How to communicate with the wedding photography shop, studio effective

How to communicate with the wedding photography shop, studio effective
Change clothes and do not add money? When you pick the dress, be sure to ask the shopping guide for clothes plus no money. In general, clothing shopping guide will take you to see some very beautiful clothing, and then said that a lifetime to shoot once, which bride does not want to be beautiful, today shot a few pairs of clothing here are selected … …. This is the usual way to sell shopping guide, nothing more than want you to choose high-end area of clothing. At this time must be clear, choose high-end area of the clothing plus no money? If not money, then go to choose high-end area (so little). Usually need to add money, it is necessary to ask specific, specific plus how many, a few hundred, or a total of several hundred, which pieces of clothes and so on, to add the money is asked clear. It is best to write down.
Do not pursue those high-end area dress election dress we do not want to pursue those high-end area dress, do not want to control how much money spent others. These are not important, in fact, each dress has a corresponding best shooting action, the key is to see people. Here to tell you a skill, if you energetic, then you go to the high-end area of the dress all try again, anyway, try not money, in case you can see one or two favorite it, after all, A lifetime may be on this time.
Choose photographers price? Sometimes we are not satisfied with the photographer, want to change photographers, then many need to add money, of course, some are free for the change. So we need to communicate in advance to communicate in the end or not to add money.
To visit the venue props and so on when the photographer to get the Cartier love bracelet replica problem, do not forget to visit their props Yeah, equipment Yeah, background Yeah, shooting hardware equipment, jewelry and so on. These are also very important. Or so when shooting to see these equipment props old mood will be greatly affected.
On the photographer there is a problem, that is, when shooting is a photographer with a photo, or by the combination of two people, if the two photographers take pictures, how specific allocation. Whether the photographer only take a group on the same day, if not a total of several groups. These problems are critical, or when the photographer in a hurry will hastily trouble, will seriously affect the quality of shooting.
This time should be shooting the relevant issues. Selected each set of clothing inside a total of how many shots shot, how many sets of clothing, a total of how many shots shot, these lenses inside the proportion of the choice of photos. As well as the proportion of indoor and outdoor shooting is not to mention the relevant photos of the processing (modification) and so on.
Location shooting related issues. Location shooting price, you can shoot where the location of what, you can go to other provinces to shoot it, to the other provinces, then the price of it? There is the location of traffic vehicles who are prepared to travel, if the tourist attractions to ask the ticket, parking spaces, who will bear the burden of food and other issues should be asked in advance to ask. There is the location of shooting is completed one day or can be divided into days to complete, how many days to complete the photographer, such as stylist will not change.
Of course, there is a problem is the day the family friends can shoot the same day, shooting the day the service team who have what personnel.
Choose a better reputation of the studio or studio. Wedding photographs are very profitable, but the competition is also very intense. In the pedestrian street, online media, advertising on the wedding photography overwhelmed. In fact, the face of so many choices, as long as the word “word of mouth” can not be disturbed by the outside world. Although the good reputation of the store price will be relatively high, but can shoot a set of their own satisfaction with the photos, even if you have something!
Check the package carefully. In the wedding market, the package is an attractive Cartier love ring replica magic weapon. Many packages under the guise of discounts, set a variety of traps, swagger. So before booking a wedding, be sure to carefully check the situation of the package, if the single package is very cheap to see the total price, but did not notice the make-up, outside the film and other projects need to add money, then,
The useless things in the package can be cut or converted into photos. Now studio to attract people, the package is very rich, can be said to be everything. In fact, so many things seem very cost-effective, but in fact these things are not practical. In addition to the photos can be placed, album or some ornaments, a lot of things on the future after the day on the box. So for those who do not have practical significance of the items, it is best to remove the price, or into a photo entry.
Try to get more location shooting. Wedding dress is the most desirable is to shoot location. For ordinary people, in addition to wedding photographs, it is difficult to have a box of clothing, professional makeup artist and photographer to take pictures of the opportunity. So in the studio or studio to talk about the price, to fight for location shooting, at least add several sets of location clothes.
Ask if there is any extra consumption. Extra consumption is the most common trap in wedding photography. Some unscrupulous businesses, in order to achieve the purpose of deceiving customers, the contents of the package does not involve some content, such as location shooting fees, park tickets, meals and so on. Because these consumption is not clear in the promotional package, so even more to ask clearly, or will cause disputes.
Ask the big picture of the box, the number of photos in the album and typesetting. When shooting wedding photos, usually take a lot of photos, but not all the photos will be framed. So be sure to figure out the number of frames into the photo, photo frame, photo album material, and layout to take pictures of the time.
Ask about the details of the photo selection and refinement. A lot of wedding Cartier nail bracelet replica photography packages are marked later will send all the pictures taken. But there is one thing to keep in mind: the photos sent by the general is not a refined photo. In fact, wedding shoot out, there may be a lot of favorite photos, but because the number of problems can not all into the book. So when booking must be asked to send the photo is refined or simplified, as much as possible to request the number of fine photos, so that you can put the photo album after the intensive repair, and so have time to wash their own The
When you deposit your deposit, you will see the same picture on the contract and sign the results. Even if the package will see clearly, the price is clear, the miscellaneous things do not need to get rid of, and can not be taken lightly. Any verbal commitment will not be used as a strong basis before it is officially presented in writing. So before the deposit, must be the results of the negotiations one by one to write clearly, after the completion of verification, and then sign the payment.

The maintenance of the diamond ring

The maintenance of the diamond ring
When love is exhausted, you need to find a way to make love fresh, only with freshness, love is more sweet; when to come To the specific festivals, anniversaries, you need to prepare a gift to the beloved person a different surprise. These are some of the way to get along with love, these ways is to let love can always go on the way, love is a fragile ceramic vase, need careful maintenance, maintenance, to be able to have a beautiful luster, only maintenance , To be able to give the world not the same attraction. Love of the diamond ring, but also the need for maintenance, maintenance, and can be better guardian of love. So what is the maintenance of the diamond ring?

In the world of love

Love, and sometimes need to be in a still state, in a static state, you can feel the beauty of love. In the maintenance of the diamond ring is the same, you need to still, when you have a commitment to love the diamond ring, the heart is full of happiness, but happiness can carry, but the diamond can not carry. When you are in the bath, sleep, engage in some of the work may have damage to the diamond ring, the diamond ring to take down, put it in a safe place, so that the diamond ring can better save their own shine, from damage.

In the world of love low profile

Love is a very happy thing for everyone, when you have love, in fact, there is Cartier love bracelet replica no need to let the world know your sweet, because happiness is two people together sweet. Diamond ring is the case, wearing a diamond ring, be sure not to touch at any time, do not touch a hand to touch. Because your hands have sweat and a lot of dirt, so long-term touch your diamond ring, will make your diamond ring lost luster. So, do not always touch the diamond ring, so happy in the heart of the best.
Reflect in the world of love

Love this thing, no matter how you go to maintenance, how to operate, can not avoid some unexpected circumstances. So, you need to clear the impurities in love regularly. For the diamond ring, the long time, there will be some scratches, stains, so, for these damage, we must promptly deal with. Like scratches, you can go to a professional jewelry store to repair, for the stains, you need to regularly take the diamond ring to wash with a professional cleaning fluid, the only way to be able to keep the diamond ring clean and smooth, it will not leave too much Traces of years.

Diamond ring maintenance methods, like love maintenance, to avoid hard-edged, to regularly reflect your love. Operating love is a difficult thing, but as long as you love deep, proper way, your love will come out of a beautiful legend of love.
Two people’s life is bit by bit the accumulation of life footprint, it is love inside the long-term companions, I believe that one day the future you will always look back because they have such a past and feel happy. Diamond ring to bring the vision of the future, bring a better hope for love, but also brought the original intention of love. When a diamond ring is worn on your hand, it means that it is a promise, but also love the witness, more love is a mark for you. Now many people are willing to use a diamond ring to firmly guard the love of two people, then the diamond ring certificate is a need for us to pay attention to a place. Every time we buy diamond ring when the diamond ring certificate will be more attention.
That is your testimony of my love

All know that each ring has its own unique temperament, perhaps the exudes of the charm of a small woman, perhaps with the youth of the campus atmosphere, but no matter what kind of charm ring has its own unique certificate. Diamond ring certificate is the existence of the diamond ring, is a representative of the quality of a ring, representing a plot of feelings. When we buy the ring, we should carefully check the certificate of the diamond ring, because it is your attention, because it is your future hand in hand respect for the people. Two people accompanied by a section of the road, is lucky, but also to use a ring to witness the love of two people.

That is the future of the insistence

Although the diamond ring certificate can not represent the distance of two people love Cartier love ring replica the distance, but at least you can witness the future of every step of the road. Because the two of you wearing the ring, but it is time to tell you that it is your commitment to love each other, every time you want to give up, every sad sad cry when we must firmly tell ourselves, more Stick a little bit. If love is a momentary impulse, then accompanied by the eternal insistence, do not let your love become regret, so the future of the people more patience.
It is all the diamond ring

Diamond ring certificate is a synonym for a diamond ring, when you see a favorite diamond ring, you will want to know the most quickly it all, you will want to know it’s true and false, then the diamond ring certificate is your best select. It is the most intuitive and most detailed way to understand a diamond ring. So we have to buy diamond ring when we must take a good look at the diamond ring certificate above the information, I believe you will certainly be more like that diamond ring.

Diamond ring certificate is the future you go all the way with a mark, it is your firm belief in a standard, look at your diamond certificate, look at the love of both of you.

Where the single ring wears a finger

Where the single ring wears a finger
What is a single ring finger? Right hand little finger: do not fall in love, right hand ring finger: love in. Right middle finger: famous flower master. Right index finger: single nobility. Left hand little finger: not marriage. Left hand ring finger: marriage. Left middle finger: engagement. Left index finger: unmarried thumb is the meaning of power on behalf of, you can also do the meaning of self-confidence.
Does the single ring wear a good finger? If it is eager to marry, eager to end a single life, the ring is best to wear on the index finger, which means unmarried, want to get married. If you want everyone to clear your single, the ring can be worn on the little finger, said Cartier love bracelet replica the meaning of a single aristocracy, but also divorce or determination of the meaning of celibacy.
What kind of brand is good? This is benevolent see benevolent wise see things, the following is a small series of some of the more popular diamond ring brand.

(China Famous Brand) 5 Mingpai Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand) 5 Mingbao Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand) 5 Mingbao Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand) (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand) 8 Cartier Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand) 9 Lao Fengxiang Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand) Chinese famous brand) 10 Xie Ruilin diamond ring

Not the best wedding diamond ring brand, with love diamond ring is the best wedding ring. Buy wedding diamond ring in addition to the high price, but also durable, the most important thing is that both husband and wife like to like the ring, in order to fine care, in the years under the dazzling.
What kind of brand is good? Marriage is one of the three most important things in life, because the happiness of life and marriage has a very important link. Then the importance of marriage as an important monument to marry the importance of marriage can also be imagined.

What kind of good thing is really good to say that the wedding diamond ring brand too much. To this end, many new people have specifically sought to have entered the marriage hall of the views of friends, they also give guidance, but some say that the brand is good, and some say that brand is good. What brand of wedding is good in the end? Some people say that makes sense, he said that there is no death of the answer, wedding ring is a new love witness, the meaning of diamond ring is the most important, not a brand.
Marriage is a lifetime event, and wedding ring for new people, especially the most important. Select a wedding ring with a mind, need to pay attention to the following questions.

Pre-determined ring style. Wedding rings are worn every day, but now you can choose a lot of styles, but between husband and wife will only buy a pair of rings. So in order to avoid pick the eye, choose a wedding ring before the first to do their own preferences to filter. Decided to ring the material, precious stones, style and other details. If it is custom, you can also help the staff, designed their own custom program.

The ring can be different. Couples, between husband and wife often want to have uniform clothing, hobbies, but not on behalf of the wedding ring must be so. If a person likes platinum, the other like K gold, we can create two separate personal taste and style wedding ring. But after all, is the couple, two people’s wedding ring difference is not too much, it is best to have a place to echo.

Ring material is very important. Wedding ring records every life worth remembering a moment, to accompany the couple’s wedding ring, the importance of the ring material is much larger than the style. Now the ring material selection of 18K gold and platinum, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but it should be noted that, no matter what kind of metal, as long as our daily wear wedding ring more attention to wear and maintenance, wedding ring can be We spend a lifetime.

Measure the exact finger number. New people are more and more concerned about the comfort of wearing a wedding ring, but also enough to explain the importance of comfort, the appropriate ring can let you wear a ring more comfortable, you can go to the jewelry store shopkeeper to help you measure your hand Inch, you can use a simple method to measure out.

Stand the test of time. Buy wedding rings can follow the pace of fashion, but the wedding ring is to wear a lifetime of the ring, the choice of style must also be in the next 20 years will not let yourself bored. In addition, the ring will also accompany their own to participate in various occasions, whether it is parents, or a formal social gathering.
For thousands of years, gold and silver have been the most precious metals. At any time, any country and region, these two things are collectible value, can be made when the currency of the hard currency. So until today, there are still many people regard them as the main material of Cartier love ring replica the wedding base. But in recent years, platinum as a more valuable, beautiful metal sudden emergence, swept the world, sales in the store also jumped to the first. And the hardness of platinum is also higher, diamonds set in the above is not easy to fall. The following are the same as the ”

Western proverb says “diamonds are the best friend of a girl”, and China also has a “diamond forever, a permanent spread” argument. Although many people choose other jewelry as an engagement ring, such as ruby, emerald or pearl, but the diamond ring is the most fashionable choice. When choosing diamonds, pay attention to “four C”: Cut-Cut, Clarity-Clarity, Color-Color and Carat-Carat. The following are the same as the ”

If the wallet is not enough drums, the budget is more tense, take the holidays to the discount shopping malls to buy it would be a good idea. Buy things to shop around, buy expensive items even more so. The same thing in different shopping malls, the price difference will be great. Some shopping malls in order to attract customers, discount efforts are great. Moreover, the different brands within the counter of the counter, you can also fold on the fold, or VIP discount card. The whole count down, but also save a lot.
JAFF jewelry brand is quite European style of international jewelry brand. Its design concept is less limited by the traditional jewelry design framework, not only rubbing the jewelry and elegant subtle, but also reflects the different fashion areas of the trend of style, for modern women to bring a different choice of jewelry. Jiefu diamond ring prices ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.
Jaff Czech luxury jewelry from the modern women’s casual sex, independent self, not just from the monotonous price. Jaff Jifu jewelry will be a woman’s multi-faceted personality into each core series, giving jewelry life, to make it more human feelings.

JAFF jewelry brand is quite European style of international jewelry brand. Its design concept is less limited by the traditional jewelry design framework, not only rubbing the jewelry and elegant subtle, but also reflects the different fashion areas of the trend of style, for modern women to bring Cartier nail bracelet replica a different choice of jewelry.

Jaff jewelry in the design concept of continuous integration into the latest fashion and popular cultural elements, from Europe and Asia, the top jewelry designers of the design team, not only for the JAFF products brought the most advanced design concepts and trends, Into the most in line with the Asian aesthetic tendencies.

What should the wedding ring wear?

What should the wedding ring wear?
Love is beautiful and romantic, the couple in love always kind of desperate for the madness of love, therefore, love can be said to be a very subjective behavior. But when love sublimation to the level of marriage, it must be treated objectively. Wedding ring is accompanied by a constant marriage, witness the only love of marriage keepsake, such a feature reminiscent of marriage and love of the faithful, permanent and pure. So, what should the wedding ring wear? How should a wedding ring wear?
What should the wedding ring wear?

For the upcoming marriage of young men and women in the wedding ring after buying this may be on this will be at a loss, heard how the wedding ring is wearing a stress, but can not remember, for fear of wearing a wrong joke. Zuoqi Yi jewelry to tell you how to wear a wedding ring, wedding rings are worn on the left hand ring finger, because it is leading to the heart of the people, a symbol of love and mind connected.

According to the custom of our country, the engagement ring is Cartier love bracelet replica usually worn in the middle finger of the left hand, the wedding ring is worn on the left hand of the ring finger; according to the popular ring wearing law and meaning of the argument, if unmarried girl, should not wear the right hand middle finger or ring finger, otherwise , Will make many seekers discouraged. According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, it is associated with the heart.

Wedding rings are usually diamond rings to symbolize both sides of the pure and eternal love, usually wearing a ring finger on the left hand. After the wedding ceremony on the exchange of wedding rings, it will be witnessed as both love and save life, and even as a symbol of family heritage from generation to generation. But no matter how rich the life of marriage, it will not be changed, will be understood as loyalty to love and husband’s trust and support.
How should a wedding ring wear?

Wedding ring is a symbol of marriage, wedding ceremony by the exchange of wedding rings to complete the ceremony, wedding rings worn on the ring finger is the most appropriate expression of the state of marriage, left hand ring finger blood through the heart, is the most sensitive place sensation, So now the international wedding ring wearing a position in the left hand ring finger, but also regardless of male left female right. Some engagement rings and wedding rings can be set, of course, should also be worn on the left hand ring finger, but the bride wearing a wedding ring at the same time also set to put on the wedding ring, two rings at the same time in a finger, As if to tell the couple from the engagement to the romantic journey of marriage.

Many new people will be ready before marriage in the wedding ring, where you need to remind prospective new people about, although we would like to feel the feeling of wearing a wedding ring, but we need to pay attention to the elders in front of the ring should pay attention to wear, In general, wedding rings should not wear long before the wedding, it should be a new exchange of the ring after the re-wear, so as to be able to better meet the commitment of marriage.

What are the reasons for wearing ring finger on ring finger?

According to customs and personal habits of different wedding rings may also be different. This romantic origin originated in 1477, when the Austrian Prince Maximilian to the French town of Mary, Mary, presented a diamond ring as a wedding gift. Left hand ring finger wearing a wedding ring custom originated in ancient Egypt, they believe that “love pulse” is through the left hand ring finger and heart connected, so that the warmth of love can be directly from the fingertips into the heart.
Wedding rings originated in ancient Egypt, at the time of engagement and wedding rings are part of the contract marriage, wedding rings are usually worn on the bride’s ring finger, said his wife’s loyalty and obedience to her husband. Today, the community popular in the wedding exchange ring, wearing a right hand ring finger before marriage, wearing a left hand ring finger, meaning left hand with heart, you can heart to heart, following the following you introduce the wedding ring how much money? What does the wedding ring mean?
1, in general, in the wedding ring on the budget to two to three months salary is appropriate, of course, we can according to their own economic capacity to make a budget, the economy can be appropriate to increase the budget, the economy can be appropriate Reduce budget. Wedding ring a pair of price calculation method is generally ring price = bare diamond + ring + processing fees, we understand these three factors can be able to get a price. The main factor in the price of the ring is the material of the diamond and the ring, and we all know that the price of the diamond is mainly influenced by the diamond 4C.

2, the price of a pair of wedding rings, usually from the material to the approximate price of the ring, different materials, the market price is not the same. General men’s rings will be designed to be more generous, and the ladies’ ring will tend to be soft and elegant. Wedding ring Cartier love ring replica on how much money? Ordinary gold a pair of prices in the 3000-5000 yuan, if it is diamond-studded wedding ring, the price will be more expensive, wedding ring prices in between 1-2 million.

3, wedding ring on how much money to be based on different materials to set, then what are the material of the ring? Are the gold ring, platinum ring is the k gold ring, platinum ring price is three kinds of material The most expensive, gold on the ring K gold to quit some cheaper. There are diamonds on the ring of the price will naturally be much more expensive, then it is another matter. Thousands of dollars in the wedding ring in the price of ordinary people are able to readily accepted. Wedding rings in the knot is married after the need to wear, so the design is best is a little simple, so wear will be more comfortable, and not easy to wear.
What does the wedding ring mean?

Wedding rings are round, on behalf of the eternal, it does not start, no end; love to rare, hurt with tears as evidence that the ring originated in the ancient Chinese court, women wearing a ring is used to note, “Forbidden”, “stop” sign. At that time the emperor had three mansions, six homes, seventy-two concubines, in the harem by the emperor saw the eunuch to write down the date she accompanied the king, and in her right hand wearing a silver ring as a mark. When the concubine pregnancy, told the eunuch, gave a gold ring to wear on the left hand to show the ring body.

Another argument is that the concubines in the court every month to avoid the king “Yu Xing” when a special sign, so called “ring”. Later the ring becomes a token of marriage. After the 14th century, the European women wearing a ring in general, wearing on which fingers, but also gradually become a convention. Wedding ring means more is to express the love of the other half of the sincere feelings, as a lifetime only to send one of the Zoakai wedding ring expression of life only love one person’s feelings, while the current ring is more of a Romantic eternal symbol.

In ancient times, the ring was not used as an ornament at the outset, but a concubine in the court to avoid the king’s “lucky” every month, so called “ring”. In today, the ring has not only beautify the life of the decorations, but also became a token of love. Because in the people’s ring finger, there is a blood vessel is connected with the heart, for the stay together for life lovers, the wedding ring to the ring finger on behalf of their heart and mind, heart interlinked.

What does the wedding ring mean?

1, generally for this, the man will be less concerned about, but when your wife found Cartier nail bracelet replica that your ring is gone, you will ask where the ring lost, and that your ring is lost is impure purpose.

2, if the couple had just some problems, with a small crack, then the ring lost, may be completely broken feelings of the fuse, will be the other side that you are interested in it.

3, if it is love cranky woman, then the ring lost, she will think you did not pay attention to her.

Tree jade bracelet price

Tree jade bracelet price
Tree jade bracelet prices generally in the hundreds of thousands of dollars or so, depending on the specific jade tree bracelet phase, weight, material, water, color and so on. Tree of jade is jadeized silicified wood. It belongs to silicified wood, and because of Cartier love bracelet replica its crystal clear appearance and different from ordinary silicified wood. So, what factors are the factors that affect the price of tree jade bracelets?
1, the color of tree jade bracelet. Tree in the jade bracelet with chicken blood red, ink blue, green, golden the highest price, in these colors, the more pure color, the more bright, the more distribution, the higher the price; and the color is yellow, Solid color, black, floated price for medium price, other non-bright color lowest price.

2, tree jade bracelet of the water. Tree jade bracelet kind of water for the ice species, the highest price, other translucent, such as dry material, the price of brittle material, and water Chong material of the water, the lowest price.

3, tree jade bracelet shape performance. If the tree jade bracelet has insects, tree vine, tree section, tree knot, crystal or ring performance, the higher the quality, the higher the price.

How much money the tree jade bracelet

How much is the tree jade bracelet? Tree jade bracelet generally more than a hundred to more than a thousand or so. The tree-shaped jade bracelet is made of a piece of jade made of trees, which retains all the features of the trees. It gives the bark, tree branches, tree branches, tree knots, and wood fibers to the people. There is shape. This kind of nature reveals the simple, heavy, vicissitudes of the shape is not ordinary jade bracelet, through the jade bracelet to show us often only smooth, crystal appearance. The following is a small series of part of the tree jade bracelet prices for your reference:

1, water jade ice soul natural tree of jade bracelet tree fossil wood fossil woody jade bracelet silicified jade wood 691.00 yuan

2, tree jade bracelet authentic tree fossil bracelet wood fossil silicified wood wood jade 467.00 yuan

3, [Hill hi Qi Gallery] Starry Night Language | Myanmar tree jade bracelet wholesale | 59 | ring clear 500.00 yuan

4, “Burmese tree jade bracelet wholesale” Myanmar tree of jade tree fossil silicified wooden bracelet 350.00 yuan

5, fine western Liaoning Chaoyang fine polished tree of jade wood jade bracelet bracelet jewelry jewelry gifts toe collection 980.00 yuan
What is the price of silver bracelet? Wanzhuang silver bracelet prices generally more than one hundred to four hundred or so, depending on the technology, brand, style, work and so on. Silver silver content is 99.9%, that is, thousands of silver, silver silver content is 99.99%, the national standard of the symbol. The national standard is thousands of silver, full of silver is a business of a marketing method, may really be able to reach the silver content is 99.99%, it may just take a million silver to do a gimmick, the actual only thousands of silver or 925 silver, need to buy Friends can be identified after the identification of institutional identification. So, what is the price factor that affects the silver bracelet?
What is the price of silver bracelet? Wanzhuang silver bracelet prices generally Cartier love ring replica more than one hundred to four hundred or so, depending on the technology, brand, style, work and so on. Silver silver content is 99.9%, that is, thousands of silver, silver silver content is 99.99%, the national standard of the symbol. The national standard is thousands of silver, full of silver is a business of a marketing method, may really be able to reach the silver content is 99.99%, it may just take a million silver to do a gimmick, the actual only thousands of silver or 925 silver, need to buy Friends can be identified after the identification of institutional identification. So, what is the price factor that affects the silver bracelet?
Brand The market selling million silver bracelet brand is very much, such as love blessing, seven jubilous clouds, years of stamps, Korean photographers, etc., there are some not registered brand of the shop, which has a registered brand of silver bracelet The price is higher, the same weight of the price is about one hundred yuan higher. Because there are registered brands, visibility and value will be higher, after-sales service is also better, the price is naturally higher.

Weight Wanzhuang silver bracelet style is very much, each style of the thickness, width, will be slightly different, and there is a hollow or hollow process, and some are solid, which, the more heavy style of silver bracelet price , Such as some 16 grams is about one hundred and fifty, and some 50 grams or so, the price will be about 500 yuan a price.

3. Style design and technology. Not all of the full range of silver bracelet styles are very beautiful, but also depends on each brand style design is good-looking novel, work is rough scratch or flawless and so on. Style design more beautiful, the more complex the process, the better the workmanship silver bracelet price is naturally higher.

Million silver bracelet how much money

How much money is the silver bracelet? Million silver bracelet prices generally more than 200 yuan in the more cheap in the 100 yuan or so, the price is higher, there are about six hundred dollars, depending on the style of the complexity of the process and the weight of the bracelet. Million silver bracelet purity is very high, very soft, wear care should pay attention to maintenance, to avoid bumps. The following is part of the small series of silver bracelet price, for your reference:

1. Star Shun Qi silver silver bracelet s999 sterling silver pants silver female special open carp bracelet fashion silver bracelet 65 g 643.00 yuan

2. Gui Gui silverware 9999 million foot silver bracelet female engraving scrubs sterling silver bracelet hand ring brace silver jewelry to send my mother 47 g 478.00 yuan

3. Seven Jubilee Peacock silver bracelet 9999 sterling silver opening 999 silver bracelet simple silver jewelry to send her mother 29 grams 279.00 yuan

4.Menbbro / pulse 9999 million silver silver silver bracelet female fashion opening birthday gift to send his girlfriend 19 grams 219.00 yuan

5. love blessing 9999 million silver push silver jewelry bracelet classic silver jewelry to send the old man to send her mother silver bracelet 16 grams 144.00 yuan
What is the price of silver silver bracelet? Tibetan silver bracelet prices generally in the 20 to 100 yuan or so, depending on the specific silver or mosaic jade or precious stones, possession of silver bracelet weight, style design. The traditional Tibetan silver bracelet generally refers to sterling silver bracelet, but with the changes of the times, and the high cost of silver, Tibetan silver bracelets are gradually replaced by other alloy ingredients, possession of silver bracelet some of the surface to do the old black, more Retro style.
Because the process of the problem, the silver medal bracelet each style in the middle of the depth may be different, and some will be darker, and some colors are light, possession of silver bracelets generally prefer and mixed with pine stone products, so the overall color to see Up is more vivid, unlike Miao silver so dull, so possession of silver is also more and more people love and welcome, ethnic jewelry also occupy a place in the market. So, what are the factors that affect the price of Tibetan silver bracelets?

1. Tibetan silver bracelet inlaid jade value. Tibetan silver bracelet is usually inlaid with turquoise or imitation pearls, agate, crystal or precious some of the Furong Shi, Topaz and so on. The general value of lower turquoise or imitation pearls, agate, crystal and other jade inlaid into Cartier nail bracelet replica the Tibetan silver bracelet prices generally in more than ten twenty yuan, and inlaid with Furong stone, care and other precious stones, the price will be higher Many, generally more than one hundred to two hundred or so, depending on the size of the inlaid gem.

2. Tibetan silver bracelet weight. Tibetan silver bracelet will have a relatively small hollow or fine circle models, there are relatively heavy and thick texture of the style, generally the same style, the more expensive the more expensive.

3, Tibetan silver bracelet style design process. Tibetan silver bracelet fashion generous look good, exquisite craft style, there are styles in general, rough technology style, the price is naturally the better the craft, the higher the price.

Tibetan silver bracelet how much money

What is the silver medal bracelet? Tibetan silver bracelet prices generally more than ten dollars to one or two hundred dollars, are relatively low prices of jewelry. Mention Tibetan silver bracelet, many people think that is from Tibet, which is really “possession of silver” this call was misleading. In fact, the possession of silver refers to the purity of silver is not high. Tibetan silver mixed with other metals, hardness is relatively high, you can carve in the complex pattern above. The following is a small series finishing part of the Tibetan silver bracelet price for your reference:

1, the national wind jewelry stretch rope bracelet possession of silver Tibetan ornaments wide court palace ancient silver carved flowers turquoise bracelet jewelry 18.90 yuan

2, Yunnan ethnic wind jewelry wholesale Miao silver bracelet evil spirits handmade female six words moxa Tibetan silver bracelet 22.00 yuan

3, genuine Tibetan silver bracelet sterling silver bracelet silver bracelet peony bracelet full silver jewelry to send girlfriend silver jewelry 925 42.00 yuan

4, national jewelry | Tibetan silver Miao silver | retro female models | original single hot | diy handmade | original bracelet 8.90 yuan

5, Yushi Park – natural pink crystal bracelet female fox fur stone bracelet silver silver rose gold to send his girlfriend birthday 179.00 yuan

2 carat diamond ring offer

2 carat diamond ring offer

2 carat diamond ring offer is how much? 2 carat diamond ring offer in addition to look at the diamond 4C, but also look at the shape of the shape of the diamond there are two, one is a circular drill, the other is in addition to the shape of a Cartier love bracelet replica circular drill, Profiled drill 2 carat diamond ring offer in the 80,000 to 34 million or so; and round 2-carat diamond ring offer in the 110,000 to 65 million or so, the higher the level of diamonds, the difference between the different shapes the greater.

2 carat diamond ring offer = 2 carat diamond price + care fee + cost + brand value + operating promotion costs. This is the price of traditional brands offer, and the new brand of 2 kt diamond ring offer, you can only the first three can be, which is why the traditional brand prices than the emerging brands such as the price of Zoukai about 50% of the price. The price of the international brand, the price of the 2-carat diamond ring will be twice as expensive as the new brand, because their brand value and operating promotion cost and craft work cost are very high, so it is so expensive.

2 carat diamond ring offer high and low, Xiao Bian the above offer is based on the price of the official website of Zuo Kay offer, so the price is very affordable. And some of the domestic star to marry the marriage of 2 carat diamond ring, are in the international brand to buy the diamond ring, the price is certainly more than double the offer more than doubled! Such as Xie Na and Zhang Jie’s marriage proposal, or Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi’s marriage proposal diamond ring, are 2 carat diamond ring, their offer is definitely to millions of!

Diamonds are nature with hundreds of millions of years of condensed out of the magic of things, each of the different weight also contains a special meaning, and 2 carat diamond ring meaning is: 1 + 1 = 2, I + you = us, a person Of the world alone, two people of the world sweet sweet honey ~ there are “love” meaning, meaning “fly”, “talent double”, “double happiness” and so on.

2 carat diamond ring different diamond level, different purchase Cartier love ring replica channels, offer will be different, ordinary consumers recommend not too much pursuit of the diamond ring brand, and choose the right to buy channels. Currently more popular is similar to the Zoukai official website this, network + store 020 model, through the official website to buy or make an appointment, and then to the physical store to see the physical and purchase, relatively speaking, the price will be much cheaper. In the selection of diamond 4C, you can according to the budget and 4C preferences to pick, choose the most suitable for their own 2 carat diamond ring!

Diamond ring style in the most classic style is the claw in the four claws and six claw round diamond models, together with never fade platinum material, creating a classic and eternal style. It not only to maximize the diamond out of the light, but also all-round reflection of the diamond fire sparkling light. Its shape as “Zhongxinggongyao” like the love of care, meaning a lifetime of companionship. It can be more firmly embedded in diamonds, not easy to lead to loose diamonds, which became the wedding ring to choose the most of a diamond ring style.

Diamond ring style of the group inlay style. Group diamond drill style most drilling style, gorgeous main drill around a lot of broken diamond around, seamless luxury, dazzling and shining! This diamond ring style, allows the main drill and small diamonds, inlaid together to enhance the overall performance of the ability to release comparable to the effect of larger diamonds and light! This popular style is the bride and designer of the most popular style, these shiny little broken diamond makes the wedding ring looks bigger, and they also set off the center of the big diamond more luxurious sense!

Diamond ring style of the wrong arm style. The wrong arm type of line changes, reflecting the feminine tenderness, can modify the fingers, so wear the wrong arm style diamond ring fiber hand, it is more slender and beautiful! Ring arm of the arc at one go, the design of smooth lines sense is very strong, so that we are attracted to. Wrong arm with elegant fashion elegant temperament, if your fingers are thin and long, nails look good, bring it will be perfect.

Diamond ring style of heart-shaped style. Heart-shaped style diamond Replica Cartier love bracelet ring from the heart-shaped main diamond mosaic, heart-shaped is all the diamond ring style in the most romantic, wearing a heart-shaped diamond ring woman imagination rich, believe in intuition, advocating romantic. The Heart-shaped diamond ring style is the ultimate expression of love, can give people a sweet, feminine full impression, choose heart-shaped diamond ringers are mostly rich and rich feelings, the letter of the romanticists.

Diamond ring style princess style. Every girl has a desire in mind, that is to become a princess. And the princess side diamond ring style continues the love of people’s good vision and fantasy, as many of the most popular diamond one of the most popular style. It Peugeot and not vulgar, it is not publicity personality, highlight the modern women self-confidence open-minded tolerance. Choose the princess square diamond ring style people are generally extraordinary charm and content of self-confidence fashion women.

Diamond ring style of the drop-shaped style. The diamond-shaped diamond ring style, also known as pear-shaped diamond ring, based on the traditional structure of circular bright diamonds, combined with the advantages of oval cutting and lance cutting, cutting the shape of a gem like a crystal clear tears, there is a round Shaped end and a tip. Women such as water, so they are so gentle, like jade warm introverted, like a cold Wang Qingquan, refreshing, drop-shaped diamond ring style will be a woman’s soft side to play most vividly.

Diamond Wedding Ring Price Influencing Factors

Diamond wedding ring price factors affect the most expensive wedding ring how much money
Ring is an indispensable jewelry in a wedding, some people will choose the Golden Ring, some people will choose diamond ring. Nowadays diamond ring has become a popular trend, is the pursuit of fashion trend of young people choice. We know the diamond ring, its price composition, mainly to see it 4C, and this 4C is just from the diamond itself, are the color, grams, clarity, cut, but a diamond ring may also need Taking into account the brand, style, design and other aspects. So, what is the diamond wedding ring price factors? How much is the most expensive wedding ring?

Diamond Wedding Ring Price Influencing Factors

1, wedding rings on the diamond

Diamond is the most important part of the wedding ring price, the quality Cartier love bracelet replica and grade of diamonds are the bulk of the diamond ring, and the price of diamonds is based on the diamond 4C standard to determine, that we often say the color of the diamond, Degree and carat Diamond 4C level will affect the price of diamonds, the world every week there will be a new diamond quotation out, above the price range on the diamond price, we can make a general price based on the price of the diamond Estimate.

2, wedding ring on the ring

The price of the PT950 and PT900 is almost the same, but the 950 is softer. Of course, G750’s ring is also a very good choice. PT950 price of about 500 yuan per gram, G750 per gram about 370 yuan, wedding diamond ring care in general 2-3 grams. But the daily price of gold are not the same, when the purchase to the day of the price of gold prevail. Of course, the impact of wedding ring price factors are external factors, such as processing fees, business brand.

3, diamond ring of labor costs

Labor costs are personalized custom processing costs, for example, in the diamond ring engraved with each other’s names, vows or other text pictures and so on. However, the current labor costs are very expensive, each business diamond fee is not the same, this will look at the specific situation, and some businesses to customize the personality or free of charge.

4, diamond ring to buy places

In addition, also need to pay attention to the price of wedding rings are also affected by the purchase site, in general, in the mall to buy the price will be more expensive, and now popular with online shopping, we can consider online shopping wedding ring, so save the middle of the store Links, the ring is more affordable, but need to pay attention to is to ensure the quality of the ring we better choose a physical store brand, so that they can in the store at the same time, once the ring problems can be better resolved After sale this one is more secure.

The most expensive wedding ring how much money

1. The world’s most expensive wedding ring is Asscher cut “Krupp” diamond Cartier love ring replica ring, 33.19 karats full of white “Krupp” diamond (The Krupp Diamond), is Richard Burton gave Elizabeth Taylor’s engagement ring, worth $ 8.8 million. The gem is a chemical diamond. December 2011, was auctioned by an Asian collectors who declined to be named.

2. Asscher, this beautiful and unique diamond cut is almost the same as the emerald, the difference is that Asch is a square. This Asch diamond also has a pavilion like a grandmother diamonds cut into a rectangular facet, and because of its unique cut, the inclusions inside the diamond become more conspicuous.

3. Therefore, the choice of the shape of diamonds should try to choose a higher level of clarity, if you choose a lower level of clarity, such as SI level, you must pay attention to the description of the diamond on the certificate is what type and location. In the choice of color, when the color level is generally considered, such as J-shaped shaped diamonds, the price will be more affordable, but in the corner of the local color may be more obvious.

4. We all know that Beyonce has a very bright diamond ring, this diamond ring worth 5 million US dollars, is the United States hip hop singer Jay-Z to her wedding ring. It features an octagonal cut with 18 carats of diamonds on top of the platinum base.

For ordinary people, expensive, as long as beyond their own economic capacity is a kind of expensive, expensive is a borderless word. Diamond ring is a man to give women the most sincere commitment, but also the eternal promise, so in the diamond ring, there is always a kind of material known as “priceless”, is any price can not match.

Zuo Kayi diamond ring affect the value

In today’s society, the brand is a factor that has to be mentioned, and the added Replica Cartier love bracelet value of the brand will have a big impact on its price and is one of the decisive factors. The gap between the different brands is very large, there are many times even more than the value of the diamond ring itself, take the “jewelry emperor,” said Cartier and “my diamond my story” Zuo Kay to compare it, in the same The quality of diamonds and ringing material in the case of their value even a million gap, Cartier brought a luxury, Zoca to bring to everyone, I believe must be simple and ordinary happiness. And these big brands have been sold for the diamond ring has given too high value-added, so it’s promotion space is not big.

Cartier color jewelry blooming bright light

Cartier color jewelry blooming bright light
Cartier jewelry in the design of high-level has been the use of colorful colors, make it blooming bright glory. Recently, it has launched a special theme to the color of the jewelry series, enough to meet any romantic theme of the dream. Precious stones, precious stones after uncompromising attention, into a bright boutique, set off exquisite jewelry and beautiful ladies ladies.

This series of jewelry brings together the amethyst purple, turquoise blue, coral velvet-like orange … … jewelry master talent, the emotional charm of precious stones embellished in rose gold or gold, and inlaid with diamonds. Interlocking Smart jewelry, so that wearing a free and varied manner. Long necklace, light turning ring, waterfall pouring down the earrings … … combination of wear, you can attend any luxurious grand occasion; alone to wear, its lovely pretty shape and always bring surprises.
Blue sky, blue sea, white building, clean and moist breeze gently … … the Olympic Games because of the return home and make Greece much attention. In the world of Greece’s attention, the sea is a huge topic and highlights.

In this country that breathes the ocean air, the affinity for nature has melted in the blood. The most healthy natural olive oil to support their diet system, natural linen clothing and marine style, shell texture of the various decorations are dotted with their simple and laid-back life.

Here is not the shell that we usually can easily see, to catch the ordinary shells, jewelry Fake Cartier love bracelet can be made into a beautiful pearl from the Atlantic Ocean or the deep ocean. A century ago, deep-sea pearl is a luxury aristocratic European luxury gemstones, it has the same charming pearl luster and changing colors, but has a very different from the colorful pearls texture.

White butterfly shell, butterfly shell, black butterfly shell, butterfly shellfish, abalone shell … … pearl pearl color pearl to pearls of glory, thousands of years has never been overlooked and buried, they have always been the most designers Cherished beautiful friends. Especially in the past two years, jewelry-class shellfish jewelry also began to be more and more like the handsome nature of the people of our city special love. With the advancement of the Olympic Games, the European style of marine-style jewelry is selling.
It seems that no one said wearing a jewelry is a woman’s patent, but a long time has been very low-key men’s jewelry. The standard of men’s jewelry seems to be “couple”, exaggerated point with golden thick necklace and thick bracelet … … In short is not worth mentioning, but with the major international fashion week men’s autumn and winter release, it was found that the success of jewelry To build a man has played an increasingly important role.

Recently, Paris, Milan and other world fashion center “Men’s Week” is high-profile. In the sense of men’s clothes more and more “fancy” at the same time, the top brands of male jewelry rapid development of surprising. This year, the World Gold Council in the market survey found that 27% of the gold buyers for the men, of which three percent is bought to their own wear, we can see the love of jewelry, men and women are. New York ‘s Fifth Avenue men’ s jewelry design brand JanLeslie also said: “men ‘s ornaments have signs of recovery.

Even a New York marketing expert has pointed out that many male consumers, especially young men are tired of POLO shirt and khaki pants dress style, they want to wear a more formal point, and match the taste of jewelry to set off Their elegant temperament.

Therefore, the global market this year, a variety of “male ornaments” is very eye-catching: necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, tie clips, making eager fashion men no longer facing the woman “treasure chest” drool. After the “rock style”, “straight wind”, “tough wind”, this year’s “male ornaments” to heavy metal modeling, brand accessories, beach leisure style as the main trend, emphasizing delicate feminine jewelry curve, delicate subtle Design style, coupled with a Cartier nail bracelet replica variety of colors embellishment, men’s jewelery began to generously into the people’s attention.

■ men’s models

Model 1 is male or female

Inspiration analysis: now popular Zhuangnen and spoiled, but this is a man born with weakness, so the designer through the jewelry for men to taste the taste of Jiaoqiao, under the guise of a delicate woman to the delicate bones.

The rise of this style, thanks to the popular men this year – all kinds of cardigan, deep V tops and personal sweaters, necklaces and other men in the empty neck opened up a vast space for us. In the long fine metal necklace, coupled with very large three-dimensional pendant, is the T-male models are the most IN decoration. No matter what kind of material on the style, shape is not masculine, with soft lines.

The latest release: Gucci gold chain and the combination of horns fall, Cos Juan tumeNational silver chain Shuangdao fall, Dior directly to the fine silver chain almost invisible in the man’s chest. The latest trend is the black pearl male ornaments.

Model 2 Rock Religion

Inspiration Analysis: In this era of modernism, what can be used to rock, large cross, although the “fetish” but has long lost the divinity, cool, Hyun is the love of this jewelry the real intention of young men.

The cross is the initiator of this style. This year’s Fashion Week D & G’s male model with the beads and the cross, as the fashion godfather of the first line, set off a wave of religious jewelery religious color. However, a man wearing a cross pendant is not like a woman cross pendant small and exquisite. Beijing can be seen on the market of sterling silver, crystal and other materials of different large cross pendant, engraved with ancient totem embossed bracelets, rings, earrings.

Latest release: the current popular cross-pendant also joined the hip-hop and other rock elements, YSL this year launched a black leather cross necklace will have this style, it abandoned the metal light, rugged suture some hippie flavor.

Model 3 Industrial Man

Inspired by: to increase the charm of men as their responsibility to have more of these Cartier nail bracelet replica men back to the industrial era of retro meaning.

Popular style is to follow the theme of rough wild, not for the fine candy bar shape, but to outline the shape of large and heavy show real. Thicker version of the leather rope tied to the metal ring pendant, or with numerous oval-shaped chain buckle or rivets together, the man Han Shou calmly exposed most vividly.

The latest release: the World Gold Council this year launched the Apollo piercing collar, dislocation of the circular coin gold bracelet, arch-shaped diamond ring and other new.

■ Men’s statement

You can wear jewelry but not masculine

Zhou Shuangjian model

Although men can not be like a woman wearing skirts and high heels to go shopping, but in the shape and color can be close to the girls preferences. And men have their own exclusive elegant, elegant, enchanting, sexy, there is no woman of the rough, sturdy. I think that men wearing jewelry, you can wear a bracelet, anklet, earrings, but not too ambiguous, the form can be very feminine, the style will need how many masculine atmosphere embellishment.
A fashionable man not only have to buy accessories unique vision, but also should know how to different occasions, different clothing should be with different jewelry.

Men do not wear jewelry too complicated

Chen Rong Designer

At present, many of the jewelry for men, the general popular simple, tough lines of style, too traditional or too complicated in the mainstream are not mainstream.

Gold and silver materials of men’s jewelry also has the edges and corners of the majority. Patterns to abstract geometric shapes, symbols, and animal patterns in the majority. Do not advocate wearing too complicated jewelry, too feminine but will undermine the overall effect.

DTC tears heart light up Valentine’s Day

Tears of the gods – DTC tears heart light up Valentine’s Day
This day, the gods of tears into a diamond, the original love, long ago God. Did you know that in the beginning of time, the world a barren, a diamond has been for this relationship and fall into the center of the earth, blessing stroked the face of Eros, the arc is destined to encounter this life, somewhere In the love of God.
Some love, already destined to millions of years, the ancient land and the vast sky, quietly wrapped God’s tears, condensed into this one unique. Is the blessing of happiness is also an instant perception, that bright section, reflecting the brilliant smile, this life is destined to bloom for you only one person.

In 2006, the Valentine’s Day, the romantic on schedule, the international diamond authority DTC capture “she” received the diamond in the moment, the eyes of endless surprises and happiness of the illusion of bright tears, with love in the name of the diamond Cartier love bracelet replica will instantly solidified into forever. DTC this season, in particular the “tear of the heart drill,” the unique concept of a perfect interpretation of the mythical implication of endless love diamond, the love of the season, so you see in the eyes of her diamond has been long-favorite happiness.

The world believes that every feeling has long been doomed, and DTC believe that the diamond is the only testimony of God. At the beginning of time, Eros for every marriage falling a crystal tears, from heaven to the heart of the earth, condensation of blessing and prayer, through hundreds of millions of years of staggered, in this special day to find her true home , Into her tears of joy that tears in the eyes of crystal.

Greek legend, the diamond is the gods of tears, formed in 3.3 billion years ago, beyond the time and the power of nature, has experienced an unimaginable journey, came to us, never bleak eternal firm light, witness each A love of love with tears to bless. Nothing more than diamonds can show the characteristics of true love: tough dazzling, through time and space conversion is still timeless, and most importantly, it is a symbol of everlasting eternity, 3.3 billion years before the end of the earth to love has been born . What can be more than in the celebration of love this day, eternal light with diamonds to light her smile more beautiful, brave love it, in the name of diamonds, this love is blessed by the fate of God. February 14, Eros tears fall to earth, shining destined to billions of years of happiness.

When love is doomed, there is a diamond for you. She is currently known to mankind the hardest natural material, than the Earth’s hardness second only to her minerals 58 times harder. “Diamond” is derived from the Greek word “adamas”, meaning can not be conquered, as human love.

We use diamonds to show the love of firmness, we use diamonds to prove the vows of life, from romance to faithfulness, diamonds cover all the beautiful language of love, that tenacious and brilliant light, shining silent somewhere, hundreds of millions Year to date, endless.

Greeks believe that diamonds are the gods of tears, each section of love have been doomed to God, God’s tears that gather together blessing and blessing, experienced billions of years of experience, to reach the hands of the master, and finally witness the prophecy replica Cartier love bracelet come true, the eternal happiness .

Not only is the myth, every diamond, are difficult to come across the hands of the master, that bright light shining in the fate and providence. The youngest diamonds, 900 million years old, are formed in the depths of the high-temperature and high-pressure earths until powerful forces send them to the surface along with volcanic lava, which is fraught with danger, May also become carbon dioxide gas, or by water erosion, was buried in the sediment, waiting for the discovery of mankind that day. A diamond drill, through the crossed, open, polished and cut, the natural bright light to break out of the cocoon for the lovers to witness the eternal, staring at that one experienced untold hardships before mapping a smile smile diamond, you Will understand that this is love, turbulence and tempered, time and space changes naturally, can not erase the bright and tenacious flashing love, even if the dark world, that little diamond light, enough light to hope, to guide the direction of love.

The diamonds that belong to you are unique because your love is a unique diamond that has just been mined and cut into as many as 16,000 pieces by cut, clarity, and color before being cut and polished. Diamond’s 4C The standard (color, weight, cut and clarity) determines that there are no two identical diamonds in the world, just like love.

Who says the happy people are the same? Each section of love, from the origin to the hand, then forever, are unique, only to bright diamonds can only echo your gratitude for happiness. It is believed that diamonds are spiritual gems, to echo the owner’s unique temperament, shining master’s true glory. Every woman wants to be special, especially in the eyes of her love, she deserves the best. Praise her unique diamonds, shining tacit light, quiet and brilliant, it is the heart of Cartier love bracelet replica the proud, is your unique mark, engraved on each other, such as diamond shine, eternal immortal.

February 14, the West’s romantic Valentine’s Day, every corner of the earth in the promotion of love, at the same time, shining different touching moments. With diamonds to tell her that she is special, is unique in this world belongs to your happiness, she deserves this one destined to come to her hands of diamonds, that brilliant light, is your silent agreement, the witness of heaven, you love each other , Never betray, even if the vicissitudes of the vicissitudes of the general experience, such as diamonds, still tenacity shining love light, this diamond is the love of God with tears condensation blessing, is looking forward to billions of years of agreement, because you and complete.

Women all love jewelry

Women all love jewelry, top class gem is the upper-class lady for fashion parties, year end at the focus of the battle, a variety of formal occasions bring you top luxury gluttonous feast.
CHANEL classic black and white
Chanel again in 2006 with strong black and white contrast technique, combined with high-tech precision ceramic with white K gold, launch the system with black and white element chanel Ultra jewelry series.
Most were those Ultra ring, the continuation of J12 associate between lines and the high-tech precision ceramics made of zircon, the hardness is second only to the material of the diamond, can prevent scratch, after thinking of diamond powder, show as the burnish like jewelry.
Destined to OMEGA watches a noble family
Sedna series is derived by OMEGA famous constellation Cartier love bracelet replica series, in fact, Sedna is a quality between planets and asteroids from the most distant stars in the solar system, and OMEGA to 5 points of beauty show top taste, the Aqua allows full range of price level. Additionally there are Star symbol as the design of the Choice of “I” (My Choice) series of jewelry and watches from the constellation set pyramid hour of the scale as a design elements, as well as Star series, a total of 120 18 k white gold “Ω” symbol symmetrically arranged Omegamania series, can show the original design from OMEGA.
The beauty of Chaumet luxury flawless diamond
Chaumet has flown in from France 38 pieces worth hundreds of millions of top class gem, the launch of “Attrape – moi… si tu m ‘aimes” (netted me… if you love me series) to express the love. A cute spider in the center of the fine diamond mesh carefully weaving it love, it is a let myself willingly fall into his trap in the invitation, like gem is set in the middle of the spider web, courtship and temptation, is the whole moving the center of the story.
158 – year – old Swiss watch OMEGA (OMEGA), published this year qiu dong new Aqua series, in the Italian Aqua is the meaning of “water”, this series continuation of last year’s ocean theme, using OMEGA wrist watch series of water waves of grain, hippocampus were launched necklaces, earrings, hand chain and ring.
With 18 k white, chalcedony, ruby and diamond as the main material, its streamlined Fake Cartier love bracelet appearance and chalcedony ruby purple blue jersey, like a beautiful ocean colour, fruity chalcedony gem and the beauty of sings, copy is like rain, floating in the thin strip of Huang Jinsheng refined; This series of top class gem on the four million, there are 3 ~ 100000 K yellow, white, rose, white or yellow K K K K parity version of the three kinds of material combination collocation set auger.
Enjoy the “imperial jeweller, the emperor of jeweller” reputation of the French jewelry, watch celebrity — kadeya, in its new world department store is located in Harbin Cartier boutiques, grandly launched its new Louis Cartier circular wrist watch (Ronde Louis Cartier), perfect deduce the “circular” complete and charm.
Showcase the latest Louis of Cartier watch of wrist of circular, not only inherits the Cartier antique circular watch classic design style, also expressed the Cartier of “circle” brand-new deduce the perfect shape, is a “round” the latest masterpiece of nature itself. On the surface of the Roman numerals to Arabic numerals, constitute the unique twenty-four hours a day, according to reveal the pure French amorous feelings; And the harmony of modelling is very accord with the Cartier love ring replica Chinese pursuit of aesthetic perfection. Conference, kadeya also shows there is a French photographer special shot eight paintings, representative from luxury home to France’s arc DE triomphe, located in the “Oriental Paris” to Shanghai Oriental pearl; From the ancient worship of the temple of heaven to the high speed quick highways; From the moon and the stars of the universe to the golden conch; From pure and flawless water droplets to things or wall of cultural exchange, these work let a person feel “circle” of magic, and the latest “Louis Cartier circular wrist watch” clever conception.
Kadeya’s longtime miss – the famous movie star Chen hao, made a special trip to Harbin to attend the “Louis Cartier watch of wrist of circular” tour “. He is quiet and tastefully laid out and clever temperament rather than wear Louis Cartier watch of wrist of circular by yi akira, send out a refined and elegant charm, a play namely become the focus of his attention.
This activity, Cartier specially arranged for “my favorite circular images” voting, the guests at the scene of the activity of eight groups choose the favorite a circular image to vote, and extract the lucky guests by miss Chen hao.
The Louis Cartier watch of wrist of circular tour activities in nearly twenty cities across China, marks the end of the final will be held in Beijing, the significance of Cartier map in China a perfect “circle”, also represents a Cartier deeply bless to China.