Lighting skills will also affect the quality of diamonds, a well-cut, symmetrical diamonds may be due to poor lighting and reduce the value.

Diamonds after cutting the proportion of the maximum degree of symmetry and perfection, mirror reflection of the three major strengths can also be scattered flash, light, fire three diamonds of the most bright and most dazzling light. Through the monitor mirror from the diamond can be seen on the front of the size of the symmetrical eight arrows and against the face of eight hearts, it is called Qiu Bite eight heart eight arrows crystal diamond.
Fluorescent diamonds refer to the light emitted by diamonds under the excitation of ultraviolet light. The image that we usually use some of the banknotes in the money detector that kind of ultraviolet light is not able to light it, that is the kind of light. There are some Cartier nail bracelet replica diamonds will be fluorescent, usually blue and white fluorescence, there are a small part of the diamond yellow fluorescence.

Why some diamonds will be fluorescent
Fluorescent diamonds in the strong ultraviolet light will be issued under the blue or yellow and other colored light. The reason for the fluorescence reaction occurs, because the diamond stone in the process of forming the internal boron or nitrogen elements, and boron in the strong ultraviolet radiation, the absorption of light into the excited state, and immediately stimulate the incident than the light Long wavelength of light, stop ultraviolet radiation, light phenomenon disappeared. Diamond fluorescence can only be in the strong ultraviolet light will escape from the diamond surface to make the naked eye visible, but in the sun, these diamonds will be diamonds diamonds refracted back, and divergence does not come out, that is, diamond fluorescence in daily life In the fundamental can not see.
Fluorescence effects on diamonds
Fluorescence is not a very bright diamond quality indicators, nor can it affect the price of diamonds, it is just a natural diamond attribute, some people like, Diamonds have your own decisions.

Diamond Wedding Ring Price Influencing Factors

Diamond wedding ring price factors affect the most expensive wedding ring how much money
Ring is an indispensable jewelry in a wedding, some people will choose the Golden Ring, some people will choose diamond ring. Nowadays diamond ring has become a popular trend, is the pursuit of fashion trend of young people choice. We know the diamond ring, its price composition, mainly to see it 4C, and this 4C is just from the diamond itself, are the color, grams, clarity, cut, but a diamond ring may also need Taking into account the brand, style, design and other aspects. So, what is the diamond wedding ring price factors? How much is the most expensive wedding ring?

Diamond Wedding Ring Price Influencing Factors

1, wedding rings on the diamond

Diamond is the most important part of the wedding ring price, the quality Cartier love bracelet replica and grade of diamonds are the bulk of the diamond ring, and the price of diamonds is based on the diamond 4C standard to determine, that we often say the color of the diamond, Degree and carat Diamond 4C level will affect the price of diamonds, the world every week there will be a new diamond quotation out, above the price range on the diamond price, we can make a general price based on the price of the diamond Estimate.

2, wedding ring on the ring

The price of the PT950 and PT900 is almost the same, but the 950 is softer. Of course, G750’s ring is also a very good choice. PT950 price of about 500 yuan per gram, G750 per gram about 370 yuan, wedding diamond ring care in general 2-3 grams. But the daily price of gold are not the same, when the purchase to the day of the price of gold prevail. Of course, the impact of wedding ring price factors are external factors, such as processing fees, business brand.

3, diamond ring of labor costs

Labor costs are personalized custom processing costs, for example, in the diamond ring engraved with each other’s names, vows or other text pictures and so on. However, the current labor costs are very expensive, each business diamond fee is not the same, this will look at the specific situation, and some businesses to customize the personality or free of charge.

4, diamond ring to buy places

In addition, also need to pay attention to the price of wedding rings are also affected by the purchase site, in general, in the mall to buy the price will be more expensive, and now popular with online shopping, we can consider online shopping wedding ring, so save the middle of the store Links, the ring is more affordable, but need to pay attention to is to ensure the quality of the ring we better choose a physical store brand, so that they can in the store at the same time, once the ring problems can be better resolved After sale this one is more secure.

The most expensive wedding ring how much money

1. The world’s most expensive wedding ring is Asscher cut “Krupp” diamond Cartier love ring replica ring, 33.19 karats full of white “Krupp” diamond (The Krupp Diamond), is Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring, worth $ 8.8 million. The gem is a chemical diamond. December 2011, was auctioned by an Asian collectors who declined to be named.

2. Asscher, this beautiful and unique diamond cut is almost the same as the emerald, the difference is that Asch is a square. This Asch diamond also has a pavilion like a grandmother diamonds cut into a rectangular facet, and because of its unique cut, the inclusions inside the diamond become more conspicuous.

3. Therefore, the choice of the shape of diamonds should try to choose a higher level of clarity, if you choose a lower level of clarity, such as SI level, you must pay attention to the description of the diamond on the certificate is what type and location. In the choice of color, when the color level is generally considered, such as J-shaped shaped diamonds, the price will be more affordable, but in the corner of the local color may be more obvious.

4. We all know that Beyonce has a very bright diamond ring, this diamond ring worth 5 million US dollars, is the United States hip hop singer Jay-Z to her wedding ring. It features an octagonal cut with 18 carats of diamonds on top of the platinum base.

For ordinary people, expensive, as long as beyond their own economic capacity is a kind of expensive, expensive is a borderless word. Diamond ring is a man to give women the most sincere commitment, but also the eternal promise, so in the diamond ring, there is always a kind of material known as “priceless”, is any price can not match.

Zuo Kayi diamond ring affect the value

In today’s society, the brand is a factor that has to be mentioned, and the added Replica Cartier love bracelet value of the brand will have a big impact on its price and is one of the decisive factors. The gap between the different brands is very large, there are many times even more than the value of the diamond ring itself, take the “jewelry emperor,” said Cartier and “my diamond my story” Zuo Kay to compare it, in the same The quality of diamonds and ringing material in the case of their value even a million gap, Cartier brought a luxury, Zoca to bring to everyone, I believe must be simple and ordinary happiness. And these big brands have been sold for the diamond ring has given too high value-added, so it’s promotion space is not big.

What is the difference between the various silver

What is the difference between the various silver
Silver because of plasticity can create a mix of decorations, for everyone like love, but many people because of various types of silver and can not tell the clue! Give you talk about the 925 sterling silver, Thai silver, Tibetan silver, Yunnan silver difference:
925 silver
Is nine thousandths of the silver plus 75 percent of the alloy Cartier love bracelet replica of sterling silver, is internationally recognized as the standard of sterling silver, and now 925 silver is usually plated with platinum (rhodium) to prevent silver Oxidation or vulcanization in the case of yellowing black, no platinum 925 silver, known as “prime silver.” 925 sterling silver actually refers to the silver content of 92.5 silver products. 925 represents the purity of silver. This is the highest purity of silverware, just as the purity of 999 gold. Because the foot silver is too soft and easy to oxidation, so since the tiffany company to create 925 silver since, 925 silver was internationally recognized as sterling silver.
Thai silver
Is generally thousands of silver, that is, nine thousand nine thousand nine percent of the silver content, Thai silver jewelry exquisite, more like a work of art, beautiful, generous, fashion, Thai silver jewelry to rustic style, matte, old Of the ancient atmosphere by the fashionable family favorite. Thai silver, the concept is 925 sterling silver, just a special process of special call.
Some Thai craft to 925 silver sulfide into the “ancient silver effect” is also known as “Thai silver”. “Ancient silver effect” really beautiful.
Thai silver is now taking the international route (smart Thai), often have a senior international designer to design it, so the style trendy, diverse, generous, yet meticulous. Texture is also 925.
Thai silver inlaid stone with the Tibetan ornaments and Nepal’s silver is different, it is accompanied by crystal black stone, garnet, red, black, usually crystal-based, in the sun can flash the beautiful light. Used to match the suit, evening dress, it will not be lost in general, Thai silver style is about the silver has seen the most.
Possession of silver
Generally silver-free, is copper-nickel alloy (copper-nickel alloy) Ya said the traditional possession of silver for 30 percent silver plus seventy percent of the copper, because the silver content is still too low, so now on the market Has been seen to replace the full white copper. Tibetan silver is generally matched with the stone to do small jewelry, more common is turquoise, coral, red and green.
Yunnan silver
Is generally thousands of silver, Yunnan has a lot of silver, the prevalence of ethnic minorities, such as the Miao’s clothing (Miao’s clothes, there are always silver ornaments embedded in the above, a thin layer, more silver embedded, The family’s family more abundant it), jewelry, where also maintained the tradition of hand-made silver. If you travel to Yunnan, bring back some of the silver as a gift is the best of the. They used to play wide and wide bracelet, but also in accordance with your request, engraved with the text, pattern, handmade than the mechanism was fine, but also do not have some style. Sometimes a string of silver chains, sometimes to send the child’s bracelet foot ring, and sometimes is engraved with a local text of the blessing ring, watching the streets of ethnic minority girls walked, the body of the silver tinkle xx issued a sweet voice , The heart will be soft up.
For jewelry, we are very concerned about its fineness, such as “999” on behalf of 24K gold; “750” on behalf of 18K alloy. The silver jewelry also has such a digital measurement standards. 1851 Tiffany launched the first set of silver 9:30 thousand silver jewelry, 925 silver began to pop, so the current silver jewelry on the market to 925 as the identification of the standard.
Most people in the purchase of precious pearls, because the purchase of goods Cartier love ring replica lack of deep understanding, are not easy to make a decision. But when we are forced to rely on others to promote, we are not easy to understand the reasons for this choice, but the purchase of South Sea beads is completely different. 
The value of the South Sea bead is determined by their characteristics, these qualities are their advantages, to understand their advantages to help you choose South Pearl. But in the election of the South Sea beads, the most important thing is to have to trust their own feelings and judgments, because you are in the choice of a creature derived from the creatures. Like the human, every South Sea beads have their own unique temperament, gifts for personal use is a very personal choice, so when you buy South Sea beads, to your own eyes to judge, the most beautiful is the best choice.
South Asia beads the more rare, and the Australian South China Pearl is the world’s largest. From the smallest 8 mm diameter to the largest and most rare 18 mm diameter South Sea bead has. So huge gorgeous pearls, only in the high quality waters of Nanyang can be cultured from. 
Shape 
South Sea bead shape “traditional garden” and “Baroque variant” two series. Roundless flawless South Sea bead is the most rare, but also the most expansive. In addition to rounded pearls, the other, such as full of modern ring beads, unique and unique pendant beads and full of imaginative Baroque variants are so that the design of pearl jewelry changes endless
South Ocean beads with a series of different natural color, and the choice of color, can be described as their “color”, purely personal preferences, although the selection of color, show personal color. In general, people on the traditional silver and bright brilliance of the golden South Pearl has added; as for the clear and pure Australian waters of the Northwest produced rare rare red red South Pearl, people are in droves. Although the different colors without damage to the value of the South Sea Pearl itself, but the degree of color is a direct impact on the price of pearls. 
Skin light 
Reflected from the surface of the South Pearl out of the bright luster, together with the inside of the seductive light transmission, is to determine the value of the first element. Nan Yang bead skin light can jump like a bright light, it can be gentle and elegant luster, the entire series Replica Cartier love bracelet there is always a photometer can fully match the wearer’s unique beauty, emotions and personality, which all look at How the purchaser will be natural and subjective judgments for the perfect blend. The gloss of the South Sea bead is natural and should not be altered or enhanced by any artificial method. 
The smaller the flaws of the South Sea bead, the higher the value. As the South Sea beads from the sea in the natural mussels, so nature will often leave marks on the South Sea beads. Each of the millions of mussels has an average chance of producing a flawless South Sea bead. South Ocean beads on the mark just for each pearl cast a unique temperament, add personality.

Loyalty wings show love and loyalty with gold

Loyalty wings show love and loyalty with gold
Feathers have been regarded as a symbol of wisdom since ancient times, can bring harmony and joy, and it is spotless, extraordinary refined temperament also symbolizes love and loyalty.
Just Gold’s loyalty feathers for the design inspiration, to create a very attractive charm of the wing shape of the jewelry, soft and elegant, sexy charming feathers in a delicate way interpretation of love loyalty, dynamic, exquisite workmanship, given to women With unparalleled self-confidence glory, emitting a unique charm of modern women are soft.
Was to accompany her sister to buy wedding jewelry, and inadvertently Cartier love bracelet replica saw this set of gold, with her words suddenly let her feel a long time to resist the eyebrows, so even if that time received a lot of jewelry she still did not hesitate to put It brought home, a beautiful set of jewelry, workmanship is also very fine, clear lines of feathers visible, upper body effect is also very good, recommend to everyone to enjoy.
In this era of anti-nature, mystery and a little romantic mood may be more fascinated, so full of national characteristics of the jewelry can always be welcomed by the world, Indian-style jewelry not only because of its mysterious and concern Rich cultural atmosphere, bold style, not only can impress your eyes, you can also hit your mind.

This exotic Indian bracelet, exaggerated shape gives a unique sense of luxury, fine design makes it even more beautiful and beautiful, perfect interpretation of the mysterious, natural, unrestrained exotic, people deeply yearning for that piece Ancient kingdom.
She was obsessed with gold bracelet in 2009, all day to the store to see, one afternoon found him accidentally, rushed to bring it home, so far its enthusiasm has not diminished, very beautiful bracelet, hope everyone like.
“Wishful” a symbol of auspicious objects, with gold, jade and other production, but also the traditional Chinese culture on behalf of auspicious and good wishes of the object.
Zhou Shengsheng this gold to create the wishful bracelet, thick bracelet body, such as one of the four beauty Yang Yuhuan, full of lines depict the plump heritage, hollow wishful symbol like natural Tiancheng, simple and generous design, Highlight the graceful classical Cartier love ring replica temperament.
This is a netizen set wishful bracelet, hand is very satisfied, even very picky mom also like, very classic bracelet, Smart delicate, meaning is also very good, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
In the myth of Europe, the lilies are made by the painful pursuit of Eden Adam, Eve shed tears of sadness, in Christianity known as the “flower of the Virgin”, has been much respected. Due to the distribution of faint intoxicating fragrance, it has always been “fairy fairy” reputation. And factors to have “a hundred years together” and “Pepsi and Heart” and pure, elegant, noble meaning, has been much respected people.

Chow Tai Fook this lily elegant and elegant, with exquisite craftsmanship to create a lily elegant noble spirituality, the flower shape is very vivid, especially the flower part of the people as if to smell the fragrance of lily fragrance, the main part of the chain using lily Leaf shape, texture is done very fine, solid buds, but also quite texture.

This is a netizen favorite lily set, here recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
“Forever love forever love I just want to use my life to love you, from now on, you will be all the reasons for happiness … …” how affectionate and romantic oath, everyone is waiting for the love of God, look forward to love Come, love can be a moment of love at first sight, it can be a lifetime Replica Cartier love bracelet of silly waiting.

Sacred forever and love words represent lovers never betray the oath, only two beloved heart, in order to be intertwined with such happiness.

She has been very like this forever love bracelet, soft lines design, smooth and matte alternately, forever and love, beautiful simple, generous, elegant, handsome and modern, elegant and unconventional, so you feel eternal Of love, here recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Cartier jewelry achievements style forever peerless elegance

Cartier jewelry achievements style forever peerless elegance
What is style? Style is a kind of overriding aesthetics of existence. When the different times of creative emotions, literary trends, aesthetic symbols break the boundaries of East and West civilization, in a moment and Cartier aesthetic ideas fit each other, an overtake the world, unique to the Cartier style was born. As a pioneer in the history of jewelry, Cartier continues to work with the trend of contemporary art dialogue, with unparalleled creativity and craftsmanship, to give each thing, and even each object a bright artistic journey; in the process of continuous evolution and innovation , The success of style forever peerless elegance.

The early 20th century, the rise of high-level custom fashion, gorgeous skirt swept the Paris high society elegant ladies, many social occasions in the symbolic position, taste of jewelry style also followed to elegant, luxurious style development. Louis Cartier, who had a strong Cartier love bracelet replica interest in the French classical art of the eighteenth century and Art Nouveau of the same period, was at the store of Peace Street, Lek Walls (charles Federic Worth) next to the fashion salon, the interaction between the two sides to some extent spawned the rise of Garland Style (Garland Style).

From the classical oil paintings in the common flowers, branches, vines and other plants to draw inspiration, Louis Cartier in a completely symmetrical way presented in the jewelry design; and through his first platinum mosaic technology, the diamond is carefully embedded in a small recess Of the platinum, exquisite clever arrangement of the success of the plant to create a light and elegant posture. In addition to plants, Louis Cartier also encouraged designers to walk in the streets of Paris, carrying the details of the 17th and 18th century buildings. Exquisite lace, weaving and even architectural decoration in the symmetrical design, with precious stones, pearls or carved crystal blend of platinum and diamond works, gradually evolved into the later known wreath style. Louis Cartier boldly reinterprets the classic themes of corolla, garlands, bow and pendants, creating a unique vision of Cartier’s artistic aesthetics.

In the 26th Paris Antique Biennale debut Cartier new high-level jewelry series, also the traditional aesthetics of the new interpretation. Such as light wreath-style diamond inlaid necklace, when the chest before the demolition of the emerald, that is, into a beautiful brooch; and like a three-dimensional highlights of the diamond line weaving effect of the ring, but also gives the work of Smart vitality.

In the rosette style heyday, Louis Cartier began to encourage designers to conduct a more modern aesthetic attempt to completely break the current style. At that time the art world was undergoing a transformation: Pablo Picasso exhibited his “Yavi Nong Nong Girl”, including the Beast Painting School, the German expressionism and the Russian pioneer Ballet (Ballets Russes) and other emerging arts In Paris through exhibitions, performances and other forms of flourishing, Cartier jewelry creation from the popular wreath style quickly turned to full color tone, lines of strong modern design and development, Louis Cartier has become the decorative arts style (Art Deco Style ) Into the jewelry design the most influential pioneer.

Designers extract abstract and geometric elements from the stage costumes, arranged from the color of inspiration, the orange and yellow, green and blue, red, purple and pink together, the various colors against the background of the release of the breath. With the birth of decorative arts style, Cartier laid the world’s leading pioneer in the status of jewelry art. This style also deeply affects the new creation of Cartier: black and white lines scattered intertwined bracelets, to show the modern decorative arts style of symmetry elements; several rings in a similar way to geometric lines out of the pattern of complex patterns, compact structure such as building Model, and the use of diamonds and onyx with Huaguang overflowing gem. Cartier jewelry is full of imaginative soul, never confined to aesthetics or a single technology, but constantly through unparalleled creativity break the boundaries of secular and style.
It is said that the heyday of Haute Couture senior custom women in the world there are two or three thousand customers, they are the royal family nobles or celebrities. Later, with the rise of the garment industry, advanced custom customers less and less, and now every year in Paris, senior custom women’s week release brand only a handful of top fashion house. In recent years, with the rise of the BRIC countries, the demand for advanced custom women may pick up, but it is no longer Cartier love ring replica possible to reach the grand occasion of the year, after all, the times are different.

It is reasonable to say that Haute Joaillerie senior jewelry should be less customers than advanced custom women, after all, the purchase threshold is much higher. But the opposite is true, high-level jewelry may lead to the development of the peak. Because high-level jewelry will not be outdated, and will continue to add value.

No doubt, more and more new money will go to Paris Vendôme Square jewelry store custom jewelry, where in addition to the shop has been a hundred years old jeweler. Italian jewelry brand and the new jewelry into the field of the brand have also opened the store came.

New release, the Paris senior custom show on the agenda will now be dedicated to a few days to leave a few new fashion brand jewelry series. However, the most important release of high-level jewelry or biennial Paris Antique Biennale. At the 26th Biennale in September, Cartier launched 148 Dépaysement series of fine jewelery products and 12 ornaments.

November to visit the Paris Peace Street on the 13th Cartier store upstairs high-level jewelry workshop, only to understand these amazing jewelry how much time to make, so two years to launch a number of new products.

Cartier jewelry orders, 20% of the new design and development, this process to go through the sketch design, calculate the working hours offer, the customer orders and then to the production process, generally take one to one and a half years. 80% of the remaining from the Cartier has launched a selection of high-level jewelry, such as cheetah bracelet or Tutti Frutti fruit puzzle necklace. If there is no spot or size to be adjusted, it is necessary according to the work of the workshop to wait in line. In general, the purchase of high-level jewelry is for a major anniversary, to stay enough for more than six months time is necessary. By the way, even 20% of the new development, but also must be consistent with Cartier’s design aesthetics.

Speaking of high jewelry and the difference between general jewelry, precious stones is naturally an important aspect. But Cartier did not focus on this as a “jeweler of the emperor”, which was one of the necessary conditions. Cartier has four gem procurement department, a large diamond sector according to the procurement of more than 1 carat diamond, small diamond sector purchases a large number of less than 1 carat of diamonds, colored gem sector also according to the procurement of Replica Cartier love bracelet diamonds, small gem sector is in accordance with the batch procurement.

The most important thing is that the strength of Cartier’s high-level jewelry workshop, workshop has 40 experienced craftsmen, can be said to be large-scale jewelry workshop, the general workshop only 5 to 10 artisans. However, because a Cartier fine jewelry all by hand to complete, and very complex and refined, so often need more than 1000 hours to complete, the annual output is indeed very limited. So the pricing of high-level jewelry, according to the price of gemstones and the required hours to calculate.

Therefore, to buy a high-level jewelry, be sure to do a good job for the Iraqi people haggard, clothes gradually wide end no regret to prepare. But that’s definitely worth it.

More and more popular this season, the most romantic in the diamond ring

More and more popular this season, the most romantic in the diamond ring
In the platinum ring covered with a small piece of broken diamond, so do not see the metal ring, this section diamond ring mosaic process is very high, so very quality, but also very elegant and stylish but no weird feeling. Broken diamond drilling this year, the dense embedded wedding ring once again popular, whether gold or platinum, are worth buying!
This season is more and more popular, these retro style wedding ring looks very delicate, is the ancient European cutting process, but you can also see the gorgeous Ascher (Asscher) cutting process. What is truly amazing is that the exquisite fancy carvings, the finely grained diamond inserts and the filigree on the edge of the ring are crafted to perfection.

Style selection can choose the tension inlaid diamond ring, because the imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond hanging in the ring ring style is always the trend of the most preferred; and claw mosaic style is classic; with gold and silver is retro. Whether you choose your favorite color or birthday stone, diamond and color treasure will be the most fashionable expression of this season.
Two, three or more ring stack, bringing a very cool fashion impact. Whether it is groove inlay or pavé, or you choose only pure platinum ring, you’d better choose fashion and has a classic pop style. Whether you decide to use it as your engagement ring, you can also make it the anniversary anniversary of love.

Luxury, can be seen everywhere in the two worlds around the lovers in the low-key luxury between love, but also from the flashing bright light diamond wedding ring glimpse. Kirk Kara diamond ring wedding ring, a simple design, style classic ring like a luxury dance at the fingertips, love everywhere everywhere love.
Gorgeous diamond surrounded by a lot of pieces of diamond, the popular style is definitely the most popular bride and designer styles, these shining small diamond ring makes the wedding ring look bigger, but they also set off the center of the larger diamond is more Luxury, the bride how can resist this temptation?

Designers in the ring on the tricks chosen more torsion, from the whirlpool to the design more refined twist, have attracted us.
Harry Winston Platinum Base Sapphire Ring
Oval cut sapphire perfect rare

From the Hai Winston new “The Incredibles” top jewelry series, oval-shaped cut sapphire perfect rare, weighing 26.79 kt, by hand to incomparable precision mosaic completed.

Van Cleef & Arples White K Gold Diamond Butterfly with Myanmar Ruby Ring

Let this touch of passionate red expression of love and desire

This touch of red, passionate expression of love and desire: platinum inlaid multi-faceted, horse-shaped and pear-shaped cut diamonds, with 7.04-carat long-ladder cut Burmese red ruby.

Rose K Gold Pink Sapphire Ring

Eternal classic with you to witness the love of loyalty

LOVE series is Cartier many jewelry series love love jewelry, this rose gold LOVE ring with eternal classic with you to witness the love of loyalty.

Bulgar Eternity Platinum Ring

Using gold, platinum or platinum material, mosaic modification

Bvlgari’s classic wedding ring Eternity Bands gold, platinum or platinum material, mosaic modification. This inlaid rectangular cut sapphire and diamond ring is reflected in its exquisite charm.

Dior fine jewelry “Oui” series of purple spinel ring

A symbol of the sweet love

“Oui” – with the French “I am willing to” express deep love, the ring itself symbolizes the sweet love! While full of childlike imagination

Mikimoto Olive Motif 18K Gold Japan Akoya Pearl Ring

Simple and elegant design to penetrate the bride fresh and refined fashion temperament

To the symbol of peace and freedom of the olive tree design inspiration to Japan Akoya white pearl rings for the olive tree fruit, simple and elegant design, infiltration of the bride fresh and refined fashion temperament.