The four most worthy collection of tourmaline gems

The four most worthy collection of tourmaline gems
Tourmaline color variety: colorless, rose red, pink, red, blue, green, yellow, brown and black, etc. 15. For gemstones, tourmaline is the name of the group, any color can be collectively known as “tourmaline” tourmaline. But if by the authority of the GIA, tourmaline can be divided into 15 different names, but is not each have investment value.
18 k white gold and diamonds para in accordance with the blue tourmaline pendant
NO. 1, led by the highest
Para in accordance with the blue tourmaline (Paraiba)
In 1989 Brazil in remote villages of para in bazhou Sao Jose DE discovered for the first time in the “Batalha tourmaline new colors, this is a rare special turquoise, the color is close to aquamarine, but clear more than aquamarine, leng yan blue light. Is not easy, because of its Fake Cartier love bracelet mining crystals is not large, plus mine in recent years, disputes, has been high price, retail price of $20000 per carat. Now, it’s almost impossible to see on the market, should be the collection of the absolute level.
18 k white gold and diamonds main stone weighs 14.530 carat red tourmaline ring
Favorites with collectors in the NO. 2
Red tourmaline (Rubellite)
Red tourmaline tourmaline more apt than red, because the appearance of red tourmaline vivid changeable, simply summed up in “red” is inappropriate. Red series of tourmaline “double peach” (dark red), “single rose (pink)” and “rouge water” (pink), and so on. California in the United States is rich in pink tourmalines, Madagascar’s red tourmaline is also quite famous. Also in red tourmaline in Taiwan market is the most popular. In the international market, in addition to the para Cartier love ring replica in tourmaline, general bright red tourmaline highest price.
18 k white gold and diamonds watermelon tourmaline pendant
NO. 3 valuable double color
Watermelon tourmaline (Watermelon)
As the name implies, internal to red or pink tourmalines, external for the green, like a green and watermelon flesh, is the tourmaline, called watermelon tourmaline. Often visible on the same crystal in the tourmaline has two kinds of color, but not all referred to as the watermelon tourmaline, real watermelon tourmaline must be bright pink and bright green border or transition, transition if the two color is not bright, experts call it the “color”, rather than the authentic watermelon tourmaline. Good quality of Cartier love ring replica watermelon tourmaline is the darling of the rare in the international trade market.
Platinum diamond and blue tourmaline ring
NO. 4 rare
Blue tourmaline (Indicolite)
Blue tourmaline is blue except para in accordance with the blue tourmaline tourmaline is a general designation. Color including: light blue, navy, green, blue, violet blue, dark blue, black, etc. Because of the color changing, some high quality blue tourmaline is used to pretend to be sapphire, its color is more transparent. Blue tourmaline tourmaline investment wise choice.

Fashion jewelry trends observed

Fashion jewelry trends observed
Time as fine gauze, filtration and inspiration and elutriation thousands of elements, and finally can proudly flashing light is the fashion of the hermitage, long spoil.
The wind restoring ancient ways is gorgeous
Wind restoring ancient ways is a old style, as a fashion beauties to the most favored, is still in popular demand and favor. Matte metal texture and classical model, is people’s minds for a long time not to love. Heavy and complicated of totem, charming rose, grave deep Cartier love ring replica sea blue, antique turquoise, perfectly match a religious and mysterious with luxuriant, the harmony of large color piece of jewelry and silver metal composition, form a royal aristocrat’s atmosphere. It’s no wonder that the wind restoring ancient ways like the queen of the kingdom of arrogance fashion, confident and composed to take in these years of fashion.
Armies of pure and fresh wind
, appearing in the wild implicative, inside collect sending out like a king in the aura of military wind whirlwind, neutral and with the brilliant young girl of pure nature in navy wind is popular new bright spot, especially the blue and white match a handsome piece of sea culture quality. Fresh and transparent blue and pure and pure white, the flowers of the lively and bright orange island, and coral powder, concealed in seawater with the maldives islands in the natural harmony, impact of washing, too boring depressed the city air. This nifty lively colour collocation, highlight urban women pursuit of natural and pure desire. Let a person in the metropolis of monotonous dull smell salt natural and pure and fresh sea breeze.
Nature’s clever
Popular charm than those enduring collision between the old elements and new elements. From 2011 swarovski’s latest series “butterfly feather poetry” in the spring, as if we had a sneak peek at the impressionism idyllic life tension. The entire series suggests that spring exuberant for revival in the warm sun. Let people feel there is a want to roam in the idyll of dense atmosphere hide, secretly in the gentleness of the afternoon nap a leisure. Meaning the dancing butterfly, the field is of a new life from the nature clever elegant flavor of life, perfect metamorphosis after a gorgeous turn. Spring grass, summer insects, hidden in the daisies and chardonnay grass to turn the Cartier love ring replica hissing sound. Can’t help but think that this only whirling about dance music in the spring, summer flowers flourish of huge natural forces as the “butterfly effect” swept across the fashion world. Eternal summer, a symbol of the most vitality and growth season, return to nature, nature may become a new generation of fashion theme. Wild animals and plants design, still can be one of the important elements of jewelry design, in the wilderness a speeding leopard, black bear hunting in the forest, and birds circling around the giant tree vine, and zodiac mascot in 2011 rabbits, the classic animal model of cute agitation enduring, still touches many people love animals consumption enthusiasm.
The integration of high-tech
With the constant innovation and breakthrough of human science and technology, the elements of space and urban complex rivers to the sea, into the big time, against the stream of transparent colorless gems and titanium, stainless steel and other metal collocation gives elegant temperament, more than a reserved as a mature and self-confidence. Always go for the soft line of women, and sometimes also need some rigid cold so, in the city would be a capable the leader of the free and easy manner. As the popularity of the neutral clothing, slightly cold the simple sense of large pieces of metal jewelry because of its unique charm, in the tide of surging ahead, still sound the same, won the favour of many successful women.
The famous actress Sophia loren won the Oscar awards in 2009 when wearing the necklace, her elegant temperament ornament more outstanding. The colourful pressure to the necklace from the international famous jewelry brand guido DAMIANI. On Thursday, guido DAMIANI settled Cartier nail bracelet replica down meimei force cheng department in chengdu, chengdu citizens can be closest to jewelry industry’s Oscar winner guido DAMIANI intimate contact.
History and fashion synchronization
From brand founded in 1924, to guido Damiani group entered the milan stock exchange in 2007, guido Damiani group now has five brands for different markets. The meimei force is introduced is guido Damiani group, one of the most historical roots of the original brand guido Damiani. In addition to continue to use the most original Italian technology combined with pure manual production process, and was awarded the international ISO9001 quality certification, jewelry and other precious stones always maintain the highest quality, guido Damiani brought about by the modern fashion sense can buckle at the first time.
Issuance and global synchronization
The reason is guido Damiani with Oscar statue
The fashion design concept and connotation. Sophia loren series, for example, it is a delicate and meticulous, symbolizes the character of Sophia loren, on the design with ring base, the formation of soft curves, the quality of a material of rose gold reflects her enthusiasm, and diamond grit and purity and embodies the other side of her life. The whole necklace and earrings shine like a charming smile, watching this series is like Sophia loren charming smile in the eyes.
In addition, the mysterious allure of Juliet series, according to the art of Italy’s most famous city for inspiration created Gomitolo series as well as the symbol of pure love and the promise of eternal happiness
D – side series have been global guido Damiani fans chase after hold in both hands. It is reported, is located in the beautiful sincere guido Damiani counters with global synchronization, the brand’s most sophisticated the gorgeous southwest of jewelry and watches in front of consumers.

The latest popular jade jewelry extremely rich sense of design

The latest popular jade jewelry extremely rich sense of design
Fashionistas flexible creative “new make of old material”
For a long time, because its are endowed with thick culture breath, it is considered that the traditional style of the quadrature in the compasses in jade ornament only. But when you are still in the “conventional” jade already dull from the past, today’s popular style in the original material of beauty at the same time, the bold use of match well of Chinese and western design concept, will the elements such as gold, platinum, diamond, smartly combined with jade, in order to meet the new generation tide people desire. You enough unique jade jewelry design? Enough material is not good enough? Color rich enough? In the “design is king” s wear jade most rocks? Recently, I visited the art world fashionistas an-ni huang, ask her to teach some jewels for the beauty with clothes.
Jewelry: the pursuit of fashion or purely for hedging?
Last year at the Hong Kong international jewellery show, the unit price of more imitation Cartier love bracelet than 100 million yuan jewelry 19 pieces, seven pieces of jade, and an old pit glass of jade pendant price is 120 million yuan RMB. However, in the fashionistas an-ni huang, precious jade is value, but for more than “white-collar”, according to the first of his age to choose the right colors and styles.
Before is jade to elderly “senior beauty” to wear, but she felt that women of different ages can choose different color and design: “such as in his early 20 s girl for Dai Bing violet jadeite, visual effect with a similar crystal, this won’t be old, but more sweet youth.” Sweet type, lady type, lady type, choose to conform to your age and quality of jewelry is the best. If you want to perfectly combined personal temperament and jade lasting appeal, Anne think at least we can do to women over the age of 30. Some deep color design is suitable for women in their 50 s and 60 s to wear, because it is fruity and thick, very grand feeling.
Someone think “men wear guanyin female Buddha” already moss-grown, Anne don’t agree with, “I have a female friend is wearing a violet laughing Buddha, look plump, another rope do long pendant, very fair maiden temperament.” When talking about the choice of the ring, she also bold show his aesthetic view: “on the surface of the egg is hedging, on the effect of it is” safe “, but I prefer the hands of the olive shape, because it more joker, more fashionable.” Action, “she said, and when buying expensive jewelry, beauty who’d better consider themselves as the pursuit of fashion or purely for value,” for example, you can spend tens of thousands of yuan to buy a hermes fashion bracelets, and the same money you can buy a gold bracelet, but the problem is at ordinary times will you take to the streets wearing it? So be a trade-off, see what is the effect of you want.”
“Mother-in-law” s rings become fashion earrings
The jade on the deduction of the designers and unconstrained style, the jade is not only an become Replica Cartier jewelry the meaning of love, is a kind of attitude towards fashion and grade of the show. While Anne of “new make of old material” DIY asiatics: “I bought the pendant in yunnan about 10 years ago, a heart very old-fashioned, but I spend some of idea, bold and other jewelry elements, others usually don’t use jade sapphires collocation, I will be a little worn sapphire ring mix together with it, his first conceived a figure, and then to the gold master, his design to shape. After redesigning the pendant is very assertive, tie-in what clothes they usually spend some of idea actually, everyone can become a designer of life.”
Voice did not fall, she inadvertently pulled out another baby from the handbag again: “and the earrings, I by a ‘mother’ s ring” plastic “. Elements plus platinum earrings fashion and easy, wearing Chinese style dress and western-style suits are lining, you can play your own flexible ideas, will each be home antique and heirloom into fashion, let yourself from the inside out with a refined and noble.”
Talent show “action
Wear jewelry occasions, see the mood
The principle of “I wear jewelry is the occasion, see the mood. If the dress elegant with a pearl, jade, if you want to bring some sexy fashion diamond. Western and eastern aesthetic is different. Western comparison pay attention to in the brightness of the material cutting or precious stones, such as the diamond is flash, but we orientals relatively inside collect, wearing accessories also pays attention to connotation and artistic conception.” As art world fashionistas, Annie has a lot of imitation cartier love bracelet colors, different styles of necklaces, pendants, brooches, earrings, clocks and watches, bracelets and rings, etc., both fashion round, and classical solemn and elegant. “Jade can give a person the temperament of cent, a 3 carat diamond ring, compared with a jade ring must be jade ring more lasting appeal, able to bear or endure look.”
And, more importantly, choose accessories must points. “Wear evening dress will complete sets of jewelry, not only design wants to coordinate, color also is to have cultured very much. If you want to highlight the color of the jewelry itself, so it’s best to wear white or black clothing, such jade elegant clothes will not be able to grab limelight; and if dressed like a butterfly, so beautiful jewelry people are likely to be noise.”
When she is not to wear jade wear too “busy”, Chinese style dress with a little flower is pure and fresh. “In traditional Chinese style of dress is suitable for wear Cartier brands such as dark Chinese wind, they will match the coral, black agate, overall is dark brown, with degrees of freedom is very big. And if the jewelry itself is very western style, is suitable for daily suit collocation, so might as well start hoarding at ordinary times a few light and delicate small ‘armed’ own jewelry box. Gem is bigger is expensive, but if hang a big stone in the neck is too abrupt, lost the meaning of foil ornament.”

Spring and summer fashion jewelry fashion trend three keywords

Spring and summer fashion jewelry fashion trend three keywords
Great dress collocation absolutely can not live without the presence of fashion jewelry, sometimes the occurrence of a piece of jewelry can even to the whole body modelling fashion sense to rise a new height. Fashionistas through transformation of jewelry every day, every day to create a fresh new Look. Spring/summer 2014 fashion trends as contracted and easy, but the dress up, in this piece of contracted bright and clear, the wind of fashion jewelry often become outstanding personal taste of important fittings, now, let’s look at the spring and summer fashion jewelry trend of three key words.
Associated with art
Swarovski in the spring and summer of 2014, with “national color” and “blue charm” as the two main launched a series of new jewelry. According to introducing, new series draw inspiration from art, brand creative director “Colin said:” art in color, shape, material and texture, become a fountain creation inspiration of fashion designers.” Swarovski the basis of this new series with the earth color and bright color gives priority to tone, and process to contemporary Cartier nail bracelet replica art and other elements into the tribe. All of these elements interact with each other, make both unique and popular jewelry style, suitable for any girls wear every day.
It is worth mentioning that swarovski 2014 chun xia fashionable accessories also launched for the Chinese market for sale only two sets of accessories series, the two sets of exclusive series of swarovski shows exquisite cutting process as well as having a unique style of fashion design.
Calvin Klein 2014 new wrist watch and jewelry preview activities Fahrenheit gallery held recently in Shanghai, Fahrenheit gallery in Chinese modern art design style of the pavilion, provides new watches and jewelry with rich artistic innovation exhibition space, seems to be as long as the art and associated accessories would be more popular. The joy of Calvin Klein series is one of the key accessories section in the quarter, in heart of the eternal classic design elements, including length of different necklace, bracelet and delicate earrings, a total of 4 accessories. And Calvin Klein’s haunting series, with simple lines with modern metal, deduce acme’s haunting effect, include necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings 4 different act the role ofing is tasted.
Big is beautiful
“Big is beautiful” in spring/summer 2014 deserve to “maximize” degree, compared with the previous season designers for the explanation of “big” somewhat conservative, this year chun xia’s jewelry size has had a greater breakthrough, it seems unlikely is OUT.
On many big show, we can be seen everywhere models wearing big shining bracelet, earring, necklace, these bright Cartier nail bracelet replica our eyes bigger ornaments, as well as the endless layer cascade folds, more will not be afraid of it wear method, let these get more attention than a garment ornaments, as well as suggests that 2014 large jewelry will bring a new trend. Emporio Armani like metalware collar, chanel 5 thick layer of pearl ring, Byblos Milano is also heavy than wristbands bracelet, as well as many looks bigger than the palm of a ring, let a person too many things to see, very impressive.
The pursuit of personality is also one of the popular trend of fashion jewelry in the spring and summer. From Greece designer Katerina self-study and start a family, good at using the old and new all kinds of materials to create the fashion jewelry, can use “endless” to describe her design style, however, the same is the enthusiasm of her signature style. This spring, the most suitable choice Katerina pink agate and round bead series, full of the awaken of spring is abundant pink green jewelry beautiful cute cuddly.
Italian Lorina Bijoux with traditional woven technology for women to create full of contemporary feeling, to reflect the designers love of traditional woven technology. Just use four fingers and a shuttle, weave to tens of thousands of beautiful accessories, composed of a knot again with imitation Cartier love bracelet gauze or pearl, send out a deterrent. Lorina Bijoux not only make the better technology to transmit, more modern elements, each a piece of jewelry behind represents a hope, a dream, a poem, very suitable for wear in such a romantic spring season.
Ayala Bar is an international well-known Israeli jewelry designer, she is very good at the Mosaic art skillfully into their design, and use all kinds of fabric, bead piece, crystal and leather split out the unique accessories series. Obviously, the designer Ayala Bar has her own set of editing style, color and materials, elaborate allocate split, she will be all kinds of material has a lot of details and all, in the spring when selecting a Bohemian dust coat with national costume or dress to wear Ayala Bar deserve to act the role of a certain effect.

Jade lead jade jewelry industry aesthetic trend

Jade lead jade jewelry industry aesthetic trend
As people appreciate level enhances unceasingly and the changing aesthetic idea, love of jewelry for people have switched from attaches great importance to the shape and value to for the attention of the lasting appeal and style. Jewelry, especially the modern young people choose more is is that intrinsic and unique personality. Related data analysis, prediction, in this year’s international jewelry market, jade ornaments will be the first choice for women to dress up.
High-grade jade jewelry charm, amorous feelings, the most popular
Jade raw material prices continue to rise, people’s eyes to condense on the investment value of high-grade jade. In order to understand the jade market, especially visited jubilee ender jade staff, according to the sales director at endor jubilee lady said, enthusiasm for the jade has continued to grow, but before this, people cautious for jade collection, but since the Burmese government restrictions limit the supply of raw materials, the domestic price of jade has been a steady upward trend, many people began to watch the jade investment.
Quality is good, color pure, high precision of jade jewelry not only on the Cartier love ring replica decoration, at the same time in terms of preservation is outstanding, high-grade jadeite raw materials combined with the design concept of skillful craftsman, and superb carving and embedded technology, makes the jade jewelry become the fair maiden of choice for women to wear. Jade ornament with the beauty of the east and the west culture, embedded technology and the perfect combination Huang Jincai treasure to foil a touch of green jade, the atmosphere and soften. Fine texture, color better, whole feels channeling and comely mid-range jade, moderate price, is especially popular in large and medium-sized cities, white-collar or have a certain economic strength, the person that has grade is preferred; And general file time of jade with its natural essence, the panorama of color and clever collocation, can meet the many working-class people daily wear and the demand of the relatives and friends gifts, especially in small and medium-sized cities has certain market development potential.
Romantic elegant Mosaic class act the role ofing is tasted more popular with young people
Jade jewelry design is like diamond first act the role ofing, many western fashion elements in the design, both the fashion sense with western culture, and has kept the beauty of the charm of traditional culture, let jade jewelry style become more rich, many young people’s favorite. According to the sales director at endor jubilee wen’s introduction, consider most young people personality and innovation, is no exception in terms of jade jewelry. Jade inlay class act the role ofing is tasted, cater to the young people for both diamond and color treasure of love, and cater to their for jade love, no matter what kind of situation, can let them become a youth beautiful beautiful scenery line. Inlaid jade jewelry style diversity, or restoring ancient ways, or romantic elegant luxury, coupled with good heat “marriage”, and more popular with consumers. Complete design and processing, the sale of jade jewelry with the wearer’s clothing, makeup is tie-in, whole feels coordination, fashionable and generous noble temperament.
Full of natural breath jade jewelry is more popular
In the boom of “green” trend, tired of the busy city life of people are beginning to close Cartier love ring replica to nature, return to nature. And jade carving and aesthetic trend also has had the change, the theme of the natural objects as the main modelling, full of stereoscopic and pure and fresh style, designers will be fashionable elements and natural aesthetic feeling together, carve out many fashionable and pure and fresh style works, are popular urban white-collar class. Like a gourd, and peace, green beans, such as leaves, blessing melons plant modelling and longfeng, frogs, goldfish, such as animal model, are also popular. Modelling, the full of vigor and vitality to the city of reinforced concrete, blowing a gale of fresh, leading the aesthetic trend of jade jewelry industry
Bracelet, which is also called “body clock” and “bracelet”, “armband”, etc., is a ring worn on the wrist part ornaments. The material in addition to crystal, gold, silver, jade, is made from plant cane. Bracelet has a long history, originated from matriarchal society to patriarchal society transition period. According to the relevant literature, in ancient times men and women all wear bracelet, as a symbol of married women, men, as a symbol of identity or nature of work. In addition, in the ancient society, people also think that wearing a bracelet can ward off evil spirits or meet with good luck.
Now, the bracelet is still can be divided into male and female two kinds. Male bracelet is increasingly popular with the advent of identity bracelet, but in our country, still less men wear a bracelet. Generally for silver, since due to the popularity of gold jewelry, K gold bracelet also arises at the historic moment.
Bracelet, very suitable for women wearing long-sleeved clothes slender arms, plump woman, for arm and wrist bracelet produced no decorative beauty, don’t wear it better.
Wear bracelets also has exquisite, you can wear what don’t want to wear that violated the conventional rules makes people boast.
Wear a bracelet, no strict limit to the number of bracelets, can wear one, can also wear Cartier nail bracelet replica two, three, or more. If you only wear one, should be worn in the left hand should be on the right hand; If put two, it can both each wear one, or wear on the left hand; If wear three, you should wear on the left hand, can not put a hand, the other two. More than three bracelet is relatively rare, even to wear on the left hand should be worn, to cause a strong sense of balance, not to achieve the purpose of do STH unconventional or unorthodox, extraordinary. But it should be noted here, this imbalance to should pass the collocation with the dress for harmony, otherwise it will damage due to different decorative style bracelet.
If wear bracelets and rings, you should consider both in terms of style, material, color coordination and unity.
For the early wear bracelet, still should pay attention to choose the size of the bracelet inside diameter, too small may be caused by skin close to the wrist is not comfortable, and even affect blood circulation; Too big, easy in hand swing in the process of fall off and broken. For the quality of the jade bracelet, try to date at the bottom of the wrist mat soft content (such as soft mat, etc.), so as not to drop one thousand fell to the ground and broke.

Classic and stylish patek philippe

Classic and stylish patek philippe
In clock big group under the control of wrist watch trend sometimes slightly Buddhism, some of the top independent watchmaker’s classic appear more precious such. Patek philippe (P a t e P h I P P l I k e) is the pronoun of classics, it with “you never really have a patek philippe, you just for the sake of future generations will its treasure” as its eternal value, suggests a wrist watch is not only to be worn daily, also can be a family heirloom. And even as heirlooms full of history and profundity of the old clock and watch brand, also under the influence of the new season trend do some fashionable pattern. Men and women of this patek philippe watches are amazing sense of decoration, especially a suitable for summer sun wear Gondolo Gemma female table and there is quite a nifty and flavor of Golden Ellipse men’s wrist watch.
Gondolo Gemma in this year’s Basel, watches and clocks jewelry exhibition watchcase design lineage since the patek philippe a style in the early 1930 s, is the “art deco” style of a kind of very modern interpretation. Narrow body cask shaped case with sapphirine crystal, natural white mother-of-pearl dial, dial center also decorated with new line pattern, appearance is very elegant. Gemma wrist comfortable wearing, surface width is greater than Cartier love ring replica the length of time scale be clear at a glance, especially suitable for driving the lady.
Golden Ellipse men’s watch is a bold use of color, dashing wrist watch. 18 k gold or platinum casing, brown strap with a stark contrast to the blue and gold dial. Not only so, dial scale, hands also have rich color, considerate patek philippe also specially designed a suitable cuff links with wrist watch style, masculinity and fashionable flowery properly mix together.
Hour scale on the surface of the white pearl conch with blue, pink and yellow gems, plus garnet, rubies, and emeralds, 6 kinds of color builds a gorgeous rainbow effect. Bezel set with 30 or 40 diamond (diamond quantity depends on the bezel size), and bezel at 3 and 9 position together with a total of four hold claw clasp, present a constellation series of traditional design features. Constellation < iris – my choice > watch cylindrical clockwise and minute hand design is very different; And constellation < iris – 95 > watch the pointer is at both ends of sharp, triangular arch design, have moving aesthetic feeling. Large size automatically when 3 position opening date display window, wear a vaulted sapphirine crystal lens, with the counter-attack light treatment, waterproof deepness amounts to 30 meters.
In addition, the omega constellation series design features strap, become an organic whole repeatedly with watch body show the aesthetic feeling of smooth and fluent. Constellation < iris – 95 > table of polishing, forging surface double watch body and strap design uphold the traditional features of constellation series; And constellation < iris – my choice > watch with full table polishing verbatim, unique charm. < iris > series of 18 k red gold or gold style is indeed a luxury model; An alternate design of 18 k yellow gold ring with chain between the central half gold bars, beauty of radiate vigor and move feeling.
Like all constellation watch, folding table in the crown and 18 k gold watch stereoscopic omega logo on buckle. At the bottom of the dial is engraved with the constellation observatory badge, in memory of omega in space and the history of astronomy. In the CHOICE of < I > watch dial on the bottom cover is engraved with “MY CHOICE” (MY CHOICE) English words.
The constellation < iris > series miniature (22.5 mm) and automatic type Cartier love ring replica two dimension (27.5 mm). Mini built-in quartz movement, battery life is 32 months, automatic type, match with 2520 automatic chain movement. Each model has 18 k gold, all steel and diamond strap with buckle folding table.
As a fine relics include most of the national Palace Museum, the clock is its rich collection of a very special and precious species, museum collections of its kind in the world is leading the way. The following is one of the few, but a glance will let people hard to look away.
The case on the back of the complex layout, having a unique style. Central is an oval enamel painting, the picture with flowers, a traditional Chinese hair in taste wine glasses. Red stone material Mosaic, m beads around painting, and the arrangement. Enamel painted out of copper plating, brought on by the same red stone material Mosaic, m beads. Taken of the remaining space is transparent blue enamel, watchcase lateral carved decorative pattern, the small flower are silver, gold, looks simple but elegant and chic. Table on the handle with steel grade: 14966.
The clock consists of two layers. Lower positive embedded clock dial, plate has three small dish, for lunar ephemeris plate above, it is time the left plate, on the right is the second set. Or so two side decorate radial water column. The upper corners of each one, jointly held up an umbrella, umbrella a performer, clock stand behind bell bowl with both hands. Starts, players on bell bowl played sweet music, and at the bottom of the water column.
The clock consists of two layers. Lower positive embedded clock dial, plate has three small dish, for lunar ephemeris plate above, it is time the left plate, on the right is the second set. Or so two side decorate radial water column. The upper corners of each one, jointly held up an Cartier nail bracelet replica umbrella, umbrella a performer, clock stand behind bell bowl with both hands. Starts, players on bell bowl played sweet music, and at the bottom of the water column.
Body embedded in green, and blue enamel, bell three layer, act the role of red stone material around dial, dial set box below hang silk curtain, curtain on the painting landscapes, LianNa landscape is a set of activities, and furnished with three kneeling on the ground of white apes, great apes in hand middle plate in xiantao, about two little ape holding plate put the pearls and red coral. Great apes behind a shutter, LianNa lush trees, the forest has movable birds. The front of the middle three rotatable rock flowers, flowers at the top is hexagonal pavilion, pavilion center has a rotatable burn blue bottle, bottle of abdominal rotary table with four red and white stone material Mosaic was laid. Circle the burn blue bottle is placed on the turntable present a treasure, both hands hold items blonde western people, and a white horse to carry the vase, etc.

Women all love jewelry

Women all love jewelry, top class gem is the upper-class lady for fashion parties, year end at the focus of the battle, a variety of formal occasions bring you top luxury gluttonous feast.
CHANEL classic black and white
Chanel again in 2006 with strong black and white contrast technique, combined with high-tech precision ceramic with white K gold, launch the system with black and white element chanel Ultra jewelry series.
Most were those Ultra ring, the continuation of J12 associate between lines and the high-tech precision ceramics made of zircon, the hardness is second only to the material of the diamond, can prevent scratch, after thinking of diamond powder, show as the burnish like jewelry.
Destined to OMEGA watches a noble family
Sedna series is derived by OMEGA famous constellation Cartier love bracelet replica series, in fact, Sedna is a quality between planets and asteroids from the most distant stars in the solar system, and OMEGA to 5 points of beauty show top taste, the Aqua allows full range of price level. Additionally there are Star symbol as the design of the Choice of “I” (My Choice) series of jewelry and watches from the constellation set pyramid hour of the scale as a design elements, as well as Star series, a total of 120 18 k white gold “Ω” symbol symmetrically arranged Omegamania series, can show the original design from OMEGA.
The beauty of Chaumet luxury flawless diamond
Chaumet has flown in from France 38 pieces worth hundreds of millions of top class gem, the launch of “Attrape – moi… si tu m ‘aimes” (netted me… if you love me series) to express the love. A cute spider in the center of the fine diamond mesh carefully weaving it love, it is a let myself willingly fall into his trap in the invitation, like gem is set in the middle of the spider web, courtship and temptation, is the whole moving the center of the story.
158 – year – old Swiss watch OMEGA (OMEGA), published this year qiu dong new Aqua series, in the Italian Aqua is the meaning of “water”, this series continuation of last year’s ocean theme, using OMEGA wrist watch series of water waves of grain, hippocampus were launched necklaces, earrings, hand chain and ring.
With 18 k white, chalcedony, ruby and diamond as the main material, its streamlined Fake Cartier love bracelet appearance and chalcedony ruby purple blue jersey, like a beautiful ocean colour, fruity chalcedony gem and the beauty of sings, copy is like rain, floating in the thin strip of Huang Jinsheng refined; This series of top class gem on the four million, there are 3 ~ 100000 K yellow, white, rose, white or yellow K K K K parity version of the three kinds of material combination collocation set auger.
Enjoy the “imperial jeweller, the emperor of jeweller” reputation of the French jewelry, watch celebrity — kadeya, in its new world department store is located in Harbin Cartier boutiques, grandly launched its new Louis Cartier circular wrist watch (Ronde Louis Cartier), perfect deduce the “circular” complete and charm.
Showcase the latest Louis of Cartier watch of wrist of circular, not only inherits the Cartier antique circular watch classic design style, also expressed the Cartier of “circle” brand-new deduce the perfect shape, is a “round” the latest masterpiece of nature itself. On the surface of the Roman numerals to Arabic numerals, constitute the unique twenty-four hours a day, according to reveal the pure French amorous feelings; And the harmony of modelling is very accord with the Cartier love ring replica Chinese pursuit of aesthetic perfection. Conference, kadeya also shows there is a French photographer special shot eight paintings, representative from luxury home to France’s arc DE triomphe, located in the “Oriental Paris” to Shanghai Oriental pearl; From the ancient worship of the temple of heaven to the high speed quick highways; From the moon and the stars of the universe to the golden conch; From pure and flawless water droplets to things or wall of cultural exchange, these work let a person feel “circle” of magic, and the latest “Louis Cartier circular wrist watch” clever conception.
Kadeya’s longtime miss – the famous movie star Chen hao, made a special trip to Harbin to attend the “Louis Cartier watch of wrist of circular” tour “. He is quiet and tastefully laid out and clever temperament rather than wear Louis Cartier watch of wrist of circular by yi akira, send out a refined and elegant charm, a play namely become the focus of his attention.
This activity, Cartier specially arranged for “my favorite circular images” voting, the guests at the scene of the activity of eight groups choose the favorite a circular image to vote, and extract the lucky guests by miss Chen hao.
The Louis Cartier watch of wrist of circular tour activities in nearly twenty cities across China, marks the end of the final will be held in Beijing, the significance of Cartier map in China a perfect “circle”, also represents a Cartier deeply bless to China.

Relative to battery-powered electric watches

Relative to battery-powered electric watches, mechanical watches is absolutely different people experience, science fiction writer William Gibson called “tamogotchi experience” : how do you feel to wear on your wrist is a living thing. For many years, mechanical watch the evolution of forward as time train constantly updated, and will always be an integral part of the traditional characters life.
Unfortunately, now gradually disappear from people’s wrist watches, because the light Replica Cartier jewelry can be seen everywhere time device, such as notebook computers and mobile phones. Watches experts lists the watches since one of the most famous pieces of watches, including the structure of the most complex in the history of the size of a hockey mechanical watches. Early to be sure, the table size is larger, should be called “watch”, which is usually put in his pocket, but the time still cannot leave a hand – must be cut out by hand. Hold in your hand. So, let’s put this table here are classified as “watch”.
1. In 1794, William Anthony star of “pearl”
Star of pearl is the earliest telescopic pointer is used to design a watch. The table by William from London. Anthony design and become, elliptic, equipped with an automatic telescopic pointer. For example, when the clock points to 12 noon, pointer out completely, until the top of the dial. And when time 15 points, the clock will automatically shortened, ensure that won’t run into both sides of the dial.
2. 1800 palin fry les “in time”
This is the first a distinctive model adopting digital display time watch. Watch the imitation cartier love bracelet concept of “digital” is displayed on the dial and the time is no longer the clock, but the changing Numbers, this has always been the pursuit goal of the watchmaker. Palin, Switzerland, fry les in 1800 launched the “roaming” watch bold innovation, the dial on the three pivot, in whose hands around the same whose hands the tip of each have four small hour counter, each place to the top of the hour. Close the table cover, this watch looks like minutes and hours of fuel gauge, but seen internal structure, will understand it is to rely on accurate gear and the clock works.
3. 1910 rolex “eternal oyster”
Redefined the rolex watches function, also has the function of waterproof. Like most great inventions, rolex will two simple integrated science and technology, developed a waterproof watch, when most people think that superfluous action, thought that was popular in the world. Launched in 1910, the first waterproof watch ads, sellers all over the world within the scope of every store will sample tables into the water tank to verify its waterproof function, rolex brand has since became a divers watch
4. 1923 patek philippe’s “packard”
This watch due to bet, is the world’s first super complicated watches. At that time, “packard car empire, chief executive James ward packard, hope to have the world’s most complicated structure of watches, therefore he told Swiss patek philippe watch factory under the order, the latter in 1916 dedicated to his is a function of watches with 16 samples, including from his bedroom window is located in warren, Ohio, home looking visible in the night sky, as a model of the map.
5. 1933 patek philippe “graves”
This is the function of the “complex” pocket watch, the record has been kept for 50 years. In order not to be packard had overshadowed, bank of New York small Henry. Graff directed patek philippe for the most complete function of watches, in the end, the advent of watches with 24 and was known as the “graff problem”, auction for $11 million in 1999, became the world’s most expensive watch.

the strongest in the history of 9 big wrist watch

Function, the strongest in the history of 9 big wrist watch
Relative to battery-powered electric watches, mechanical watches is absolutely different people experience, science fiction writer William Gibson called “tamogotchi experience” : how do you feel to wear on your wrist is a living thing. For many years, mechanical watch the evolution of forward as time train constantly updated, and will always be an integral part of the traditional characters life.
6. 1973 Abby table “royal oak” series
This watch with steel, titanium and ceramic, it makes the steel, titanium imitation Cartier love bracelet and ceramic raw materials become the most popular watch. Was established in 1854, Abby watch factory has been sticking to the high-end customer oriented production top watch. When the same to the Swiss concentrated their efforts on other manufacturers use as raw materials for the TAB, such as precious metals and jewellery audemars group in 1972 and design master Gerald Jane for signing, and make the world the first stainless steel strap luxury watch – royal oak. The original price of this watch is about $2000, after years of improvement, the most costly has as much as $42000. Because of its extremely personality, even neo in the matrix is wearing it. This watch octagonal outline has not changed.
7. 1989 patek philippe’s 89 “underwater adventures”
It is currently the world’s most complex structure mechanical watches. Now the head of a big table has been hanging in the patek philippe museum is located in Geneva, Switzerland, it is to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 1988 group and Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica developed. The table has 33 function, the size of a hockey. Although generally fine watches are likely over it on accuracy or appearance, even constellation chart, calendar, and the time can be successfully added to mechanical watches, mechanical watches are still retain its mysterious veil. The only is insufficient, mechanical watch still must first quarter every day.
8. 2003 Los Angeles treasure company “Reveil du Tsar”
This is the most elegant on the market, one of the most complete mechanical watch function. Watchmaker treasure in Paris in 1813 which was ordered to make a fully functional for Russian czar Alexander watch, even on the watch are required to have a pedometer to test the troops marching pace. Now the company headquarters in Switzerland in 2003, and on the basis of the original style to launch a new functional wrist watch, a new mini alarm clock (some netizens pointed out that the term should be ask table), the variable type whose hands (whose hands go to dial edge automatically reduced to zero), and time zone indicator. The watch with simplicity, elegance, style is complicated at the same time.
9. In 2006 product companies ball shape the tourbillon double-sided wrist watch
This is the first used the space age technology, perfected the traditional style of imitation Cartier love bracelet watch. Watchmaker Abraham – Louis treasure which has produced the first ball shape the tourbillon double wrist watch “cyclone”, when the French revolution, can use to low balance wheel elimination of gravity, watch there is a small tool for calculation of a second. During the day, the tourbillon rotating authority makes the balance wheel in a shaft rotation, make any side of the balance wheel can even force. And product companies trying to on the basis of the mechanism is improved, thus the development of the ball shape the tourbillon watches, this is a 3 d balance wheel, its rotation trajectory as across an asteroid on the dial. After three hundred years long history, product home using modern technology, has launched the most surprise, mechanical watch industry innovation movement: watch is a little ball inside, it’s like asteroids on all axis rotation.

Fashion wedding jewelry is a new concept

Fashion wedding jewelry is a new concept: love is unique
Pursuit, the pursuit of unique individual character, pursuit of having a unique style, become the roses that this year a for diamond jewelry is not overly pursuit. And it is precisely this kind of pursuit, let stylist inspiration erupted one after another the “spark”, “love”, “good luck with” and “shade”, “strong”, “companion” hundreds of pieces of diamonds and so on mass design new products, new rose praise. As a mass of specified diamond east colorful drill, the designer’s ideas like pieces of exotic flower in full bloom.
Four up round the lovely heart-shaped, needs to carry bright round drill entitled with “heart” design, make the whole diamond take in everything in a glance, and permeable diamond fire color show the deep love, love is cut, xinxin company, true love I of kindness; And the same is four claw inlay diamond ring, titled “edge tracing” half a pack of shape design, ring ring extending out of the oval ring line is fluent soothing, like a soft finger under dazzing bright love Fake Cartier love bracelet diamond; In the design of buddhist monastic discipline, outstanding traditional constrained another heaven and earth, you see, entitled “love” of buddhist monastic discipline, 6 round diamonds inlaid closely, and even the entire ring ring, as if the god of love affects the heart, each other man cant ring is in a special three-dimensional Mosaic, tie the knot oath, accompanied by life; With special double-sided design of buddhist monastic discipline “shade”, streamlined Mosaic, like rainbows means forever engraved in 2006 mass…
Let rose the couple have their own unique diamond, east east west drill designers also set up service customization and seal cutting names. This year, however, popular fashion and different with previous years, many new unique and chic symbols, often is you think you are to please stylist beautification, the performance on the diamond was supposed to be symbols represent love life complex is very popular in foreign countries. It is understood that in this year to participate in the mass of the couple, there are many is in custom special personalized diamond to get to places, wear such a beautiful diamond, sit on the mass of a new car, let alone is dancing in golden October float in the sky of Shanghai, even to travel abroad, is bound to attract the attention of the world.
In jewelry ring wear to use for the most, and it is in the dynamic wear, so the diamond is easy to fall off ornaments mainly is in the ring. According to after many years of observation, we find that the reasons of the diamond peeling is not two things: set not firm and design flaws. Some might say, fall off mostly bad workmanship, style and it doesn’t matter. But, in fact, some models of diamond is easy to fall off. If some named “angel’s kiss”, “spiral”, “moonlight” slot or two Cartier love ring replica claw set design, and the diamond ring inlaid with buried with method. These diamond because modelling is novel, smooth lines, and the Mosaic method can fully display the unique optical properties diamonds, highlight the diamond aesthetic feeling and is very popular at present. But the diamond ring is very high to the requirement of process. Chinese manufacturers imitation ability is incomparable, some good pin design production, as soon as is not worried about whether there is a level hold good. Many manufacturers could not meet the requirements, by repeated complaints.
1. On both sides of groove set. On both sides of groove with single diamond Mosaic method of rabbet and high requirement of rabbet inside slot. But most of the products is not rabbet slants big, small diamonds, is the inside of the notch is too shallow or obscure, coupled with the trough in the Mosaic not closely on the pressure on the edge of the crown, makes the difference between the bracket and diamond inosculation, loose diamonds are easy to fall off.
2. Buried Mosaic inlay method. Diamond ring inlaid with buried with method, often used by more than 0.02 ct to 0.06 ct diamond drill. These diamond production for as little as possible to cover the diamonds, most of the processing technology is simple in embryo dig a small hole, diamond flat on the hole, then use heave head to the press of metal material back live diamonds diamonds in the crown covered area is generally not more than 10%, the back of pin diamond material often Cartier love ring replica book again and narrow, almost difficult to see traces of metal, looks very beautiful, but the strong effects of Mosaic is gone, diamonds can say just a touch away.
3. Two claw inlay. Ring after thousands of years of development, design in terms of new machine from which really hard to express. Some simple for new style, often at the expense of the other requirements. So the design of congenital deficiencies is also the important cause of diamonds from falling out. Such as so-called “moonlight” series, diamond just rely on two claw inlay, ring foot seems to thin, despite increased a little band of diamond pavilion, but due to the stress point by only two claws, in actual use to wear once by momentum is easy to cause deformation of the ring, resulting in diamond fall off.
In addition, many insufficient fastness to ring, when change the hand inch imposed by external forces will affect the structure, thus the hidden trouble of the buried fall off. So when you buy, had better choose a safe design is to ensure that the future is not easy to fall off.