Diamond million high-end personalized jewelry custom

Diamond million high-end personalized jewelry custom
The first step, selected diamonds: through the initial communication to determine the customer high-end personalized jewelry custom pendant, according to the customer positioning of this work selected two main stone weighing 5.18CT and 1.2CT round drill;
The second step, to determine the design: high-end personalized jewelry custom, jewelry designers and customers face to face communication, according to customer requirements, ideas, stories, desire jewelry design, design a number of options for customers to choose and reference, design several times To discuss changes to customer satisfaction, to determine the style drawings;
The third step, JCAD version: the following began to version, we use advanced computer version (JewelCAD), so out of the jewelry design work data PT gold and diamond accuracy is very accurate, symmetry / standard can reach 100% While providing Cartier nail bracelet replica realistic renderings to the customer to confirm;
The fourth step, spray wax inverted gold: 3D map confirmed, the direct spray wax / inverted PT gold;
Valentine ‘s Day to the Valentine’ s Day, many young consumers began to calculate the buy on the quit.

Online diamonds low price temptation

Although the diamond is a jewelry category, but because of its universal “identity card” – diamond identification certificate and the clarity of each diamond, the level of cut, consumers according to the diamond information provided by the business, the diamond can generally determine the price is reasonable.

In the Kelan diamonds, diamond birds and other sites, from a few hundred dollars to the diamond ring to hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars of bare diamond products readily available. “Online diamond purchase cheaper than the traditional counter five percent.” An online diamond sellers said that online shopping cheap to save the entry fee, rent and other expenses, and cut off the unreasonable profit margins. Low prices really attracted a lot of consumers, diamond birds, Zuo Kayi and a number of online brands quickly popular red diamond market.

In the Kelan diamond online mall, the reporter found that the market price of 9300 yuan more than the classic six claw diamond ring, the price of the site only 5 fold. However, compared to several sites on the diamond ring will find that even if the price of several diamond ring, diamond size and clarity, cut and other indicators are significantly different (see table).
Diamond size is not the only price factor

Experts remind that online shopping diamonds can not see the kind of objects, consumers in the purchase to carefully look at the indicators of diamonds and diamond identification certificate. Diamond identification certificate is like a diamond “identity card” is the basis for consumers can rely on. For more than 30 points of international diamonds, the best way to understand its details is to obtain an authoritative diamond identification certificate. In the international imitation Cartier love bracelet certificate, GIA (American Gemological Institute), IGI (International Gemological Institute), HRD (Belgian Diamond High Council) for the existence of the three authority on the market certificate.

“4C” is a measure of a diamond value and quality of the standard. “4C” is the CARAT WEIGHT, CLARITY, COLOR, CUT. Therefore, the diamond price = weight + color + clarity + cut.

Diamond clarity is divided into five major levels, from high to low followed by LC, VVS, VS, SI, P. In the colorless diamond grading, the top color is D color, followed by the order down to Z. China’s diamond cut into EX (excellent), VG (very good), G (good) three grades.
Gold, gold content of thousands of points not less than 990, playing “gold”, “GOLD990” or “G990” mark.
Thousands of gold, gold content of thousands of points is not less than 999, playing “thousands of gold”, “GOLD999” or “G999” mark.

K gold, generally refers to the gold content from 8K to 24K precious metal jewelry [1K = 4.1666 …%] marked as 24K, 18K, 9K or 750 [that is, gold content 75%, also known as 18K], 583 [ .3%, equivalent to 14K].

Gold, silver, cadmium, palladium, etc., so that jewelry presents a purple, pink, blue, green, gray and other colors, as we usually see 18K white gold, people often Will be considered a platinum, in fact, 18K white gold is 75% gold, silver 10%, zinc 10%, nickel 5% white gold, Hong Kong and Macao also known as “Dacheng K platinum”, or “33 daughter” only Because the appearance and platinum jewelry similar, people are often confused, as long as careful observation mark is not difficult to separate the two.

Platinum, platinum content of thousands of points not less than 990, playing “platinum” or “PT990” mark.

950 platinum, platinum content of thousands of points not less than 950, playing “platinum 950” or “PT950” mark.
900 platinum, platinum content of thousands of points not less than 900, hit “platinum 900” or “PT900” mark.

850 platinum, platinum content of thousands of points not less than 850, playing platinum 850 or “PT850” mark.

Platinum jewelry in the other material is mainly its same elemental palladium [Pb], such as PT900 said platinum 90%, containing 10% palladium, and so on, platinum jewelry platinum content is generally not less than 85%, silver jewelry to color Also with silver content to thousands of points that: full silver, silver content of thousands of points is not less than 990, playing “foot silver” mark or according to the actual content of the mark, 925 silver, silver content of thousands of not less than 925, hit “silver 925 “Or” S925 “mark.

Gold-plated, is the use of electrolysis principle in the silver or copper made Fake Cartier love bracelet of jewelry surface coated with a layer of very thin gold, China’s industry standard gold plating layer thickness of not less than 0.5um, even if the layer of gold plating also had more than 0.05um, gold-plated layer jewelry The ground is marked as “GP” or “KP”.

Gold, gold foil wrapped in silver, copper and other metal materials to the surface, requiring gold foil fineness of not less than 10K, the weight of not less than the total weight of materials 1/20, commonly used KF said.

Forging gold, essentially belong to the package of gold, is under high temperature and pressure conditions, the gold foil forging in the other metal jewelry rough surface. Gold foil fineness requirements greater than 10K, which forging the total amount of K gold must not be less than 5% of the finished product, its marked as “GF” or “KGF”, forged gold surface hardness, high wear resistance, easy to lose the gold texture.

Lucky treasure pendant exquisite atmosphere

Lucky treasure pendant exquisite atmosphere
Sometimes the jewelry for women is not only ornaments, but also feelings of sustenance, some people want to use it to dress up their own, and some people like it implied meaning, hope it can bring their own good luck or blessing … … such as her , Preference for those who contain the traditional meaning of the gold, although some people may say tacky, still did not affect her love for them.
This week Chow Sang Sang’s wealthy pendant with a large circle surrounded by small round shape, small round front is Lucky Jin Bao, the opposite is the gourd, the middle of the hollow with five bat connection, meaning Wufu Rimen, exquisite work elegant, The whole looks like an ancient coin.
This is her 51 to buy during the style and meaning are very good, very beautiful pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Amy is the innate nature of a woman, so they will not miss any Cartier love bracelet replica opportunity for the pursuit of good things, jewelry is one of them, but the jewelry in terms of their beauty is not the United States decorated, and sometimes it is a mood The transmission and a record of memories.
This ring is a beautiful dragonfly for the design elements, exquisite workmanship will be the dragonfly wings of the posture of the performance of the most vivid, delicate gesture full of natural beauty, wings and matte craft combination, it is more Smart light , Retro elegant style gorgeous and noble.
This is her a few days ago received, very chic ring, but also she likes the delicate type, recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
In love, jewelry is regarded as an important medium, men use it to pass emotions, women use it to decorate life, which he sent her first gift, a small gift declared his love confession, But also carried him on their future good expectations.

This Chow Sang Sang’s heart-shaped pendant to the cold scarf sketched out full of beauty, three-dimensional heart-shaped lines, like two people love to hug, heart-shaped junctions below the common as we just coincide, and Are respectively outward extension, the formation of a cross, that the mind of the same, pass the infinite sweet and warm.

Simple and generous shape, like love, no need to be fancy, it is important that two people love each other, beautiful pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Women love the ring more than any other jewelry, whether it is the crown of the special meaning, or its own small and delicate so that women can not refuse, I do not know when, she was obsessed with the ring, from the beginning with the ring Solution of love.
This Chow Tai Fook’s ring to heart-shaped design elements, smooth and elegant lines outline a full heart-shaped, heart-shaped hollow flowers and Teng Man for the ring to add some tender and charming, with a carved design , More refined and delicate, heart-shaped to the middle of the axis on both sides were a little upward curvature, virtually showing a trace of playful and cute.
Very beautiful ring, the distance is very common, near to see very Cartier love ring replica delicate, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Every girl’s cardamom years have dreamed that they are the heroine of the fairy tale, even after a long time they have been pure, fantasy of the era, their hearts still live in a princess, jewelry designers are complete they can not achieve The dream, with jewelry to bring them into the fairy tale world.
This just gold angel kitty bracelet hello kitty incarnation as a heroine in the fairy tale, like Cinderella or Snow White, with you to experience the fairy tale world of the secret garden, in addition, crystal transparent material gives a refreshing Feeling, as if to wear it prince and princess will be able to live a happy life.
Beautiful and delicate bracelet, both sides can wear, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Jewelry in a woman, once fell in love can not extricate themselves, even knowing that some of their own rare to wear, still can not stop them want to have its impulse, so I do not know when, it gradually became part of their lives, Not necessarily a lot but must have their own.
This bracelet is made of a lot of small gold bars to form a cross-shaped Replica Cartier love bracelet cross-shaped, forming a similar hollow shape, like a lot of gold wire wrapped together, a simple element splicing out of complex shape, in addition, it There is a regular connection is complex but not significant mess, the whole is full of personality at the same time without losing the soft.
This is one of her favorite bracelet, from her many jewelry is not difficult to see that she has no resistance to the hollow things, very beautiful bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.

Where the glowing gold is also shining off the time

Where the glowing gold is also shining off the time
The saying goes, “where the gold will flash.” So some people think that as long as it is real gold, do not say is buried in the ground, even in the fecal pit, should not rust, come out will be put luster. In fact, this is what people do not understand the properties of gold products caused by. In fact, if the preservation of improper, gold will appear spots.
Although the gold itself is not subject to corrosion, but its chemical affinity with the sulfide is very strong, easy to adsorb the air of hydrogen sulfide acid gas. Therefore, the surface of gold will appear dark, such as orange, brown and other colors.
From the current production process point of view, the completion Cartier love bracelet replica of the production of gold products need to go through a lot of complex processes. To gold bars, gold coins chapter, for example, they have to go through smelting, tabletting, cutting blank, blank, fade, fried acid, polishing, calendering, fade, fried acid, polishing, suppression, In these extremely complex processes, the working environment can not be a vacuum environment, so in every part of the processing process may make the air dust, impurities attached to the blanks on the product. These impurities in the absence of fade, pickling in the case, after a period of storage may become erythema.
From the current market situation, gold and gold bars appear erythema situation is still more, especially the plastic over the more likely to appear. In addition, in the daily appreciation of the time, do not directly touch the gold hand. Once the erythema appears, you can ask the professionals about the gold products on the fire burn, you can solve the problem, and basically will not affect the quality of gold products.
Gold prices rose sharply in recent years, coupled with the New Year approaching, consumers buy and collect gold jewelry enthusiasm also will rise. But the vast number of consumers to improve the enthusiasm at the same time have to increase attention: the purchase of gold jewelry must be clear before the basic concept of gold, so as not to be deceived.
First, the difference between gold and thousands of gold
Gold and thousands of gold collectively referred to as gold, but there is still a difference between the two. The difference is that the gold content of the gold content of not less than 990, that is, the amount of gold is not less than 99.0%; thousands of gold gold content of thousands of not less than 999, that gold content of not less than 99.9%.
Second, the gold earrings usually use enough gold rather than thousands of gold
Gold earrings and ear needles will not use thousands of dollars in general, but the use of full gold production. This is because the thousands of gold because of its low hardness, material is relatively soft, if it is used to make the ear, it will directly affect the goods to wear and safety.
Third, K gold sub-file difference
22K gold content of not less than 916 ‰; 18K gold gold content of not less than 750 ‰; 14K gold gold content of not less than 585 ‰; 9K gold gold content of not less than 375 ‰.
Four, white K gold content
18K gold jewelry colors are yellow, white, red and other colors. White 18K gold is Cartier love ring replica gold and nickel, zinc, silver, copper and other elements of the alloy, white gold jewelry is not platinum (platinum) products.
Mention gold, almost no one does not know. Gold from ancient times to the present is a symbol of wealth and identity, its status everlasting. In ancient Egyptian words, people interpret the meaning of gold as “the sun can touch”, the status of the sacred is not difficult to imagine. But how much do you know about the common sense of gold?
Gold is the most precious metal kingdom, but also a very rare kind of metal. Gold has a density of 19.32 g / cc and a melting point of 1063 ° C. Gold forging, and has a strong ductility, can be crushed into a thickness of 0.001 mm gold foil. For example, to one or two (31.25 grams) of pure gold can be hammer one thousandth of a millimeter thick gold foil, then the gold foil area can reach 16.2 square meters. Pure gold has an excellent look of grass yellow metallic luster. Gold is a very soft metal, this softness makes gold very easy to process. 0.5 grams of gold can be pulled into 160 meters long gold and not broken. But in the production of jewelry, due to the soft gold, usually in which to add some other metal to improve its hardness.
According to the nature of gold, people can be divided into “gold” and “cooked gold” two categories. The gold is also called “natural gold”, “original gold” or “shortage of gold”, this gold is from the mining or river bed edge mining, without refining the gold. Any refined gold can be called “cooked gold”. People in the processing of cooked gold will add some other elements, so under normal circumstances, gold will change in color. It is usually called “golden gold” by gold, which is added to metallic silver and no other metal, and gold mixed with silver and other metals is called “mixed gold”.
So how do we distinguish the purity of gold? The market is usually used K gold and percentage of these two signs to illustrate the content of gold. So, how much is the gold content of 1K? 24K gold actually gold content of 99.99%, this gold is basically considered pure gold, therefore, 1K gold content of 100/24 = 4.1666%, by analogy, the common 18k gold gold content was 75%. If the percentage of words, if a gold ornaments marked 9999, then its purity was 99.99%, while the 586% marked 586%, which can be understood clearly.
1, for a long time, consumers have always believed that gold, thousands of gold jewelry is never faded or discolored. In this kind of psychological, consumers once found their favorite thousands of gold or gold jewelry color change, that is the purchase of jewelry gold content is insufficient, to find business theory and even return. Full of gold, thousands of gold jewelry color problems make consumers and businesses are very bitter, not knowing, color change is very simple, mainly in the following:
2, gold jewelry gold content of 99 ‰ or more, thousands of gold jewelry content of 999 ‰ or more, their gold content Sun Ran is very high, but not 100%. This shows that full gold and thousands of gold are also doped with other elements. The presence of these Cartier nail bracelet replica impurities in gold or thousands of gold may cause other changes to produce red, white, purple, black spots in their bodies. In general, the area of this color change will be small.
3, full gold or full of gold jewelry and platinum or silver and other white jewelry wear together, because of the friction between the jewelry, so that the two colors of metal between each other “pollution.” White jewelry metal is wiped on gold jewelry, or gold is wiped on white jewelry. This change in color is only in the parts of the friction can appear, but also in the surface, was scratched.
4, in chemistry there is a term called “amalgam”, this so-called amalgam is amalgam. Mercury can form amalgam with all metals other than iron. So enough gold or thousands of gold to change the white may also be the cause of mercury formation amalgam. Mercury also known as mercury, atomic number than the gold is 80, the color is silver, liquid metal, easy flow, boiling point 356.58 ℃, steam poisonous. Some of the daily necessities commonly used in our lives, such as thermometers, steam lamps, barometers, etc. are made of mercury. In addition, some poor quality cosmetics, fungicides, drugs, etc. will also contain trace amounts of mercury. If the consumer does not pay attention to the case of gold jewelry and these items in contact, it will form gold amalgam. This will make gold jewelry surface color white, sexual brittle, if the formation of gold amalgam larger area, then fell to the ground and even broken.
If the full gold and thousands of gold jewelry for a long time placed in a sulfur-containing environment, the surface may have erythema; full gold and thousands of gold jewelry and acid contact, there may be erythema produced. This is due to its internal impurity elements are vulcanized or acidified in the gold jewelry surface oxide layer of reason.
If you have enough money or thousands of money in the above situation, do not worry. First find the relevant expert advice, find a professional body identification; and then according to the specific circumstances, in the expert’s advice to deal with the problem of discoloration will be resolved.

Some little knowledge about platinum hardness

Some little knowledge about platinum hardness
Love is beautiful, he also has a very similar good partner – platinum. Platinum can now be said to be the closest to the love of metal, it is also known as the “love metal”. And if there can be a kind of precious stones and platinum with the perfect match, all love, then have to say diamonds.
Diamonds and platinum, and have the most close to the love and the property, so this can not be said with a pair of match, and also by many new people love. And on the ring can be said that the new wedding is an indispensable thing, it is not only a symbol of love, but also the two people in the exchange of the moment from the moment promised the eternal vows of life. Therefore, in the trend of continuous progress, the classic and yet the trend, simple but not simple platinum on the ring will become the new people the best choice.
1, platinum is a natural pure white metal, and white K gold is a gold alloy, not pure single metal. The fundamental difference between the two is different.

2, platinum is more rare than gold, not to mention the gold alloy Cartier love bracelet replica with gold compared to the white K gold.

3, platinum and white K gold compared to its greater density, the same size of a platinum jewelry than white K gold jewelry on the weight of about 20%.

4, the chemical nature of platinum is very stable, perhaps the nature of pure gold and platinum can be compared, but the white gold alloy gold gold in the stability of the nature there is no way to compare with the platinum.

5, platinum jewelry will always be engraved with PT900, PT950, PT990 and other markings to illustrate the platinum jewelry in the content of platinum, and white K gold jewelry will always be engraved with G18K or AU750 such a mark to illustrate the white gold jewelry gold Gold content.
Platinum, is a natural color for the silver-white precious metals, the English name for the Platinum, usually use the abbreviated PT as its mark. Platinum has a very good physical and chemical properties, and extremely stable, can be called the eternal definition.

The type of platinum can be divided into pure platinum (fineness of platinum) and iridium platinum (iridium, platinum mixed platinum alloy). Under normal circumstances, platinum jewelry will always be engraved PT900, PT950, PT990 and other markings to illustrate the platinum jewelry in the content of platinum.

And white K gold, the English name is white gold, its main ingredient is the same belongs to the precious metals category of gold. Therefore, the white K gold can be said to be an alloy of gold, its color is not natural is white, but in gold to add some other metal after showing a color. Therefore, the white K gold is not platinum (platinum). Under normal circumstances, the white K gold jewelry will always be engraved with G18K or AU750 such a mark to illustrate the white gold jewelry gold gold content.
Platinum jewelry price fluctuations can be said to be among the highest among a variety of Cartier love ring replica precious metals, then, why the price of platinum jewelry fluctuations are so big?

1, the purity of platinum
Platinum can be divided into several according to purity, from Pt990, to Pt950, Pt900, or even Pt850. Where the purity of platinum is different, the price of jewelry made from it certainly will not be the same.

2, supply and demand
This is a kind of influencing factors for each kind of goods. When the demand for platinum increases, the price will rise, otherwise the price will fall. In addition, investors can also affect the price of platinum, actively buying, the price soared, otherwise fell.

3, the process is easy
Different styles of platinum jewelry due to the production process in the process and the labor force to be different, resulting in the price of platinum jewelry is different.

4, brand differences
The same platinum jewelry in a different brand stores will have a different offer. The price of Replica Cartier love bracelet a platinum jewelery sold in a brand store includes not only the price of the jewelry itself, but also the added value of the brand. Therefore, the price of different brands of platinum jewelry will be different.

In the common image of these factors, the price of platinum jewelry prices become so great.

Teach you to know rose gold jewelry

Teach you to know rose gold jewelry
Rose gold, with it enough romantic name, you can cause people to countless wonderful association. Following the sparkling gold jewelry and classic elegant platinum jewelry, the soft colors and charming rose gold jewelry has gradually become fashionable “new favorite.” Rose gold to her unique culture and style, the interpretation of the precious metal jewelry and a new world.

The current jewelry market, there are two kinds of rose gold jewelry: 1, the use of rose gold jewelry for the matrix processing, rose color belongs to its true color; 2, jewelry matrix is other K gold alloy, made in the surface plating rose gold. Rose gold as the matrix processing of jewelry, process complexity, and thus relatively high cost, more common in high-end brand jewelry. Rose gold plating process is the late nineties of last century popular a plating process. At present, the rose gold plating process is relatively stable, and simple operation, the solution of the deep plating capacity and plating capacity are extremely excellent, low cost. Now, this rose gold plating process can make jewelry popular rose gold, after the jewelry after the bright color, uniform, with excellent decorative effect. Therefore, the rose gold plating process in the jewelry processing industry has been widely used.
This rose to a beautiful roses for the shape, the rose is a symbol of love, while Cartier love bracelet replica on behalf of the perfect ending and all the perfect, exquisite workmanship of the hollow flowers and elegant, high and low levels to strengthen the lines of beauty, bring out a dream like flowers Of the romantic good intentions, while the expression of the wearer wearing a beautiful demeanor, bright never fade.

Before she always felt the roses are very vulgar, never on the roses of any things, seeing this jewelry, but it was the beauty of the stunning, and can not wait to bring it back home, beautiful jewelry, I hope you like The
It is said that the current international market, the New York Mercantile Exchange, the Tokyo Commodity Exchange and so on all the transactions listed on the Palladium. While the domestic market has not yet opened the palladium trading, the Shanghai Gold Exchange in 2015 there is news that will launch platinum, palladium derivatives of the plan. So palladium seems to be confined to the international gold trading market. On the surface, the palladium is very rare, more precious than gold, so it seems more investment than gold, but gold, as a form of reserves appear.
Previously, the biggest advantage of palladium is the production of jewelry, rather than fried gold as a trading market. In other words, to fry palladium, only fried palladium in kind, that is, palladium jewelry. Now, palladium has a new investment channel.
Palladium Palladium. Industrial and Commercial Bank of the paper issued by the Palladium, and paper gold are similar, is a chance to learn, the threshold is 1g palladium, and paper gold similar to the operation.
Investment in palladium gold bullion, China Gold Corporation in the brewing.
Palladium investment products, related financial products.

Platinum, gold, silver and other precious metal items have been used by investors to invest Cartier love ring replica, then, with the precious metal palladium, there is no investment possible?
In fact, palladium is also likely to be investors in the future as an investment item, but now, this condition is not yet mature. At present, the palladium has not yet found a simple, quick way to recover. In addition, although palladium has a good prospect, but there is no fixed recovery point, making palladium is not and with short-term investment.
However, if one day in the future, when the Shanghai Gold Exchange launched a similar gold, silver trading varieties, the individual fried palladium will be very hot.
In recent years, precious metals prices rose staggering. What surprised by all, however, is the most exaggerated, not the gold or silver that we usually think of as a symbol of nobility, or even the platinum that has been gradually known, but the little-known palladium. For example, in 2010, spot gold prices rose 29%, silver prices rose by 82%, platinum cumulative gains of 18.4%, while palladium in the year the spot price has risen to a staggering 100% The

As more and more precious metals become the new darling of investment, the same precious metal family of palladium also gradually into the eyes of investors. But the current domestic direct investment in palladium channels are not many.

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China is the first in 2011 to launch the account after the palladium trading business, but also a grand launch of the individual accounts palladium investment and two-way trading business. It is understood that the account Palladium investment Cartier nail bracelet replica business refers to the individual customers in RMB or US dollars for the transaction settlement currency, according to the establishment of the investment plan, within a certain period of time in accordance with the planned amount of investment or the amount of regular purchase of palladium products related business. Customers can sign an account through the ICBC counter or electronic banking channel Palladium investment agreement, to develop a fixed investment plan.

Buy gold jewelry should be clear things

Buy gold jewelry should be clear things
Many people because of the durability of gold jewelry and its hard circulation and like it. Gold can not only be made of jewelry to wear, it can hedge, appreciation. Here to tell you about the market is now on the classification of gold jewelry, so that everyone can distinguish between the time of purchase.

1, pure gold jewelry
Pure gold jewelry texture is soft, teeth bite printed, easy to bend, golden color, pure, soft, feel heavy, there is a heavy feeling. According to international regulations, all made by the precious metal jewelry, jewelry must be marked on the inside, marking the Cartier love bracelet replica requirements of the gold content and factory manufacturers. Any gold content of 99% of the said gold, the content of 99.9% known as thousands of gold, gold and thousands of gold are pure gold category.

2, k gold jewelry
K gold refers to gold and silver, copper, zinc and other metals melting together with the alloy, because the English word is karat gold alloy, so referred to as k gold. K gold jewelry texture slightly hard, teeth bite no print, color is yellow with white, and according to the number of K, white gradually increased, yellow faded. According to international standards, K gold is divided into 24, that is, IK to 24K. However, as the jewelry with the K gold species less than these, at present, the world’s jewelry materials are not less than 8K. In this way, in fact really counted as jewelry with the K gold species is 17 species. Among them, 18K and 14K is the most used, it is in the jewelry industry are the main jewelry raw materials.

3, gilt jewelry
Gilt jewelry is an ancient gold-plated process, is in the copper, silver and other low value on the jewelry evenly coated with a layer of gold and mercury mixed thick slurry, and then bake at low temperatures, mercury heat evaporation, gold Then attached to the surface of copper, and then flattened, polished.

4, gold-plated jewelry
Gold-plated jewelry is in the copper for the billet jewelry surface, with a plating method of plating a layer of gold after the jewelry, but the coating is generally very thin, about 3-5um.

5, gold jewelry
Gold in the United States also known as filling gold, that is, in the copper or silver and then pressed on a thin layer of gold foil, gold thick to control between 10-50um, because the thickness of gold foil than gold-plated, appearance and gold Jewelry is similar. This gold jewelry in the United States have played kf mark.

6, imitation gold jewelry
Imitation gold jewelry, also known as gold jewelry, the appearance of gold, is made of Cartier love ring replica copper, nickel, zinc and other metal elements mixed smelting, jewelry does not contain gold, according to the provisions of imitation gold jewelry is not allowed to print in mind.
Platinum pure restrained luster as if destined for the romantic happiness and shine, its low-key atmosphere is always showing the eternal faith, platinum ring as the most commonly used in daily life jewelry, wear or should pay attention to the following questions:

First, it is not easy to wear in an acid vapor environment, will be corroded or discolored.

Second, in daily life, do not put platinum rings and gold rings on the adjacent fingers, because the friction between the gold powder will be attached to the platinum surface, the platinum ring local yellow.

Third, the chemical properties of palladium is not as stable as platinum, easier to oxidize, wear palladium content of low platinum (less than 75% platinum) jewelry, it is best not to often and acid and all kinds of cosmetics in direct contact, Should immediately rinse with water to prevent Replica Cartier love bracelet discoloration.

Fourth, in order to avoid deformation of the platinum ring, in the handling of heavy objects is best not to wear.

Fifth, if the platinum ring for a long time, the surface becomes dark or local discoloration, you can polish. The specific method is: the toothpaste squeezed on the towel, hand holding platinum jewelry on its back and forth friction, rub to the surface fine lines and dirt, with diluted detergent after cleaning, and then rinse with water, color You can recover.

Do not be peculiar to the golden pendulum

Do not be peculiar to the golden pendulum
Women love jewelry, love also love to buy, not all they have each of the jewelry will make the best use, some may be different from the current stage of temperament, and some may not find a more perfect match, so even if not wear still Can not stop their love for them.

This Chow Tai Fook pendant with 3D styling, the front is the pattern of window grill, matte texture makes it look more fresh, the opposite like a lotus, hollow shape makes it look more three-dimensional, very chic pendant, generous through With delicate, both sides can wear, beautiful and practical.

Pendant is her previous year received, looked very pretty, but that Chow Tai Fook with the black rope is so crude, so the basic idle, and recently she decorated with gold beads a bit, I feel pretty good, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like The
Girls in the marriage when parents will prepare some dowry for them, in the traditional Cartier love bracelet replica Chinese culture, these dowry mainly gold ornaments, expressed the parents of a blessing of their children, this is one of her dowry when married, Very delicate necklace, simple elements to create a kind of atmospheric temperament.

This necklace with cross for the design elements, horizontal four small cross and vertical five small cross with a small ring connected to form a hollow rectangle, the next and then four chains fell on the cross, forming a tassel feeling, steady A bit of elegant feeling, suitable for capable, there are gas field of women.
Beautiful necklace, has always been her heart treasure, not only because the parents of the mind, but also because really like, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Jewelry can be said to be one of the closest friends of a woman, they are ready to undertake a blind date with a woman, for women, each jewelry is a woman’s unique happiness, they carry a woman on all the beautiful sustenance.
This “fruit” pendant with thousands of gold and red glass to build, hollow thousands of gold wrapped bright red glass to the image of the design to restore the full fruit, tender and beautiful form, the middle with a fine small butterfly link to form a Y shape, as if it does not know at the moment to pick that one we go
This is one of her favorite pendants, simple design, refreshing without losing the atmosphere, neither too dazzling nor will you let you drown in the crowd, very fresh pendant, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
For the swing we are no stranger, in that no too much toy age, swing carrying most of our childhood happiness, like swaying in the swing, listen to the leaves we play music, feel the breeze touch, when the swing quickly drift, Feeling that they have become a little angel with wings.

This piece of child swing to swing for the design of the prototype, a man and a woman two lovely little doll hugged sitting on the swing, the interpretation of the two little guess the mood, exquisite workmanship to the joy of people on the swing, to meet the feelings of words, To create a happy atmosphere, expressed the vision of a better life and longing.
Very cute gold, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Ever since she loves fairy tale, she has an inexplicable affection for the swans, like their Cartier love ring replica noble, holy image, hoping that one day he can show his beauty like a white swan, so things about the swans can always cause her attention, jewelry Of course, no exception, although there have been a lot of swan shape, she still did not hesitate to bring it home.

The swan bracelet is a beautiful swan for the design inspiration, the swan’s head and body were used smooth and matte texture, the formation of a strong visual effect, two swans cross neck shape so that they see Up like a pair of intimate lovers, as if at the moment is to tell each other with each other’s Acacia feelings.

She likes it a little bit of frosted feeling, at first glance it was it elegant style to attract, beautiful bracelet, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Every woman will have more or less jewelry, of which there are certainly some of them are particularly beloved, they are in them, or because of temperament congenial, similar personality or have a special feeling, it may be with the heart of a A sweet story about, because of the deep, so preference.

This old Fengxiang home side bracelet without any complicated and complicated design, simple modeling has become generous, delicate, no bracelet tough, it will not feel too weak, futher on the wrist just right, quiet temperament gives a steady feeling The
Compared to the characteristics of the bracelet easy to deformation, she likes bracelet, which is her favorite for a long time a bracelet, it was only for its own, simple style neat, much like her character, so she also Especially like, here recommended to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like, but also congratulations to her.
Marriage is the most important thing in the life of a girl, so the symbol of love for the sake of a woman, like roses as indispensable, it does not need to be too expensive, do not need too much, but no matter what must have a , It seems that only this can be tied to their lifetime love.
This is what she had just bought a wedding ring, flower shape diamond ring, distributed this kind of charming style, and the woman’s bones of the tenderness complement each other in the night under the dim light like a bright pearl, though not, but witness them Precious love, brilliant fire seems to be to celebrate them born.

Is a woman’s diamond ring, a little shine, but not publicity, as she dream of love, by a point too much by a little too much, just right, recommend to everyone to enjoy, I hope you like.
Even if the snow is graceful floats, can not cover her tenderness and charm, cold also can not cover her existence, strong and eternal symbol of pure love, no woman refused her shining light, she is diamonds.

In fact, she has always been like gold, this did not think now to buy diamond ring, because Replica Cartier love bracelet not ready to become so fast wife, the power of love is great, so there is it, simple models, no any decoration, In fact, also know that no shape can be compared to a round diamond light, but after all, is the choice of most people, because you want a special to commemorate their love, it determines the heart shape.

Very beautiful heart-shaped diamond ring, although not big but carrying their love, I wish them have been so happy to go.

one never withers wonderful work

24k gold-plated fresh roses, one never withers wonderful work
In the world, the rose is used to express the common language of love, she is the embodiment of the beauty of God, but also into the love of God’s blood, set love and beauty in one.
So never wither “24k gold-plated fresh rose” in the industry has been Cartier nail bracelet replica hailed as “flowers in the jewelry, jewelry in the wonderful work.” A never withered gold-plated real roses, representing the youth forever, true love eternal, friendship survived.
She is not only Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, graduation ceremony, wedding commemorative, birthday, business to commemorate the best gift, but also friends, relatives and customers the best gift between, it is auspicious Jiapin.
Each of her roses is made from Bulgarian precious flowers, each line seems to be unintentional clear lines are carefully selected, respect for nature to give them the natural colors and their rich in Bulgaria soil attitude.
And then the use of unique modern biotechnology, together with 24K gold as the carrier, to exquisite pure handmade craft – each flower has been 164 full manual process, 7 days of elaborate, blend of French classical mosaic art, success To the original ecological rose lasting fresh and elegant graceful fusion of jewelry.
Charming and moving, bright brilliance, leading jewelry ginger new trend.
In the general impression, “good horse with a good saddle, good Buddha with gold” seems to be a convention, so many people in the imagination, living in the fashion industry pyramid top of the advanced custom show, must also be “gold Mattress, diamond upper body “luxury ceremony.
Good wishes can be understood, but realistic, high-level custom fashion release on the emergence of a large number of jewelry is not high probability. After all, jewelry design and fashion design is divided into two different business, senior custom is undoubtedly the latter ranks the biggest names in the industry coronation ceremony, a few people hope that in such an important moment, their own thunder was robbed by others?
But it is precisely because of this concern, high-level custom jewelry in a little more guidance, rather than a simple “price pile.” Carefully appreciate the details of the fashion release, we are not difficult to draw on the next few years of popular jewelry pictures.

First of all, conspicuous “big jewelry” is still the designer’s heart is good. In fact, since the “hip-hop” as the representative of the street style swept the fashion circle began, exquisite small, elegant slender jewelry was uninhibited “big jewelry” instead. Coupled with the imitation Cartier love bracelet United States first lady such a supporter Yaoqi cry, twenty meters away can see the BOLD-shaped jewelry, has long become a popular storm eye. Even if it is known for elegant art senior custom designer, also dare not ignore the trend of darling.

The walk in front of all the designers is Armani, in the Armani Privé this “Japan” as the inspiration for the release of the jewelry, almost more than a few other senior custom show together more. Dongying has always been Armani favorite design theme, coincides with the Japanese earthquake, love and mixed with a lot of tribute to the composition. So, we see the T stage in the beautiful cherry blossom pattern, Ukiyo-e in the classic color combinations, as well as the Japanese signature style origami texture.

In the use of jewelry, Armani began to match the “eclipse theme” and “bold style”, cherry decoration size, more than the actual lot. Gold, red, black appeared in large numbers, although with a tribute to the design, Armani still reluctant to give up by the “huge” sense of power. Matte and huge ring face and slender fingers to form a strong contrast, it is eye-catching, let the essence of bold wind glance.

Colorful arm ring is the highlight of the release, compared to other design has been too many precedents, this concept with the color of the jewelry is undoubtedly the whole release bonus.

How to define a heavyweight release? If the stage models and guests under the audience wearing the same elegant, it must be true. If you think Armani jewelry jewelry also with the nature of the forecast, that Anna – Wintour, Franca Sozzani wearing must be the most fashionable stuff. From the former necklace and the latter’s bracelet, you see what mystery? BINGO, classic green gold with back. This has been in the “Art Deco” era of all the rage of color, and now stood at the imitation Cartier love bracelet forefront of fashion. And its side by side is the rich color of the jewelry design, ruby, emerald, emerald, coral, celestite, agate and other jewelry, as well as natural diamonds and platinum corolla style, large outline contours of the ring and brooch (filed it, Have to thank Mrs. Obama to take the trouble to act as a model), will be in the future for many years continue to enjoy the praise of the fashion industry. Armani Privé show everything on the field seems to verify the famous saying: “There is no new thing under the sun”, as you believe it or not … … anyway, I believe it.

Fingerprint Ring Witness of Love

Fingerprint Ring Witness of Love
Wedding ring is an important symbol of marriage, a wedding ring on top, there is no diamond, how much carat diamond, in fact, with it is not a qualified wedding ring nothing to do.
Wedding ring, by that particular person in that particular time to send, it should represent a certain commitment, to contain a certain meaning, the most critical is to take the other’s reading power (if there is such a thing), breath, Traces, unique, this can be regarded as a qualified wedding ring. Wedding ring is a token, must be unique, absolutely can not find someone else wearing the same wedding ring with you. What about it?
So, you are the groom! Do not hesitate! When the jeweler burns the soft Cartier love bracelet replica and red ring in front of you, please press the finger down! What is the pain of the moment? The ring with your fingerprints to give you the bride, but will make her happy life yo! The
Haha, a joke, in fact, do not have this. You only need to give your fingerprints to the jeweler, the rest of the things by them to get you. It is understood that there is now a jewelry website to provide such services: by providing them with their own fingerprints, they will be in the production of the ring when your fingerprints on the ring, so that you can have a real only belong to Your own unique wedding ring.
Then you are about to marry you, you can not miss this fingerprint ring, it is obvious, personally press the fingerprint and then fingerprints carved to the jewelry, which will have much sincerity, with more read strength, breath, traces, It is self-evident. More importantly, the same cheesy diamond ring and a unique fingerprint ring, which is more able to experience the meaning of the wedding ring, it is self-evident. Of course, happy women will choose which ring, also the same, self-evident.
Fingerprints, the world’s most unique proof. With a unique fingerprint made of the ring, as a witness to love, this ring, not necessarily inlaid with particularly dazzling diamonds, but it has the lingering atmosphere of the other side, thinly tied the ring finger, a long time to hold a lifetime The
Now, there is no diamond woman has become less and less, especially if he is still beautiful; on the one hand is the progress of society, there are so many ads take the trouble to remind you; the other hand, women began to die no longer waiting for men Sent the diamonds. They found that if you do not put a woman dream come true to the man, then, to achieve their own diamond dream was very easy. Once upon a time, looking for happiness is a man’s patent, and women, only helplessly waiting for their gift – so they love themselves, marry themselves, so they want their crazy diamond to their own hands. And now, they suddenly found that this wait is actually unnecessary! So many beautiful diamonds lie in close proximity to the counter, so that they flash in their fingers, neck, hair skirt when it is how happy and how easy things – if the fingers between hands! Why wait for a man to decide their own mood? Life is so short, if you wait too long, happy will be bad!
So, in order to birthday, love, promotion, or simply to be happy, the most fashionable woman began to buy one by one for their own diamonds; and more avant-garde, as a man transfer, a woman’s desire all miscellaneous fingers On the sparkling thing.
Those bright crystal diamonds like clouds in the clouds, illuminating the woman in front of the road, so she can be like the goddess of grace and self-confidence into a spectacular event, a promising marriage, or, A beautiful and dangerous world.
Ancient Egyptians have long found a path to love. From the ring finger of the nerve, and the heart connected, so men and women in the wedding ceremony, only each other in the ring finger on the ring to show each other loyalty. Nowadays, despite the fact that many couples have lost the path of love, the rings of the craft are still shining with the glory of love and promise.
Fingerprints are hard to remember
10 years old, I think I really grew up. Summer vacation the first day of the evening, a person took to the streets, in the streets of the goods in the selection of a yellow chain of gold ring, the ring inlaid with a red glowing “gem”, the summer afternoon, I will ring wearing On the Cartier love ring replica left hand ring finger.
20 years old, I first love, at the age of 10 wearing my left hand ring finger on the piece of yellow bronze ring, has long been lost. Holding his hand, from the first love to get married. Married that day, my mother sent me a gold ring, is the most common in the era of the most common gold ring. A short soft gold bullion, around the left hand ring finger.
Sometimes the ring so that the life of a woman’s life, life’s commitment. Years later, the little ring was loaded in a broccoli brocade broom, packed in a drawer, because I could not bear to let the wonderful memories of the old. No matter how many years, as long as the thought of the collection of the ring, like to return to the original it was wearing a ring finger that moment, like a lifetime of happy life.
Ring finger on love
A few years ago, watching Anne baby “warm”, an silver ring touched my heart. It is the city in the “Parkson” to buy, give the last gift of warmth. After leaving Shanghai warm, do not put that silver ring on his fingers, but with a red thread tied to hang it. Perhaps, many years later, like all the women, white hair gray wrinkled face warm stroked the silver ring, will be grateful to the city once gave her love. Life is already old in reality, and love, but still alive in the memories.
Ring, was so wonderful. A metal, a circle, a carved Lou phoenix, you grace my love, a unforgettable, willing. Even if the painting is not a full life with a full stop, but also left in the bottom of my heart had a deep impression of love. Carefully detailed empty left hand ring finger, how many people’s fingertips over the years so lonely empty, like a sky flying heart. Even if you are a woman who does not like to wear a ring, that fingertips also need to love people, in the above to do a love mark.
Perhaps refers to static, that is quiet. Perhaps, one day after a few years, you really will meet a man who is willing to accompany the old man. He will be a delicate platinum ring, personally worn on you have been waiting for the left hand ring finger. And in the past, all the love and commitment, in front of this ring, all smoke and scattered, can not care about.
A symbol of life
Love of the fingerprints of the series to the eternal theme of diamonds – love for the Replica Cartier love bracelet inspiration, heritage of the eternal emotions, love for the brightest blooming happy light. The series will be fine diamond inlaid in the rare love metal – Pt platinum, also has a noble and elegant top quality, the same symbol of the ultimate eternal, precious platinum to pure white bright light shine diamonds themselves bright, tough Grinding the texture of the diamond to give the most solid protection, so that diamonds emit the ultimate glory. Plus doido name, so that this diamond is more rich in the meaning of love.

PANDORA ESSENCE series of new jewelry concept

PANDORA ESSENCE series of new jewelry concept
The Danish jewelery brand PANDORA presents the ESSENCE series for the first time in a new concept, creating a unique and unique character and taste through every piece of craftsmanship. The new series to slim sterling silver bracelet, with 24 array of pure silver Cartier nail bracelet replica jewelry, interpretation of different intrinsic value, praise both inside and outside the ladies exquisite polyhedron, from the inside and outside the distribution of moving radiance.

PANDORA new symbolic ESSENCE series, creative ideas from the global women’s a praise. “The ESSENCE series of straps and bracelets consistently emphasize the value of self-connection,” said Stephen Fairchild, chief creative director of PANDORA. “Through the PANDORA ESSENCE jewelry, ladies not only commemorate the important moments of their own, but also the ability to express their inner feelings. So, I expect the ESSENCE series to bring new brands of jewelry for women around the world.
PANDORA ESSENCE series 24 sterling silver dress show your true charm

PANDORA ESSENCE series to 24 sterling silver strap, a symbol of Ms.’s most sincere intrinsic value and beliefs. Each of the ornaments clever use of the material, in the color matching and pattern application, the full interpretation of the intrinsic value of women and life in the ideal and desire, including joy (JOY), trust (TRUST), Passion (PASSION), self-confidence (CONFIDENCE), love (LOVE), courage (COURAGE), faith (FAITH), wisdom (WISDOM) and so on. Each strap emphasizes the inner beauty, not only reflects the most real side of women, but also make fashion ladies to further understand the self and inspire the hope of life.
Joy JOY – Burn your life from inside to outside

Famous music director KingaBurza, with the world famous singer cooperation, even if the work is busy, still know how to enjoy a fun. Kinga is optimistic about the character, the most representative of the PANDORA ESSENCE series of joy (JOY).

She believes that joy and smile directly linked to each happy event and like people, will make her mouth naturally take a smile. Every day constantly looking for a happy fountain, so that Kinga always maintain a positive attitude to face new challenges.

PANDORA ESSENCE series of JOY strap, so that Kinga often remember the mother to send her first bracelet, so that the joy of the day with her often accompanied by the heart and hair.
PASSION – Achieving the ideal with surging power

By the model transition to a yoga instructor, Tara Stiles wholeheartedly into her imitation Cartier love bracelet enthusiasm and spirit to yoga, meditation and health. Her passion, just on behalf of PANDORA ESSENCE series of passion (PASSION).

A warm attitude can inspire personal goals and practice. Tara thinks her passionate character makes her feel real and can be calm and take an open attitude to accept new things. As a professional yoga instructor, enthusiastic work attitude in addition to inspire her to achieve an ideal, but also make her always keep calm state of mind, to achieve a healthy body and mind.

PANDORA ESSENCE series of ornaments – “Express the essence of you”

To rose pink moon stone, comparable to a romantic and delicate love

Flashing zircon, just as the spread of joy around the rest of the world
Passionate PASSION

With rich red metaphor of immortal enthusiasm

To the orderly pattern of empty pattern, a symbol of freedom of the country

To a string of strands of zircons metaphor of family, friends, partners to maintain the trust

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To flash the zircons arranged in a harmonious wave pattern, to capture the feeling of happiness

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With a glossy facet cutting crystal, to convey the infinite courage Fake Cartier love bracelet and fashion sense

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With exquisite diamond knife technology carved sterling silver, metal flashing effect,

Metaphor of wisdom gathered in the journey of life

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Smooth amethyst represents a firm belief, but also highlights the women’s fashion temperament

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Simple and stylish milky white symbolizes the child pure god, full of hope for the world

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Elegant light blue gemstones help to maintain loyal friendship and cooperation

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Peaceful PEACE

Colorful lapis lazuli, as quiet intoxicating stars, there is peace of meaning

PANDORA ESSENCE series of simple sterling silver bracelet highlight personality

For the perfect interpretation of the PANDORA ESSENCE series of sections of the unique and precious strap, especially for the series designed a series of simple and delicate silver bracelet, and with a brand of iconic buckle. Ladies can be based on personal preferences and taste, will be a representative series of straps fixed or flexible string in the delicate fine silver bracelet on the bracelet icing on the cake, but also to master the unique fashion sense.
LOVE, FAITH and LOYALTY straps with silver bracelet combination
LOYALTY, FAITH, BALANCE and JOY straps with silver bracelet combination
PASSION, TRUST, FAITH and WISDOM straps with silver bracelet combination
WISDOM and PASSION Strap with Silver Bracelet Combination
Tiffany & Co. The Great Gatsby Series Diamond Bracelet
Trend one, luxury complex retro design

Victorian costumes, Baroque and Rococo era architecture, Edwardian era and decorative arts style prevailing jewelry design, are luxurious and perfect retro design perfect example. As a symbol of eternal rare material, platinum jewelry design from these historical classics to draw inspiration, but also inspired by other design areas, through cross-border and mix and match, combined with modern ideas and superb craftsmanship, the new retro design will eternal platinum unique Charm in a new way to show, and refined out of the four classic design elements: excellent craft, royal heritage, spiritual symbol, lace graceful.

Pure platinum to create fine lines of texture, perfect with gorgeous diamonds and pearls, filling women charming gestures. Which platinum headdress reproduction of the last century jazz era of decorative arts bloom, excellence in the prevalence of luxury fashion.

Crown type platinum diamond bracelet

This platinum diamond bracelet design inspired by the crown, gorgeous retro, magnificent. Different from the real royal jewelry, this derived from the royal charm of commercial works, in line with today’s trend, more suitable for wear.

Platinum Diamond Pendant Tempus

Designers to God of War Tempus as the inspiration, with platinum tough, eternal superior qualities, to create compass totem, wonderful interpretation of the courage and perseverance of the constant pursuit of a perfect interpretation of the “spiritual symbol” connotation.
Platinum Diamond Bracelet Bracelet
Which platinum bracelet exquisite soft, delicate lines perfect outline lace pattern and rattan pattern, while virtue of platinum excellent ductility, to show the full use of fine lines, as well as the delicate expression of female charm.

Platinum Diamond Pearl Ring

Trend two, amazing natural theme

Nature of the breathtaking scene inspired a myriad of design inspiration, natural theme and the Chinese people’s values and fashion taste is closely related to the Chinese jewelry market is a pivotal part. Diversified natural elements for the design of platinum jewelry has brought the ever-changing inspiration, to better meet the various types of women’s aesthetic needs. Platinum innate natural pure and elegant low-key characteristics just in line with the modern women’s attitude towards the fine life, its excellent toughness is also very suitable for creating light Smart lines. Thus, under the natural theme of the development of two directions: vivid and natural lines outline and fine lines of fine beauty.

This work is inspired by the mysterious underwater world, with huge fan-shaped coral for the creation of the prototype, with pure platinum to depict the natural beauty of the Smart, abstract contains vitality.
Platinum diamond bracelet design works
Inspiration from the winter leaves, the use of platinum outline simple lines, simplification, a few pen charm that is now, freehand and Smart stretch in the wrist.
Platinum diamond earrings concept works “heart fly”
Never fade platinum, vividly depict a dancing “butterfly” blooming gorgeous wings, perfect reflects the delicate and elegant woman moving temperament.

Platinum diamond pendant design works
Platinum show foliage dancing with the elegant shape, full of natural modern, elegant and profound flavor of the transfer.