In this small group of girlfriends age

In this small group of girlfriends age, to send a friend to their own carefully selected small gifts is a commonplace commonplace. So the question came, how to ensure that the gift sent practical, beautiful and intimate it? For girls, color gemstones most popular. But to be “intimate” word, you need to know these.
In this small group of girlfriends age, to send a friend to their own carefully selected small gifts is a commonplace commonplace. So the question came, how to ensure that the gift sent practical, beautiful and intimate it? For girls, color gemstones most popular. But to be “intimate” word, you need to know these.
According to skin color pick the most suitable
Color gems because there are countless beautiful colors widely popular, but if the jewelry as a gift, you must take into account each other’s skin color, after all, the coordination of jewelry and color will make the whole person glamorous unlimited upgrade.
Usually, the color of white girls for the range is quite broad, colored gems will be very appropriate to match, the color of the most appropriate color gemstones; but if the other side of the skin partial wheat or dark, it is best to avoid wearing light-colored jewelry, A strong Cartier love bracelet replica contrast will only make people see more bleak.
According to the meaning of picking precious stones can not be wrong
Girls always care about the world from time to time, “meaning”, a strong girl will not miss the same color gem meaning. Amethyst symbol of honesty, emerald symbol of happiness, ruby symbol of passion and love, sapphire symbol of peace and happiness, topaz symbol of friendship, turquoise symbol of success … … according to skin color is also difficult to choose what kind of color gems, it is better to start from the meaning of precious stones , Both insurance and can get each other’s favor.
According to the birthday pick precious stones very determined
If you want to send the gem as a birthday gift, may wish to select according to the birthday month: January garnet, February amethyst, March Aquamarine, April diamonds, May emerald or emerald, June pearls, July Ruby , August olivine, September sapphire, October tourmaline, November topaz, December turquoise. Each month has its own gem, according to the birthday of the selection of gemstones, will allow the other party to feel your care and thought.
When we buy precious stones jewelry, in order to avoid the election to the defective, there are a lot of attention to detail. Today we give you some gemstone jewelry may encounter defects, we must understand clearly, in the future to buy jewelry in the process, it is best to carefully look carefully.
First, cracked stone – refers to the finished jewelry gem surface collapse, crack, rotten and other phenomena, mainly due to improper operation in the grinding stone process and the formation of cracked stone on the appearance and quality of gems great impact, gem bright and smooth appearance Affected, at the same time the quality of gemstones will be affected, in the process of wearing the possibility of the collision is even greater.
Second, light leakage – refers to the gem in the cutting process due to cutting too deep or too shallow resulting in incident light can not be completely reflected from the crown out, and in the pavilion has been missed, which for diamonds, red sapphire, etc. This has a gorgeous light gem effect is very large, the gem of the fire color will be bleak a lot.
Third, the loss of the circle – is when the jewelry is cut into a round when its overall shape is not a whole circle, the main reason is because the stone blank shape or bad hand caused by improper edge. This is also a kind of jewelry shopping skills Oh!
Fourth, the tip is not good – this jewelry defects are also common in the round gem, refers replica Cartier love bracelet to the time required in the cutting of circular plate eight plates to the tip, but as a result of improper grinding stone or equipment accuracy Not high, resulting in a board or a few boards to the tip, then, is seen as a bad income.
5, sand hole – in the presence of inclusions or defects in the gem is normal, but some surface defects can be removed, if the polishing is not fine because there is no good place, then there may be left in the gem surface sand hole , That is, black, brown, white point-like.
Sixth, the sand sector – the jewelry surface defects caused by the same reason is with the sand hole, because polishing is not fine reason, resulting in the connection between the various cutting surface is not polished to white or it is Brown such a clear boundary marks, such traces also greatly affect the appearance of the appearance of precious stones.
7, flower tips – like diamonds, which are often cut into a conical and very transparent gem, from the table down to see the bottom will sometimes see a small point, which is the flower tip, it is because the bottom of the gem at the end Tip Because in the grinding stone, stone washing or stone rubbing in the process of improper operation caused by the emergence of small point means that the bottom tip has been hurt.
Necklace style can be a lot of selection, but the length of the necklace did not make do, after all, it is the overall style of the necklace determines the iconic elements, is the first step in your choice of the necklace.
16 inches: the size of super-like collar collar
In general, the 16-inch anti-joint length of about as people in the impression of the collar, and for the thin girl will probably be slightly close to the clavicle position.
So that the length of the necklace seems to be perfect with any clothing, of course, if you have more neck fleshy, then look down, select the following a more appropriate.
18 inches: the most popular there is always reason
We are the most common necklace size is 18 inches, the length of the necklace with the best sense of the full design of the pendant, and therefore gave the girls a greater choice.
Encountered such a necklace of the size of it can be very worry, and fat points are no harm to thin points, long point is also a good short with a transformation, you have to do only one thing: choose a good-looking.
20 inches: from the deepest V self-confidence
20-inch necklace is also a more common length, compared to 18 inches in length, 20 inches will give you more “free space.” Weekdays most afraid of “debris wrapped neck” of the girls are most suitable for 20 inches.
In such a size necklace with their own carefully selected shape pendant, full of personality Cartier love bracelet replica but also with all kinds of dress, especially deep V neckline, just not too sexy.
24 inches: the fate of breathing magic

Just below the neckline in the 24-inch necklace called the “winning” size, the collar needs most of the embellishment you can use it to complete.

So that the “heart of the” no longer “bare”, try a small 24-inch necklace, both modified the neck lines, but also add color to the clothing decoration, successful incarnation magic weapon.

30 inches: the most fun length easy hold

30-inch necklace around the chest in the following position, the length of the necklace is not limited to sweater chain and other objects, more perfect with all the other length of the necklace to complete the wonderful stacked wearing wear.
The most fun 30-inch necklace can always hold all the clothing style, even if you just think today’s coat or dress too monotonous, you can also choose a put on the neck.

how many diamonds do you have?

Friend, how many diamonds do you have?
Nowadays, women who do not have diamonds have become less and less, especially if she is still beautiful; on the one hand, social progress (whether men and women, money is always easy to learn things, not to mention there are so many advertisers You); the other hand, women began to die waiting for a man sent to the sinking of diamonds. They found that if you do not let the right to a woman’s dream come true to a man, then, to achieve their own diamond dream was very easy.

Once upon a time, to find happiness is the men ‘s patents, and women, can only Cartier love bracelet replica helplessly waiting for their gift — so they love themselves, marry their own, so they think of their own crazy diamonds to their own hands.
And now, they suddenly found that this wait is actually no need! So many beautiful diamonds lying on the counter in close proximity, so that they flash in their fingers on the neck, the temples of the skirt when the pieces are how happy, how easy – if you do it yourself! Why wait, let the man to decide their own feelings? Life is so short, if so too long, happiness will be bad!

So, in order to birthday, love, promotion, or simply to happy, the most fashionable woman began to buy one and a diamond for himself; and more avant-garde, the money to buy a larger, and then more Big, as a man transfer, a woman’s desire all sinking in the fingers sinking things.

Oprah Winfrey and Jennifer Aniston were among them. The former famous feat is to own a slightly too large diamond earrings into a diamond ring to give their friends, and leave a soul-stirring “famous”: “I will not waste a piece of bread , The same will not waste diamonds. “The latter is the object of replica Cartier love bracelet the world’s women hate – super handsome guy Brad Pitt’s ex-wife. In their wedding, one day the reporter found Jennifer left more than a diamond ring, a moment of public outcry, that Brad finally proposed to the beautiful woman; and her answer is: “What are the times, and see the ring on the Thought it was an engagement? ”

Good one “are what time”, tells a new generation of diamond woman’s voice. But, specifically to Jennifer, a woman waiting for her husband to sit in the heart, her words resounding words, it seems a little emboldened.

After all, in the diamonds to give women all the happiness, there are always some women can not afford to buy their own money. Like, if there is a woman that she has much the number of diamonds, “no one is a man to send!” – it shows the heroine of Cartier love bracelet replica the spirit, but, you will envy her?

In the final analysis, in all the diamond dream of a woman, the most beautiful is always the oldest one — in the sky with a purple cloud of dusk, a handsome man holding a large bouquet of ruby-like bright rose, slow Slowly walked in front of you, one knee, gracefully took out the star than the star of the more brilliant diamond “hope” (“Arctic Star” is OK), then, affectionately put it on your left hand ring finger — Of course, it is best to add a sentence, “My dear, I will buy you a lifetime of diamonds.

I hope you bring enough money

Amsterdam – the perfect process for cutting diamonds into wealth
In Amsterdam, the humble old industrial district, with a history of up to 400 years, annual sales of more than 20 billion US dollars of super diamond cutting center.

Revealing the Dutch will cut the diamond into a perfect process of wealth
How the diamond was cut into wealth In Nieuwe Uilenburger this little feature, can not say the old and new Amsterdam neighborhood, the car then stopped. “To,” the driver said simply. He got off when I added: “I hope you bring enough money.

Visited the red light district was marijuana Xunde stumbled on this cold humor lack of response, went to a low-key but guarded the door. The staff at the other side of the glass door nodded to me, got up in a small control panel by an estimated password sequence, the outside of the glass door opened, and I move into the second glass Door, then outside the door to close again, the staff and in the control panel by a set of numbers or letters, the second door opened, I went into the real Cartier love bracelet replica room, subconsciously sigh of relief. “Welcome to Gassan Diamonds, and we’ll have someone to accompany you to our Diamond Workshop later on,” another staff member came up from the dark walkway.

Revealing the Dutch will cut the diamond into a perfect process of wealth
Five minutes later, I finally came to this diamond center of a layer inside (layers of stairs and before the inhalation of marijuana smoke makes me confused and disoriented), a look in the past, is a small room separated by frosted glass Room, accompanied by my staff took me into one, a “tonnage” considerable black lady has been sitting in the room, like a 3-carat diamond majesty.

“I will give you a brief explanation of the classification and grade of diamonds.” Large-tonnage ladies first took me through the 4C standard of diamonds, carat, color, cut and clarity, any combination of these four criteria will greatly affect The value of a diamond. “Wesselton, for example, is several levels higher than the price of the Cape Yellow Cape, but if it has only the poorest level of PIQUE 3, then the price will , A high-quality Wesselton white diamond (Top Wesselton), clarity of the perfect (Perfect) 1 carat diamond, the price will be the same size, clarity of the crystal drill (Crystal) geometric level, because there There is a probability problem – you can find 4C are perfect diamonds, not much chance.

The undoubted authority on pricing is the 400-year-old Gassan Diamonds, which is a key reason why Amsterdam hosts up to 350,000 visitors a year. And Gassan and other large diamond processing and traders together, so that the annual sales of Amsterdam to at least 20 billion US dollars in the diamond trading industry in the pie, and the bulk. “In diamonds, Antwerp, we are the sister center of the diamond trade,” said the large tonnage lady.

Revealing the Dutch will cut the diamond into a perfect process of wealth
Thanks to the Jews in the 16th century in Antwerp by the Spanish destroyed when the diamond cutting technology brought to Amsterdam. You should now guess, Gassan diamonds predecessor BOAS BROTHERS is founded by the Jewish family, they in the 19th century will be the company to build Europe’s largest diamond cutting center. Even during World War II, the Nazis had tolerated Jewish control of the industry for much of the time, thanks to the wealth of diamond cutting and subsequent transactions, and Gassan was still in the hands of the founders’ grandsons.

Until now, so that Amsterdam can be invincible in the global diamond industry chain is still cutting technology. Into the Gassan diamond processing workshop, it is easy to see those who have used since ancient times, diamond cutting technology is still affected so far, there are not those buttons everywhere high-tech machines, no computer screen, some magnifying glass and looks very heavy grinding With. You might even think that the lighting here is a bit inadequate, but cutting technicians who scrutinize their expensive work with a magnifying glass do not seem to mind. Perhaps at this time, the jump will be Max Bauer in its 1896 description of the city: a large number of up to 12,000 people employed in the industry (only cutting technician), from India hand abruptly cut the world’s diamond All of the throne to grab over, the city has up to 70 more use of steam as the power of advanced abrasive diamond cutting center. Grasping the Pricing Right by Cutting Standard

Maintaining cutting-edge technology now what is the point? Remember in 2009 when the replica Cartier love bracelet world’s two major diamond cutting trading company EDT and De Beers have introduced the “blue flame” and “eternal mark” two applications of the new cutting technology, diamond certification standards? “The cutting edge of cutting technology, the non-technical products for diamonds, the most important significance is the price changes.” EDT diamond brand from a psychic (Tesiro) insiders told me. Of course, this price change is to go up. However, EDT and De Beers are reluctant to comment on whether the price increase in the end whether the support.

“When you sell the old standard diamonds, or no longer sell the old standard of diamonds, then the market can only accept the price of a new generation of diamonds, and the new cutting standards is De Beers needs the perfect reason.” The internal The source said.

This may explain why, in the diamond industry chain has been little advantage of Amsterdam in Europe and even worldwide can survive – Britain and Australia, South Africa, Canada in the Commonwealth under the banner of sharing the diamond ore, the Russians are Holding the highest potential diamond mine, Indians and Chinese are becoming the largest diamond buyer, and the Jews, they do not even need Israel as its headquarters, because of Amsterdam. If you are curious, now the Amsterdam diamond cutting industry also employs 8,500 people, scattered in 80 processing workshops, but they are all members of the Diamond Cutting Technician Union, the union to maintain strict regulations. A C in the 4C standard is still firmly in the hands of the Dutch, and this C is one of the only two objective criteria in the 4C standard.

“So, do you want to buy a diamond ring? Gassan processing of diamonds Cartier love bracelet replica with 121 cut, is a popular commodity on the market.” Large-tonnage lady from the gods in the pull back. I looked at the hands do not know when to pick up the price of 25,000 euros of the diamond ring, trance for a while, but fortunately still react, promptly rejected. Large tonnage of women shrugged, apparently long ago I saw the miscellaneous and so on.

More and more popular this season, the most romantic in the diamond ring

More and more popular this season, the most romantic in the diamond ring
In the platinum ring covered with a small piece of broken diamond, so do not see the metal ring, this section diamond ring mosaic process is very high, so very quality, but also very elegant and stylish but no weird feeling. Broken diamond drilling this year, the dense embedded wedding ring once again popular, whether gold or platinum, are worth buying!
This season is more and more popular, these retro style wedding ring looks very delicate, is the ancient European cutting process, but you can also see the gorgeous Ascher (Asscher) cutting process. What is truly amazing is that the exquisite fancy carvings, the finely grained diamond inserts and the filigree on the edge of the ring are crafted to perfection.

Style selection can choose the tension inlaid diamond ring, because the imitation Cartier love bracelet diamond hanging in the ring ring style is always the trend of the most preferred; and claw mosaic style is classic; with gold and silver is retro. Whether you choose your favorite color or birthday stone, diamond and color treasure will be the most fashionable expression of this season.
Two, three or more ring stack, bringing a very cool fashion impact. Whether it is groove inlay or pavé, or you choose only pure platinum ring, you’d better choose fashion and has a classic pop style. Whether you decide to use it as your engagement ring, you can also make it the anniversary anniversary of love.

Luxury, can be seen everywhere in the two worlds around the lovers in the low-key luxury between love, but also from the flashing bright light diamond wedding ring glimpse. Kirk Kara diamond ring wedding ring, a simple design, style classic ring like a luxury dance at the fingertips, love everywhere everywhere love.
Gorgeous diamond surrounded by a lot of pieces of diamond, the popular style is definitely the most popular bride and designer styles, these shining small diamond ring makes the wedding ring look bigger, but they also set off the center of the larger diamond is more Luxury, the bride how can resist this temptation?

Designers in the ring on the tricks chosen more torsion, from the whirlpool to the design more refined twist, have attracted us.
Harry Winston Platinum Base Sapphire Ring
Oval cut sapphire perfect rare

From the Hai Winston new “The Incredibles” top jewelry series, oval-shaped cut sapphire perfect rare, weighing 26.79 kt, by hand to incomparable precision mosaic completed.

Van Cleef & Arples White K Gold Diamond Butterfly with Myanmar Ruby Ring

Let this touch of passionate red expression of love and desire

This touch of red, passionate expression of love and desire: platinum inlaid multi-faceted, horse-shaped and pear-shaped cut diamonds, with 7.04-carat long-ladder cut Burmese red ruby.

Rose K Gold Pink Sapphire Ring

Eternal classic with you to witness the love of loyalty

LOVE series is Cartier many jewelry series love love jewelry, this rose gold LOVE ring with eternal classic with you to witness the love of loyalty.

Bulgar Eternity Platinum Ring

Using gold, platinum or platinum material, mosaic modification

Bvlgari’s classic wedding ring Eternity Bands gold, platinum or platinum material, mosaic modification. This inlaid rectangular cut sapphire and diamond ring is reflected in its exquisite charm.

Dior fine jewelry “Oui” series of purple spinel ring

A symbol of the sweet love

“Oui” – with the French “I am willing to” express deep love, the ring itself symbolizes the sweet love! While full of childlike imagination

Mikimoto Olive Motif 18K Gold Japan Akoya Pearl Ring

Simple and elegant design to penetrate the bride fresh and refined fashion temperament

To the symbol of peace and freedom of the olive tree design inspiration to Japan Akoya white pearl rings for the olive tree fruit, simple and elegant design, infiltration of the bride fresh and refined fashion temperament.

Today’s fashion accessories

Today’s fashion accessories and very different in previous years, not only fashionable, and the use of materials and diverse. Ornaments are different, each one makes you put it down, pick the eye, then, what kind of accessories can you set off more beautiful?

Modern women emphasize the charm of personality, all want their outstanding, different. Therefore, when many styles of accessories, so that women choose. Due to the different characteristics of jewelry decided to choose different, so it is difficult to wear the same time, wearing a collision of embarrassment.

In the spring of spring, when you wear a thick or thin K gold necklace will make you look full of vigor and vitality, but do not forget to wear wrist matching bracelet. Be bent to be a charming romantic you best to wear a necklace, jewelry store can choose hundreds of models, as far as possible according to their own preferences. A silk long-sleeved shirt coupled with a pearl necklace, so that you unique in the silk underwear shine with pearl jewelry embellishment suddenly enriched a lot. If the pursuit of individual charm, the same silk shirt with a K gold necklace, coupled with K gold earrings, make you like a confident career women.

Lively and pure girls in the Department of the neck side of the handkerchief or Fake Cartier love bracelet colored rope ornaments, spring pretty all you are caught. 
Hot summer, K gold jewelry will be pushed to the climax. The best choice for thin K gold chain, it seems like the feeling of the most vulnerable to wear in the hot days, neither feel heavy, sticky body, not to expose the outside of the neck, wrist, ankle, lack of embellishment . Note that, K gold jewelry, despite the corrosion of acid and alkali, but due to prolonged wear and tear by sweat also need to wash in the wash basin often, both to maintain long-lasting and clean luster.

Pearl jewelry and crystal jewelry is also the preferred summer. If it is sleeveless cotton shirt plus shorts do not have to wear any ornaments, because smooth and healthy skin is the best “accessories.”

Professional women usually pay attention to hair and earrings, should choose simple and clear hair style with eye-catching or small earrings.

Silver jewelry can easily become sweaty because of erosion, in the summer wear is to always clean, of course, it is best to jewelers for professional cleaning.
Diamond: colorful tell eternal

In a Zhang Yang individuality trend, diamond ornaments in the elegant seek breakthrough. Color, black diamond, yellow diamond and pink diamond by the end of all sought after, matching the gold is not just PT900, and 18K platinum, red gold, diamond necklace, bracelet more and more colorful.

Gold: wild passion

Gold is no longer tacky, as the famous designer Ms. LouloudelaFalaise said: “In the past gold is nothing more than a gold chain with the delicate ornaments of diamonds, and now, gold has been deduced from the head to toe aesthetic accessories.” Tassel, wild nets, flowers pattern necklace … … A comprehensive show this trend.

Pearl: Black is popular

The trend is black pearl body showing a charming smile. The famous movie star Bibbit, David Beckham fans are wearing Tahitian black pearl ornaments in public. When the pearls and platinum, diamonds match, it aristocratic subtle, more elegant and delicate.

Jade: Never fade in Chinese fashion

Jade jewelry is the Chinese people will never fade fashion trends. There are necklaces, bracelets, hand beads, etc., because the different carving, with different meanings. Such as carving a variety of different shapes of the Lunar New Year sheep jade brand (jade), meaning this year’s Zodiac; carved bats Cartier nail bracelet replica and peach symbol “longevity” and so on. There are a variety of dragon and phoenix card, bracelets, etc., designed for wedding and use, so that everyone can feel the Chinese folk flavor.
For wearing jewelry, the modern young people to buy jewelry is not something once and for all. Every day we are accepting new things, the idea of novelty seeking different moments in the generation. Perhaps, to buy jewelry for personal behavior, it wears the timeliness of behavior may be one to two years time or a few months. Concept of change, the idea of an instant possession of the popular jewelry in the attic. This time, we think of pearls.

Pearl has always been the people’s love and appreciation, can be compared with the most precious stones. It is a symbol of noble character, wearing pearl jewelry makes people add charm. Pearl is the first natural material used as a gemstone, the formation process for the body is full of vitality of the layers of organic matter wrapped round body, full of spirituality and vitality, for the wearer of the best pop jewelry and designer preferred materials, Perhaps my own complex love pearls often do design. Moreover, the pearl bright colors, white, pink, rose, golden yellow, brass, gun copper, silver, black, brown, purple and other, often accompanied by rosy, metallic, green, colorful Of the halo color. Bright and colorful, full of spring, just refraction of our youth and pleasant life.

Spring and summer upstart trend of popular jewelry is irresistible. Recently, the major fashion media at home and abroad have commented that “the new century is a diversified, many factors coexist in society,” the new millennium is no doubt crazy! Indeed, there are always a group of people who are good at creating dreams and romance, bustling creativity and creating a bright and future vision. With the development of science and technology, personality and technology in contrast and unity, today’s people need more personalized jewelry. This process is a number of elements, the prevalence of diversification and taste the process of coexistence, the trend Cartier nail bracelet replica also will be generated. Thus, designers of imagination and creativity is the pulse of the pulse of the times need to change, to meet the innovative ideas of consumers seeking novelty.

Pearl jewelry is the human thing is the quality of people of different cultures and people of different times linked, regardless of its price, color, material properties are people feel happy and happy. Spiritual pearl is a manifestation of vitality, cool pearl exposed in the girl’s neck, wrist, softly dripping – moist halo color and the girl’s skin with each other, complement each other!

Forever Jade Fashion

Forever Jade Fashion
If platinum jewelry with elegant and moving heart, diamond jewelry to noble sultry feelings, K gold jewelry to pretty eye-catching, so deep crystal, subtle and mysterious, timeless luxury of jade jewelry with its evil body, auspicious meaning of wealth A fashion will never fade trend, become the eternal fashion people.

Emerald color

Most people often think that jade is green, it is not true, in addition to the common shades of green, emerald there are red, yellow, white, black, gray, blue and purple points, colored shades.

Generally speaking, green jade bright bright, exudes elegant and luxurious temperament, since ancient times popular people’s favorite. So the same quality jade also has the highest value of green, and the green color the greater the more the better. Even green, there are green, green grapes, green beans, green and emerald green points, especially in the best emerald green.

A coexistence of a variety of colors at the same time the emerald, not only means rich, but also more valuable. Such as the coexistence of red and green known as the “Double Happiness”, red, green, purple coexist is “Fu Lu Shou”, coupled with yellow became “four happy”, if there is white on the ground Precious, and was hailed as the “Five Fulfillment.”

Jade learn to buy large

Jade has “the king of jade” reputation. Quality jade should have “green good”, “good water”, “to good”, “perfect degree” and other basic conditions.

Insiders pointed out that the purchase of jade jewelry, it may be from the species (texture), color (that is, color), water (ie transparency), perfect degree, workmanship and other aspects to identify.

The first is to look at species. Kind of jade texture, to transparent, crystal Replica Cartier love bracelet is better. There are many types of jadeite, there are old pit and new pit species of the points, the former mineralization early, close texture; the latter is loose jade. In the old pit species, the most noble in the glass, the texture of the emerald crystal clear, clean, called jade treasures; followed by ice, there are egg white, beans and other categories;

Second, look at the color, color, rich, bright, pure, uniform emerald better;

Third, look at the head, that is, high transparency, crystal clear jade is also Jiapin;

Fourth, to see the degree of perfect, no cracks, cracks and impurities, variegated natural jade is better.

Fifth, look at work. The level of craftsmanship of pieces of goods is also the consumer should pay attention to the elements, pay attention to whether the smooth lines, polished smooth, the layout is reasonable, whether vivid and natural and so on.

True and false emerald fine identification

As the saying goes, “the price of gold is priceless jade.” Not only refers to a good jade expensive, but also difficult to identify the difficulty of jade. Especially now on the market of jade cohabitation, A cargo, B goods, C goods to make people distinguish between true and false, an inattentive may be deceived.

A stock refers to the color and texture are not any chemical treatment of natural jade, B goods is poor texture of the natural jade to chemical treatment to change its color and texture, C is the dyeing process of natural jade.

According to reports, consumers in the purchase of jade, you can use 10 times the magnifying glass to see jade texture and color. In general, A goods appearance smooth, B, C goods is rough texture, there are faint cracks, the color is not pure and uniform; can listen to the sound, A cargo sound crisp and rigid, B goods is dull; Light to see, B goods fuzzy opaque, green color edge is not clear, C is darker cracks in the goods.

But for those who know little about the Jade consumers, it is best to identify the authority of the testing department.

The industry has suggested that consumers may wish to buy jade jewelry to the regular business to buy brand jade jewelry, not only the credibility of that guarantee, as well as improve after-sales service.
Retro is not wearing original cheongsam, clumsy original overalls – you know, retro is to borrow the classical elements, not copy the classical all. The combination of classical and modern clever, collision and conflict, elegant feeling ready to come out.

Chanel elegant resurrection
Chanel 2003 spring and summer fashion show the same as in previous years, Paris Cartier love ring replica Louvre Paris Fashion Week in the main venue, T-shaped foot more than 200 meters long, take the left and right aisle, the middle of the gap is dark glass, and Placed a giant sign of Chanel. The background is black, in the grand atmosphere reflects the magnificent sense of grandeur.

Layers of guests and photojournalists enough to have four or five thousand people. Light admission to spend more than 1 hour. Although the French Women’s Association President Bob Bach in the fashion week booklet to remind guests to punctuality, but the whole show or delayed 30 minutes to start, after all, such a big name too compelling. Retro and Elegance – Chanel New Season ‘s Design Features. In addition to the basic black and white color as the focus of color, a large number of pearls inlaid in clothing, a large number of scarves and chiffon use, together to create a graceful woman grace.

In addition, the cross-style belt striking, small handbags and other accessories jewelry, this season’s clothing was elegant and charming.
This year’s swimwear is more abundant, two-style sports-style swimsuit more stringent package, the color mixture of black and white color and silver-based, design practices Xilian, only in the waist for some small design.

When the show ended, more than 50 models of hands holding kites and surfboards, full of energy to walk, the T-station are full, the audience applause, Karl Lagerfeld sounded to come out, In more than 200 meters long T-stage, frequently waved to the audience.

Cool overalls a cool in the end

Overalls can be simple clumsy, denim or corduroy, hard texture, coupled with the most dementia style. Can also be complicated gorgeous, plus a few big pockets, bow decoration, or flower embroidery. Or one-piece, or low-waist, hip a little income, began to relax the legs, trousers mouth wide flange. Delicate women’s exquisite body in a large overalls under the package, if Ruoyouru, bring out the casual elegance. The most assertive to the number of American supermodel Jessica Mira, naked to wear overalls, see men nosebleed spewing, women love and hate. The feeling of walking in the wind crashed with a century before the Cubu overalls compared to really a big difference.

Chinoiserie Chinese style continues to blow
2003, the national wind around the pocket go around blowing in China. Paris fashion Cartier love ring replica crossover constantly shouting: Chinese winds intensified! But note that the prevalence of Chinese wind does not mean to encourage everyone to comb the old bun, wearing a cheongsam, dressed up in the thirties of the Shanghai card on the woman. Go out and out of tune with the environment, others do not know the evaluation of the “nostalgia” or “funny.” Our cheongsam  cheong-sam  has been determined to put aside the original quiet graceful, put on a fight to the posture, and uniforms, canvas, jackets, sweaters, denim labeled.

So, despite the large flower of the cheongsam on the package tight collar a red sweater or a short camouflage jacket, or simply cut off the cheongsam, accompanied by uniforms, leather trousers, pedal a pair of simple style boots. Mixed with the results will not drown the cheongsam innate elegance and sexy.

Jewelry show love romance

Jewelry show love romance
Remember that singing ballad woman? She wore hand-embroidered clothes, melancholy to sing. I remember her beautiful eyes, in the light vaguely tears, as if entangled in her neck crystal beads, sorrowful brilliant crystal … … numerous fine ring entanglement, as twists and turns of mind, at the end of the crystal cemented tears, with Music flashing, this is a sad necklace, only to accompany those injured soul.

White and black, the most simple color, the most classic with! Two options to make you in the bright and gloomy free to come and go, platinum necklace falling magnificent leaves, such as the wind chimes generally wind dance, silent note of the owner of free and easy bearing.

She was always wearing a huge cross necklace, heavy pressure in the chest, when she was painful, they will hold the cross, kiss it like kissing God. When a woman struggling in the reinforced forest alone, can give her comfort is only a long time ago, her mother gave her Cartier love bracelet replica cross necklace only … …

I remember those flashy and beautiful women who, in the winter they wear silver soft satin cheongsam, outer fur coat. They are always makeup, I ‘m afraid to be seen through other people empty soul. Maybe they are as fragile as this bubble-like necklace, in the next morning, will disappear in the golden sun … …

She wandered on the road, in the old flea market to see this necklace, elegant and sophisticated technology and sophisticated hand it in the body has been the perfect embodiment. Flowers with European classical atmosphere, as the medieval palace roses as Tianmei fragrance. It appears so accidental, perhaps this is the adventure of life.

Remember the first love when the situation? He sent your first birthday gift, is his hand-made beaded necklace, although only cheap things, but it contains the love of heat. And it is a unique Oh, only this point is precious, is not it?
A well-designed jewelry, at any time to become masters, become a dress of the protagonist. With the status of jewelry to improve, designers also play endless creativity, like the famous crystal brand Swarovski, in recent years has launched a large number of novel and exaggerated jewelry design. The latest works, to brightly colored crystal-based, coupled with pearls, shells and other embellishment, make jewelry more attractive.

Crystal jewelry has been popular for some time, to give people a fresh feeling again, depends on the unique design. And this season will be popular heavyweight style, design enough exaggeration, when used to match a small vest, Tube Top and other more sexy dress, can show the United States. The same color is also more popular bright, looks very attractive, shirt is more convenient.

Pink crystal hot season
Bright colors have always been particularly attractive, especially the pink series, giving a cheerful and gentle feeling. Mature women can choose pink, pink and other colors, soft colors add a more mature flavor.

Fashion design adds charm
Simple jewelry design can no longer meet the needs of ladies, and most of the recent replica Cartier love bracelet works tend to pendant design, wear more dynamic. In order to increase the jewelry changes, designers in addition to using a variety of different colors match, but also joined the different materials for Pei Chen, like noble pearls and full of natural feeling shells and Fritillaria, are popular this season , Style is more attractive to change.

Century crystal family
Swarovski, which is famous for crystal, has a history of more than 100 years, and its product range is more than hundreds. Swarovski and Daniel Swarovski jewelry are also produced, and a series of industrial optical instruments are also produced. They also set up their first Crystal World Museum in Austria in 1995. The architects of the Crystal World, housed in a large crystal building by Andre Heller, are in a fairy tale wonderland.
Fabric wristbands: colorful, worn in the hands of good texture, light and simple and generous, and with clothes and easy, no wonder there has become a trend of the essential accessories of the girls.
For the crowd: the skin white, big eyes, speaking face expression is very shy.
With tips: doll or princess dress, not too cool T-shirt, solid color vest is also good. (Note that the body color is not recommended too complicated, or easy to destroy the hands of beauty).
Price Tips: generally between 5 yuan to 20 yuan.
Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Metal texture: Today’s metal jewelry has been out of the old kind of single rough texture, but become more sophisticated and random up.
For the crowd: all kinds of skin color suitable, but the skin yellowish people should not choose gold series. Now some imitation platinum jewelry do fine, moving, for just entering the workplace of the white-collar Beauty.
With tips: compact type can be equipped with all kinds of dresses, clothing colors can be chosen with. Pay attention to the choice of handbags also have to do with the jewelry to echo, in order to more shiny and moving.
Price Tips: This kind of hand jewelry is usually between 15 to 50 yuan, especially good to eighty yuan or so, but suggested that the choice of such women must pay attention to the texture of fine workmanship.
Recommended index: ★ ★ ★
Plastic texture: made of plastic hand ring very cute, a naive look, is the new season to develop out of the alternative accessories jewelry, it is not only full of fun, the design is quite innovative, pretty Reiki, the most important thing is the price Cheap. No wonder the girls flocked to the United States, you can move a lot of this kind of jewelry to go home.
For the crowd: small age group, maverick, playful cute type of girl the most suitable.
With Tip: twill pants pocket, with princess dress puff sleeve, clothing color to be beautiful. The best head tie, tie two pigtail (such as fir image), or cut short ears with a short hair. Several different styles of the same texture with the jewelry to wear, a kind of unexpected results.
Price Tips: The general price of 10 yuan.
Recommended index: ★ ★ ★

Self-help series of beads: bracelet – crystal or glass beads into the bracelet is the most Cartier love bracelet replica suitable for public accessories, no matter what occasion, this string of beads can not only decoration but also too much exaggeration, no wonder even the office lady A few staff.
With tips: whether it is business wear or ladies equipment, the key must have pure taste. Hair to high-plate or easily put in the back of the head for the best (pay attention to the face to make up the kind of clean and clean).
Price Tips: 20 to 80 yuan.
Important: self-made bracelet must understand the color mix, whether it is to understand color or with a solid color, as long as there are characteristics of personality, are chic and chic bracelet. To create a very strong person, this type of jewelry on the most appropriate.
Recommended index: ★ ★ ★ ★

Cortical categories: outstanding personality of the jewelry, with a number of color cowboy series, will reveal the wild beauty and a city away from the atmosphere.
For the crowd: a strong personality, informal rules and habits of people who do not ignore the other people pointing to the art of the people.
With tips: a certain personality with a strong clothing, such as GOHLO personalized T-shirt, or LEE features jeans and so on.
Price Tips: usually 30 yuan or more.

Cartier color jewelry blooming bright light

Cartier color jewelry blooming bright light
Cartier jewelry in the design of high-level has been the use of colorful colors, make it blooming bright glory. Recently, it has launched a special theme to the color of the jewelry series, enough to meet any romantic theme of the dream. Precious stones, precious stones after uncompromising attention, into a bright boutique, set off exquisite jewelry and beautiful ladies ladies.

This series of jewelry brings together the amethyst purple, turquoise blue, coral velvet-like orange … … jewelry master talent, the emotional charm of precious stones embellished in rose gold or gold, and inlaid with diamonds. Interlocking Smart jewelry, so that wearing a free and varied manner. Long necklace, light turning ring, waterfall pouring down the earrings … … combination of wear, you can attend any luxurious grand occasion; alone to wear, its lovely pretty shape and always bring surprises.
Blue sky, blue sea, white building, clean and moist breeze gently … … the Olympic Games because of the return home and make Greece much attention. In the world of Greece’s attention, the sea is a huge topic and highlights.

In this country that breathes the ocean air, the affinity for nature has melted in the blood. The most healthy natural olive oil to support their diet system, natural linen clothing and marine style, shell texture of the various decorations are dotted with their simple and laid-back life.

Here is not the shell that we usually can easily see, to catch the ordinary shells, jewelry Fake Cartier love bracelet can be made into a beautiful pearl from the Atlantic Ocean or the deep ocean. A century ago, deep-sea pearl is a luxury aristocratic European luxury gemstones, it has the same charming pearl luster and changing colors, but has a very different from the colorful pearls texture.

White butterfly shell, butterfly shell, black butterfly shell, butterfly shellfish, abalone shell … … pearl pearl color pearl to pearls of glory, thousands of years has never been overlooked and buried, they have always been the most designers Cherished beautiful friends. Especially in the past two years, jewelry-class shellfish jewelry also began to be more and more like the handsome nature of the people of our city special love. With the advancement of the Olympic Games, the European style of marine-style jewelry is selling.
It seems that no one said wearing a jewelry is a woman’s patent, but a long time has been very low-key men’s jewelry. The standard of men’s jewelry seems to be “couple”, exaggerated point with golden thick necklace and thick bracelet … … In short is not worth mentioning, but with the major international fashion week men’s autumn and winter release, it was found that the success of jewelry To build a man has played an increasingly important role.

Recently, Paris, Milan and other world fashion center “Men’s Week” is high-profile. In the sense of men’s clothes more and more “fancy” at the same time, the top brands of male jewelry rapid development of surprising. This year, the World Gold Council in the market survey found that 27% of the gold buyers for the men, of which three percent is bought to their own wear, we can see the love of jewelry, men and women are. New York ‘s Fifth Avenue men’ s jewelry design brand JanLeslie also said: “men ‘s ornaments have signs of recovery.

Even a New York marketing expert has pointed out that many male consumers, especially young men are tired of POLO shirt and khaki pants dress style, they want to wear a more formal point, and match the taste of jewelry to set off Their elegant temperament.

Therefore, the global market this year, a variety of “male ornaments” is very eye-catching: necklaces, bracelets, rings, brooches, tie clips, making eager fashion men no longer facing the woman “treasure chest” drool. After the “rock style”, “straight wind”, “tough wind”, this year’s “male ornaments” to heavy metal modeling, brand accessories, beach leisure style as the main trend, emphasizing delicate feminine jewelry curve, delicate subtle Design style, coupled with a Cartier nail bracelet replica variety of colors embellishment, men’s jewelery began to generously into the people’s attention.

■ men’s models

Model 1 is male or female

Inspiration analysis: now popular Zhuangnen and spoiled, but this is a man born with weakness, so the designer through the jewelry for men to taste the taste of Jiaoqiao, under the guise of a delicate woman to the delicate bones.

The rise of this style, thanks to the popular men this year – all kinds of cardigan, deep V tops and personal sweaters, necklaces and other men in the empty neck opened up a vast space for us. In the long fine metal necklace, coupled with very large three-dimensional pendant, is the T-male models are the most IN decoration. No matter what kind of material on the style, shape is not masculine, with soft lines.

The latest release: Gucci gold chain and the combination of horns fall, Cos Juan tumeNational silver chain Shuangdao fall, Dior directly to the fine silver chain almost invisible in the man’s chest. The latest trend is the black pearl male ornaments.

Model 2 Rock Religion

Inspiration Analysis: In this era of modernism, what can be used to rock, large cross, although the “fetish” but has long lost the divinity, cool, Hyun is the love of this jewelry the real intention of young men.

The cross is the initiator of this style. This year’s Fashion Week D & G’s male model with the beads and the cross, as the fashion godfather of the first line, set off a wave of religious jewelery religious color. However, a man wearing a cross pendant is not like a woman cross pendant small and exquisite. Beijing can be seen on the market of sterling silver, crystal and other materials of different large cross pendant, engraved with ancient totem embossed bracelets, rings, earrings.

Latest release: the current popular cross-pendant also joined the hip-hop and other rock elements, YSL this year launched a black leather cross necklace will have this style, it abandoned the metal light, rugged suture some hippie flavor.

Model 3 Industrial Man

Inspired by: to increase the charm of men as their responsibility to have more of these Cartier nail bracelet replica men back to the industrial era of retro meaning.

Popular style is to follow the theme of rough wild, not for the fine candy bar shape, but to outline the shape of large and heavy show real. Thicker version of the leather rope tied to the metal ring pendant, or with numerous oval-shaped chain buckle or rivets together, the man Han Shou calmly exposed most vividly.

The latest release: the World Gold Council this year launched the Apollo piercing collar, dislocation of the circular coin gold bracelet, arch-shaped diamond ring and other new.

■ Men’s statement

You can wear jewelry but not masculine

Zhou Shuangjian model

Although men can not be like a woman wearing skirts and high heels to go shopping, but in the shape and color can be close to the girls preferences. And men have their own exclusive elegant, elegant, enchanting, sexy, there is no woman of the rough, sturdy. I think that men wearing jewelry, you can wear a bracelet, anklet, earrings, but not too ambiguous, the form can be very feminine, the style will need how many masculine atmosphere embellishment.
A fashionable man not only have to buy accessories unique vision, but also should know how to different occasions, different clothing should be with different jewelry.

Men do not wear jewelry too complicated

Chen Rong Designer

At present, many of the jewelry for men, the general popular simple, tough lines of style, too traditional or too complicated in the mainstream are not mainstream.

Gold and silver materials of men’s jewelry also has the edges and corners of the majority. Patterns to abstract geometric shapes, symbols, and animal patterns in the majority. Do not advocate wearing too complicated jewelry, too feminine but will undermine the overall effect.

The abnormal relationship between men and diamonds

The abnormal relationship between men and diamonds
When all around the woman intoxicated with the elegance of diamonds, the man really can refuse the fashion charm of diamonds? Wrong, the correct answer is that diamonds are quietly captured the hearts of men! In particular, this year’s fashion wave of your son, more “shine” the men fueled. Diamonds for women, is the ultimate love of love life treasures, but for men, may be more like an indispensable road to success identification password, more like an investment, wearing a diamond is a The Silent Expression of Personal Tastes and Styles.

Diamond man

Diamonds, the legend of the stars falling from the sky fragments of the Earth. Far in the medieval Europe, diamonds have become a symbol of honor. For thousands of years, the diamond dominate the history of it is shining in the appearance of the illusion of a mysterious, noble legend.

Green is the symbol of mystery, in the legend of Allah’s people wearing Cartier love bracelet replica a green diamond ring magic boundless; red is synonymous with the right and wealth; white represents the purity and nobility, it is Eros Venus gave the world’s sacred objects, the church new people exchange white diamond ring, entrusted with the happiness and loyalty to life.

As early as a woman’s favorite before the diamond and the man has an inseparable relationship. Men use history to create history, men also write history with diamonds. In ancient times, the courage of men, from the hard diamond; early in the Egyptian Pharaoh era, the emperor and the prince is the diamond earrings of special supplies. Until the 15th century, they are men’s patents. English Diamond Diamond, from the Greek Adamas, meaning “can not be conquered.” Because every stronger, the man found from the diamonds were killed, strong and resolute masculine beauty; because bright, a man from the diamond in the world to receive the monarch, distinguished incomparable top appeal; Napoleon set in the hilt, he I believe that diamonds will bring him no less than the power of war.

Modern men’s diamond consumption concept, more tend to reason. The survey shows that more than 60% of men believe that the purchase of diamonds can be preserved, compared to the general consumer to buy diamonds is more like an investment, and wear diamonds is “a personal taste and style of the specific expression.

Modern men pay more attention to the success of diamond ornaments on different occasions. Diamond ring folder to give you at the negotiating table endless smart; diamond cuffs can give you stand on the podium to add some refined; and diamond bracelet can give the diamond bracelet to give you a lot of solemn; Participate in the Friends of the show you show all handsome. No matter where you are wearing the kind of diamond ornaments, diamonds will never let you down, it will always be the highlight of your achievements.

Compared with the design of ladies’ diamonds, the design of men’s diamonds is less fancy, more frosted and smooth to form a contrast effect, to highlight the diamond shine light. Style plain design, to the fashion sense, even simple lines, but also very popular with men welcome. Accessories categories, mainly in the ring-based, there are also tie clip and bracelet style. There are many men to buy a single diamond, set into a single earrings to wear.

The abnormal relationship between men and diamonds

Young and stylish: young yuppie who like simplicity, smooth lines of diamonds, is completely fashionable flavor, and wealth, status has nothing to do. May wish to learn about girls in the birthday or a special day, when a reward to their own diamond it, do not care it is a small diamond pendant or a cool diamond earrings.

Mature aristocratic type: With age, income, the identity of the change, you need a large number of diamonds Pei Chen and highlight your detached style. Choose a mature style, shape Founder a little, big diamond it, do not need to cover up success, diamond ornaments will help you do silent expression.

Emotional Ritual: Marrying? Then your hands should also, like his wife, with a ring replica Cartier love bracelet to symbolize the eternal emotions. At this time, the most important thing is to choose pairs of lovers on the ring between the two design sense of tacit, not the size of diamonds, but diamonds to give you the emotional meaning.

Decorative earrings, cufflinks, necklaces

Young, fashionable boys always like to be different, Beckham single-handedly with diamond earrings trend in some young fashion people is very popular. Simple and romantic, simple lines, generous shape is the main style of men’s diamond earrings, and more with a hard stripes, rhombus abstract three-dimensional pattern, the location of the diamond is very prominent or even simply a single diamond, giving an absolute masculine beauty. Now, if you are a cool boys, or even direct purchase of single-grain diamonds, their own design style or jewelry designer to help you tailor-made, set into a single earring or earrings to wear, to ensure that do not hit “nails “.

Luxury gang rings, glasses, tie clip

Diamond Ring give you the chic shopping malls add dash of solemn, diamond lapel to the negotiating table to bring you endless smart, diamond cufflinks can help office where you show a sub-refined. Compared with the women’s diamond, men’s jewelry is relatively concentrated in these types of jewelry, the design of the fancy is also much less, most of the matte and glossy contrast effect, to highlight the diamond shine light. In fact, the design is more realistic to give people the feeling of fashion, even simple lines, but also very popular with men welcome. In particular, the design of the diamond ring, the general ring face is relatively large, there was a square, it is said that the intention of the “Granville Town Quartet”, the big side of the meaning of “winds and waves”, really kind of deep, steady feeling.

Elegant life watches

Active, hard-working men should never be the lack of a watch, and a dancing your son less than a diamond-studded, sparkling diamond watch. Now the whole trend of the men’s community will fall into the upper-class society to wear a formal dress in the strong support of big-name designers, shining diamonds, jewelry has become an indispensable highlight of T-male model body. Want to put this fashion trend? Very simple, ready to be a diamond-studded watch on it. Men’s table in the usual tough style, but also to describe with radiance, many big names are in response to the diamond trend, in all kinds of models to join more or less diamonds, and even bold use of the brand has not Counting the popular black diamond, diamond is also inlaid enough to have new ideas.

Square drill is flair

According to industry sources, is now 57 bright cut round diamond is no longer dominate, handsome hardcore square diamond ornaments is the most beloved men’s style. The reason why square diamond drill in the men occupy an increasingly important position, handsome hardcore Cartier love bracelet replica style contributed to elegance with platinum, coupled with the use of modern sandblasting process, even more fashion taste. If there are pieces of diamond embellishment, the performance of caring and considerate of another charm. Dedicated, open-minded man is the best successful diamond wearer, not only represents the achievements, but also fully demonstrated the calm content.

Popular reason for drill

A. square diamond is a traditional shaped diamond, simple and stable appearance represents the calm generosity of the temperament, with a natural sense of trust. Therefore, the diamond on behalf of rigorous, self-discipline, sense of responsibility, assertive and leadership of the moral, is ideal for successful men to wear.

B. square drill and is equipped with a very appropriate, and “senior gray” family feeling coincide.

C. diamond drill more fine processing, this year’s men’s diamond ornaments pay more attention to the details of the perfect, polished carefully, polished fine, smooth stripes, fully embodies the diamond crystal clear, added to the men a bit dignified and refined.

Do life on the road forever protagonist

Fashion wave tip – Sin Road Jewelry recently launched Caijing “protagonist” series
No matter how things change
I have a constant promise to myself
Do life on the road forever protagonist

Xianlu Jewelry Co., Ltd. Launched a new series of “the protagonist”, for self – confidence, beauty, independence, self – love woman add seven – color rainbow, fashion wave, you will never change the protagonist.
“Stunning” suit

What a lovely dress conference, I would like to thank the beautiful Cartier love bracelet replica partners and loved ones blessing!

Success makes me so beautiful, and I wore the “stunning” crystal ornaments suit perfect integration, standing on the T-stage, I believe that I am the protagonist, forever!

Scared, you appear, awakened the night sleep

Yan, can not replace the style

Pendants, stud earrings set, the classic design of elegant noble elegant romantic yet elegant. At the party to enjoy the amazing scenery, but also a single piece of swagger, amazing, it is necessary to thoroughly and enjoy the ear, the heart of the pleasant surprise it.

“Qinggao” suit

Life in the city for too long, will inevitably desire the protagonist of a fairy tale; women in the metropolis hard work, hard work, and strive to face everything, gradually lost the true color … …

Lost in the earth’s flowers, with the early morning dew cemented, beautiful seductive while elegant and refined.

Has a “lofty”, the United States and women, Mei Mei, at all times to keep the net will be pure heart, in the most presumptuous choice when the faint smile, beautiful, with a clear … …
“Wonderful” sets of lines

Do women, do beautiful women? Or a wonderful woman?

Some people live for the beautiful and nourishing the color of life; some live for the replica Cartier love bracelet self, pride, self-confidence, like the independent bridge of the flower, no matter how many wind and rain, still keep the rainbow smile, so eye-catching unique, brilliant brilliant Downtown, walking their own way, as the most splendid landscape.

Wonderful also calm ……

Pendants and rings, sets of earrings, group inlaid process with a brilliant eye-catching sense, every grain of spar is full of delicate feminine, as a woman’s life wonderful journey; experience, taste …
“Show off” sets of lines

Dare to show self-style, self-confidence will show off the woman, will be worldly stunner, all worthy of showing off things to come in handy, whether it is around love, Valentine’s family, their charm, or their own in a variety of occasions to cope with confidence , Passion, tenderness, personality have been interpreted with great accuracy, crowded in the crowds of urban metamorphosis of self, Hyun dance with the distinctive personality style.

I show off, but I am arrogant, even if the occasional narcissism, but I do not divorce from reality, but also understand the integration of publicity and convergence.
Self – love

Love is also warm, hate is also warm

Women know how to love themselves, only know how to use the love of others, will also get more care; life fascinated, tired of work, women often heart fatigue, at a loss;

When I find my love in the busy city, all the suffering have been compensated, I love the protagonist … …

I love myself, and know how to love, even if the occasional self-willed, but I never retreat; love to love really, let life love burning.
“Independent” sets of lines

When I am filled with happiness return, the envy of the eyes, praise words, I readily accepted, I believe I am worth … …

Years of living habits, so I am brave in the face of all independent, independent to complete their own aspirations, when the love to appreciate the deep look at me, I know the importance of independence for women, and the respect won;

I am independent, but I do not refuse gentle; I am free, do not refuse to be Cartier love bracelet replica protected, I love all around everything
When the latest international jewelry fashion release for the fashion guide in 2006, Sin Road Jewelry timely release of the charm of the fashion statement decorated, so that modern women have their own personality and feelings, self-created fashion, showing the tension of life and taste of life , Pass Xian Road passion, dynamic, full of flavor fashion mood.

Around the “bright, fashion, personality, simplicity, taste,” the design concept, Xian Road will be colored gem of the infinite charm unassuming, and from nature, human culture, inspiration, combined with the latest international latest popular elements; The production process, in a different culture and from the beginning of color fashion and personality of the perfect blend of design, the formation of Sin Road, decorated with special inspiration, colorful interpretation of the charm of charm.
Xian Road diversified color decoration products to guide the modern fashion, optimism, freedom, romantic way of life.
Geometric style:

K gold production of a variety of lines and irregular shape, adding color spar affectionate, so simple lines, natural luster and jewelry perfect combination of immortal Road excellent design style fashion to become a new expression, fashion Also elegant, purely passionate.