Seiko released a more lightweight titanium metal watch professional diving watch

Mention the Seiko, people tend to first think of quality and cheap quartz and mechanical watch, but in fact the brand in the field of professional sports watch is also quite achievements, Seiko diving watch is one of the typical, and engaged in different sports professional People, the brand’s latest Prospex series is their perfect choice.

Seiko and sports origins can be traced back to 1964 – the official timing of the Tokyo Olympic Games. The same year, Seiko introduced the first chronograph, which is the development of the Japanese watchmaking brand a big step forward. In the field of sports watch small test chopper, Seiko began to get involved in professional watch manufacturing, engineer Mr. Ikuo Tokunaga is the main person in charge of the project. Under his leadership, Seiko harvested more than 100 professional watch patents, and developed, including diving, flying and adventure, including a variety of professional sports watch.
Sea: Seiko diving watch
“We wanted to develop a watch for professional sportspeople, so we started discussions with professional divers and studied saturated dives,” Mr. Ikuo Tokunaga recalled. “After I entered the company five years later (1968), Seiko Launched a brand of the first professional diving watch. This watch is equipped with a high vibration frequency movement, waterproof up to 600 meters. Its equipped with ‘L-type’ washers made of special rubber, flag.”

Seiko Scuba watch, 1999
“In 1975, Seiko released a more lightweight titanium metal watch professional diving watch.” He continued, “in 1986 launched the ceramic bezel design, this year Prospex series of waterproof has been up to 1,000 meters. In 1990, Seiko pioneered the world’s first computerized diving table ‘Scubamaster’, this watch is equipped with a watch, Depth sensor, can show diving time, dive depth and other important information for divers in 2014, Seiko Spring Drive professional diving watch and a great success.
Empty: Seiko flying watch

Seiko Aviation watch, 2004
As early as 1989, Seiko launched a rotating slide (Rotary Slide Rule) of the flight watch. This watch carries a high precision quartz movement, waterproof up to 150 meters. 15 years later (2004), Seiko will turn this flight watch waterproof performance to 200 meters.
Land: Seiko adventure watch
Seiko R & D professional adventure watch a long history from Landmaster Replica Cartier jewelry Sagarmatha, this watch is specially built for Noguchi Ken (Ken Noguchi) tailored, in 1998, he succeeded the summit of Sagarmatha (Sagarmatha (Nepalese, Nepalese, that is, Mount Everest ). Dial with hour, minute and 24 hours pointer, simple and clear, clear and easy to read. Bezel with good scratch resistance of the ceramic material, and the case and the strap is made of high-strength titanium, one molding. In the same year, Seiko also introduced the commercial release of this watch.

Seiko Landmaster Sagarmatha watch
Followed by the Landmaster SouthPole watch designed for Mitsuru Ohba, a Japanese explorer who travels through the Antarctic alone. The Landmaster SouthPole watch also began commercial sale in 1999, equipped with kinetic kinetic energy movement, the world’s limited 800.

Seiko Landmaster Southpole watch
Seiko now Prospex series of professional sports watch has been fully covered by land, sea and air. These watches are not only beautiful appearance, affordable (400 to 4000 + Swiss francs), in line with professional sports needs, but also to withstand the most stringent environmental test. And these, as early as 60 years ago, by the brand engineer Mr. Ikuo Tokunaga laid a solid foundation.

Prospex Chronographe Solaire d’Aviation
Official number: SSC261
Movement: automatic winding mechanical movement
Function: hours, minutes, seconds, date display, flyback time
Case: steel material, diameter 46.10 mm, water depth of 100 meters
Dial: Black
Bracelet: Stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp

Prospex Kinetic GMT Diver’s
Official number: SUN019
Movement: Kinetic mobile power movement, power storage 4,382 hours
Function: hours, minutes, seconds, power storage display
Case: steel material, diameter 47.50 mm, water depth of 200 meters
Dial: Black
Bracelet: Stainless steel bracelet with folding clasp

Watch the basic can be divided into synthetic crystal plastic mineral glass sapphire crystal glass

Fashion watches are watches in a sub-category, this type of watch can be free with clothing, popularity is relatively high, the price is relatively cheap, won the pursuit of fashion young people love. And DE FEELS moving table is one of the fashion watch brand, then DE FEELS watch how?
DE FEELS watch how, DE FEELS watch is good

DE FEELS “wrist is still fashion” brand concept, representing the urban white-collar independent, fashion, self-confidence of the new attitude of life. Designed to meet people’s price, fashion design, elegant connotation and the most stringent Swiss watch quality standards as their responsibility to DE FEELS every product is an ultimate beauty of the clothing, filling simple, stylish, luxurious taste, specifically for 20-35 years old rich personality, love life, the pursuit of fashionable young people and design.

Case and strap
Watch case strap material for many kinds, such as tungsten and titanium Cartier love bracelet replica alloy, high-tech ceramics, stainless steel, soft fiber, ordinary steel, etc., to wear and try to avoid with the same hardness or special friction, collision. Regular cleaning case strap is also necessary, the other sea water, salt water bath, perfume, shampoo, nail polish, nail polish and some chemicals containing cosmetics and other gold-plated gold surface and metal surface have a certain corrosion, should avoid contact.
Table mirror
Watch the basic can be divided into synthetic crystal plastic, mineral glass, sapphire crystal glass. Synthetic crystal rubber wear a little less easy to scratch, but the impact resistance is strong; sapphire crystal glass, high degree of anti-wear, but the material is more brittle and violent impact; mineral glass between the two. Even anti-wear sapphire crystal glass should also pay attention to diamonds, grinding stone, sandpaper, nail file, flower net stone, concrete walls and other impurities contained in order to avoid scratching its surface.
Disney Disney brand was founded by Walt Disney. Mainly related to entertainment animation production, theme parks, toys, books, video games and other fields, reputation resounded the world. Disney watches are a product. Contains many of its animated elements in it. Beautiful appearance, very popular with young people, especially children!
Disney watch how much money?
Disney Disney watches for 7-28 year-old fashion men and women trendy, unique strip, belt, diamond, couple on the table and other fashion models, submarine diving series watches and so on are waterproof performance is relatively high.
Disney Disney watches how
Disney Disney watch embodies the modern city and leisure for the overall shape of the coherence and perfection, the expression of fashionable young people to lead the world trend, wearing a personality, generous, decent, Mickey in the process of attention to detail, strive to create a simple, elegant And fashion personality style.
Disney Disney watches how much money
Disney Disney watches more style, electronic form is cheaper. Basically 80 yuan started, some exquisite style some more expensive. But basically within 250 yuan!
DOM DOM watch from the watch industry veteran to create high-end watch brand, as the watch industry well-known brands, DOM since its inception at the beginning has been “first-class quality, attentive service” for the brand adhere to the purpose, with a strong Design team, advanced production equipment, unique product advantages and authoritative quality certification, and constantly lead the watch manufacturing industry forward.
What ‘s the watch
DOM company spent four years to the DOM Dome this brand watches slowly grow Fake Cartier love bracelet to well-known brands, with a good image, excellent product quality sales significantly. And received many customers praise, the products are tested by the National Watch Quality Inspection Center qualified, a watch to sell the premise must be “intact” for the flaw of the attitude of the watch is “zero tolerance”, commitment to the DOM multi-brand watches The quality, always responsible.
How is the watch of Dom
DOM watch is mainly high-end elegant, unique personality, business and leisure style design. Pay attention to the combination of science and technology and all the spare parts by the major brand manufacturers to provide professional services to professional manufacturers, the use of high-tech space ceramics, 316L stainless steel, high-quality imports of tungsten steel, high-quality micro-sapphire mirror and leather calfskin And a series of high-tech materials for the manufacture of products. Coupled with the precise Swiss movement, with the most sophisticated technology. Waterproof performance is very high, more than 200 meters waterproof design, wearing a bath, swimming Zhan to dive and deep diving are no problem, so that customers are more worried about the fear of worrying about the waterproof watch.
How do you watch the true and false
Each DOM watch has a security logo, each table has a security code and warranty card encoding. You want to find out the true and false watches can log directly DOM official website input security code and warranty card code can query. In order to avoid being deceived, buy DOM watch when looking for DOM flagship store.
How does the DOM watch more
Watch case strap material for a variety of, such as tungsten steel, ceramics, steel, belts and other different materials, wear as much as possible to avoid with the same or the same hardness of special friction, Regular cleaning case strap is also necessary, the other sea Cartier love ring replica water, salt water bath, perfume, shampoo, nail polish, nail polish and some chemicals containing cosmetics and other gold-plated gold surface and metal surface have a certain corrosion, should avoid contact.
Quartz watch: When the battery runs out of power and stop the watch, should be sent to repair shop as soon as possible to check, to avoid the battery does not have long left in the table lead to damage to the movement.
Mechanical watch: automatic mechanical watch to rely on the arm of the swing and automatically winding, so every day must wear more than eight hours in order to ensure accurate timing. Mechanical watch when not in use, the best one on a monthly clock to prevent the table oil coagulation.

Bamboo pendants have any meaning to wear bamboo pendants on behalf of the meaning

Bamboo pendants have any meaning to wear bamboo pendants on behalf of the meaning
Bamboo, has always been a favorite plant in China, loved by the literati, in ancient times known as the “cold three friends,” one of the sages often to the metaphor of a better character, and the gentleman than Germany in the jade, so bamboo And “King of Jade,” the combination of jade, it is cleverly fit. Bamboo festival is steadily rising, the four seasons evergreen, the traditional Chinese customs is by the name of the bamboo to bless people step by step, youth forever.
Bamboo, has always been a favorite plant in China, loved by the literati, in ancient times known as the “cold three friends,” one of the sages often to the metaphor of a better character, and the gentleman than Germany in the jade, so bamboo And “King of Jade,” the combination Cartier love bracelet replica of jade, it is cleverly fit. Bamboo festival is steadily rising, the four seasons evergreen, the traditional Chinese customs is by the name of the bamboo to bless people step by step, youth forever.
What is the meaning of bamboo pendants

Meaning one: the meaning of emerald bamboo there are many, such as the meaning of the business from Evergreen undefeated, and financial resources rolling business is booming, for the official just step by step, if the wearer for the students, is the blessing of its academic performance steadily , Hope that such as bamboo-like learning. And wear emerald bamboo festival is also a gentleman style, hope that the wearer learn bamboo straight and tough character.

The cause of thriving, keep making progress up step by step up the meaning of a symbol of good future, steadily high, pray for peace of the meaning of peace.

Meaning three: step by step high, steadily rising, wealth prosperous. Bamboo growing high law, just like life every day is better, people progress day by day.

Meaning four: bamboo branches, a section of a higher than the characteristics of a symbol of the students can learn success, steadily up.

Meaning five: since the ancient bamboo is a garden favorite plants with bamboo hi Yin, and more growth in the suburbs and rural areas, so indifferent fame and fortune, two sleeves breeze will be able to best interpret its mettle.

Meaning six: bamboo leaves of evergreen, green and always gives the passion and vitality, and then the vitality of bamboo tenacious, long growth cycle, dotted with nature, so a symbol of life vitality, longevity, and happiness truth.

Meaning seven: smooth sailing, everything goes well, you can make your life happy,

Meaning eight: the cause of flourishing, promising future Bamboo steadily rising, growing every day, with unlimited space and ability, as people’s ability can be unlimited, it can be meteoric rise, career success.

Meaning nine: long-lasting, evergreen natural also symbolizes the love of forever, youth forever beauty.
Wear bamboo pendants on behalf of the meaning

1. humble modesty: we all know that the middle of the bamboo is empty, unintentional, with the meaning of anxious if the bamboo and often grow very high, so the meaning of bamboo is often metaphor that there is a high degree of knowledge is very modest Of people.

2. elegant and refined: we all know that the ancient literati poet on the bamboo can be described as a soft spot, from their articles can be seen, Su Dongpo said, rather eat no meat can not be no bamboo, no meat makes thin, no bamboo Make people vulgar. They often use bamboo to express their own fresh and refined temperament.

3. Strong and faithful. Bamboo and plum, pine three kinds of plants are known as the cold three friends, especially in the winter when the majority of trees in the north has been withered and withered, but the beads still maintain the tall and tall body stands in the bleak wind, So the meaning of bamboo in the bamboo has a tenacious vitality of the moral. And because the bamboo, plum, pine three plants in the winter is not for the cold yield, so this winter is also commonly used Cartier love ring replica to describe the faithful friendship.

Fairy and unyielding We say that the man is rich and can not be prostitution, mighty and can not bend, I think only bamboo can fully interpret this integrity, bamboo pole straight up, stand upright, in addition to the emerald jade integrity, emerald bamboo festival upright The image of the integrity of the people on the people.

5. Bamboo reported safe and wealthy. Some friends at home like a coffee table and other places put a pot of flat bamboo or rich bamboo potted plants, it is precisely because of this reason, in the ancients see bamboo and peace close together, lush new year.

6. step by step rise. Emerald Bamboo is also known as emerald high, is the hope that people learn to work and life can be the same as bamboo, step by step, getting better and better. So jade pendant is very suitable for students to wear.

7. youth resident. Bamboo evergreen, green color and tall and straight posture, so that it is lush all year, standing not shake, so people often use bamboo to compare youth and young people.

Wear the benefits of jade

1. Chinese folk on the jade can avoid evil security refers to: According to legend, jade can send a special luster, this gloss is not easy to see during the day, the night can illuminate the square garden number of feet, this luster is the most demons and ghosts Afraid to see, so the ancient emperors always watched to show dignity and health, civilians also like to wear jade in order to peace.

2. The ancients talk about jade for the United States, gold is priceless jade priceless. Jade buried underground thousands of years of goods is hundreds of millions of years, jade contains a large number of mineral elements, so people often say that people support jade jade support people, if the body’s long-term wear jade can moist jade, jade head is the degree of refraction will be more The better, getting brighter.

3. If the person’s body is not good long-term wear jade, jade mineral elements will slowly let the body absorb the health effects, such as Ms. Dai’s bracelet usually with left hand, because the heart is good. Jade for the pillow and brain Cong, the ancient emperor would like to use jade to do pillows, longevity to the ancient Chinese emperors are long with jade pillow. And like “Compendium of Materia Medica” also has the role of jade health care.

4. Modern scientific research shows that: jade contains beneficial elements of the human body, often wear and use of jade (such as jade bracelets, necklaces, rings, jade seats, jade pillow, etc.), due to friction skin and acupuncture points, such as meridian blood There are a variety of benefits, play a disease prevention and treatment effect, it will jade as a talisman, is very useful.
Diamonds, is one of the increasingly popular favorites. Whether the couple used to express love for each other, the anniversary used to recall sweet, or white collar used to treat yourself, classic diamond pendants are the first choice for the public. Diamond pendants, like other items, are also contaminated, stained or stained with dust. Diamond pendant with a variety of solvents, powders, soaps and even the human body to produce grease meet, this will be in the diamond pendant surface film, reduce the diamond pendant luster, so the diamond pendant to be regularly maintained, save the cleanliness.
Diamond pendant style what meaning

Meaning one, [dolphin lovers] diamond pendant style, legend, as long as you sincerely pray to the dolphins, look forward to love will come true. The dolphins can protect a pair of lovers until life.

Meaning two, [time love] diamond pendant style, the time of the funnel down the fine sand, every grain is what we have met, sent to love in the flow of time, only looking forward to the years with me , Can remember our love time.

Meaning three, [love in the Paris series] diamond pendant style, Paris, the air is also full of love taste of the city. I thought that in Paris dawn, before the sunset in Paris, said I love you. Like countless classic love movies and novels from Paris to grab inspiration, Zoacai also to Paris as the background created a series of jewelry, the Paris romantic exquisite and free chic carefully presented. To Paris on behalf of the building – “Paris Tower and the Louvre glass pyramid” for the round, square bottom calm, and thus gradually tightened until the top, the building is both calm and elegant temperament showing the art of gas.

Meaning four, [elegant] diamond pendant style, elegance is a harmony, similar to the beautiful, but beautiful is the gift of heaven, and elegance is the product of art. Elegance from the cultivation of culture, but also in the cultivation of culture in the development.

Meaning five, [love] diamond pendant style, there is a carved Acacia, engraved on the back of the moon, in the countless months of hazy night interpretation. Take a look to know that the past has been carved deep, deep, beautiful, blooming out of the moment, so that life must be peerless.
Wearing diamond pendant style on behalf of the meaning

1. Heart-shaped diamond pendant is the most romantic of all shapes, therefore, wearing a heart-shaped diamond pendant woman imagination rich, believe in intuition, advocating romantic. Each of the perfect heart-shaped has a section of 101, like the Zoaci Ferris wheel Cartier nail bracelet replica diamond heart-shaped pendant, can give a sweet, feminine full impression, choose the heart-shaped pendant are mostly rich and rich feelings The romanticists of the letter.

2. Diamond is embedded in the K gold, complement each other, never separated from each other, like you and I never separated from the general, platinum diamond pendant like the ocean of the wizard, the magic of magic is the source of this series of inspiration, It uses the K gold and fine diamond mosaic, to create a unique series of pendants.

3. Water drop type diamond pendant, enhance memory, give courage and power pendant on behalf of spirituality, spirit, high level of love, can be used for admirers of a kind of affair, keepsake. Water Drops Pendant as a traditional amulet, usually can drive away evil, enhance personal luck, and can promote intelligence, calm mood, improve intuition, help think, focus attention.

Water droplets pendants dominate the right brain world, that is, intuition and subconscious, especially suitable for water droplets pendant, to promote its mental concentration, improve the vitality of thinking, people can calm in thinking, calm face the challenges of reality. Water drops diamond pendant is more stable and elegant sense of water droplets modeling no one does not like, people born hydrophilic, shiny dazzling.

Diamond pendant cleaning method

(1) first a little detergent into the bowl and warm water from the foam, and then put the diamond pendant into the bowl, with a soft brush to wipe, brush finished after the diamond pendulum out into the metal mesh or tea, Rinse with warm water, then dry with a soft cloth.

(2) in 1: 4 ratio of the detergent into cold water, the drill into the solution soak for a few minutes. Remove and wipe with a soft brush and rinse it once with a solution, then wipe it dry with a paper towel.

(3) in the half-cup family of Ammonia water, add the same capacity of water, the diamond pendant immersed in the solution gently stir, and then use the paper to dry the water.

(4) now on the market have to sell a variety of cleaners, for example, the use of ultrasonic cleaners and other special jewelry cleaner effect is also good.

What is the ultrasonic cleaning of diamonds that will cause harm to diamonds?

What is the ultrasonic cleaning of diamonds that will cause harm to diamonds?
We will usually hear the industry experts say that our diamond cleaning method is to use ultrasonic cleaning, absolutely safe and reliable, please rest assured. In fact, we really will be assured? How is the ultrasonic cleaning, in the end will not cause harm to the diamond?
Ultrasonic cleaning is the use of ultrasonic cavitation in the liquid, the role of acceleration and straight into the role of liquid and dirt directly and indirectly, the role of the dirt layer is dispersed, emulsified, stripped to achieve the purpose of cleaning. The current use Cartier love bracelet replica of ultrasonic cleaning machines, cavitation and straight into the role of the application of more.

Damage to diamonds
In fact, under normal circumstances the ultrasound will not affect the plating, because the principle of ultrasonic cleaning is to first use detergent to wash the items to be washed, and other cleaning agents immersed in dirt and cleaning items, and then ultrasonic cleaner to make the cleaning agent So that the dirt from the cleaning things off. If it is high-quality plating, cleaning agent is impossible to enter between the plating layer and diamonds, and therefore will not cause the coating off.

And the plating before the general removal of the diamond, and then the ultrasonic wash the care (because the plating before the ring can not have dust, and the main function of the ultrasound is to dust, not on the diamond or metal damage) can be plated, And then you can set the diamond can be. It is recommended to take professional platinum processing shop to 18k ring care into platinum, finish will remain permanent.

Of course, there are ultrasonic cleaning device power problem, and then high-quality plating is also very difficult to avoid flaws, ultra-high power cleaner may also cause adverse effects on diamond plating.
Cutting is a diamond “four C” in a factor that cut. Diamond cutting grades are divided into:

Ideal cut: on behalf of only 3% of the first-class high-quality diamonds to achieve the standard. This cut makes the diamond almost reflect all the light into the diamond. An elegant and outstanding cut.

Very good cut: on behalf of about 15% of the diamond cut. Can make the diamond reflected and the standard level cut light, but the price is slightly lower.

Good cut: on behalf of about 25% of the diamond cut. The diamonds reflect most of the light into the drill to make the interior light. Cheaper than the VG level.

General cut: on behalf of the roughness of 35% of the diamond cut, is still high-quality diamonds, but the general cut the diamond processing of light less than G-level cut.

Dismantling: This includes all diamonds that do not meet the general cut standard, and these diamonds are either deep and narrow, shallow and easy to allow light to escape from the sides or the bottom. Diamonds. The following are the same as the ”

Cut the fire to determine the color

Diamonds cut ratio, especially diamond pavilion depth ratio and table width Cartier love ring replica ratio, determines the diamond reflection and refraction of the light intensity, which determines the diamond fire color.

Diameter: through the width of a circle of diamonds.

Countertop: refers to the largest plane in the N plane of the diamond.

To extend from the waist to the top of the plane.

Waist: the narrowest part of the diamonds.

Pavilion: the bottom of the diamond, from the waist to the bottom of the polygon gem.

Depth: from the bottom of the gem to the height of the table.

The Effect of Diamond Cutting on Diamond Value
Diamond cut is extremely important, directly affect the value of diamonds. Only the standard cutting essentials, to show its bright light, to achieve the clarity and color of the perfect combination. The cut diamond is usually a sphere or a cone. There are many shapes, squares, rectangles, hexagonal, round and oval, but the most popular hexagon, which is the most popular, can show the diamonds better.

Cutting is one of the only compensation factors. A skilled diamond cutter can make a good diamond and shiny eye-catching, he can make the internal light of the maximum water to reflect the roughness of the diamond to the appearance of the diamond. The cutting division should cut it as if it were in a mirror-like symmetry.

A clever diamond should be rounded, and there are 58 clear cutting edge, it can be the largest water Zhaopu shot light. Cutting bad diamonds may be cut too deep or too shallow by keeping its maximum weight, so there is no way to make it brilliant. Lighting skills will also affect the quality of diamonds, a well-cut, symmetrical diamonds may be due to poor lighting and reduce the value.

Diamonds after cutting the proportion of the maximum degree of symmetry and perfection, mirror reflection of the three major strengths can also be scattered flash, light, fire three diamonds of the most bright and most dazzling light. Through the monitor mirror from the diamond can be seen on the front of the size of the symmetrical eight arrows and against the face of eight hearts, it is called Qiu Bite eight heart eight arrows crystal diamond.
Fluorescent diamonds refer to the light emitted by diamonds under the excitation of ultraviolet light. The image that we usually use some of the banknotes in the money detector that kind of ultraviolet light is not able to light it, that is the kind of light. There are some Cartier nail bracelet replica diamonds will be fluorescent, usually blue and white fluorescence, there are a small part of the diamond yellow fluorescence.

Why some diamonds will be fluorescent
Fluorescent diamonds in the strong ultraviolet light will be issued under the blue or yellow and other colored light. The reason for the fluorescence reaction occurs, because the diamond stone in the process of forming the internal boron or nitrogen elements, and boron in the strong ultraviolet radiation, the absorption of light into the excited state, and immediately stimulate the incident than the light Long wavelength of light, stop ultraviolet radiation, light phenomenon disappeared. Diamond fluorescence can only be in the strong ultraviolet light will escape from the diamond surface to make the naked eye visible, but in the sun, these diamonds will be diamonds diamonds refracted back, and divergence does not come out, that is, diamond fluorescence in daily life In the fundamental can not see.
Fluorescence effects on diamonds
Fluorescence is not a very bright diamond quality indicators, nor can it affect the price of diamonds, it is just a natural diamond attribute, some people like, Diamonds have your own decisions.

Diamond ring brand list of the top ten diamond ring brand list

Diamond ring brand list of the top ten diamond ring brand list
Top 1: Cartier (Paris, France, 1847)
The following are the same as the ”
Cartier by the British King Edward VII as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor,” the famous brand, in more than 150 years, created a lot of dazzling wonderful works. These works, not only the creation of fine jewelry watch, but also in the art also has a high value, it is worth to appreciate interesting, often also belong to celebrity, and was cast a layer of legend. From the huge necklace ordered by the Indian princes, to the Duchess of Windsor with the line of the tiger-shaped glasses, as well as the big literati Corker full of symbols of the French Academy Saber, Cartier tells a legendary story again.

Top 2: Tiffany & Co (1837 New York, USA)
The following are the same as the ”
On September 18, 1837, Charles Tiffany and John B. Young imitation Cartier love bracelet loaned $ 1,000 as capital, a new stationery and daily boutique called “Tiffany & Young” was opened at 259 Broadway, New York City. , The opening day of the turnover of only $ 4.98; to Tiffany died in 1902 when the property left over $ 35 million. No wealth is from heaven, from a small stationery boutique to today’s world’s largest jewelry company, one of the “classic” has become synonymous with Tiffany, because there are too many people to wear Tiffany jewelry proud , It is with the history of common deposition and development so far.
Top 3: Bvlgari (in 1884 in Italy)

Bulgari is the world’s third largest jewelry brand after the French cardia and the United States Tiffany. The brand originated in Greece, the founder of Sodilio Bugali is a Greek silhouettes of the Iraqi Pruce region. In 1879, Sautilio moved to Naples, Italy, and in 1884 he opened a silver shop in Rome, specializing in the sale of exquisite silver sculptures. Bulgari jewelry production in the color of the design for the essence of originality with a variety of different colors of gems with a combination, and then use the base of different materials to highlight the gem of the dazzling color.
Top 4: Van Cleef & Arpels (Paris, France, 1906)
The following are the same as the ”
Van Cleef & Arpels since its birth date has been the world’s nobility and celebrity Ascot is particularly favorite top jewelry brand. The beginning of the jewelry, it implies a beautiful love honey. At the end of the 19th century, Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef, two jewelers from the Netherlands. After marriage, they created a pair of surnames as the name of the jewelry store jewelry business. In 1906, the first Van Cleef & Arpels (Van Cleef & Arpels) boutiques at the time the most international celebrities indulge in Paris Fontaine Square debut, stretching a century of jewelry legend from the opening.
A carat is 0.2 grams. Can also be called 100 points. So 30 points is 0.06 grams.

30 points diamond ring size, 30 points diamond ring in the country is more popular diamond size, because the size has been able to fire color, affordable, most can accept, but in the end 30 points of the diamond ring how much?

The weight of the diamond is expressed in karaoke, 1 carat = 0.2 g = 100 points, so the weight of 30 points is 0.3 carats, that is 0.06 grams, so you can imagine its weight. In front of us we introduced a carat diamond how much? We use a small soybeans it metaphor, but 30 points of the diamond ring, we can only use the exact value to illustrate, 30 diamonds diameter is 4.20 mm, the thickness is 2.50 mm. 1 carat diameter is 6.50 mm, the thickness is 3.90 mm, so it does not seem to be more than half of a carat more, their price is not a simple multiple relationship.In addition, some 30 points diamond looks relatively large, It is because the cut is Replica Cartier jewelry different.It is not the same diameter, but often such a diamond because the cut is too shallow reasons, not worthy of our selection. It can not show a good fire color.
How to buy 30 points diamond ring, you need to see our own needs. If you want is the cost of diamond ring, then the online shopping diamond ring is more appropriate, or direct customization. The benefits of customization is not only cost-effective, but also allows us to design their own diamond ring style, personally experience the diamond ring production. If you need is high quality to enjoy, that high-profile brand is relatively appropriate price, but the price is much lower.
Mention the diamond ring, maybe we will think of carat drill, but when the real purchase may we will only hastily choose 30 points diamond ring, although 30 cents diamond ring is relatively small, but 30 points diamond ring price can not be ignored, in the final 30 points diamond ring Price is the most concerned about the issue of consumers. 30 points diamond ring price = 30 points diamond price + care price + processing fee + brand fee + other.

30 points diamond ring in the wedding ring price is relatively low, although 30 points diamond ring low price, but in the purchase process need to pay attention to a few questions, for example, in the purchase of diamond ring before the budget, diamond ring brand , The style of the diamond ring and the location of the purchase of diamond ring, these problems, you must consider the problem in advance.
30 points diamond ring price is a lot of consumers want to know, because 30 points diamond ring relative to both drilling, the price is relatively cheap, more suitable for the average consumer. How much is the 30-point diamond ring? How can we buy 30 points diamond ring? Want to know the price of 30 cents diamond ring, you must first understand the composition of the diamond ring price.

No matter how big the diamond ring, they are composed of diamonds and mausoleum, so their prices are largely subject to both constraints. Of course, the price of each commodity is also affected by the business brand and the impact of operating mode, in the analysis of 30 points when the price of diamond ring, but also need to take into account the brand and other factors.

How to wear a dream?

How to wear a dream?
Dai Mengde as one of China’s well-known jewelry brand, wearing a dream in the course of 15 years of development, has been committed to using the best diamonds to design the most artistic characteristics of jewelry, in order to achieve people’s good dreams. Wearing a jewelry store to sell jewelry, spread jewelry culture, guide people to “beauty” comprehend, looking for “not the most expensive, but the most touched themselves, and their most appropriate jewelry” for the idea of the spread of human truth. So, how about wearing a diamond?

1, wearing a dream diamond is the quality of Chinese jewelry brand, and its jewelry jade all by the China Gem Association to provide quality certification certificate, all of its pure platinum by the National Nonferrous Metals Institute and the National Center for Cartier love bracelet replica Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quality Inspection Quality Certification , Is one of the famous Chinese jewelry brand, it is the quality of the diamond can be guaranteed.

2, wearing a dream for diamond after-sales service is particularly valued, the sale of goods customers return, repair, change the ring and other requirements will be given to customers under the provisions of the greatest satisfaction, and asked the Purchasing Guide to do a detailed record. Wearing a dream diamond whether it is quality or after-sales service is very good, at least in the country be pretty good.

3, the diamond is regardless of the brand, from the 4C side, one can not be less, each have a link, so there is no good that is not good, can only say how the diamond cut, the color is good, How, how much weight, etc., if you want to buy, you can go to the first to understand the next, and then compare the quality of other home prices.

Dai Meng was a good diamond

Do you have a good diamond? Diamond is not about the brand, to be specific to a specific diamond up, the specific parameters see certificate. Brand, you can give you some protection. Dai Meng is a well-known brand diamond ring, although the market share is not high, but also a certain position. Diamonds are the same, are basically purchased from Belgium, but different brands will have some differences, if you want to cost a little, in fact, do not have too much attention to the brand.

Do you have a good diamond? Wearing a dream diamond is good, that is, no shop, only in the store or shopping malls sales, the price will be higher, but aftermarket maintenance is quite convenient. Now buy diamond ring more popular online bare diamond custom, such as Zoacai, and the price will be more appropriate to fit the actual price of diamonds, a carat diamond ring price of 40,000 or so, and in some of the traditional brand jewelry store, the price went to 10 Million or so, choose that cost-effective, this is self-evident.
How did the color diamond form? The diamond is a kind of diamond. Often, diamonds are transparent, while diamonds are diamonds other than transparency. The world has colored diamonds, are called color diamond color, more common are golden yellow, brown, green, purple, orange, pink, red, blue, which, pink diamond, red diamond, blue diamond is more Rare, often can not be met, such as the blue Hop diamond, called rare treasures, valuable. So, how is the formation of color diamond it?
Each color diamond

1, the formation of yellow diamond diamond: yellow diamond was yellow or dark yellow, is the diamond in the formation process, when the nitrogen atoms to replace part of the diamond crystal carbon atoms, began to absorb blue, purple light, which showed a yellow, Light yellow, golden yellow, wine yellow or amber, is the most common color in the color diamond, the most precious to the golden rare.
Yellow diamond

2, the formation of brown diamond diamonds: brown diamonds are plastic Cartier love ring replica deformation, carbon dislocation or internal lattice deformation and the formation of brown diamonds.

3, the formation of blue diamond diamond, blue diamond is caused by the B atoms, the outer layer of three valence electrons, when the covalent carbon atoms with the formation of a hole, and by the adjacent carbon atoms of electrons Filling, electron absorption of long waves (red), residual color was blue, so the formation of the blue diamond.

4, the formation of diamond diamonds and diamond drill: diamond in the formation process, the lattice structure twisted, leaving the diamond red or pink. Among them, the red diamond to the rich and the blood of the “blood drill” for the rare treasures.

5, the formation of green diamond diamond: by the natural radiation damage center color, was light green, bright green, usually natural diamonds are very thin green skin.

6, the formation of the black diamond drill: by a large number of dark opaque inclusions – microcrystalline, iron, mineral or molecular grade graphite due to diamonds.

What is the reason for the formation of the diamond

What is the reason for the formation of the diamond? The beauty of colored diamonds comes from the unique and rare colors, the color of the diamonds and the richness of the color of the color determines the value of the colored diamonds. The more the color of the colored diamonds is, the higher the color grade is, the higher the color, The higher the saturation, the higher the value. Clarity and cutting, weight and other factors to evaluate the diamond is not the first factor to consider the list.
Each color diamond

One of the main causes of color diamond is the color of the particles in the colorless Cartier nail bracelet replica diamonds, and the different colors produce different colors, so the more rare the color and the higher the value. The second reason for the formation of the diamond is the formation of diamonds in the long process of containing other trace elements lead to different colors, or diamond crystal structure changes caused by white light is absorbed to form color diamonds. These two statements are determined by most of the experts, of course, some experts after the study, or uncertain reasons.

Custom design of diamond ring

Custom design of diamond ring
You can design their own, you can also put their own ideas or love stories tell the designer, so that designers to help design, but also according to the business counter style, plus their favorite elements, or subtract their own elements do not like to design.

Custom design of the diamond ring design. If you have a painting, learn sketch or learn design, according to their own ideas, ideas, or love story, drawing the design of the diamond ring to the designer, and then by the designer to optimize and then communicate with each other to determine the design, After paying the deposit, you can start the customization!

Custom design of the diamond ring please designer imitation Cartier love bracelet design. The heart of the diamond ring with the ideal shape, you can directly communicate with the designer, you can love the favorite elements, such as the Eiffel Tower, hello kitty cat, Satsuma white dog, Ferris wheel, etc., or with your love affection related things , Can communicate with the designer to describe the appearance of the diamond ring, drawn by the designer sketch, and then continue to modify the most satisfied look.

Diamond ring custom design of the original ring on the favorite elements. This is the easiest custom design of the diamond ring. Only need to pick in the jewelry store their favorite style, do not like the elements removed, or add their favorite elements, consult customer service can, OK, very simple!

Diamond ring custom design is good, but also select the bare diamond and ring material, then you can first understand the diamond 4C, to avoid the selection of bare drill, do not know how to choose. If the material is simple, platinum and 18K gold can be selected, the value of platinum will be higher, never change color. If it is a luxury style, the choice of 18K gold material better, because 18K gold hard, mosaic the most solid!

Custom couples can be customized into their own love story of the ring, there are two custom ways, one is the semi-custom way, that is, two people to determine their favorite couple on the ring style, adding two design elements, And then consider the need not inlaid diamonds or other gemstones, etc., to be finalized after these businesses are customized.

Custom couple rings

However, there are also some businesses now launched a full custom way, specifically for your love story design and custom couple on the ring style, the two love story into the ring style design, as the exclusive of the two unique Couple ring! Full custom couple on the way, if you are good at painting people, you can also design their own, and then by the business custom, it is more meaningful!

If you feel that the above custom too much trouble, you can also choose a favorite style, directly on the inner wall of the ring or the surface engraved with the two love sentences, special dates or exclusive symbols plus their names, such as “executive Child hand, and the child with the old “” pig and calf “” 2016.5.20 “and so on. So that the ring has become more meaningful, love is not around, see the ring, just like the lover has been accompanied by the side.

Customizing the couple’s communication with the designer is the most important thing, because most of the design of the ring is derived from the designer’s creativity, only the designer understands the idea you want to express in order to design the two People love the meaning of the couple on the ring; in the custom couple ring when you need to reach a consensus with the designer, ideas and ideas, you need to extract the most important one to three Replica Cartier jewelry elements, so that a good custom ring can have a simple fashion beauty!

Custom couple on the ring If you feel more neutral style, do not like, you can also choose the shop’s women’s ring and male ring DIY custom made a pair of ring, style selection is more abundant! And diamonds can also choose a bigger and better, women’s ring style is more beautiful and feminine, male ring is more atmospheric fashion!

Where can I customize the ring? Custom diamond ring place is very much, you can customize the Internet online, you can also go to the store store custom, you can customize the traditional brand, you can also customize the new brand, and some brands such as Zuo Kayi, you can also online official website optimistic about the style and Diamonds, and then contact the jewelry consultant to the physical store to see the kind, and finally determine the custom, very convenient!

Where can I customize the ring? On the Internet for the Internet, you can customize the diamond jewelry store flagship store can be said to be dazzling, more than countless. On the line more well-known custom diamond ring brands are: Zuo Kayi, Chow Tai Fook, diamond birds, Derek, Clay Emperor, Kelan, etc., these brands are custom diamond ring.

Where can I customize the ring? On the store store, you can customize the diamond jewelry brand is also very much, there are traditional brands Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Xie Ruilin, Luk Fook, tide Acer, Kimberley, Lao Fengxiang, Ming licensing, etc., there are emerging brands such as Zoca, Family, love, BLOVES and so on. Traditional brand has a long history, the brand value will be relatively high, but the price will be higher.

Where can I customize the ring? Custom diamond ring no matter where, can be customized jewelry stores are many, to choose from the multi-jewelry store for their own, cost-effective and high, they like the diamond ring, there is some trouble. Here, you can select the more well-known, more representative of several to contrast, you can quickly and better pick out the favorite diamond ring to customize it!

The traditional brand is more representative of Chow Tai Fook and Chow Sang Sang, emerging brand is Zuo Kayi and BLOVES, and they have their own and the characteristics of the online official website or flagship store, line under the store, want to save Time friends, you can also online shop on the net comparison of several of their bare diamond and care style, and then to the physical store to see the kind, to determine the style of bare drill, and then a single custom on the OK. Very simple?

Where is the bare drill?

Where is the bare drill?
Naked drill can be customized place is very much, under the line of Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Zuo Kayi, Xie Ruilin; online Zoca, diamond bird, Kelan and other brands, are custom naked diamond brand. In addition to the brand, there are some small workshops will be naked drill custom orders, that is, the quality may not be so good, will not be so secure.

Bare drill to custom? If you are buying a bare drill do not want to Cartier love bracelet replica mosaic in the business where you want to customize the rest of the ring, you can find the local diamond business to buy a mosaic face mosaic, or you can find some special help in the day cat inlaid diamonds or precious stones business mosaic , Custom ring and mosaic costs are generally in the 1000 to a few thousand or so, depending on the specific style of the material and mosaic small diamond weight.

But the proposal is still in the place to buy bare drill mosaic mosaic, although the bare diamond has GIA code, not afraid to transfer bag, but if the mosaic process, accidentally scratched the bare drill, do not work well, the price than the original business Higher, it is worth the candle. And some bare diamond business is not willing to help custom, is afraid to receive false drill that really drill, when the falsely accused, and the erection and mosaic costs are not expensive, earn not much, but also some business activities, Will be sent to the ring.

Bare drill to custom? If you are picking naked drill + custom ring together, many places can be customized, such as Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Zuo Kai these, some brands, such as Zuo Kayi, but also in the official website optimistic about the bare diamond and ring style , And then contact customer service booking to the physical store to see the kind, ok and then a single custom, and the physical store and the official website price is consistent, the price is very high!
How much is the price of two karaoke bare diamond? Under normal circumstances, the same quality of bare drill, the price of two karaoke bare diamond is 2 square by the price of a carat, that is, if a carat bare diamond price of 10 million yuan, then the same quality of two karats The price is 400,000. Two karats diamond ring how much money, depends on the diamond 4C standard, that is, weight, clarity, color and cut.

Regardless of the price of two krappo drill, first of all to learn how to choose two krappan drill, the first step is to be based on their own budget to buy, the second step to choose cost-effective and after-sales protection of the business, the third step to confirm two karats Bare drill 4C standard and international authority of the certification.

Two-carat bare diamond price measurement? Naked drill is actually in the custom diamond ring when we choose unprocessed diamonds, the formation of a bright diamond ring need to be a perfect combination of bare diamond and ringing, and ultimately to become a diamond Cartier love ring replica ring. And bare diamond is no mosaic diamonds, then the price of two kartai bare diamond, we have to proceed from many aspects. The two-carat bare diamond itself belongs to the large carat diamond range, so its base price is naturally not cheap. Followed by this piece of two karats bare diamond color, clarity and cutting, etc., the most important of which is two karats bare diamond cut.

Two karats bare diamond prices

Two karats bare diamond has been able to show the perfect fire color, with the cut process is inseparable, so in the purchase must be on the bare diamond cutting carefully observed. Followed by the color and clarity of the bare drill, it can be said that these two aspects with two karats bare diamond prices have a lot of contact, the same is two karats of bare drill, if the color and clarity difference is relatively large, then the price will be different Very far, but we buy two karats of this large naked drill, the best choice of high degree of clarity, color level close to colorless, so that two karats bare diamond is not only more bright, but also has the potential for appreciation.
Diamond carat price how much money? This is the most want to buy diamond who want to understand, because the answers given by the various businesses are not the same, and the same is the difference between the price of caravan diamond is very poor, after all, diamonds are not ordinary consumer goods, we will be careful , But also for this reason that many people can only discourage. The factors affecting the price of diamond carat lot, because under the influence of various factors, the same is the diamond carat price is very different. So how much is the diamond carat price? What is the diamond carat price decision factor?

How much is the price of a diamond carat? If the diamond color, clarity, cut the same, then 1 carat price of 30,000, diamonds 2 carat price of 2 for the second power, and then multiplied by 3, that is, 120,000 diamonds 3 carat price of 27 million, from this The calculation of the price method, we can see the diamond carat more and more precious. International is the diamond 4c standard to evaluate, that is, color color; clarity clarity; cutting cutting; to carat as a unit of heavy caratweight.

Two pieces of the same weight of diamond carats, their prices may vary greatly, because the other three areas may be a big difference. Commercial, the price of diamond carats in the weight of a certain level, such as 0.99ct diamonds per kilogram price than 1.01ct diamonds Replica Cartier love bracelet a lot cheaper price per carat. While the two are also a carat diamond price may be due to the impact of other 3C and very different, so the price of diamond carat, clarity, the impact of cutting is also negligible.

Diamond carat price

Fluorescence is also one of the factors that affect the price of diamond carats, because the general price of fluorescent diamonds are generally lower than those without fluorescent diamonds. Fluorescence in the ultraviolet light will affect the color of diamonds, diamond color rating affect the fairness, so the price will be low. Brand value, sales channels, geographical impact is also the decision to diamond carat price factors, diamond carat prices include the brand value, the greater the brand the higher the cost of sharing.

Sales channels, the price of diamonds will have some impact, Zouqi jewelry 020 impact model, eliminating the high cost of traditional shopping malls to less than 50% of the price of shopping malls, directly to the consumer. Whether it is diamond or diamond, its price is not static, the same weight depends on the quality of diamonds, and diamond quality should also be reflected in the color, cut and transparency, the same quality depends on the weight, which is mutual Constraints, the other market pricing will also interfere with the price of diamonds and diamond ring.

The role of obsidian bracelet

The role of obsidian bracelet
Obsidian bracelet, for a natural gem-grade ore, it is not really natural crystal, but its physical properties and material are very close to natural crystal Bale. Obsidian bracelet is the product of volcanic rock after rapid cooling, belonging to a natural glass ore. Its market price is not very expensive, but its role is very large, in China is the most widely used one of the natural gem, in Buddhism, the natural obsidian bracelet is also called “black King Kong”, with a very strong The lifting of the role of negative energy, extreme evil spirits, as evil spirits amulet, evil temple house on the good items.
Obsidian bracelet because it has a strong and pure Cartier love bracelet replica energy, it can be placed in the evil spirits heavier place, or even made of black Yao Buddha, evil for the evil effect is superior, corresponding to the sea round, the body can lead to the gas Three rounds, can be strong kidney, absorb the disease, treatment of infertility, to help sleep.
Red crystal in the ternary feng shui bureau to play a leading role, ternary feng shui is a folk way of prayer, “ternary” refers to the composition of three different instruments, “feng shui” refers to the method. Ternary feng shui bureau together means that, with three kinds of instruments produced by the blessing method.
When women have red crystal, if you want the fallopian tube, pelvic inflammatory disease, annex inflammation, vaginitis, cervicitis, ovarian cysts, soft rib inflammation of the disease as soon as possible rehabilitation or prevention. Need to ask the master with “orange stone, red bamboo stone, rose gold, legal body salt” made into a stone amulet on the side, stone amulet is the second instrument with red crystal, then please master in the printed book in accordance with my birthday Add “Wen bamboo knot printed, thousands and spicy knot India, stone stacked printed.” Knot book is the first three instruments, red crystal and stone amulet and knot printed book, three instruments together to form a folk ternary feng shui Bureau, this combination can protect women’s health.
Red crystal and the role of Wang Fu, there are red crystal and want to Wangfu women, according to her husband’s birthday in the knot printed book to add “Wen bamboo knot printed, the Japanese foot knot India, South Palace end of the end of India”, then please Master with “rose gold, hair Luo, red 鱬 scales” made into a stone amulet on the side, so that the combination can be a great help to her husband.
In addition, the red crystal also solve the girls encounter “rotten peach” problem, there are red crystal people need to resolve their side or love around the rotten peach, you need to ask the master in the brochure in accordance with their own and love the two Birthday Cartier love ring replica add “ice butterfly knot, feather heart knot India, stone stacking India”, then let the master with “Su Su, rose gold, red 鱬 scales” made of stone amulet on the side, so that the combination can eliminate rotten peach.
First, the blue symbol of innocence, melancholy, and blue crystal symbolizes pure and flawless. Many girls like to buy a blue crystal to give homosexual friends to express good wishes.
Second, the blue crystal corresponding to the throat, so it has increased the role of self-expression. Therefore, not good at communication crush can try to wear blue crystal, but also can protect the health of the throat, so sweet voice.
Third, the third meaning of blue crystal is the sea, the meaning of the sea is very broad, it makes the blue crystal is also very meaningful. Blue crystal can release the sea magnetic field, purify our mind, relieve stress.
Blue crystal is a kind of rare in the wet area of the crystal, this symbol of the crystal is representative of love and friendship, because the color is like the sea, love and friendship that things are inclusive, so many people This kind of crystal as a symbol of love and friendship, the effect of this crystal and his representatives are the same as the symbol is very broad, this crystal is not only the effect of amulet, but also to eliminate the sadness and the effectiveness Replica Cartier love bracelet of removing evil, For the children are good to protect the body’s role.
Blue crystal corresponding to the throat, can increase self-expression and communication and coordination ability, to avoid negative energy damage, have opened up evil evil role. Help the throat health, can enhance the respiratory immunity.

Gold jewelry market downturn bank gold favored

Gold jewelry market downturn bank gold favored
The recent international gold prices continued to decline, the major gold jewelry store gold jewelry also have lowered the price, coupled with some of the promotional activities, the current shopping malls on a lot of gold jewelry prices have fallen to about 300 yuan per gram, and even some First-line jewelry brands such as Zhou Dasheng, Kim Tae-fu and other gold jewelry prices are down the adjustment.

Although the price of gold jewelry counters are to a new low, but according to the sales data of the supermarkets to see the sales of gold jewelry and did not have a lot of gains, some gold jewelry sales staff said: “For gold jewelry many consumers are Replica Cartier jewelry buying Do not buy the psychological, although relatively gold jewelry prices are already very low, but in the trend of price cuts, many consumers will still wait and see attitude.

Although the current price of gold is still falling, but a lot of gold jewelry stores have no frantic buying in the first half of the atmosphere, and even many gold jewelry counter using the end of the holiday promotions, have played a “preferential bargain” advertising signs, Not many people, even if some people try to wear in front of the counter, the real purchase or a minority. Now seems to face the price of gold all the way down, the mentality of the purchase of gold is more and more calm and rational.

But in the gold jewelry market is a low case, some banks timely introduction of the physical gold product area popular, and the previous gold and silver coins, such as this year around the upcoming horse year and the design of the theme zodiac gold jewelry, Many consumers of the favor, it is understood that the construction of the Bank for the introduction of the horse in the year 20 several gold years, the specifications of several grams to several kilograms, sales are very impressive. In addition, there are some suitable for the New Year gift to friends and family “constellation baby” series is also very popular, in terms of price, because the price is more favorable, product type is also more abundant, so the banking channel to attract a lot of people.
Today’s time has come to mid-December, from the time of Christmas is getting closer. At this time, the price of gold jewelry around the continued decline in the situation. And Hong Kong’s gold jewelry prices are still very to force, the current Hong Kong’s unified price compared with the lowest price in Guangzhou, is indeed lower. However, we can not only see this point that Hong Kong’s gold jewelry prices are extremely low.

Now, Hong Kong’s gold stores have begun to implement a new way of sales, that is, a price of gold jewelry. Faced with this new way of selling, consumers must be polished eyes. According to the current data show that the current purchase of this one price of gold jewelry is the most of those young people. These jewelry are often very focused on the style, the meaning of some of the gold jewelry. These young people often like these are these. So, in the premise of love, and the simple way to pricing, these young people have chosen a price of gold jewelry, while ignoring its real price price.

Now, with the gold jewelry prices fall, a price of gold jewelry and weight of the gold jewelry between the price difference is growing, and consumers are not really silly, so obviously the account will certainly count. So, after understanding the true value of a gold jewelry jewelry, for the sale of this gold jewelry to be more cautious.

In some understanding to know, there are a lot of consumers are this price of gold jewelry questioned, they think that many of these gold jewelry are very common, do not see where the new. Moreover, this price is the gap is getting bigger and bigger. And even some consumers said that now a price of gold jewelry more and more, it should not be because the price of gold, businesses in order to avoid the risk of falling gold prices and deliberately do things right? The following are the same as the ”

In this regard, the industry said that this price of gold jewelry prices are beyond the original price of gold a lot, and therefore can not rule out the possibility of some businesses deliberately. So once again to remind consumers, in the present when the price of gold fell, or weight-based Kazakhstan U you quickly more affordable video, so pay attention to choose their own purchase of gold jewelry category it