Brunello Cucinelli 2016 spring summber men’s clothing series

Brunello Cucinelli 2016 spring summber men’s clothing series
Beyond daily leisure and elegant dress the boundaries of polarization, declared “dressed” in the style of triumphant return, Brunello Cucinelli SS 14 men’s clothing series inspired by Teddy Boy (from the nickname of queen Victoria, son of prince Edward Teddy, this nickname first appeared in 1953 newspapers); In the ’50 s rise in the suburban areas of the British youth Is sports, combined with Edward vii men’s manner and elegant, and is put into the saville Fake Cartier love bracelet tailor street revival wind Still, also represents the pursuit after world war ii class equality of social vitality.
Brookings nai, cookie in (Brunello Cucinelli) collection contains the mood: daily luxury dressed the game rules, make leisure and modern can perfect into the details of the classic suits, become a style to choose.
Attune slants dark appearance, from red to bordeaux to violet, and mulberries, sage, love, shenmu, boxwood, royal blue and navy blue, indigo, various series tonal, the color overlapping split into exquisite cut out the details.
Coat: this is the season of prince accessories, is suitable for daily wear, can also be used for formal occasions; For wool light (from 150 g of wool and silk fabrics to 240 grams of pure wool fabric weight), sometimes also can be used when the coat, deserve to go up even tie and accessories, or trendy fashion. Revisit the classic fabrics style lines to select and modern style: prince, will plover frames, herringbone, madras, such as grain, grain and big squares with ingenious fusion, from several meters from a distance, but all into the single color.
Vest: this is the season of new products, through the redesign of modern style, has the Cartier nail bracelet replica characteristics of cultivate one’s morality and short, casual pants and work pants, to wear outside the denim shirt or cotton t-shirts. It become daily elegant explanation, detail is various, from the inside of the buttons to the lining, and pocket, reminiscent of the fifties the gentleman in the waistcoat pocket placement comb, pocket watch and even dagger.
Trousers with a narrow leg is shorter and the characteristics of flanging bottom; Difference is the color is various, casual pants for garment dyeing, take Chen Jiugan, and dress pants is spinning dyeing and weaving. All kinds of blue jeans, there is no doubt that belongs to a bright spring and summer.
Modern fashion suits fit of cultivate one’s morality, through different parts collocation, can reduce the polarization suits – leisure, all kinds of dark grain and fabric suit plays an important role in the spring and summer series.
Jacket design also plenty with garment after washing the slightly Chen Jiugan light leather jacket, a jacket technology fabrics, also has a very soft 100% silk jacket. The Sahara jacket and ski-wear, has the precious value. Short jacket and rock and roll style. Sweater is the soul of all the season series, all kinds of singlet and sometimes can be instead of the jacket cardigan have particular style. Design decorative pattern is not much, highlighting is medium – dark series monochrome, materials Cartier love ring replica have a cashmere – silk blended yarn and cotton.
Wear shoes on feet, have a good English more structure: select the use of leather and ultralight sole, classic style has become the modern and fashionable, trendy design to make it adapt to various occasions, collocation suits and outdoor leisure wear.
Spring and summer series include accessories, they are more in men’s clothing ornament and highlight the function of the selected style: there are all kinds of hand bag, ties, belts, bags and small leather goods.
New Monili limited-edition sneakers, as a new “wave energy movement daily grace, by its unique trademark details showed Brunello Cucinelli vitality women style.
The new sneakers is a special evolution luxury street fashion. Advanced materials by the exquisite handcraft and the baptism of modern technology to sublimate. From September 1, you can in the global brand stores of choose and buy to this limited edition shoes.
As Brunello Cucinelli women’s clothing series of precious exclusive details, each shining metal is manually set your buckle. This is a new kind of proprietary Mosaic technology, metal with reference to the edge of the cortex naked cut way, makes the decorations will more strong and replica Cartier love bracelet permanent.
This kind of shoes is unique, the contemporary craft technology and modern delicate objects perfect fusion.
Shiny metal decoration with the upper fine contrast: suede present dumb light effect, sheep skin and wool printing, as well as waterproof flannel, embodies the color contrast of the season, with two different types of laminated structure emphasizes the texture.
For this special custom Brunello Cucinelli sole design well packaged: three different density of material use, mixed grinding by hand, to ensure the lightweight and comfortable shoes.

Brunello Cucinelli 2016 autumn winter

Brunello Cucinelli 2016 autumn winter: top luxury temptation of cashmere
Cashmere is so charming, because it has been a legend. (unconfirmed) is said to be in era of Julius Caesar, the Roman nobles are wearing soft shawls, their design is the result of Indian Kashmir. Rumors that the time of the goods (mainly pearl) in the clothes are imported Cartier nail bracelet replica from India, because in the first century BC, between a century after the AD and luxury goods, even the army of Julius Caesar, each soldier with a shawl.
When it comes to the origin of cashmere, had to speak, in ancient times, in addition to the goat hair, there is another kind of clothes, or, more should say it’s a simple but important fabrics. It is made up of wool, silk and cotton, and widely used. Fabric thick and solid, when it is flat out on the floor, can be used as a carpet to keep warm and protect the foot from land uneven harm. If put in the body, it is like a piece of clothing. Hang on the wall, it was a very decorative tapestries, moistureproof.
The recorded time, in ancient times, cashmere has been in the west is famous all over the world. Officially formed in cashmere ago, however, as time goes by, until the 18th century, the rise of Indian tycoon), and silk, linen, cotton, and wool textile market important product materials together firmly occupy the market and occupy at least after 50 years of the 19th century. At the same time, the price of some shawls freight is more expensive than the carriage.
Cashmere producing area include Afghanistan, India, China and Mongolia, where the produce is valuable Hircus goat “gold wool”. As early as the 17th century, useful “golden fleece made of pure manual” cloak and scarves. In the 18th century, the east India trading Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica company will be the first batch of scarves brought back to England, has been popular. Then, and made a batch of sell to France, then spread to the whole Western Europe continent. Cashmere comes from these amazing animals skin fluff. In order to survive in such a harsh environment, sometimes in front of the cold when it’s minus thirty degrees, or in front of the hot hot summer, these animals under their thick sebaceous spontaneously formed a very good soft leather fibre, thousands gathered in a small area.
Basically, it is just like two layer. On the surface of we can see the touch, it is a long, thick layer of fur. Under the fur, is our so-called undercoat, can make us feel a kind of extreme intangible soft. This kind of comfortable clothing made of wool, conquered the 19th century the most sophisticated women noble, and in the near future in the whole continent. The beauty of this material, compared with 24 mm of superfine merino wool fiber, it is endowed with an average of 15 mm attractive touch. It also has a recently discovered quality: in the filling of hollow structure, it is like made of synthetic fiber, laboratory without sacrificing comfort under the premise of increased permeability.
Brunello Cucinelli wool, compared with other brands, and the only difference lies in the quality and the characteristics of natural fiber. From the human point of view, the point many natural degrees are from the grooming process. Every spring, beautiful, shepherd combed wool, in a gentle way to remove the fiber, the sheep do not cause any damage. Every year, every goat body can take to about 250 grams of subcutaneous fibrous, this also is the reason why cashmere so precious. The difficulties encountered in the search for wool and checking of but also increase the value of the cashmere. The shepherd can only a short period of time of day to shepherd, combed wool, the rest of the time he can cultivate or buying and selling goods.
A timeless blue sky is supreme faith of Mongol minority, genghis khan is no exception. Natural imitation cartier love bracelet dominated the land and this group of people. In fact, a typical Mongolian tent, also called yurts, is face to face with the sky, and sky. A timeless blue sky, it is pure natural advantages has become the most important factor in Mongolia cosmology. Its vision is so vast that curve in mental and physical performance, has become a main element. The sky is a face, the moon and the sun is its eyes, it cycles, with respect to all living soul. Mr Brunello Cucinelli and his long-term partner of Mr Cariaggi, every year go to Mongolia and China, just to choose the best quality cashmere. Wool is in solo Mayo factory processing, skilled master craftsmen made from durable clothing, cashmere.
Dynamic Brunello Cucinelli spring/summer 2016 women’s clothing series
Brunello Cucinelli 2016 spring summer series, through the combination of fabrics and high-tech, accurately reflect the style of luxury and leisure. Handmade art expression is more and more rely on the innovation of science and technology: this is a combination of modern technology with traditional luxury, is the charm women meet with dynamic leisure world.
Fashion geometric shape, box, T, square, trapezoid, until the kimono: the transition from east to west, make daily clothing packed full of multicultural overlapping and mutual dye. Jacket can match short pants type such as boots pants, locomotive or leisure trousers or jogging pants, jeans or slacks and male style boy. Skirt also have different styles: there are double silk fluid pencil skirt and high waist skirt, there’s a very light silk yarn dress, and trapezoidal skirt, all is the result of Cartier love bracelet replica combining technology and fabrics.
Important color make this series dynamic game, design effect is the alternating black and light color, with a strong but not harsh color piece: Yan fat color, color and pink grapefruit ginger color, or navy blue, royal blue and space blue, with gray, khaki, camouflage and biscuits hue complements, driving out all kinds of graphics.
The involvement of science and technology, for the traditional manual art brings a new rhythm: noble fabric Such as thin wool, silk, cloth, silk and organza voile, transparent and precious materials through high-tech processing, presents the new design and plane and solid geometry of becoming a series of new subjects.
So knitting clothing into relief, through the complexity of printing and dyeing technology, form the flowers design of protruding; While combining technology with extremely special embroidery filling type, drawing on the knitting coat and trousers pattern, flowers and geometric shapes.
Metal decoration to make leather shoes and handbags series. Style shoes or high heels, sandals, sports shoes, men, often have the ornament of gold or silver metal wire. Daily makeup bag, bag or later add new wind colour for this spring and summer series.
The idea originated in sports leisure world, gradually close to the field of high fashion, so the natural silk to replace the artificial fiber, color contrast form constitutes the designs, leisure dress becomes a dynamic fashion.

the Fashion of the Fringe founder

Don’t put the Fashion Fringe confused with his, his is funded by Topshop, Lulu Kennedy founded for the London lots of talented new designers to show; And Fashion Fringe is a grand prix final design release show, similar to the United States “project runway” (American reality show, talented designers is dedicated to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate your exquisite design talent and unique aesthetic). Began in 2016, Fashion Fringe imitation cartier love bracelet have been mayor of London and the British Fashion council chairman Harold Tillman, recognition, and the previous champion Erdem (famous British designers, to create has the same name brand, in 2016 won the British Fashion council) success, there is no doubt that has become a Fashion one of the symbols of Fringe special influence. This year, not only included in the panel fashion designer Roland Mouret and legendary supermodel Claudia Mr Schiffer names in the fashion world, three finalists to participate in the race for the design of the highest honor series, will also show their different.
The Fashion Fringe haute couture release in spring and summer 2016, the first appearance is Fyodor Podgorny and Israeli Golan Fryman, they founded Fyodor Golan brand series just over a year. The two designers partner at the time of Alexander McQueen work have Cartier love bracelet replica forged profound friendship, and Podgorny and Frydman works everywhere embodies the influence of Alexander McQueen, works full of tension, with a magnificent gothic quality.
In the end, the Fashion of the Fringe founder, master of international Fashion comments Colin announced Mcdowell, Fyodor Golan win.
Giles Deacon who graduated from the famous London saint Martin college of design in Hussein Chalayan, Bottega Veneta, brands such as Gucci studio. For this wonderful city of London, Giles Deacon love, and is committed to carry forward his spirit of England of the Fake Cartier love bracelet orthodox. 34 years old, Giles Deacon in the great depression of the 70 s poor women dress for inspiration like, held as a designer of the first large conference, and invited to Nadja Auermann and Eva Herzigova supermodel appearances for him.
In Giles spring/summer 2016 haute couture is released before the opening, Gile Deacon declared: “this is not just a black swan series”. On the contrary, this is a series of clothes, like a stream of consciousness are related to each other. There is no doubt that this season’s design is full of femininity, from crazy brocade dress for men, decorated ostrich feathers and enchanting hollow out of bud silk evening dress, the temperament hale and hearty, and laser replica Cartier love bracelet shiny leather – no need to model, they have been since his bones reveal a kind of elegant bearing. This one season is not so much Beaton beauty lived in the photo, Deacon than to say goodbye to Ungaro, though he has repeatedly said, he is very cherish their time at Ungaro work. But the Deacon dropped past quickly and stepped into the stage of more modern frontier, he USES a swan stereoscopic printing satin, and those who dream and movement of modelling, such as bra and briefs on the printed pattern of red and black animal lace.
Rick Owens in Los Angeles, USA in 1994 created brand, began to rise from 2016, Rick Owens rich creativity of gothic design makes the big stars, including Madonna, quite love. Currently found in New York and Paris fashion week Rick Owens’s works. The colors of Cartier nail bracelet replica minimalism and rock guest taste asymmetry cascade design is Rick Owens’s signature design. His works emphasized building architecture coat and famous twill clipping, low-key wrapped in shape, agile convey messages at the edge.
Rick Owens spring/summer 2016 haute couture release build T stage of the fluorescent wall was nicknamed the “paradise”, this statement is very powerful. When models one by one through the wall, just like met an oversized extermination. Owens said they are: “martyrs” shock. Regardless of others medieval style, Owens inspiration directly jump back to 500 years ago during the Renaissance. At that time, the Pope has the highest power, they wore dress robes of neuter color, whole body Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica packages, just above the head, with thick shoulder pads, neckline is very close to the throat. If from the point of view of personalization, Owens’s works, although his model is too young, also can’t fully express deep guilt he wanted.

Eberhardt became a designer ideal Muse

In Maison Martin Margiela haute couture shows in spring and summer 2016, when one model with hands holding her sleeveless white skirt with shoulder-straps chest, walk on the carpet to the catwalk, you might hear some question, they forget the condole belt skirt?” Yes, they have forgotten. As last season, Maison Martin Margiela brand design team showed strong interest of deconstruction fashion, or say, is the only structure of the fashion. Leather with Velcro stick in the nude elongated elastic knitting skirt, or deliberately not sticky Velcro, show show introduction mentioned “sticky tape”; Cutting according to the shape of female models of men’s suits, extra on the stretch fabric with the wind. When designers did another leather coat, hard fabric in the shoulder sutures to create the outline of sculpture. All these works are conceptual, but still cool. Only those with zipper as decorative paintings are inferior.
Show in midfield, the style mutation, appear three evening dress Fake Cartier love bracelet design, model at the foot of the blanket be no belt skirt, dress with sequins and inserted into the east square carpet pattern shawls. Models in the outside, also set a transparent cloak, and transport the layer coated on plastic carpet.
Yohji Yamamoto is eighty s into one of the avant-garde characters of the Paris fashion stage. He and issey miyake, sichuan long bao ling, the western architectural style combined with Japan’s traditional costume design, make clothing is not only the body coverings but designer dress, body and spirit size of this three link exchanges.
Concise and rich flavor, smooth lines, the fashion style, in men’s clothing of Yohji Yamamoto is a mystery, is a collection of Oriental composed careful character in one of the classic clothing. Yohji Yamamoto’s fashion to a borderless no nation difference technique, the mystery show in front of the public. Yohji Yamamoto bold the essence of the development of Japan’s traditional costume culture, formed a kind of fashion style. This run counter to the mainstream western new dress concept, not only a foothold in the fashion industry, also in turn affect the western designers. Beautiful concept extension by extension, qualitative material skin texture beauty over ruled the beauty of the adornment of the fashion industry for many years. Among them, Yohji Yamamoto linen fabric with viscose fabrics using magic, formed a unique composed with pleated effect. Skilled in the use of new fabrics and common characteristics of many Japanese designers. Yohji Yamamoto brand of clothing in the majority with black, it is with the style of Japanese culture. Its replica Cartier love bracelet brand line of men’s casual wear for free combination, and the price strategy, has won great success. In Yohji Yamamoto clothing, sign once appear such words, it is to express the brand spirit – “what could be more boring than attired behave?”
Previous fashion week, Yohji Yamamoto (Yohji Yamamoto) used more punk and design methods of anxiety, express dissatisfaction of the machine. Released in Yohji Yamamoto spring/summer 2012 haute couture, Yohji Yamamoto give more gentle romantic fashion positioning. One critic said, “he must be in love” – model “bride” and “groom” boyish didn’t even have to end their slightly Chaplin style T stage presentations. Show to begin also includes dress: a non symmetric mop article blue dress, with spiral supersize Mad Hatter, the Mad Hatter, the main characters in the Alice in wonderland) wide-brim hats. The swaying fabric is always charming, even dovetail coat is no exception.
Ann Demeulemeester, independent fashion designer, born in Belgium in 2016, graduated from Antwerp, Belgium, the royal Cartier nail bracelet replica college of art, is also famous in the fashion of Antwerp Six (Ann who PuLiu gentleman), one of the members with her usual cold “junjun clipping and Antwerp school of agile and low-key, with its irregular theory successfully established the lofty status in design. Her design in 97 “left-leaning” on the right side of the zipper fashion. In addition, Ann Demeulemeester very pay attention to the integral collocation of clothing. For a decade, for each work, she will draw some of the details, to the hair of feather down to the style of shoes. Spring/summer 2016 Ann Demeulemeester fashion show is like a black and white film, the only colour is blue edge. This design inspiration comes from her mother’s white sari wipes. Perhaps this also indicates the Ann Demeulemeester will become a new fashion female “the Pope”.
Ann Demeulemeester 2016 spring summer series haute couture design image with distinctive characteristics of neutral conveys a decadent gas, and reach a perfect combination of eastern and western cultures.
For a long time, Ann Demeulemeester dream a Arthur Rimbaud (Arthur Rimbaud, French symbolism poets, wandering life craving, the age of 6 to run away from home, across the country risk) type of risk. The legendary poet in the 19th century profoundly affected her masculine design this season of spring, inspiration Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica comes mainly from LAN bo the self-imposed exile trip to Africa. Demeulemeester even found a living example: Isabelle Eberhardt is a Swiss writer in the late 19th century, frequent travels to north Africa, in her life, she likes to wear men’s clothing in trip, because it will make the action more freedom. In Isabelle Eberhardt brief life is introduced in the photo, wearing a sailor suit in the photo. Demeulemeester says: “I need to reshape the image of her.” General opinion, reshape the image of real people, need to try to fiction to reality and imagination, such as improved for indiana Jones hat; But in the reshape Eberhardt task, is really is absolutely more than fantasy bizarre, also true because of this, Eberhardt became a designer ideal Muse.

there are some walking in the cloud

Using “decadent” and “abnormal”, “eccentric” and other words to describe Vivienne Westwood, not too much. Because she is the sort of length is differ, bizarre, disorganized clothes really surprise western fashion, people can’t compliment her masterpiece, but can’t afford not to be her unique design ideas and shock.
Sea fuld commented: “she is in the past ten years, Britain’s most influential designer, her design thought radically changed our concept of clothing.” Although she didn’t become the master of Paris fashion design, also failed to form the trend, but she is primarily Cartier nail bracelet replica on the concept, the influence of her design view not only greatly impact the traditional fashion, and represents a radical young generation. Something that she like 60 s – queen Mary’s, give this fashion world severe impact.
Vivienne Westwood spring/summer 2016 haute couture design inspiration, released from saving the planet, to the old lady corset. In other words, it is derived from the Dame Viv in thinking about these days: something about the past, some about the future, there are some walking in the cloud.
Standing on Nash – Baker, play music rhythm, models with fantastic pace through circular runway, Westwood about the concept of green environmental protection to express specific and direct, not so much trouble to you can understand. Whether it is fine, such as brocade, silk, metal film flash sequins or lace, or ordinary such as nylon mesh cloth, and the design pattern of these romantic extremely looks like made of leftover material or fabric pieces at random. Even the clown makeup modelling, and the bright torn thick socks with sexy shoes (this is also one of the concept of the designer’s internal recycling), also reveal a kind of elegant full of pride.
Westwood said her tapestry and tapestries general super-sized bodice tries to achieve the result of a kind of armor, and not like most people think that the demise of the royal family feeling. Perhaps from this design conveys such a warning: if the problem can’t be settled Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica in a timely manner, the empire will decline. Maybe there will be other interpretations. Thankfully, Westwood will not kill in the fight against the world of the dark side of his optimism. At the end of the release, the light she bowed, is next to her husband and flax hair color models.
Sarah Burton’s Alexander McQueen brand new chief executive. She was Alexander McQueen Central saint Martins (Central st. Martins) pool gate. In 1996, had just graduated from st martins year Sarah Burton, joined the Alexander McQueen, 14 years has been following Alexander McQueen, become the love of friends when he is alive and first assistant. After the McQueen’s death, Sarah Burton took the Alexander McQueen brand banner (Alexander McQueen).
In Alexander McQueen spring/summer 2016 haute couture shows staged on underwater magic, Sarah Burton, goddess of models such as general appearance. Her collection this season, based on the 3 G: the first G is Gres (French haute couture brand, good at plait jian), she got them imitation cartier love bracelet from the Gres pleat and vertical folds; The second G is Gaudi (Gaudi, the Spanish architect), she brought from Gaudi buildings; And the third G is Gaia (mother Gaia, Greek mythology the god of the earth), she brought from Gaia Marine life all-encompassing feeling, this feeling is embedded in the T stage costumes: such as composed of coral and shells suit, or a plate emblazoned with a picture of the barnacles materazzi is extremely delicate, jacquard fabric, printed or oysters design stratified thread ring chiffon (this is just the beginning, design complex it). Analogy, if continue to do so, a bud silk dress is on the black decal, is like a piece of floating oil; With copper, silver, and gold silk woven, a fortun pleat organza, like pirates buried treasure.
Has always been known for its deconstruction and reorganization of clothing technology of Martin Margiela, his sharp eyes can see through clothes structure and characteristic of fabrics, such as the robes deconstruction and converted into short coat, with a large number of scratched old Cartier love bracelet replica socks caused a sweater. Martin Margiela design in addition to the environmental protection concept, more surprise is hidden behind the works of designers endless imagination. In addition, Martin Margiela also has its very different style of doing things with others, he never appeared in the fashion show, no one had seen Martin Margiela long what kind, the official answer is: Martin Margiela is the whole design team. Martin magee pull (Martin Margiela) is also more hanger, old man has been using the old model to display its new design.

2016 fashion week release unique form

Primary consideration of wear is not a catwalk show really need, is through the overall modelling and stage effect of series design concept. Some outsiders might be watching the show, a “clothes”, but in fact, many designers in preparation for release, consider more is not business. From clothing itself, to hair accessories, makeup, stage, sound, and even fashion show is more like a drama performance. There are so few designers, their heart is great drama imitation cartier love bracelet creator, the business performance of the quadrature in the compasses in they do not do, do not close to the people of city, they want on the show stage, is shocking tragicomedy. Here we specially selected spring/summer 2016 fashion week release, one of the most dramatic expressive 10 designers, let us feel the charm of fashion art from different angles.
From London Gareth Pugh, is following John Galliano, Alexander McQueen attract attention many media designers, Gareth Pugh, uncanny fashion, bold to Beyonce (Beyonce), and other big star.
Gareth Pugh, born on August 31, 1981, the British Sunderland (Sunderland, England), 14 years of age for the National Youth Theatre (English National Youth Theatre) do the costume design. He at the university of Sunderland (City of Sunderland College) began to fashion design education, after enter the SAN Martin (Central Saint Martins), 2016 st Martin’s College degree in fashion design. Gareth Pugh at st. Martin’s final graduation design, using balloons to strengthen Cartier love bracelet replica the hyperbole design of joints, such as shoulder and sleeves cause senior fashion editor of the journal of the Dazed and Confused, the design on the cover of the magazine. Only 2 months after graduation, and by The British Fashion shows “The Fashion House” selected.
Gareth Pugh, brand design concept is full of metaphor and symbol, trademark design is about “form and content of experimental creation. Designers often use some “meaningless absurd appearance, wearable sculpture” concept to “conscious distortion of the human body. Various style disparate elements mixed in his design works, that is full of contradictions, the relationship between abnormal dramatic visual enjoyment to the person.
Haute couture show in Gareth Pugh, 2016 spring and summer, he has become a can according to its own idea design fashion designer, and has long been working with Stone and Ruth Matthew Hogben, he provides the lithe and graceful music and image, respectively, in order to make his Fake Cartier love bracelet spring series looks more exciting. Release final, when yi yi is unripe brightness, and wore a mask of humanoid insects proudly on the runway, it feels like at the head of the queen of the universe.
Fashion that define sichuan long bao ling: she influence on fashion trends can even and the 20th century’s most important fashion guru barron summer card (Cristobal Balenciaga) and gabriel – Chanel (Gabrielle Coco Chanel) par. Sichuan long bao ling bold challenge to traditional concept and the definition of fashion.
Her fashion and design the style of other designers do not have any coincidence point, she didn’t use any time left fashion symbol. Comme des Garcons, a former designer Mr Tian of yulin (Hiroyuki Horihata) once praised the design of the sichuan long bao ling: “she wants to make people had never replica Cartier love bracelet seen a fashion, she is to render the incomparable fine”.
Although sichuan long bao ling is very rebellious in design arrogance, but not a punk, she never rut. Her strange grandiose fashion design appearance, has a master of painting style of Dali’s outline, these designs are the carrier of her inner world, mixed with the idea of her passion, emotion and intuition, appear in front of the world.
About Comme des Garcons spring/summer 2016 haute couture, sichuan long bao ling with drama “white” as the theme. Generalization of the theme for the fashion show is so precise that sound like to the life on the road every dramatic station records: birth, marriage and death, nirvana. According to tradition, the white different meaning different rituals, but sichuan long bao ling and the beauty of pure white series, there is no doubt in response to these traditions.

Romantic valentine’s day

Romantic valentine’s day
When the branches of the soft color brings spring greetings, valentine’s day also quietly.
This is a summer season! Need to express love, valentine’s day gift Fake Cartier love bracelet is very important. In this time the romance of love, who love the true meaning of the global fashion online shop for you carefully selected several exquisite luxury of valentine’s day gift. The clicking of the mouse, the thick love can through the fashion romantic valentine’s day by choosing high-quality goods passed to the other party. When he/she broke the elegant luxury gift boxes, moved unexpectedly, romantic and fill my heart, like love truly meaningful.
MARNI runway long necklace, cotton band increase wearing comfort, fashion sense of the collocation of beads and metal ring chain very chic, whether leisure wear or with a simple job, can for her lovely, add a distinctive temperament.
3.1 PHILLIP LIM sleeveless v-neck dress choose delicate made of soft silk, the replica Cartier love bracelet unilateral collar design elegant delicate before the bosom, black belt will be perfect to tighten the waist line, seemingly simple design detail place reflects the rich originality, all show the female’s gentle and lovely and elegant.
DOLCE & GABBANA this large leopard print single shoulder bag, with double handle design, attached to the outside texture of the metal logo sign, make the workplace ripe female demeanor. Bag mouth with help design ingenuity, pay attention to the details of her will fondle admiringly.
British fashion godfather ALEXANDER MCQUEEN paint peep-toe heels, is the world’s women rushed to popular fashion item. Peep-toe adopts unique heart-shaped design, lively smart and sexy, how can not pull her heart?
A “bad boy” said the American designer Marc Jacobs Bast cooperation with Cartier nail bracelet replica graffiti artists introduced this comfortable cotton long sleeve shirt. Full of strong art aron printed by Bast personally design, dynamic is not gorgeous colour and elegance to the his romantic temperament.
From Z ermenegildo Zegna chooses exquisite fabrics this trench coat lapels, frosted texture model a male resolute line. Dust coat classic lace-up waist waist design, foil a elegant and slender shape, will be the one you love into a charismatic Italian gentleman.
The delicate ornament in the embossed designs cufflinks from renowned for Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica the design of the charm and diversified DOLCE & GABBANA, whether for business or to attend leisure, meticulous design make him in the hand is cast sufficient between all show the noble taste of successful man.
A man will for detail. for you to select the Z ermenegildo Zegna man lace-ups choose delicate polishing cowhide, impeccable fabrics and excellent gloss inherited from the brand of luxury quality are consistent pursuit. Full of shoes full of strength, a classic contains innovation clipping reflect poetic brand characteristics, contracted and the atmosphere is also revealed in the design of fine men to detail the ultimate pursuit of feeling.

have a flamboyant star of mother

“Queen” S – Blake Lively (Blake Lively) appeared in the fifth season of gossip girl on the set. The actress, have a better life, not only show business by leaps and bounds, in the play on the outside but also to “seduce” Scarlett Johansson (Scarlett Johansson) ex-husband Ryan Reynolds (Ryan Reynolds). It’s not, brought new boyfriend black dog, without go out into the drama shooting. Diagram, Queen S bags from Chanel, shoes from Dolce Vita, jeans from J Brand.
Pippa Middleton – (satin Middleton) walking Chelsea blocks Cartier nail bracelet replica on the way to work in London. Dressed in army green Fay coat, wearing a Vinnie Day big ear ring, the duchess of Cambridge, 28 years old younger sister look good mood! Words of light color jeans really doesn’t fit the calf plump girl, or a skirt and dark leggings is more suitable for! Pippa plaid shirt and handbag from Loewe and Maje respectively.
In the face of reporters, hot mama Victoria Beckham (Victoria phenomenon) posture is the most common hands ChaDou, dark. Now have a daughter, Harper – “Vivian – David Beckham (Harper Seven phenomenon), putting still don’t change the defiant stance. Poor Mr Xiao qi can only strong stretching his neck, posing as a balsam pear, small make up for her feel wronged afflictive, just want to say: have a flamboyant star old mama, you can’t afford to hurt!
Winter must start with a fur vest – and must be Helmut Lang! Since it is Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica hot mom Nicole Richie (Nicole Richie) lionized brand, will not be wrong! Diagram, spicy mom Nicole Richie (Nicole Richie) appeared in the Hollywood Beverly hills shopping. The hand bag from Celine, high-heeled shoes from your “House of Harlow, printed scarf from Artemis Wragge.
Pippa Middleton – (satin Middleton) for London Chelsea neighborhood place. On the same day, pippa wearing a plush shawl, she used similar color gray feet pants and a gray sweater. Comfortable, warm a populist outfit, can I do for you my winter travel collocation scheme to provide reliable reference!
The United States on December 20, local time, Blake Lively – (Blake Lively) on the streets of Cambridge, Massachusetts. Diagram, design of “S” wearing a black and white set Theodora & Callum scarf, wearing L – the Sienna motorcycle jacket, carrying Givenchy handbags, wearing imitation cartier love bracelet the jeans from Diesel. From “S” to maintain good grades of daily street snap dress we see not hard, why the popular actress, 24, is the British version of Vogue nominations for this year’s “annual best dressed” female star.
Ashley, dyer (Ashley Tisdale) and the circle of sister Vanessa Hudgens – (Vanessa Hudgens) from Los Angeles Ralph supermarket sweep after the goods out of. With Vanessa’s boyfriend Austin – Robert Butler (Austin Butler). Two pretty actress walk side by side in together is really a feast for the eyes of the picture! Small make up take you now to spy on their clothes from the family together! Vanessa Hudgens – (Vanessa Hudgens) : Wink lambs wool coat x Ember Skye tassel bag by Free People wide brim hat; Ashley, dyer (Ashley Tisdale) clothing, respectively is: Keagan coat * Diesel jeans * Converse canvas shoes, Ashley sunglasses and the red Cartier love bracelet replica bag is from Chanel.
Ashley, dyer (Ashley Tisdale) to toluca lake a hairdressing salon. ASHLEY carrying on the same day the recent big love red Chanel bag chain, wearing ambulance-chasers wanting LA coat and do old hole Siwy jeans, all kinds of popular element set at a suit.
Katy Holmes (Katie Holmes) with smile on the streets of New York. O the Carven white sweater is on her recent water mark sheet is tasted, many wearing it out of the street. Sunglasses from Oliver performance, watermelon red envelope bag from Clare took. Really doubt katy Holmes (Katie Holmes) is affected by the daughter suri, line style is more and more young!

Fun at the same time

Paris – Hilton Hilton family (Paris Hilton) and Nicky Hilton (Nicky Hilton) go out together. Saw this picture, editing just want to say: Paris Hilton (Paris Hilton) preference for pink, from “obsession” into “dementia” directly! Since the hat all powder such as sunglasses, backing down jacket unlined upper garment, why don’t you will pants pants and shoes is also a “powder”? Fun at the same time, somehow can Cos Hello Kitty!
American actress Camilla – bell (Camilla Belle) in Rebecca Minkoff imitation cartier love bracelet sweater and Earnest Sewn jeans go out in Hollywood, Beverly hills. On the same day, Camilla – bell (Camilla Belle) a good mood, in the face of the reporter also enthusiastic wave lens, a charming smile. Her shoulders red bag from Rebecca Minkoff Kiss series.
Carmen – the lake terra (Carmen Electra) from the LV shop of Hollywood, Beverly hills sweep after the goods out of. On the same day, the sexy goddess all black appearance, wearing a black hat, dressed in a black suit and a black feet pants, and black high heels. Wear gray render unlined upper garment inside become the only in the whole body Look bright color, various handsome various rocks! From the Fendi shoes.
Rachael belsen (Rachel Bilson) carrying bags in Toronto Pearson international airport. Rachael recently rarely seen of belsen (Rachel Bilson) on the same day, mix build Look, white shawl type knitting coat collocation Rag & ipads in camel’s hair suede boots, with a Cartier love bracelet replica black Derek Lam, handbags, individual character is dye-in-the-wood and kind!
Need warm in winter! Marya – nuno morais (Maria Menounos) as we demonstrate in daily outfit for external use an orange scarf carry bright dress up! Recently several star choice with orange scarf street, such as a country singer li – Remus (LeAnn Rimes), Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan). Stars are “light up”, it is time to put on a few bright spot for your wardrobe!
The daughter of formula one big LaoYi may reston tower Myra – alco reston (Tamara Ecclestone) dressed in a fur vest at the streets of London. Tamara – alco reston (Tamara Ecclestone) fur vest with a shiny luster, very simple sense, fluffy garment body against his legs to long, decorative motorcycle boots collocation a rivet, type enough!
Pretty girl Ashley, dyer (Ashley Tisdale) went to the gym. ASHLEY wear Fake Cartier love bracelet dress, respectively is: the letters Wildfox vest * Balenciaga motorcycle bag * New Balance running shoes. Fitness in dynamic loading, Ashley, dyer (Ashley Tisdale) for us to show her the maintenance of healthy firming skin and slender legs arms chopsticks.
Shirt style dress a can use for two! “Desperate housewives” actress Eva Longoria – (Eva Longoria) knows its own characteristics, outside the shirt dress tied on a small waist belt, both show a perfect figure scale, and petite figure effectively cover. Diagram, Eva from Los Angeles Ken Paves salon leave, black sunglasses from Chanel, alvin color bags from Hermes.
Pippa Middleton – (satin Middleton) appeared in Chelsea’s blocks on the way to work again. KaiFei sister is most replica Cartier love bracelet characteristic of street snap dress changes on the jacket style, sure enough, this time travel continues to give us a new coat – from Reiss lace-up trench coat. As for bags, shoes and sunglasses, is pippa street snap a regular in the regular dress!
Winter streets, no more stylish than wearing a long scarf – especially when leopard grain with super long scarf! Mina – suva li (Mena Suvari) on the streets of Los Angeles sweep cargo, long tweed coat * super long hale motorcycle boots leopard print scarf, plus mina agile bingle modelling, enough to pull breeze!

It is no wonder that street snap stars all love it

Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Lohan) and a younger sister Ellie – Lohan (Ali Lohan) arrive at Kennedy international airport in New York City. The, 25-year-old actress wear black dress, the whole body carrying a LV bag, all show the queen style!
Britain’s prince William and Kate Middleton, the duchess of Fake Cartier love bracelet Cambridge (Kate Middleton) couples together go to London camber, public rescue center visit. Kate Middleton (Kate Middleton) walking on the way lifted a head of show hair, show low-key Kiki decorative earring. On a dark green sweater from Ralph Lauren, high boots from the Rumba. Special low profile gear populist and Chic!
“True Blood” (True Blood) lead actress Anna Paquin – (Anna Paquin) to Los Angeles to pilates exercise. Anna black “bath robe” coat has lace-up decoration in the waist, take off are quite convenient. Other spots a digression: in 2016 new film “Margaret” (Margaret) of excellent performance, Anna recent film Critics Circle award by London (London Critics Circle) the title of “actress of the year”.
hill (Amber Heard) in west Hollywood, in the streets. The, 25-year-old actress wearing Armani Exchange nude trench coat by Adriano Goldschmied ripped jeans by Jeffrey Campbell rivets adornment the collocation of flat shoes, a comfortable leisure replica Cartier love bracelet dress, looks very Chic taste!
Fabulous fabulous! Oversize big sweater big neckline seemingly casual dangling from the sidelines, hang on the shoulder, to show gorgeous collarbone. Place randomly tucked into the waistband to the bottom of the sweater, show flat stomach and slender legs!!! “Three women” seemingly casual dress but bandar. Rosie han Paddington – whitley (Rosie Huntington – Whiteley) in west Hollywood, Bristol Farms after purchasing leave, bags from Chanel, sunglasses from Ray Ban, Skinny little feet pants from Victoria phenomenon, suede high-heeled boots from Barbara Bui.
Gwen – Stephanie (Gwen Stefani) photos in never let us down! Although already was the mother of two dolls, although already is forty two “old age”, that natural Rock smell will always be smooth add a few minutes for her charm! This appearance to Cartier nail bracelet replica west Hollywood, Gwen – Stephanie (Gwen Stefani) plaid suit and tassel illuminative fish mouth wedges are from Gwen L.A.M.B. their brands.
Hollywood hot mama Jessica – Mr. Ba (Jessica Alba) and daughter fiona – Mary – Warren (Honor Marie Warren) go out in the Beverly hills together. Her elder sister a mashup Look: Rick Owens motorcycle jacket * Bvlgari Habitual low-grade pants bag. Daughter also has a small side street next to the star and dress collocation is small “ba”.
Motorcycle jacket classic durability, wind warm cortex and great shape, let you warm through the cold winter! It is no wonder that street snap stars all love it! It doesn’t, Camilla – bell (Camilla Belle) and on the streets of Los Angeles shopping with friends, wearing also is a Cartier juste un clou bracelet replica motorcycle jacket. With jeans and boots, new type at the same time, easily cope with paparazzi snapping a lens!
Lady Gaga dressed in a glittering clothing Louis from Japan Tokyo Vuitton store to leave. That night, the alternative, 25-year-old singer wearing a pair of and the “Poke Face” MV modelling in the style of sunglasses, change the iconic “bow” hairstyle to unilateral horsetail, Lady Gaga is clearly know their position and image in the Japanese heart, rich machine belt to Tokyo residents “modified version” of classical model in the MV, attract many fans onlookers.