the top material and the combination of the highest technology

Jewelry perfect design, the top material and the combination of the highest technology
For the first-line brand of jewelry, accessories, the best material, the most sophisticated technology is a necessary condition, many of the competition lies in the design process, excellent design inspiration, perfect design ideas, coupled with a strong I Material, world-class handmade technician to build, the top jewelry works to “be born”, this series of links to complete the perfect, in order to reach the highest level of enchanted jewelry.
From the spark of inspiration, to the end of Seiko Cartier love bracelet replica after polishing, jewelry works on the light show, diamond gem cutting precision, will have reborn changes. Bulgari BULGARI jewelry works, after 125 years of production, has been strictly abide by all aspects of the perfect scientific attitude.

Design: jewelry materials will determine the main road

The design phase is a molding process that will put the idea into reality, that is, the idea of using the sketch, and then to solve the possibility of a variety of real realization, and finally finalized. This process is basically a long, the designer will spend several months to determine the basis, that is indeed able to achieve a variety of techniques, cutting, fancy basis. Several designers from the most important gem of the general idea of starting, with other auxiliary jewelry applications to consider, in several directions divergent thinking, and then determine a few can be achieved, and then in-depth assessment, and ultimately reach a consensus, to a direction recommended , Then, in the studio to see a lot of designer’s expression: or smug, or reluctantly love the helpless, or indecisive melancholy.
How do jeans choose excellent quality gems?

In the selection of the world, excellent quality gems, is the Bulgari BULGARI jewelry the basic bright spot, Bulgari BULGARI century tradition, including the selection of precious stones must pick the best.

The experts from the Bulgari BULGARI Gemstone Center have developed a fairly rigorous standard system (and year by month) to evaluate colored gemstones and diamonds and issue a report of the Bvlgi Gems for each high-level jewelery (Pre-design and final polishing factory). Colored gems are with gubelin certification, diamonds are with the American Gemological Association (GIA) certification.

White, orange, yellow, green, violet, pink, mixed color, and the shape of the gemstone, the shape of the gemstone, the color of the gem Gem mosaic technique.
In the Italian manufacturing process

As many still adhere to the traditional brand, Bulgari BULGARI jewelry from the idea to the finished product manufacturing process, are carried out in Italy.

As many still adhere to the traditional brand, Bulgari BULGARI jewelry from the idea to the finished product manufacturing process, are carried out in Italy.
As many still adhere to the traditional brand, Bulgari BULGARI Cartier love ring replica jewelry from the idea to the finished product manufacturing process, are carried out in Italy.

Talented, experienced jewelry design technician is responsible for the five steps of this process: prototype manufacturing, modeling, matching, mosaic, polishing.

Each piece of work must be highly specialized to other professional technicians to check, including model craftsmen, goldsmiths, jewelers.
Talented, experienced jewelry design technician is responsible for the five steps of this process: prototype manufacturing, modeling, matching, mosaic, polishing.

Talented, experienced jewelry design technician is responsible for the five steps of this process: prototype manufacturing, modeling, matching, mosaic, polishing.

Emerald jewelry, Bulgari BULGARI jewelry one of the most love of the material

This is a top jewelry series of gold and platinum necklace, inlaid with 10 shaped emerald emerald (109.48 carats), 36 pear-shaped diamonds (31.66 karats), 81 round, bright cut diamonds (25.15 carats), and Conical, rectangular diamonds (5.58 karats).
Emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, emerald, 7.5-8, the refractive index of 1.57-1.59, belonging to the hexagonal columnar structure, produced in granite, pegmatite, and alluvial sand, showing a glass luster. Emerald has a significant dichroism, through the heat treatment to improve the emerald emerald color is the conventional operation (Bulgari BULGARI do not agree with this), emerald cut the type of demanding, if the lack of experience, will lead to stone crack Open, so Bulgari BULGARI craftsmen in the mosaic will be particularly careful, and never let it contact with the heat. Clarity, color density, flaws, size of these elements, is the main factor affecting the price, these elements in the initial selection of materials, has been resolved. Bulgari BULGARI has never used the low quality emerald emerald material to make the arc, beads.
Emerald jewelry and sketch comparison
Necklace basic parts and design sketches are compared.

Emerald jewelry accessories appreciate

Bulgari BULGARI craft master carefully created 10 irregular shape of the accessories, the perfect reproduction of each emerald emerald unique traits, including decorative necklace back buckle gem. In this idea of design, luxury diamonds have become a luxury embellishment.

Diamond’s hardness is 10, crystal type: diamond crystal belongs to cubic equiaxed crystal system, the chemical composition is crystalline carbon atoms. Diamond is more rich in yellow, the higher the price, the most expensive yellow Has a strong golden luster, in the Bulgari BULGARI emerald jewelry works in the use of decoration, will be a good balance of color, emerald in the emerald’s feminine color, into a trace of masculine taste. Of course, Bulgari Replica Cartier love bracelet will not use the lighter color of the open diamond … …

Emerald jewelry mosaic technique

This section is a central emerald emerald mosaic, gem mosaic division using a special tool to heat it to place the precious stones with the accessories, and in the whole process firmly fixed it.
Emerald jewelry mosaic technique

This link for the central emerald emerald mosaic, gem mosaic staff will be placed on the accessories gem.
Emerald jewelry mosaic technique

Emerald emerald is firmly embedded in the accessories.

Talk about mosaic, deep knowledge. Here is a kind of technique called the bottom of the set of care, the bottom set inlay is a deformation of the tube, and its base can be through the grinding after the claw set, or remain as elegant as the edge of the set, tapering Side to reflect the shape of the gem.

Classical wrapped peony silver silver bracelet like a month down frost cream

Classical wrapped peony silver silver bracelet like a month down frost cream
Silver, beautiful and indifferent, in the crowd simply walked only to keep the taste of Jane, some people say that the woman should be a silver content is concerned about the internal beauty of women, it is indeed fresh and refined, unrestrained or mysterious classical temperament is not intriguing The

Rain, the window to listen to the rain, raising his hand gently wipe the glass on the rain beads, wrist silver bracelet brilliance, how is a poetic beauty.
This piece of pure hand-carved ancient cloak peony concave bracelet, bracelet face is antique wrapped peony flower pattern, peony flower shape elegant and elegant, flourishing gorgeous boundless, with a strong brush to paint the Peony’s grace , Fengmao, the color Replica Cartier jewelry of the sky fragrance of the posture, deep carved peony decorated delicate and delicate, with a strong classical atmosphere, such as gentle woman as elegant and pleasant, soft and gentle silver without publicity, like the moon frost Ninghua.
This is her just received silver bracelet, very taste, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Said the woman who loves silver bracelets is very taste, silver is not expensive, there are mysterious tension, people Aura overflowing, more importantly, it is bright but not for the publicity, inadvertently a raised his hand, threw Flashed a touch of soft luster, like bare on the wrist on a touching touching poems, there are many intriguing stories … … silence graceful texture highlights the noble and elegant temperament, through a century of time and space, so that every woman with her mystery , To show their own personality.
Silver jewelry is really put it down the magic, it is a quiet charm to make an elegant woman add a warm charm, I do not know when to start, she has a soft spot for silver, they experienced the vicissitudes of the ancient, Jumping in the wrist on the classical style, let her move, she likes it is the share of indifferent, beautiful no aggressive.
This is her deep carved peony bracelet, very good carving, fine pattern, complex pattern structured, very taste of the bracelet.
A very bright green agate ring, in the green agate ring outside to do similar to the wrapped silver, as if that translucent green agate know the spring came. Inside the green to break away from the outside of the tangled silver of the entanglement, broken silver out of the way, constantly shining green, expressed the vitality and can not be ignored, the sun hit the top, so you in the dazzling silver inadvertently To a touch of green flow, your good luck will unwittingly with your rotation up.

After 140 million years, the hardships of the marshes, silica seeds, full of beautiful and wealthy auspicious. Magnificent hard and rare, stroke Wei Wendi love, “Manuel Fu Fu,” the imperial pen, ascending red Qiong Zhao Liao Qiuhui glory.
The following are the same as the ”
Elegant and holy essence of the blood, flowing out of the infinite pattern, the texture of noble crystal clear refraction, thousands of years the royal king of the collection of bloody king. Attending evil spirits, auxiliary blood pressure nourish the magic, colorful and gentle romantic, become the world’s eternal darling darling.

Black and white flowers and white flowers, pearl snail yellow toad rhythm, purple grapes accompanied by green grass, interpretation of the mix of fun. Elegant and unique symbiosis of the children, carving historical changes in the wind and rain, dazzling array of bright ornaments, witness the ups and downs of the ups and downs. Ingenuity to dig drill digging, showing the gorgeous gorgeous era. Gray and red, green and blue, purple and purple, climbing Qiao fresh new infinite charming scenery.
The crystal of the ring is not perfect, but the rainbow is still good. Soft moonlight stone, exudes the atmosphere of romantic, is the couple’s best affair, exchange keepsake.

Rainbow Moon stone is known as a symbol of happiness, so that women are more tender Cartier love ring replica and considerate, to avoid the couple, between husband and wife unnecessary disputes, a little mysterious feeling.

Moonlight stone surface is a bit like a fog glass-like too thin, soft, translucent quite strong, because the internal structure of the light caused by sand in the sand caused by seductive shade, mysterious romantic luster, like a moonlight filled with aura.

Indians will be the moonlight stone as a holy stone, and the ancient Greek and Romans are more convinced that moonlight stone in the full moon when its full strength, it is said that the moonlight stone to white gold gold ring made the most to display its maximum energy.

the strongest in the history of 9 big wrist watch

Function, the strongest in the history of 9 big wrist watch
Relative to battery-powered electric watches, mechanical watches is absolutely different people experience, science fiction writer William Gibson called “tamogotchi experience” : how do you feel to wear on your wrist is a living thing. For many years, mechanical watch the evolution of forward as time train constantly updated, and will always be an integral part of the traditional characters life.
6. 1973 Abby table “royal oak” series
This watch with steel, titanium and ceramic, it makes the steel, titanium imitation Cartier love bracelet and ceramic raw materials become the most popular watch. Was established in 1854, Abby watch factory has been sticking to the high-end customer oriented production top watch. When the same to the Swiss concentrated their efforts on other manufacturers use as raw materials for the TAB, such as precious metals and jewellery audemars group in 1972 and design master Gerald Jane for signing, and make the world the first stainless steel strap luxury watch – royal oak. The original price of this watch is about $2000, after years of improvement, the most costly has as much as $42000. Because of its extremely personality, even neo in the matrix is wearing it. This watch octagonal outline has not changed.
7. 1989 patek philippe’s 89 “underwater adventures”
It is currently the world’s most complex structure mechanical watches. Now the head of a big table has been hanging in the patek philippe museum is located in Geneva, Switzerland, it is to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the 1988 group and Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica developed. The table has 33 function, the size of a hockey. Although generally fine watches are likely over it on accuracy or appearance, even constellation chart, calendar, and the time can be successfully added to mechanical watches, mechanical watches are still retain its mysterious veil. The only is insufficient, mechanical watch still must first quarter every day.
8. 2003 Los Angeles treasure company “Reveil du Tsar”
This is the most elegant on the market, one of the most complete mechanical watch function. Watchmaker treasure in Paris in 1813 which was ordered to make a fully functional for Russian czar Alexander watch, even on the watch are required to have a pedometer to test the troops marching pace. Now the company headquarters in Switzerland in 2003, and on the basis of the original style to launch a new functional wrist watch, a new mini alarm clock (some netizens pointed out that the term should be ask table), the variable type whose hands (whose hands go to dial edge automatically reduced to zero), and time zone indicator. The watch with simplicity, elegance, style is complicated at the same time.
9. In 2006 product companies ball shape the tourbillon double-sided wrist watch
This is the first used the space age technology, perfected the traditional style of imitation Cartier love bracelet watch. Watchmaker Abraham – Louis treasure which has produced the first ball shape the tourbillon double wrist watch “cyclone”, when the French revolution, can use to low balance wheel elimination of gravity, watch there is a small tool for calculation of a second. During the day, the tourbillon rotating authority makes the balance wheel in a shaft rotation, make any side of the balance wheel can even force. And product companies trying to on the basis of the mechanism is improved, thus the development of the ball shape the tourbillon watches, this is a 3 d balance wheel, its rotation trajectory as across an asteroid on the dial. After three hundred years long history, product home using modern technology, has launched the most surprise, mechanical watch industry innovation movement: watch is a little ball inside, it’s like asteroids on all axis rotation.

Eberhardt became a designer ideal Muse

In Maison Martin Margiela haute couture shows in spring and summer 2016, when one model with hands holding her sleeveless white skirt with shoulder-straps chest, walk on the carpet to the catwalk, you might hear some question, they forget the condole belt skirt?” Yes, they have forgotten. As last season, Maison Martin Margiela brand design team showed strong interest of deconstruction fashion, or say, is the only structure of the fashion. Leather with Velcro stick in the nude elongated elastic knitting skirt, or deliberately not sticky Velcro, show show introduction mentioned “sticky tape”; Cutting according to the shape of female models of men’s suits, extra on the stretch fabric with the wind. When designers did another leather coat, hard fabric in the shoulder sutures to create the outline of sculpture. All these works are conceptual, but still cool. Only those with zipper as decorative paintings are inferior.
Show in midfield, the style mutation, appear three evening dress Fake Cartier love bracelet design, model at the foot of the blanket be no belt skirt, dress with sequins and inserted into the east square carpet pattern shawls. Models in the outside, also set a transparent cloak, and transport the layer coated on plastic carpet.
Yohji Yamamoto is eighty s into one of the avant-garde characters of the Paris fashion stage. He and issey miyake, sichuan long bao ling, the western architectural style combined with Japan’s traditional costume design, make clothing is not only the body coverings but designer dress, body and spirit size of this three link exchanges.
Concise and rich flavor, smooth lines, the fashion style, in men’s clothing of Yohji Yamamoto is a mystery, is a collection of Oriental composed careful character in one of the classic clothing. Yohji Yamamoto’s fashion to a borderless no nation difference technique, the mystery show in front of the public. Yohji Yamamoto bold the essence of the development of Japan’s traditional costume culture, formed a kind of fashion style. This run counter to the mainstream western new dress concept, not only a foothold in the fashion industry, also in turn affect the western designers. Beautiful concept extension by extension, qualitative material skin texture beauty over ruled the beauty of the adornment of the fashion industry for many years. Among them, Yohji Yamamoto linen fabric with viscose fabrics using magic, formed a unique composed with pleated effect. Skilled in the use of new fabrics and common characteristics of many Japanese designers. Yohji Yamamoto brand of clothing in the majority with black, it is with the style of Japanese culture. Its replica Cartier love bracelet brand line of men’s casual wear for free combination, and the price strategy, has won great success. In Yohji Yamamoto clothing, sign once appear such words, it is to express the brand spirit – “what could be more boring than attired behave?”
Previous fashion week, Yohji Yamamoto (Yohji Yamamoto) used more punk and design methods of anxiety, express dissatisfaction of the machine. Released in Yohji Yamamoto spring/summer 2012 haute couture, Yohji Yamamoto give more gentle romantic fashion positioning. One critic said, “he must be in love” – model “bride” and “groom” boyish didn’t even have to end their slightly Chaplin style T stage presentations. Show to begin also includes dress: a non symmetric mop article blue dress, with spiral supersize Mad Hatter, the Mad Hatter, the main characters in the Alice in wonderland) wide-brim hats. The swaying fabric is always charming, even dovetail coat is no exception.
Ann Demeulemeester, independent fashion designer, born in Belgium in 2016, graduated from Antwerp, Belgium, the royal Cartier nail bracelet replica college of art, is also famous in the fashion of Antwerp Six (Ann who PuLiu gentleman), one of the members with her usual cold “junjun clipping and Antwerp school of agile and low-key, with its irregular theory successfully established the lofty status in design. Her design in 97 “left-leaning” on the right side of the zipper fashion. In addition, Ann Demeulemeester very pay attention to the integral collocation of clothing. For a decade, for each work, she will draw some of the details, to the hair of feather down to the style of shoes. Spring/summer 2016 Ann Demeulemeester fashion show is like a black and white film, the only colour is blue edge. This design inspiration comes from her mother’s white sari wipes. Perhaps this also indicates the Ann Demeulemeester will become a new fashion female “the Pope”.
Ann Demeulemeester 2016 spring summer series haute couture design image with distinctive characteristics of neutral conveys a decadent gas, and reach a perfect combination of eastern and western cultures.
For a long time, Ann Demeulemeester dream a Arthur Rimbaud (Arthur Rimbaud, French symbolism poets, wandering life craving, the age of 6 to run away from home, across the country risk) type of risk. The legendary poet in the 19th century profoundly affected her masculine design this season of spring, inspiration Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica comes mainly from LAN bo the self-imposed exile trip to Africa. Demeulemeester even found a living example: Isabelle Eberhardt is a Swiss writer in the late 19th century, frequent travels to north Africa, in her life, she likes to wear men’s clothing in trip, because it will make the action more freedom. In Isabelle Eberhardt brief life is introduced in the photo, wearing a sailor suit in the photo. Demeulemeester says: “I need to reshape the image of her.” General opinion, reshape the image of real people, need to try to fiction to reality and imagination, such as improved for indiana Jones hat; But in the reshape Eberhardt task, is really is absolutely more than fantasy bizarre, also true because of this, Eberhardt became a designer ideal Muse.

Romantic valentine’s day

Romantic valentine’s day
When the branches of the soft color brings spring greetings, valentine’s day also quietly.
This is a summer season! Need to express love, valentine’s day gift Fake Cartier love bracelet is very important. In this time the romance of love, who love the true meaning of the global fashion online shop for you carefully selected several exquisite luxury of valentine’s day gift. The clicking of the mouse, the thick love can through the fashion romantic valentine’s day by choosing high-quality goods passed to the other party. When he/she broke the elegant luxury gift boxes, moved unexpectedly, romantic and fill my heart, like love truly meaningful.
MARNI runway long necklace, cotton band increase wearing comfort, fashion sense of the collocation of beads and metal ring chain very chic, whether leisure wear or with a simple job, can for her lovely, add a distinctive temperament.
3.1 PHILLIP LIM sleeveless v-neck dress choose delicate made of soft silk, the replica Cartier love bracelet unilateral collar design elegant delicate before the bosom, black belt will be perfect to tighten the waist line, seemingly simple design detail place reflects the rich originality, all show the female’s gentle and lovely and elegant.
DOLCE & GABBANA this large leopard print single shoulder bag, with double handle design, attached to the outside texture of the metal logo sign, make the workplace ripe female demeanor. Bag mouth with help design ingenuity, pay attention to the details of her will fondle admiringly.
British fashion godfather ALEXANDER MCQUEEN paint peep-toe heels, is the world’s women rushed to popular fashion item. Peep-toe adopts unique heart-shaped design, lively smart and sexy, how can not pull her heart?
A “bad boy” said the American designer Marc Jacobs Bast cooperation with Cartier nail bracelet replica graffiti artists introduced this comfortable cotton long sleeve shirt. Full of strong art aron printed by Bast personally design, dynamic is not gorgeous colour and elegance to the his romantic temperament.
From Z ermenegildo Zegna chooses exquisite fabrics this trench coat lapels, frosted texture model a male resolute line. Dust coat classic lace-up waist waist design, foil a elegant and slender shape, will be the one you love into a charismatic Italian gentleman.
The delicate ornament in the embossed designs cufflinks from renowned for Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica the design of the charm and diversified DOLCE & GABBANA, whether for business or to attend leisure, meticulous design make him in the hand is cast sufficient between all show the noble taste of successful man.
A man will for detail. for you to select the Z ermenegildo Zegna man lace-ups choose delicate polishing cowhide, impeccable fabrics and excellent gloss inherited from the brand of luxury quality are consistent pursuit. Full of shoes full of strength, a classic contains innovation clipping reflect poetic brand characteristics, contracted and the atmosphere is also revealed in the design of fine men to detail the ultimate pursuit of feeling.

Bright and colorful pretty in pink All smiles out of the street

Bright and colorful pretty in pink All smiles out of the street
Pink and red, the same color is different tone of two color brings us is completely different visual style, the lovely and sweet pink, red hot with passion; But both the former and the latter in ice cream color during the spring and summer of 2012, these two colors can make us look very woman; At the same time can also carry bright color of skin to make you look look is also very good, do a confident because of the beauty.
Star demonstration pink suit
Stylist Brad replica Cartier love bracelet put on the jackets of pink and green pants to look like a big boy. Jessica Alba pink suit the wave point of coat and black shirt and nine minutes of pants match, the color is not allow themselves to be too playful, also won’t allow themselves to be too boring.
Pink suit to recommend
Pink jackets not only can wear to work, also can wear, work busy what are you going to wear no longer for the evening party. Preen mei red jackets are the details of the best at the back of the chevron big vents, smack of tuxedo; Emilio Pucci hit the color collar suit coat it with a black let whole clothes and a lot of.
Star demonstration pink mashups
If you think you are pink from head to foot, let a person feel have the suspicion of act young, then choose a pink princess with can wear out their own temperament. Ellen Pompeo tall waist of trousers with a sleeveless white blouse, let a person feel she is a little princess love sports; Beyonce’s collocation is very bold and geometric prints Etro splicing drag ground dress collocation a Cartier love bracelet replica pink cashmere knitted blouse, and retro sunglasses and hats for ornament.
The pink item is recommended
Choose a pink sheet is tasted, let heart little princess came out to meet the sun. Preen contracted but not simple, pink sleeveless top three pleat properly adornment on clothes chest; Christopher Kane pleated skirt pink, after short before long style is very popular; Classic Bottega Veneta woven bag can be a dot eyeball accessories do you usually go out.
Star demonstrate little pink dress
Choose a pink dress to attend a formal social events, absolutely don’t have to worry about the malfunctions will happen. Because wear a pink dress to attend the activity, at the same time you can only taste and courage to harness. Kate Beckinsale choose pink Alexander Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica dress, black belt to interrupt the pink brings the visual impact of large area, so as to avoid fatigue; Rachel McAdams fans dress very simple without any decoration, stitching itself completely the powerful current of the deductive of the pink dress is very perfect.
The pink dress is recommended
Choose pink dress to attend important activities, it is better to choose the dress design is simple, simple, as long as it can let oneself in such an important occasion appear too immature, accidentally will betray my own age. Valentino and Burberry pink dress besides simple plait jian without any redundant adornment, and accept the modelling of waist, round hips will let you become very elegant.
Star demonstrate little red dress
Supermodel Agyness Deyn attend the awards ceremony when choosing House of Holland, little red dress, sequins on the decorative pattern of the visual focus falls on the waist line, the red high-heeled shoes and clothing color is very harmonious, let is famous for hale and she is also a few women more gentle and sweet; Brooklyn Decker choose Katie Ermilio a deep V dress collocation a short black jackets, the classic color is tie-in, classic clothing styles, a card is out of the conservative.
The red item is recommended
Summer is coming, if you want to choose red dress to attend social activities, it is best not to select too long dress styles, large areas of red will bring a sense of unease. All brief paragraph, style simple red dress is your best choice. Although Roland Mouret is long in the red dress, but the black waist band and the white tulip flower pattern to break the depressive feeling of large area red; Vice and Lipsy red dress is a mini dress, and design also is very simple.
Red star demonstrate mashups
Ashley Greene wearing imitation cartier love bracelet red chiffon ruffled dress with a different color of leather skirt, strong contrast material to foil the harmonious beauty between feminine and hale and hearty; Christina Ricci satin mini shorts with a black T-shirt, simple and gorgeous.
The red item is recommended
Lace Elie Saab’s dress, the shoulder lace broke the rhythm of large area red, to make the dress look more a few light; Bottega Veneta transition joining together the dress, the visual focus on the chest above, so the girl of leg ministry line is not very ideal can consider; Friis &company, color matching high heels and Kate Spade color matching hand caught, pink and red skillfully join together.