Diamond jewelry brand which diamond jewelry brand Daquan

Diamond jewelry brand which diamond jewelry brand Daquan
What are the diamond jewelry brands? Almost everyone likes diamond jewelry, then you have any understanding of the jewelry brand? Xiaobian to the following finishing the world’s top ten jewelry brand Oh

Cartier (1847 Paris, France). This is the British King Edward VII as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor,” the famous brand, in more than 150 years, created a lot of dazzling wonderful works.

Tiffany & Co (1873 New York, USA). 18 September 1837, Charles. Lewis Tiffany loan $ 1,000 as capital, opened in New York City, 259 Broadway Street, a company called Tiffany & Young stationery and daily boutiques, opened the day the turnover of Cartier love bracelet replica only $ 4.98; to Tiffany died in 1902 The legacy of the property is $ 35 million.

Bvlgari (1884 in Italy). Following the French cardia and the United States Tiffany after the world’s third largest jewelry brand. The brand comes from Greece, founder of Sautilio. Burgari is a silversmith of the Iraqi Ephesus region.

Van Cleef & Arpels (1906 Paris, France). Van Cleef & Arpels since its birth date has been the world’s nobility and celebrity Ascot is particularly favorite top jewelry brand. Legendary historical figures and celebrities star all choose Van Cleef & Arpels Van Cleef & Arpels jewelry to show their incomparable noble temperament and style.
Diamond jewelry brand Daquan

Hari Winston Harry Winston (1890 New York, USA). Famous for more than a century of super jewelry brand, cutting diamonds on the superb craftsmanship and careful consideration, always make diamonds to increase the value of several times.

(DERIER) (Paris, France, 1837). In 1837, the founder of the Frenchman LouiseDerier (1807-1874) at the GrandsBoulevards in Paris began the gold and silver and jewelry inlaid shop.

Damiani (Italy in 1924, luxury jewelery). Damiani family and the beginning of the jewelry, can be traced back to 1924, founder Enrico Grassi Damiani in Valenza, Italy set up a small studio, gorgeous jewelry design style, so that his reputation rapid expansion

Boucheron (Paris, France, 1858). Boucheron, known for 150 years of famous French senior timing and jewelry brand Boucheron Po poetry Long will be in the fashion capital of the Shanghai Bund 18 opened the gorgeous curtain.

MIKIMOTO (1893 Japan). Mikimoto, Japan Mikimoto founder of the Royal Wooden Jade Mentory Kentucky enjoy the “Pearl of the King” (The Pearl of the reputation)

Swarovski (SWAROVSKI) (Austria, 1895). Swarovski SWAROVSKI, more than 100 years, Swarovski company assets today reached 20 billion US dollars, the product often appears in the film and television.
Where is the largest diamond producing country? At present, the world’s leading diamond producing countries are southern Africa (Botswana, Zaire, Congo, Namibia, and other countries), Australia, Canada, Russia and so on. Australia is the largest producer of diamonds, but its diamond grade is low, and Africa’s Botswana diamond output ranks first in the world for many years since 1999, accounting for 70% of its domestic GDP. As for South Africa, it was once the world’s leading diamond producing countries, but also many well-known large diamond origin. But whether it is production, output value, or the average price is not the world’s first.
The first discovery of diamonds is in India, probably the time is 800 BC – 600 BC. Crown began to set inlaid diamonds, nor the invention of Europeans, according to test, the Buddha’s “Buddha” was made of diamonds from the mosaic. In fact, India was the only country of Cartier love ring replica origin before Brazil discovered diamonds in 1725.

Now the world’s largest diamond producing countries which

Where is the largest diamond producing country now? Australia’s diamond market is now in the long-term development, the output has been reduced year by year, while Australia, Russia, Canada, more and more diamonds, diamond mining has become the most popular areas, of which Australia has Becoming the world’s largest diamond producer.

What is the largest diamond in China? When did you find it?

According to records, the autumn of 1937 Shandong Tancheng County Luo home Mo Tuan Jinjiling unearthed a large diamond, was weighing one or two eighties, about 281 karats. Chang Lin Diamond, 1977 Linyi County, Shandong Province, Chang Shan Village, unearthed a 158.786 karats of large drilling.
South Africa is the largest producer of diamonds

Africa is the world’s largest diamond producer

There are diamonds around the world, with more than 30 countries with diamonds and an annual output of about 100 million carats. The top five countries of the largest diamond producing countries are Australia, Zaire, Botswana, Russia, and South Africa. The diamond production in these five countries accounts for about 90% of the world’s diamond production.

Where is the largest diamond in China?

“Chang Lin Diamonds”, by Linyi City, Shandong Province Lin Shuxian County town of Chang Lincun farmers Wei Zhenfang in December 21, 1977 in the field of loose sand in the ground when found. Weight 158.768 carats, 17.3 mm long, the color was pale yellow, pure texture, transparent water, crystal clear.
40 cents in general how much money? 40 points, slightly better a little bit also have about 10,000. Almost also have 8000 up and down. Xiaobian suggested that we go to customize the brand to see, do not buy finished products, finished products can not see eight heart eight arrows, the price is relatively higher.
40 points diamond ring price is generally about ten thousand can buy a good diamond ring. Buy the number of points according to the personal budget to buy like, there are very likely to buy 20 points, 30 points, the price will be less, about five thousand or more can buy. 50 points of two or three million can buy a good. 40 points diamond price, 40 cents how much money? Diamond prices are not based on its size to grow by level, but also involves many factors. So the price of 40 diamonds is not a price.
40 cents in general how much money, let us Zuo Kayi diamond ring as an example, compare the different brands under the 40 points diamond ring how much money:

Zokai 40 minutes white 18k gold ring heart-shaped six claw diamond ring diamond wedding ring women’s ring jewelry pure ¥ 4688.00-18888.00

Davidson pass white 18K gold / PT950 platinum 40 points women ring wedding ring diamond ring ¥ 999.00-17099.00

Diamond Grain Set in 18K White Gold Diamond Wedding Ring Rivet With Diamond Cartier nail bracelet replica Main Stone 40 Minute Stone 10 Minutes ¥ 3998.00-13998.00

Counter price to buy 40 cents how much money the right diamond

Counter price to buy 40 cents how much the right diamond? As one of the mainstream diamond choice of 40 points diamond ring, why different businesses, 40 points diamond prices are disparate?

In addition to the diamond 4C and the international diamond quotation table, there are brand value, channel and other factors affect the 40 points diamond prices. But these factors are not based on the quality of the diamond itself, but only an added value, some well-known brands of diamonds are very expensive, several times higher than the cost price. Spend more money to buy the same diamonds, worth it is not worth a visit.

Now the most popular diamond is GIA diamonds, 40 points diamond prices in the online price is between 4500 yuan to 8,000 yuan, and the market price or there is a certain difference.

Bulgari diamond earrings price Bulgari diamond earrings how much money

Bulgari diamond earrings price Bulgari diamond earrings how much money
Bulgari diamond stud earrings diamond stud earrings purchase price _ _ men’s earrings couple earrings, jewelry of choice for Opel network, to 1,000, there are a right earrings, diamond stud earrings are all Opel authority certificate of authenticity, the price than the mall Similar prices cheaper than half.
Bulgari diamond earrings how much money

Sentiment – white 18K gold 32 points diamond earrings Opel Price: ¥ 4636

Love Snowflakes – White 18K Gold 20 points Diamond Cartier love bracelet replica Earrings Opel Price: ¥ 3380

Beautiful moment white 18K gold diamond earrings Ou Bao Li Price: ¥ 3380

Angel Kiss White 18K Gold Diamond Stud Earrings Opel Price: ¥ 1812
Evaluation: to small, also re-examination, no problem, that is distressed that re-examination costs T T

Evaluation: earrings good, very flash, simple and generous style, wearing a very fashionable, business is very thoughtful, thank you!

Evaluation: with the new earrings to go to work inside the company colleagues said I was very beautiful, these days have become the company’s red man hee hee hee

Style Recommended Bvlgari / Bvlgari B Zero 1 Series 18K White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings OR851274 ¥ 22,880

Style: European and American style

Material: 18K white gold
Piaget diamond earring price Whether it is bare diamond or any diamond jewelry, the diamond 4C standard level of how consumers are buying the first need to focus on the focus. Diamond 4C in the weight, color, clarity and cut the level of different will affect the price of diamonds. 10 points of the diamond is a small diamond, the price varies according to the quality of about hundreds to more than a thousand pieces or more.
Piaget Diamond Stud Earrings How much money?

PIAGET Earl Diamond Earrings 18k Gold Inlaid Single Drill Round Earrings Earrings Men & Women Earrings ¥ 3450.00

PIAGET Earl Diamond Earrings 18K Rose Gold Earrings Rose Genuine Gold Diamond Custom ¥ 3500.00

Piaget Diamond Earrings 18k Gold Inlaid Single Diamond Round Earrings Earrings Men & Women Earrings ¥ 3399.00

Earl Rose Earrings 18K White Gold South African Jewelery Women’s Earrings (about 1.3 kt). ¥ 15800.00
Evaluation: Tony received, the quality is very good, kind and picture consistent, style is very beautiful, fine workmanship, logistics to force, very satisfied

Rating: baby received, very beautiful, value for money ah! Praise

Rating: very beautiful, like, very fine workmanship

Recommended style Possession earrings, 18K white gold Cartier love ring replica, lined with 2 round diamonds (about 0.2 carats).

Jewelry Type: Earrings

Metal: Platinum

Metal weight (g): 3

Precious stones: diamonds

Jewelry width: 7.1 mm

Jewelry thickness: 7.1 mm

Length of trim: 7.1 mm

Trim width: 7.1 mm

Size table: Download the size table
User asked: now 100 to buy a pair of 10 cents or 20 points of the diamond earrings Platinum about how much money Diamond 4c the best kind of

User adoption: 20 points, but also the best 4C, a pair of estimated prices to 15000 or more. 10 points on a pair, the price is more than 10,000. Individuals do not recommend going to a hundred dishes. The price is much higher. Diamond is not like gold. Gold one gram bad at most 10 yuan. The general price of diamonds is several thousand.
Dish 100 diamond earrings price

How much money is the diamond earrings?

How much money is the diamond earrings?

Zoecai white 18k gold diamond earrings earrings can do platinum earrings genuine flowers between the situation – romantic cherry promotional? 1199.00-2999.00

Permanent star South African diamond earrings 40 points 18k white gold earrings wedding jewelry custom counter genuine earrings promotional? 1699.00-8499.00

Wedding Diamond Earrings 18K White Gold Earrings Diamond Earrings Genuine Platinum Earrings Female Diamond Earrings Promotions 880.00-9900.00

How much money is the diamond earrings?
Dish 100 diamond earrings style recommended evaluation

Evaluation: earrings are very beautiful, and then preferential points, more satisfied

Evaluation: authentic good, a little good

Style recommended dishes 100 jewelry gold gold full of happiness Cartier nail bracelet replica heart printed woman ear nail heart connected gold earrings earrings female

Item: GJ400002

Brand: CBAI / dish hundred

After-sales service: counter UNPROFOR

Shop warranty other mosaic

Material: no mosaic gold

Specification: about 1.79g about 1.80g about 1.81g about 1.84g about 1.86g about 1.87g

Weight: genuine guarantee lightning shipping precious metals

Fineness: enough gold

Style: earrings

In fact, diamond jewelry is one of the top killers of women, a beautiful ring, a pair of beautiful diamond earrings are able to bring endless charm for people. In fact, a diamond earring can also make you a bright spot in the crowd, diamond earrings brand is not so important, the diamond does not speak brand, the quality is the same, mainly the price, Inexpensive is king.

Dionon Diamond Stud Earrings Price

How much money is usually?

How much money is usually?

Dionysian DiOly Diamond Black Earrings

Dionly Dionly 18K White Gold Diamond Stud Earrings Genuine Fashion Earrings Necklace Custom Price: ¥ 1100.00

Dai Ouni 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings Diamond Earrings Earrings Love Price: ¥ 1380

How much money is usually?

Dionon Diamond Earrings Style Recommended Rating

Evaluation: wearing a diamond earrings are dazzling. Sparkling. very beautiful.

Rating: a good shopping experience

Recommended style Dai Ouni DiONLY 18K White Gold Diamond Earrings Platinum Earrings Women’s Flower Hearts Diamond Earrings Custom Jindong Price: ¥ 1400.00

Brand: Dai Ouni

Section number: flower trouble / 0516NWVX

Main drill: about 12 points / 2 stars

Color: I-J

Clarity: SI

Cut: VG

Vice drill: none

Material: 18K white gold

Gold weight: about 0.8 grams

Certificate: domestic authority certificate

[Stock]: [custom]

Diamond ring brand list of the top ten diamond ring brand list

Diamond ring brand list of the top ten diamond ring brand list
Top 1: Cartier (Paris, France, 1847)
The following are the same as the ”
Cartier by the British King Edward VII as “the emperor’s jeweler, jeweler’s emperor,” the famous brand, in more than 150 years, created a lot of dazzling wonderful works. These works, not only the creation of fine jewelry watch, but also in the art also has a high value, it is worth to appreciate interesting, often also belong to celebrity, and was cast a layer of legend. From the huge necklace ordered by the Indian princes, to the Duchess of Windsor with the line of the tiger-shaped glasses, as well as the big literati Corker full of symbols of the French Academy Saber, Cartier tells a legendary story again.

Top 2: Tiffany & Co (1837 New York, USA)
The following are the same as the ”
On September 18, 1837, Charles Tiffany and John B. Young imitation Cartier love bracelet loaned $ 1,000 as capital, a new stationery and daily boutique called “Tiffany & Young” was opened at 259 Broadway, New York City. , The opening day of the turnover of only $ 4.98; to Tiffany died in 1902 when the property left over $ 35 million. No wealth is from heaven, from a small stationery boutique to today’s world’s largest jewelry company, one of the “classic” has become synonymous with Tiffany, because there are too many people to wear Tiffany jewelry proud , It is with the history of common deposition and development so far.
Top 3: Bvlgari (in 1884 in Italy)

Bulgari is the world’s third largest jewelry brand after the French cardia and the United States Tiffany. The brand originated in Greece, the founder of Sodilio Bugali is a Greek silhouettes of the Iraqi Pruce region. In 1879, Sautilio moved to Naples, Italy, and in 1884 he opened a silver shop in Rome, specializing in the sale of exquisite silver sculptures. Bulgari jewelry production in the color of the design for the essence of originality with a variety of different colors of gems with a combination, and then use the base of different materials to highlight the gem of the dazzling color.
Top 4: Van Cleef & Arpels (Paris, France, 1906)
The following are the same as the ”
Van Cleef & Arpels since its birth date has been the world’s nobility and celebrity Ascot is particularly favorite top jewelry brand. The beginning of the jewelry, it implies a beautiful love honey. At the end of the 19th century, Estelle Arpels and Alfred Van Cleef, two jewelers from the Netherlands. After marriage, they created a pair of surnames as the name of the jewelry store jewelry business. In 1906, the first Van Cleef & Arpels (Van Cleef & Arpels) boutiques at the time the most international celebrities indulge in Paris Fontaine Square debut, stretching a century of jewelry legend from the opening.
A carat is 0.2 grams. Can also be called 100 points. So 30 points is 0.06 grams.

30 points diamond ring size, 30 points diamond ring in the country is more popular diamond size, because the size has been able to fire color, affordable, most can accept, but in the end 30 points of the diamond ring how much?

The weight of the diamond is expressed in karaoke, 1 carat = 0.2 g = 100 points, so the weight of 30 points is 0.3 carats, that is 0.06 grams, so you can imagine its weight. In front of us we introduced a carat diamond how much? We use a small soybeans it metaphor, but 30 points of the diamond ring, we can only use the exact value to illustrate, 30 diamonds diameter is 4.20 mm, the thickness is 2.50 mm. 1 carat diameter is 6.50 mm, the thickness is 3.90 mm, so it does not seem to be more than half of a carat more, their price is not a simple multiple relationship.In addition, some 30 points diamond looks relatively large, It is because the cut is Replica Cartier jewelry different.It is not the same diameter, but often such a diamond because the cut is too shallow reasons, not worthy of our selection. It can not show a good fire color.
How to buy 30 points diamond ring, you need to see our own needs. If you want is the cost of diamond ring, then the online shopping diamond ring is more appropriate, or direct customization. The benefits of customization is not only cost-effective, but also allows us to design their own diamond ring style, personally experience the diamond ring production. If you need is high quality to enjoy, that high-profile brand is relatively appropriate price, but the price is much lower.
Mention the diamond ring, maybe we will think of carat drill, but when the real purchase may we will only hastily choose 30 points diamond ring, although 30 cents diamond ring is relatively small, but 30 points diamond ring price can not be ignored, in the final 30 points diamond ring Price is the most concerned about the issue of consumers. 30 points diamond ring price = 30 points diamond price + care price + processing fee + brand fee + other.

30 points diamond ring in the wedding ring price is relatively low, although 30 points diamond ring low price, but in the purchase process need to pay attention to a few questions, for example, in the purchase of diamond ring before the budget, diamond ring brand , The style of the diamond ring and the location of the purchase of diamond ring, these problems, you must consider the problem in advance.
30 points diamond ring price is a lot of consumers want to know, because 30 points diamond ring relative to both drilling, the price is relatively cheap, more suitable for the average consumer. How much is the 30-point diamond ring? How can we buy 30 points diamond ring? Want to know the price of 30 cents diamond ring, you must first understand the composition of the diamond ring price.

No matter how big the diamond ring, they are composed of diamonds and www.ourlovestore.com mausoleum, so their prices are largely subject to both constraints. Of course, the price of each commodity is also affected by the business brand and the impact of operating mode, in the analysis of 30 points when the price of diamond ring, but also need to take into account the brand and other factors.

What is the meaning of diamond carat?

What is the meaning of diamond carat?
What is the diamond carat, what is the meaning of diamond carat? Diamonds are hard to think of diamond, diamond is a natural mineral, is the original stone of diamonds. Simply put, diamonds in the earth deep high pressure, high temperature conditions formed by a carbon element composed of elemental crystals. Is a symbol of love and loyalty.

What is diamond carat? Marriage is not a good diamond ring, and diamond ring above will have a diamond. When we see the ring, we often ask how much is the car? What is the diamond carat?

Carat (Ct) is the quality of the gem (unit), is set to 1 carat equal to 0.2 grams or 200 mg. A carat is divided into 100 points, such as 50 points that is 0.5 karats, for the calculation of the smaller stones. Because the density of diamonds is basically the same, the heavier the diamond volume is. The more rare the diamond, the higher the value of each carat.

Carat (Ct) is the quality of the gem (unit), is set to 1 carat equal to 0.2 grams or 200 mg. A carat is divided into 100 points, such as 10 points that is 0.1 carat to be used for the calculation of relatively small stones. Because the density of diamonds is basically Cartier love bracelet replica the same, the heavier the diamond volume is. The more rare the diamond, the higher the value of each carat. Carat, or card, karaoke, from 1907 international agreed as a gem unit of measurement began to use today. Is the quality of the precious stones, diamonds and other precious stones, and precious metals [1] ratio.

What is the meaning of diamond carat? For the diamond carat, a lot of friends who have not touched the diamond are at a loss, what is the diamond carat? Carat, can be called karaoke or card, is the measurement unit of precious stones, from the 1907 international agreement began to follow now, then, what is the meaning of diamond carat?

Diamond carat is one of the important elements of the diamond 4C, the diamond 4C is the weight of the diamond, the color, the clarity and the cut, referred to as the diamond 4C, the diamond carat is the measure of the weight of the diamond, one carat is equal to 100 The price is equal to 0.2 grams, the price of diamonds and diamonds are inseparable, although the diamond 4C determines the price of diamonds, but in 4C which determines the dominant factor in diamond prices or weight carat, because the greater the more rare diamonds, so often diamonds The price will be due to the increase in the weight of diamonds into several times the growth, which is also a lot of wearers and investors discouraged!
Pd950 diamond ring okay? Pd950 diamond ring how? Wear a ring is the language of love. Rings are usually worn on the left hand (wearing right hand work is not convenient) in foreign countries, do not wear a ring also said that “the flower is still no Lord, you can chase me.” According to the traditional habits of the West, the left hand shows the luck that God has given you, it is associated with the heart, so it is meaningful to put the ring on your left hand.

Pd950 diamond ring okay? Pd is the chemical element of palladium symbol, and pt platinum as a member of the same platinum group, Pd palladium is not easy to oxidation is not easy to lose luster, is a good flexibility and hardness of white precious metals. Pd950 palladium, pd990 palladium and pd999 palladium four kinds, pd950 jewelry refers to the pd content of 95%, other metal content is 5%, pd950 palladium, pd950 palladium, Palladium pd jewelry.

Pd950 Palladium luster natural white, stable nature, skin-friendly, wearing pd950 diamond ring, it will not cause allergies. Palladium jewelry pure white, classical elegance, and bright dazzling diamonds embraced each other, made of palladium pd950 diamond ring, a symbol of faithful, never change love.

Pd950 diamond ring how to

Pd950 diamond ring how? Perhaps because of personal preferences, perhaps because of economic reasons, and when you finally decided to accompany the loved one to buy pd950 diamond ring, and then you must know how pd950 diamond ring, right?

Palladium, the symbol of Pd, is one of the rare precious metals, natural content than platinum is also rare, silver and white metallic luster, and platinum belong to a metal element family, so palladium and platinum metal chemical similarity. But the difference between Cartier love ring replica palladium and platinum still exist, the density of palladium is less than platinum, the quality is lighter than platinum, the melting point is lower than platinum, the oxidation resistance slightly inferior to platinum, but the hardness of Pd950 slightly higher than platinum Pt950. From the appearance point of view little difference, but palladium is slightly darker than platinum. It was because people found that palladium and platinum metal properties are very similar, so think of using palladium jewelry, to meet the growing demand for platinum.
Are South African diamonds cheap? South Africa is the first large-scale production of diamonds in the country, South Africa has produced a lot of famous diamonds, such as the world’s largest drill “Curry South”. So many people feel that to buy cheap diamonds in South Africa, almost people around to say to go to South Africa to buy diamonds, said the diamonds cheaper, the truth is it The following Xiaobian for everyone to analyze: South Africa diamond cheap?

In fact, regardless of where, the price of diamonds are determined by the quality. In different channels to buy, the price of diamonds will be different. There is no good channel, even if you buy diamonds in South Africa are also very expensive.

How about the price of diamonds in South Africa?

What about the price of South African diamonds? Will it be cheaper than domestic diamonds? This has become the hearts of the hearts of South African diamond prices a mystery.

In fact, South Africa, diamonds and other countries are almost diamonds, mainly to see the sales channels. If the same mall sales, if the cost of shopping malls and labor costs are similar, that price is almost the same. So many people think that South Africa’s diamonds on the cheaper, the other may also be said to be a misunderstanding.

[The kiss of the world] white 18k gold 30 minutes / 0.3 carat diamond ring counter genuine

The following is the discussion of South African diamonds:

How is the quality of diamonds in South Africa?

The world’s major diamond producing countries are Botswana, Russia, South Africa, Angola, Namibia, Australia and the Republic of the Congo, among which Botswana, South Africa, the Republic of Congo, Angola, Namibia and other countries to produce diamonds to gem levels are very high.

And South African diamond prices from the above analysis, the South African diamond Cartier nail bracelet replica prices I should not be too much attention, South African diamond is not necessarily the best diamonds, diamonds prices are also affected by its 4C.

Go to South Africa to buy diamonds cheap?

South Africa’s gia diamonds are expensive. South Africa only rough rough, rough is their advantage, the high cost of the factory, resulting in a high price of finished bare diamond. They are cheaper than the brand here is cheaper than our store.

Where can South African diamonds buy?

Where to buy diamonds can buy South Africa drill this problem from the professional point of view is wrong, if you go to buy diamonds when someone said to you that they are South Africa drill, most of you are flicker, he simply can not get related Proof, but also need to explain that the diamond is good or bad depends on the diamond 4C, and not the origin of diamonds are really world-class certificate GIA

What is the difference between diamonds and diamonds in general?

Is actually the same, but the diamond on the market is difficult to prove that it is South African diamonds. South Africa is famous for producing large diamonds and high quality diamonds, and if any shop and you say that the drill on his hand is South Africa, it is nothing but a lie.

How to wear a dream?

How to wear a dream?
Dai Mengde as one of China’s well-known jewelry brand, wearing a dream in the course of 15 years of development, has been committed to using the best diamonds to design the most artistic characteristics of jewelry, in order to achieve people’s good dreams. Wearing a jewelry store to sell jewelry, spread jewelry culture, guide people to “beauty” comprehend, looking for “not the most expensive, but the most touched themselves, and their most appropriate jewelry” for the idea of the spread of human truth. So, how about wearing a diamond?

1, wearing a dream diamond is the quality of Chinese jewelry brand, and its jewelry jade all by the China Gem Association to provide quality certification certificate, all of its pure platinum by the National Nonferrous Metals Institute and the National Center for Cartier love bracelet replica Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quality Inspection Quality Certification , Is one of the famous Chinese jewelry brand, it is the quality of the diamond can be guaranteed.

2, wearing a dream for diamond after-sales service is particularly valued, the sale of goods customers return, repair, change the ring and other requirements will be given to customers under the provisions of the greatest satisfaction, and asked the Purchasing Guide to do a detailed record. Wearing a dream diamond whether it is quality or after-sales service is very good, at least in the country be pretty good.

3, the diamond is regardless of the brand, from the 4C side, one can not be less, each have a link, so there is no good that is not good, can only say how the diamond cut, the color is good, How, how much weight, etc., if you want to buy, you can go to the first to understand the next, and then compare the quality of other home prices.

Dai Meng was a good diamond

Do you have a good diamond? Diamond is not about the brand, to be specific to a specific diamond up, the specific parameters see certificate. Brand, you can give you some protection. Dai Meng is a well-known brand diamond ring, although the market share is not high, but also a certain position. Diamonds are the same, are basically purchased from Belgium, but different brands will have some differences, if you want to cost a little, in fact, do not have too much attention to the brand.

Do you have a good diamond? Wearing a dream diamond is good, that is, no shop, only in the store or shopping malls sales, the price will be higher, but aftermarket maintenance is quite convenient. Now buy diamond ring more popular online bare diamond custom, such as Zoacai, and the price will be more appropriate to fit the actual price of diamonds, a carat diamond ring price of 40,000 or so, and in some of the traditional brand jewelry store, the price went to 10 Million or so, choose that cost-effective, this is self-evident.
How did the color diamond form? The diamond is a kind of diamond. Often, diamonds are transparent, while diamonds are diamonds other than transparency. The world has colored diamonds, are called color diamond color, more common are golden yellow, brown, green, purple, orange, pink, red, blue, which, pink diamond, red diamond, blue diamond is more Rare, often can not be met, such as the blue Hop diamond, called rare treasures, valuable. So, how is the formation of color diamond it?
Each color diamond

1, the formation of yellow diamond diamond: yellow diamond was yellow or dark yellow, is the diamond in the formation process, when the nitrogen atoms to replace part of the diamond crystal carbon atoms, began to absorb blue, purple light, which showed a yellow, Light yellow, golden yellow, wine yellow or amber, is the most common color in the color diamond, the most precious to the golden rare.
Yellow diamond

2, the formation of brown diamond diamonds: brown diamonds are plastic Cartier love ring replica deformation, carbon dislocation or internal lattice deformation and the formation of brown diamonds.

3, the formation of blue diamond diamond, blue diamond is caused by the B atoms, the outer layer of three valence electrons, when the covalent carbon atoms with the formation of a hole, and by the adjacent carbon atoms of electrons Filling, electron absorption of long waves (red), residual color was blue, so the formation of the blue diamond.

4, the formation of diamond diamonds and diamond drill: diamond in the formation process, the lattice structure twisted, leaving the diamond red or pink. Among them, the red diamond to the rich and the blood of the “blood drill” for the rare treasures.

5, the formation of green diamond diamond: by the natural radiation damage center color, was light green, bright green, usually natural diamonds are very thin green skin.

6, the formation of the black diamond drill: by a large number of dark opaque inclusions – microcrystalline, iron, mineral or molecular grade graphite due to diamonds.

What is the reason for the formation of the diamond

What is the reason for the formation of the diamond? The beauty of colored diamonds comes from the unique and rare colors, the color of the diamonds and the richness of the color of the color determines the value of the colored diamonds. The more the color of the colored diamonds is, the higher the color grade is, the higher the color, The higher the saturation, the higher the value. Clarity and cutting, weight and other factors to evaluate the diamond is not the first factor to consider the list.
Each color diamond

One of the main causes of color diamond is the color of the particles in the colorless Cartier nail bracelet replica diamonds, and the different colors produce different colors, so the more rare the color and the higher the value. The second reason for the formation of the diamond is the formation of diamonds in the long process of containing other trace elements lead to different colors, or diamond crystal structure changes caused by white light is absorbed to form color diamonds. These two statements are determined by most of the experts, of course, some experts after the study, or uncertain reasons.

Custom design of diamond ring

Custom design of diamond ring
You can design their own, you can also put their own ideas or love stories tell the designer, so that designers to help design, but also according to the business counter style, plus their favorite elements, or subtract their own elements do not like to design.

Custom design of the diamond ring design. If you have a painting, learn sketch or learn design, according to their own ideas, ideas, or love story, drawing the design of the diamond ring to the designer, and then by the designer to optimize and then communicate with each other to determine the design, After paying the deposit, you can start the customization!

Custom design of the diamond ring please designer imitation Cartier love bracelet design. The heart of the diamond ring with the ideal shape, you can directly communicate with the designer, you can love the favorite elements, such as the Eiffel Tower, hello kitty cat, Satsuma white dog, Ferris wheel, etc., or with your love affection related things , Can communicate with the designer to describe the appearance of the diamond ring, drawn by the designer sketch, and then continue to modify the most satisfied look.

Diamond ring custom design of the original ring on the favorite elements. This is the easiest custom design of the diamond ring. Only need to pick in the jewelry store their favorite style, do not like the elements removed, or add their favorite elements, consult customer service can, OK, very simple!

Diamond ring custom design is good, but also select the bare diamond and ring material, then you can first understand the diamond 4C, to avoid the selection of bare drill, do not know how to choose. If the material is simple, platinum and 18K gold can be selected, the value of platinum will be higher, never change color. If it is a luxury style, the choice of 18K gold material better, because 18K gold hard, mosaic the most solid!

Custom couples can be customized into their own love story of the ring, there are two custom ways, one is the semi-custom way, that is, two people to determine their favorite couple on the ring style, adding two design elements, And then consider the need not inlaid diamonds or other gemstones, etc., to be finalized after these businesses are customized.

Custom couple rings

However, there are also some businesses now launched a full custom way, specifically for your love story design and custom couple on the ring style, the two love story into the ring style design, as the exclusive of the two unique Couple ring! Full custom couple on the way, if you are good at painting people, you can also design their own, and then by the business custom, it is more meaningful!

If you feel that the above custom too much trouble, you can also choose a favorite style, directly on the inner wall of the ring or the surface engraved with the two love sentences, special dates or exclusive symbols plus their names, such as “executive Child hand, and the child with the old “” pig and calf “” 2016.5.20 “and so on. So that the ring has become more meaningful, love is not around, see the ring, just like the lover has been accompanied by the side.

Customizing the couple’s communication with the designer is the most important thing, because most of the design of the ring is derived from the designer’s creativity, only the designer understands the idea you want to express in order to design the two People love the meaning of the couple on the ring; in the custom couple ring when you need to reach a consensus with the designer, ideas and ideas, you need to extract the most important one to three Replica Cartier jewelry elements, so that a good custom ring can have a simple fashion beauty!

Custom couple on the ring If you feel more neutral style, do not like, you can also choose the shop’s women’s ring and male ring DIY custom made a pair of ring, style selection is more abundant! And diamonds can also choose a bigger and better, women’s ring style is more beautiful and feminine, male ring is more atmospheric fashion!

Where can I customize the ring? Custom diamond ring place is very much, you can customize the Internet online, you can also go to the store store custom, you can customize the traditional brand, you can also customize the new brand, and some brands such as Zuo Kayi, you can also online official website optimistic about the style and Diamonds, and then contact the jewelry consultant to the physical store to see the kind, and finally determine the custom, very convenient!

Where can I customize the ring? On the Internet for the Internet, you can customize the diamond jewelry store flagship store can be said to be dazzling, more than countless. On the line more well-known custom diamond ring brands are: Zuo Kayi, Chow Tai Fook, diamond birds, Derek, Clay Emperor, Kelan, etc., these brands are custom diamond ring.

Where can I customize the ring? On the store store, you can customize the diamond jewelry brand is also very much, there are traditional brands Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Xie Ruilin, Luk Fook, tide Acer, Kimberley, Lao Fengxiang, Ming licensing, etc., there are emerging brands such as Zoca, Family, love, BLOVES and so on. Traditional brand has a long history, the brand value will be relatively high, but the price will be higher.

Where can I customize the ring? Custom diamond ring no matter where, can be customized jewelry stores are many, to choose from the multi-jewelry store for their own, cost-effective and high, they like the diamond ring, there is some trouble. Here, you can select the more well-known http://www.ourlovestore.com, more representative of several to contrast, you can quickly and better pick out the favorite diamond ring to customize it!

The traditional brand is more representative of Chow Tai Fook and Chow Sang Sang, emerging brand is Zuo Kayi and BLOVES, and they have their own and the characteristics of the online official website or flagship store, line under the store, want to save Time friends, you can also online shop on the net comparison of several of their bare diamond and care style, and then to the physical store to see the kind, to determine the style of bare drill, and then a single custom on the OK. Very simple?

Where is the bare drill?

Where is the bare drill?
Naked drill can be customized place is very much, under the line of Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Zuo Kayi, Xie Ruilin; online Zoca, diamond bird, Kelan and other brands, are custom naked diamond brand. In addition to the brand, there are some small workshops will be naked drill custom orders, that is, the quality may not be so good, will not be so secure.

Bare drill to custom? If you are buying a bare drill do not want to Cartier love bracelet replica mosaic in the business where you want to customize the rest of the ring, you can find the local diamond business to buy a mosaic face mosaic, or you can find some special help in the day cat inlaid diamonds or precious stones business mosaic , Custom ring and mosaic costs are generally in the 1000 to a few thousand or so, depending on the specific style of the material and mosaic small diamond weight.

But the proposal is still in the place to buy bare drill mosaic mosaic, although the bare diamond has GIA code, not afraid to transfer bag, but if the mosaic process, accidentally scratched the bare drill, do not work well, the price than the original business Higher, it is worth the candle. And some bare diamond business is not willing to help custom, is afraid to receive false drill that really drill, when the falsely accused, and the erection and mosaic costs are not expensive, earn not much, but also some business activities, Will be sent to the ring.

Bare drill to custom? If you are picking naked drill + custom ring together, many places can be customized, such as Chow Tai Fook, Chow Sang Sang, Zuo Kai these, some brands, such as Zuo Kayi, but also in the official website optimistic about the bare diamond and ring style , And then contact customer service booking to the physical store to see the kind, ok and then a single custom, and the physical store and the official website price is consistent, the price is very high!
How much is the price of two karaoke bare diamond? Under normal circumstances, the same quality of bare drill, the price of two karaoke bare diamond is 2 square by the price of a carat, that is, if a carat bare diamond price of 10 million yuan, then the same quality of two karats The price is 400,000. Two karats diamond ring how much money, depends on the diamond 4C standard, that is, weight, clarity, color and cut.

Regardless of the price of two krappo drill, first of all to learn how to choose two krappan drill, the first step is to be based on their own budget to buy, the second step to choose cost-effective and after-sales protection of the business, the third step to confirm two karats Bare drill 4C standard and international authority of the certification.

Two-carat bare diamond price measurement? Naked drill is actually in the custom diamond ring when we choose unprocessed diamonds, the formation of a bright diamond ring need to be a perfect combination of bare diamond and ringing, and ultimately to become a diamond Cartier love ring replica ring. And bare diamond is no mosaic diamonds, then the price of two kartai bare diamond, we have to proceed from many aspects. The two-carat bare diamond itself belongs to the large carat diamond range, so its base price is naturally not cheap. Followed by this piece of two karats bare diamond color, clarity and cutting, etc., the most important of which is two karats bare diamond cut.

Two karats bare diamond prices

Two karats bare diamond has been able to show the perfect fire color, with the cut process is inseparable, so in the purchase must be on the bare diamond cutting carefully observed. Followed by the color and clarity of the bare drill, it can be said that these two aspects with two karats bare diamond prices have a lot of contact, the same is two karats of bare drill, if the color and clarity difference is relatively large, then the price will be different Very far, but we buy two karats of this large naked drill, the best choice of high degree of clarity, color level close to colorless, so that two karats bare diamond is not only more bright, but also has the potential for appreciation.
Diamond carat price how much money? This is the most want to buy diamond who want to understand, because the answers given by the various businesses are not the same, and the same is the difference between the price of caravan diamond is very poor, after all, diamonds are not ordinary consumer goods, we will be careful , But also for this reason that many people can only discourage. The factors affecting the price of diamond carat lot, because under the influence of various factors, the same is the diamond carat price is very different. So how much is the diamond carat price? What is the diamond carat price decision factor?

How much is the price of a diamond carat? If the diamond color, clarity, cut the same, then 1 carat price of 30,000, diamonds 2 carat price of 2 for the second power, and then multiplied by 3, that is, 120,000 diamonds 3 carat price of 27 million, from this The calculation of the price method, we can see the diamond carat more and more precious. International is the diamond 4c standard to evaluate, that is, color color; clarity clarity; cutting cutting; to carat as a unit of heavy caratweight.

Two pieces of the same weight of diamond carats, their prices may vary greatly, because the other three areas may be a big difference. Commercial, the price of diamond carats in the weight of a certain level, such as 0.99ct diamonds per kilogram price than 1.01ct diamonds Replica Cartier love bracelet a lot cheaper price per carat. While the two are also a carat diamond price may be due to the impact of other 3C and very different, so the price of diamond carat, clarity, the impact of cutting is also negligible.

Diamond carat price

Fluorescence is also one of the factors that affect the price of diamond carats, because the general price of fluorescent diamonds are generally lower than those without fluorescent diamonds. Fluorescence in the ultraviolet light will affect the color of diamonds, diamond color rating affect the fairness, so the price will be low. Brand value, sales channels, geographical impact is also the decision to diamond carat price factors, diamond carat prices include the brand value, the greater the brand the higher the cost of sharing.

Sales channels, the price of diamonds will have some impact, Zouqi jewelry 020 impact model, eliminating the high cost of traditional shopping malls to less than 50% of the price of shopping malls, directly to the consumer. Whether it is diamond or diamond, its price is not static, the same weight depends on the quality of diamonds, and diamond quality should also be reflected in the color, cut and transparency, the same quality depends on the weight, which is mutual Constraints, the other market pricing will also interfere with the price of diamonds and diamond ring.

90 cents bare drill how much money

90 cents bare drill how much money
90 cents round bare diamond prices in more than 20,000 to more than 90,000 or so, shaped drill is more than ten thousand to fifty thousand or so. The higher the fineness, the greater the difference between round and alien diamond Cartier love bracelet replica prices, and the difference between different levels is also very large. If you want to buy high fineness, large diamond, the price is affordable, shaped diamond is the best choice!

90 cents bare drill how much money? 90 cents naked drill prices will be much lower than a carat, although they only difference of 10 points, a carat bare diamond round the price, at least more than thirty thousand, the highest will be more than 100,000, so if you want to buy some Diamonds, the price is more cost-effective, choose 90 points of the bare drill is very good, because 90 points of bare drill, as long as the mosaic in the diamond style of the ring, you can easily look more than a carat!

90 cents bare drill how much money? The impact of 90 cents the price of bare diamond is the diamond 4C and fluorescence, 4C is the color of diamonds, clarity, cut, weight. Above Xiaobian has been on the 90 cents bare drill offer, such as round bare drill, different levels, the price difference of about 70,000, if the greater the diamond, the difference will only be bigger! And different levels, the corresponding price will be different, of course, the better the level, the higher the value, the price will naturally be higher.

90 cents bare drill how much money? In addition to the diamond 4C impact of 90 cents naked drill prices, from different channels, the purchase of different brands, different times to buy, etc., will affect your purchase of bare diamond prices. Different purchase channels, that is, online and offline, online prices are generally better than the line of concessions.

While the traditional brands, such as Chow Tai Fook, will be more than Zuo Kai Yi and other emerging brands of high prices. Bare diamond prices will be as real as the stock fluctuations, in short supply when the price is higher, the price is too low on the oversupply, so when buying, but also depends on the timing, the time will be decisive to start it!
How much is it cost? 6 carat bare diamond is a big diamond pigeon eggs, and the price from fast seven hundred thousand to fast seven million range, the most expensive price and the relative minimum price, a difference of more than six million, very expensive! Of course, this is only the offer of the official website of Zoukai, Zoukai’s offer is still relatively affordable, if it is the traditional brand offer, will be higher than 30% to 50%, that is, the price of nine to nine Million! If it is an international brand, it is more expensive!

How much is it cost? Xiaobian above the fast seven hundred thousand Cartier love ring replica offer, or profiled drill, the color is J color, clarity and cutting and fluorescent are good, the shape is a cushion, the shape can be said to be shaped drill, the price is relatively low Of the 6, because the 6 carat diamonds is relatively rare, so not all the parameters are sold, at the time of purchase, can only try to choose their favorite parameters, of course, can also request to buy the diamond parameters, and then let Zuoka Iraq consultants to help the world search drill!

How much is it cost? When buying a 6-carat bare diamond, if the budget is not as fast as seven million so high, you can also appropriately reduce the color and clarity level, lower the price after the price is very much, some cheaper half or even more likely, because like 6 Carat such a large drill, different levels, the price is very different.

Such as color can be reduced to F color, F color and D color, the naked eye to see the difference is not too big, all belong to colorless, clarity can be reduced to VVS2 or VS1, are naked eye can not see the contents of the net Degree, cut do not drop, or 3EX as well, so that the diamond is the most flash; fluorescent, you can choose weak fluorescence, weak fluorescence on the diamond is almost no effect.

How much is it cost? Such as a 6 carat, F color, VVS2 clarity, 3EX cut, weak fluorescent bare drill, the price only need more than three million can buy, cost is very high! In the selection of other weight of the bare drill, if you want so much, the budget is not enough, you can choose this part of the drop does not affect the level of diamonds, the price will be a lot of concessions, the naked eye is not very different.
How much is it? Zuo Kay bare drilling network 100 points channel, for you to understand the purchase of 100 points bare diamond to provide the latest international price reference, with the most affordable price to buy the most satisfied with the 100% naked drill please choose Zoacai! 100 points equal to 1.00 carats, international diamond weight general standard, 100 points = 200 mg = 0.2 grams.

How much is it? 100 points of the bare drill price is very much, round bare diamond prices from thirty thousand to 150,000 or so, ranging from 100% bare diamond prices in more than 17,000 to 80,000 or so ranging. The price difference is so big, because a diamond rough, cut into round diamonds, the loss will be much larger than other profiled drill, and circular drilling cutting technology is more perfect, cutting costs will be higher.

And shaped diamond cut is its shape, polished and symmetrical can be achieved perfect, but overall, there is no round 3EX perfect cut flash. And shaped drill and round drill the same weight, round drill looks bigger, more drilled, so although the diamond price is relatively cheap Replica Cartier love bracelet, but the round bare diamond or more people choose.

How much is it? 100 points bare drill are generally bought inlaid into a diamond ring marriage or marriage, diamond ring carrying his love for you, diamond ring is a medium, passing each other’s feelings, memorizing far more than its own price, so in the purchase of naked Drilling made into a diamond ring, it is not necessary to have a carat, mainly depends on their own budget, can bear the price.

After all, in addition to wedding ring, there are many places to spend money, and later living together, have children, but also money. Of course, if the economy allowed to buy 100 points of bare drill made into a diamond ring to her beloved, she will be very touched!

How much is it? 100 points bare drill price == weight + color + clarity + cut + fluorescent, if it is a big brand, but also with the brand value + operating costs, etc., in different channels to buy the same level, the price will be Different, so before the purchase, it is best to understand the diamond under the 4C and fluorescent, look at the price online, such as to the official website of the car to the barejiao page, and then to the mall contrast, you can buy the most cost-effective 100 points naked Drilled.

Debeers diamond ring price

Debeers diamond ring price
Debeers founded by Cecil Rhodes in 1888 and now headquartered in Luxembourg, specializing in diamond ore mining, trade, industrial diamond production and processing, etc. The famous diamond consulting center DTC is responsible for diamond sorting, pricing and sales trade The amount of calculation, accounting for about 40% of the world’s diamond trade. Diamond released from the light, so that we are obsessed with, that noble Cartier love bracelet replica temperament, let us reluctantly. In 2001, debeers and the French luxury goods company set up a joint venture debeers diamond jewelry company, mainly selling diamond jewelry, then debeers diamond ring how the price?

How is the price of the deager Debeers Group to one-stop service to dominate the world nearly 40% of the diamond mining and trade, in marketing, the most familiar is the phrase “diamond forever, a permanent”, the diamond as a love and commitment Symbol, greatly enhance the consumer demand for diamonds. In addition, there are “right hand ring”, said the symbol of the independence of women. Choose the finest diamonds, elegant and noble design, debeers diamond ring into the diamond life into the light.

How much is the price of debeers? Debeers is a relatively well-known jewelery brand, debeers diamond ring how much because of the difference between the quality of the diamond 4C will have a relatively large difference, debeers1 carat diamond ring VVS, the color in the DF level of the diamond ring to the price of about ten million, although the wedding diamond ring of course Is the bigger the better, but as a working class of new people, if you feel the pressure or you can choose a smaller diamond diamond ring, as long as the sincerity with the sincerity declaration of export, even if the diamond ring is not so high, suitors of the mind, has Is priceless.

Debeers diamond ring price is not expensive? Debeers diamond ring price is more expensive, after all, debeers Group accounted for nearly 40% of the world’s diamond mining and trade, debeers diamond jewelry Bridal series, through the beautiful design to express the eternal love, praise life love, which is more expensive Of a series, debeers diamond ring price is a large part of the brand value-added, but its as a luxury company in France, the diamond ring is also expensive to understand your price.

40 cents how much money? 40 points diamonds prices ranging from 4 to more than fifteen, different colors, clarity, cut, fluorescent, shape diamonds, the price varies, of course, also have the same price of 40 cents, such a diamond, Or diamond 4C, or have a better level Cartier love ring replica than the other diamond and bad level, and the selection of diamonds, that is, from these bare drill, according to the choice of heart and choose.

40 cents how much money? Do not have to worry about 40 points is not enough a carat is no face, in fact, if the election was a luxury diamond style, 40 points inlaid in the above, in the visual can also be large enough, or even a carat effect can also be reflected, and in the meaning , 40 points Diamond custom diamond ring is the meaning of death must love, romantic and affectionate, so loved by consumers.

40 cents how much money? 40 points Diamond prices from 4 to 10 million, what price are, very suitable for limited budget, do not want to buy too young young couples, 40 points diamonds can take care of just out of society not long, want to give love One of her promised young guys. Moreover, 40 points diamonds, mosaic in the luxury diamond on the ring, only very obvious drill, very luxurious atmosphere, that will not be small, the face will have a child!

40 cents how much money? 40 cents the price of the diamond is mainly determined by the 4C, 4C on the impact of the price of diamonds are such: carats accounted for 30% -50%, cut 20% -35%, 15% -20% color, % -30%, these data also shows how much money 40 cents with diamond quality is closely related to the higher level of diamonds, the higher the price is inevitable.

40 cents how much money? 40 points Diamond prices are generally more Replica Cartier love bracelet transparent, because with the diamond business continues to increase and the continuous development of the network, diamond prices more and more transparent, the basic online shopping every diamond business will have a bare diamond, The bare diamond store is the most visited page by the customer. We buy 40 points diamonds, certainly the first is more than the price, the Internet can search the diamond bare diamond library for comparison, according to their own preferences, choose a different brand, different grades, select the favorite one to buy.

2 carat diamond ring offer

2 carat diamond ring offer

2 carat diamond ring offer is how much? 2 carat diamond ring offer in addition to look at the diamond 4C, but also look at the shape of the shape of the diamond there are two, one is a circular drill, the other is in addition to the shape of a Cartier love bracelet replica circular drill, Profiled drill 2 carat diamond ring offer in the 80,000 to 34 million or so; and round 2-carat diamond ring offer in the 110,000 to 65 million or so, the higher the level of diamonds, the difference between the different shapes the greater.

2 carat diamond ring offer = 2 carat diamond price + care fee + cost + brand value + operating promotion costs. This is the price of traditional brands offer, and the new brand of 2 kt diamond ring offer, you can only the first three can be, which is why the traditional brand prices than the emerging brands such as the price of Zoukai about 50% of the price. The price of the international brand, the price of the 2-carat diamond ring will be twice as expensive as the new brand, because their brand value and operating promotion cost and craft work cost are very high, so it is so expensive.

2 carat diamond ring offer high and low, Xiao Bian the above offer is based on the price of the official website of Zuo Kay offer, so the price is very affordable. And some of the domestic star to marry the marriage of 2 carat diamond ring, are in the international brand to buy the diamond ring, the price is certainly more than double the offer more than doubled! Such as Xie Na and Zhang Jie’s marriage proposal, or Chen Xiao and Chen Yanxi’s marriage proposal diamond ring, are 2 carat diamond ring, their offer is definitely to millions of!

Diamonds are nature with hundreds of millions of years of condensed out of the magic of things, each of the different weight also contains a special meaning, and 2 carat diamond ring meaning is: 1 + 1 = 2, I + you = us, a person Of the world alone, two people of the world sweet sweet honey ~ there are “love” meaning, meaning “fly”, “talent double”, “double happiness” and so on.

2 carat diamond ring different diamond level, different purchase Cartier love ring replica channels, offer will be different, ordinary consumers recommend not too much pursuit of the diamond ring brand, and choose the right to buy channels. Currently more popular is similar to the Zoukai official website this, network + store 020 model, through the official website to buy or make an appointment, and then to the physical store to see the physical and purchase, relatively speaking, the price will be much cheaper. In the selection of diamond 4C, you can according to the budget and 4C preferences to pick, choose the most suitable for their own 2 carat diamond ring!

Diamond ring style in the most classic style is the claw in the four claws and six claw round diamond models, together with never fade platinum material, creating a classic and eternal style. It not only to maximize the diamond out of the light, but also all-round reflection of the diamond fire sparkling light. Its shape as “Zhongxinggongyao” like the love of care, meaning a lifetime of companionship. It can be more firmly embedded in diamonds, not easy to lead to loose diamonds, which became the wedding ring to choose the most of a diamond ring style.

Diamond ring style of the group inlay style. Group diamond drill style most drilling style, gorgeous main drill around a lot of broken diamond around, seamless luxury, dazzling and shining! This diamond ring style, allows the main drill and small diamonds, inlaid together to enhance the overall performance of the ability to release comparable to the effect of larger diamonds and light! This popular style is the bride and designer of the most popular style, these shiny little broken diamond makes the wedding ring looks bigger, and they also set off the center of the big diamond more luxurious sense!

Diamond ring style of the wrong arm style. The wrong arm type of line changes, reflecting the feminine tenderness, can modify the fingers, so wear the wrong arm style diamond ring fiber hand, it is more slender and beautiful! Ring arm of the arc at one go, the design of smooth lines sense is very strong, so that we are attracted to. Wrong arm with elegant fashion elegant temperament, if your fingers are thin and long, nails look good, bring it will be perfect.

Diamond ring style of heart-shaped style. Heart-shaped style diamond Replica Cartier love bracelet ring from the heart-shaped main diamond mosaic, heart-shaped is all the diamond ring style in the most romantic, wearing a heart-shaped diamond ring woman imagination rich, believe in intuition, advocating romantic. The Heart-shaped diamond ring style is the ultimate expression of love, can give people a sweet, feminine full impression, choose heart-shaped diamond ringers are mostly rich and rich feelings, the letter of the romanticists.

Diamond ring style princess style. Every girl has a desire in mind, that is to become a princess. And the princess side diamond ring style continues the love of people’s good vision and fantasy, as many of the most popular diamond one of the most popular style. It Peugeot and not vulgar, it is not publicity personality, highlight the modern women self-confidence open-minded tolerance. Choose the princess square diamond ring style people are generally extraordinary charm and content of self-confidence fashion women.

Diamond ring style of the drop-shaped style. The diamond-shaped diamond ring style, also known as pear-shaped diamond ring, based on the traditional structure of circular bright diamonds, combined with the advantages of oval cutting and lance cutting, cutting the shape of a gem like a crystal clear tears, there is a round Shaped end and a tip. Women such as water, so they are so gentle, like jade warm introverted, like a cold Wang Qingquan, refreshing, drop-shaped diamond ring style will be a woman’s soft side to play most vividly.