Male watch what brand is good? Male watch how to choose

Male watch what brand is good? Male watch how to choose
Every man should have three treasures, namely wallet, belt and watch. While the watch is the only often exposed outside the jewelry. So our meaning is more important. A pair of watches for their own not only can highlight the temperament and taste of wearing, but also to give people the impression of strict punctuality! So what is the male watch brand? The following watch home to tell you it!
Male watch brand which
Men’s watch brand, for different identity of the men designed a different Cartier love ring replica style and price of men’s watches. Many men in the purchase of watches will refer to the men’s watch list 10 strong and so on, but these watches are mainly for the top people, the price is very expensive, not suitable for the vast majority of men. Here Xiaobian for different groups, on the men’s watch list 10 and other content to summarize, to tell you about men’s watch brand:
Special watch, a class table: the production process is complex, polished, suitable for high-paying class identity of men, these men’s watch brand is mainly men’s watch list top 10 watches, such as: Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, Earl, plot Home, Vacheron Constantin, Rolex and other men’s watch brand.
Two types of tables, three types of tables: more use ETA core, quality assurance. The men’s watch brand mainly Breitling, Mingshi, Amy, Porsche, Dili, Longines, Tissot and so on.
Four types of tables, five categories: mainly in Europe and Europe to buy old products in Europe and America watches or only for the Asian market Seiko men’s watch brand. Its men’s watch brands are: Rome, according to wave, hundreds of waves, Casio, Rostock, Ai Qihua, Omma and so on.
Men’s watch brand, while the men’s watch list more than 10 for those who are successful, for the general crowd no need to choose the top 10 men’s watch brand.
Often people watch the mood to determine the timing of the watch, which is no scientific basis, the quality of the watch is mainly determined by the actual travel time to the accuracy. Here to give you a few men’s watch to buy tips:
How to choose male form
First, consider the good to buy men’s watch types: machinery, electronics, quartz. Mechanical watch life is longer, the technology is mature, but there will be errors, the error of the day is generally 5 to 15 seconds; electronic watch powerful, more timely, but a year or two need to replace the battery; quartz watch time is accurate, Thin, movement of the life is generally 5 to 10 years.
Second, the material of the watch. Metal, stainless steel, titanium, rubber, ceramics, etc., pure gold price is very expensive; gold easy to wear; stainless steel, titanium, alloy price is moderate; rubber prices affordable shape; ceramic affordable Beautiful style.
Third, the sensitivity of the watch: the main attention to the flexibility of the swing pendulum automatically. Will not be on the clockwork to stop moving the watch gently shaking, pay attention to the second hand walking situation, if the second hand quickly stopped walking, indicating high sensitivity.
Men’s watch purchase skills are: pay attention to the watch after-sales service, pay attention to the appearance of the watch, watch the starting performance, dial dial, watch travel time accuracy.
A comparison of Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin
“No one can have Patek Philippe, but only for the next generation to keep it.” – PatekPhilippe’s classic advertising language to pass “handed down” and “inherited” ideas. Patek Philippe is currently the world’s only manufacturer of hand-refined watches and clocks, but also the only Cartier nail bracelet replica Geneva can now complete the entire watchmaking process watch manufacturers.
A comparison of Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin
Calatrava cross is a sign of Patek Philippe, but rarely printed on the dial – Patek Philippe’s advocate as a low-key performance.
There are two kinds of statements about the source and the meaning of this cross.
The first argument: by the knights of the sword and the priest of the cross combination, also known as “Calderrava (Calatrava, also translated Calatrava) cross”. Its origin is: in 1185, the Spanish city of Caledrava (Calatrava) by the Moorish aggression, brave priest Raymond and knight Dío Velas Case led the people to die of the war, the final moles Drive away. Pastor (cross) and knight (sword), together will become a symbol of solemn and brave. This symbol represents the spirit of Patek Philippe’s two founders, Anthony Baida, and Jane Philip. The factory standard from 1857 began to use.
The second argument: the Calatrava cross was originally used in 1158 years to resist the Spanish Muslims and the representatives of the warriors used by the warriors, they left the remains of the remains of the Calatrava Fort, and the warrior logo was adopted by a Geneva watchmaker Ancient warrior spirit symbol – four ends are decorated with abstract French royal lilies, now represents the world’s most sophisticated watches.
The first thing in the day is more common than the second argument. According to the study of the history of Spain, both statements contain some mistakes.
At that time the North African Empire (Mohawad empire) played the role of domination and aggression, the African army again and again into the split of Castile and Leon, the Christian career in a dim. In 1158, the city of Calatrava suffered a siege, the situation is critical, the Navaer’s Sinto monks funded, the debris monks armed up to fight, thus establishing the first Spanish religious knights. This event is the most historic event in the city of Calle Dora. The Moorish in the first argument is a proper noun, and the narrower Moorish refers to the inhabitants of the North African inhabitants, but they have traditionally been accustomed to the murals of medieval Spain and the Muslims of the West and North Africa.
Thus, it can be said that the two statements refer to the same event that the Muslims (Moors) of the Muhawad Empire in the year 1158 invaded the city of Calle Lola, when the Christians were organized into religious warriors against the invaders fighting. At the same time can be Replica Cartier jewelry deduced that the priest (cross) and knight (sword) combined with the statement more logical.
Vacheron Constantin was founded in 1755, the world’s oldest watch factory, is also one of the world’s most famous watch factory. Vacheron Constantin passed the traditional Swiss watch essence, not interrupted, but also innovative many tabulation technology, the watch industry has a great contribution.
A comparison of Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin
Vacheron Constantin has 231 years of history, is the world’s oldest and most long-term brand-name watches, only a year more than 20,000 production, the dial on the Swiss emblem as a cross mark, is the taste, status and wealth symbol The
1755 founder Jean-Marc Vacheron and later joined the member Francois Constantin, with his predecessors Zhuo see and the ultimate tabulation process, and finally in the humanities, talented watches Wang Guo – Switzerland, the initiative to take the lead in the establishment of a focus on humanistic spirit And the historical heritage of the famous Vacheron Constantin Vacheron Constantin. After 243 years of time wash, and now, Vacheron Constantin seems to be “time” synonyms, but also love the eyes of the eyes of the irreplaceable wrist art.
Has a long history of Vacheron Constantin, has many years of tabulation experience, there are many Vistine classic. However, the “minimum batch, the best quality, the highest selling price” has been Vacheron Constantin’s business strategy. Today, Vacheron Constantin’s annual production in Geneva is only 6000 tables. Since 1840, each watch production drawings, records, sales date and movement case number and other information, are intact to keep in the company’s file cabinet. They will be superior technology, rigorous testing, superb craftsmanship and perfect shape together to create a noble and elegant, it is amazing, very valuable collection of rare classic. In the long tabulation years, enduring to become a symbol of elegance.
Maltese iron cross first came from the Crusades, then the situation needs to set up the Maltese country, its logo for the “Maltese iron cross”, showing the power of the Eastern Expeditionary Christ, its territory is probably in Greece now. Later, with the end of the Crusades, the Maltese country gradually declined, and now has become an organization, but still recognized by the international community, to enjoy quasi-state treatment, the organization territory is now Rome, Italy.
In 1880, Vacheron Constantin made Maltese iron cross trademark, in the future the trademark has become the representation of Vacheron Constantin.
“Maltese iron cross” for the Vacheron Constantin’s mark, was originally used to adjust the clockwork watch the spring of precision gears. Only with its symbol of superior skills and manual watchmaking tradition. List of Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin
Which can be seen Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin two top watch brands, they have in common is that they are out of the table are handmade watchmaking, and every year is a limited amount of provisions, absolutely no more, which guarantees Quality and value of the table. Their ideas are handed down and inherited, with these two tables is a symbol of wealth and wealth, and on the two ratings table logo also has the same purpose, they are using the cross as a basic form , There is a history of the story, Patek Philippe logo is the use of four priests and the composition of the sword, Vacheron Constantin’s logo is used in four simple gear form, two kinds of logo are used in a very simple form, at a glance.

Choose to marry ring, harvest perfect love

Choose to marry ring, harvest perfect love
What does the marriage ring mean, the woman has the most say. Maybe men will not understand why the marriage proposal when the marriage proposal will make a woman feel no sincerity. In fact, for women, a wedding ring means that two people happy agreement, placed at the fingertips, often watching, will feel each other’s own mind.
Marriage ring selected on the election of the Heart, in order to marry the time to make the beloved people difficult to refuse. So how do you choose the wedding ring?

First, choose the wedding ring for your own budget. As mentioned above, the woman is only a marriage ring as a manifestation of a man’s sincerity of a carrier, as long as full of mind and affection, do not care about its surface price, if a woman only fancy marriage ring listing price, then the man will be able to see A person’s values. Buy the price of the wedding ring, the man mind to be clear that can not afford to pay a large amount of debt to buy expensive wedding rings, because no really want to live together with the lovers will be willing to buy too expensive ring and economic distress, as long as two Individuals considerate and care for each other, mutual understanding and care, for the sake of each other, it will be the happiest pair.
Second, the choice of regular high-quality diamonds. The core of the marriage Replica Cartier jewelry diamond ring is diamond, and judge whether a diamond quality, depending on the multiple factors: the size of the diamond, clarity, color and cut, etc., is the so-called diamond 4C standard. This is the characteristic of each diamond. Many people misunderstand the diamond is the bigger the better, it is not. Diamond 4C every standard will affect the price of diamonds, of course, the higher the level of diamonds, the more expensive the price.
Again, choose his girlfriend favorite ring style. Different personality and aesthetic girls for the wedding ring preferences are different, which test the choice of boys, how can the girlfriend in the marrying time to move it? One can be based on his girlfriend’s temperament or occasional exploration of the tone, choose the most close to her preferred wedding ring. The second is to choose a special meaning of the ring style, such as “in my name, crown your fingers, accompanied by life, I follow the” marriage proposal, it is the man’s real name engraved on the ring, and can be designed on the site Exclusive love space for lovers.
Finally, the man must know the finger scale of the lover. It is not difficult to understand if in such a romantic moment, the ring put on a woman when the hands are very inappropriate, it would not be laughing generous. Buy the ring is the time to fit the finger scale, because the finger thickness is different, which requires men to think of ways to secretly write down the finger size of love, such as her girlfriend to help measure, or send a Girlfriend finger photos to the jewelry service staff, so that they help estimate the basis of professional experience. So as to prevent the money after buying a ring, but wearing a girlfriend is not suitable for the embarrassment of the hands.

Election to the wedding ring, in order to harvest the perfect love, a pair of people in love when marrying the joy and joy, is the most cherished moment.
Do you need a ring? Of course, there is no clear rules must buy a diamond ring to the girlfriend to marry him, but the vast majority of men will still buy a diamond ring to the beloved girl to marry, marry if there is no diamond ring, how to express your sincerity to girls?
Marriage robe is the purchase of men, give the girls, be regarded as the witness of both sides love. In many cases, the bigger marriage diamond ring is like a better choice, say that the diamond is a girl’s good friend, no girls do not like the greater marriage ring, but the domestic girls are mostly small, too much Marry a diamond ring, but there will be a sense of abrupt, in fact, spend more time to choose a fit with the temperament of the temperament style of the wedding ring than to emphasize the diamond size is more real.
Must you buy a ring? Diamond ring price is expensive, courtship ring money, depending on the diamond ring brand, the size of the diamond material, have to depend on the man’s economic foundation, in order to marry diamond ring all the accumulation of flowers, complete unnecessary, Of the diamond ring, or want some common way to marry him, to be improved in the future for the wife to make up for the diamond ring. Of course, the premise is to know your girlfriend practice.

Marriage must have a diamond ring? This must have to see his girlfriend then do not accept, after all, marriage is a lifetime thing, if the girls are still hesitant, hesitated, then it is likely to marry not win, to give her more time to think, or in the usual intentionally and unintentionally explore the tone. You can choose Levi’s marriage ring, every man needs real-name system can be customized, presumably will not have any girls will refuse such a sincere proposal.
Do you want to buy a diamond ring? Marry the diamond ring is the man to the woman a great commitment to the girls wearing a ring that moment, to the world to declare that she is your people, and years of search finally have a vesting. Send the diamond ring before and again to confirm that they will not live up to her mind, otherwise this diamond ring will be meaningless.

Is it necessary to prepare for a wedding ring? Now you must understand it, do not buy to think about their own economic ability, the relationship between the two sides, think about it, your princess will give her life for you, a small diamond ring and what is it, with a diamond ring to She made a romantic romance!

Office workers to buy diamond earrings how much money appropriate

Office workers to buy diamond earrings how much money appropriate
Most of the girls on the diamond kind of innate love, whether it is diamond necklace or diamond earrings, but how to choose diamond earrings, diamond earrings generally how much money?

Work diamonds earrings do not have to buy too much, because often hand in the work of contact things something will affect the brightness of the diamond or wear and the like. Recommended to work can buy 30 points or less drill or more diamond ring. Married, then you can buy a large point of drilling, round drill more wild, you can with any clothes out of different occasions.
Plan the diamond ring budget. The first thing to do, according to their own economic capacity, decided to spend much money to buy diamond earrings, and plan a good budget. If you plan to buy diamond ring and wedding ring to buy, then the budget will be higher. You must have heard that the diamond ring budget is 1-2 months salary argument, this is not practical, especially in the current environment. It is best to raise the budget slightly Cartier love bracelet replica so that you have more room to choose from.

Buy things to shop around, buy expensive items even more so. The same thing in different shopping malls, the price difference will be great. Some shopping malls in order to attract customers, discount efforts are great. Moreover, the different brands within the counter of the counter, you can also fold on the fold, or VIP discount card. The whole count down, but also save a lot. But the price is low, you get the service may be reduced.
Some people wear earrings, ear trembling itching, pain and mild redness, taking anti-allergic drugs and 70% alcohol wet effect, the second day the symptoms improved significantly, the third day healed. What is the reason for this? The original is wearing a nickel-containing metal earrings caused by contact dermatitis caused.

Metal nickel is the most common allergen that causes contact dermatitis, especially for women, which is more likely to cause contact dermatitis, which may be related to female skin delicate. Jewelry and skin friction to break, bacterial infection, can increase the pinch release and absorption, more prone to allergic dermatitis. At the same time, may also induce and add other allergic skin diseases.

In order to prevent the occurrence of allergic skin diseases, allergic diseases of women, should avoid wearing nickel jewelry, or in the skin coated with Yan Song, so that the friction parts can be lubricated, but also to prevent bacterial infection. If allergic dermatitis has occurred, it can take prednisone 5 mg three times a day. Before going to bed plus 4 grams of chlorpheniramine, with 70% of the case of wetting, each l0 bell, usually two to three days will be able to recover.
Allergies, some skin is really very sensitive, slightly some chemical substances do not meet, but some people sometimes allergies, and sometimes there is no such phenomenon, mostly in the time of wearing is not caused by the incorrect.

Replace the original alloy ornaments with 925 silver ear hooks. This will not affect the overall appearance, but also can effectively prevent allergies

Replace ear hook with ear clip. Ear clip is divided into ordinary triangular ear clip, spiral adjustable ear clip and hidden ear clip three categories. The first kind of cheap, but a long time may be pain (of course, you can use the anti-relieve pain to reduce the pain Oh). The latter two prices slightly higher, especially the hidden ear clip. But the pain is less.
Earrings, also known as earrings, as wearing jewelry in the ears, from ancient times have been a lot of women and even men like. In ancient times, earrings, also known as Er, 珰. Can be made of metal, plastic, glass, precious stones and other materials. Some are ring-shaped, some are hanging type, some are granular. The weight and size of the earrings are limited by the human body’s ability to bear, and some people who are accustomed to wearing earrings will be stretched for a long time.

New ear piercing hole who choose earrings method. Just through the ear hole, due to damage to the skin vulnerable to infection inflammation. At this point in addition to insist on cleaning sooner or later every morning, should be selected to wear pure gold or silver button earrings, the reason is: the new thorn ear hole redness or swelling of the water overflow, earrings can cover the new surface, The Button earrings light, fixed will not be due to swing to stimulate the wound, conducive to the wound recovery, remember not to wear gold earrings, because of its weight. With the activities of the human body kept shaking, so that damage is not easy to recover. It should also be noted that before wearing the earrings, you must use medical alcohol cleaning erase ear ear. So as not to bring bacteria into the ear hole caused by infection.
Daily earrings are worn and healthy. Many women to wear large earrings for the United States, proud, but I do not know a little improper will bring people to worry and discomfort. Such as gold earrings should be thin ring. The weight is small as well. Due to the proportion of Cartier love ring replica gold, made of large ring earrings hanging in the earlobe, will make the local load is too large, so that the ear deformation or abrasion of the skin, causing local inflammation. This not only lost the jewelry to wear the good intentions, but to the human body caused harm, affecting the instrument beautiful. Such as tin or other metal earrings, to wear or not wear as little as possible, such as need to wear should pay attention to wear time is not too long. Because other metals contain lead and other harmful substances, often with the human skin contact, prone to allergies, itching, burning and other adverse reactions.
Earrings The shape of the earrings is basically a pair of rings, the size of the ring, the width and the variety of flowers and flowers. Earrings most of the simple use of gold, in the past with 24K gold, consumers gradually experience the 24K gold too soft easily deformed, so the market there are many 18K gold earrings for sale. In foreign countries, earrings are all made of 14K gold, and even useful 9K gold maker.

Earrings are rarely set with precious stones. Inlaid earrings are very wide, usually inlaid with multiple pieces of different colors of small stones, the price is much more expensive than gold earrings.
Earrings earrings are close to the earrings in the jewelry, simply made of gold earrings less beautiful, so rare, the most species is set in a variety of precious stones, jade or pearl earrings. As the earrings are a pair, so the requirements of the set of precious stones (or emerald, pearls) two colors, like the size of the shape, otherwise it will inevitably affect the appearance. High-grade gem to meet the above requirements more difficult, it is often used smaller grain gem; only low-grade gem inlaid earrings, only commonly used large grain gem, and only so, the price can meet the requirements of the average consumer.

In the selection of earrings, the two gems inlaid with the “uniformity” do not have to ask too much, as long as the ears on both sides can not see the obvious difference can be.

Earrings earrings are hanging in the earrings under the earrings, it will shake with the activities of people, do not have a decorative flavor. Earrings and earrings are similar, rarely used in the manufacture of gold, the market is mainly sold inlaid with a variety of precious stones, jade or pearls, and even emerald carved pieces, or large pearls (mostly pear) , Hanging in the earrings on the composition of earrings.

There are a small amount of earrings below the hanging part of the production can be replaced in the form of people can purchase a few pairs of hanging parts, such as inlaid red gem, jade, pearl, so that with the clothing and the environment is different.
The price of earrings is generally more expensive than earrings and earrings. Especially when the hanging part of a large set of precious jewelry, the price is more amazing. For example, on May 10, 1995, at the auction of Beijing China Guardian Auction Company, a diamond-studded earrings with high-quality emerald pieces were sold with an auction price of up to RMB 400,000.

Craft earrings This is the kind of shape huge, simple and neat lines, modeling exaggerated earrings. They are made of cheap raw materials, such as imitation gold, aluminum, and even made of plastic, but the process is more beautiful. Its price is lower than the gold earrings, but it is not cheap.

This type of craft earrings is not suitable for everyday wear, mainly for actors during Cartier nail bracelet replica the show, or young people meet a short time to wear. Older women who wear for long periods of time seem to be insignificant.

Complete sets of jewelry refers to the ring, necklaces (including pendants) and earrings three sets of jewelry, or add a bracelet four sets. This set of jewelry, such as pure gold production, there must be a unified style and design style, that is, each piece of jewelry patterns and shapes are the same. If the set of jewelry is inlaid jewelry, the use of jewelry must be basically the same color, the size of the appropriate ring is generally larger stones, earrings smaller (but in pairs), bracelet inlaid at least five or more precious stones. Complete sets of mosaic jewelry requirements are even more difficult, if it is high-grade gem, the conditions can be slightly relaxed.

Why use “carat” for gem weight units?

Calculate the weight of the unit of stone “carat” is how to use the “carat” to make the weight of the gem unit
Why use “carat” for gem weight units?

The past few years, the world with “carat”, (Carat, symbol “ct”) for the weight of the unit of gem, its origin is what? According to research, “carat” is the original word from Arabic, Refers to the growth of the Mediterranean Mediterranean sea of a corner of the fruit of the beans. Ancient people think that this fruit all the same weight. So use it to weigh the weight of the gem, so the weight of the gem will be used to express the number of carats.

Why use “carat” to make the weight of the unit of gem

In fact, the fruit of the beans is not all the same is heavy, it was collected Cartier love bracelet replica hundreds of these fruits, with electronic scales one by one called its weight, the results of 0.143-0.240 grams, showing the difference between the large. To this end, countries have set a standard weight for the carat. However, the weight of the carats specified by countries is quite inconsistent, such as India, 1 kt of 0.2073 grams; Italy 0.1972 grams; the United Kingdom 0.205 grams.
1877, Britain, France, the Netherlands and other countries agreed to 205 mg (0.205 grams) for 1 carat. By 1907, it was 200 milligrams (0.20 grams) of 1 carat, also known as “metric carat”, for ease of conversion with the metric. So, when reading gem books before 1907, pay attention to the current Krabi now common metric carat weight 5 mg (0.005 grams).
As the first diamond to be used in diamond mosaic jewelers, she always insists on selecting top diamonds. Only 2% of the world’s diamonds are able to meet her criteria, and after the second screening, only less than five A diamond can be used for it. This is Cartier, with the moment, respect for the pet and the feeling of happiness also spontaneously.
Cartier was praised as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor”, Cartier ring price is certainly a lot of money. Cartier diamond ring with 18K gold, rose gold and white gold material, as well as platinum material; the same time, Cartier diamond ring with a wide version and narrow version of two; Cartier diamond ring without drilling, with a drill, with three drill, Set with a number of drill … … so, according to different styles, different colors, whether with diamonds have different prices.

The price of Cartier’s diamond ring is mainly determined by the price of diamonds, and the price of diamonds is determined from the diamond’s “4C” standard, namely Carat, Clarity, Cut, The price of diamonds should be very transparent, but a high quality 1 carat diamond, from the original volcanic edge mining out to the bride ‘s ring finger, The price will increase several times (the smaller diamond price increases affect the cost of the wedding diamond ring higher).
To 30 points of the bare drill, for example, if the color IJ level, clarity VS level, cut well, bare diamond prices about 3500-4200 yuan drill the smaller the price per minute cheaper, the greater the price per minute ; In addition, the color and clarity if the requirements of the standard is high, the price gap between each level is also very alarming.

In the global Cartier boutique, every 10 minutes there is a couple decided to buy Cartier diamond ring and ring. Their choice is due to the emperor of the jeweler of diamond selection of excellence and the relentless pursuit of diamond mosaic. As the first diamond to be used in diamond mosaic jewelers, she always insists on selecting top diamonds. Only 2% of the world’s diamonds are able to meet her criteria, and after the second screening, only less than five A diamond can be used for it. This is Cartier, with the moment, respect for the pet and the feeling of happiness also spontaneously.
What is the price of the Cartier ring recycling?

Cartier diamond ring recovery generally divided into four kinds of goods phase,

A product, there are invoices and security cards and packaging of the new recycling price in 7 fold,

Two products: a certificate no new invoice in the 6 fold,

Three products, and occasionally have several times to wear invoices Paul card packaging are about 5 fold,

Four products: no invoice security card only product recovery price of Cartier love ring replica about 3 fold

What is the process of recovery of Cartier diamond ring?

Recycling process: 1, customers upload photos and invoices — 2, professional valuation — 3, site identification — 4, signed a recycling agreement — 5, payment

Now you know how the price of Cartier diamond ring bar, choose Cartier diamond ring must be carefully purchased, to pick their favorite and suitable for their own style. Do the budget is to buy diamond ring of major issues! Ready for a diamond ring how much money, or to have a good idea.
Mosaic is also a very important part. Mosaic will cause a lot of trouble, it may make the diamond off. Therefore, when buying a diamond ring must check whether the bracket is strong, in contact with the diamond is thick enough.

Diamond ring mosaic terms

1. Long rectangular: refers to the rectangular small diamonds, usually used to highlight the mosaic of large stones.

2. Inlaid: This mosaic diamond is completely surrounded by the precious metal edge of the frame.

3. Groove: Used in a set of small size rules of the gem. This mosaic technology with two metal grips from both sides of the gem. Used for circular, narrow rectangular and square gems. Slot like a rail, Middle folder diamond.

4. Shaped Cut: Any form other than diamonds cut diamonds. Shaped cut, including such as narrow rectangular, emerald, triangular, pear-shaped, princess-shaped, oval and drop-shaped cut type.

5. Mosaic: small diamond mosaic technology, diamonds between the mosaic is very close, so no significant metal. Pavé the surface looks all by the diamond paved.

6. single grain inlaid: single gem inlaid
Mosaic method

In the purchase of diamond jewelry, many consumers know from the 4C to measure the quality of diamonds, but in fact, a high-quality bright diamonds, must be accompanied by sophisticated mosaic technology to complement each other, showing the most dazzling diamond side, Out of the most touching emotion. Claw inlay, package set is the representative of the traditional process, after the evolution of the times, its style is stable and yet flexible changes, vitality is very strong, popular for decades is still enduring. Orbital inlay and staples are used for group embellishment or as a luxury. Card inlay is the representative of the current fashion technology, given by the designer life, change infinite, is nowadays popular new favorite.

Prong Setting

Is a metal claw (column) tightly buckle diamonds, is the most common, the most Cartier nail bracelet replica classic a mosaic method. Its greatest advantage is that metal rarely block diamonds, clearly showing the beauty of diamonds, and favorable light from different angles of the incident and reflection, so that the diamond looks bigger and more bright, so that the beating light exposed, is the most popular on the market Of the mosaic way. Claw inlay can be divided into six claw inlaid, four claw inlay, three claw inlay, nowadays wedding ring is the most popular six claw crown, which is raised by the six claws of the high holding the diamond, the light can be irradiated from the surrounding Diamonds, so that the diamond looks very crystal clear and noble, its shape resembles the crown and named. Princess drill is generally used four claw inlay Claw-mounted claws require uniform size, uniform spacing, diamond table level is not tilted.

Bezel Setting

As the name suggests is set with the metal edge surrounded by diamonds are surrounded by the mosaic method, is one of the most solid and traditional mosaic way, fully demonstrated the diamond light, glorious introverted, peace and dignified temperament. Buy package diamonds need to be carefully observed, diamond tip can not reveal the bracket, otherwise it will scratch the skin or cause damage to the diamond. If the back of the back cover, the center will have a small hole to adjust the diamond surface position. Between the edge and the diamond should be tight without gaps, even smooth, smooth and smooth.

Track Setting

Track inlay, also known as folder set, is a first in the precious metal bracket on the car out of the groove, and then the diamond into the groove.

Track Setting

Among the mosaic way. This method is often used for small groups with small diamond scores, or as a vice pair of luxury jewelry. Track set inlaid with the diamond quality requirements are very high, must ensure that the diamonds inlaid diamonds diameter, height, waist thickness is basically the same, and the princess side of the stone also requires their shape, size, thickness, such as curved track mosaic Close match. This mosaic method produced by the jewelry not only the appearance of smooth and smooth lines, simple and beautiful distribution, and make the whole jewelry is more luxurious and precious.
Diamond ring mosaic way

Pave Setting

Nail is the use of metal ductility, directly in the metal material on the edge of the mouth with a tool to cut out a few small nails, to fix the diamond to any fixed diamond metal claws, closely arranged diamonds is actually set in the metal groove Inside. This kind of inlay should be the same as the size and height of the diamond and the order of the diamond. Because there is no metal surrounded, diamonds can penetrate and reflect the more abundant light, highlighting the dazzling diamond ornaments. Nail-studded for group-style diamond ornaments and embellishment of luxury models.

Tension Setting

Card set with metal tension fixed diamond waist or waist and bottom of the part, is nowadays more trendy style. Diamonds are more exposed than claws, so it is more conducive to flashing bright stars. Nearly a year or two, the card inlay and claw inlay combination application changes out of the endless decorative landscape.

Mosaic matters

1) The claw (column) should be tightly fitted with the diamond, if left on the gap, on the one hand easy to fall off the diamond, on the other hand also make the claw (column) into a “barb”, easy to scratch when wearing skin and clothing.

2) diamond ring mosaic is flat, pick up jewelry from the side view, diamond table or waist is parallel to the horizontal plane of jewelry.

3) Is the diamond damaged by mosaic? Mosaic, may be due to excessive force will be damaged diamonds, you can use the magnifying glass to check the diamond ring mosaic of the site where there are cracks.

4, metal claw length is moderate. The claw is too long will block part of the incident diamond light, thus affecting the diamond fire color, claw claws can not grasp the diamond, easily lead to diamonds off.

5, claw (column) should be smooth to do the handle, hand touch no thorn feel, claw (column) tip looks like a bright little ball, both beautiful and can prevent claws hurt.

6, metal cladding thickness uniformity, high and low consistency, flat and smooth, no depression, no gap, close fit diamonds.

7, if the group inlaid style, it should be noted that all arranged with a diamond is neat, the table is smooth and smooth.

Where the world’s largest and most expensive diamond is hidden

Where the world’s largest and most expensive diamond is hidden
This is a very interesting question for curious babies and those who have hobbies. It is understood that the world’s largest and most expensive diamond is called “Africa Star” and “Cullinan” diamonds, then now the world’s largest and most expensive diamond hidden where? Take a look!

Want to know where the world’s largest and most expensive diamond is hidden, first to understand the birth of the world’s largest and most expensive diamond! The world’s largest and most expensive diamonds in 1905 in South Africa’s Plemir diamond mine found, known as the “African Star” “Cullinan” diamonds, is a crystal is not a complete diamond block, the color is colorless and transparent , Without any flaws, excellent texture, weighing 3106 karats. At that time, the name of Cartier love bracelet replica the general manager of the mine “Curtinan” to name.

Where is the world ‘s largest and most expensive diamond – “Africa Star” profile
The world’s largest diamond stone The Cullinan Cullian (Cullian) was discovered in 1905 in South Africa’s Premier mine, weighing up to 3106 carats. As the original stone is too large, need to break down into several pieces. Later, by cutting, pondering into many different sizes of diamonds. The largest (Cullinan I) is embedded in the emperor’s token, weighing 530.2 carats, known as “the African star (Cullian)”. The African Star Diamond is made from natural diamond Cullinan. “Cullinan” (Cullinan) in January 21, 1905 found in South Africa’s Plemir mine. It is pure and transparent, with light blue tones, is the best grade gem diamond, weighs 3106 karats. Until now, it is the world’s largest diamond found in diamonds (diamonds).

Where the world’s largest and most expensive diamond is hidden – the birth of the “African Star”
In January 1905, the supervisor of the Plemir diamond mine in South Africa, in the mine walk, found a flash object in the reflection of the sunset, Mud in the glass bottle, with a cane to provoke it, scraping the soil, he almost do not believe his eyes, was actually a big fist like a diamond. Because he got the odd treasure, got a ten thousand dollars in bounty.

Where the world’s largest and most expensive diamond is Replica Cartier love bracelet hidden – where the “African Star” is now
This huge weight of 3106 karats of the “Cullian (Cullian)” original stone, a total of grinding into 105 diamonds, a total weight of 1064.26 carats, and 9.5 carats can not cut the gravel. “Cullinan first” for the pear-shaped, is the most important one, weight 530.2 karats, and later set in the British scepter, this giant drill called “the African star (Cullian)”. It has 74 facets; “Cullinan second” for the square, weighing 317.4 carats, after the inlaid in the king’s crown; “Cullinan third” for the pear-shaped, 94.4 kt, in the British Queen The crown of the crown; “Cullinan fourth” for the square, weighing 63.6 carats, it is divided by the division of the experts to divide one of the diamonds into two, namely “Cullinan third” and “Cullinan fourth “Made. It is set in the edge of the Queen’s crown.

Through the above description, now you know where the world’s largest and most expensive diamond hidden it?
Titanium steel ring is a affordable shape mature generous ring, usually male ring. So what is the titanium steel ring? How about the titanium steel ring? Okay? Titanium steel ring what brand is it good? Here are some of the relevant knowledge of titanium steel ring, we can understand!

Titanium steel ring

What is a titanium steel ring? As the name suggests is titanium steel as a raw Cartier love ring replica material for the production of a ring. Titanium steel ring is good? Titanium steel ring has many advantages, first of all, titanium steel ring has a good corrosion resistance, the general material will not corrode titanium steel ring, it will not let him rust. Second is the appearance of titanium steel ring bright. Have a nice look, very attractive. The third is the titanium steel ring harmless to the human body, will not harm the human body.

Understand the advantages of titanium steel ring, then titanium steel ring what brand is good ”

Titanium steel ring brand recommended one: Bulgari
Bulgari this brand for all of us should be very familiar with it, I do see a lot of daily life ring, necklace is Bulgari’s. Bulgari production of titanium steel ring is also a certain history. Its titanium steel ring is mainly produced beautifully, the appearance of beautiful and famous. But it also has a drawback, that is the price is too high, most people are difficult to buy.

Titanium steel ring brand recommended two: Zhou Dasheng
Speaking of Zhou Dasheng jewelry, we will have a very kind feeling, because this is our country’s own jewelry brand. Zhou Dasheng jewelry not only engaged in gold and silver jewelry business, but also engaged in the sale of titanium steel ring. In the country around the store we can see the sale of Zhou Dasheng titanium steel ring.

Above describes what is the titanium steel ring, titanium steel ring the advantages and brand, we hope to help!

Tiffany 2010 Blue Book luxury jewelry

Tiffany 2010 Blue Book luxury jewelry
Majestic Necklace
This amazing for the inheritance of Tiffany has always pursued the excellent quality of tradition. Process design reproduction of the natural miracle, it is jewelry industry art treasures. From the inner circle of a simple round necklace began to connect to another Cartier love bracelet replica round necklace, the suspension of a variety of elements to make the necklace has the flexibility.
Platinum inlaid with hand-cut round and pear-shaped diamonds surrounded by a 30.31 karats with a clarity of IF (internal impurityless) diamond pendant. Necklace and women’s elegant neck curve perfect fit, star-studded, highlight the luxury temperament.
The details of this necklace work is excellent, the 30-carat detachable diamond pendant is perfectly hung on nearly 300 unmatched round and pear-shaped diamonds. Necklace diamond purchase with nearly a year’s time, and spent 715 hours for design, creation, polishing and necklace combination, interpretation of modern luxury.
Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Necklace
Kashmir Sapphire and Diamond Necklace
More than 20 kt of Kashmir sapphire is very rare. Kashmir Sapphire is almost the most expensive since its discovery in the late 19th century. It is famous for its coveted cornflower blue, making the gem a rich, noble, velvety soft and smooth appearance. Kashmir sapphire is also known for its starlight effect, and the reason is that sapphire contains rutile silk-like inclusions.
Nature contains a lot of valuable colored gemstones, has been waiting for human to explore, including the Kashmir region produced sapphire. Since the late 19th century was discovered, it has been the jewelers dream of the treasure. Tiffany with 1097 bright round diamond string into a necklace, set off a 28.01 kt all-natural Kashmir Sapphire, gorgeous eye-catching, unique in the world.
Inlaid with Kashmir Sapphire Pendant is detachable to give the wearer a variety of functionalities.

Fringed necklace
The original design of the fringed necklace perfectly reflects the flow of dynamic beauty. Modified rectangular bright cut diamond pendant weighing 20.01 karats, D color, clarity IF. Necklace on the platinum base is set with 61 round, 33 pillow-shaped and 30 ear-shaped diamond. Tiffany’s Cartier love ring replica gem inlaid artisans and jewelers are more pursuing the perfect diamond ring of women prepared two weighing 14.42 karats and 12 carats of clarity for the IF diamond ring, extraordinary light, shining fingers.

Yellow diamond and diamond necklace
Tiffany renowned international, color drill harder. Blue Book luxury jewelry series, this by a 20.34 carat brilliant yellow diamond pendant, 37 Tiffany Legacy diamonds and 674 round diamond necklace unique style, yellow diamond pendant with high saturation, dispersion and brightness Brightness, Tiffany is a craftsman’s another heart.
Pear-shaped diamond pendant necklace
7.72 carat, clarity VVS2 pear-shaped diamond gives this necklace simple and elegant design inspiration.
This necklace diamonds are specially sourced, cut and matched. Pear-shaped diamond pendants can be demolished to increase functionality. The necklace consists of 36 round diamonds and 36 lanterns.

Platinum Pendant and Necklace
This “windmill” platinum diamond pendant with a simple design. Delicate frame to platinum wire production curve outward appearance of the appearance of lace, craft design is the jewelry industry art treasures.
Bowknot brooch
Inspired by the Tiffany classic collection of document design, bowknot brooch in the 20th century is very popular, is the most eternal design of jewelry design. Perhaps this design is so important to Tiffany because of our famous “blue bow gift box”. The diamond curves form the ribbons beautifully connected together, the bottom of the ribbons can be active, which gives the product elegance and mobility. For this exquisite diamond brooch, the wrinkled black agate adds dramatic, while the hanging pear-shaped diamonds adds completeness.
“Rosette style” earrings
Inspired by Tiffany collection design in the mid-19th century beautiful necklace Replica Cartier love bracelet design. These earrings are nostalgic “garland style”, derived from exquisite lace – hollow design to bring light and elegant. The fan-shaped design of these earrings is dramatic, and the focus on the middle of the round diamonds makes the product very luxurious. Sophisticated platinum wire with diamond craftsmanship.
White chalcedony, black agate and diamond bracelet
We must pay tribute to the completion of every piece of white chalcedony petals and black agate spiral difficult to cut the jewelry craftsmen to pay tribute. This bracelet carefully embedded in 1850 total weight of 14.88 carats of circular rice grain drill, but also inlaid with hand-cut chalcedony.
Diamonds and sapphire bracelets
Decorative art design inspiration in the diamond and sapphire streamlined bracelet to reproduce style.

Butterfly Brooch
“Butterfly” is the most beloved design theme in Tiffany, these beautiful products are inspired by the classical collection of documents in the history of design, exudes elegance and elegance. Made from pink diamond and white diamond package in platinum outside the fine needle handicrafts is a masterpiece of manufacturing. “Butterfly” This eternal design has fascinated Tiffany’s designers for centuries. Sophisticated platinum wire craft gives products thin and light feel. By the platinum paved with pink and white diamonds wings and fine and realistic body, it seems that this butterfly is about to fly.

Diamond ring
Inlaid in the custom base of the Tiffany diamonds also shine. Diamond cutting experts and jewelry designers to create this top series, including 18.44 karats and 14.64 karats, clarity IF (internal no impurities) level, D color of the bright diamonds.
Gems and enamel bracelets
Inspired by the 19th century Renaissance jewelry. The combination of gemstones and enamel processes is a feature of Tiffany jewelry since the mid-nineteenth century. Enamel process in the gold surface coated with color, and then into the kiln heating and drying. The soft and enchanting process makes turquoise blue more vivid, very young and soft. 18K gold inlaid pearls, diamonds, turquoise and enamel bracelets inspired by the classical collection, designed by Paulding Farnham for the T & Co. At the 1893 Chicago World Exposition.
In this golden hollow grid, enamel and gem of the perfect combination of color, amazing beauty.
Art Deco Bracelet
Tiffany’s designers are also looking for inspiration in the company’s classical treasures. Platinum inlaid diamond earrings and diamond bracelets are inspired by the early 20th century decorative art style. A bracelet named Zigzag is made up of more than 1,300 round diamonds, and the other five rows of bracelets are inlaid with 260 round and square diamonds. Bracelet streamlined geometric patterns are reflected in the decorative arts of the simple and elegant style, while wearing more elegant temperament.

Detailed description of various high temperature agate

Detailed description of various high temperature agate
After the high temperature becomes “slightly red orange” or becomes “white transparent with pink”. If it is transparent agate, floating above the seemingly natural texture, especially good-looking, slightly red, like a ribbon, like natural parts and objects, in fact, it is white point black and yellow spots of the material, After the high temperature of their own pattern. So many people say that their collection of dark yellow – color bracelet, how to see are true, but I tell you, you see the above pattern, if there are yellow – color ribbon, pink streamer, that is high temperature, but the texture to see It is really beautiful.

In addition to the American serpentine agate, other producing Cartier love bracelet replica areas of agate can not appear pink light, you put your yellow-colored agate objects on the side of the light to see a little bit of pink, red, slightly orange, is the high temperature, at least Also slightly hot. Natural yellow – color agate due to chemical points dictates, can only appear dark green plus brown, white plus rice yellow foundation, even if the transparent foundation, also partial brown instead of any powder above the color.

(7) is yellow high temperature change pink wrapped wire agate or red landscape streamer texture

See above 6 for the elaboration.
(8) brown high temperature after dark red

Brazilian or Uruguay is not natural red (except for the red onyx or red onyx – with war country red, grassy agate), even if Madagascar and Indonesia are not red. Brown hair slightly red, high temperature can become beautiful red agate, the whole is above the red, and some texture is also very natural, it can not be true, natural Brazilian Uruguay red, up to brown red, Need to dark Red, it is impossible to have red, and red must be accompanied by black or brown foundation: if only red no brown red, is the high temperature.

If the red also see brown red, but the top of the highest color red above the red, must be high temperature; if it is dark brown to dark red, then it looks very dark feeling right, no gray and black tone appears High temperature; if it is transparent red, only to crimson ribbon and also have a brown under the dark red.

(9) translucent agate as long as the high temperature

Must become 40% of the transparency, that is, become very hazy, a lot of people think that this is the original transparency of agate, it is not true, Brazil Uruguay and Madagascar or Indonesian material is actually very transparent, the original polished can be achieved 50% transparency, not misty feeling, but semi-permeable or slightly lower than semi-transparent, not 30-40 transparency. For example, transparent agate change 30% through the high temperature, continue to change the temperature 10% transparent.

With the reduction of transparency, the color has become good-looking, is a pair of the opposite relationship, the normal agate is slightly higher transparency, slightly darker color, high temperature: slightly lower transparency, slightly higher color. You put these two indicators printed in your mind, when you see a piece of colorful but transparent 33% of the agate finished, the basic can be concluded that a slight high temperature. Color and transparency Cartier love ring replica of the contrast relationship, the lower the transparency of the more bright colors, high temperature for a long time longer, so simple principle.

(10) Agate objects look at the whole material is true

If you think it is not high temperature, then the second step is to look at the texture of the ribbon, if the texture is bright, but also high temperature, assuming a dark incense champagne – color bracelet, above the winding silk to the slight red , Is also high temperature, so that the experts can not see the high temperature, so can not just look at the subject, depends on the details, of course, slightly high temperature of the object, it may not be bad things, it depends on everyone’s understanding The

(11) Jiang material Sun grams of agate

Mainly black and red, gray – color, black, is characterized by the color are black, even if the Need for transparent yellow – color, will be in some parts of the hair Ukraine. But good material is also good, in fact, the world’s best agate, should be the northeast of the grams of agate, Jiang material agate. In theory, from the degree of maturity and texture, it is better than the South Red, the ancient time, the price and grade South red flat or slightly higher, especially the crystal sugar material, really beautiful, but also the emperor and senior officials with things.
South red agate is a natural experience of the formation of a billion years of precipitation, different origin and the environment on the south red agate really has an impact, which also formed around the South red agate characteristics. Although the origin can not be completely determined by the origin of the South red agate quality level, but the player still have a certain ability to identify.

Now generally can see is the south of the Liangshan, which can also be divided into Waxi, nine, joint and other small producing areas. A lot of people in the buy when the red agate will be conscious to find some of the south of the red sorghum or directly to find some old red onyx, they think that only Baoshan out of the South red agate is the orthodox South red agate, in fact Nor is it all the way. The South red according to their origin is there will be some of their own Replica Cartier love bracelet characteristics, such as nine of the South red agate color is very red very moist, very gum texture. And the joint production of the South red onyx more common cherry red some of this through the color.
In the online map, then the business will certainly choose some soft or directly in the black background to shoot you will be photos. So out of the South red photos will generally appear in the South red color glamorous and moving, smooth and translucent surface. This is what we generally say that the south red agate cents map. So how do we have to identify the online red onyx map there is no immortal it.

We look directly at the time, will certainly choose to look under the natural light, so you will not have any color deviation, the crack is also easier to see. Online south of the red agate figure, the best look at the figure, and should pay attention to the light is not very bright, there is no back light to take pictures. From these basic aspects can be identified is not the South red agate cents map.

Buy gold jewelry should be clear things

Buy gold jewelry should be clear things
Many people because of the durability of gold jewelry and its hard circulation and like it. Gold can not only be made of jewelry to wear, it can hedge, appreciation. Here to tell you about the market is now on the classification of gold jewelry, so that everyone can distinguish between the time of purchase.

1, pure gold jewelry
Pure gold jewelry texture is soft, teeth bite printed, easy to bend, golden color, pure, soft, feel heavy, there is a heavy feeling. According to international regulations, all made by the precious metal jewelry, jewelry must be marked on the inside, marking the Cartier love bracelet replica requirements of the gold content and factory manufacturers. Any gold content of 99% of the said gold, the content of 99.9% known as thousands of gold, gold and thousands of gold are pure gold category.

2, k gold jewelry
K gold refers to gold and silver, copper, zinc and other metals melting together with the alloy, because the English word is karat gold alloy, so referred to as k gold. K gold jewelry texture slightly hard, teeth bite no print, color is yellow with white, and according to the number of K, white gradually increased, yellow faded. According to international standards, K gold is divided into 24, that is, IK to 24K. However, as the jewelry with the K gold species less than these, at present, the world’s jewelry materials are not less than 8K. In this way, in fact really counted as jewelry with the K gold species is 17 species. Among them, 18K and 14K is the most used, it is in the jewelry industry are the main jewelry raw materials.

3, gilt jewelry
Gilt jewelry is an ancient gold-plated process, is in the copper, silver and other low value on the jewelry evenly coated with a layer of gold and mercury mixed thick slurry, and then bake at low temperatures, mercury heat evaporation, gold Then attached to the surface of copper, and then flattened, polished.

4, gold-plated jewelry
Gold-plated jewelry is in the copper for the billet jewelry surface, with a plating method of plating a layer of gold after the jewelry, but the coating is generally very thin, about 3-5um.

5, gold jewelry
Gold in the United States also known as filling gold, that is, in the copper or silver and then pressed on a thin layer of gold foil, gold thick to control between 10-50um, because the thickness of gold foil than gold-plated, appearance and gold Jewelry is similar. This gold jewelry in the United States have played kf mark.

6, imitation gold jewelry
Imitation gold jewelry, also known as gold jewelry, the appearance of gold, is made of Cartier love ring replica copper, nickel, zinc and other metal elements mixed smelting, jewelry does not contain gold, according to the provisions of imitation gold jewelry is not allowed to print in mind.
Platinum pure restrained luster as if destined for the romantic happiness and shine, its low-key atmosphere is always showing the eternal faith, platinum ring as the most commonly used in daily life jewelry, wear or should pay attention to the following questions:

First, it is not easy to wear in an acid vapor environment, will be corroded or discolored.

Second, in daily life, do not put platinum rings and gold rings on the adjacent fingers, because the friction between the gold powder will be attached to the platinum surface, the platinum ring local yellow.

Third, the chemical properties of palladium is not as stable as platinum, easier to oxidize, wear palladium content of low platinum (less than 75% platinum) jewelry, it is best not to often and acid and all kinds of cosmetics in direct contact, Should immediately rinse with water to prevent Replica Cartier love bracelet discoloration.

Fourth, in order to avoid deformation of the platinum ring, in the handling of heavy objects is best not to wear.

Fifth, if the platinum ring for a long time, the surface becomes dark or local discoloration, you can polish. The specific method is: the toothpaste squeezed on the towel, hand holding platinum jewelry on its back and forth friction, rub to the surface fine lines and dirt, with diluted detergent after cleaning, and then rinse with water, color You can recover.

one never withers wonderful work

24k gold-plated fresh roses, one never withers wonderful work
In the world, the rose is used to express the common language of love, she is the embodiment of the beauty of God, but also into the love of God’s blood, set love and beauty in one.
So never wither “24k gold-plated fresh rose” in the industry has been Cartier nail bracelet replica hailed as “flowers in the jewelry, jewelry in the wonderful work.” A never withered gold-plated real roses, representing the youth forever, true love eternal, friendship survived.
She is not only Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduation ceremony, wedding commemorative, birthday, business to commemorate the best gift, but also friends, relatives and customers the best gift between, it is auspicious Jiapin.
Each of her roses is made from Bulgarian precious flowers, each line seems to be unintentional clear lines are carefully selected, respect for nature to give them the natural colors and their rich in Bulgaria soil attitude.
And then the use of unique modern biotechnology, together with 24K gold as the carrier, to exquisite pure handmade craft – each flower has been 164 full manual process, 7 days of elaborate, blend of French classical mosaic art, success To the original ecological rose lasting fresh and elegant graceful fusion of jewelry.
Charming and moving, bright brilliance, leading jewelry ginger new trend.
In the general impression, “good horse with a good saddle, good Buddha with gold” seems to be a convention, so many people in the imagination, living in the fashion industry pyramid top of the advanced custom show, must also be “gold Mattress, diamond upper body “luxury ceremony.
Good wishes can be understood, but realistic, high-level custom fashion release on the emergence of a large number of jewelry is not high probability. After all, jewelry design and fashion design is divided into two different business, senior custom is undoubtedly the latter ranks the biggest names in the industry coronation ceremony, a few people hope that in such an important moment, their own thunder was robbed by others?
But it is precisely because of this concern, high-level custom jewelry in a little more guidance, rather than a simple “price pile.” Carefully appreciate the details of the fashion release, we are not difficult to draw on the next few years of popular jewelry pictures.

First of all, conspicuous “big jewelry” is still the designer’s heart is good. In fact, since the “hip-hop” as the representative of the street style swept the fashion circle began, exquisite small, elegant slender jewelry was uninhibited “big jewelry” instead. Coupled with the imitation Cartier love bracelet United States first lady such a supporter Yaoqi cry, twenty meters away can see the BOLD-shaped jewelry, has long become a popular storm eye. Even if it is known for elegant art senior custom designer, also dare not ignore the trend of darling.

The walk in front of all the designers is Armani, in the Armani Privé this “Japan” as the inspiration for the release of the jewelry, almost more than a few other senior custom show together more. Dongying has always been Armani favorite design theme, coincides with the Japanese earthquake, love and mixed with a lot of tribute to the composition. So, we see the T stage in the beautiful cherry blossom pattern, Ukiyo-e in the classic color combinations, as well as the Japanese signature style origami texture.

In the use of jewelry, Armani began to match the “eclipse theme” and “bold style”, cherry decoration size, more than the actual lot. Gold, red, black appeared in large numbers, although with a tribute to the design, Armani still reluctant to give up by the “huge” sense of power. Matte and huge ring face and slender fingers to form a strong contrast, it is eye-catching, let the essence of bold wind glance.

Colorful arm ring is the highlight of the release, compared to other design has been too many precedents, this concept with the color of the jewelry is undoubtedly the whole release bonus.

How to define a heavyweight release? If the stage models and guests under the audience wearing the same elegant, it must be true. If you think Armani jewelry jewelry also with the nature of the forecast, that Anna – Wintour, Franca Sozzani wearing must be the most fashionable stuff. From the former necklace and the latter’s bracelet, you see what mystery? BINGO, classic green gold with back. This has been in the “Art Deco” era of all the rage of color, and now stood at the imitation Cartier love bracelet forefront of fashion. And its side by side is the rich color of the jewelry design, ruby, emerald, emerald, coral, celestite, agate and other jewelry, as well as natural diamonds and platinum corolla style, large outline contours of the ring and brooch (filed it, Have to thank Mrs. Obama to take the trouble to act as a model), will be in the future for many years continue to enjoy the praise of the fashion industry. Armani Privé show everything on the field seems to verify the famous saying: “There is no new thing under the sun”, as you believe it or not … … anyway, I believe it.

the Roman table Galaxy series brilliant listing

Wrist bright stars, the Roman table Galaxy series brilliant listing
In 1888, a number destined to be written in the history of the development of watches and clocks; in 1888, a subtle watch the legendary bright start; 1888, so that the classic precipitation in the time of precipitation! In this year, Swiss watchmaker Fritz Meyer, who works Cartier love bracelet replica on the watchmaking craft, has a studio for the production of clocks and gears. At this point, “Swiss Roma” the world-renowned watch brand was born. For more than a century, the Swiss Rome table with exquisite watchmaking process and fashion simple, classic atmosphere of the design style of the world famous in the history of the river to write a section of another legend.
The recent Roman table launched a glorious glory – Galaxy series. In the English explanation, Galaxy means the bright galaxy, especially the special good things or a group of dazzling people. Switzerland, the reason why the use of the Roman table “Galaxy” named new watches, intended to broaden the universe and broad spirit into the watch production philosophy.

Design, Galaxy series by the Swiss Rome watch designed by the designer carefully, watch the design along the Swiss Rome table has always been simple atmosphere design style at the same time, to absorb the current international fashion industry’s latest popular elements, and into the ” Galaxy “wide and profound characteristics. The whole table to return to nature of the elegant temperament of the Galaxy bright light show most vividly, so that the wearer can wear at the same time, but also a profound understanding of the wrist from the wonders of the mysterious Huacai brought the ultimate charm.
Quality, the Galaxy series from Switzerland authentic ultra-thin high-quality quartz movement, 6 o’clock small seconds of the design is not only just the right of the night sky scene interpretation of the most incisive, leaving the wearer feel the charm of the stars At the same time accurate grasp every second business opportunities. Wearing sapphire mirror reflects the faint blue light, just like the Galaxy’s bright Huaguai worn in the wrist. Dial engraved “ROAMER” brand name, the bottom of the corresponding “Galaxy”, coupled with smooth lines of the willow-shaped pointer, reminding us of the bright stars blowing a ray of fresh, look fresh and neat, fashion simple. All solid stainless steel case showing a low-key luxury, calm yet fashionable at the same time, but also highlights the whole table of the distinguished quality and the identity of the wearer.

Swiss Roman watch, one of the world’s oldest watch brands. After more than a century of temper, still dedicated to focus on the top luxury watch creation. Now, the launch of the Galaxy series is the Swiss Roman watch top handmade craftsman stunning painstakingly produced, he not only let the art in the square between the dial on the walk, but also the bright galaxy Huacai into the wrist, to describe the new Luxury legend. Whether it is back to nature design concept, or exquisite watchmaking process, without exception, the essence of time will be included in the standard between the quenching. Swiss Rome Galaxy series, so that you feel the luxury from the wrist between the bright, to create a perfect match for your perfect aura.
Patek Philippe Calatrava series

The Calatrava series is named after the Calatrava Cross (Calatrava Cross), a symbol Cartier love ring replica of Patek Philippe. The first Calatrava appeared in 1932. In the past 70 years, Patek Philippe designers have been on the series to expand, to add more excellent design and functionality. It is still the most popular series of Patek Philippe, the development so far, has created at least 24 different models.

Breakdown of the most want to have the Patek Philippe (Patek Philippe) watch
As the brand’s most famous series, Calatrava will dial the round and watch the classic beauty of the perfect blend together.

At the beginning of the Patek Philippe Calatrava, follow the German Bauhaus architectural and artistic school creative concept form should meet the functional requirements. Today, designers still use the Bauhaus theory in Calatrava’s design and development. The Calatrava series reflects the idea that the primary responsibility for a chronograph is to record the time in the most accurate way. The Bauhaus School has always abandoned too much and unnecessary decorative details, so the Calatrava series will never let any design too much to attract the attention of the wearer’s visual focus will always be on the record of time. The first package of the style of the emergence of Calatrava style, after the creation of each of the same series of watch design.
Speaking of the Gondolo series of stories, but also dates back to 1900-1928 period. At that time, Patek Philippe was working with Gondolo and Labouriau jewelry stores in Rio de Janeiro. As one of the fruits of cooperation, Chronometro Gondolo pocket watch came into being, its excellent quality and travel time precision machinery, quickly won the watch collectors sought after.

in 1910, Patek Philippe introduced a watch style for Gondolo. Gondolo dial shape, barrel type, square, rectangular, and even polygons, design inspiration from other global watch company designer masterpiece. For this initiative, the Brazilian shareholders are very satisfied, so that they since then, directly “Patek” as a “watch” synonyms.

Golden Ellipse series

Patek Philippe Golden Ellipse series, to achieve the watch shape and elegant fashion perfect unity. The oval of the dial, which means the classic integration of the circle and the rectangle. In 1968, Patek Philippe’s first Golden Ellipse came on stage. At that time, Patek Philippe watch Replica Cartier love bracelet and all contemporary watches are not the same. This Golden Ellipse win, not just a temporary popular boom; it is the perfect proportion of gold division, so that it will always stay in the world watch the history of the classic list.
Golden Ellipse oval, is based on the ancient Greek mathematician golden division of the classic theory designed, this classic ratio has long been a number of achievements in architectural design and art masterpiece. This watch is both bold and elegant, and compatible with the elegant and peaceful. Its iconic design has long been recognized as the pioneer of the world, until today, it is still the world’s highest recognition of one of the watch style.

Today, Patek Philippe designers continue to introduce new models for the Golden Ellipse series, even in which to join the jewelry design. No matter how the transformation, which the essence of the design will always come to the fore. It is no exaggeration to say that it is the perfect combination of classic aesthetics and precise timing. Golden Ellipse travel time precision, and even expand the tradition of a hundred years with the Geneva watchmaking process.