Fun at the same time

Paris – Hilton Hilton family (Paris Hilton) and Nicky Hilton (Nicky Hilton) go out together. Saw this picture, editing just want to say: Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) preference for pink, from “obsession” into “dementia” directly! Since the hat all powder such as sunglasses, backing down jacket unlined upper garment, why don’t you will pants pants and shoes is also a “powder”? Fun at the same time, somehow can Cos Hello Kitty!
American actress Camilla – bell (Camilla Belle) in Rebecca Minkoff imitation cartier love bracelet sweater and Earnest Sewn jeans go out in Hollywood, Beverly hills. On the same day, Camilla – bell (Camilla Belle) a good mood, in the face of the reporter also enthusiastic wave lens, a charming smile. Her shoulders red bag from Rebecca Minkoff Kiss series.
Carmen – the lake terra (Carmen Electra) from the LV shop of Hollywood, Beverly hills sweep after the goods out of. On the same day, the sexy goddess all black appearance, wearing a black hat, dressed in a black suit and a black feet pants, and black high heels. Wear gray render unlined upper garment inside become the only in the whole body Look bright color, various handsome various rocks! From the Fendi shoes.
Rachael belsen (Rachel Bilson) carrying bags in Toronto Pearson international airport. Rachael recently rarely seen of belsen (Rachel Bilson) on the same day, mix build Look, white shawl type knitting coat collocation Rag & ipads in camel’s hair suede boots, with a Cartier love bracelet replica black Derek Lam, handbags, individual character is dye-in-the-wood and kind!
Need warm in winter! Marya – nuno morais (Maria Menounos) as we demonstrate in daily outfit for external use an orange scarf carry bright dress up! Recently several star choice with orange scarf street, such as a country singer li – Remus (LeAnn Rimes), Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan). Stars are “light up”, it is time to put on a few bright spot for your wardrobe!
The daughter of formula one big LaoYi may reston tower Myra – alco reston (Tamara Ecclestone) dressed in a fur vest at the streets of London. Tamara – alco reston (Tamara Ecclestone) fur vest with a shiny luster, very simple sense, fluffy garment body against his legs to long, decorative motorcycle boots collocation a rivet, type enough!
Pretty girl Ashley, dyer (Ashley Tisdale) went to the gym. ASHLEY wear Fake Cartier love bracelet dress, respectively is: the letters Wildfox vest * Balenciaga motorcycle bag * New Balance running shoes. Fitness in dynamic loading, Ashley, dyer (Ashley Tisdale) for us to show her the maintenance of healthy firming skin and slender legs arms chopsticks.
Shirt style dress a can use for two! “Desperate housewives” actress Eva Longoria – (Eva Longoria) knows its own characteristics, outside the shirt dress tied on a small waist belt, both show a perfect figure scale, and petite figure effectively cover. Diagram, Eva from Los Angeles Ken Paves salon leave, black sunglasses from Chanel, alvin color bags from Hermes.
Pippa Middleton – (satin Middleton) appeared in Chelsea’s blocks on the way to work again. KaiFei sister is most replica Cartier love bracelet characteristic of street snap dress changes on the jacket style, sure enough, this time travel continues to give us a new coat – from Reiss lace-up trench coat. As for bags, shoes and sunglasses, is pippa street snap a regular in the regular dress!
Winter streets, no more stylish than wearing a long scarf – especially when leopard grain with super long scarf! Mina – suva li (Mena Suvari) on the streets of Los Angeles sweep cargo, long tweed coat * super long hale motorcycle boots leopard print scarf, plus mina agile bingle modelling, enough to pull breeze!

It is no wonder that street snap stars all love it

Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) and a younger sister Ellie – Lohan (Ali Lohan) arrive at Kennedy international airport in New York City. The, 25-year-old actress wear black dress, the whole body carrying a LV bag, all show the queen style!
Britain’s prince William and Kate Middleton, the duchess of Fake Cartier love bracelet Cambridge (Kate Middleton) couples together go to London camber, public rescue center visit. Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton) walking on the way lifted a head of show hair, show low-key Kiki decorative earring. On a dark green sweater from Ralph Lauren, high boots from the Rumba. Special low profile gear populist and Chic!
“True Blood” (True Blood) lead actress Anna Paquin – (Anna Paquin) to Los Angeles to pilates exercise. Anna black “bath robe” coat has lace-up decoration in the waist, take off are quite convenient. Other spots a digression: in 2016 new film “Margaret” (Margaret) of excellent performance, Anna recent film Critics Circle award by London (London Critics Circle) the title of “actress of the year”.
hill (Amber Heard) in west Hollywood, in the streets. The, 25-year-old actress wearing Armani Exchange nude trench coat by Adriano Goldschmied ripped jeans by Jeffrey Campbell rivets adornment the collocation of flat shoes, a comfortable leisure replica Cartier love bracelet dress, looks very Chic taste!
Fabulous fabulous! Oversize big sweater big neckline seemingly casual dangling from the sidelines, hang on the shoulder, to show gorgeous collarbone. Place randomly tucked into the waistband to the bottom of the sweater, show flat stomach and slender legs!!! “Three women” seemingly casual dress but bandar. Rosie han Paddington – whitley (Rosie Huntington – Whiteley) in west Hollywood, Bristol Farms after purchasing leave, bags from Chanel, sunglasses from Ray Ban, Skinny little feet pants from Victoria phenomenon, suede high-heeled boots from Barbara Bui.
Gwen – Stephanie (Gwen Stefani) photos in never let us down! Although already was the mother of two dolls, although already is forty two “old age”, that natural Rock smell will always be smooth add a few minutes for her charm! This appearance to Cartier nail bracelet replica west Hollywood, Gwen – Stephanie (Gwen Stefani) plaid suit and tassel illuminative fish mouth wedges are from Gwen L.A.M.B. their brands.
Hollywood hot mama Jessica – Mr. Ba (Jessica Alba) and daughter fiona – Mary – Warren (Honor Marie Warren) go out in the Beverly hills together. Her elder sister a mashup Look: Rick Owens motorcycle jacket * Bvlgari Habitual low-grade pants bag. Daughter also has a small side street next to the star and dress collocation is small “ba”.
Motorcycle jacket classic durability, wind warm cortex and great shape, let you warm through the cold winter! It is no wonder that street snap stars all love it! It doesn’t, Camilla – bell (Camilla Belle) and on the streets of Los Angeles shopping with friends, wearing also is a Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica motorcycle jacket. With jeans and boots, new type at the same time, easily cope with paparazzi snapping a lens!
Lady Gaga dressed in a glittering clothing Louis from Japan Tokyo Vuitton store to leave. That night, the alternative, 25-year-old singer wearing a pair of and the “Poke Face” MV modelling in the style of sunglasses, change the iconic “bow” hairstyle to unilateral horsetail, Lady Gaga is clearly know their position and image in the Japanese heart, rich machine belt to Tokyo residents “modified version” of classical model in the MV, attract many fans onlookers.

No mixing season in Europe

Look let a person can wear all the year round Look pleasant, no mixing season in Europe and the united star is deduced to become creative. Hurriedly follow small make up together finding dress can be made use of inspiration.
Domestic or some cold early spring, the other side of the Atlantic in the European and American stars does not affected by cold, everyday the street is still separates thin trousers to battle! In this street snap, the legendary supermodel Cindy Crawford (Cindy Crawford) on Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica vacation in Mexico beaches that grabs an eye, Ashley, dyer (Ashley Tisdale) mix shorts T-shirt busy showing skin, putting and the younger daughter Harper – “Vivian – David Beckham (Harper Seven phenomenon) wear dress appeared in the airport. Look let a person can wear all the year round Look pleasant, no mixing season in Europe and the united star is deduced to become creative. Hurriedly follow small make up together finding dress can be made use of inspiration.
Pretty girl Ashley, dyer (Ashley Tisdale) wear a lace-up style Jeffrey Campbell knee-high boots at the Beverly hills shopping, super exaggerated modelling is very grab an eye! The pattern of ASHLEY wear Tee from ambulance-chasers wanting Pink, bags from Celine, a hat and sunglasses from Urban Outfitters and Chanel.
Love beautiful girl must start with a few light clothing in the winter! If I don’t know imitation cartier love bracelet how to choose, by the window with Vanessa Hudgens – (Vanessa Hudgens) it is right to learn. V classmate never live up to their own good figure, no bright colors are bold attempt. Diagram, Vanessa Hudgens – (Vanessa Hudgens) wearing Myne big red sweater, is in the way of practice yoga, because strong colour, it Look instantly become vivid rise.
Kristen – slip larry (Kristin Cavallari) in Beverly hills out of the street. Reflective fabric Tee and 7 minutes of pants are from Mason, concise and agile modelling make Christine show a working girl’s gentle temperament. High heels from Christian Louboutin, sunglasses from Chanel.
Gwen – Stephanie (Gwen Stefani) with son Kingston (Kingston) and Jacob Zuma, Mr Zuma Griffith Park in Los Angeles to enjoy family time together. Stephanie red inclined shoulder bag from the L.A.M.B., large lapel jacket from A.L.C., pants Cartier love bracelet replica from Alexander McQueen plover case design.
Performances in the Japanese Lady Gaga over the trip to Japan, arrived at Tokyo’s narita airport ready to return to the United States. Gaga airport modelling has always been very rich, this time in Tokyo airport is no exception, a suit of black and white “dress” Yin and Yang, enough to rob mirror!
Vanessa Hudgens – (Vanessa Hudgens) wore a Mickey Mouse hat in Disneyland in Anaheim,. High boots from Chinese Laundry, coat from Acne, black bag from Fendi. The “high school musical” pretty girl head a hat and sunglasses from Sauce and ray-ban.
Rosie han Paddington – whitley (Rosie Huntington – Whiteley) is leopard grain design scarf appeared in west Hollywood. From Chanel sunglasses from ray-ban, bag, from Burberry edge jeans, heel and ankle boot from Rag & ipads.

The hand in the heart of happiness 10 most beautiful bride handbags

The hand in the heart of happiness 10 most beautiful bride handbags
Wedding ceremony always hopes to be able to perfect all aspects, a beautiful bag, like Cinderella’s glass slipper, has become a indispensable decorations with the bride. Rich brocade fabric; Exquisite workmanship of handmade beaded; The design of the delicate and smooth contour is hard to resist. VOGUE fashion network is selected out of ten is the most beautiful bride handbags for you, tie-in and different occasions different styles of wedding dresses Cartier love bracelet replica for you to provide the reference.
The nude of simple but elegant handbag is perfect for wedding wear, the nude embossing from Valentino bag is a good choice, fine workmanship of the bag handle and decorations will become the nods eyeball pen of modelling of the bride.
Golden hand bag from Stella McCartney modelling concise, line is fluent, symmetrical grain is exquisite, fine package body throughout the dot design is personality.
Geometry of cutting, Roger took a hand bag very individual character, with a printing and dyeing effect of pink bag filled with the sweet feeling of happiness.
Roberto Cavalli pink embossing hand bag small and delicate, romantic flower shaped bag buckles cuddly.
The shining of embroidery, bead piece of heavy Fake Cartier love bracelet and complicated to Ralph Lauren this satin handbag luxuriant sense of palace restoring ancient ways.
Large and small crystal broke the Oscar DE la Renta traditional design pattern, meticulous craft with irresistible charm.
Marchesa uphold the consistent design style, gorgeous restoring ancient ways. Like a queen sending out the faint scent of nation, all gestures are amazing.
A mixture of different material joining together to Salvatore Ferragamo this golden handbags do not fall convention, can provide more collocation.
Christian Louboutin three-dimensional design package surface with a strong visual effect, at the top of the bag buckles decorated with red bottom shoes of the famous brand, is very impressive.
Simple but elegant white embossing surface constitutes the replica Cartier love bracelet theme of Alexander McQueen hand bag, golden decoration make the package body is full of flow design aesthetic feeling.
We are in the era of fashion become totem, practitioners always get others envy eyes, designers, they are the most prominent mark of on the totem pole, from behind the scenes to the front, become a stand in the forefront of opinion leaders.
I think this is why the Jil Sander one thousand founder do hope to return to the brand. Although the German minimalist female designer’s successor Raf Simons has to prove that the no brand in someone else’s hands can also burst into as the founder of the charm, but in Cartier nail bracelet replica terms of business itself, whose appeal can not go beyond the original designers. As Givenchy (click – > to view shows) was renamed the Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci to highlight the current leaders, but in the end people remember or Givenchy.
Fortunately, Jil Sander lady seems to really want to return to own brand founded. Private equity firms in London Change Capital Partners from Prada (click – > to view shows) on hand to buy back the brand equity, we finally had a chance to see the designer’s talents.

Bright and colorful pretty in pink All smiles out of the street

Bright and colorful pretty in pink All smiles out of the street
Pink and red, the same color is different tone of two color brings us is completely different visual style, the lovely and sweet pink, red hot with passion; But both the former and the latter in ice cream color during the spring and summer of 2012, these two colors can make us look very woman; At the same time can also carry bright color of skin to make you look look is also very good, do a confident because of the beauty.
Star demonstration pink suit
Stylist Brad replica Cartier love bracelet put on the jackets of pink and green pants to look like a big boy. Jessica Alba pink suit the wave point of coat and black shirt and nine minutes of pants match, the color is not allow themselves to be too playful, also won’t allow themselves to be too boring.
Pink suit to recommend
Pink jackets not only can wear to work, also can wear, work busy what are you going to wear no longer for the evening party. Preen mei red jackets are the details of the best at the back of the chevron big vents, smack of tuxedo; Emilio Pucci hit the color collar suit coat it with a black let whole clothes and a lot of.
Star demonstration pink mashups
If you think you are pink from head to foot, let a person feel have the suspicion of act young, then choose a pink princess with can wear out their own temperament. Ellen Pompeo tall waist of trousers with a sleeveless white blouse, let a person feel she is a little princess love sports; Beyonce’s collocation is very bold and geometric prints Etro splicing drag ground dress collocation a Cartier love bracelet replica pink cashmere knitted blouse, and retro sunglasses and hats for ornament.
The pink item is recommended
Choose a pink sheet is tasted, let heart little princess came out to meet the sun. Preen contracted but not simple, pink sleeveless top three pleat properly adornment on clothes chest; Christopher Kane pleated skirt pink, after short before long style is very popular; Classic Bottega Veneta woven bag can be a dot eyeball accessories do you usually go out.
Star demonstrate little pink dress
Choose a pink dress to attend a formal social events, absolutely don’t have to worry about the malfunctions will happen. Because wear a pink dress to attend the activity, at the same time you can only taste and courage to harness. Kate Beckinsale choose pink Alexander Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica dress, black belt to interrupt the pink brings the visual impact of large area, so as to avoid fatigue; Rachel McAdams fans dress very simple without any decoration, stitching itself completely the powerful current of the deductive of the pink dress is very perfect.
The pink dress is recommended
Choose pink dress to attend important activities, it is better to choose the dress design is simple, simple, as long as it can let oneself in such an important occasion appear too immature, accidentally will betray my own age. Valentino and Burberry pink dress besides simple plait jian without any redundant adornment, and accept the modelling of waist, round hips will let you become very elegant.
Star demonstrate little red dress
Supermodel Agyness Deyn attend the awards ceremony when choosing House of Holland, little red dress, sequins on the decorative pattern of the visual focus falls on the waist line, the red high-heeled shoes and clothing color is very harmonious, let is famous for hale and she is also a few women more gentle and sweet; Brooklyn Decker choose Katie Ermilio a deep V dress collocation a short black jackets, the classic color is tie-in, classic clothing styles, a card is out of the conservative.
The red item is recommended
Summer is coming, if you want to choose red dress to attend social activities, it is best not to select too long dress styles, large areas of red will bring a sense of unease. All brief paragraph, style simple red dress is your best choice. Although Roland Mouret is long in the red dress, but the black waist band and the white tulip flower pattern to break the depressive feeling of large area red; Vice and Lipsy red dress is a mini dress, and design also is very simple.
Red star demonstrate mashups
Ashley Greene wearing imitation cartier love bracelet red chiffon ruffled dress with a different color of leather skirt, strong contrast material to foil the harmonious beauty between feminine and hale and hearty; Christina Ricci satin mini shorts with a black T-shirt, simple and gorgeous.
The red item is recommended
Lace Elie Saab’s dress, the shoulder lace broke the rhythm of large area red, to make the dress look more a few light; Bottega Veneta transition joining together the dress, the visual focus on the chest above, so the girl of leg ministry line is not very ideal can consider; Friis &company, color matching high heels and Kate Spade color matching hand caught, pink and red skillfully join together.