Cost-effective diamond ring which brand

Cost-effective diamond ring which brand
Question: Recently I want to marry my wife, and want to buy a more cost-effective diamond ring to her, there is no more cost-effective diamond ring brand can recommend the next?

Best answer: In fact, the so-called cost-effective, is the value of value for money. Want to buy cost-effective diamond ring can not blindly to the purchase of goods, then first to understand the lower diamond brand price ranking.

The latest diamond brand cost-effective ranking:

1, diamond bird, one of the domestic diamond electrical pioneer, but also the leading Replica Cartier jewelry brand of domestic diamond business, now has dozens of experience in the country center.

2, love diamonds, the domestic focus on wedding ring custom diamond business, with a number of experience stores, because more emotional needs of consumers so more popular.

3, Davey jewelry, the real sense of the online shopping diamond ring brand, focus on the network 8 years, pure network sales platform under the wireless experience shop.

4, Zuo Kayi, the domestic diamond direct sales agencies, have their own official sales platform, offline store, but the main business sales in Taobao.

5, Kelan diamonds, the first domestic engaged in diamond electrical business of professional jewelry brand, with Tencent such a strong financial backing, the current experience shop to distribute throughout the country.

6, bloves wedding ring custom center, the domestic wedding ring diamond exclusive custom products and services to provide the jewelry brand, with several custom stores nationwide.

7, Dai Ouni, domestic use of the network for custom wedding ring brand, business model and BLOVES, as is currently a number of domestic experience shop under the line.

8, Opel, the domestic website + F2C experience shop + phone, diamond sales platform, the main line shop in Guangzhou.

9, luxury jewelry, first-class international online jewelry trading platform, dedicated to the vast number of consumers with the most perfect and most cost-effective jewelry treasures.

10, OL jewelry network to focus on diamond wholesale and jewelry retail fifteen years of experience, combined with 4R business model, quickly in the jewelry e-commerce industry come to the fore.

We all know that online shopping is cheaper than the store, diamonds is the case, diamond electrical business to see the middle of the cost of none other consumers.
Q: recently bought a Burmese jade pendant, found in the surface to see some flaws, this situation is normal? Will not buy fake, right?

Best answer: For the Burmese jade emerald flower pieces we need to pay attention to the following flaws: emerald flower pieces of the request is relatively low. If the raw material is not white cotton, crack and impurities, it is very perfect, it will not be processed into a flower. Therefore, the general emerald flower pieces of small cracks and impurities are acceptable. Even a very high-end pieces of flowers, can not completely avoid small flaws. So Myanmar jade pendant surface has a small flaw is normal.

And for jade jewelry inlaid class, such as Buddha, Guanyin, flower pieces, you have to pay attention to the back there is no death. If the back is gold or platinum sealed mosaic, the back may be more serious problems. Therefore, encountered the above situation, we must be careful when buying.
Question: I want to buy a pearl necklace, go to the mall looked under the price found different, which is why?

Best answer: This is because the price of pearls is determined by roundness, gloss, color, size and other major factors, so its price will be different.

First, roundness: pearl shape that is round beads, beads and nearly round beads. Positive round beads refers to the roundness of the best, suitable for making rings, earrings, pins, necklaces and so on.

Second, the gloss: the higher the better skin light, crystal clear the best.

Third, the color: the general white in the micro-pink for the best, very white Run of the pearl is also precious.

Fourth, the size: to the better is better Seven heavier called pearls, and eight heavy pearls called Sarah.

Five, in pairs: in many pearls, requiring color, skin light, all the same size, is a rare thing, so pairs of opponents worth high.
Question: I bought a piece of Hetian jade, it is now the appreciation of the space big?

Best answer: Hetian jade market call for cultural guidance, the current Hetian jade where the problem? We can make a comparison with the diamond. In fact, the promotion of diamond culture in the country has been a big money in the operation, you see the ads on television, say “diamond forever, a permanent”, advertising and did not play who is the manufacturers, this is the relevant institutions Behind the cultural operation. Today, the results of cultural promotion has been reflected, the new married to buy diamond ring, which is accepted the promotion of diamond culture. And Hetian jade is the East of the material, but also to become the world’s leading varieties of jade.

Which need to jump from the concept of origin, standing on the perspective of jade culture to think about the problem, the work of cultural guidance, such as Hetian market have the future. Now we understand the cultural heritage is not in place, as some of the jade carving made by the things, the spirit of the ancient jade culture from the tradition, which should cause full attention. I think the future of Hetian jade producers to do some things for the public, so that the future of young people willing to get married when the bride a suet jade bracelet, swap a jade, which is Hetian future prospects.

High-end bullish, low-end bearish Since it is a collection, I think no matter what time, have to aim at the best things. Only the best thing is the most valuable, is the market benchmark. Collectors now reflect the rare jade material is less and less, a good thing prices certainly higher rise, this is not a problem. The problem is that we talk about more market saturation, which is also placed on the desktop and nephrite is not fast moving consumer goods, will not disappear in the market, certainly have a saturated day.

If there really is one day, what is the market? I think we can still see the emerald, emerald has the world’s only supply origin of Myanmar, but the supply of jade small? Filled the streets can buy more than a dozen dollars of jade pendant, can emerald And did not lose the noble qualities, good things worth tens of millions, and was collected, reluctant to sell. Therefore, the future and Hetian jade market and jade, high-end bullish, low-grade bearish.

Two dialect of the market, high-end collection without any impact and Tian Yu’s collection is actually two groups, one is a high-end small minority collection, one is the low-end public collection, which is two people, two cases. For the high-end small minority collection, the collection of people and people have formed a special group, it is almost no external funds, markets, raw materials and so on any impact. This group for the seed material collection also has a cultural identity, not the money will be able to enter.

For example, the former paragraph has a million people who inquire about the situation and nephrite, the results looked after the seed material, feel expensive, did not buy. This is actually in the collection culture does not agree, in this circle, is the mass consumer market.

There are some lovers in this market, but it must be noted that the nature of this market is closer to the consumer sense of the market, most of the value of Hetian is not high, the future is not strong appreciation. Now, many of the consumer groups in the collectors do not understand and Hetian collection, that as long as the purchase of a piece of Hetian stay up, a few years will be able to appreciate, and if this understanding, then some wishful thinking.

No matter how good the Qinghai material and Hetian jade has a significant difference, perception can be identified, but from the ingredients on the distinction will be a problem. And the insiders are not very difficult thing, this market is still optimistic.

How to maintain a platinum wedding ring

How to maintain a platinum wedding ring
Platinum is commonly known as platinum, platinum wedding ring is a noble symbol, it represents a husband and wife between the eternal emotions, people can feel their warm and sweet. Platinum wedding ring purity will be high, the lowest is 85% of the amount of platinum, so relatively soft, usually do not pay attention to wear maintenance, it is easy to scratch or deformation, then, platinum wedding ring how to maintain it?
How to maintain a platinum wedding ring? 1. To avoid the platinum wedding ring and acid, alkaline substances and perspiration long contact. Leaded contaminated areas do not wear. Because lead has a catch on platinum. Long-term lead pollution, lead particles can also be gathered in the platinum ring surface. As long as it is engaged in printing work should pay attention to this point.

Platinum wedding ring how to maintain 2. We all know that Cartier love bracelet replica platinum ring wearing a long easy to oxidize black, so the platinum ring maintenance must pay attention not to let oxidation, to regularly clean platinum rings. When cleaning, use a special jewelry cleaner or take a pot to dip it in a mild soapy water and then gently wipe with a soft cloth.

Platinum wedding ring how to maintain 3. If the platinum wedding ring has been oxidized black, you can buy a bag from the photographic equipment store powder, take a small amount of clean glassware evenly stirred, and then put the platinum wedding ring into which 5 ~ 10 minutes after the removal, rinse with water, and then wipe with a soft cloth, the beloved platinum wedding ring will be bright as new.
Platinum wedding ring how to maintain 4. Platinum wedding ring in the usual wear, but also pay attention to avoid bumps, strenuous exercise and do heavy work, to take off, to avoid the ring deformation or scratch. Usually wash the bath and wash clothes and other things to wash, but also put the ring and then wash, to avoid the erosion of the ring was black.

Platinum rings have scratches how to deal with? Platinum rings usually wear for a long time, there will always be a small scratches, this is a normal phenomenon, and white gold ring even if there is scratches, it will not reduce the volume, will only move the material. So do not worry about the scratches after the reduction of platinum. White gold ring after scratches, you can bring the platinum ring to the original purchase for polishing, scratches will not it! It will become like new yo!
Gold bracelet wear a long time the gold content will be reduced? Zuo Kayi to introduce you to the gold bracelet for a long time the amount of gold will reduce the relevant content, to provide gold bracelet for a long time the gold content will reduce the reference information on the gold bracelet for a long time the gold content will reduce the information in the Sokai jewelery home.

Q: gold bracelet wear a long time the gold content will be reduced?

In the case of normal circumstances there will be no reduction in the situation of gold, gold bracelet for a long time to command a discoloration or discoloration of the situation, gold jewelry discoloration or fading with the body sweat are closely related. People sweat 99% of water, the other about 1% of the body of waste and harmful substances, these substances and gold jewelry in contact with silver and copper, it will produce a chemical reaction, resulting in dark black chemical salt. This chemical salt often fall from the gold jewelry, pollution of the wearer’s skin, leaving the skin on the obvious black stains. Improper handling will make the gold bracelet lose luster.

Q: Will the gold bracelet wash the bracelet? Will the amount of gold be reduced?

Answer: General washing is not out of the weight of the problem, out of the weight may have two cases, one is to use a small ball hit the friction bracelet, this will be off the weight; there is soaked with brains brains, this also Will be out of weight, if not the above two cases, with ultrasonic or water cleaning, it is not out of weight, out of the amount should be the illusion of people, dirty things will be less weight. So when cleaning bracelets or should go to a professional gold shop or body to clean.
Buy gold bracelet wear the bigger is how the matter? Is the chain fake? Zuo Kayi for you to buy the gold bracelet to wear the more the bigger is how the matter of the relevant content, to provide the gold bracelet to buy the more the greater the right is how the matter of the reference information on the gold bracelet to buy the more wear The information of the matter is done at the Zoaky Jewelery House.

Q: Will the gold bracelet wear the bigger? Is it false?

Answer: Yes, but can not explain is false, there may be loose interface, gold is very soft, which is the performance of high purity, than the major, good ductility, so the more wear loose. Buy jewelry is best to buy the alloy, not easy to deformation, investment, then buy pure Cartier love ring replica gold. The more gold the more impure the more the lack of ductility.

Q: gold bracelet wear the bigger how to do?

Gold is a very soft metal, but not lead and tin two kinds of metal, gold can be used in the nail to mark, this soft gold is very easy to process, but this point on the ornaments The manufacturer is very unsatisfactory, because it is easy to make the ornaments rubbing, so that it loses and even affect the appearance of beauty. So in the use of gold jewelry, the general must add copper and silver, to improve its hardness.
Men wear platinum necklace good or gold necklace good? Zakaly to introduce you to a man wearing a platinum necklace gold necklace good or good content, providing a good man wearing a platinum necklace or gold necklaces good reference information about the man wearing platinum or gold necklace necklace good information to make good in zakaly Jewelry house.

Q: Men wear platinum necklace good or gold necklace good?

Best answer: If you look round round head, then wear gold necklace can, and gold necklace over 35 years old crowd to wear the majority. But if it is more handsome type of the best do not wear, always feel that boys wearing the kind of rough gold necklace pretty counseling, if not wearing a necklace is not the case, wearing a fine platinum necklace. Do not take gold thick necklace, very vulgar and rude.

Answer: In fact, there is nothing good and bad to say, but the style needs according to the Cartier nail bracelet replica individual sense of segmentation and characteristics to pick, but to light a little, not too long, more tacky.

Q: Men wear platinum necklace is a little thick or fine a little better?

Best answer: Men of course, wearing a thick necklace more generous, too thin look pretty mother. Some people think that men still do not wear a necklace, a little other such as jade pendant, rings and so on better.

Blue water Jade bracelet inside the characteristics of what kind of

Blue water Jade bracelet inside the characteristics of what kind of
Q: Recently friends sent a blue water jade bracelet, would like to see is not true, the general blue water jade bracelet What are the obvious features? It and ordinary jade bracelet compared to what difference?

Best answer: blue water is actually the base of the blue-green emerald, with the water of several kinds of emerald, not simply refers to the color, but also species of delicate, high penetration of the head, matched with the color before they can There is such a call. Blue water jade bracelet is very mature and stable, it is mainly color and texture of the two aspects of the characteristics of blue water jade bracelet color, of course, the more blue the better, a little bit of Cartier love bracelet replica green sent a grade, a little gray A grade. Texture blue water jade bracelet is to be full of water, glass is of course the best, if the lack of water, blue water jade bracelet becomes boring, not fresh and clean.

There are three kinds of water: jade is common, there are four kinds of color: colorless called “water”; with a shallow green, known as “green water”; With a uniform, light blue, called “blue water”; with a light and uniform purple, known as “Amethyst”.
Question: Want to buy an emerald green jade jewelry, do not know how the price of it? Expensive?

Best answer: emerald green jade price is not expensive? In fact, early, emerald is a gem in a name, when the color of jade and emerald gem color is very similar to the line of people to this emerald called emerald green jade.

Green emerald, its green pay attention to thick, positive, and, of which it refers to the pure degree of green, green emerald green is very pure emerald, emerald green emerald condensate thick, positive, and so on Many features, so called emperor in emerald.

Want to know how the price of emerald green jade, you can look at these eight points.

1. Emerald green: the more tender the more valuable.

2. Transparency: hard jade internal crystal organization close texture is better, transparency is also followed by high, we call the “glass” is this high degree of transparency of jade, such as jade itself is rich in chrome-forming ice jade, precious And hard to find.

3. Color uniform: In addition to the color Jiaoqiang, high transparency, but also must be even the top grade tone.

4. Defects: to pay attention to whether the cracks, spots, etc., these flaws will affect the quality of jade.

5. Shape: most of the jade ring face is oval egg shape, as other shapes are a variety of shape and good and beautiful beauty of the price of jade is also affected.

6. Sculpture: the ornaments of the ornaments of their good and bad and the meaning of the symbol has an impact on the price.

7. Size, thickness: the same quality of jade, of course, is large and thick price higher.

8. Gloss: In addition to the above conditions, the gloss should be clear, not dark.
Q: recently bought an oil green jade bracelet, would like to see this bracelet is not true, the general green jade bracelet What are the obvious characteristics of it?

Is the color to the name of the jade bracelet, green jade bracelet green is not the kind of Cartier love ring replica pure green, but in the green mixed with gray or with some blue, and also Because it looks like shiny glossy oil, there is the feeling of soaking the oil, so called oil green species. The overall feeling of the green jade is not very transparent, is a kind of gray feeling. However, the green jade bracelet than the waxy species of transparency, meat is also more delicate, and the price is not very high, so loved by love jade.

The jade bracelet is usually fine jade, color and color, color to dark green, blue, gray-based, more dull color.
Question: Jade bracelet on the market all kinds of, is not all the jade bracelet is valuable? How to identify the value of it?

Answer: We buy jade bracelet when they want to buy a good valuable jade bracelet, then what kind of jade bracelet count valuable jade bracelet it? We have a simple summary of what time. The more tender and green jade bracelet is the more valuable jade bracelet. The more colorful color full of jade bracelet, the value of jade bracelet is higher, the shape of jade bracelet is more symmetrical jade bracelet value is also higher. The less the value of the jade bracelet value is more high, the more glossy jade bracelet value is higher Of course, said so many are in the case of jade bracelet is pure natural, if not the natural jade bracelet even if the color in the green in the uniform, the more high gloss, no use, the value of the artifact itself is subject to Limited, like glass, almost all meet the above a few, but no one will bring a glass bracelet.

Other types of emerald bracelet appear on the market and the number of many, but these are not all of the jade bracelet are all have the same value, some jade bracelet is better, its value and price is high, and some jade bracelet is More general, value and price are not very high. The difference between these high and low values can reach a staggering degree. For example, the same texture, the same transparency, but the color is not the same jade bracelet, green that certainly Cartier nail bracelet replica value and price on the other than some of your color, especially met the green jade bracelet, the price is more Is inexplicable on the high a lot. Similarly, just different texture, the price difference between the price is also different, you can reach the level of 10 million, and cheap, dozens of hundreds of dollars is also the same.

Hetian jade seed material to wear taboo what

Hetian jade seed material to wear taboo what
Hetian jade seed material to wear taboo which? Zuo Kayi to provide you with Hetian jade seed material to wear taboo what information, to help you solve the Hetian jade seed material to wear taboo what the relevant questions, professional advice jewelry luxury goods of various difficult problems
The following are the same as the ”
Question: Hetian jade seed material value is so high, then how do we want to maintain it?

Best answer: Hetian jade seed material quality and value of Hetian is the best, it is fine texture, smooth oil, the surface of the jade skin color can also be used for pretty color carving, loved by the people. Then the following for everyone to introduce Hetian jade seed Cartier love bracelet replica material conservation need to pay attention to several aspects.

One, to avoid collision. Although the hardness and toughness of seed material, but could not withstand the violent collision, in a major collision, the seed material either directly broken, or a dark lock, affecting the density of jade. In order to avoid this situation, it is best not to endanger the occasion of jade wear, pendant pieces of jade should also check the structure of a solid or not, to avoid falling off.

Second, to avoid corrosion. In daily life, seed material should be avoided with perfume, cosmetics, fumes, detergents and other ingredients in the chemical composition, because the seed material compared to taboo acid and alkali chemicals.

Third, to avoid high temperature. Whether it is hot or cold shrinkage, will lead to changes in the distance between the molecules within the jade, thus affecting the structure of the compact.

Four, diligent cleaning. Seed material jade after each wear is finished, have to use soft cloth and other soft towel gently wipe it. From time to time to give it to do the cleaning and maintenance, especially in the summer when the ground to do.

Five, safe custody. Custody and Tian Yu seed material do not put together with other jewelry, they are different hardness, put together prone to friction caused by scratches and other damage damage, should be placed alone in the box. If you do not use long, you can cast a layer of wax on the surface.

Six, thermal insulation. Collection and Hetian jade material should pay attention to thermal insulation, to avoid the air is too dry, or the temperature is too high, this will make the material loss of fat and moisture, texture dry, resulting in fine lines, so that color becomes dim.

Seven, regular disk play. Hetian jade seed material is characterized by the longer the disk to play, the better the quality of jade, the texture will be more delicate, oily will become better, so Hetian to be careful care to play, the best look for the seed material than the disk play.
What are the cleaning methods for jade jewelry? Zuo Kayi to provide you with Jade Cartier love ring replica Jewelry What are the cleaning methods of the relevant information to help you solve the Jade Jewelry What are the cleaning methods of the relevant questions, professional advice jewelery luxury all kinds of difficult problems
The following are the same as the ”
Question: I have a piece of jade pendant, jade how to clean? What are the cleaning methods?

The best answer: the United States for the jade jade, jade is the essence of stone, jade is a jade carved by a kind of jade is one of the most popular style, then we usually how to clean it?

First, the jade pieces of hand, first soaked in water at room temperature for 2-3 hours, until the surface attached to soften, and then wash with a toothbrush, and then into the hot water (about 30,80 degrees of fresh jade) soaked, soaked into the heat Water and jade slowly slow down, usually placed in the air does not flow through the insulation, so that hot water slowly cooling. But also to allow the pores of jade to get full relaxation, the internal dirt spit clean. So about 3 cycles, then about every three months to six months for 1 time, summer will have 1 to 2 months to 1 time.

Second, usually do not put jade on the face and nose up to wipe the oil, that oil is not the so-called jade nourishing liquid, but it will be counterproductive to the door, that is, the pores sealed, so that the disc out of jade luster seems boring The There is no bristle brush, because the brush out of the pulp will feel with a thief light. In this proposal is usually available soft white cotton long towel tray, but should not use dyed cloth or chemical fiber properties of hard cloth wipe.

Third, in the summer after 1 week, winter 2-3 week plate play, every night when the bath with warm water, about 40 degrees, soak for some time and then clean, pay attention to do not directly contact with the soap, then As long as you can always keep the jade can be clean, such as Cartier nail bracelet replica convenience can often wash. As we all know, sweat with salt, volatile fatty acids and urea, jade pieces of contact with too much sweat, after wearing and then do not immediately clean up, time a long jade pieces will be eroded, the outer damage, affecting the original luster degree. Especially white jade, more avoid sweat and grease. White if too much contact with sweat is easy to become pale yellow, no longer white as fat.

After a period of time to play the disk, jade pieces of their own texture will gradually reveal, good jade moist more than aura full of skin color play more bright and bright, and will look more pleasing.

A carat diamond ring color level is H, that naked eye to see the color of the diamond is yellow?

A carat diamond ring color level is H, that naked eye to see the color of the diamond is yellow?
A carat diamond ring color level is H, that naked eye to see the color of the diamond is yellow? Zoca for your detailed answer to a carat diamond ring color level is H, that naked eye to see the color of the diamond is yellow related content, to help you quickly understand the color level with a carat diamond ring is H, that naked eye to see the color of the diamond is Yellow related information. More than a carat diamond ring color level is H, that naked eye to see the color of the diamond is yellow? Information in the Zoakai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: Today to the diamond shop fancy a 1 carat diamond ring, the certificate to write its color level is H, H what color ah? Is it yellow? I look like yellow, that this diamond is worth buying it?

Best answer: No. Diamond color grade H in the international diamond 4C Cartier love bracelet replica evaluation criteria are “near colorless”, is biased towards high quality white, but if the H-color diamonds and H color above the color level of diamonds to compare it will be partial Yellow some. Single H-color diamond, it is usually the preferred choice of color, color is almost colorless, cost-effective and good, so it is worth buying.

Other answers: because you as ordinary diamond consumers, non-professionals, so you may be affected by the environment, the impact of mosaic style, may feel partial yellow, but in fact the diamond color level H color is almost colorless, Belong to white tone, there is no yellow hue.
G-color diamond ring and H-color diamond ring which is better. Zoca for your detailed answer to the G-color diamond ring and H-color diamond ring which is better related to the content, to help you quickly understand the G-color diamond ring and H-color diamond which is a good relative information. More G-color diamond ring and H-color diamond ring which is better information to do in the Zoakai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: Today and her husband to buy diamond ring fancy two, one is H color diamond ring, a color is G color, what is the difference between the two ah? What is good for that?

Best answer: G color and H color are diamond color level in the cost-effective color, look at the color to choose, G color than H color to be better. But choose a diamond ring can not only from the diamond color point of view, but also look at the clarity of the diamond, weight, cut, these four dimensions are diamond 4C evaluation criteria. Of course, in addition to these, but also depends on the style of diamond ring, diamond ring fitness, your degree of love and so on other external factors, and finally together, I believe you will choose a suitable for their own diamond ring.
What is the meaning of the Czech drilling and the Austrian diamond?
What is the meaning of the Czech drilling and the Austrian diamond? Zoca for your detailed answer to the Czech drilling and Austrian drilling are what the meaning of the relevant content, to help you quickly understand the Czech drilling and Austrian drilling, respectively, what is the meaning of the relevant information. More Czech drilling and Austrian drilling are what the meaning of information in the Zoakai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: What is the meaning of Czech drilling and drilling? Is the same kind of diamonds?

Best answer: Czech drilling and drilling are a kind of diamond. The main component of the diamond is the crystal glass, refers to the artificial crystal glass cut into diamond ornaments get a jewelry accessories, this material because of more affordable, while the visual effect of diamond dazzling feeling, it is very popular , Mostly used in mid-range jewelry design.

The current global artificial crystal glass manufacturing, located in the Rhine on both sides of the north and south, also known as Rhine. So produced in the north shore is called the Austrian drill, is the Austrian drilling, perennial absorption of adequate sunshine, customs point is very good. While the south bank is called the Czech diamond, because the absorption of the sun is not very adequate, so the gloss is not as good as Austrian drilling. In addition to Austrian drilling and Czech drilling, there are drilling in the Middle East, domestic diamond, acrylic drilling and other stones.

Austria’s most famous artificial crystal manufacturer is Swarovski’s company, its production of drilling is also often called Swarovski Drill (SWAROVSKI) or Swarovski drilling, so the general Austrian diamond refers to the Swarovski’s drilling. Now many of the world’s many top jewelry, clothing are used to Swarovski drilling, so in our lives often see Austrian drilling, because the cost of clothing can not be too high, and the material is more affordable diamond, but also in Cartier love ring replica the Visual effects on the diamond’s gorgeous eye-catching feeling, so commonly used in some mid-range clothing design.
A simple way to identify good or bad diamonds. Zoca for your detailed answer to the identification of good or bad diamond related content, to help you quickly understand the identification of good or bad diamond with the relevant information. More information on the identification of good and bad diamonds in the Zoacai jewelry home.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: I want to buy a diamond ring, but I am not a diamond lovers, usually do not know how to understand the diamond knowledge, then how to buy when the diamond is good or bad?

Best answer: first of all to buy a good diamond, then we must buy from the formal channels, not because the set price is affordable or other factors through other channels to buy, to avoid buying bad or other problems.

There is also a problem in the purchase often doubts: how to buy a good diamond. For diamond lovers, this is no problem, but for ordinary consumers, this is not a simple question, there is a simple way is to see the diamond identification certificate. All diamonds all have their own certificates, and all of the information on it is evaluated on the basis of the International Diamond 4C standard. 4C refers to the weight of the diamond, color, clarity and cut. Weight that the size of the diamond, the general “carat” or “sub” as a unit, 1 carat = 100 points. Clarity refers to the number of flaws in the diamond, the level of the defect is high, you can reflect the dazzling light. But if the diamond flaws, it may cause the diamond surface is very dim. Color refers to the diamond colorless – light yellow, color grade by the D-Z, the top color that is colorless is D, the general recommendation to buy H level or more. This information will be displayed on the certificate, so we just look at the certificate can be the most direct identification of this diamond is good.

Answer: You can teach some simple diamonds identification method: in the purchase can be to the store with a 10-20 times magnifying glass for assistance, to be a simple observation.

1, to observe the waist of the diamond, if the sand-like waist is most suitable for this method, because the diamond because of any harder than the imitation, so do not like a triclas like a strip of fine lines, diamond waist is a granular appearance The

2, diamonds than to imitate the goods hard, take imitation of the facet ridge line is often more than the feeling of diamonds, and diamond facet ridge must be sharp.

3, based on the diamond than the imitation of hard, take imitation of the facet ridge often wear situation.

4, if the diamond appears collapse and collapse, the appearance is usually all ladder-like, and cuddle will be different from the curved or shell-like
18k rose gold ring what it means. Zoca for your detailed answer 18k rose gold ring is what the meaning of the relevant content, to help you quickly understand the 18k rose gold ring is what the meaning of the relevant information. More 18k Rose Gold Ring is what the meaning Cartier nail bracelet replica of information at the Zoacai Jewelery House.
The following are the same as the ”
Question: What does the 18k rose gold ring mean?

Best answer: 18k gold refers to the gold content of 75% alloy, and AU (gold) 750 is a meaning. Gold open (K) is the gold content of the unit, K gold is calculated by the pure gold is divided into 24, 24k gold that is gold, 18k gold that gold content of 18/24 alloy, the remaining 25% for other precious metals, Including platinum, nickel, silver, palladium and so on. The most common k gold are: 24K, 18K, 14K, 8K and so on.

Rose gold is the color of gold. K gold can be made into different colors, in addition to rose gold, there are white, yellow, rose red, respectively, called: 18K white gold, 18K gold, 18K rose gold.

Because 18K gold is lower cost, so often made of simple gold to wear.

Cartier group diamond ring

Cartier group diamond ring
Cartier group diamond ring is the classic style of the Cartier diamond ring, thin diamond studded with the whole diamond ring, no matter from which direction to see the past, Cartier group diamond ring All radiate strange shine. We come together to enjoy the exquisite Cartier group diamond ring picture.

Cartier group diamond ring picture

Cartier group diamond ring picture, Cartier group diamond ring A card in the Cartier ring diamond-studded Cartier diamond ring, Cartier group diamond ring Each diamond is a Cartier craftsmen carefully selected, cut, and then they are embedded in the Cartier ring, the formation of a very fine Cartier group diamond ring. Zoca take you together to see the Cartier group diamond ring exquisite pictures.
Cartier group diamond ring picture Daquan, Cartier group diamond ring with a number of small diamonds carefully crafted in the Cartier ring face, each diamond are the ultimate shine out of the diamond itself, the whole cartoon group diamond ring is super luxury Replica Cartier jewelry , Believe that any one wearing a Cartier group diamond ring are with the diamond on the ring as glorious.
Cartier male models diamond ring with the Cartier other style diamond ring design as beautiful, but the Cartier male diamond ring less some soft, and more of some rough, Cartier male diamond ring will be fashion and brand Element fusion, become the most popular men’s diamond ring. We have to enjoy the exquisite Cartier male diamond ring picture.

Cartier male models diamond ring picture

Cartier male models diamond ring picture, wearing a ring is not a female friend’s patent, many brands have launched a variety of exquisite men’s ring, Cartier also carefully designed and produced a number of male models diamond ring, Cartier male diamond ring is also the same with the Cartier other products by the world Consumers love good reviews. Zoca with everyone to take a look at Cartier male diamond ring fine picture.
Cartier men’s diamond ring picture Daquan, Cartier male diamond ring style exquisite, every card is a male diamond ring are Cartier designer to Cartier brand characteristics into the fashion elements carefully designed, and then carefully crafted by the craftsmen. Cartier male diamond ring no matter what kind of material, what style, are the classic and fashion coexistence of the goods.
Cartier diamond ring price, Cartier diamond ring how much money, we all know, Cartier is one of the world’s most famous jewelery brand, Cartier diamond ring regardless of the selection of diamonds, or in the ring style are very strict, so that Cartier diamond ring has been enduring, Then Cartier diamond ring price? Cartier diamond ring how much money?

Cartier diamond ring price

Cartier diamond ring price, Cartier is one of the world’s most famous diamond ring brand, Cartier diamond ring exquisite style, diamond cutting is perfect so much favored by consumers around the world. Many people may have thought to get married when buying a Cartier diamond ring, but do not know Cartier diamond ring price, how expensive.

To 1 carat diamond ring to say, Cartier 1 carat diamond ring price of 12 million or so, almost all jewelry brands in the 1 carat diamond ring the most expensive. Cartier diamond ring price by the Cartier brand value coupled with the price of the diamond ring plus labor costs, and finally with the store operating costs, so the Cartier diamond ring is more expensive than other brands of diamond ring.
Cartier diamond ring how much money, in fact, no matter what brand, diamond ring prices are mainly in the diamond, and diamond value and diamond 4c related, that is, diamond weight, color, clarity and cut, each c is a grade of the points , The higher the level of the higher the price of diamonds made by the diamond ring will be higher prices. Diamond 4c in the most direct impact on the price of diamond ring is the weight and cut, Cartier diamond ring price will be higher than other brands is also because the diamond 4c level is relatively high it

Cartier diamond ring also has a variety of series, love series of inlaid diamond diamonds diamond ring price of about 16,000 yuan, love series inlaid 4 diamond diamonds diamond ring price of about 40,000 yuan or so, if it is studded with love love series Cartier diamond ring price can be as high as ten million Or even hundreds of thousands. In addition to the love series, the Cartier diamond ring there are a variety of other styles, in general, 1 carat Cartier diamond ring price in 12 million or so.
Cartier rose gold bracelet picture, cartier rose gold bracelet picture and price, cartier rose gold bracelet is almost all the world’s brand rose gold bracelet in the most representative of a style, cartier rose gold bracelet most famous and most popular still love Series cartier rose gold bracelet. The cartier rose gold bracelet picture and price.

Cartier rose gold bracelet picture

Cartier rose gold bracelet picture, cartier rose gold bracelet bright color, and comes with Cartier unique brand elements, so very popular. And cartier rose gold bracelet in the consumer favorite to the number of cartier love series rose gold bracelet, cartier love series rose gold bracelet has been popular for more than 40 years, is still the pursuit of the crowd.
Cartier rose gold bracelet pictures and prices, cartier rose gold bracelet style exquisite, well-designed, exquisite workmanship, is all the jewelry brand in the most representative of a rose gold bracelet style. To Cartier love series rose gold bracelet as a reference, Zouqi jewelry network for everyone to introduce cartier rose gold bracelet pictures and prices.
Cartier bracelet size Daquan, how large size cartier bracelet for wear, cartier bracelet over the years has always been at the top of fashion, no matter how long, has always been the pursuit of fashion consumers around the world. What size is the cartier bracelet? How large size the cartier bracelet is suitable for wearing? Zokai for everyone to introduce cartier bracelet size Daquan.

Cartier bracelet size

Cartier bracelet size Daquan, cartier bracelet size a total of 6, from 16 to 21, 16 cartier bracelet size is the inner 15CM, 17 cartier bracelet size for the week 16CM, and so on. In general, the woman wrist is relatively thin, wearing 16 to 17 cartier bracelet just right, men are wearing a slightly larger size cartier bracelet from

Cartier bracelet is the famous French jewelry brand Cartier one of the most popular jewelry style, has always been able to accurately grasp the trend of Cartier, and has its own unique aesthetic taste, thus becoming the world’s big stars to attend the important occasion to attend the most cherished Watches and bracelet brands.
How large the size of the cartier bracelet for wear, to know how suitable for wearing a large size of the cartier bracelet must first know their own hand corresponding cartier bracelet size. The measurement method is as follows: first select a bracelet for their own wear, measure the bracelet circumference, and Cartier bracelet size table comparison to get their own suitable cartier bracelet size.

There is also a way to know how large cartier bracelet suitable for wearing the measurement method is to go directly to the Cartier counter try cartier bracelet, which a cartier bracelet to wear both comfortable and beautiful is the most suitable for wearing cartier bracelet size. Everyone is most suitable for cartier bracelet size may be different, personally measured the best.

Stephen Webster brand interpretation leading jewelry fashion

Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) brand interpretation leading jewelry fashion
Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) is the British jewelry designer Stephen Webster’s personal brand of the same name. Stephen Webster’s jewelry combines Gothic, rock, religion, animal and other elements. Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) jewelry brand interpretation leading jewelry fashion.
brand introduction:

Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) is the British jewelry designer Cartier love bracelet replica Stephen Webster’s personal brand of the same name. Stephen Webster’s jewelry combines Gothic, rock, religion, animal and other elements. From the description of vampire bats, butterflies and other night creatures, with a strong vampire culture “Fly by Night” series, to “seven sins” as the inspiration of the seven gem ring, Stephen Webster with gorgeous precious stones, fine Strange shape and dark and treacherous temperament, depicting an alternative, mysterious, with a strong artistic and cultural background of the jewelry world. In addition to the precious high-level jewelry, Stephen Webster also has a price of 150 pounds to 1500 pounds of more affordable silver series.

Stephen Webster Jewelery has seven stores in London, Beverly Hills, Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kiev, Vienna and Marbella, Spain. The reason why there are a number of stores in Russia, because the designer Stephen Webster’s wife Anastasia is a Russian, Anastasia not only Stephen Webster’s jewelry works introduced to the Russian high society and fashion, Also helped Stephen Webster met with Madonna’s stylist Trish Summerville, and later, when Madonna married Guy Ritchie, he invited Stephen Webster to design a wedding ring for himself.
Stephen Webster Jewelery Interpretation One

British jewelry designer Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster), if the style Diablo, secret and gorgeous, I look like a super-type rock star designer left you the impression, then you Will remember his most representative works – “seven sins” as the theme of the seven jewelry ring. Following this group of works, Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) recently launched the same theme pendant.

“Seven sins” include “arrogance, jealousy, rage, laziness, lustiness, greed, bulimia and lust”, Stephen Webster still uses Cartier love ring replica seven different pendants to correspond to each of the concepts, inlaid ruby peacocks Tail feather pendant symbol of “arrogant”, inlaid with black crystal eye-shaped pendant symbol of “jealousy” … … seven although the theme is special, but it looks quite gorgeous pendant, whether the original “seven sins” theme ring The same, make you feel bright

Designer Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) Introduction:

Designer Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) was born in 1960, from the United Kingdom Gravesend an ordinary family, the father is a draft, the mother is a cake teacher. In the local secondary school, the young rebellious Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) is not a good student, 16 years old, he entered the Medway College study jewelry design, after graduation in the jewelry designer John Donald hands internship two Year, and then began to pursue their own business independently. “When my internship expires, I want to be the best jeweler and craftsman, and I can make very beautiful works,” says Stephen Webster, recalling the start of his business. But then I did not have a customer, so for a long time, I can only work for others, do only sell 10 pounds of gadgets. Until one day, I met a Canadian, he said every year to pay me £ 300, let me in his hands to do a “all-around jeweler”, I did not know what this career, but I followed him to Canada. He let me come into contact with a variety of real gems, he is a like Indiana Jones’ s explorer, looking for precious gems in Brazil, Africa and other places, he found many gems, such as tanzanite and tourmaline, almost never heard of me at the time!

“This experience has become an important turning point for Stephen Webster’s way to be a great jeweler,” says Stephen Webster. “Those gems are very precious and they are impressive and financially outstanding. Can not be willing to use them to do those ordinary jewelry, can only be processed into the most beautiful works from then on, I really understand the various gems, and from the heart to love them. It ‘s impossible to get what you can do for people who are excited and screaming, and if I’ve been doing the ordinary rings for the sake of making a living.
Designer Stephen Webster

By the late ’80s and early 1990s, Stephen Webster, who had little success, returned to England with his work, but his style of alternative and unique works was questioned and given him at the crucial moment The most important affirmation and support, not the new Cartier nail bracelet replica generation, but was founded in 1735, much favored by the British royal world’s oldest jewelry brand – Garard jewelry (Garrard), Garard jewelry (Garrard) jewelry on the Stephen Webster’s work was very interesting, and in 1996 he helped him hold a personal jewelery exhibition.

Later, after a series of mergers and acquisitions in Garrard, Stephen Webster, in December 2008, replaced the rock star Mick Jagger’s (Mick Jagger) Daughter Jade Jagger, became creative director of Garrard’s (Garrard).

Stephen Webster’s jewels blend Gothic, rock, religious elements and inspiration from nature, darkness, mystery, and gorgeous style that attracts jewelry that loves alternative styles, and if you See the designer Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) slightly disheveled black curls, tough in a little decadent temperament, will feel that he may be a rock star! Stephen Webster’s teenage years are indeed inextricably linked to rock and roll, and at the age of 16 he began to study the design of jewels, it was the heyday of gorgeous rock, Bryan Ferry, David Bowie, Marc Bolan’s music has deeply influenced Stephen Webster, who has also studied the guitar for two years, but eventually found his musical talent is not good enough. Although not a rock star, but Stephen Webster (Stephen Webster) and Cressi Hyde (Chrissie Hynde), Robert Cray and other musicians are friends for many years.

Where the single ring wears a finger

Where the single ring wears a finger
What is a single ring finger? Right hand little finger: do not fall in love, right hand ring finger: love in. Right middle finger: famous flower master. Right index finger: single nobility. Left hand little finger: not marriage. Left hand ring finger: marriage. Left middle finger: engagement. Left index finger: unmarried thumb is the meaning of power on behalf of, you can also do the meaning of self-confidence.
Does the single ring wear a good finger? If it is eager to marry, eager to end a single life, the ring is best to wear on the index finger, which means unmarried, want to get married. If you want everyone to clear your single, the ring can be worn on the little finger, said Cartier love bracelet replica the meaning of a single aristocracy, but also divorce or determination of the meaning of celibacy.
What kind of brand is good? This is benevolent see benevolent wise see things, the following is a small series of some of the more popular diamond ring brand.

(China Famous Brand) 5 Mingpai Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand) 5 Mingbao Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand) 5 Mingbao Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand) (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand) 8 Cartier Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand) 9 Lao Fengxiang Diamond Ring (China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand, China Famous Brand) Chinese famous brand) 10 Xie Ruilin diamond ring

Not the best wedding diamond ring brand, with love diamond ring is the best wedding ring. Buy wedding diamond ring in addition to the high price, but also durable, the most important thing is that both husband and wife like to like the ring, in order to fine care, in the years under the dazzling.
What kind of brand is good? Marriage is one of the three most important things in life, because the happiness of life and marriage has a very important link. Then the importance of marriage as an important monument to marry the importance of marriage can also be imagined.

What kind of good thing is really good to say that the wedding diamond ring brand too much. To this end, many new people have specifically sought to have entered the marriage hall of the views of friends, they also give guidance, but some say that the brand is good, and some say that brand is good. What brand of wedding is good in the end? Some people say that makes sense, he said that there is no death of the answer, wedding ring is a new love witness, the meaning of diamond ring is the most important, not a brand.
Marriage is a lifetime event, and wedding ring for new people, especially the most important. Select a wedding ring with a mind, need to pay attention to the following questions.

Pre-determined ring style. Wedding rings are worn every day, but now you can choose a lot of styles, but between husband and wife will only buy a pair of rings. So in order to avoid pick the eye, choose a wedding ring before the first to do their own preferences to filter. Decided to ring the material, precious stones, style and other details. If it is custom, you can also help the staff, designed their own custom program.

The ring can be different. Couples, between husband and wife often want to have uniform clothing, hobbies, but not on behalf of the wedding ring must be so. If a person likes platinum, the other like K gold, we can create two separate personal taste and style wedding ring. But after all, is the couple, two people’s wedding ring difference is not too much, it is best to have a place to echo.

Ring material is very important. Wedding ring records every life worth remembering a moment, to accompany the couple’s wedding ring, the importance of the ring material is much larger than the style. Now the ring material selection of 18K gold and platinum, both have their own advantages and disadvantages, but it should be noted that, no matter what kind of metal, as long as our daily wear wedding ring more attention to wear and maintenance, wedding ring can be We spend a lifetime.

Measure the exact finger number. New people are more and more concerned about the comfort of wearing a wedding ring, but also enough to explain the importance of comfort, the appropriate ring can let you wear a ring more comfortable, you can go to the jewelry store shopkeeper to help you measure your hand Inch, you can use a simple method to measure out.

Stand the test of time. Buy wedding rings can follow the pace of fashion, but the wedding ring is to wear a lifetime of the ring, the choice of style must also be in the next 20 years will not let yourself bored. In addition, the ring will also accompany their own to participate in various occasions, whether it is parents, or a formal social gathering.
For thousands of years, gold and silver have been the most precious metals. At any time, any country and region, these two things are collectible value, can be made when the currency of the hard currency. So until today, there are still many people regard them as the main material of Cartier love ring replica the wedding base. But in recent years, platinum as a more valuable, beautiful metal sudden emergence, swept the world, sales in the store also jumped to the first. And the hardness of platinum is also higher, diamonds set in the above is not easy to fall. The following are the same as the ”

Western proverb says “diamonds are the best friend of a girl”, and China also has a “diamond forever, a permanent spread” argument. Although many people choose other jewelry as an engagement ring, such as ruby, emerald or pearl, but the diamond ring is the most fashionable choice. When choosing diamonds, pay attention to “four C”: Cut-Cut, Clarity-Clarity, Color-Color and Carat-Carat. The following are the same as the ”

If the wallet is not enough drums, the budget is more tense, take the holidays to the discount shopping malls to buy it would be a good idea. Buy things to shop around, buy expensive items even more so. The same thing in different shopping malls, the price difference will be great. Some shopping malls in order to attract customers, discount efforts are great. Moreover, the different brands within the counter of the counter, you can also fold on the fold, or VIP discount card. The whole count down, but also save a lot.
JAFF jewelry brand is quite European style of international jewelry brand. Its design concept is less limited by the traditional jewelry design framework, not only rubbing the jewelry and elegant subtle, but also reflects the different fashion areas of the trend of style, for modern women to bring a different choice of jewelry. Jiefu diamond ring prices ranging from thousands to tens of thousands of dollars.
Jaff Czech luxury jewelry from the modern women’s casual sex, independent self, not just from the monotonous price. Jaff Jifu jewelry will be a woman’s multi-faceted personality into each core series, giving jewelry life, to make it more human feelings.

JAFF jewelry brand is quite European style of international jewelry brand. Its design concept is less limited by the traditional jewelry design framework, not only rubbing the jewelry and elegant subtle, but also reflects the different fashion areas of the trend of style, for modern women to bring Cartier nail bracelet replica a different choice of jewelry.

Jaff jewelry in the design concept of continuous integration into the latest fashion and popular cultural elements, from Europe and Asia, the top jewelry designers of the design team, not only for the JAFF products brought the most advanced design concepts and trends, Into the most in line with the Asian aesthetic tendencies.

What is the meaning of a girl’s index finger wear a ring?

What is the meaning of a girl’s index finger wear a ring?
Wear a ring is the language of love. The ring is generally worn on the left hand, the general left hand index finger on the girls to wear the ring what the meaning of the understanding is surprisingly consistent: this is youth, vigor, eager to love, eager to sunshine.

What is the meaning of a girl’s index finger wear a ring?

Girls wear a finger to wear a ring what the meaning of girls wearing a suitable Cartier love bracelet replica jewelry can often make their own charm to improve a lot of small and smart ring, style rich and varied, is favored by many girls a product. The ring from the birth of the day, was given a fresh life, and as time extended by human into more emotions. The ring worn on different fingers have different meanings, then the girls left hand index finger wear ring what does that mean?

Generally everyone on the girls index finger wear ring what meaning is surprisingly consistent: this is youth, vigor, eager to love, eager to the sun.
Girls right hand index finger wear ring what it means

Seemingly said pure pure pure girl meaning child wearing a ring said

Girls right hand index finger wear ring what it means

The more popular wear: the index finger — want to get married that unmarried; means — has been love; name means — that has been engaged or married;

Girl on the right index finger on the ring on behalf of what?

The right hand: the right hand refers to: love right hand refers to: love the right finger: the main flower of the right hand index: single aristocratic left finger: marriage left hand refers to: marriage left finger: engagement left hand index finger: unmarried thumb on behalf of the power of meaning to do self-confidence meaning

Girls each finger wearing a ring meaning

Rings worn on the index finger, the feeling is more personal claims. The most formal wear method is too wearing on the middle finger, if you do not want to have a formal feeling, you can add a simple left or right ring. Ring finger on the ring is usually a wedding ring … according to the traditional habits of the West said the left hand shows the emperor gave the luck ring through the left hand more popular wear: index finger — want to get married that unmarried; means — has been love; – that has been engaged or married; refers to the body as the right hand of the traditional finger wearing a ring meaning that the name is said to wear

Girl index finger wear ring on behalf of what

Girls left hand index finger wear ring what meaning, wearing a ring is the language of love. Rings are usually worn on the left hand (wearing right hand is not easy to do things), in foreign countries, do not wear a ring also said that “the flower is still no Lord, you can chase me.” According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, it is associated with the heart, so it is meaningful to talk about the ring on the left hand. The more popular international law is:

Index finger – want to get married, that unmarried;

Middle finger – has been in love;

Ring finger – that has been engaged or married;

Little finger – that single.

As for the right hand, in the traditional also have a finger wearing a ring when it makes sense: that is ring finger. It is said to wear here, that has a nun’s heart.
Boys left hand index finger wearing a ring generally have special significance, on behalf Cartier love ring replica of the current single state, no girlfriend, look forward to love. Of course, if a fashionable boy put the ring on the left index finger, perhaps just like wearing a ring, the ring is just a decorative role.

Boys left hand index finger wear ring what it means

Boys left hand index finger wear ring what the meaning of the ring is not a girl’s patent, a nice, stylish, exquisite ring also can attract the attention of boys. Wearing one or two jewelry seems to be the next trend, the ring is a very common jewelry, then the boys left hand index finger wear ring what it means?

Boys left hand index finger wearing a ring generally have special significance, on behalf of the current single state, no girlfriend, look forward to love. Of course, if a fashionable boy put the ring on the left index finger, perhaps just like wearing a ring, the ring is just a decorative role.
Boys left hand index finger wear ring what meaning, usually a single boy will be wearing a ring on the left index finger, meaning no girlfriend, look forward to love. If you are the heart of the boys left hand index finger wearing a ring, then boldly to pursue it, maybe a good margin on this birth!

Other different fingers also have different meanings, wearing anonymous finger on behalf of being married, wearing a middle finger has been in love, wearing a little finger that celibate. In fact, in addition to the wedding ring wearing a lot of people on the other fingers are more casual law, which they like to wear which, no special significance.
How much is the gold ring? Many consumers, whether in their own wear gold ring, or send friends, family time. Most of which should be in the choice of how many grams of gold ring on the tangled. On the other hand different people, different of their own conditions, in the face of price, style, weight, etc. are different gold rings, the choice is not the same. But in general there is a standard, the following Xiaobian for friends to introduce some of the basic choice of men’s gold ring generally how many grams? Ms. gold ring how many grams of general information.

In the traditional Chinese wedding custom, marriage ring is generally gold ring, then Cartier nail bracelet replica the gold ring how many grams of it? Men’s gold ring wearing a general in about 8 grams, Ms. gold ring about 3 grams best. Of course, how many grams of gold ring or according to their own economic budget to decide better.
In fact, for the life of us, the purchase of gold rings generally how many grams more practical? On average, between 4-8 grams, so even if the style is not fashionable, and can not keep up with the trend, but also can have a surplus to change the style.

Of course, there are some investors, like fried gold, that is used to add value, then the number of grams of the general ring appropriate? This will be based on their own wage level and the ability to, of course, the bigger the better, think about the price and the time to sell, it should be very comfortable it

Diamond ring price is mainly determined by the size of the diamond

Angel Kissing Diamond Ring Price
Angel kisses the price of the ring, angel kiss the ring how much money. Such as the same name, each diamond ring name has a unique interpretation of the meaning of the diamond ring connotation. Angel kiss ring, although all kinds of brands are on the “angel kiss” diamond ring has a different interpretation, but the classic style will never change, then the angel kiss the diamond ring how the price?

Diamond ring price is mainly determined by the size of the diamond Cartier love bracelet replica and the weight of the material, angel kiss design unique, the bottom of the vacant, you can see the whole diamond, diamond fire color can be a good show, without large diamonds can also be achieved Better bright effect, the following picture of the picture for the diamond ring effect, you can customize 0.1ct-0.30ct, three-dimensional design, small diamond also no longer fashionable atmosphere. Angel kiss ring ring ring material can choose 18k can also choose platinum, gold weight generally 1.5 to 3g, according to the different size of the different, according to the material of the ring material, the overall offer in the 1000-3000 Between yuan. In general, the angel of the kiss in the 2000-8000 yuan between the specific, according to the consumer selected diamond grade and set the material to set.
Angel kisses how much money. Angel kiss ring ring mosaic method using folder inlay, more three-dimensional sense. Double-layer hollow ring design makes the diamond ring three-dimensional feel stronger, highlight the hand type, show delicate characteristics! So angel kiss ring how much money?

Zokai [Angel Kiss] White 18k Gold 6 points /0.06 Carat Diamond Ring Zoka Price: ¥ 1285.00

White 18k gold 6 points /0.06 carat diamond ring

Will be full of shiny diamond firmly locked, creating a bird by the kiss state, surrounded by fingertips on the most beautiful scene. Perfectly polished diamonds such as dawn rain like flashing, giving a visual enjoyment.
Six claw diamond ring price, six claw diamond ring how much money. Diamond ring mosaic way mainly claw inlay, card inlay, nail set, track inlay, package, and so many inlay way, and six claws of the diamond ring is one of the claw inlaid, claw in addition to six claws there are three Claw and four claws, the most popular is the six claw diamond ring, then the six claw diamond ring how the price?

In 1886, Tiffany’s original Tiffany Setting, this single diamond six claw mosaic method, suddenly become an engagement diamond ring mosaic of international standards. And so far, Tiffany Setting has become the world’s most famous, most respected an engagement ring. Six claw diamond ring, in the design of circular diamonds inlaid in the platinum ring ring, the most to bring out the diamond, so that the light with the cutting surface to all-round refraction, filling the bright Guanghua. And Tiffany as a luxury brand, the price is relatively speaking, or more expensive.
How much money is the six claw diamond ring? Tiffany six claw diamond ring known as the diamond ring in the diamond ring, has been loved by the world. Six claw diamond ring is the most dazzling, but also the most magnificent. So how much is the Tiffany six claw Cartier love ring replica diamond ring? Let’s see how much money you buy.

Question: tiffany six claw diamond ring about how much money?

Answer: the big brands of counters are expensive to buy, mainly to see the level of the diamond to determine the price, do not at least have about 100,000 or the general level, they are relatively large profits, I also like this style to do things They look like diamonds are bought in the extravagant daughter directly to do the care, especially nice to see the difference
Question: tiffany classic six claw diamond ring how much money?

Description: tiffany classic six claw diamond ring 50 points, VVS1, D color, EX how much money? A card of blanket In Hong Kong will not buy cheaper than in the country? Need to make it? Or the spot? To marry the use of the heroes you help out ~ ~ ~

Answer: the mainland to sell more than 80,000 yuan. A card of this fineness to about 25 million. Hong Kong will be cheaper because of exchange rates and tariffs. But not too much. Generally do not need to customize, such a high color in TIFFANY or not difficult to find. As long as you can accept the price on the line. You have to know that 40,000 yuan can also buy a TIFFANY half a carat.
Ido diamond ring price, ido diamond ring how much money. I Do is a brand of jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry, jewelry,

I do mean for me. Ido as a new rise of the wedding ring brand, its quality known. Won the recognition of the vast number of consumers, has become a luxury in the Jiao Jiao who. Then ido diamond ring how the price? Like other diamond ring brand, ido diamond ring is mainly diamonds and ringing, according to the diamond cut, color, carat, clarity to determine the price of diamonds; stay the price will depend on the material.
How much money is. On the price of ido diamond ring, we are all how much money to buy it? Let’s take a closer look.

Question: ido diamond ring about how much money?

Answer: This is no way to tell you, because it is not a style, not the same level, not the same work are not the same price, but the diamond ring is generally the beginning of the thousands of high prices without restrictions.

Question: ido diamond ring price is not expensive.

Answer: Hello! I DO diamond ring almost all produced in South Africa, the cutting ratio is perfect, a pair of platinum almost one hundred and seventy or so, 18K ordinary about 8 to 9 thousand dollars, and DR diamond ring (Darry Ring) is the Hong Kong Dai Rui Jewelry Group effort To create a marital ring diamond brand, the price gap is great, thousands to millions, I recommend buying Darry Ring, after all, this is designed for couples, and the price selection appropriate! wish you a happy life!
Marry diamond ring price, marry diamond ring how much money. When the men wear the wedding ring for the moment, they represent their determination to spend their lives with each other, no matter how the future, are able to go together, not afraid of ups and downs, not afraid of the future. And the lady put on the ring of the moment, which means promised each other’s proposal, willing to work with each other to bear the days of the bitter and happy, through all the time, until the end of life. So how to marry the diamond ring price?

Marriage is the sublimation of love, marry ring is a romantic love eternal witness. The factors that affect the price of marrying diamond ring is generally quality, style, material.
Marriage diamond ring price varies, mainly because of the different quality of these Cartier nail bracelet replica marry ring. The quality of the diamond ring can be roughly included in the clarity, color, cut and weight, which is one of the important factors to measure the price of diamond ring. The greater the weight of the carat diamond ring, indicating that the price of the marriage proposal is also more expensive.

Followed by the wedding style is to marry the diamond ring, and now the jewelry market, marry ring diamond ring style is very much, in order to meet the different groups of consumer demand, many jewelry brands have launched a custom diamond ring service, this custom diamond ring style is unique in the world of. The design of the diamond ring, quality and material can be customized, and the diamond ring can also be arbitrarily engraved on the text, etc., these special marriage proposal diamond ring price will be much higher than the average diamond ring.

Affect the price of marrying diamond ring and its material, although we buy jewelry in the jewelry store, it is difficult to distinguish from the appearance of these diamond ring between what is the difference. Especially the material, the appearance has shown a silver-white, but if we carefully distinguish, then these marry diamond ring metal material is completely different. Which marked the pt metal material is platinum, and marked as K is K gold, platinum is more expensive than the value of K gold.

How much money to marry him

How much is it? Love never talk about it, once put on marriage proposal, is two people on each other’s commitment to each other’s waiting, life, never give up. How much money, which requires us according to the actual situation of the diamond ring, combined with a variety of factors to analyze.

The price of the wedding ring is not fixed, it will be because of material, style, brand and other factors are very different, the price from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars, and may even have more expensive.