Diamond why so expensive?

Diamond why so expensive?
Diamonds have been called the “king of the gem” humans, and became the most expensive gemstone varieties, except the related to the quality of the diamond itself has charm, also and the detection and processing of diamond deposits have a close relationship.
1. The inherent glamour of the inherent quality diamond
As a gem, must have a beautiful, durable and rare these three elements. Diamond is the only a collection of high hardness, high refractive index and dispersion in the integration of gem varieties, and any other gem varieties is incomparable. Such a treasure of Cartier love ring replica the treasure, rare in hampshire, deservedly become expensive in the most.
2. Diamond culture has a long history
Since the ancient times, the diamond has been regarded as human power, majesty, a symbol of status and wealth. Its impregnable, randome, firmness and eternal strong masculine qualities, is the target of human forever. It has the potential, are of great cultural value.
3. The diamond deposit explore difficult and expensive
Looking for diamond deposits, it doesn’t like the fabled, accidentally broke a could find a diamond deposits. Diamond deposit often seeking to take decades, or even hundreds of years of hard work and labor, expensive. Such as the former Soviet union primary diamond deposit in Siberia, starting in 1913, after 18 years of hardships, to find; Botswana’s “euler” primary deposit, at a cost of $32 million, after 12 years of struggling to dig out; In recent years, the primary diamond deposit in northwestern Canada found, is experienced several generations of geologists of hard work, cost at least up to hundreds of millions of dollars to find.
4. Diamond deposit quantity is little, gem grade diamond ore grade is low
World the number of diamond deposit, if compared with iron, copper and gold quantity Cartier love ring replica, can be said to be poor, only a handful. In the exploitation of the diamond, gem grade average is only 20%, while the remaining 80% can only be used in industry. But this value of 20% of gem grade diamond is equal to 5 times higher than 80% industrial diamond. World diamond annual output of about 100 million carats, about 15 million – carat gem grade, and processed into diamond is about 4 million – carat (800 kg).
Some rough statistics found that to get a one carat (0.2 g) has burnish good diamond, need about 250 tons of ore mining.
5. Mining is enormous, the difficulty is extremely high
Diamond deposit mining, can be said to be a huge scale, but took careful work. Mining process, should fully mined ore containing diamond, and to be cautious, to ensure that the original rock of diamond particles in the ore is in good condition. Improper drilling will lead to huge economic losses. Both open pit and underground mining, is a strong and scenes of project, the investment of human resources is hard to imagine.
6. Diamond processing procedure complex, large amount of working hours
Folio extracted ore after crushing and sorting carefully, not like other metal deposits, can be put into large quantities of smelting, but on each diamond fur billet by careful and detailed analysis, to determine the incised ground plan, to ensure its weight, clarity and style. This often Cartier love ring replica requires physical and optical properties of diamond itself has a full understanding, experience quite rich. General steps are: (1) the design lines; Today split drill; Today saw drill; (4) car drill; 5. Power drill; 6. Clean grading. Which each step includes many small programs. Each step need to superb technology and rich experience. Take the library of the world’s largest south diamonds, rough stone weighs 3106 carats, three experienced, super skill, craftsmen work 14 hours a day, took eight months, only will split it into 4 big diamonds and 101 small diamonds. Some of the world famous diamond processing, often only takes a few months, design or even 1-2 years.
7. To consumers, there are many experiences of a diamond
According to preliminary statistics, a diamond, from its mining, sorting, processing, grading, sales, to finally sell to buyers, involving more than 200 200 people, a diamond ring is a natural creator and more than 200 ten thousand people painstaking care crystallization, diamond precious is among them.
How to choose their own beauty?
Master the national jewelry jade quality supervision and inspection center and the world’s leading drill billet supplier since 1888 – DE beers to offer you the following Suggestions, can help you choose shopping worth of diamonds.
1. Browse the jewelry store, and careful comparison, you will not only enjoy the wide Cartier nail bracelet replica variety of diamond and pleasantly surprised, can choose favorite style more.
2. Set a budget – diamonds are no longer the palace noble luxury plaything, the diamond you liking, prices are likely to be lower than you think.
3. Listen to the opinions of the experts, not only can increase knowledge, can build up confidence. Remember, you can become expert at the beauty of choice.
4. To the credibility of the merchants of high – read more than to ask try the choose and buy. Picked up a magnifying glass observation carefully, after clinching a deal for the government to the businessman appraisal certificate issued by the authorized jewelry appraisal organization and invoices, makes you ecstasy, love don’t give up that one, is you worth buying. Want to know, diamonds are forever, forever.

Misconceptions about the diamond

Misconceptions about the diamond
1, buy a diamond to hold their value.
Fault. Diamond is to look at, not to when gold store. Buy diamond is to beautiful, not to change money sold it in a couple of days. 0.2 grams of diamond is influenced by market factors, the following value function is not strong, to hold their value, still have to buy carat several large diamonds.
2, diamonds from its chromaticity.
Fault. From its cut diamond. Put a few diamonds together, the brightest one is the best cut.
3, buy diamond must buy VS high clarity.
Fault. Clarity is professionals under the microscope, based on what diamond inclusions. Jewelry store more than most of the diamonds are SI, namely “the naked eye under the absence of any defect. Inclusions is retained in the process of diamond formation replica Cartier love bracelet natural mark, it will not affect the beauty of a diamond (SI more than diamonds, simply invisible to the naked eye inclusions) and durability, it will make the diamond more features. Even slightly less P level drilling, put the head in a little bigger, also can in front of obtrusive, no one will be chasing you use a magnifying glass to confirm the diamond studs.
4, I chromaticity diamond is the most beautiful.
Fault. Chroma is specialized lighting conditions in the laboratory, by professionals for grading. It’s hard to say I chromaticity of diamond is more beautiful than J diamond, also look at cut, and carat weight and clarity. Some personality of consumers prefer to buy with a bit of color and carat weight more diamonds, diamonds due to natural color, it is difficult to distinguish under normal lighting.
Choose diamond tips
Diamond prices are mainly determined by the 4 c standard, if you can understand the 4 c standard pricing principle, can find tips, get cheap and fine diamond. 
Diamond, the total price of the weight of 40-60%, clarity, accounting for 15-25%, color of 15-20%, cut accounts for 20-35%. 
Say first weight. Weight is denominated in classification, such as 18 to 22 ’20’, ’23-27′ 25 ‘level, 28′ – 39 ’30’ level, each differential per carat differ between 3500-10000 yuan. So 22 and 23, 27 and 28 ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘, although only 0.01 carat, but the price has a level difference, the difference of 350-1000 yuan. If you will be the choice of reasonable weight, will save money. 
Clarity grade 5, color grade points, 11, their relationships, such as tables. 
Clarity the difference for 10-15%, namely VVS, VS, ST per carat differ between 3000-5000 yuan, also is one Cartier love bracelet replica of the same weight than 1 3000 yuan worth of VS clarity diamonds, VVS clarity of up to 300-450 yuan. 
Color three class 11 grade, type between 10-15%, and 10% difference between each grade. For example, a 3000 yuan VS white diamond, color in the price of 450 yuan. Is also a VS white diamonds, between J and H can be a difference of 20%, can be the difference of 90 yuan. 
Cut accounts for 20-35% of the total price by 30%, to 3000 yuan of diamonds, benchmark cut wages is 900 yuan. Because cut the stand or fall of the degree of “fire” and the surface of the ring size, and there is a certain difference between different cut, cut a minimum of Hong Kong, Belgium cut the highest. General Belgium cut higher than Israel cut of 25-30%, Israel cut and cut 15% higher than India, for example, a 3000 yuan worth of India cut diamond (cut) with 900 yuan, the Israel cut is 1035 yuan, the Belgian cut for 1290-1350 yuan. 
Therefore, a 3000 – yuan India cut VS white (J) cut diamonds into Israel or Belgium VS white diamond (H), the price is 3225-3540 yuan. 
So the same studs are the same color yarn with different grade cut diamond difference Fake Cartier love bracelet between 300-600 yuan it is no surprise. If the studs are higher level (VVS), the color white differences were more. 
Brand in the price of share or a variable number. Because of the jewelry industry in China started late, in the continuous form of the consciousness of famous brand, according to market research, compare the national famous brand “diamond” about a third brand 1/5 higher than normal. So the choose and buy diamond according to their own economic strength and purpose (decoration or value) to determine, generally good brand cut good, stable quality, embedded technology, but the price is much more expensive.

reddish-brown series is fei color series

The imitation of the pearl
Imitation pearl, is made of artificial reproduction in whole or in part, mainly include:
1. The pearl nuclei plating imitation pearl
Pearl nuclei coating corrupt bead, is a bigger bead mussel made by individual nuclear appearance, plating on a very thin layer of human semen of “pearl”, nuclear to imitation pearl cultivation. This kind of imitation pearl in the kernel’s stripes and transmission imitation cartier love bracelet can be seen under a light attached to the “pearl layer on the film.
2. The filling wax glass imitation pearls
Imitation wax glass imitation pearls are small hollow circular milky glass ball filling in paraffin wax, appearance with semen of “pearl”.
3. The plastic coating imitation pearl
Plastic coating imitation bead is in ivory plastic bead surface coated with a layer of semen of “pearl”.
In the production of fake pearl center in the world today is Spanish Mali about card jewelry company, the company used by “pearl semen” is taken from the life in the Mediterranean Sea creatures refining.
Fei color of jade
1, fei color of jade
Fei color of jadeite jade is impregnated with iron oxide from jadeite minerals of jade, jadeite crystal is – in the coarse grain, micro – fine crystal and columnar crystal aggregation, under the action of crystalloblastic can form fibrous and granular.
2, reddish-brown series is fei color series
The color of jade can be divided into four series: reddish brown, green, white, purple. The reddish-brown series called fei, reddish brown can be subdivided into red, red, brown, brown, brown yellow, pale brown yellow, yellow.
3, fei color is closely related to FeO content
Jade fei color associated with trace elements content of FeO blow gently, now has yet to gain other cause fei color information. Translucent white jade (semitransparent white jateite) FeO content generally 0-0.05%, translucent green jade (semitransparent green jateite) FeO content http://www.ourlovestore.com generally 0.14%, red emerald (red jateite) FeO content is generally 1.25%.
4, fei color is closely related to contain iron content categories
Fei color color, and strong correlation of ore minerals category. Contain iron content in microscopic particle – ultramicroscopic quality dot adsorption in the jadeite grain, cleavage between the lines. Water lepidocrocite ruby red colour, manifested water iron ore shallow brown yellow, manifested lepidocrocite reddish-brown manifested, goethite, brown, yellow, manifested water hematite is red, because the mineral composition differences form fei color is different.
5, fei color is the product of geology under the action of
Fei color is the product of emerald under different geological, sources of iron are secondary, primary two categories.
“Laoshan jade” is a bed of gravel, buried deep in the sand clay layer for a long time, affected by the sand clay layer under the weathering, the formation of oxidation leather case, with reddish brown series “leather case” is a secondary iron caused by impregnation.
Of produced in the deposits in the “new mountain jade” is a “new”, along the rock fracture often form a reddish-brown series ribbon, belongs to the secondary iron caused by impregnation.
In the density of emerald fei color, more formed in the blastic phase caused by iron enrichment, should belong to the native iron caused by impregnation.
In open fractures and cross site often gathered formation of iron ore and secondary iron due to intermittent iron solution changes often disseminated cambium grain structure, huge fissure channel iron solution impregnation is more extensive, but jade quality of a material is very loose.
6, fei color is very rare
Fei lubricious accounted for more than a column in the jade is very rare, this is determined by the specific geological formation environment.
Fei color of jade jewelry on the market, however, run rampant, formation is obviously a large part of artificial coloring. Dyeing process is to make the jade jewelry in people improved sensory effects, is the access to colorless or dyed jadeite quality, but the natural color and artificial http://www.ourlovestore.com color is little different in nature, and value for money, can’t dyeing processing jade pretend to natural color jade.
7, natural fei color characteristics
Reddish-brown series “leather case” jadeite corrosion often become hornblende, feints, fiber hornblende fei color are often irregular spots, two-tone fei color deep gravel commonly 2-3 cm, fei color becomes shallow gradually by the table. Microscopic observation fei lubricious regularly along the dip between mineral grain, no spider phenomenon, immersion method determination of fei color jadeite, fei color deep crystal. Fractures in fei color along the crack from deep to shallow, iron oxide often disseminated cambium grain structure, polymer wax and filling.
8, artificial fei color characteristics
Artificial fei color commonly used thermal + chemical coloring, nitric acid ferric salts, iron sulfate is one of the colorant. Observation on jewelry fei color for floating color, color table, without administrative levels sense, natural color transition, color distribution has nothing to do with the rock structure, quenching spider phenomenon is obvious, reflective microscope breach in the concentration of color, surface crack dense internal reflection color significantly, often accompanied by the polymer filling of the same color.
9, instance analysis
On August 2, 2001, ministry of Shanghai center laboratory test (such as jewelry, jade yuyuan garden station received a merchant entrust samples, test number: BY0108002; Shape: wek-jin; Color: brown, and yellow; Total quality: 14.4074 g (with wire bead), net weight 13.6940 g; Refractive index: 1.660 (or points); Optical characteristics: crystal aggregation; Ultraviolet fluorescence: long wave, short wave; Internal characteristics: jadeite crystals are fine granular http://www.ourlovestore.com aggregate, scarf with each other. Reflective surface cracks under brown, cavity, crevasse brown concentration; Note: dyeing processing; Test conclusion: jade (processing).
The sample has been sent to Shanghai’s “CMA” aptitude three inspection institutions, the two opposite conclusions, there are two conclusions for jade natural fei (color), another conclusion for jade (dyeing processing). Solemnly request yuyuan garden testing station to review, the yuyuan garden testing station is responsible for the manufacturers, vendors, agreed to review on site. After the necessary method to test, fei color fading into white, and business and the manufacturer’s confirmation on the spot, which further confirmed “jade (dyeing processing)” conclusion is correct.
Engaged in jewelry jade detection through the example analysis shows that the microscopic phenomenon, should be sure to carefully observe each determination of essential parameters, after the analysis of the true correct conclusions. Before two examination organization characteristics were not necessary internal appraisal certificate of record, the conclusion is always opposite, of course.

Gemstone jewelry radioactivity is sorrow

Gemstone jewelry radioactivity is sorrow
Diamond has been the symbol of identity, status. In recent years diamond as the urban women preferred fashion accessories. Relevant medical experts, however, pointed out that graces the old for the beauty of diamonds may be a health killer.
Diamond is composed of ore processing, and some ore is in the long-term by the middle and lower crust millions of years of geological evolution of the radiation intensity, some have more than normal levels of radioactive. Diamond not only so, other rare gems can also have this problem, the expert points out: usually the more rare gem, the stronger the radioactive, the greater the harm of human body.
Some jewelers people make jewelry more brilliant, even the topaz, spodumene activated gems into atomic reactor, as far as possible let neutron irradiation, and promote its luster, raise its value. Wearing the jewels of treated by this method, it suffered radiation may be equivalent to a nuclear workers engaged in by a year of nuclear radiation dose. According to experts said, if women will radioactive excessive jewelry necklace to wear in the neck, chest, can lead to breast cancer, lung cancer.
Not all after irradiation treatment of gem can’t buy. The staff, according to a gem testing agencies, radiation processing is one of the gem processing is often used in the processing method. If, after irradiation treatment place longer than radioactive half-life, is safe. All after irradiation Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica treatment of gems on the grant should be marked. Do not rule out some illegal businessmen to commercial interests, the radioactive standard accessories for sale. So, must after authorities detection (meet the national standards) just can be at ease buy.
White K gold can replace platinum?
Platinum, with its characteristic of “rare and pure and strong” and its wearer’s elegant temperament, leading the trends of sweeping the world’s platinum, attracts more and more Chinese young women. When maggie cheung with platinum ring, necklace, earrings sharp photo appears in each big jewelry shop, store, countless one day.
However under the flaunting the banner of “white wave”, in the name of the other metals to substitute for platinum also want to share in this huge market. White K gold is one of them. Especially the old people have heard of platinum, but often refer to the platinum and white gold. Consumers can not help but question, really can replace platinum white K gold? Of course, the answer is no.
Platinum is a natural white metal, itself is her white luster nature, long wear also won’t fade. Although Platinum are sometimes known as Platinum, from the strict sense, it should be referred to as “Platinum”, Platinum and Platinum English the meaning of Platinum is chemical elements. But K white gold is gold and copper, such as palladium alloy after showing a white. It contains up to 75% of gold. Time is long, may be fading. Its English name is White gold, it is totally different from platinum two metals.
Domestic platinum jewelry usually contains more than 90% of the pure platinum, and is “Pt900” or “Pt950” and so on. But K white gold cannot be mark for Pt, but according to its purity and gold and purity. For example: 18 K white gold just type “18 K”, “G750” mark. The precious metal jewelry often asks “colour”, white K gold won’t reach.
White K gold lighter than important in platinum. The proportion of platinum Pt900 is 19.9, only 14.7 K 18 K white gold. When wearing the same volume of jewelry, K gold white significantly lighter than platinum, so on the texture of the metal, white K gold can’t compared with platinum.
Platinum is very rare, and her annual production is only 5% of the gold. While the number of grams of platinum from dozens of tons of platinum ore after 5 months to refine out. While white K gold is not subject to this restriction, can be mass production, production is much, its value is greatly reduced, of course.
The tenacity of platinum and make it become the best friend of diamond. Such imitation Cartier love bracelet practices in jewelry insurance: use the platinum bracket diamond jewelry than using gold bracket jewelry need to pay the insured amount is lower. Platinum and diamond will be for a two glorious fusion, become an incomparable perfect combination.
Today, jewellery manufacturers around the world and have launched various novel platinum jewelry, in Japan, Europe and the United States, the platinum can be made into various shape and color, even the hollow modelling is easy. ,
So from the point of the metal itself, the natural white luster of platinum, high purity, rare, and its durability is white can’t be matched by K gold. And give more new platinum connotation in modern society, more of a white K gold cannot express.
Platinum gives the impression of being “natural”, “elegant”, but the charm of platinum is more than these. Jewelers early since the 17th century, Europe was fascinated by the charm of platinum, its application in the design of jewelry, caused a revolutionary change. Other jeweler began using platinum to European countries, led by the royal family to establish the position of platinum in people’s minds. Platinum, France’s king Louis xvi prefer called platinum “only match the title of king of precious metals”. The world famous jewelry designers are using platinum create immortal masterpiece, the design of the French masters Cartier (Cartier) called platinum “the king of precious metals. Now, more platinum become each star in the various awards and fashion party indispensable important adornment, already is the symbol of high society. Platinum “Platinum” this English word in the english-speaking world was used to represent “the highest”, the “best”. The highest level in international credit Card Card class, usually called “Platinum Card” (Platinum Card). And in the music industry, with the highest sales Record is also known as “Platinum Record” (Platinum records), to show its cult status.
Because of platinum will not change color, constant value, whether as a pledge of human love message, or as a witness of the couple love each other forever, platinum are silently watches two people forever love. At ordinary times is not good at sweet words, expressed through platinum Replica Cartier jewelry to convey, she is not only the choice of young women, men also have a special liking to platinum.
Today, in all major markets worldwide, elements, design is simple and beautiful pure platinum jewelry has become the international jewelry industry unstoppable trend, has increasingly become an important part of people deck lives, more and more by people all over the world advocate of taste and fashion pursuit. In China, the containing platinum huge spending power in the market, consumers need is the platinum jewelry design concept. More and more foreign platinum jewelry designers in the domestic and foreign platinum jewelry works, will be the most exquisite craft, the most elegant design is presented to our customers.
Platinum is a platinum, she is the unique value can not replace any other metal. White K gold, even with its “looks similar to” to attract people. However, only to still stay in the memory of those who can experience the baptism of the time still lead the latest fashion of platinum jewelry.

The identification and evaluation of jade

The identification and evaluation of jade
The most expensive of the jade, jade is the price for this, the pros and cons of jadeite identification is very important and common sense of choose and buy. According to the current national standards, by selling on the market of jadeite jade jewelry is basically divided into the following categories:
A cargo: natural jade. Do not have any physical or chemical processing, color structure are all natural. Also known as the “jade”, or “old jade”.
Will with some green color is B goods: but the poor quality of a material is not transparent Cartier love bracelet replica jade that are rich in impurity, rinse thoroughly with strong acid dissolving impurities after injecting glue or epoxy resin filling processing, such as to improve its quality.
C: quality of a material is jade, but its color is artificial dyeing, exterior colour and lustre is more, but not natural.
B + C: after acid dissolution and foreign substance filling, color and artificial dyeing.
According to the jade color, transparency, structure and combination way, economic evaluation of jade:
1. Color: the color is one of the most important factor in evaluation of jade. Jade a kaleidoscope of colors, different colors, with white for the most, in green, for the most expensive, followed by red and purple. “Zhengyang thick and colour and lustre requirements. “Are” is a brilliant green color, pure; “Yang” is bright; “Strong” is the color saturation; “And” means the same color uniform.
2. Transparency: commonly known as the “head”. Transparency, the better, the full head, the more valuable.
3. The structure, commonly known as “texture”, also known as “child” or “bottom”. Mainly with jadeite minerals, particle size and shape and arrangement. The smaller the mineral particles of the thinner, jade the more transparent, “bottom”, the better. Superlatives for glass, clear and bright such as glass, the second is the plain – transparent like water.
4. Clarity, affect the value of a jade flaws, mainly has two kinds of white and black. White flaws in granular and lump, referred to as “they” or “bubble”. Black flaws have bigger influence on the value of jade.
5. Crack: one kind is caused by the outside impact crack, the other is between the crystal cracks.
6. Process quality: jade in addition to the natural factors, in the late process design level of processing is very important. High quality jade jewelry should be for just ShiYi, design elegant, smooth lines, use color opportunely, wonderful artical excelling nature.
To sum up the three elements of color, transparency, structure Fake Cartier love bracelet tend to have commonly known as “a”. Jade of gourmet is a old pit, even, its bright color, rich and gaudy, bright and fine, simple sense is strong, and good transparency, treasures.
The identification and evaluation of jade
How to choose a white jade
1. Choose white, from the following four aspects
See material pledge (1).
In the Ming and qing dynasties, people say white, only refers to the xinjiang hotan white jade. Today, people see jade white jade, in addition to the xinjiang hetian jade, there are new and qinghai jade white jade mountain, South Korea, white jade, jing white jade, etc.
Hetian jade is also called “soft jade”, hornblende, put the light microscope observation, the quality of a material are crystalloblastic fiber weaving structure, hardness of 6-6.5. Hetian jade has a variety of colors, but are precious white jade at the latest.
Seed jade “body such as grease, off implication”, moist texture fine clean, almost invisible crystalloblastic fiber interweave, and there are few cracks. Seed superlatives as white as jade suet, is characterized by “white, transparent, thin, embellish,” the so-called white as cut grease, whiteness, therefore calls “suet white jade”. For the light, the temperature slightly pink, is the best in the jade.
Hill makings as seed jade jade jade, with its color, and relatively dry, some still appear crack. Good jade hill makings also have to red, everything is nothing but as white as the little fat.
Select jade, hetian jade elected texture. Xinjiang hotan white jade is confirmed, the collection. Outside of the hetian jade, belong to other parts of the mainland, such as liaoning xiuyan, commonly known as “new mountain jade”. New mountain jade jade white jade, in the vein for geological, no Cartier love ring replica hetian jade as warm as fat, translucent shape, glass feels stronger. With the new mountain jade jade carving out, if technology, modelling is not outstanding, average price is lower, because of its quantity, quality of a material compared to hetian jade, a far cry from. Qinghai jade is in recent decades is in the domestic market, its colour and lustre and hetian jade, but owe warm, give light on the sidelines, thick loose, general structure and glass. Han Guoyu, the color white, for the light, of visible impurities, structure is more coarse loose. So the identification of white jade, the whiteness of the can’t see the light, and the texture of wen run, the fine for this. Otherwise the gullible. Qinghai jade, Han Guoyu of relative price is relatively cheap.
Choose white jade besides color also should pay attention to it has no time, also must pay attention to its skin. Some hetian jade “column with little flower skin”, “jujube red one” or “autumn pear skin”, make jade, qiao color carvings, more add a taste.
(2). See the shape
The finest diamond must be cut, abrasive. Every piece of jade has its shape. When the choice, should pay attention to its shape like not complete, complete, or art taste. More is to use the good jade expected, the its shape the dainty, can give a person with aesthetic Cartier love ring replica feeling. At the same time, also must check the presence of incomplete, cracks; These cracks, have a plenty of raw materials, have a plenty of people after the collision damage.
(3). See the grain
Chinese people wear jade ornaments, are very important grain. Because the grain is has its specific meaning, or good luck or to ward off evil spirits, or blessing, or birthday, or the elegant flavor of literati, or how great your, or small, so cute, should be clearly shown.
(4). Look at work
Industry circle is called “work”. “Work” called carving process. Choose jade, “work” is very important. “Work. Well, refers to the degree of carving techniques reached perfection, artistic originality can better express from the work. Character, animal image vivid, line is fluent,” work “is poor, decorations, modelling are unsatisfactory, is not an option.

GemLux jewelry selection and arrangement of the diamond light lights

GemLux jewelry selection and arrangement of the diamond light lights
Diamond is one of the most popular jewelry, but most jewelry light can’t use now diamond show the light of the most attractive. How to select the professional lighting equipment become the businessman is an urgent need to solve the problem. To common international jewelry light source selection and arrangement of a simple introduction.
GemLux jewelry light lights
Use professional domestic jewelry store light roughly four: torch project or metal halide lamp, halogen lamp, quartz lamp or cup lamp), diamond halogen light.
1. The torch, the torch is a jeweler in jewelry appraisal, must be used imitation Cartier love bracelet when purchasing illuminant, only for jewelry store the space lighting.
2. The metal halide lamp, lighting, high light efficiency. But the light is too dazzling, and poor color, easy making diamond color distortion, so do not apply to the counter and jewelry shop window lighting, only suitable for tall on the ceiling.
3. The projection halogen lamp: flexible, easy to control. Is a good way to flash of diamonds, but ordinary halogen lamp because of poor color, yellow light, easy to make diamond color distortion, and short service life.
4. GemLux jewelry 4500 k halogen light: this is a kind of professional diamond lighting lighting. The light color effect high, full spectrum of the projection effect is the most artificial light close to natural light, in this light, each diamond can be moved over it the line of sight of people and distributing dazzling light, make the diamond is more “rotor” show the charm of color and cut, this professional halogen lamp, it is compared with a general halogen lamp, strong color, long service life, used in jewelry, lighting, more able to present the diamond bright light.
The arrangement of lamplight
Ideal lighting position is at the top of diamond jewelry before, at the same time, be careful to let light cross overlapping, make diamond can refract and reflect the light from all directions. In order to strengthen the lighting effects, when the diamond on the dark background, should be appropriate to improve the installation of light density or closer to the light and the distance of the diamond.
Need to pay special attention to is not to let the light is too dazzling bright, affect trading atmosphere. Should have may use torch, as well as diffuse lighting energy-saving lamps, make indoor light is harmonious, build stable atmosphere. Also can flexibly apply GemLux Replica Cartier jewelry jewelry 4500 k halogen quartz lamp light, advantage of the characteristics of the irradiation distance, not only ensure the counter snatches sharp, marketing and create a comfortable atmosphere.
Modern jewelry professional lighting has gone way beyond the “light” enough. Reasonable and scientific arrangement jewelry lighting lighting, not only can saving energy costs, beautify the store, and can improve the “closing” indirectly, receives “the effect of get twice the result with half the effort”.
Myanmar is a world famous jade ore is mined. Burma jade mining area is located in myitkyina in northern area, and real provinces border area in western kachin state, i.e. north along oolong river upstream to the Middle East, south west, about 250 km long, about 60-70 km wide, covers an area of about 3000 square kilometers. People at the latest in the 13th century AD in the jade in the oolong river river alluvium of mining. Later in the 13th century, myanmar has been the world’s leading producer of high quality jade and supplier, but its native emerald deposit was found only in 1871.
Burma jadeite deposit can be divided into two categories: primary deposit and secondary deposit. Native of northern Burma jade deposit from serpentinization peridotite, serpentinization peridotite west rock 18 kilometers long from south to north, 6.4 kilometers wide, close to the rock mass and blue amphibole schist, ultrahigh pressure and high pressure metamorphic rock series in the contact zone, and in the form of vein or rock wall along a certain direction along the stretch, according to certain Angle to the ground tilt. Native emerald deposit due to long buried deep below the surface, did not suffer from the erosion of the geological forces and migration, so is hard, so mining is more difficult.
Burma jadeite raw ore deposits are mainly distributed in three areas, namely, ray, a rough area and the north and west of Ken, especial dragon. Secondary deposit are mainly secondary placer deposit, divided into flood land along the oolong river bed deposition placer jadeite jade imitation cartier love bracelet sands and away from the riverbed highland gravel layer. Flood land sedimentary jade sands are mainly distributed in both sides of the oolong river’s main channel, in palmer dare district is the most development (referred to as the local water stone), jade quality is higher.
Burmese jadeite minerals are mainly concentrated in myitkyina region of northern Burma, myanmar jadeite jade deposit, according to its geographical location and administrative divisions, customarily divided into eight big area (area, as it is called, is the administrative division, not the division of genetic types of jadeite) : dragon Ken jobsite, palmer dare to jobsite, sweet hole area, da wood camp sites, card area, after jiang district, ray a rough area, south the – small games area. Each district is again divided into many small “factory”.
The Chinese people love jade has a history of 8000 years. The meng-gua Confucius, Chinese jade is endowed with the beauty of human nature, almost make a warm stone the highest state of life. During the warring states period, 15 city Qin Zhaowang like to exchange a piece of jade, is enough to make a mystery today. Of course, this period mainly refers to jade white jade nephrite represented. In the qing dynasty, when the green stone glittering and translucent connect fully from Burma (jade) into the palace, a green fashion rise abruptly, and open the floodgates. “Jade”, because it is like a crystal clarity of feeling, also because of psychic, it nourishes and soon won the favour of the royal aristocrats, and won the “jade emperor” of reputation. “Jade”, the whole body a kind of the deep accumulation of national emotion and aesthetic orientation, people on it is also full of love call it – the “jade” (jade jewelry hardness above seven).
The color of the jade into the original attraction: white, green, purple, black, dark green; And secondary: yellow, red, etc. In the 90 s, jade mainly for China’s Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore Chinese collection to wear, but national culture led to the rich people for the return of the jade Cartier love bracelet replica love. Respectively after the reform and opening up, China’s jewelry popular has experienced different stages such as gold, red sapphire, diamond, now began to jade, one of the most important reason for this is the “return” jade culture. At the end of 2003, in Beijing yansha mall, two jewelry enterprise Wan Ruixiang, TaiYuan feng to jade show, held in a string of jade beads price is RMB 1.08 million yuan, to cause the attention of the capital from all walks of life, actually this price is not high for jade boutique. The world’s most expensive jade beads in the autumn of 1997 jade jewelry auction at Christie’s in Hong Kong, a string composed of 27 a pure green beads beads, each beads between 1.52 cm and 1.59 cm in diameter. Bead chain with a 10 – carat diamond cuff links. The valuation of jade bead chain very bright beautiful, colorful, above hk $40 million, but in the end the bidding, clinch a deal valence achieved 72.62 million Hong Kong dollars (this jade beads from a piece of jadeite original stone weighs about 50 kilograms of Burma. More than 30 years ago, when a jeweller bought the original rock of southeast Asia, did not think it’s valuable, intend to sell it but go unattended to. Later, the jeweler will cut jade, jade central is a piece of about 1 kg of green jade. So the jeweler to make this unique named “double color beads). Some statistics, in China, fine jade nearly 50 years, prices have risen by 1000 times.
The jade is beautiful, but its production is very difficult. I had the privilege of together with myanmar jade industry friends to dare to regions such as the witness of the difficult mining jade. Dare in regions such as the company has more than 400 registered mining jade, but the formal mining of only 50 or so. One of the larger myanmar macro bond company, steady, long queues, lucky star company and other companies. Mining scale is excavator amount (local called “strange hand”), most of the more than 100 units, a minimum of only 1 set, each tonnage are in more than 25 tons. I visit the exploitation of “factory” jade sands are high gravel layer, flood land sedimentary placer jadeite basically has been exhausted.
Emerald placer highland gravel layer is composed of rock, soil and jadeite jade hills, the workers will hard places first used explosives, and then with a strange hand and lifted it, slowly fall to one side. Pour the soil where several experienced workers will jadeite jade selected, each replica Cartier love bracelet strange hand have 3-4 people in choosing. Select the soil and then shipped to another place after the second pick, then will waste dump is carried out. This layer by layer to dig down, until the whole mountain to dig out. Thought strange hand each jadeite jade mining will be found, actually otherwise. According to miner, jadeite jade are very few, strange hand dug in less than a few days of jadeite jade is often the case. Mention jadeite jade mining, only in the dry season and dry season is less than half a year’s time. Selected jadeite jade to miner designated places, by the experienced people with lamplight illuminate, again according to the performance of the jadeite jade appearance and other characteristics, to determine whether jadeite jade is useful. In this way, the mined part of jadeite jade has been eliminated. The rest of the jadeite jade, by experienced people crossed again, cross the line by the workers according to the will of jadeite jade sawing. Learned, sawing of jadeite jade 70% no economic value, and the economic value of jadeite jade is less than 30% of the mining quantity of jadeite jade, jadeite jade is harder to find. Someone, find high-quality goods of jadeite jade is harder than the sports lottery.
Exploitation of jadeite jade not only discovered jadeite jade is difficult, and production cost is very high. It is known that there is a jade mining company, there are about 80 strange hand needs servicing (15%), about 60-70 a day to run (useful jadeite jade mines in around 1500 tons). Only spend each year on the daily expenses such as explosives, fuel, labor requires more than 5 billion kyat (about 50 million yuan). , combined with the mining area to the city of mountain road is very rugged, one to the rainy season are impassable, jadeite jade mining costs virtually increase many. In addition, the jade with high scarcity, jadeite jade is non-renewable rare mineral. The world level jewelry jade produced in myanmar’s mpa only dare, etc. With the use of modern mining machinery, the overexploitation of jadeite jade mineral resources, is facing the danger, especially high-grade jade, it increasingly difficult to find. This makes the jade products especially fine jade products price is higher and higher.

Amethyst crystal is an important member of the family

Amethyst crystal is an important member of the family. Her noble, elegant, solemn, was elected in February a birth stone. About the amethyst, ancient Greek mythology has a beautiful legend. Dionysian Baku (Bacchus) drunk prank, see beautiful girl Amethyst (Amethyst) after his path, he summons a ferocious tiger pouncing on her, peril, Amethyst turned to the moon goddess Diana (Diana), Diana to protect she changed her into a pure stone. Dionysian Baku, saw it all, suddenly wake up, in order to apologize, pour the wine on the body of amethyst fossil, slowly turned into a beautiful amethyst stone…
The beautiful ancient Greek legend to the already represents a noble, elegant, gorgeous, quiet, noble, solemn and powerful amethyst plus a romantic aura. It seems that Epicurus called the amethyst Venus’s eyes is enough. In western countries have been honoured, the amethyst Cartier nail bracelet replica is as a symbol of taboo is high, honest, and rational, set on the ring of bishops and priests.
Amethyst or other 17 anniversary memorial stones, reason is that the relationship of this period because of the heavy burden of life and is easier to crack. Give amethyst jewellery aims to remind each other: be especially vigilant “the devil’s temptation.” In Europe and the United States, amethyst is 20th birthday memorial stones, the birthday of Aquarius stone, etc.
Natural amethyst
Natural output amethyst for iron, manganese and other minerals to form a beautiful purple, main color light purple, purple, scarlet, bright red, deep purple, blue, violet wait for color, with purple and red for the best, too pale purple, is relatively common. Natural amethyst is often a natural ice crack or white clouds impurities. Amethyst gems value were made in volcanic rock, pegmatite, or limestone, shale geode. Amethyst are widely distributed in nature, and the main origin of Brazil, Russia, South Africa, Madagascar, with Brazil minas gilardino and among them, pegmatite deposit output amethyst in good quality and reputation. Made in Brazil are mountain amethyst hole, one of two can become highly ornamental value of amethyst hole furnishing articles. Amethyst is mostly made in Uruguay is massive, color is deep purple, particles smaller, more suitable for carving made into all kinds of breathtaking amethyst jewellery.
The identification of natural amethyst
Imitation of natural amethyst on market basically has glass, synthetic amethyst.
Amethyst and purple glass with different physical properties. They under orthogonal polariscope have completely different performance: amethyst in turn a week, according to four dark siming, while glass show all dark. In addition, under a magnifying glass or microscope, through the gem after facet corners, amethyst can meet a have two clear image edges, and as a single material of glass is not see this kind of phenomenon. So generally use 10 times the magnifying glass can distinguish between glass and amethyst. Amethyst is purple monocrystalline quartz crystals intact.
Currently used on commercial hydrothermal synthesis of amethyst, technology already quite imitation Cartier love bracelet mature, by constantly improve production technology, production costs are lower, to enter the market is increasing the number of high quality synthetic amethyst, natural amethyst and synthetic amethyst identification is the main problem when buying purple crystal act the role ofing is tasted.
Look from the appearance, general synthesis of amethyst color tone is very uniform, unlike natural amethyst have different shades of color change, but the color is tonal difference cannot be identified only as the basis. According to internal characteristics such as its inclusion, ribbon to make an accurate identification.
Synthesis of amethyst gas-liquid inclusions contained less and uniform color distribution, while the color of natural amethyst show flat shape distribution. Large volume of synthetic crystals that may contain colourless crystal nucleus. Synthesis of the other features of amethyst and natural amethyst, same by conventional detection means can’t find its difference with natural crystal.
Amethyst glittering and translucent get rid of solemn, colors, generous, very suitable for intellectual women to wear, with an amethyst ring, add somewhat solemn and elegant to the person.
Matters needing attention
Most of the natural formation of the ruby color, nature is stable, but the amethyst purple but isn’t it the most stable state, under the high temperature baking or long-term exposure to the amethyst leg color, even become more stable pale yellow to yellow. So wear and collection should avoid high temperatures and exposure.
Quality requirements and technical Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica standards
Technical standards for the identification of crystal is as follows:
Color: shallow to deep purple
Sheen: glass luster
Cleavage: no
Fracture: shells
Mohs hardness: 7
Density: 2.66, + 0.03, and 0.03 g/cm3
Optical characteristics: heterogeneous body, a shaft, crystal is optical interference has a bull ‘s-eye
Enlarge check: ribbon, liquid and gas and liquid two phase inclusions, gas, liquid and solid three-phase inclusions, acicular rutile, tourmaline, and other solid mineral inclusions, crystal, etc.

The basic knowledge of common gold and silver jewelry and gemstone

The basic knowledge of common gold and silver jewelry and gemstone
Every open (the abbreviation of English carat, German karat, often writing “k”) gold content is 4.166%, 18 k = 18 * 4.166% = 74.998%, 24 k = 24 * 4.166% = 4.166% to 99.984%, 24 k gold containing 91 22 k. Contains 7%, 18 k, 75. Contains 1%, 14 k 58. Containing 50% 5%, 12 k.
The current market sales of gold jewelry, divided into pure gold and K gold jewellery, according to the national standard of GB11887, common several kinds of gold jewelry content is:
  24 k, I see the market at present with 24 k gold decoration, according to the national standard, the theoretical value should be one hundred percent, 24 k gold content of gold barefoot, so strictly speaking, 24 k doesn’t exist, the sales data with 24 k gold is not correct, do not accord with the national standard.
  jewellery – content is 99.9%, commonly known as the three 9.
  jewellery – content is 99.0%, above, commonly known as two 9.
  18 K – content is 75.0%, there are many types of K gold color, usually imitation cartier love bracelet with yellow, red, white. K gold with white, is, in fact, gold and nickel, zinc, copper and other elements of the alloy. It is not as white gold jewellery. Platinum is refers to the precious metal platinum (Pt)
How to distinguish true and false, and quality when buying jewelry?
A, check mark
  the standard provisions of the state, precious metal jewelry should be playing with origin, manufacturers, material and content mark, no mark for the unqualified products. Quality problems such as quality inspection institutions to give test judgment according to mark. Consumers want to buy you need according to mark the brand and different gold content of gold ornaments.
Second, the sensory test:
  1, see color: pure is a deep yellow, K gold have yellow, red, white color, and imitation gold for copper alloy products, shallow color.
  2, ok weight: gold weight is 19.3 g/cm3 and much higher than the proportion of imitation gold products, such as pure gold ring for 5 grams left and right sides, and the same size of imitation gold products generally less than 3 g.
  3, hardness test: soft, of pure gold with a pin to scratch, with teeth teeth marks.
Three, such as the need to accurately know the content of the precious metal jewelry, or appear the quality dispute, should be to jewelry quality inspection agencies, adopt the method of physical or chemical analysis for identification. Still need to check carefully when buying jewelry gem-set, welding strong do you have any fault, burr, trachoma, etc.
Maintenance of jewelry, gold jewelry when wearing and storage, should be avoided Cartier love bracelet replica and contains the elements such as lead, mercury (mercury) items contact, otherwise it will make jewelry surface discoloration. Should be jewelry when working, taking a bath, get off, to prevent wear or knock against, more do not force pulling to avoid deformation or fracture.
Jewelry to wear after a period of time, there may be dirt, dark color, can use detergent such as soaking, with a soft brush gently scrub, rinse, wear after dry.
Platinum (white gold) jewelry basic knowledge
  platinum also called platinum, chemical symbol for Pt, for silver precious metal, hardness is slightly higher than gold, density of 21.45 g/cm3 (20. C), melting point 1768. C, it has many good qualities, such as corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and the beautiful color, etc, because of platinum has these characteristics, or to separate into modelling elegant, posture hale platinum jewelry, can also be used for making beaded jewelry, especially in the platinum inlaid on the tap the beauty of the color of fire, motorcycling, bring out the best in each other, is the most popular jewelry.
The types of platinum jewelry (market)
  PT990 jewelry, also known as platinum jewelry, not less than nine hundred and ninety over one thousand of the platinum content.
  PT900 jewelry, not less than nine hundred over one thousand of the platinum content.
  PT850 jewelry, not less than eight hundred and fifty over one thousand of the platinum content.
Platinum jewelry marks:
  material and content mark, such as: PT900, said platinum replica Cartier love bracelet content not less than nine hundred over one thousand.
  manufacturer’s mark: such as: Beijing E, said a manufacturer production.
  diamond weight: such as: D0.26, said 0.26 -carat diamond inlays.
  should pay special attention to mark when consumer is buying jewelry, platinum jewelry (platinum) with white distinguish K gold jewelry, 18 K white gold seal for 18 K, platinum (platinum) for Pt.
Basic knowledge of silver jewelry
  is for silver, and the chemical symbol for Ag, for silver precious metal, hardness is low, 10.5% / cm3 density, melting point 960. C, has the very good electrical conductivity, ductility and thermal conductivity, in addition to the electronic, medical, photographic industry use, also to make money, jewelry, household utensils, etc.
Silver jewellery classification (market)
  S990 fine silver jewelry its silver content not less than nine hundred and ninety over one thousand.
  S925 silver jewellery its silver content not less than nine hundred and twenty-five over one thousand.
The stamp of the silver jewelry:
  material and content, such as: S925, said the amount of silver jewelry Cartier love bracelet replica not less than nine hundred and twenty-five over one thousand.
  manufacturer mark A, such as: Beijing said A manufacturer production.
Basic knowledge of jade jewelry
  at present, the common on the market of high-end jewelry with diamond, ruby, sapphire, emerald, high quality cultured pearls, mid-range gems are garnet, amethyst, gold, topaz stone, etc. In the past two years, coral, malachite, turquoise, dongling, stone, jade ornaments also begins popularity.
  gems of true and false recognition has been the concern of the consumers. To buy gemstone jewelry, to regular jewelry shop to buy jewelry shops or shopping malls, the quality is guaranteed. If appear quality problem or question, can consult experts or to identify relevant quality inspection institutions.
What kind of stone is precious?
For this problem, cannot treat as the same, but according to the value of the natural stone and scarcity, international jewelry industry recognized precious gem varieties have diamond, emerald, ruby, sapphire, chrysoberyl, for the east, the jade is also included. But, what kind of gem is the most precious? It is according to specific situation. The value of the gem, depending on the degree of quality and rare gem itself. Every kinds of precious stones, is relatively rare precious Fake Cartier love bracelet stones. For the vast number of consumers, according to their own preferences, purchasing power of choose and buy.
  with the popularity of diamonds, people care about the diamond, are not confined to the true and false identification, but the quality of the diamond grading. Normally with 4 c on international principles, namely:
  carat weight: 1 carat is equal to 200 mg.
  clarity: divided into the FL, the IF, VVS, VS, SI, I six grades, market SI – VVS level.
  color: D, E, F, LLN and   cutters: divided into good, good, general.
  understanding of diamond grading knowledge, help to purchase price, the quality is quite reasonable diamond.
Colored gemstones, such as smoky, sapphire, quality depends on its color, transparency, flaws, cutting and several factors. Clean gemstone jewelry, generally take a bowl of warm water, add a small amount of cleanser, with small hair brush gently touch water scrubbing, and then rinse, reoccupy cloth blot moisture, dry soft silk cloth. Deposit gemstone jewelry, pay attention to don’t put all the jewellery is placed in a box at the same time, because of the jewelry inlaid jewelry will mutual friction, the gem is damaged and lose its luster.

80 after a new generation of palladium on love

Popular new position – 80 after a new generation of palladium on love Thy neck XinZhuang into autumn
In a fashion guru’s eyes, autumn is a texture excellent canvas, against the background of it, otherwise those thick color, at this season but it can get the perfect show, show not only the colour, and creative. 2007 international jewellery show held in shenzhen yesterday, palladium, platinum, gold, diamond “together”, at the meeting, palladium new winter lead coquettish, with rich design makeup look, blossom a the most beautiful smile…
  act the role of language in a new love on palladium after 80
  and the conservative, open two forces under the impact of the 1970 s are compared, as only children, from an early age to live in their parents “sugar honeypot” in 80, after the fashion the deduction of more has a very individual character, they spit on the popular fashion Cartier nail bracelet replica brought about by the “generic” concept, the pursuit of personality, self, tend to lead consumption at the same time, the pursuit of material comforts, “I like” as their new slogan fashion consumption concept.
  yan does not necessarily mean that make public, still can also is a kind of invisible power. Smart vivid geometric pattern design, simple and agile modelling and its elegant curve, to advocate individual character very novel and special sensory enjoyment after 80.
  of the international association of palladium chief representative in China, said li palladium jewelry into China since last year, rising sales in Beijing, Shanghai, along with gold and palladium in first-tier cities gradually mature, second and third tier cities of palladium jewelry sales also improved significantly. Starting in late September, “yan” series will appear guohua shopping malls, anzhen hualian, north hualian, etc.
  the tale of the mind How to become a changed woman
  tie-in tips: we wear, especially wearing jewelry is for others to see most of the time. Remember, if you can’t find suits own yet jewelry collocation is a good way, so you can see the people around you wear more successful how to match her jewelry. You can complement each other first, and then let the jewelry to you properly.
  tie-in tips: no ugly women, only lazy woman, every girl is a beautiful scenery. If because of laziness and don’t modify their appearance at ordinary times, will become much worse than other girls, their appearance is very important is dress collocation, actually don’t have to buy a lot of clothes in our daily life, as long as the elaborate collocation, highlights the effect will be very good. I like contracted, curve modelling elegant jewelry, suitable for every pursuit of ever-changing fashion, enjoy the women’s heart at ease.
 
  first whiff of knowledge to distinguish the white gold, platinum and palladium
  white gold has called K white gold, platinum, actually it is a kind of alloy; Platinum imitation Cartier love bracelet and palladium is kin element, pure platinum is soft, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium metal increases its hardness; Palladium is a member of the platinum group, normal to oxidation and lose luster, palladium is much cheaper than platinum, palladium won’t cause skin allergic reactions, international jewelry industry began processing platinum, and palladium as jewelry and decorative works of art, and gradually formed a fashion trends.
 
  maintenance jewelry has exquisite
  first, best to wear alone, to avoid wear and tear each other; Second, jewellery items to prevent pulling, extrusion, collision, friction, should not wear piece collection; On a regular basis to clean jewelry, can ensure that adorn article presents the best gloss, and more durable; All precious metals may leave scratches, if there is a scratch, please send accessories to the jewelry store with repair qualification for polishing.
Expensive diamond, someone took a lot of money also don’t buy. Let experts gave a name to the branch of the method:
Buying a diamond ring method: first, check the diamonds and grant the authority
Grant is the diamond to the quality of the third party, so it was very important. Of course, if the grant certain authority.
Buying a diamond ring method: two, buy naked drill
I buy a naked drill, you can carefully check the diamonds, if there are conditions, can also be in a magnifying glass or microscope observation diamonds darker background.
Buying a diamond ring method: three, small diamond is not only a major
Diamond is the bigger the better? Experts said that the diamond value not only Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica depends on its size, clarity, color, the overall weight of the cutters and is the ultimate value scale, measure a diamond carat diamond, if there is a very poor clarity or color, also said it would not have much value.
Methods: buying a diamond ring, don’t ignore the diamond process
Also, note that diamond cutting and the relationship between the weight. Some diamonds may because of the need to keep its maximum weight and cutting too deep or too shallow, so that you may spend a large sum of money is to buy back a cutting process is not very good diamond.
Jewelry jade is a favorite of precious jewelry. Along with the continuous development of national economy, improve people’s living standard, the majority of consumers of the jewelry jade jewelry demand is also increasing. At present, China’s annual consumption of gold, platinum and diamond in the world, is the world’s largest jade, jade consumer market.
Modern well-off society is one of the important symbol of the people have a satisfied shopping environment, in terms of the overall quality of the present situation, the quality level is still one of the most concerned about the content of the enterprise management and consumers.
For diamonds, gold, jewelry, jade such high-grade goods, how to determine the true and false, and quality, consumers generally feel some profound. Analysis according to the personage inside course of study, at present our country the high-grade goods quality problems are: some enterprises deliberately not to print factory code, once appear quality problem, consumers to pursue product quality responsibility. 2 it is precious metals purity and clarity is lower than the standard requirements. Clarity is both internal and external defects for diamond hierarchies. Depending on the degree of clear defects are divided into LC, VVS, VS, SI, and P level, five level of LC studs are the best. 3 it is wrong, if some nominal is a natural zircon, actually is a synthesis of cubic zirconia. Some named jade jewelry not according to standard requirement, enterprise provide imitation Cartier love bracelet the original results is “jade”, not “processing”. Standard regulations of the state, natural, without all kinds of manual processing of jadeite directly named “jade”, through artificial jade on the samples of processed should be marked “jade (processing)”. Four is the consumer in the travel on the way to buy jewelry quality, with tourism district team to buy jade and crystal quality problem.
Experts believe that consumers in the choose and buy diamond and jade products should pay attention to the following three points:
One is the choice of good quality, high credibility of the well-known brands. Domestic famous brands and local brands of products in most of the state administration of quality supervision and spot check all qualified, attaches importance to product quality, the brand is also very cherish their brand built up over years, choose the high level of technical appraisal agencies to provide technical support for it. In addition, they generally have good after-sales service, the overall quality of the staff of high, to provide customers with more considerate service.
2 it is to the local standard management of shopping malls, stores to buy. Typically, large shopping malls, stores management more standard, strict in into jewelry enterprise, management norms, attaches great importance to the relevant state laws and regulations to carry out the propaganda, the legitimate rights and interests of consumers can be protected.
3 it is to ask for jewelry appraisal certificate. Buy jewelry, don’t forget to ask for Replica Cartier jewelry the corresponding jewelry appraisal certificate, and to ensure that the purchased jewelry is in conformity with the certificate, at the same time also should pay attention to, issue a certificate of accreditation agency whether there is enough credibility. If they buy jewelry is not equipped with the corresponding appraisal certificate, should be to the local trustworthy jewelry appraisal organization for consultation appraisal.
Jade jewelry industry to maintain good product quality level, need their own government, industry associations, industry department in charge of the joint efforts of, quality inspection institutions and other organizations. It is understood that China will consider in the “market access” and to those who value is expensive, 100000 yuan of sales products “market access” to regulate the market. Try to be more on the other hand, give play to the role of market mechanism to guide, to strengthen industry self-discipline management, increase of best action, actively guide enterprise to raise the level of product quality, ensure our country’s overall quality level of the jewelry jade jewelry industry should not only keep the good condition, but also has, let consumer wear out jewelry is not only beautiful, but also the quality!

Cleaning and maintenance of gold and silver jewelry jade jewelry nostrum

Cleaning and maintenance of gold and silver jewelry jade jewelry nostrum
As important for jewelry, gold, like a person, the process of washing can activate cells, remove dirt, make the body outside all have a kind pure and fresh feeling, jewelry, gold, and correct carefully cleaning method can make them all the time in the best condition, bright is dazzing, can prolong the service life of them.
Gold jewelry cleaning and maintenance
In formal jewelry shop cleaning, using ultrasonic cleaning tank, washing Cartier love ring replica standard formula is: 40 ℃ warm water, 1000 ml, 100 g anhydrous chromic anhydride, sulfuric acid, 30 ml.
Method is: will hang plastic jewelry number, and then use the copper wire, hanging on a stainless steel rod, suspended in the sink and washing time of 80 ~ 80 seconds. Manual cleaning method is, soak the jewelry in 30% sulfuric acid cleaning fluid in 5 minutes and rinse clean with brush, then at 5 minutes under running water tap, final reoccupy 20% of shampoo or detergent soak for 10 minutes, washing, bleaching with water for 20 minutes, with silk dry can.
The maintenance of the jewelry jade article
Gold and silver jewelry jade article after rinse, dry with silk, such as gold and has a scratch, scratch, but its surface with a layer of white jade toothpaste, with silk cloth to wipe, can also be a cloth wheel polishing, polishing or green oil. A chain of gold, gold earrings can note a few watches on toggle hook and screw oil, or glazing coating paraffin protective film. Commonly used glazing protective film is paraffin wax. Commonly used stone protective film is pink nail polish. Nail polish widely applicable, such as plastron, rings, earrings, brooches, etc.
Theory of silver ornaments sold, regardless of g. This is the industry’s rules. But in consumer point of view of silver is a precious metal, silver ornaments essence is “valuable” rather than “crafts”, should by the gram.
Broad consumer psychology: “buy cheap even false, not cheap again afraid not, the price of Cartier love ring replica silver ornament how so disorderly?” Silver ornaments are sold by a, not sold by the gram, and the price depends on the process, the more costly process good than bad.
And consumers think coarse can not compare see silver ornaments of the process, take charge for the pricing doesn’t make sense; See material: silver ornament materials roughly divided into three categories 925 silver, fine silver, thousands of fine silver, exactly which good?
Look now store, shopping mall, silver ornaments, such as street store outlets to sell silver ornaments without exception “theory of a regardless of g”. Actually just now, it seems, the national in jewelry consumption is there is a mistake on the calendar year, relatively is relatively backward. There is only the quantity and quality problems. In the international market, the general requirements of the process sometimes often exceed the value of the jewelry itself. As tiffany silver price can sell for thousands of yuan. The concept of a design can often become a kind of fashion, a classic, is praised by people.
Making simple smooth silver inlaid ornaments and carve patterns or designs on woodwork of value is obvious to everyone. If will all the people all say so, we need the weight, is it itself, so whether it’s safe to say jewelry processing manufacturers should be able to go home have a baby? Back we go shopping in the mining area, the pursuit of the original beauty is not just good luck in the world?
Silver ornaments, relative to the value of gold and platinum jewelry it difference is very big. And the public to buy silver products itself is largely due to appreciate the reasons and the concept of fashion. Is pay attention to its process, if calculated in accordance with the grams, covered with pieces of silver to so much on the “affordable, value”!
The paper gold
“Paper gold” is a personal proof type gold, investors in accordance with the bank Cartier love ring replica paper “virtual” gold, by way of personal international gold low cast high absorption, earn gold price fluctuations in price. Investors’ trading records only in personal prior to open the “gold deposit account”, not real gold extraction and delivery. Bank of China’s “golden”, “gold” jinhangjia account of icbc, CCB “Long Ding gold” individual account gold trading belongs to the category.
Convenient paper gold trading, transaction variety, and lower transaction costs than physical gold, can be used as ZhongDuanXian trading varieties, suitable for investors have certain professional ability.
Physical gold and paper gold is suitable for different investors
Individual investors how to “fry gold”? The paper gold PK physical gold
Last week, the China securities regulatory commission announced that it would launch gold futures in Shanghai futures exchange, recently the general manager Yang mai army of the previous period for the first time in shenzhen, said everything will actively ready for the previous period, timely traded gold futures. Gold futures, will fill the blank of gold derivatives in our country, but also for the domestic gold investment market has opened a new window.
Gold futures
Of gold futures exchange refers to draw up an uniform, set a specific time and place of delivery must be in the future the quantity and quality of gold standard contracts. The only variable is price, in the futures exchange in the way of public bidding.
According to clients’ holdings and contracts run at different stages, gold futures margin Cartier nail bracelet replica share between 7% and 20% of contract value change, per contract required margin between $3570 and $3570 change.
Compared with last year diamond prices rose more than 20%, as the value of the diamond, diamond is not only become the so called “eternal love and commitment” symbol, also become the object of collector. To this, the expert said collect diamonds from the “4 c” diamond quality grade evaluation standards.
Diamond prices rose 20%
Diamond consumption promoting the diamond prices rise, chow tai fook south China area general manager li gq said: “compared with last year, diamond prices have gone up, last year the average price of diamond is controlled in 5000 yuan, rose to 6000 yuan this year, more than 20%.”
Believe that many people have heard of “4 c” class evaluation standard, but what is the exact 4 c may have a lot of people don’t know. FGA jewelry appraiser Zhu Xulei said: “4 c refers to the diamond cutters (cut), carat weight (carat), color (see colour, clarity (clarity). Collectors to collect to the value of diamonds will be observed from the four aspects the quality of the diamond.”
Zhu Xulei said the first collection diamond is diamond carat weight, you’d better in more than one carat collection, smaller best in more than 50 points, because the greater the diamond value, the future will be a greater appreciation of space.
Second, collection to see cut diamonds, general grinding process is cut by the quality of Cartier nail bracelet replica cutting and the ratio of cutters of degree, the ratio of cutters main stand wide, and pavilion depth ratio, waist thick ratio value, and cut the modification degree basically see after cut diamond grinding is fruity and full, whether the same kind of cutting surface equal.
The third component is to see the color of the diamond, a good diamond is colorless, transparent, but there are a lot of diamond is more or less some yellow, yellow diamond, the more obvious of the lower value.
The fourth factor is the diamond studs, in choosing a diamond from the characteristics of the internal and external defects should be observed. Internal and external defects are mainly inclusions, cracks, etc., and how much more the number of internal and external defects, defect location and area size determines the diamond clarity. Defective quantity, low value of large area diamond, defects in the middle position diamond value is low.